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Fucked my Sister  


I stay in Hyderabad with my mother and sister in my house.My father passed away in my child hood.I am having sexual relationship with my mom since when I am 19 years old.My age is 24 now.I will tell u how I got involved in Incest relationship with my mom in next part of my story.
Coming to my mom,She is very beautiful women with stats of 36-26-38 .Many of friends say that my mom is so beautiful(But their intentions is that she is sexy and they want to fuck her). My mom treats me as a husband in the night, and in day time we are in mom -son relationship.
So coming to the story…
It was a cool night at around 1 am.My body is covered in my sweat and the love juices of my mom.Me and my mom are in a tight hug,and both naked on the bed with my cock deep inside my mothers pussy.
Mom:Kanna…I am lucky to have such a husband who satisfy my desires.
Me:Me too mom ..I have such a girl friend who allows me to try every position from the sex book kamasutra.
I kissed my mom on on her boobs rather i am chewing her boobs.My mom was moaning like she is in cloud nine.I closed her mouth mouth with my left hand as my sister sleeping in the next room might hear it.She is biting my hand out of pleasure.
My cock is still deep inside her pussy.My mom came close to to my ear and whispered to take of my cock from her cunt and give it to her.As she said i removed my cock from her cunt and immediately she put my whole of 7 inch cock in her mouth.She is biting my cock.I said “Mom You have produced this wonderful cock and you have every right to take this”.My mom boobs have all my teeth marks on them which made it look even sexier. My mom is sucking my cock as it is the end of the world.My mom’s sindhoor is washed away due to sweat of our horny play.I Cum a lots of load in her mouth with moan Ahhhh …….
Mom: Son,It’s time to drill my pussy.Make me cry of pleasure.
Me:Are you in periods?Shall I use condom or not??
Mom:Beta,For today use protection.After 5 days you have it without ..At this age I,cannot give birth to a horny boy like you.
Immediately I,placed my cock on the entrance of the cunt of my mom and started teasing her.Mom is shouting to put it in.But,I am playing at the entrance.She raised her hips in order to take my cock inside her .But,I took it back in a moment making her to beg for my cock.Mom pleaded me to fuck her.I got a double erection on looking at how hungry my mom is for my cock.I could see her horniness in her eyes.Without wasting a moment ,I drove my vehicle into the sweet shed of my mom.

Mom:Ahh hhh huffffmm mmm mmmm mmm ……. Fuck this bitch you mother fucker. ummha
Me:hmm.hmmuff…Ma,Your pussy is the best in the world.
Mom:Tear my pussy…Deeper..Deeper.Deeper.Deeper.Deeper…. uhuhu huhuhh mmmmaa
Listening to all foul words from my mother,I immediately put my lips on her’s and started sucking them.My mother bit my lips leaving a sweet wound on my lips. There is some blood and she drank it.And she is moaning out of pleasure.She said I am cumming .Make it faster
Mom: Faster .. Faster. Faster ..Faster …..And then She came.
But I didnt stop…I have fucked her for another 10 min,till I came.But our bodies are covered in each other’s juices.That night I had an wonderful sleep with my cock still inside my mom’s pussy.
It was 6’o clock in the morning.She woke up and had me dressed while I am still in sleep..and she had her bath and she wore a saree which covered all her assets and looked homely as if she is a good housewife(But she is a slut from inside).I woke up 8’o clock in the morning,as it was Sunday.I went to hall with my erection,But the erection can’t be seen because of my underwear.My sister is sitting in the hall and reading news paper.I greeted her and she saw me with a smile.I switched on the tv.My mom came to the hall ans saw me asked me to brush and come for the breakfast.My sister asked me
Sister:Hey,What happened to your lip,there is an wound on it?
Me(acting nothing has happened):Probably something might have bit me in the night.
Sister:Ok,Get ready for the breakfast.
I looked at my mom replying to my sister,and my mom blushed.Her face has a much more sexier feeling when she blushed.And mom said “It’s a small wound and told me close windows when sleeping in the night”.I brushed my teeth and came for the break fast.We all three sat for breakfast.My sister was in her night dress and suddenly her fork fell down.As she bent over,I had a clear view of her cleavage.My dick got the erection again.My sister cleavage is much more beautiful than my wife’s(mom).
Coming to my sister.She is fair,tall and has a sexy ass that any man would not take his eye’s off.She had excellent curves that resembles of a film heroine.Her boobs are perfect and very tight despite she wears a cup bra which enhances the look of her boobs.Her stats are 36-24-36 which is an ideal figure that any man would dream to fuck.
My sister went to take bath.I sat on the chair on the hall while watching tv.There is some cricket match going on.But i can only see the view of my sister’s cleavage in front of my eyes.Then only a dirty idea started in my mind to see her naked.I went to the kitchen to have some water.My mom is in the kitchen cooking some thing.While drinking water,my mom noticed my erection.

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Mom:Boy,my son is thinking of some thing naughty.something in his pants needs to be addressed quickly.
Me:No,nothing mom Its just ahmmm..
Mom:C’mom speak out you share anything with me.
Me: It’s just I,got a hard on watching a hollywood sexy song on tv.
Mom:C’mon I have seen you watching cricket from so long..don’t lie.I think it is me that is bothering your thing in the pants.Wait untill it is night.Remember a famous diaoluge from our favourite series Game of thrones “Night is dark and full of terrors”.
Me:I smiled to that 🙂
My mom came near me to give a small kiss on my lips in order to relax me and make me wait until night.I did not respond well to that kiss as I have been in another world with my sister and that made my mom to ask me again.
Mom:Tell me the truth ..What happened?
Me(whispering):Mom..I got a hard-on on watching the cleavage of sister.
Mom(Surprised):No,You should not talk like that.She is not married and she will have a different life on getting married.
Me:But,I want to see her naked.
Mom(angrily):Just go away and don’t have any dirty thoughts like that.
Me:Sorry mom.
Meanwhile my sister came from bathroom having her head bath.She is in her cup bra now which oozes her boobs and are like two pyramids standing in her bra.As she had her head bath she had the water dripping from her hair on to her back.When she turned back I could see the clap of her bra as the t-shirt she is wearing got wet.My hand immediately went to my cock and started rubbing it.My mom came from behind and hit naughtily on my head.I went to bathroom to take bath and shagged thinking of my sister and went out for some work in an government office.
I came late at night after finishing my work.We all three had dinner with my sister in my mind.We all went to sleep.At 12 ‘o clock my mom came to my room.For the daily activity she started undressing herself and she became nude completely.I immediately turned to the other side.She sat on the bed and removed my pants.She placed my hands on the underwear and held my underwear.
Mom:What happened?You are into your sister these days?
Me:Ha yes mom.I need to see her nude.
Mom:Ok enough.Lets start our play for today.
Me:No mom.I will satisfy you whenever I see her nude.I think your pussy is screaming for its friend.Tell your pussy that it cannot meet her friend until I see my sister nude.
Mom:Please Son,I cannot stay without your cock even for a single night.Please give it to me.
Me:Sorry mom.I need to see my angel nude.
Mom:Ok ..What should I do?
I handed a secret camera to her to record which I used to have some fun with mom before we started sex life.
Me:Take this into her bathroom and fix it.
Mom:Ok,I will do this tomorrow.So C’Mon as I have accepted,your wish satisfy my desire.
Me:No mom.For today there is no sex.Until you show my sister nude to me you will not get your treat.
My mom broke down in tears and those tears fell on her boobs which made them even sexier.I immediately got a hard-on.My inner voice told me to ram the pussy of this sexy slut.But I controlled to the maximum In order to see my angel nude.My mom stated masturbating in front of me moaning my name which made it look too horny.As she slept ,I went closer to her ear and said “Sorry slut..”
In the morning ,I reminded my mom once again,about the cam.She said “Ok !! Today you have to give me double.Since you have missed my pleasure yesterday.”.I couldn’t work in the office.I called my mom at around 3pm in the afternoon.She said “Your video is ready.Come home as quick as you can.Your wife is waiting for you”.
I came home from my office early .My mother gave me the video.
My sister undressed herself..Her boobs are pinkish in color with a brown nipple on it.Her pussy is clean shaved.She took her phone and opened some pics of a hot Bollywood actor and started fingering her pussy and started moaning.My dick grew in size.Immediately my mom opened my pants took whole of my dick inside her mouth.
My sister took a hidden vibrator and put that on her pussy.And soon honey started to lure in her love hole.My sister laid on the bathroom floor and was in a different world.My mom is doing her own business in the mean while.I came a lot of loads in her mouth.
Me:Mom,Shall we start our act in the bed room.

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Mom:Wait,Until night till your sister has dinner and she is asleep.
Me:Today,I will not wear any condom.I will ram your pussy so hard that you have to beg me for mercy.I will give you a gift since you have shown me an outstanding beauty to me.
Mom:I am waiting…Today even I have shaved my pussy..Lets see
At 12’o clock my mom came to my room and started undressing.I turned to my mom.She did not remove her panty and bra.I asked her “Mom why are you still wearing those clothes.Remove them.”.She said “Today you are going to remove them with your mouth”.
I immediately put my teeth on her bra clap and started tearing it.She took my dick in her hand and started massaging it.I tore off her bra with my mouth and started sucking her boobs like a baby.She was moaning ahhaaammm .. I went to her pussy and started to remove her panty with my mouth and I removed it till her legs.And I found a bit of dairy milk chocolate kept inside her pussy.
Me:There is a chocolate inside your sweet pussy.Can I take and eat it.
Mom:Yeah can my man,but use only your mouth to eat it.
I inserted my tongue in her vagina to grab that chocolate.My mom pushed my head deep inside her pussy with her hands.I barely can breathe.But the smell of that vagina is my oxygen for now.She raised her hip in ecstasy and started moaning .
She started to bite her lip and started breathing heavily.With a loud moan she cummed on my face.I had some air upto 2 min and went upon her.I placed my cock at the entrance of her love hole and started drilling it.
That night we fucked 5 times.We fell deep into sleep.It was 8’o clock in the morning and mom is having a deep sleep with all her beauty visible to me.i heard a knock on the door.My mother woke up for that knock.She is alarmed.
Me:Who is it?
Sister:Me .Its Ankita(My sister’s name).
Sister:I have to leave to the office early today.Will you please drop me?
Me:Sorry I can’t I am doing some of my important office work now.
Mom(whispering):Important work ha …..and she winked her eye 😉
I told my mom to switch on the tv in my room.As,soon as she switched on the tv the dvd of my sister’s bathroom scene started playing.My mom playfully looked at me and started kissing.As my sister is masturbating in her bathroom my mom started to shot..Yeah baby,C’mon,C’mon,C’mon ……..yeah baby.I asked mom why she was horny.
She said “Because I am nude in the bed of my nude son watching my nude daughter”.
Me:Mom,I want to fuck sister.
Mom:Yeah.I understand you.Even I want to see my son fuck my daughter.
Mom:Thank you mom ..So,Please help me.
Mom:Ok,Next sunday is when you are going to fuck your mom and sister
Mom:Let me take care of that.
We fucked again in the day.She went to bathroom and took bath.I also fucked her that day on the dining table and on the sofa.My work from home of the office is working well.
In the cold winter me and my mom are really hot in our bedroom.Me and my mom are nude on bed.I woke up for some water.I went to fridge for some water.I heard soft moans from my sister’s room.I went to see from the door key hole.She was fingering her pussy.I got hard on.I went to my room. There is only bed light in the room which is giving the glimpse of my mom’s naked sweaty body.My cum is all over her boobs.Her pussy is flowing with my cum and mom’s love juices.I got double erection on seeing her washed away sindhoor.I went to mom and sucked her lips.Mom woke up with my kiss and started rubbing my dick.
Me: mom,i again saw sister masturbating.Instead of her finger I want dick in that place.
Mom: I am giving you enough pleasure.Why do you want another pussy?
Me:mom,because these two pussies are the same.
Mom: you will receive that pleasure shortly.
I chewed mom’s breast.She was moaning out of pleasure.She immediately turned on my top and she took my dick and inserted into her pussy.She started riding on it.She is like a queen on top of the horse coming for a war.She is moaning ummaa haaaa ummm faster…Faster…Still deeper..My mom cummed .But now I turned her down and I started riding her.She is in cloud nine.She made her nail marks on my bare back.I started to ram her pussy more and kissing her simultaneously.Now I had reached my climax.
I took my dick from her pussy and gave it to her.She took my entire dick in her mouth.She started sucking it as I have sucked milk from her boobs in my child hood.I am having extreme pleasure .I immediately removed my dick from her mouth and cummed on her boobs.She thought of cleaning it with her hands.But I held her hands .
Me:do not waste the sacred thing by cleaning it with your hands.
Mom:ok son,you need to see your wife suck her own boobs.
Me:yes…Darling chew them and lick every drop of my love juice
Mom:hmmmm…..Have your mom’s juices also..
Me:yeah..Sure darling
I started licking her pussy.Again she started to moan.With in 5 min she cummed all over my face.She cleaned my face with her kisses.That night we slept hugging each other.
Next morning some one came to the room and woke me up..She shouted happy birthday dear…… I woke up and it was my sister,and my mom was there beside her.She also whised me.My mom told me to get ready so that all three of us can go out for a shopping as it was a holiday.My sister gave me a present.And my mom also gave a gift box.I said I will take bath and be down with in 30 min.My sister also said that she will get ready and left.My mom also left.
I opened the gift box given by my sister and found a box full of chocolates.I opened the gift box presented by my mom and got excited to see two packets .One packet has bra and panties of my mom and the other packet it is written “property of your second wife”.
I opened the box.It contains soft pink cup bra and pink soft panties which had traces of cum of my sister.It was last night’s panty in which my sister cummed in last night after her fingering.The smell of the panty was out of this world.I placed my sisters’ bra on my dick mom’s bra in my mouth and my and started masturbating.With in 10 min I cummed in my sister’s bra.I cleaned my dick with my sister’s panties.
I got ready and came down and asked my mom about my sister whether she is ready to go to shopping.From her room my sister asked my mom that she could not find her clothes(bra).My mother said “they might be missed in dry cleaning”.I winked at my mom and gave her a sexy kiss.She asked me
Mom:how is the gift son?
Me: superb ma..Love you.

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My sister came down…I was almost astonished on seeing my sister.Her beauty is mind blowing.She was in her black lowers skinny jeans and wore a maroon top . She wore a cup bra which made her breasts to point upwards and made her look even sexier.Her bra size is 36 d which is awesome.My dick got it’s erection on seeing her.I told my sister that she looks adorable in this dress.She told “thank you “.. My mother came to me and asked if we can go.I said ok.
My sister sat in the front seat of the car,and my mom sat at the back.Since I was in driver’s seat I got clear side view of my sister’s boobs.They almost looked like mountains.I looked at my mom and bit my lower lip as if I want ti consume my sister then and there.My mom lowered her saree a little bit so that I could see her cleavage a bit.On seeing my mom’s cleavage from mirror I got double erection.My sister asked her to drive by her friend’s house as there is some work.Me and my mom waited in the car as my sister went into her friend’s house.I looked at my mom and said.
Me: woah mom ..Your daughter is really sexy I could not take my eyes from her boobs.
Mom(removing buttons of her blouse):see these mangoes are also ripe.You can eat them.
Me:come and sit in the front so that I can enjoy both of my wife’s boobs
Me:my dick is paining in my pants.Could you please treat it now??
Mom:what now??Some one might see..
I opened my zip and my 7 inch dick came out.My mom immediately took my dick in her mouth and started to suck.As I noticed my sister coming I took my dick from her mouth and kept it in the locker(pant).
Sister: why did you come front??
Mom(casually): just that way….
Sister:ok mom..
Sister:mom, clean your mouth..There is water near your mouth.
Mom:ok..Give my that paper napkin.
Sister:here it is ma..
Mom(in her mind): poor girl.. If you are late by some time,this water might be in my vagina.
As we approached shopping mall my mom adjusted her saree and got down the car.
We went into some shop to buy clothes.My mom said to us that she would join us after 10 min .I noticed my mom going into a medical store near by.I thought she is taking some tables are pregnancy pill.As my mom came back I asked
Me:mom,what did you buy??
Mom:nothing… Some tablets..
Sister:mom are you okay..
Mom:ok..Some headache tablets.
Sister:ok ..Fine
I took my sister and mom into a dressing store in the shopping mall.There my sister got attracted to a mini skirt which she can wear for the parties.She said she would try it..She tried it and came out of the trail room to show it to my mom..My mom said it was fine.My mom noticed my horny look in my eyes and gave her more tighter skirt to her to try it. As my sister went into the trail room ,i thanked my mother and as no one is around us I slightly pressed her boobs.She pushed me and said “not now”.
My sister came out.On seeing my sister’s panty line , my dick got hard.She is wearing a black colored panty.I kept my hand on my dick and gave a slight massage.
After the shopping is done we went to our home at afternoon at around 3 pm.I went out for spending the day with my friends.I returned home in the night at around 8 in the night.I rang the door bell.My mom opened the door and she bit her lip.I thought she is aroused .My mom stopped me at the door and told me to go to medical store and get condoms.
Me:why mom?? Every day we enjoy our play without them??Why today
Mom:today is not unlike every day.Go and get them.
I went to the medical store and got condoms and rang the door bell .My mom opened the door and welcomed me in.I followed to her to our bedroom.I was surprised to see cake on the bed and my sister sleeping beside the cake.
Me:what is this?
Mom:this is the birthday gift to my husband..
Me:why is sister sleeping?
Mom:i gave her sleeping pills.Now her pussy is waiting for you
Me:wow…Love you mom.
My mom removed her saree and threw it away as it is not necessary for her anymore and she came near me and removed my shirt.I gave her a sexy kiss on her lips.Now she removed her rest of the clothes and she is in her bra and panty.I am completely nude now.My dick is the happiest in the world for today.Me and my mom approached my sister.
Mom:she is all yours for today..Eat her.
Me: thank you very much mom.
Mom:before we proceed cut the cake.
I cut the cake and placed a piece of it in my mom’s mouth.But my mom took the cream of the cake and applied to my sister’s lips.She said “eat this cake.It would be very tasty”.
I immediately put my lips on my sister’s and sucked them for about 20 min.My mom told me to stop.But I didn’t listen to her and kept on sucking those pink lips of my sister.I pressed my sister’s boobs from her t-shirt.I licked them.I am like a wild animal hunting for food now.My mom removed my sister’s t-shirt and her lowers.My sister is in her cup bra and panties.My sister looked like a sex-goddess now.
My mom got nude her self and also removed the bra and panty of my sister with one hand and the other hand massaging my cock.With that hand she got a condom and told me to wear it.In the mean time my mom applied the cake to her boobs and my sister’s naked boobs.My dick is paining due to heavy seduction.I licked my sister’s mangoes first .I chewed them like I never want to leave them.I swapped to my mom’s boobs .I chewed them harder than ever.She is moaning of pleasure.Ummm haaaaaa hmmm haaaaa ummmm
I went back to my sister’ boobs now.I am having her nipples in my mouth.Her nipples got erect.I thought she is also responding.I licked all the cream that my mom has applied on her boobs.Her boobs are shining now due to my saliva on them.I kissed her lips more.My mom took my dick in her mouth and I went to my sister’s pussy.I am eating my sweet sister’s pussy.The aroma of that pussy made me more excited.I cummed in my mom’s mouth .She swallowed it.
Mom: c’mon enter into your second wife’s vagina.
Me:ha yes…..Please I want to fuck this pussy without condom
Mom:no son.She is in her periods now.Please fuck her with condom
Me:ok first I will take you.
Mom:you can take me even tomorrow .Now enjoy with your sister

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I inserted my rod in my sister’s pussy.That feeling is amazing.I fucked her hard for 30 min and she also started secreting her juices.Now my sister’s pussy is more shining due to my juices.I took her cum in my mouth.My sister’s boobs got shaking due to my hard strokes.I took my dick from her cunt and put it in her mouth removing my condom on it.My mom is making the video of me that I am fucking my sister in my mom’s phone.I cummed tons in her mouth and closed her mouth and made her swallow my juices.
Mom:son,enough the dosage will remain extreme for 2 hrs only .She might be back to her senses now.
Me:wish I could have got some more time.
Mom:naughty boy.
My and my mom dressed my sister and took her to her bedroom and kept her on her bed.I kissed her on her lips and massaged my dick over my sister’s face.Me and my mom came to our bedroom and had our regular fucking session.We both slept.Next morning my sister didnt wake up early as last night of her is really tiresome.She woke up and came to our living room.
Sister: these days it is too hot.And my body got sweaty and oily.
Mom:its ok.Go and have bath.
My sister went to our room to take mom’s panties as there is short her panties.I have one of them.She noticed my mom’s phone on the bed and she thought of playing candy crush.In the process of going through her phone my sister found her video of me fucking her.She became angry and came down shouting.My mom’s face turned red

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fantastic hot story , plz continue

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nice story friend

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very nice story ... thank bro

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Seriously dam nice story bro. I love the part of fucking your mom. Heaven. 

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Post in tamil language please

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