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Bonding With Daughter  


Vinod (48) had started looking for a decent match for his younger daughter Shikha (22) who was doing her M.B.B.S practice in another city. His wife, Rekha (45) had asked Shikha to come home for a while as they wanted her to choose from few photos and in case she likes someone, they could arrange a formal meet up. Their elder daughter Vrinda (24) stayed in the USA with her husband Rahul and had especially come down to help her parents and little sister.
Unknown to her family, Shikha had a boyfriend (Akshay) whom she had known for quite a while when she was in her college. Her boyfriend Akshay was extremely supportive when he heard the news from Shikha, and explained her to talk to her parents about themselves. Shikha was quite apprehensive as to how her parents would take it. Nevertheless she reached her home and did see couple of guys, just to keep her parents’ wishes. After a week, she left home on the pretext of some urgent work at the hospital without talking about what she came for. During her stay it was obvious to Vrinda that her sister was keeping something to herself and it was obvious with the way her sister was behaving with no interest at all in the guys who came to see her. After a couple of days, Vrinda called up her sister in a casual manner and with a little probing Shikha told everything about her relationship with Akshay. Vrinda assured Shikha that she will talk to parents about it and let her know.
With the days nearing for her to return to her husband, Vrinda waited for a good time to speak to her parents about it. Vrinda felt bad for her parents who were making big plans for her sister, but she loved her sister and couldn’t let her get hurt too. Vrinda had always been an obedient girl of her parents. Unlike Shikha, she never fell in love until her marriage to Rahul. Rahul was a decent guy and had worked hard to settle in the USA after his studies. After a lot of thinking, with a couple of days left for her travel, she resolved to talk to her father first about it as she knew it would be too much for her mother to panic about. Vinod was always understanding towards his daughters, made sure both got the much care from him as a father, guide and friend.
Fortunately, her mother had gone to visit her aunt who was staying few miles away. Vrinda knew it would be quite a long time until her mother would return. In the evening, her father came back from office. And by the time he got freshen up, Vrinda helped herself into the kitchen and made tea for her father.
“Oh thanks Vrinda! Why did you take such trouble? Where is Mom?” taking the tea cup from his daughter’s hands he asked.
She smiled sitting beside him as she handed over the cup, “Mom is out to aunt’s place Papa. Don’t you like the tea?”
Sipping through it, admiring its taste he replied, “I like it very much. Your mom should learn from you someday”.
She giggled at his joke, “Ow, no way, mom is much better cook than I am… You should see Rahul’s expressions when he eats at home”.
He laughed along with her as they made jokes about their partners, “But seriously, this is the best tea I had in the day, Thank you beti” He kept his hand on her head as a way of blessing her.
“Thanks Papa…” watching her father savoring the tea, she interrupted suddenly, “Umm Papa?”
He looked at her daughter fiddling with her fingers a little and guessed she wanted to talk about something, “Yes Beti, Anything you want to talk about?”
“I mean, it’s nothing actually…” She hesitated feeling strange not knowing how to start.
He kept his tea cup aside and placed his hand over her hands rubbing a little to make her calm down, nodding his head, “It’s ok beti, you know you can always talk to me like a friend.”
She managed a smile, taking a breath of relief as her father’s hands had an amazing effect on her mind. She stopped fiddling and taking her other hand to cup her father’s hands, gently squeezing she said, “But papa, you shouldn’t be angry about it okay?”
He smiled at his daughter’s nervousness, “OK, I promise. Come on now, open up”.
Moved a little closer, resting her head on his shoulder still with her hands in his, she said slowly, “It’s about Shikha”
Leaving one of his hands in his daughter’s hands, he moved his other hand over her head and stroked her hair, “yes, what about Shikha? Did you talk to her about anything?”
She looked up at him and felt soothe by her father’s stroking of her hair, “Yeah Dad, Shikha wanted to tell you something when she was here, but…”
Vinod couldn’t contain his laugh, “But, she didn’t say and left thinking I wouldn’t understand?”
Vrinda was surprised, “You know about it already?”
He nodded, “Yes beti! I figured out when Shikha was here. My wild guess is that she must be liking someone, but I didn’t wanted to make a press on it as Shikha was too scared to talk about it with me and your mom”
A glow appeared on her face as she listened to her father’s words, “so, you knew all along and kept mum about it. Does mom know too?”
“Well, not yet! Let’s not spoil the moment of her shock, it’s fun to see her panicked sometimes” winking at his daughter as he said that.
She laughed at his remark, “Well poor mom! So you are not angry on Shikha?”
“Hell No! Why would I be? She is an independent woman and quite matured to understand that she can make her own decisions. I never wanted you girls to do something just because I and mom wanted to. I did not chose Rahul remember, you chose him among the guys you met. So it’s perfectly fine with me and don’t worry. I will talk to mom too about it.” kissed her forehead, “And I am so proud that you were trying to help your sister for it. Shows how much you care for her baby”.
She couldn’t contain her admiration for her father for being so insightful, “Oh Papa!! I am so proud to be your daughter.” She hugged him moving her hands around his neck, “Thanks for everything papa”.
He hugged her back with equal affection, forgetting that it was his 24 year old, grown up married daughter, kissed her both cheeks as if she were his little girl, “Your welcome beti!”
Her saree was a little disheveled, but she didn’t mind it. She was surprised by her father’s kisses and giggled, “Aw papa that was sweet! I missed your kisses, don’t remember when was the last time you kissed me like that” and kissed him back on both cheeks..
He caressed her back with fatherly care, and at the same time his manly instincts felt her skin just above her blouse cut and the other hand felt her spine below it, before he could break his hug to ensure it didn’t start to make it strange, Vrinda moved closer and kept hugging him. It was enough for any old man to feel a young woman’s bodily fragrances. Vinod’s body had its own mind although he started feeling guilty, his hands just dropped below to her waist and he spoke to her, “Oh beti, you know I always loved to kiss you like that when you were a little gal”
Vrinda opened her eyes and looked at her father who was smiling down at her. She liked this bonding time with her father again and wanted to be Daddy’s little girl again, so she offered her cheek again, “If so, keep kissing your daughter Papa” and giggled.
He didn’t waste any time as he knew he was the under the spell of a very young attractive woman, who incidentally was his daughter. His mind was racing not to do it but he just moved towards her cheek and kissed her on it. His hands had started to tease her waist, with his thumbs slowly reaching under her boobs over the blouse. And he kissed again on her another cheek. Looking at her beautiful face with lust, he was unable to stop his hands from touching her under her saree which were feeling her soft skin and teasing her breasts slightly.
It was not long before she felt her father was being more of a man, she looked up at her eyes embarrassed a little if she pushed him too far for that by letting him kiss her. As she was thinking, she felt her father kiss her more and more on her cheeks, sometimes nearing her lips and sometimes on her chin. She couldn’t lie to herself that she didn’t like it. But it was wrong to make her dad feel for her like that. She was also feeling shy as her body was responding to his teasing under her saree. She didn’t know what to do and just let her father kiss her more as her eyes gave him seductive look. She whispered to her father almost moaning not believing herself as her hand was stroking his hair and body was melting in her father’s hugs, “Papa!”
His breath was a little ragged as he was pushing himself over his daughter, kissing her again and again over her face trying to reach for her lips but controlling it enjoying her smooth skin. His erection started to grow, “Yes beti”.
“Ahhh!!! Nothing papa” she wanted it to stop before it makes them regret, but her father teased her more with his hands now grazing her boobs pretending to hug her and show his affection. Her body hugged him tightly making him feel her boobs as her saree dropped from her shoulder and she started breathing heavily.
“Beti, you have a lovely face!” he didn’t know he just said that which made his daughter blush, as he was lost in kissing her more and more and slowly made his way to her ears and neck; checked out his daughter’s beautiful cleavage which was so inviting.
She arched her neck to let him kiss her more, not wanting it to stop as she never thought her father could have such effect on her, guilty but it was so good for him to ask to stop, “After all I am your daughter papa, for a handsome guy like you.”
It was hotter as she spoke to him reminding him that she was his daughter, still they were pretending that they were just showing each other father-daughter bond but both knew it was beyond that. He slowly grabbed her by waist and squeezed her as his other hand reached just over her left boob slightly caressing it, as he made his way above her neck to her chin and slowly he was about to reach her lips. His body was pressing against hers as she looked at him with the same lust, she found in his eyes. His erection grew up and poked her between her thighs over the saree making her realize that her dad was going to cross the boundary, she lay there blushing and lost in the effect waiting for her father to kiss her. Suddenly they heard the knock on the door, which startled them as they both looked at each other’s lips near to each other waiting to meet each other, breathing heavily and broke each other’s intimacy unwittingly. Vrinda, unable to look into her father’s eyes rushed to the kitchen grabbing her pallu that fell on the floor as she stood up giving a good view to her father’s delight. Vinod couldn’t believe himself that he was about to screw his own daughter, he got back to senses but looked at his tent in pants.
They again heard the knock as Vrinda came running now properly dressed, and opened the door. Vinod hastily went away to his room and locked himself in the bathroom, just in a crack of moment before his wife caught him going. As he entered the bathroom, he sighed and tried to calm himself down but his hands slowly went to his cock and pulled it out. It was tragic to see his cock stand up so good, he didn’t know when the last time he actually enjoyed it with his wife was. But a rush of guilt ran through his mind when he realized what he was about to do. It was shameful at the same time exciting, and knowing that his beautiful daughter did not mind it was even more titillating. When he thought about his daughter, he couldn’t help himself imagine her naked under her as his hands just reached for his cock and started stroking. He groaned under his heavy breaths, pulling and squeezing his cock, standing before the sink and watching himself lusting over his daughter’s body. He quickened his stroking unable to control and came all over the sink. Opened the tap to make his cum run down the water; once he calmed down and came back to senses, he washed his face before coming out of his room and found his wife return. He couldn’t find his daughter around and imagined she must have left to her room too.
Vrinda was in her room looking at herself in the mirror, still excited about what was about to happen with her father. She fought with her incestuous thoughts about it being so wrong, her wetness damped in between her legs making her crave for more of such things. She wasn’t able to forget her dad’s sweet assault with her body. She moved her one hand over her lips and softly bit her middle finger breathing heavily all the time watching at her body in the mirror, removing her saree in passion and touched herself over her lehenga between her legs.
“Ahhhhhhhhh” she moaned deeply closing her eyes and admired herself without saree blushing at her figure.
Imagining her dad’s hands a while back that were exploiting her totally, she pulled of her blouse along with bra in force making the hooks fall off as she got half naked in front of herself. She tweaked her nipples biting her lower lip and gave flying kisses to herself thinking in her mind, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I am thinking of my own dad like this..hmm daddyyyy ahhhh”. Loosened her lehenga and made it fall off to the floor, pulled off her panties walking into the bathroom.
Opened the shower as the warm water fell on her body, it felt like her father was kissing her all over her body. She moaned under the shower touching her pussy, squeezing her boobs,”ahhh yesss daddyyyyyy” pushed her fingers inside her pussy, and stroked in and out feeling it is her daddy’s cock that was going in and out of her. Her guilt was overridden with her lust for him and that fact that she was his daughter was making it more titillating for her. Her legs weakened to her sweet torture on herself as she quickened fucking herself with her fingers, “ahhhh yessss yessss”, she orgasmed as her body shuddered weakening her legs as she curled up on the bathroom tiles under the shower moaning harder, “ahhhh daddddyyyyy”.
When she came out naked with just towel wrapped around her, coming back to senses cursing herself to what she was doing inside, “I shouldn’t…no..” she picked up her clothes thrown around the floor.
After a while of making herself understand that it happened accidentally, she thought to herself it was good to be her own old self again and not make her dad feel that it was wrong by not talking to him about it. Resolved she got back with her parents who were happy to see her back but it was clearly written on her mom’s face that she got to know the truth about Shikha. Vinod looked at his daughter, who still had wet hair and in a new dress, understood she had taken a bath. He felt bad in mind that he was actually lusting for his lovely daughter who has always been such a decent girl. Nevertheless at the back of his mind there were sexual thoughts too of how she felt in his arms. Shaking his senses back to normal, he saw his daughter smiling at him as she was consoling her mom that it’s ok. He smiled back at Vrinda and nodded that its all taken care of. They both behaved all the day together that nothing happened, keeping their feelings aside and in no time were back to old self of admiring father-daughter.
The night came along, Parents were in their room with Rekha already slept, but Vinod wasn’t able to sleep being uncomfortable as the thoughts kept creeping up and he resolved to apologize to his daughter for his unfatherly act so they both could let off go about it for once and all.
Vrinda had just dropped off from her phone after talking to her husband, Rahul about her return plans with one day left. She changed into her sheer nightie with nothing underneath it and made her bed.
He knocked on the door softly twice gulping down his throat as he checked his time thinking if his daughter had already slept and he might be disturbing her, he turned around.
She opened and saw her father moving towards his room, “papa?” she asked in a low voice. He heard her and turned around to smile at her, “oh baby, am sorry did I wake u up? I was just going to check on you if you were asleep”.
She shook her head, “no papa, I was talking to Rahul over the phone. Would you like to come inside?” she opened the door for him seeing his face in a little worry.
“Oh sure dear” he entered as she walked in with him, as the door moved along itself closing behind them.
They both uncomfortably smiled at each other as he looked at her and said, “Vrinda beti… Am so sorry for what happened earlier today! will you be able to forgive your father? I shouldn’t have felt you like that.”
She felt heartbroken for making her father feel so guilty about it, as she kept her hand on his shoulder, “Oh papa! Am sorry too. I dont have to forgive you, you are my father and am sure your instincts were only out of affection and love for me.. If possible forgive me for it, I didnt know what came over me.” She was in tears as she spoke.
He got concerned as he wiped her tears with his fingers, “Oh am so sorry beti, my intention was not to make you cry…please dont cry beti, for me please” caressing her cheek as he lifted her chin studying her beautiful face with his lustful mind that was always working it up behind.
She smiled a little, sniffing knowing that her father understands and they both were trying to forget about it. She felt soothened with his caressing and a little teased as his fingers were stroking her chin. She remembered her childhood days when her father would always be there for her whenever she was down with something and calmed her in the similar manner. At that time the only difference was she didnt feel the other bodily feelings that were making her a little crazy.
She didnt know when her body was in his arms, her bodily instincts just made her move closer and hug him. He tried hugging her in a normal manner and to some extent he succeeded controlling his lustful thoughts for a young beautiful woman. She looked up at him unsure what he was thinking and smiled, “Papa, its fine…it was just an accident. Lets forget it ok?” She reached up to his face with her both hands looking into his eyes, and pulled his cheeks, “now cheer up papa”
He could easily feel her breasts dancing against his chest with her sheer nightie making her look dazzling. Looked down at her and smiled composing his normal self as she was pulling her cheeks, couldn’t control but laugh a little. He kissed her on forehead, “my sweet baby, you know how to make me smile” and pulled her cheeks softly too.
It sent shivers through her body as he touched her cheeks, she blushed a little knowing those amazing feelings were returning as her body was getting rubbed against her dad knowingly or unknowingly. Her red cheeks were so inviting and so were her lips as his hands dropped to her back caressing slowly pretending in a fatherly way.
“You too sweet papa” She giggled hoping it would end here but her body was reacting to his touches in a different way as she moved against him and he did the same too feeling her spine over the nightie.
His manly feelings were on the rise as his hands squeezed her a little more, as he bent down and kissed on her both cheeks, “am so sorry baby again, hope we forget about all these things” as he didnt know how many times he kept kissing her moving slowly nearer to her lips and she was getting melted in his arms encouraging him more about it although her guilt was somewhere hiding behind her mind. She pretended like a dutiful daughter and enjoyed getting kissed.
They both were breathing heavily, when they found themselves on bed facing each other and sitting with her hands around his neck stroking his hair, biting her lower lip, legs around his waist sitting on his lap like a kid. His legs too held her around waist and pulled her near as his lust tookover him smelling the sweet fragrance of his young daughter.
He was a little worried when he looked at her as she looked back at him smiling taking his kisses, blinking her eyes at him. He kept gently kissing her near the corner of her lips, “You know something, I would miss you so much after you leave”.
She replied with a husky voice, “ummm yeah papa… I would miss you too” as she kissed him back in similar manner encouraging him moving her hips suggestively against his crotch that was half hard already.
He got the hint that it was no more his innocent daughter he was tackling with and moved his hands down her back to her ass lifting her towards him and started giving her little kisses on her lips, “I wish you had stayed for long honey…”
“I wish too daddyyy ahhhhhh ” she moaned in his arms kissing him back making him feel her lips, “but Rahul is missing me too…”
“Oh, that poor lad..I can understand what he is missing” he winked at her pulling the nightie slowly up to her thighs and kissed her lips passionately as his cock was rock hard in his night pants and pressing against her thighs in between, making her squeal sweetly as she giggled, “Yeah daddy, you are so understanding…ohhhh”
He kissed her again and again exploiting her young body with his hands reaching down her nighties around the naked ass cheeks, squeezing them softly as his fingers grazed along the softness of her pussy. She was going mad with her father’s teasing, unable to believe he was taking advantage of her body’s situation to the fullest and she was loving it, whispering to him, raising her hands up, “its so hot in here papa, am feeling a little sweaty… would you like to help me with my nightie?”
He didn’t waste any time understanding his daughter’s naughtiness,”Sure babydoll…” and in a whiff made her totally naked grabbing her breasts hard kissing her neck in passion..whispering to her, “Does Rahul satisfy you good baby?”
She nodded feeling shy as she hugged him passion removing his tee kissing his lips, “yeah papa, he is a good lover..just like you are to mom” winking at him as she moved her hips making her pussy rub against his crotch over the pants.
He went crazy as she did that and pulled her hair hardly back kissing her lips sucking on her lower lip and went down to her chin, neck and bosom. Started sucking on her boobs, tweaking nipples with his teeth.
“ahhh ohh daddy…you are such a sweet lover.” She couldn’t believe herself that she was making her father do it more to her forgetting the barriers, she reached down for his cock in his pants and squeezed it hard freeing it by pulling down his pants.
It was too much for him as his daughter’s hands had amazing effect on his cock that sprung to new heights, she loved stroking it with her two hands as he sucked on her boobs he touched her pussy and teased her by inserting fingers and rubbing her clit.
“Honey, you have such a beautiful body to love”
She was loving her dad’s attention, “Thanks papa.. do you like sucking your daughter’s breasts?”
“Oh yess baby..they are such tasty melons..” he sucked them gently and harder at his will.
She giggled, “Papa, hope mom doesn’t awake and catch us?”
“Dont worry about that honey, she is never gonna wake at this hour. You know how she sleeps like a log…Besides we are just apologizing each other right?” winking at her as he kissed her on lips pushing her down on bed removing his fingers from her pussy and licking it, “Hmmm my daughter’s sweet juices are so good to taste”
“ahhh ohhhhhhh” she jerked her body feeling his body on hers, rubbing against him as she bit her lower lip in passion moaning harder, “papaaaaaa…its so fun to be under you, take me…” she spread her legs inviting his cock, “enter me daddyyy” pushing up her hips
He bent down and moved his hips making his cock kiss her pussy lips again and again, torturing his elder daughter and smiling, “can’t believe am going to fuck my own daughter…never thought this would happen baby” with one plunge he shoot his cock right inside her stretching her pussy.
As she was about to scream feeling the intensity of hard cock tearing her tight pussy, she felt shocked and moaned with lust as she shook her head in lust, feeling her father’s hand covering her mouth so she wouldn’t scream out loud.
He started banging her harder with a rhythm as he slowly removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth over hers kissing her lips, talking in between, “In out In out of my sweet slut daughter’s pussy…ahhh its heaven”
His filthy language made her lust grow for him, “ahhh yess papa…fuck me good dadyyy fuck your daughter hard…I am your little bitch daddy”
He crushed her body under him kissing all over her face and grabbing her strongly by waist, pushing inside her and out of her harder and faster.
She was loving the feeling of getting treated like a doll, getting tossed and curving up against him, her moans filled the room, “fuck me daddyyyy ahhhh ohhhhhh yesssss…fuck your beti papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….oh my god oh my god..its so good”
He groaned harder as he pumped her harder, quickening his thrusts into her, she looked like a sexy angel, “Oh yesss baby….my lovely beti…you are a great fuck..fuck you my daughter…fuck you baby..fuck you honeyyyyy”
They were so lost in passion that they were using their bodies lewdly treating each other, not giving a gap even between as lust took over, making it for a perfect bonding, his cock twitched as her pussy muscles craved to cum tightening his cock as they both looked at each other breathing heavily and kissing.
“Honey am going to cummm…argghhh” his cock spurted loads and loads of cum shooting inside her filling her wet pussy
“oh yess me too daddy….ahhh ohhhh fuckk” she shivered as her body started hitting orgasms one after the other, “ohhh this is amazing ahhhh…pappaaaaaa fuck meee ahhhh..cum inside me ahhh”..she could feel her daddy’s cock mixing with her pussy juices.
He rammed her faster and faster, harder and harder until he emptied his whole load inside her kissing her passionately and she was lost in another world closing her eyes enjoying the moment of her life.
After a while when both started breathing normally slowly loosened their arms around each other and looked at each other’s body. Her pussy was dripping with her father’s cum, she blushed and said, “Thanks for the sweetest apology papa” kissed him softly.
“My pleasure baby…after all a father has to take care of his daughter so she wouldn’t get hurt in anyway…” winked at her and kissed her back, “Rahul is so lucky to have you beti…”
“Thanks papa..didn’t know mom is enjoying so much” she giggled in her father’s arms.
After a while they kissed themselves good night, as he sneaked out of her bed to return to his wife.
Vrinda lay there watching as her father left as she wondered to herself, “wish this happened when I was younger too” smiling mischievously she pulled up the blanket above her.
——– Horny End ————

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