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You're Under Undress - Sharon Stone  

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Sharon Stone stretched her arms upwards as she opened her eyes and yawned after a good night's sleep.

She let her eyes wander around the room as she cleared the sleep from her head and let the reality of a new day surround her naked body lying on the lavender, silk sheet and covered by the same. The thin silk covering Sharon's body sculptured the curve of her hips, the taught rise of her smooth abdomen, and the rise of her ample breasts whose nipples were hard from the sheet's silky caress that made them quite visible beneath the sheet.

Once Sharon was awake enough to get out of bed, she took the sheet from her body and slid it off as she sat up, putting her feet on the soft, carpeted floor.

Sharon felt her nipples were hard and erect, and she touched them softly with the tips of her index fingers. "Mmmmmmmmm." Sharon responded to her touch, and with that response she took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and rolled and squeezed them ever so gently. The feeling was electric, and Sharon felt sensual energy run through her now aroused body.

She cupped her full breasts with her hands while still keeping her thumbs and fingers on her protruding, hard nipples.

Sharon felt a tingle between her legs and looked down at her hairy pussy nestled between them that were gorgeously shaped from thighs to calves as well as her dainty feet.

She hadn't planned this upon awakening from sleep even though she had had some rather erotic dreams about her and other women making passionate love together, sometimes one on one and at other times a threesome.

However, she felt the wetness between her pussy lips that was coming from her vagina. It was so erotic.

Sharon involuntarily slid her right hand from her right breast while she still held her left breast in her hand, tweaking the nipple as she felt gooseflesh forming around her crimson areolas.

She let her hand slide down her side and over her well-developed abdomen, feeling the dip of her bellybutton as she continued to her pussy.

Sharon's fingers reached the top of her pubic mound, and at first touch of her pubic hair she spread her legs open wide enough to let her fingers and hand slide over her excited clit whose large head was already peeking out from its sheath. She stopped momentarily to play with her clit, circling the pearl with her fingers and flicking it back and forth, too, until she felt her thighs trembling in pre-orgasmic vibrations. However, Sharon didn't want to cum just then. It was too soon, so she reluctantly moved her fingers off her aroused clit and slid them between her pussy lips. They opened to her touch, and she felt she was very wet.

Now she wanted to reach her lubricated vagina so she could thrust her fingers inside and finger-fuck herself within her vaginal sheath.

Sharon's fingers were now at the entrance to her vagina, and she felt how wet she really was, so there was no need for any lubrication. She had produced her own.

She let her fingers circle around the outline of her vagina, feeling the creaminess of her pussy and how warm it was. Sharon collected some of her pussy cream, smearing it all over her fingers. Once lubricated Sharon placed her first two fingers at the entrance of her vagina and inserted them gently inside. She felt how warm it was inside her vaginal sheath. This excited her very much.

Sharon rotated her fingers so the pads of them were facing up, and as she slid her fingers in further, she felt the tiny ribs on the top wall. She stopped here and gently moved her fingers back and forth in a fucking motion, sighing with erotic feelings this rubbing was giving her. She could feel these erotic feelings going through her aroused body.

"Ohhhhhhhh, this feels so good," Sharon thought to herself, and then she moved her fingers off the ridges and went further inside her vagina until she came to a spot not too far from her ridges that she felt puffing up in size. It was here she squeezed her vaginal walls and felt them wrap themselves around her probing fingers.

Now Sharon was really sensually excited because she knew she was touching her G-Spot area. She rubbed this area with her fingers and felt warm, passionate surges of sexual rhythms coursing through her body. Again she felt she was near orgasm, but she still wanted to prolong it for a while longer, so she pushed her fingers off her G-Spot area and thrust them back as far as they could go inside her vaginal sheath until she felt the back of her womb.

In doing so, Sharon's fingers had slid along the side of her uterus, and that, too, came alive with sensual feelings. Wanting to explore these new feelings, Sharon pressed the pads of her fingers on the front of her uterus and felt the indentation in it. From there she put her fingers on top of her uterus and circled them around and around, giving her feelings she had never felt before. While doing this, Sharon found out there was a particular spot where her uterus and the back of her vaginal wall came together (She later learned this is the Epicenter that is apart of the clit that runs over the pubic bone, curves downward, and divides into a two-pronged projection that vibrates during a woman's orgasm.)

"Oh, god, what is this? I've never felt so aroused," Sharon thought as the excitement was growing within her. "I have to cum. I need my orgasm, and I need it now."

On the brink of her orgasm, Sharon slid her two fingers away from her uterus and back onto the G-Spot area where the sac had increased in size and volume of paraurethra fluid. Once there Sharon began an intense finger-fucking of herself while at the same time she curled her thumb up through her pussy lips and onto her vibrating clit. It was tingling with her intense orgasmic arousal that she felt coursing through her body from deep within and working its way out to explode in a sexual erutption through her clit.

Her other two fingers were also curved and lying against her pussy.

Sharon increased both finger-fucking herself and rubbing her naked clitoris until she felt the surge of her orgasm making its was to her womanhood.

Sharon spread her legs wide and squeezed her left nipple that was by now so hard and erect. She felt the first wave of sexual energy reach her clit, followed by a second but stronger wave, and then a third wave that sent her over the edge in a glorious, sexual climax. In the midst of her climax Sharon felt her pussy relax, but only for a moment, before the sac in her G-Spot area opened up the flood gates and squirted out of her vagina large amounts of ejaculated clear fluids that squirted down between her thighs and all over her legs.

If this weren't enough, Sharon's urethra opened, too, and squirted, spraying all over herself.

Sharon was so amazed at all this she just flopped back onto the bed and let herself discharge these liquids until she was completely drained.

She lay there...her eyes closed...her breathing coming hard as she tried to get it under control, and she felt her heart pounding in her chest, causing her lovely breasts to rise and fall with each breath she gulped.

Sharon felt limp and wrung out, but she also felt deliciously happy and sexually exhausted by her self-love that morning.

Now the only thing she worried about was what would the maid of the "Beverly Hills Hotel" think when she finds the sheets all wet with her cum juice and pussy cream.

"Oh, well. She can think what she wants," thought Sharon. "It was worth it," she said with a dreamy, contented smile on her lovely face, "and besides, I pay quite alot of money for this suite.

Sharon looked up at the clock by her bedside and saw it was now almost ten o'clock and if she wanted to make it downstairs to the "Fountain Coffee Shop," she'd better get a shower and dress.

It took her no more than half-an hour to get herself ready. She had no shoots to do, so as she does so often, she planned to go to be beach and then maybe stop off at the "Beverly Hot Springs" for a cleansing and full-body massage, maybe even the kind Zoe had given her the last time she was there about a week ago. This memory brought a smile to Sharon's flushed face.

"Maybe I can ask for Zoe again," Sharon smiled to herself. "She was good. So very, very good."

Sharon got off the elevator and headed for the "Fountain Coffee Shop," but first she stopped at the news stand and bought a copy of the "Los Angeles Times." It wasn't her favorite newspaper, but she did try to keep up with happenings in and around L A.

So, with newspaper in hand, Sharon entered the Coffee Shop, looked for a window seat, and found one where there was a lone woman sitting in the booth behind it.

Sharon walked over to the booth and slid into the seat that put her right behind the lone woman.

No sooner had she sat down than a good-looking waitress with short red hair and sparklng green eyes came over to Sharon's table.

"Good morning, Miss Stone. How are you today?" she asked cheerfully.

"I'm just fine, Kathleen. Just fine. I got off to a good start this morning," Sharon answered, coquetishly when she said "I got off..."

Kathleen smiled at Sharon and fixed her with her green eyes. "And what can I get for you this morning, Miss Stone?"

"A tall glass of fresh orange juice, a small pot of black coffee--I like more than one cup.--and a crescent and honey."

"Will that be all, Miss Stone?"

"Yes, I think so. I'll read my newspaper while you get my order," Sharon said pleasantly, looking deeply into Kathleen's eyes which made her blush a little with her Irish fair skin tone.

Sharon just smiled to herself upon seeing Kathleen blush and then turned to her paper.

She hadn't read much when she heard the woman behind her speak to her.

"Are you Sharon Stone?" she asked politely.

Sharon usually doesn't like to be bothered while reading her newspaper and eating her breakfast, but when she was escorted to her booth and saw the lone woman in the booth next to hers, she thought she was quite beautiful and, in fact, looked somewhat familiar.

The woman had short, dark brown hair with strands of reddish-blonde highlights in the front that went behind her ears, but also was half way down the front of her ears, coming to points. Her eyes were a deep, dark color with a light sparkle that made them exotic as well as intriguing. Her nose was short and somewhat pert, and she had a square chin with long dimples on both sides. In composite she was a beautiful woman, and from the little Sharon saw, she was trim and well-fit.

Intrigued by who this woman was, Sharon turned around and looked into her deep, dark eyes, each having a touch that glistened in the pools of darkness.

"Why, yes. I'm Sharon Stone."

"I thought so. I hate to bother you, but I'm Mariska Hargitay. I'm in the TV series "Law and Order - SVU" (Special Victims Unit). I play Detective Oliva Benson. We shoot in New York, but I'm out here for a little R and R. I'm expecting my first."

Sharon smiled, "How wonderful. Congratulations. How far along are you?"

"Four months. Don't really show that much right now though," Mariska added.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Mariska."

"Same here, Sharon. I've seen your movies. Well, some of them."

"That's okay. Not all of them were good ones anyway."

"The one I do remember is...," Mariska began to respond.

"You don't have to tell me. 'Basic Instinct' where I gained so much notoriety for the shot of me crossing my legs when being interrogated by a room full of men and showing my bare pussy," Sharon interrupted. "That photo even made it into magazines and celebrity Internet sites."

Mariska blushed which Sharon saw.

Sharon smiled, "Oh, don't let it embarrass you, Mariska. I'm used to it."

"Well, okay, Sharon, but that was quite a scene. Turned alot of heads," Mariska said.

"If nothing else, that photo did give me alot of publicity," Sharon smiled slyly. "And Mariska Hargitay? Are you not the daughter of a famous movie star awhile back?"

Mariska said, "Why, yes, my mother was Jayne Mansfield. My father was Mickey Hargitay."

"I thought your name sounded familiar, Mariska. It was a shame your mother died so young in an auto crash."

Mariska lowered her eyes and said, "Yes, yes, it was a great tragedy. She was my mother, but she was also one of the first 'Blonde Bomb Shells' of Hollywood."

"That's for sure," answered Sharon.

"It was hard on the family, but I finally got over it as it happens as time goes by."

"So true, Mariska," said Sharon.

Sharon and Mariska held one another in a mutual gaze until Sharon broke the silence. "Mariska, would you like to join me for breakfast."

Without hesitation Mariska answered, "Why, yes, Sharon, that would be delightful. That cute red haired waitress is serving both of us."

Mariska got up from her seat and went over to Sharon's booth and seated herself oppositte Sharon.

"Well, this is a pleasant meeting, Mariska," said Sharon. "I'm glad we met."

By now the waitress came over to Sharon's booth with both Sharon's and Mariska's food and set it down in front of them.

"Well, I see you two have met," she smiled.

"Yes, we have."

Without saying a word the waitress turned and walked away, a faint smile on her face.

Sharon and Mariska enjoyed their breakfasts while continuing to talk. When they were finished with breakfast, Sharon looked at Mariska and asked, "Would you like to join me, Mariska? Usually after breakfast I walk the beach. I love the sound of the waves as they curl and hiss onto the sandy shore and the feel of the cool breeze coming out of the Northwest. It is so relaxing, or at least I think so. Then I go down to 'Beverly Hot Springs,' a lovely place, for a full-body massage. It leaves you feeling absolutely wonderfully cleansed and relaxed."

"Well, Sharon, I really hadn't any real plans for the day except to see some of the sites and perhaps do a little shopping."

"Oh, you can do your shopping some other time, Mariska. Come on! It'll be fun. I assure you," said Sharon in her effort to convince Mariska to go with her.

"Well, all right, Sharon," answered Mariska, giving her that beautiful smile of hers.

Sharon and Mariska paid for their breakfasts and left a handsome gratuity for the waitress, and then they were up and off to the beach.

They had a lovely walk despite the fact that the marine layer that often comes in from the Pacific Ocean caused it to be overcast, and one could not see the Channel Islands off the coast, not even "Anacappa" that is closest to shore.

"Well, there's no sense our sitting out at the patio, Mariska, the weather being what it is, so let's go down to 'Beverly Hot Springs' for that full-body massage I told you about. You won't regret it, and, in fact, you may find it quite memorable," Sharon said as she remembered her experience with Zoe her masseuse the last time she had been there.

Sharon and Mariska walked to the door where the name "Beverly Hot Springs" was etched on the double glass doors.

"Here, let me get the door, Mariska. Have to take care of expectant mothers," she smiled.

"Well, I'm not that helpless," Mariska smiled back.

Sharon led Mariska back to the dressing room and instructed her to take off all her clothes as she was taking off her clothes. We'll put them in lockers until we leave.

"I feel just a little awkward undressing, being pregnant, Sharon, with my stomach rounded even as much or little as it is," Mariska said.

"Oh, don't be silly, Mariska. We've seen pregnant women before. They're radiant and beautiful, and you are most certainly beautiful," Sharon added.

"Well, all right, Sharon," Mariska said as she began to remove her clothes.

When they were completely naked, both Sharon and Mariska looked at one another's bodies and were greatly in awe of one another's beauty. Sharon's breasts were a little larger and fuller than Mariska's, but Mariska's breasts were ample and well formed. Shron, of course, was slim in her waist from working out, but it was not so for Mariska because of being pregnant. and yet, they both had rounded hips; beautifully curved thighs; and slender, muscular calves. And both had tight, firm asses.

"There you are, we're ready to get into the hot spring and relax our muscles before we get our full-body massages. I already requested Zoe to be the one to be our masseuse today. She is so good, so very good," Sharon added.

Sharon took Mariska by the hand and led her over to a circular hot spring bubbling from the water jets, and they both stepped into the warm water and sat down on the seats and placed their heads onto two rolled towels each had taken from a table before going to the hot tub.

"Ahhhhh, Sharon. You're so right. This feels wonderful. Absolutely wonderful," Mariska sighed, closing her eyes to keep out her surroundings and drifting in the warmth of the water.

Sharon did the same, and both Sharon and Mariska felt their skin begin to tingle from the warm water and were quite content with the feelings they were enjoying.

However, what seemed like a long time was interrupted when the masseus came out from behind white, floor length drapes. It was Zoe, the masseuse Sharon had wanted.

As she had done the last time, Zoe stopped near the edge of the hot tub, not saying a word, but this time it was even more exciting to see two beautiful, naked women. This erotic site made Zoe have the same sexual reaction inside her when she saw such beautiful women. She started getting wet between her legs as vaginal fluids slowly moistened her pussy.

The last time when Sharon Stone came alone, Zoe softly cleared her throat to let Sharon know she was present and had come to give her the full-body scrubbing with smashed cucumber mixed with milk with a very soft brush.

This time, however, knowing how intimate she had been with Sharon before, she bent down quietly, slid her hand into the water and cupped Sharon's right breast and gently squeezed her hardened nipple softly in her hand. It felt exquisite to Zoe.

Sharon didn't act surprised but opened her eyes slowly and found herself looking into Zoe's dark eyes, accentuated with dark eyebrows and eyelashes, and again Zoe had her black hair pulled back and rolled up into a pun that she had pinned to the back of her head.

Sharon smiled at Zoe as she put her right hand on top of Zoe's and squeezed her hand into her breast.

"Mmmmmmmm, It's you Zoe," Sharon smiled and sighed as in a state of euphoria.

"Time for your special scrubbing, Sharon."

"Oh, yes, I've been picturing what you had done to me the last time when you gave me a full-body massage not only with your hands but with your mouth and tongue, too. You were wonderful," Sharon said.

Zoe lowered her head and whispered into Sharon's ear. "Who is the woman sitting next to you. She is very lovely, and I can tell she is pregnant."

"That's my new-found friend, Mariska Hargitay. You may have seen her on the TV series 'Law and Order SVU.' She portrays a police office that investigates sexual crimes. She is also the daughter of Jayne Mansfield, the busty blonde from the 50s who died at an early age in a car crash."

"Oh, yes, I remember Jayne Mansfield. Too bad she died so young. But she left behind a very beautiful, sexy daughter. Now tell me, has she come for a full-body massage the same as you? she asked almost with anticipation.

Sharon looked at Zoe and gave her a slight, knowing smile. "Why, yes, Zoe. She has come for a full-body massage, and maybe some of the special treatment you gave me the last time, but right now she doesn't know what the 'special treatment' is."

"Wonderful, Sharon. I can't wait to get my hands on her and other parts of my body, too."

"Well, I promise you your wish will come true, but don't be in such a hurry. I arranged for another masseuse to do Mariska while you give me my full-body cleansing and massage. Then the other girl will leave, letting the three of us alone," said Sharon.

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Zoe looked perplexed. She didn't know how she was going to do both Sharon and Mariska at the same time.

Sharon saw small worried lines form on Zoe's forehead as she pondered her own question.

"Not to worry, Zoe. It will all become clear later."

Just then the other masseuse walked into the hot tub room and came towards Zoe and Sharon.

"Hi, Lydia. Sharon tells me you are going to join us."

"Yes, that's right. I'm going to give Miss Mariska her full-body massage while you do Miss Stone."

By now Mariska had become aware of the soft whispering around her, and she slowly opened her eyes to see who it was. She was somewhat surprised to see three women, Sharon still sitting beside her and two employees standing at the edge of the hot tub, both wearing the same outfits, very short, tight-fitting bottoms that showed the lines of their pussies and very tight T-Shirts that clung to their breasts, causing their nipples to be seen, too. This left their well-toned, tan midriffs exposed, and she saw Zoe had a small silver ring in her navel.

Mariska looked at Sharon questioningly, not knowing exactly what was going to happen.

"Don't worry, Mariska, these two lovelies are going to give us our full-body massages. The one on the right with dark hair is Zoe, and the other is Lydia. She will be giving you your full-body massage," answered Sharon.

"Oh, I had forgotten about the massage."

"Well, it's a part of the full-body massage, so you might as well take it, Mariska."

After a moment of silence Mariska looked into Sharon's encouraging eyes and gentle smile and said, "Oh, well, that being the case, I guess it will be all right."

"Fine. Then let Lydia and me help you out of the hot tub," said Zoe as she and Lydia extended their arms and caught the hands of Sharon and Mariska.

Follow us, and we'll go behind the white drapes ahead of us.

Mariska felt a little light-headed from the heated water and had to keep holding Lydia's hand for balance. Sharon on the other hand, having experienced these full-body massages many times had no trouble walking behind the drapes where they found the tables covered with white sheets and folded white towels at the head.

"Sharon is a regular of mine now, Lydia, so you do Mariska. Okay?" said Zoe.

"That's fine, Zoe," Lydia answered casually.

By then Zoe had Sharon on the massage table and was already scrubbing her from head to toes on both sides, not missing a spot on her voluptuous, well-defined body.

While this was going on, Lydia said to Mariska, "Miss Hargitay, since you are pregnant, I don't want you lying flat on your stomach, so I'm going to have you lie on your sides while I scrub your body, and I shall be extra careful on your abdomen," Lydia reassured her.

"You may call me Mariska, Lydia. That will be less formal. And I appreciate your concern for me and my baby's well-being."

"Don't mention it, Mariska. We often have pregnant mothers come here to relax and have someone scrub their bodies. Many of them are further along in their pregnancies than you are," Lydia added. "Now, let's help you up onto the table for your scrubbing. Lie on your right side first."

Mariska sat down on the massage table and turned over on her right side as Lydia had asked her to do, and then Lydia put two folded pillows under her head for support to make her more comfortable.

Lydia bent over and brougnt up the soft bristle scrub brush that was dripping with the concoction of oils, smashed cucumbers, and milk and began at the top of Mariska's head down to her feet, and then she had Mariska turn onto her left side and repeated the process, each time taking a little more time when rubbing the mixture onto her breasts that caused her nippless to rise and become erect and hard. Her nipples were already a little puffier and more sensitive now that she was pregnant, and her pussy fluid ran between Mariska's legs and along the cheeks of her ass, giving her great pleasure.

Now it was time for Lydia to splash warm water from the hot spring until all the concoction was rinsed completely from Mariska's aroused body. It was difficult not to get aroused by such tactile attention on her body, but soon Mariska was rinsed off.

"Now go back into the hot spring room and sit for awhile and relax from all the scrubbing we've done," said Lydia.

Lydia helped Mariska down from the massage table.

"Do you feel all right, Mariska?" Lydia asked.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine," Mariska answered.

Mariska looked over at Sharon and saw she, too, was all scrubbed and squeaky clean, so they came together and went back to the hot tub hand-in-hand, and lowered themselves into the warm water.

"Oh, my. That was some cleaning, Sharon. I've never had that done before," Mariska said.

"You've got that right. It's as if they scrub away the whole first layer of your skin," Sharon smiled.

Now the two just closed their eyes and relaxed, only this time their bodies were closer than before, and they felt their hips and thighs touch, but neither one moved away. Each were enjoying the sensual touch, and both were greatly aroused from the attention to their breasts and pussies during the scrubbing.

Time seemed to stand still as both Sharon and Mariska basked in their own, personal "Twilight Zone." However, soon, too soon, Zoe came out to them and disrupted their reverie.

"Sharon...Mariska, it's time to get out of the hot tub, dry off, and come back to the massage room," Zoe said as she handed them large, fluffy, white towels to dry themselves off and drape around themselves until they got inside the massage room.

After the three of them entered the massage room, Mariska looked at Zoe and asked, "Where's Lydia."

"Oh, Lydia is not going to be with us during this special session," Zoe answered Mariska's question as she studied her face and looked at her beautiful body.

"This is something special. An extra bonus you might say that I do for my special customers, and from your intimate contact I saw between Sharon and you in the hot tub I think you'll enjoy being one of those special customers," Zoe said suggestively.

Sharon looked at Zoe, and then she looked at Mariska, trying to read her face for understanding about what this special kind of massage involved. She wasn't sure, but she was sure she had felt consenting contact from Mariska in the hot tub. They each felt their sexual energy passing through them and between them. Of that Sharon had no doubt.

To tell Mariska what this was all about, she asked Zoe, "Zoe, do you remember the last time when your full-body massage included your bringing me to climax, that wonderful orgasm you helped me to have?"

Sharon looked over at Mariska who said nothing, but she had a glazed look in her eyes and a flush on her cheeks.

"And do you remember I became like a limp doll after my orgasm, so much so I told you I was too tired to reciprocate then but that maybe the next time I was here I would give you the gift of loving you in the same way you had given to me?"

"Yes, I remember, Sharon, but I really didn't think you meant it. Sharon Stone eating my pussy?" Zoe said with astonishment in her voice.

Sharon gave Zoe a knowing smile and said, "Well, today is that day. I'm going to give you the gift you gave me. I am going to eat your pussy and bring you to climax. I always keep my word."

Zoe stood there in shock, having heard what Sharon had just told her while Mariska looked at both of them with mouth slightly agape and eyes opened wide in surprise.

Having the three of them standing there and her hearing what Sharon and Zoe were talking about, Sharon eating Zoe's pussy, Mariska felt a little more than uncomfortable. She felt out of place. The third wheel, and so she turned to leave.

"Oh, don't leave, Mariska. You'll miss the best part. I want you to stay," implored Sharon.

"But, I'm not sure about this, Sharon. Besides, there are three of us," Mariska said as if she had to remind Sharon of the number present.

"Wait, Mariska. I thought something passed between us in the hot tub when our bodies touched and neither one of us moved," said Sharon.

Mariska looked into Sharon's blue eyes and said, "Well, you are right about that, Sharon. Between the attention my breasts and pussy received from Lydia during the scrubbing and then our touching one another in the hot tub, my libido had become very aroused, so much so I felt myself becoming wet between my legs. I was lubricating."

"As was I, Mariska. So don't leave, all three of us will have the opportunity to give each other the gift of climax."

Mariska didn't say anything at first as she pondered on what Sharon had just said and what to do. She was not familiar with making love with other women, but she couldn't deny she had become aroused, very aroused in all that she saw and all that had been done to her. She was also curious, very curious, about what it would be like to make love with another woman. She had dreamt about it, thought about it, but had never done it. Here, however, was her chance to find out what it would be like, and what better place than this when she was in the presence of two beautiful women who knew the arts of lesbian love.

Therefore, finally, Mariska said, "Oh, all right. I'll stay. If I don't, I might regret ever learning to know what it is like to make love with a woman."

Sharon and Zoe both smiled, and Sharon said to Zoe, "Well, then, Zoe, take off your clothes. What little you have on," she snickered.

Zoe first kicked off her sandals, and then she slipped her fingers underneath her skimpy top that had "Bevely Hot Springs" printed at nipple level and pulled it up and over her head, exposing her really full, large breasts with large areolas that were dark since her complexion was Mediterranean, Greek in origin. After her T-Shirt, Zoe slipped her fingers beneath the elastic in her tight shorts that outlined her pussy lips and slid them down to her feet and kicked them away. Now Zoe stood before Sharon and Mariska completely nude from her beautiful face to her magnificent breasts; to her trim waist; to her well-rounded hips; and in between her legs, again being Greek, her full bush of very dark pubic hair that grew even in the seams of her legs where thighs and abdomen meet. Zoe stood there, looking like a Grecian goddess, but this time she was flesh and blood and one who could excite and be excited.

Sharon and Mariska stared at Zoe, taking in her beauty.

"My, Zoe, you are absolutely beautiful," said Sharon. "I knew you were beautiful but not as beautiful as you are now that I see all of you standing there."

"Why thank you, Sharon," Zoe said as she looked over at Mariska to see her reaction, and she saw her shaking her head "Yes" to what Sharon had said to her and the desire in her dark, searching eyes.

"But how is this going to work, Sharon? I still don't quite understand our threesome," said Mariska, still confused about what to do and what was going to be done.

"Well, it's not that hard, Mariska," said Sharon. We have three mouths--not counting each of us having ten fingers or if you prefer one thumb and eight fingers--and three pussies, three excited pussies," Sharon added.

"But..." Mariska began to ask another question until Sharon stopped her.

"Buuuttttt, since I gave myself a fantastic finger-fuck this morning and all my love juice squirted all over the place, ejaculating onto the sheets and whatever, I can say I'm a wee bit satisfied...not that I wouldn't love another orgasm today," Sharon smiled demurely with a throaty voice. "Aaannnnddddd, since I promised Zoe I would give back the gift of an orgasm when I returned, that I shall do. So, Zoe, you lie down on the massage table with your ass near the edge, your feet flat on the table, your knees bent, and your legs spread wide for me to get to that sweet, hairy pussy of yours."

"Now, while I am eating Zoe's pussy, Mariska, you climb up onto the table, place your knees on the sides of Zoe's head with her arms and hands underneath and on your lovely ass, and place your liquid pussy over her face so you can sit on it and have her eat you out. You can sit, you can rock back and forth, you can push up and down, and you can lean forward with your arms and hands when you need some support. Do we have a plan?"

Mariska answered still hesitantly, "Yes, Sharon, we have a plan. Is that all right with you, Zoe, my sitting on your face and you eating my pussy?"

"Oh, more than all right, Mariska!" Zoe said in delight. "I wanted to eat your pussy the first time I saw you naked. I've never eaten a woman who was pregnant, so this will be a first for me."

"All right then. Let's do it," said Sharon enthusiastically.

Sharon pulled a chair up to the massage table and placed it where she would be right at Zoe's pussy, and while she was doing that, Mariska had climbed up and onto the table, positioning herself over Zoe's face as Sharon had told her to do.

"Now is the time for fun and erotic excitement and sensual fulfillment," said Sharon.

Sharon slid her hands down the insides of Zoe's legs, feeling the smoothness of her skin, until she reached Zoe's pussy, With her fingertips Sharon pressed Zoe's pussy lips together, causing them to puff up, forming a vertical pair of lips. She then lowered her head between Zoe's legs and planted a gentle kiss on Zoe's pussy lips. She stuck out her tongue ever so slightly and tasted the salty-sweetness of Zoe's pussy cream that had covered her mouth. Zoe's pussy musk and taste caused Sharon to sigh with wanton delight, knowing this was just the beginning.

While Sharon was paying attenetion to Zoe's pussy, Zoe had her hands on Mariska's ass cheeks and pulled her down onto her open mouth and extended tongue. Mariska's vagina was already open due to her straddling Zoe's face, and Zoe was able to look up into Mariska's pussy and saw her tempting inner pussy sheath contrasted by her darker pussy lips into which she thrust her tongue and licked all around inside, collecting Mariska's pussy cream as she did.

The taste turned her on very much, and she felt her pussy cream thicken as Sharon was eating her out. It was a double treat, both eating Mariska's pussy and having her pussy eaten at the same time by Sharon.

Mariska moaned with sensual pleasure, and her clit, now hard and erect, was beyond its hood, standing erect and vibrating with sexual excitement.

"Oh, yes, Zoe, eat my pussy. Eat it good. Your mouth and tongue are making me feel so erotically horny. I love it," Mariska said as she pushed her pussy down further onto Zoe's face so that Zoe's nose was nestled in her pubic hair.

Aroused by Sharon's mouth, Zoe increased her sucking and licking Mariska, and as she looked up towards Mariska's face, what little she could see, she became aware of her extended abdomen from her pregnancy.

"Oh, Zoe, I don't know why, but I've been feeling more horny now that I am pregnant than before, or maybe it just seems that way. Anyway, no matter, I'm enjoying what you are doing right now."

Zoe smiled within herself, pleased that she was having such an effect on Mariska as she drew her clit into her mouth and sucked on it as she would a breast nipple.

Mariska, in turn, bucked back and forth and up and down on Zoe's face, causing Zoe's tongue to go even deeper into her vaginal sheath.

In the meantime Sharon was working on Zoe's pussy, enjoying both the taste and the texture of her vaginal flesh. It was so creamy.

Sharon worked on Zoe's ridges and near her G-Spot area, and as she did so, she felt Zoe squeeze her legs and tighten her vaginal sheath around her tongue due to the increased sexual excitement Zoe was now feeling.

Knowing this to be a sign that Zoe was getting close to her orgasm, Sharon withdrew her slithering tongue out of Zoe's vagina, flattened it and began slowly to press it up between Zoe's pussy lips that grasped Sharon's tongue as she did so.

As Sharon's tongue was getting closer to Zoe's clit, she pushed on her feet and thrust her hips upward to intensify the pressure and contact between Sharon's mouth and tongue and her over-excited, tingling clit. The sensation Zoe was feeling was absolutely wonderful.

When Sharon reached Zoe's vibrating clit, she circled it with her tongue several times and then flicked it back and forth and up and down.

"Oh, Sharon, that feels so good, and I am so close to my orgasm. Suck me off please. Help me cum," Zoe moaned and mumbled softly, too caught up in her pleasure to speak up and having her words muffled by having her mouth almost glued to Mariska's pussy.

However, Sharon managed to make out what Zoe had said but before she acceded to Zoe's wishes, she brought her right hand up between her legs, swiping her asshole with her fingers, and inserting the tip of her little finger inside Zoe's asshole that was all wet and sticky with the vaginal cream that had been running out of her vagina. Her ring finger she kept bent aginst her ass, and as she inserted her two fingers inside Zoe's gaping pussy hole, she extended and rested her thumb opposite her ring finger.

Once in position Sharon slowly pushed her two fingers inside Zoe's pussy, passed her ridges, and felt for her G-Spot area which she found with no trouble since all this time it had been filling up with paraurethral fluid to the point that as Sharon's fingers penetrated Zoe's vaginal sheath, it closed around her fingers, holding them tightly as Sharon began to finger-fuck Zoe's pussy, paying particular attention to the sac. She wanted Zoe to ejaculate as she had done that morning.

So, by the time Sharon was finger-fucking Zoe, she brought her hot mouth down over Zoe's hard, erect clit and sucked on it and sucked on it. At the same time, Sharon being so sexually aroused, too, put her left hand down between her spread legs and shoved her fingers into her dripping pussy and rolled her clit with her thumb. In the meantime Zoe followed Sharon's actions and thrust her two fingers deep inside Mariska's tight pussy and finger-fucked her while sucking on her tingling clit.

Now all three of them, Sharon, Zoe, and Mariska, were on the verge of their climaxes, and each was working to give the other her climax.

As if in unison, Sharon, Mariska, and Zoe moaned with sexual delight as their thighs began to tremble with erotic excitement and their clits vibrated with orgasmic energy.

Mariska was the first to cum. She pushed her pussy down and over Zoe's open mouth and face, feeling the orgasmic tension building and building, until she couldn't stop. The energy of her orgasm exploded through her ignited clit while her whole body entered into her orgasm. In the next instant Mariska's paraurethral dam burst forth with her ejaculate and squirted down Zoe's throat, filling her mouth, so much so that the love juice shot out between Zoe's lips, flowed down the back of her head, and wet her hair.

Mariska's orgasm and deluge set Zoe off, and she, too, gave into her orgasm, and like Mariska she ejaculated into Sharon's open and willing mouth, but Sharon was able to swallow just about all of Zoe's love juice, gulp by gulp. She just relaxed her throat and let the love elixir shoot down her throat and into her stomach.

In turn while Sharon was drinking Zoe's love juice, her thighs trembling with sexual excitement, she finger-fucked herself very quickly, knowing the end was near. In that instant as Sharon's fingertips rubbed against her G-Sport, for the second time that day, the gates of her womanhood opened their doors, and she, too, ejaculated all over her fingers, onto her hand, down her thighs, and onto the floor, leaving a large pool of her love juice between her spread legs.

All three of them enjoyed their climaxes to the fullest, each one discharging less and less of their love juice and each one breathing hard with their orgasmic breathing that caused their chests and breasts to rise and fall rhythmically with the beating of their hearts.

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In time all three women managed to begin breathing more regularly, and their heart rates came back to normal.

Sharon placed her hands onto the edge of the table and pushed herself up off the chair to a standing position, feeling the tension in her leg muscles. "Whew, that was some threesome. Wasn's it, girls?" Sharon asked rhetorically.

"Yes, it really was," answered Mariska and Zoe in unison.

"I've never had such an erotic, thrilling experience as this," Mariska confessed. "To think what I've been missing," she smiled as she slowly, and carefully lifted her right leg up and over Zoe's head and placed it and then the other onto the cool floor of the massage area.

Mariska looked down at Zoe who was still lying down on the massage table and was astonished at what she saw. "Zoe, did I get you so wet when I came?"

Zoe smiled up at Mariska and said, "None other, my sweet lover. You shot quite a load all into me and all over me." Then she smiled affectionately at Mariska, "And I have to admit, you tasted really good. Maybe it had something to do with your being pregnant."

"I don't know about that, but let me taste it," Mariska said as she lowered her head and softly kissed Zoe. "Thank you, Zoe. You were remarkable."

"Why you're welcome, Mariska. Any time you come to LA from the Big Apple, come see me."

"Hey, what about me?" Sharon said, sounding as if her feelings were hurt.

"Oh, posh, you know you'll always be my favorite, Sharon, in both giving and receiving. You're one hot, lady. And you know it," she added.

Sharon smiled at Zoe and said, "Well, just you don't forget it. And you, Mariska, come here and give me a kiss, too," Sharon purred.

"Well, girls, now its time to go into the hot tub and soak away our sexual inhibitions...if that's possible," Zoe giggled.

Both Sharon and Mariska looked at Zoe questioningly.

"I mean for the time being," Zoe said playfully. "Based on what went on her today among us three, I'd say none of us will ever soak away our sexual inhibitions."

With that Sharon, Mariska, and Zoe walked from the massage room and got into a hot tub, each sighing a feeling of relaxation as the warm water surrounded their bodies.

"Sharon, I have to admit, you have made this a memorable day in my visit to LA, one I'll not forget when I'm back in NYC, especially during the cold winters, and I'm sure I won't forget how wonderful it is to make love with another woman," Mariska confessed.

"Well, Mariska," Sharon said, "whenever you get the time from going after sexual, abusing offenders in your TV Series 'Law and Order,' telling them they are under arrest, you come back to see us where you can say, 'You're Under Undress.'"

Mariska, Sharon, and Zoe laughed together at that one.

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