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You're Only As Corrupt As You Feel  

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Emma led Sue into the room by the hand, like she was a small child. It was a puzzle box, like all the Club's rooms. Though furnished to Emma's pearlescent tastes, the shades of white were broken up enough to keep from being oppressive. It wasn't a Kubrick film. Chiefly, the polar whiteness was defused by a large black mirror at the far side of the room—one-way glass.

"Time to put on a show, Susan." Emma pulled Sue's hand up and gave it a kiss. "Membership hath its price. And someone wants to see the Invisible Woman... not so invisible. Well, at least someone."

Kitty Pryde sat on the bed, her blue jeans and orange blouse also at odds with Emma's color scheme. "Do you have to make it sound like we're sacrificing her to Cthulu? Sue, it's not like the President's back there or anything—"

"How would you know?" Emma asked snidely, gripping Sue's hand hard enough to hurt. "Sue, Katherine will be my Black Queen for the evening. It would've been Storm, but she thought it was racist. Some people..."

"She's not wearing black," Sue said, as if pointing out an inconsistency could somehow wake her from this dream, make her normal again. Just a woman whose mind had wandered, not someone who enjoyed being degraded. Who even now was sweating over what was behind the glass.

Emma huffed a laugh and groped between Kitty's legs, like she was fondling a man. With a little diamond-strength, the crotch of her jeans was ripped away, letting out a slender black strap-on. "And here I thought you were happy to see me, Katherine."

Kitty put her hands on her hips, hating the way the strap-on bounced with the gesture. "We all know this is just a build-up to your wardrobe malfunction, so c'mon. Show us what five million dollars and six months in Florida can do."

Emma reached for the clasp of her cloak. "It was three million dollars. I'm nothing if not thrifty."

She undressed in one sweeping motion.

From her piercing eyes, to the grateful curve of her neck, to the alluring sweep of her breasts, down the taut skin of her abdomen that struck the perfect balance between muscular hardness and soft femininity, and even across the white leather that was molded to her legs like a second skin. Nothing about her struck a single imperfect note. She was sex personified. Not beauty, not grace, not even femininity. Those were baubles she wore, hiding and enhancing the single drive of her considerable personality, a mockingly open guise that held back the sheer desire to fuck that sat at her very core. If it was a put-on, it was a damn good one.

A long time ago, Reed had molded Sue and her friends into superhero celebrities, as if overwriting the freaks of nature a literal world would see them as. Emma had done the same. She was an acolyte of sex, a devotee of it, and like the avatars of Hindu mythology, all the desire, all the kinkiness, all the pleasure and pain and lust and need and want and having seemed to be taken on by her.

"I want your cock in her cunt, Katherine," she said.

Kitty obediently moved to Sue's front, but Emma intercepted her, grabbing her by her left shoulder and pushing her down to her knees. Keeping her from blocking Sue's view of the mirror.

She faced it head-on.

"Who could it be?" Emma twined around Sue from behind, playfully hiding her nudity with Sue's body. In the mirror, Sue watched Emma play with her hair. She felt invisible—like there really was another Sue there in the mirror, and it was her that was Emma's toy. It was only the darting feel of Emma's strap-on brushing against her ass that kept her anchored.

The dildo was white, and larger than Kitty's petite five-inch piece. Emma never shied away from clichés when they appealed to her.

Emma kissed the back of Sue's neck, but it seemed like it was only to find the zipper on her jumpsuit. Her sly fingers pulled it down. She still wore gloves. High heels, too. "Who could be watching you, Susan? Perhaps it's baby brother Johnny. He looks up to you so much. You practically raised him. He would never think of you as the slut that you are."

Emma tugged at the opened back of Sue's costume. It came off her shoulder, down her right arm, the action precisely duplicated in the mirror and in the eyes of whoever the audience was. "Maybe Ben Grimm. He does seem like the voyeuristic type, doesn't he? It's not like he can take a groupie home without shattering her pelvis. He's always wanted you for himself, hasn't he? Oh, he says he's moved on, but men never really do. Wouldn't it just break his heart if he found out you were cheating on Reed and he wasn't invited? At least he'll be able to jerk off to it."

The blue costume, freed, ran down Sue's body like a snakeskin. Her nakedness appeared in the black mirror—a photo negative of herself. Emma caressed it... their skin was so much alike in the reflection... Sue could barely feel her touch.

"Speaking of Reed, you think that's who it is? The darling husband, who you love ever so much? He's so smart, your hubby. Perhaps he knows you've been unfaithful. Perhaps he knows you need this. Maybe he even gets off on it. Does that sound like your husband? Hiding away in his lab, leaving your needs tended to by some depraved sluts? He'd want to watch, wouldn't he? At least once." Emma went to whisper in Sue's ear; Sue saw her mouth approaching in the mirror. She braced herself like she was about to be shot. "Did he know you would enjoy it so much? More than you ever did with him, making those darling children of yours?"

Kitty was kneeling between Sue's legs, lubing up her strap-on. When Sue's crotch was bare, Kitty lubricated that too. She massaged the warm gel into Sue's pussy, and for the first time the blonde started to moan.

"She's so wet," Kitty breathed, surprise so evident on her young face.

"Of course. Why else would she come here?"

Kitty looked up Sue's body with schoolgirl admiration. Childishly, she was a bit embarrassed by the explicitness of Sue's nudity, the forthrightness with which Emma touched her. She could only imagine how Sue felt.

She stood, taking Sue's hand with a catty look at Emma to keep her from commenting. Emma allowed it, watching languorously as Kitty tugged Sue to the bed. There, Kitty took Sue in her arms to carefully dip her down to the mattress.

She wanted to be gentle with Sue, loving, the way her first time had been. She didn't think of how her second time with Emma had been, and how much harder she'd orgasmed.

Sue, for her part, was torn between being comforted by Kitty's care for her and impatient for the need within her core to be alleviated by a good hard fuck. Still, she cooed as Kitty's hands traced her trembling body, one solid, the other phased. Kitty's real touch was light, but the phantom one was even more so. Tantalizing.

Kitty's right hand merged with bare skin like it was made of water. It was weightless except for the static charge it sent through Sue's body; a tingling sensation in the shape of a hand.

But Emma was as impatient as Sue. "Enough foreplay. We're putting on a show here." She sprawled on the bed like a tired panther. Her claws in Sue's short blonde hair. "Fuck her, Kitty. She'll enjoy it as much as you do."

Seeing the look of trepidation on the young woman's face, Sue was for a moment transformed back into a mother, not a whore. She reached up, unaware her gaze was mirrored by an amused Emma, and took Kitty's hand, held her eye. "It's alright, Katherine. I do want it. Emma told me what she had planned this morning and I—" She colored at the admission. "I've been looking forward to this all day."

She looked at the mirror, her shameful reflection once more turning her abashed and submissive. Kitty's turn to comfort her now. Propped up, the mutant braced herself over Sue. She held her strap-on as if concealing it. "Don't worry about the mirror. Pretend it's not even there."

Emma pulled on Sue's hair. As lovingly sadistic as a cat clawing at its owner. "But she likes knowing it's there. Sweet little Susan. Her brother lights himself on fire and her best friend is a tragicomic rock monster; even her dull husband is at least a genius. What does she do? She disappears. Let's give them something to see, Susan. Let's let them watch."


Valerie Von Doom could not believe what her mother was doing.

She wasn't even sure how she'd gotten her. She was supposed to be at her eighteenth birthday party, but it seemed she'd time-jumped again, back to the Heroic Age, when her prime self was still a small child.

In a way, it was reassuring. She'd thought she'd been captured by one of her present-day enemies, but knowing it was someone millennial was almost quaint. The world had gotten more dangerous since the heyday of her parents and uncles, and she felt confident she could deal with any vintage threat, the same way a World War 2 battleship could easily sink a Spanish galleon.

She'd woken up in chains, been fed before she was led on a leash by some cloaked figure to this room. It was empty except for something on the ground like a leather saddle or stool, something for sitting, with a small box connected to it, two knobs on top of it. But Valerie hadn't paid any attention to that. Hands cuffed behind her back, her father's armor deactivated, and an inhibitor collar around her neck, she'd still only had eyes for the one-way glass separating the room from its neighbor.

Perhaps she'd led a sheltered life. Growing up with the First Family of superheroes, she'd pretty much had to for any hope of a normal childhood. But she'd never actually seen someone naked before. There were movies—non-pornographic movies—but she'd never seen someone naked in the flesh. Except now... she knew that was her mother... younger, even more beautiful than she was in Valerie's timeline. And completely naked, with another woman not much older than Valerie: the younger version of the Katherine Pryde that Valerie knew. Kitty. Kitty was staring at her mother's naked breasts.

Only Kitty was one of Valerie's closest friends back in her own time. Mommy would never mess around with one of my friends, she thought desperately. Mommy would never cheat on Daddy!

Sue Storm was a good woman, after all. She'd raised Valerie wisely and tolerantly, given her advice on all her problems, bandaged all her cuts, baked all her meals, tucked her in at night and told her bedtime stories. So what was she doing naked on a bed, Kitty on one side of her and that awful Emma Frost on the other?

Were they threatening her? Forcing her to do this against her will? But then, why was her mother smiling? Why did she look at Kitty with such—hunger?

Valerie couldn't understand any of it, so she watched. And thought of her first days at school, when her family had sent her to the Xavier Institute to learn to control her powers with other children her age. The other girls weren't like her. They didn't care about neutrinos or subspace pylons. They talked about boys, boys' penises, one had talked enthusiastically about her girlfriend's strap-on penis and how it vibrated. Valerie had wanted to laugh, the idea had sounded so absurd.

Now her curiosity forced her eyes between Kitty's legs. To the cock that hung there, just like a man's in the NC-17 movies she was allowed to see so long as they held artistic merit. Only it was sleek, and black, and plastic-y, so much cleaner-seeming than the real thing.

But seeing it, Valerie was not thinking about the other girls at school and how now she could at least pretend she knew the score. She was thinking about the strangle ripples passing through her skin. Especially below the waist. It felt so funny.

As anxious as Valerie felt, Sue could only be feeling more so. But unlike Val, Sue showed no desire to run from the room and never look back. No, Sue wrapped her arms around Kitty, even pulling hard at the strap of her dildo, forcing Kitty into a hard kiss. When she spoke into Kitty's open mouth, it was loud enough for Valerie to hear with ease.

"My cunt's on fire. On fire! Get that cock inside my hot cunt, now!" Valerie's mother pleaded shamelessly.

Then, gripping herself behind her knees, she pulled her legs almost up to her shoulders. Both Kitty and Valerie got a candidly perfect view of her most intimate areas: from her open sex to her pink asshole, everything was on display. Despite the command, Kitty was still for a long moment. Letting Valerie get a good look at her mother's cunt.

Valerie was honestly transfixed by the sight. It was carefully shaven, almost bare, just as Emma's was, and so wet. Valerie's own had never been so... juicy. And her clit! It was right out in the open, swollen with arousal, seeming to pound to a wordless rhythm, demanding worship. Yet, it looked so sensitive...

Then Kitty winced, Valerie knew it had to be at a mental command from Emma, and suddenly the young woman was sliding her dildo inside Sue. Her legs spread, feet balanced on their heels, giving Valerie a photo-worthy view of the woman who'd given birth to her being penetrated. Kitty groaned louder than Sue as it happened, as if it really were her cock going inch by inch into—into—there.

Hovering beside them, Emma took a cigarette pack and lighter from her thigh-high boots and lit one for herself. An instant plume of smoke billowed from her nostrils. "I know what you're thinking, Susan. Why can't your husband invent anything as useful as this mutant strap-on that lets dear Katherine feel exactly how tight you are as she opens you up for a piping hot load? Which is, in reality, banana pudding. It's actually quite low on carbs."

Sue, for whatever it was worth, wasn't listening. She was throwing her hips upward, matching Kitty's downward thrusts, the two of them gasping loud with each rutting motion, sounding off point and counterpoint. Kitty's voice stayed soft and low, but Sue's grew louder the longer she took the black strap-on into her welcoming channel.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Eyes closed, pulse leaping in her throat. "Oh God, when you put in in me... put it inside... fuck! I feel like I'm gonna die!"

Valerie was shell-shocked. She had never heard either of her parents say such a thing, ever, and she was mortified to hear her mother say it now. Her belly was doing maneuvers that even her uncle Ben wouldn't try—it felt like it was flying between her intestines like an obstacle course. She simply could not believe the lewd display only separated from her by a thin layer of glass. And the fact that it was her own mother...

She felt dirty, positively filthy, just for being within a mile of it. And her vagina was tingling as it only had when she happened upon that Black Cat sex tape by complete accident; she tried to ignore it, feeling incredibly perverse for becoming even a smidgen aroused at this degradation of the woman who'd raised her.

Eyes closed, determined not to see anymore, scolding herself for feeling such horrible things while watching anyone in flagrante delicto, let alone her mother!

The sound of Emma Frost's voice made her eyes open. "That's it, Susan. There's a good sport. Take her cock up that horny cunt!" Emma said magnanimously, like she was cheering on a child's soccer match. Cigarette smoke billowed from her mouth as she spoke like her words were poisonous gas: "Take it like a whore."

Sue actually grabbed hold of Kitty's flailing ass between her thighs, clasping it so hard her fingers tore into the denim, pulling Kitty harder into her. Helping herself be pummeled by a steel-hard shaft.

"Yeah!" Sue gritted out, facing Emma upside-down. "I'm a hot little whore! Fuck your whore good!"

Her filthy words only added to the perverse lust in Kitty. Valerie could see it, a change going through her, a need being born. A need to drive herself right through Sue. "Take it, whore!" Kitty screamed, in a shrill voice that could not be more different from her own if it were a man's. "Take my cock in your whore cunt! Take it when I shoot my cum into you till you're fucking filled the fuck up!"

Valerie's body, wild, out of control, without her consent—it made her pussy wet in preparation for a fucking of her own, one she didn't even want! She just... hearing the excitement in their voices, hearing her mother call herself a prostitute and one of her good friends use such filthy words, she couldn't believe all the pleasure being derived from this degrading act. She wondered if it was the same way with everyone.

She wondered if it could be the same way with her.

Kitty's uncharacteristic outburst trailed off into a series of fervent grunts, while Sue shook all over. They scratched and pulled at each other, forgetting Emma, forgetting their potential audience—alone together in their shared pleasure. Their orgasm bore down on them like a hurricane, and it was possible Kitty would've buried herself in Sue permanently if Emma hadn't reached over and shoved at her breast.

Kitty pulled loose of Sue just as she came, groin flexing, strap-on seeming to come alive to loose thick ropes of white fluid. Sue's silky flat stomach was splattered, her body painted all the way to her full tits, until the soft globes were turned into snow-capped mountains. It seemed to last forever, and Sue was covered before Kitty's orgasm finished and her mechanical ejaculation tapered off. Kitty looked down at her dripping dildo as if in shock.

Emma ran a finger between Sue's breasts, coming up with a load of creamy pudding to suck off her finger. She moaned in obscene enjoyment. "Again," the White Queen ordered, puffing anew at her cigarette.

Kitty breathed hard, sweat-sheened skin catching the light as she bent over Sue once more. The pudding made a wet noise as it was crushed between their bodies.

As Valerie watched, her captor undid her handcuffs. Valerie didn't even notice.


Kitty now stood over Sue, more dominant, more comfortable with the role Emma had given her in breaking in this wonderful specimen. She'd saturated Sue's crotch with the lubricating ejaculate of Emma's invention, and their reunion had been so strenuous that they'd smeared the pudding over both their fronts. When Kitty rose again, her belly and cleavage glowed and dripped with its moisture, but before that, Kitty took a long minute to suck on Sue's tongue, grind their breasts together, drum Sue's cunt with her dildo like it really was a part of her own body.

But now she rose up to take firm hold of Sue's hips, both plunging into her and pulling Sue onto her intruding phallus. Though her breasts were small, they flapped hard with Kitty's crazed motion until Sue grasped them with both hands. She used them like a soldier would bite down on a bullet, venting her body's anxiety as her cunt was stretched not by size but by the vicious rhythm of Kitty's body. The lubricant had been rubbed deep into the walls of her pussy; it overflowed from her sex to shimmer on her labia, inner thighs, ass.

Contentedly swirling a mixture of cigarette smoke and fresh air in her mouth, Emma exhaled in satisfied contrast to the frenetic coitus going on not two feet from her body. It was as if she'd already had sex. With her free hand, she slid her palm over Sue's jostling body, almost struggling to keep in contact with the oscillating flesh. After a long puff on her cigarette, her fingers tapered down Sue's thigh. She scooped up some of the liquid flowing there. Sniffed her hand like a hunter tracking her prey's spoor.

"Oh, I don't think this is all my design. No, some of this is natural lubricant." In contrast to her previous meetings with Sue, her smile was unforced and genuine, almost sympathetic—not the cold mask of earlier. "You're one of those women who just needs to get fucked hard, fucked a lot, or they can't be at all happy. I sympathize, dear. I'm the same way.", 

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Another drag on her cigarette, but now she blew the smoke into Kitty's face. The younger woman coughed and teared up, throwing her head to either side with irritation. Her thrusting slowed to a stop and Sue dropped down to the mattress, merely cooing softly at the deep invasion still taking place between her legs, still as it was.

"The thing is," Emma tapped away a little ash. The bed had no nightstand, but it did have an ashtray. "—women can't get fucked hard all the time. They need discipline. They need to learn to close their legs or, God, I suppose they'd all end up like Katherine here, fucking some dreary British spy who smokes entirely too much."

"Fuck you, Frost," Kitty coughed.

"Later, it's Susan's turn now."

Sue was barely listening. She was rocking her hips as quickly as she dared to avoid drawing Emma's ire, building up the subtle friction against her pussy and her clit by going faster. It was torture to be suspended moments away from orgasm. Her every nerve ending was reaching for it; she was balanced on the cusp of a wonderful, cooling orgasm. Her heels were on solid ground, but her toes were over the edge.

She just had to let go of that last little bit of guilt to fall, but she couldn't. It was so good that, engrained deep in her personality, she felt wrong to feel so good, not without her husband, her children. A part of her wanted to stop, even—it knew what she was doing to Reed was awful.

It was impossible to stop a flood, but she had her finger in a dike and somehow, impossibly, that was what she was doing.

Emma knew what she was doing, of course. Psychically feeding off both her lovers like a vampire, she let Sue have her orgasmic build-up merely to prolong the fun. After taking a mental snapshot of Kitty's embarrassingly enthusiastic penchant for fucking on command, she looked down at Sue.

"Getting eager, are we? Keep that up and you'll give yourself a neurosis, my dear. But I can understand the appeal. Just fucking yourself on someone else's cock; sometimes I don't let Scott move for hours. My living Sybian. But what's pleasure without a little pain, eh Susan? Hold her down, Katherine."

Emma reached for Sue. The Invisible Woman's mind jumped to having her pussy touched by Emma Frost, her orgasm claimed by her as so many had before it. She let loose a relieved smile. Then she saw the cigarette in Emma's hand.

Sue jerked back, eyes widening, all she could see the cherry-red tip of the cigarette with its smoke curling up like a devil's tail. Kitty held her in place as the cigarette moved for her breast, its light reddening her skin. She whimpered once, apologetically, and shut her eyes.


Valerie breathed with a ragged tension, frozen with fear for her mother. Frost was going to burn her! Her heart shook like an earthquake, her blood pounding with it. Emma was telling Sue how much she was going to love being burnt, cupping a hand to her ear and sarcastically asking if she'd heard a safe word. Valerie didn't understand. Did Sue know the safe word? If she did, why wouldn't she just say it? Didn't she know what Sue was capable of? How much it would hurt?

Why would she subject herself to that pain?

Then Valerie heard her mother begging. It was the last straw. Sue's helplessness, the pleas of her strained voice, the way she was being physically overpowered by Kitty—the way Emma was treating her—it all made Valerie... wet.

Nearby, her captor watched in burgeoning approval.


Emma and Sue were frozen together: Emma holding the cigarette's burning end an inch from Sue's breast: Sue staring down at it in horror, her lips moving in silent pleas for mercy even though she could already feel her skin burning in a kind of premonition. Fate. She was destined to be Emma's, and Emma was destined to hurt her. She'd always been on the passive side. Why not put it on a cosmic scale?

Emma dipped the cigarette against the slope of her breast. She smiled in the dark as the glow disappeared into Sue's skin. For a moment, it was actually cold, as if Sue's body had gotten its wires crossed in its surprise that such a thing had happened.

Then she felt the fire digging into her flesh and it felt like she would explode. Sue jerked wildly, Kitty's grip cutting into her wrists, her legs thrashing but only succeeding in stirring the dildo inside her. Horribly, she felt her arousal skyrocket, bringing with it the abyss of her climax. She was chased all the way down by the pain.


Belatedly, Valerie realized she was free. She could make a run for it, try to intercede, attack her captor. But she didn't think of any of those things. She was lost in her lust—trapped as much as Sue was. Something strange, terrible, amazing was happening to her. Her skin seemed to glow, her vagina was so sensitive she might as well not have been wearing a thing over it, her nipples could almost cut through the cups of her bra, and her stomach was so unsettled that she thought she might retch. She had never seen anyone in such fear and pain, not even in the PG-13 horror remakes her parents let her watch.

This was real. Her mother was really snapping her body from side to side, trying to get away from the pain and not able to. Valerie's mouth was dry. She could almost feel the heat on her own body as the cigarette pulled away, leaving a searing imprint on Sue like a brand.

Valerie's chest tightened. She breathed in gasping heaves so loud she worried about the women overhearing her. Her sex was electric—felt like it was being touched by invisible hands. She reached down as if to check... hand slipping under the waistband of her skirt. Down—down—she retracted all her fingers but one.

Only one touched the hardened bead of her clit. That was enough. A shock ricocheted back up her body, all the way to her mouth. She moaned and the sound echoed through the room. To her ears, it seemed loud enough to wake the dead—the sound of her arousal.

For a crazy moment... an insane moment... Valerie envied her mother. She was all desire and no release, but Sue—she was literally overflowing with relief. And Sue wished she could be there, trapped between two gorgeous women, fulfilled to the point of excess.

What are you thinking? she demanded of herself. She looked away, thinking desperately of control. She had to regain control. She'd never let herself be degraded, shamed, fucked the way her mother was. Never! Not in a million years!

Yet she kept touching herself. It simply felt too good not to.


When she hit the bottom of her orgasm, broke through to a fresh precipice of lust, Sue found herself sunken into the bed, weighted down by Kitty's body between her arms and legs. A fresh, scalding batch of ejaculate slid from her crammed pussy, forced out by the shifting dildo still inside her. The sheets under her were sweat-soaked, as was Kitty's hair where it splashed against her flesh. Both of them had come—Kitty dragged along by Sue's noose-tight climax.

Gratifyingly, it took the younger woman longer to recover from her orgasm. Sue's breathing was deep and serene while Kitty's heart was still racing. But they both moaned as Emma petted Kitty's shoulder hard enough to roll her over, out of Sue's cunt. Then it was Sue's turn. As meek as a doll, she let Emma turn her over, the cool sheets against her belly a blessed relief.

She still couldn't believe she had orgasmed from such sharp pain. Was she becoming some kind of sadomasochist, coming to enjoy pain as much as pleasure? It had been an astonishing feeling. It was like the pain had put up a barrier, and her pleasure had had to become that much greater to break through. And it had. Sue had been turned into a rutting, screaming orgasm machine.

And now Emma smoothed her fingers over the brand on her breast (Sue could not think of it as anything else). It was still tender. Fresh pain mixed with remembered pleasure, and the waves of afterglow she was floating on lifted her higher. High enough that she didn't even care when Emma's hand dropped daringly between her thighs, fingers wetting themselves on the copious dripping of her cunt, dipped inside her. She gasped obligingly, spread her legs just slightly, submitted willingly.

She barely even thought it unusual that Emma was kissing the cheeks of her ass, even though that was usually a submissive gesture that she made to the White Queen. Then Emma's fingers were gone, and that was enough for Sue to make a few unhappy sounds, nudge her ass up needfully, but Emma ignored her. Just kissed and sucked at the buoyant globes of her ass.

Sue was about ready to grind her clit against the bedspread when she felt Emma's fingers, so clever, so wet, trod at the tight pucker between her cheeks.

"I'll never forget this moment," Emma said, already entering Sue with one finger, her other hand pulling Kitty to her cock where the young mutant obediently licked and sucked. "How I stretched you out for all the other times I feel like fucking you in the ass. Because you're my bitch now, Susan. Your ass, and everything else, is all mine. And I'll use it all as I see fit. Who else could possibly tell you something as romantic as that?"

Being spoken to in that matter left Sue with no choice: she moaned like she was coming already.


One of Valerie's hands was still down her skirt, now with two fingers slipping over and off her sex, applying its ample wetness to her engorged clit, her enjoyment skidding, ebbing, flowing as the pads of her fingers explored everywhere there was pleasure to be found. Her other hand was under her blue blouse, rubbing from her warm belly to her pert breasts as if following her desire upward.

She touched her clit again. It was like touching herself with the end of a livewire.

She felt guilty, tremendously guilty to be watching her mother be readied for sodomy while she enjoyed herself like some sort of voyeur, but it felt so good, and it scared her far less than imagining what it would be like to be branded and fucked as Sue was. She was terribly afraid of enjoying it even half as much.

Standing there, watching her mother being prepared for her first ass-fuck, Valerie was about to begin fingering herself when her captor took her by the shoulders, gently but forcefully ushering her to the leather saddle she'd noted upon entering the room. She was seated roughly upon it, now noticing the silicone attachment that rose from the 'horn' of the saddle. It was phallic. As much so as the dildo Emma Frost was lubing up for her mother.

"It's called a Sybian," her captor said, hoisting the box attached to it. "And if you want to keep watching, I'm going to use it on you."

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