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You've Got A Friend In Me, Jennifer  

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I could not believe my luck! I, Ryan, was the lucky winner of the "Win a Day with a ‘Friend'" contest, where the winner would get to spend the day with one of the stars of the TV Show ‘Friends.' The winner got to chose which star, and the star would get to chose what activities they would do. While it was tempting to pal around with Matthew Perry, I chose to spend the day with the woman whom I had lusted after for almost ten years: Jennifer Aniston. I did realize that she was married, and that there was no chance anything would happen, but I also realized that this was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Well the day arrived, and I went to New York to meet Jen at a coffee shop in the Village. She was dressed in a nice, but plain gray T-shirt that accentuated her breasts, and pink capris. As I entered, she stood up and gave me a hug saying "Nice to meet you." As part of the contest rules, a camera crew had to follow us around for the day, but Jen was dressed casually nonetheless, and I noticed that her nipples were hard, and poking through her shirt as they often did on the show, causing a slight bulge in my shorts, which I thought Jen had noticed, but dismissed that notion as pure fantasy.

"Since you're a guy, and you have been to New York before, the first thing I have planned is for us to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as we both have an interest in art."

"Sounds great!" I said. Off we went.

By the time we got finished walking through the Met, it was time for dinner. We went off in Jen's limo to a quiet A-List restaurant, which NBC had rented out for the night. We talked all through dinner, and we both felt as though we were fast becoming friends. Another requirement of the contest rules was that the fan must interview the ‘Friend' for the TV special they were milking out of this contest, so we decided to do that during dinner. I had run the questions by Jen at the Met, so dinner was pretty boring.

"We only got to do one thing today, and I had so much fun! I'll take you in my limo back to your hotel." Jen said, after dinner was done.

On the ride back, Jen asked me if we could spend tomorrow together as well, when a camera crew wouldn't be following us, and I of course said yes. She then started surprised me by asking me to do a real interview.

"Cut the bullshit," she said, "Ask me what you really want to know."

"Okay," I cautiously replied, "Why are your nipples always hard on the show?"

"Well, that takes some explaining. You see during the first season, Courtney and I became close, and by the second season, we were fucking all the time. We tease each other on the set all the time, usually backstage, bumping into each other, brushing our arms against the other's tits, that sort of thing. That answer your question?"

The image of Jen and Courtney having sex had played out in my minds eye, and caused a boner to rise up in my shorts again, and again I thought I saw Jen catch a glance at it.

"Yes it does. Wow. Okay, next question. Are those famous paparazzi shots of you topless in that black bikini real?"

"Yes they are"

"I figured that from your lawsuit. Have you cheated on Brad?"

"Well, technically with Courtney, but he's okay with that, but also with a guest star or two," She said with a wink.

"Alrighty then, my final burning question: Can I see your breasts?"

"Hmmm…" She thought for a moment. "Sure."

The next minute played out in slow motion as Jennifer Aniston lifted up her shirt and bra and flashed me in true ‘Girls Gone Wild' fashion. And let me tell you, they're real, and they're spectacular!

We finally arrived at my hotel, and as I left the limo, Jen whispered in my ear that she would be up later. So I went up to my room and waited. After 15 minutes, there was a knock on my door, and Jen showed up wearing a large hat to conceal her identity.

"Where did we leave off?" She idly asked as she threw off her hat and rushed over to kiss me full on the lips. We began making out like two horny teens until she pulled back and said, "Stop!"


"Since you have obviously been dreaming about this for a while, you can undress me slowly."

I went over to her and slowly pulled her top over her head, revealing her C-cup breasts in a sexy black lace bra. I then unbuttoned the button on her capris, slowly pulled down the zipper, and slid them off her. I then walked behind her, and undid the clasp on her bra, then walked around to her front, and slowly released her beautiful breasts. I went to remove her panties, and noticed how wet they were.

"I was thinking that you probably masturbated to me. Thinking of strange guys shooting their load over my picture really makes me horny."

I finished removing her panties, and she proceeded to kiss me again and removing my clothes, finally releasing my 7" hard-on. She pushed me over to my bed, kneeled between my knees, and slowly put her mouth around my cockhead. I could not believe it! Jennifer Aniston was sucking my cock! She began to bob up and down on my cock, her tongue swirling around the head every time she got to the top. When I yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!" She pulled my cock out of her mouth, and stroked it until I sprayed her face and tits with my jizz. I scraped the cum off her tits and face and fed it to her, and she ate it all.

"Now we need something for you to do while your cock gets back into shape," She purred.

Knowing what she had in mind, I took her by the hand and pulled her into the shower, turning it on. I used the soap to lather up every crevice of her body, and then she rinsed off. I started to lick her tits, paying close attention to those famous nipples, and then fingered her pussy, parting her lips and inserting my middle finger, bringing her to the cusp of orgasm. We exited the shower, dried each other off, and went back to the bed. She had noticed that in the shower my cock had sprang back up, and she was ready to make full use of it. She laid back on the bed, licked her lips, and made that "come hither" motion with her finger, stereotypically reminiscent of Hollywood sex scenes. I entered her, and started pumping in and out, quickly bringing us both into ecstasy. She moaned and called out my name, and finally let out a moan of "I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh!" upon which we both erupted into orgasm, and I filled her sweet pussy with my cum.

We both fell asleep in the nude together, and woke up and 7:30 the next morning, had a nice ‘Good Morning" fuck, and scent the next day, and the next night together. In fact, I just got a call from Jen that she wants me to be an extra on her next movie…

Posted : 22/08/2020 9:40 pm