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sex with my sis in bus  


Hi i am felix,i like to write a story how i had sex with my cousin sister . i am 20yrs age and am from Chennai , my native place is kanyakumari now living in Chennai . i will go once in a year to my native place . My sis name is Jessie she is living in Bombay she is not very slim but her boobs and buttocks is so huge(46 38 42)her age is 35 she is married but not having any baby . I had a lust with her from my childhood itself, whenever she comes to our native place she comes to my home and then only she goes to ur native place.
My semester exams all got over in that time she call me ,i asked how r u and she told me fine nu then she told me she s coming day after tomorrow to my house and need to purchase some things in kancheepuram and then she will go to our native place nu, i told k akka. In that time i had no that kind of feeling about her, then after two days passed i had gone to pick her at bus stop she only arrived i asked her why her husband didn’t come nu for that she told he had one important work so he will not come this time nu then i picked her in my bike and came to my house. My mom welcomed her and then she asked my mom to get ready now itself and my mom got ready she asked me also to get ready but i told her i have one important work nu so i can’t come with u she asked about work and said its k, and asked me that u have any other work this weak ah nu i told i have no work this weak then she suddenly asked me to come with her i told ask my mom if she permits i will come nu then she told k get ready in the evening i will ask her in the travel itself nu, she then changed her dress in chudithar with leggings then they went to purchase . In the evening my mom called me she told me to pack my things and get ready to go with her i told k nu, then i got ready they came at 7o’clock then i told my akka(sis) that we will not get bus from here we have to get to perungalthur then only we will get seat nu, then she told k nu, then we took a auto from my home and reached bus stand.

All the bus coming are full we need to travel one hour to reach the place and its already becoming late so we got into a bus in the front side itself she got in first i got after her we pushed our way inside and stood in the middle of the bus i was standing behind her, in the next stop itself so many ladies came inside the bus and every one pushed her backside towards me in that time her ass touching my cock fully it was so soft i thought to move aside but i can’t move she didn’t noticed it and stood still. In the bus shake i can’t control my cock it started to bulge now also i tried to move from her but due to rush in the bus i can’t move a step , i stood there itself and thought she would have noticed it but to my surprise she didn’t say a word to me now i got some courage and stood there itself and my cock was full hard now no one can see below also i started to enjoy it , it was like heaven for me driver suddenly put brake for next stop that time my cock moved in between her ass cracks it was like soft water balloons brushing my cock, in that stop two ladies got out and three ladies got inside the bus they also pushed her ,now she noticed it that she was brushing my cock hardly with her ass she moved her ass that time she jerked my cock i enjoyed it but she can’t move my cock was still in her ass only she again moved again she jerked me then she stood still without moving then started to enjoy this situation and didn’t move then after 5min driver put brake for the next stop that time i pushed her ass with my full strength she enjoyed it that time two of them got down and only one lady got in the bus she had some space in front she loosened her ass touch to my cock, but my cock was touching her ass lightly when bus started to move i started to push my cock in her ass crack she didn’t move i got some courage and push it fully in her ass crack now also she didn’t tell anything she was silent now i saw my watch it was 15 min to reach, with the bus shakings i also started to shake my cock in her ass crack by slowly pushing my cock in and back like loosening and tightening in her ass crack and jerking now also she didn’t say a word i was in heaven and thought she is enjoying it, my stop was going to come in 5 min now i started to put some speed in action when i was going to reach climax my akka moved forward to the steps cha i thought i was unlucky nu then i followed with her bus driver stopped we got down ,she appa so much rush illa nu i thought i was lucky nu she didn’t speak about a word about it then we crossed the road and waited for bus .
One bus came it was a point to point bus it was also full only the last two sets of seats were left out , it was 12 hours journey so we thought we will not get bus then she went inside and sat on the last corner window seat then i followed her and sat on the side with her then conductor came, she told me she will get ticket for both of us nu i told k then she bought tickets for both of us. After some time the conductor switched off the light it was dark, then we started to speak about my college days and i asked about Bombay city then after half an hour passed she told she was so much tired by travelling full day and told me she was going to sleep nu i also told i was also sleepy then she lean forward on the seat at the front and started to sleep, but i was not getting sleep i started to dream about the incident happened then after 20min’s i saw her she was sleeping her boobs was hanging ,then i thought of seducing her i slowly called her she didn’t respond then i slowly touched her boobs with one finger and kept it there itself then i pushed it inside she was sleeping my cock was rock hard then i touched her boobs with my fingers then i kept there for some time then started to press it smoothly for half an hour then i kept my hand fully and smoothly i pressed it then i pressed it hard with some pressure on it she didn’t wake up then i got some courage and pressed it with my full pressure that time also she didn’t wake up. Then after that i started to press it hardly, in the mean while i was pressing my cock with other hand she did not wake up after pressing it for half an hour i thought i will leave it for some time nu then i left her boobs from my hand after 5 min she woke up i thought she is going to scold me she saw me awake and asked me which place we crossed nu then she asked can we eat food that my mom gave ah nu ah i was relieved from tension that then we started to eat, it was dark we two started to open the food in that parcel the side dish was only in her parcel so she told me take it if u want when you r eating then we started to eat she was having the side dish in her pussy area i got an idea, then with my finger i touched the side dish towards her pussy area i felt her pussy then i took it and ate it she was eating only then again i touched her pussy area again and put some pressure with it then also she was eating only then i got some courage and put four of my fingers and took the side dish by rubbing it and ate it ,then she started to speak about purchasing now again i went to touch her pussy area that time she asked me with smile in her face a question this time i touched her pussy area by putting some pressure in my fingers and kept it there itself and answered to the question, then also she did not say anything then i got some courage while she going to ask me something i touched her pussy while answering i rubbed her pussy with my middle finger only she continued to speak i didn’t take my hand from her this time i was really finger fucking her she did not tell anything she was listening to me with smile in her face then after answering her question only i took my hand from her ,but to my bad luck i saw the side dish its over she also saw it, then while eating i acted like i didn’t saw the side dish got over then again when she was asking a question about outing with my area friends i went to touch her pussy with my fingers she acted like she didn’t noticed it the side dish got over now i got some courage and while answering that question i put some pressure and slowly fingered her pussy i took 5 mins to answer her in the mean while i fingered her pussy she was enjoying after that she finished her food i got disappointed i also finished my food then we both washed our hands outside the widow then she told food was nice nu i also told it was nice nu then she asked me the time i told her the time was 11:40 nu then she started to sleep in the same position with one of her hands hanging down touching her thighs then i started to play with my cock for 20 min after that this time with full confidence i touched boobs with my hand and pressed it softly then hardly then i started to play with her boobs for some more time then i slowly touched her pussy with my other hand she didn’t move then i slowly started to finger fuck her slowly while pressing her boobs after some time i wanted to touch her nipples so i lifted her dress and slowly touched her navel it was so smooth and soft took my hand upwards and touched her boobs she was wearing bra now i slowly lifted one side of the bra, it felt so soft than other parts then got up and catched her nipple it was rock hard and big , there was no reaction from her i thought this was a positive sign and played with her nipples now she was breathing heavily now i slowly took my other hand from her pussy and open my pant zip but didn’t get my cock outside. Now i slowly took her hand and placed on top of my cock over the pant zip and slowly inserted her fingers inside the pant zip to touch my cock fully. Then i slowly took my hand and inserted in her sleeveless pant it was so loose i easily went inside then i slowly put my finger inside of her panties and inserted it, there was dense hair in that area, i inserted further in and touched her pussy lips now her breathing stopped and she moved lightly ,that time when she was moving she grabbed my cock fully with her hand tightly and didn’t move it then i slowly started to gave movements to my finger in her pussy she started to breathe heavily ,there was some gum oozing from her pussy after some time i wanted to see her boobs fully and took out my hands from her boobs and her pussy then i saw front of the bus everyone was sleeping after conforming i lifted her tops upside slowly and smoothly i first saw her navel wow it was so big and beautiful, the hole it contains is super then i slowly lifted it and pulled her dress up to her armpits, now she was half naked and holding my cock tightly this seen was arousing me much more then i slowly went towards backside and tried to untie her bra but it was so tight then i put some pressure and untied it , wow what a seen her boobs started to hang then i suddenly catched her boobs with both my hands wow it was so big i can’t hold them with two of my hands, then i started to squeeze the nipples and boobs, in that time i got some pressure in my cock her hand first i thought she was doing unknowingly then whenever i pressed her boobs she also pressed my cock hardly that time only i know that she was awake then i was aroused and pressed it harder and faster and smoother both of them was jiggling like water balls then i wanted to taste those melons then i took my head and tasted one side of her nipple by first i licked her nipple in roundly manner then slowly sucked it and tasted it i started to suck it harder, she was also breathing harder and pressing my cock harder in that time i pushed her slowly backwards and in that time she pushed my cock backwards by sliding the hand from top to bottom by pushing the flesh surrounding the cock downwards and jerked me, this gave me thrill to my cock then i saw her face she didn’t opened her eyes then i slowly started to suck her boobs and while pressing her other boobs like thirsty guy getting milk she breathed heavily then i went to her other boob and sucked it harder ,now i was in full mood i bent down and smelled her pussy and licked her pussy it was filled with juice then i slowly pushed her right side towards widow and made some space in her back side, then i slowly took her hand from my cock but she was not leaving it but i forced her and made her to leave it then i slowly pushed her leggings downside and bend towards her back and positioning myself to put my cock in her pussy she started to snore that time i touched my cock tip in her pussy lips and pushed it inside her pussy it was so tight only my top of the cock went in then i pushed it inside harder and took it out side and again pushed it in harder it went inside slowly and fully then i started to fuck her slowly and then increased some speed she snored with every blow, i liked it and continued to pump her pussy then within 5min i thought of coming and increased my speed she also snored speedily and we both came in same time i unloaded my juice fully in her pussy then she stopped snoring i layed in that position for 5 min after that again i went to another round and i climaxed into her then i took my cock out from her pussy and saw her face she was closing her eyes and she didn’t move then i slowly adjusted her dress and put her in the same position and let her sleep but kept her hand inside my pant zip on my dick and i saw the time it was only 1:30 in the night and i slept .
At 2:30 in the morning driver stopped the bus in hotel for driver changing time, in that time she woke up and saw her hand in my cock and took it out and wake me up by calling my name nav nav nu and asked akka what nu? She said come da we can go to hotel and drink coffee nu , i told k nu then i saw her dress it was lightly lifted to stomach now i can see her navel she then adjusted it and we both got down and we went inside and made the order she acted like nothing has happened, she order coffee i ordered milk that time she told me you only drink milk ah? In a sexy manner i told yeah i drink milk only for that she smiled then she told me she also like it , i asked about her husband why he has not come this time for that she told he has every time work and comes home lately and eat and goes to sleep, i felt sorry then we came outside of the hotel everyone was inside the hotel then she sat on the floor i also sat down on her right side and kept my hand over her backside on the floor and started to speak about Bombay city then i slowly moved my hands towards her ass and my middle finger touched her ass she was speaking only then i took two of my fingers and kept in her ass there was no resisting from her then slowly i kept my fingers in her ass cracks she didn’t move then i kept for some time then suddenly bus driver called all of them, she stood up and went towards the buss there was one old lady trying to get in the buss and all of them was helping her that time i went near her back and touched my cock in her ass and suddenly i asked her u r not going to help her ah ka she told no nu then i slowly put hand on her shoulder and moved my cock in her ass crack and tighten the gap between us then i asked her again akka r u sure you are not going to help her ah nu for that she told poda dai i am not having that much strength to lift her da i will stand and watch da nu. It took 10 min to get her in then she moved then we went inside and sat on our seat then the driver checked all of them came in or not then he started the bus all of them nearby me went to sleep my akka was also went to sleep but she was not sleeping in the same position now she was leaning back to the seat , within ten min i slowly tried to took her hand and put it in my dick inside the zip she suddenly woke up then i got afraid and told it was already on my thighs and i tried to moved it she told k nu then she asked can i keep my head on your lap ah nu then i told ah k nu then she kept her head on my lap on top of my dick and went to sleep , i can’t control myself with my unzipped pant then after 5min i slowly touched her boobs there was no reaction from her then i started to play with that time i saw her lips was opened lightly i got wild and slowly took my cock out of the zip it was just 2 cm from her lips then in slowly bent my cock and touched her lips there was no sign from her then i slowly and carefully inserted my cock inside in her mouth, only half of my cock went inside and touched her toung it was so soft my cock became rock hard then i slowly put my hands inside in her panties and touched her pussy that time her lips tightened my cock and i started to finger her she did not do anything i thought this may be a coincidence and i started to insert two fingers inside her pussy she started to move her toung and rounded my dick then i started to put 3 of my fingers and jerked her pussy then i thought of coming and suddenly busted in her mouth itself she drank it then i felt tired and sleepy and took my cock outside from her mouth and put inside of my pant then i fingered her speedily she also came then i adjusted her dress and went to sleep. Then the bus reached our bus stop we two got our bags and got down of the bus she told me to catch a auto to go to her house it will take 20 to reach her house then i took one auto and came , then i took all the luggage’s and kept it inside the auto then i saw there was no space in the auto to sit only one person can sit in the auto then i told her i will sit first u sit on my lap nu she told k then i went inside the auto and seated then she came and seated on my lap she was holding a suitcase with her and kept it in her lap then auto started ,i tried to catch the front handle of the seat but i can’t get it she saw it and told me to hold her hips i told k nu then holded her hips, then the auto started to shake and she was moving her ass over my cock , now my cock was starting to get hard she noticed it and started to asked how was the night journey nu i told this was the first time i really enjoyed the trip for that she told i was so sleepy da i so i didn’t wake up and i missed the enjoyment of seeing outside the bus nu , i started to slowly raise my hand towards her side of the boobs and touched it she didn’t say anything and started to speak and asked her can i come to Bombay one time to ur house ah ka nu she told u can come any time nu then we reached her home.

Her mother and her father was there and welcome us i asked where is anna(brother) for that they told he has painting work to do so he will be coming on evening only nu. Then i saw the time it was 11: 5 and i told akka i am feeling sleepy nu and told them am going to sleep in upstairs room nu she told k da i am going to take bath, her father told he is also going to work nu in sawmill, her mother went to the shop in the front of the house which she was running. In her house there was only two bathroom’s one at bottom floor and one at upstairs, there is spatiality in the upstairs bathroom, the door was small and i am a little bit height and i can see everything inside the bathroom. Then i went upstairs and changed my dress with shorts only without innerwear, i suddenly felt like not sleepy and i put the TV on then i fell on the bed and relaxed, then after 15 min she came upstairs, she was only wearing only pavadai(dhoti) and asked me you didn’t sleep ah nu, i was stunned seeing her in white pavadai i saw her boobs, she saw me outlining her boobs then she asked again i told no ka i am seeing TV then she went to bathroom i saw her ass shaking while she was moving her legs was clearly visible of short pavadai then she went inside and started to take bath me also started to watch tv, after few min she called me and told me i forgot to take the soap da so go downstairs and get the soap da nu , i went and took the soap and came then told her to open the door she slightly opened and asked me can u put soap to my back da and told in my house her husband washes her back nu so she asked me, i suddenly told k nu then she told wait here i will call u nu and closed the door, then i slowly lifted up and saw her she was turning opposite side i can see only her back side only she started to putt soap on her body her body is fully visible because the white pavadai is soaked with water and its is fully transparent, my dick started to raise she started to bend to put soap in her legs wow her pussy is visible now it’s so nice then she lifted up and called me i went inside she was turning that side only then went near her my dick was a inch distance from her ass crack and took the soap and told her to loosen the pavadai she did but half only i told her loose fully ka nu then she loosened fully then i slowly started to apply soap in her neck she started to enjoy it, i saw her half naked her boobs were hanging because am taller my dick became rock hard then i slowly moved forward and touched her ass with my dick she didn’t tell anything then slowly pushed it in the centre of the ass crack suddenly she called my name i took my dick backside and she asked the soap to apply it on the face i gave the soap to her now she was holding her pavadai in her one hand with nipples only covered and side parts uncovered and started to apply soap on other hand now i got some courage and took my dick and touched her ass one side while applying soap to her back then i adjusted my dick in her ass crack then i slowly started to apply soap on her side’s and slowly took my hand towards one side of the hand in which she was applying soap to her face then i slowly brushed her side boobs lightly she didn’t say anything then again i touched it she didn’t say anything then i pushed further and brushed her boobs ,then i got some courage and with the other hand and took my dick outside and touched in her ass cracks, it was feeling like to water balloons touching my dick and slowly i moved my hands towards her front side on top of her boobs she didn’t say anything then i went slowly to pushed her side dress towards her hand now her huge nipples was visible to me, my dick got so erect and pushed her ass further then i slowly touched her nipples and pressed it with my two fingers and started to play with it and her boobs felt so soft in the water , then i told akka take two hands and wash ur face ka then only black spots will go ka nu i told, she left her dress and started to wash her face with two hands then i slowly undressed her fully then i touched my cock in her ass crack and pushed it and started to play with her boobs then i went down and touched her hairy pussy and started to finger it she started to enjoy then i told her akka take the soap from ground and give it to me ka that time she bent down that time suddenly i touched my cock with her pussy lips she stood still then i slowly pushed my cock inside then i started to pump her pussy she started to make sounds it aroused me then i started to pump her speedy with massaging her boobs i felt like Cumming and started to apply more pressure with every blow then she blow her cum in my cock and i came in her pussy , then i took my dick out she stood up i washed my dick she told k da you go outside then i went outside and laid on the bed then after cleaning she came out and saw me and told with smile in her face dai don’t tell to my husband because he will scold me and i told k.

Posted : 21/12/2012 3:23 am