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Young Jilnar Jardaly's First Fuck  

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Hello to all my TitBut horny fans!

A lot of you have asked me to tell the story about my very first time. And some of you asked me why a classy, elegant, glamorous, famous newsreader has a thing for hairy, guttural, unclean, Neanderthal slobs. Well, both stories are one of the same, so here it is, guys! Get out your beautiful, big, hard cocks and start stroking. I've already got my fingers down the front of my panties...

It was about a month after my eighteenth birthday and I was on summer break. I was relaxing in my pink bikini beside our pool. My parents were in town for the day, leaving me home alone. I badly wanted a boyfriend but my parents said I couldn't have one. I'd kissed a couple of boys but I hadn't had sex. I hadn't ever even seen a penis!

Besides, when my daddy first got his job, he promised the boss that, if he ever had a daughter, he'd make sure she stayed a virgin until she was old enough for him to marry and deflower her. So, naturally, Daddy's horny old boss had been waiting for me to come of age my whole life so I would finally be all his, to do with whatever he wanted...

Anyway, I was snoozing there, beside the pool, when I was suddenly awoken by a strong, stinky smell and then saw Hans, the German pool man skimming leaves from the pool. He was in his mid-fifties, overweight and really quite disgusting. He had really bad breath and body-odour and rotten yellow teeth. He was covered in hair, tattoos on his arms, had greasy, oily hair and man-boobs. He looked like he hadn't washed himself in at least a month. I thought he was just revolting!

He was smiling and winking at me and I noticed a bulge growing in the front of his Speedos. A big bulge! My young eyes keep involuntarily fixing on it. I'd never seen a man's cock and was quite curious to see what one looked like - even if it was attached to an absolute pig like Hans. He noticed where my eyes kept looking and seemed very pleased and started walking towards me.

"Hello, little one," he said. "See anything you like?"

I started to feel myself blush and look away but he gently patted my head and said, "There, there. Don't be embarrassed. It's perfectly normal to be curious. Have you ever seen a man's penis?"

"No!" I said.

"Vould you like to? It's alright, it von't bite you. Mommy and Daddy don't have to know."

"OK," I said shyly.

Straight away he slipped off his Speedos and kicked them aside and, before I knew it, I was face to face with my very first penis. And very large and very erect penis! He was smiling down at me with his crooked discoloured teeth.

"Vould you like to touch it? Come on, give me your hand."

As if he was controlling my body with his words, my hand reached out to touch it. It was warm and hard but the skin was soft to the touch. It had lots of big veins and moisture coming from inside the stinky foreskin. I brought my other hand into play and started moving them up and down on either side of his shaft.

"Now rub my balls, darling," he instructed - which I obeyed.

They were slimy with old sweat and covered with thick pubic hair. I didn't like pubic hair and had been waxing all my pubic hair ever since I first started to growing it.

He was stroking my head, breathing deeply and started to step forward and guide my head toward his big, smelly, hairy, sweaty, old cock.

"Open you sweet little mouth, my darling."

I turned away but he gripped my head firmly and pulled it back towards his cock and pressed his knob against my lips. For some reason still unknown to me, my mouth suddenly opened and he stepped towards me, holding my head steady until he had thrust his whole cock inside my young mouth!

"Suck it, baby! And use your lovely young tongue."

Sucking cock came a lot more naturally to me than I ever imagined and he even seemed very pleased with me.

"That's it, my darling. Suck it! Suck it! Mmmmmmm! Yessssss! Oh, my darling! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! I'm going to give you a lovely, big, creamy surprise!"

I felt his cock quiver and his balls tightened in my hand and I got my very first taste of cum. Jet after jet of thick hot semen squirted from his cock into my young mouth. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted! My lifelong love for cum was realized at that very moment.

He took out his cock to allow me to swallow his seed and, as I was doing so, he stroked it in from of me and still managed to squirt a few more big juicy blasts all over my fresh young face. He wiped my face clean with his big dirty fingers and put them in my mouth so I could lick off all the cum while it was still nice and warm.

"Did you like that? Did you like the taste of my cum?"

"Yesss, it tastes good" I said. "Promise you won't tell my parents?" I said looking up at him.

"I promise, my darling. It'll be our little secret," he said stroking my head. "I vill see you the same time next veek, ja?"

"Yes please!" I smiled back.

As the week passed and I so desperately wanted to tell someone of how I just sucked an over fifty-year-old, overweight, stinky, sweaty, German slob's cock and ate all his cum - and loved every minute of it - but I promised him I'd keep it a secret.

My parents were at their weekly trip to town and I was waiting by the pool in the tiniest bikini my mom would let me buy - one that we both kept secret from Daddy.

"Hello, my little darling,"

"Hans!" I said excitedly!

"Come mit me," he said taking my hand and leading me to the shed wall. "Today we have even more fun, ja?"

I just nodded excitedly and he put his hands on my ass and lifted me up and pressed my back against the shed wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs (as best I could) around his big fat waist. He pressed his mouth against mine and plunged his long tongue into my mouth. He really did have a disgusting mouth, with those rotten teeth and that bad breath, but the feeling of his forceful and intruding tongue swirling around mine was incredible! I just wanted more and more!

I felt his hands undoing the strings of my bikini bottom. I gasped and was afraid, but the curiosity and excitement of the moment prevented me from calling out or trying to stop him - even when I noticed his Speedos were off!

I felt the tip of his nasty old cock against the lips of my young hairless pussy. The tip started to go in. He did it slowly and gently until...

"OWWWW!! OWW!! OWW!!" I cried.

I remember my home-room teacher telling us about breaking the hymen at sex education. Hans pulled out his cock and there was a few drops of blood on the tip, just as the teacher said there would be.

Hans just held me, wiped away my tears and kissed me until the pain subsided and he said, "Are you ready to become a voman now, my darling?"

"Yes," I said, "Please make me a woman, Hans!"

He started feeding his long, thick and stiff cock into me again. Thankfully, it didn't hurt quite as much this time. In fact, it was a lovely, nice kind of hurt and gave me wave after wave of unimaginable sensations, like warm electricity, as each wonderful inch entered me.

When he was completely inside me he started to slowly pump it in and out, making the strokes longer and faster, banging my back and ass against the shed wall, until I was literally screaming with pleasure! I prayed the neighbors weren't home that day!

"Oh, Hans! Oh, Hanssss! Ooooooh! I never dreamed it would feel so good! Oh, Hans!! Hans!! Hanssss!! Ahhhhhhhh!!" I screamed!

"Oh my darling! Yessss! Oh, you learn fast! You're such a good little girl! I love fucking your nice, ripe, young cunt! You're going to make me cum hard! I'm going to fill your young body with so much cummmm! Aaaaarghhhh!!"

His thick, hot load was squirting fast, deep and hard into my young virgin womb, filling it up completely!

Afterwards, as we were getting dressed, he kissed my forehead and said, "Don't vorry if you get pregnant, my darling. If you do, ve take care of it."

Fortunately, I didn't! Imagine what my parents would've thought if I lost my virginity and got pregnant to their mid-fifty year old, overweight, smelly, disgusting slob of a chauvinistic pool man!

Anyway, another week passed.

I must've fallen asleep by the pool and was awakened but a sweaty, smelly but very familiar slab of meat flopped over my face - Hans' cock!

"Come on my darling," he laughed and led me to the wall of the shed again.

I put my arms around his neck and raised a leg around his waist like last time but he just kissed me, smiled and said, "Not this time. Today ve try something different."

He turned me around so I was facing the shed wall and placed my hands against it and quickly removed my bikini. I was so horny and excited, I just let him do anything he wanted.

He squatted down and started to lick and suck my young hairless pussy. The feeling of his long, warm tongue inside me was incredible! He slowly started to move his finger to my ass-hole and slowly started to slide it in. I was a little ashamed of myself for allowing him to do this sinful act to me but it felt so nice to have a tongue in my pussy and a finger in my ass!

He then stood up behind me and I felt his hard cock between my firm young buttocks. I then felt the knob against my ass-hole. He clasped my forearms, leaned forward onto me and started to sink his cock into my ass!

"Nooooooo!" I said, "Please! Not in there!"

"It's OK, my darling, he said through clenched teeth and tightening his grip of my helpless arms. I vill not hurt you. I go in slow but if it hurt too much I stop, OK?"

He proceeded without waiting for my response. It really did hurt at first but I did trust my Hans and he did go in slowly like he promised. Eventually, my sphincter waved the white flag and let him in and he was pumping into me. Into my ass! Only two weeks ago. I had never even seen a cock and now I had sucked a cock, eaten cum, been fucked in my pussy and now again in my ass!

"Ooooooh, my sveet little darlingggg!" said Hans. "I've fucked hundreds and hundreds of rich little high school girls' arses but none of them felt as good as yours. I'm going to cum for you, my darling! I'm going to cummmmmmm!!"

And cum he did! And an even bigger load than the other two! So much that, after my bowels were filled, it started spilling and running down the inside of my legs.

After Hans pulled out, he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head down to his cock and told me to suck out the last few drops of cum and lick it clean. And I did too. Even though it'd just been deep in my ass. And I loved it! My inner slut was awoken...

Sadly, my daddy sacked Hans the week after that because we caught him ass-fucking my mom in their bedroom, after Daddy and I got home from my pony club. I never saw what they were doing but I heard them, which is something I'll never ever forget.

"Yes! Yes, my darling! Your arse feels just as good as your sexy young daughter's!"

"Oh, yes, Hans! Fuck my ass just like the way you fucked my baby's! Oh, Hans, I can feel you cummingggggg!!"

We never ever talked of Hans after that. It was killing me to not talk to Mom about him. I really wanted to know what he told her about me, whether he was pleased with me.

A year later, about a month after my nineteenth birthday I was on summer vacation and got a phone call, "Hello, my darling."

"Hans!!" My heart leaped with joy! We talked for over an hour and set out a plan...

I went into the kitchen and picked up a cloth and started helping Mom with the dishes.

"Mommy," I said, "I just got a call from Hans..."

She went still and silent and stared out the window.

"He said he wants to see us," I said. "Please can we go? Please, Mommy?"

Mom just ran out the room and I was quite worried at what I had just done so I ran up to my room. About an hour later there was a knock on my door and my mom entered.

"OK," she said, "as long as you don't ever tell your father!"

"Thank you, Mommy!" I cried tearfully as I hugged her tightly.

I was so excited about the idea of seeing Hans with my mom I had to masturbate and make myself cum three times before I could get to sleep that night!

The next day, we both drove to the motel where Hans said he would meet us. He opened the door wearing a dirty old robe and invited us in. He hugged my mom and started to kiss her passionately. I felt a little jealous, but he soon coiled his other lecherous arm around me and all three of us were locked in a mutual passionate kiss and firm embrace. It felt strange feeling Hans' tongue and my mother's but, somehow, so natural and quite beautiful.

Hans removed his robe and laid down naked on the bed and instructed us to undress each other, which we did obediently.

When we were naked we moved over to him on the bed. He stroked our heads and we began to kiss and lick his big, fat, hairy, sweaty, smelly body. I even licked up the sweat under his armpits and man-boobs. My mom started licking her way down to his crotch so I worked my way up to his mouth. I loved feeling and hearing him moan deeply as he felt my tongue swirling around his and my mom slurping her way up and down his nasty old cock.

"Vy don't you go down and help, Mommy?" he whispered.

I went down and Mom seemed to be enjoying his cock way too much on her own, so I instead decided to lick the sweat off is stinky, hairy balls. Then I lifted them and licked under them around near his hairy ass-hole. I knew how much my Hans would love that.

I felt Hans tapping my head so I looked up and he said, "I vant to taste your sveet young pussy."

I eagerly sat over his face, my knees on either side of his head and started to feel the bed bouncing up and down and hear my mom crying out as she rode his big, nasty cock, "Ohhhhhh!! Yesssss!!"

I then felt her hands work their way up either side of me so I leaned back into her embrace. She was fucking Hans pretty hard now and he was tonguing my little pussy like crazy, but it was still nice to feel Mommy's arms around me and her tongue against mine, telling me how much she loved me. I'd never felt so close to her.

"I vant you to svap now, my darlings!" he commanded.

I straddled his hard cock which was soaking wet with my mom's saliva and pussy juice and my mom sat over his face, facing me so we could hug and kiss while we all shared our ecstasy.

"Ooh, Hans, you dirty, old, fat bastard! Eat my pussy and fuck my baby girl! Cum in her young womb and give her your baby! You disgusting, old, fucking pervert!" (I guess that solves the mystery where I inherited my slutty nature!)

Hans was moaning and blasting cum deep into me. When he was finished, my own mother cleaned up the mess by licking and sucking Hans' cock and balls and my pussy, while Hans and I just held and kissed each other. Kissing Hans and being licked out by my own mom! My god, that was an amazing way to finish such hot taboo sex!

We both fell asleep in his arms after he kissed us both, smiled and said, "My two sluts..."

To this day, almost two decades later, I still think about Hans; where he is, what he's doing. If he's still cleaning pools and fucking eighteen year old girls. I still see his ugly old face when I masturbate. Yes, I still miss him...

Oooh, Hans...

Love and Lust



Posted : 22/08/2020 12:13 am