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South Indian Actress Sneha's Asshole Fucked  

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Sneha, the well known actress surprisingly came for that interview. It was the dream forSneha to act in the add of the well famous shopping mall at Chennai. Manymodels across Mumbai also have come for that interview.
So Sneha was little less confidenceabout her performance. But she should get this add. Because this is muchprecious than other adds. If she selected, she can easily enter into “wellknown actress in the world’s” list.
Theinterviewer was Raaj. He is a saree lover. He loves the sexy ladies who showtheir deep navel through saree. Whenever he watches the ladies displaying theirnavel in saree, he will tempt to kiss and squeeze their navel.
He wasshocked by seeing Sneha when she entered. He never expected the beautiful queensneha will come for interview. Actually he is a fan of Sneha. He has watchedall movies of sneha and he never missed the scenes of whenever sneha displayher cute, deep round navel to the audiences. By seeing such a sexy beautifullady in front of him, he became hot and his heart was beating like anything.
Sneha wore agreen color silk saree with small golden border and matching blouse. Her hairwas full of jasmine flowers. Her saree properly covered her huge melons and hermountain asses and her shape is killing him. She was smiling… She was lookinglike angel. If any one see her in this posture will be tempted to fuck her. Asusual she properly covered even her hip so that her navel do not exposeoutside. She said good morning and sat on the chair. His was breathless. Shewas sitting in a dominating way that she is a famous actress; she was sittingwith her legs placing each on others. Normally sneha will not listen to other’swords. In practical, she is such arrogant lady…despite in films; she doesn’twant to respect any one. Because she strongly believed she is an actress andall ordinary men are below to her. She not even gave a minimum respect to raajand was sitting in dominating way.
He slowlytold her it was a long interview process and the next candidate has been askedto arrive only at 2 pm. After hearing this sneha felt angry but she didn’texpress it and told him I am ready for the interview sir!
"Sneha,the name looks sexy. You too look sexy".
Sneha smileswith a reply to him "Thank you sir"
"Areyou aware that our company needs hot and confident girls for this add becauseit involves lot of interactions with male artists"
"yessir, i came to know through my friends"
"So you are prepared for everything?” asks naughtily
"Of course yes sir"
He getencouraged by this response. He looks at her body slowly.
"Oktell me about yourselves"
She explains her experience in film industry and adds in detail.
"Sincethis is not a technical or knowledge oriented job, we would like to know moreabout your soft skills and sex skills"
Sneha sawraaj a minute with small confusion and asked him.
"Excuseme.., what you meant by sex skills"
"How do you use your physical assets to get a work done"
Snehastopped her talking and looking at him with anger.
"Sir, iam not that type"
"well,i can see from your dress that what type you are"
Sneha getsoffended by the comment and becomes red. She stood up and said with loud andangry voice.
Mister, whatare you talking…. Who kept you to take interview? Rascal…. How I m looking foryou…. If I tell to my father, you will be in jail. Mind it… Bye...
With so muchof angry sneha warned him and went fast towards the door.
"LookSneha…I can see that you got angry. This is a stress interview. We will beasking all type of questions. If you get selected your pay is 200000 per add.If you are not ready for it, you may leave. We are not forcing anyone"
Afterhearing this sneha came to normal condition and laughed. She kept her hand inher head and told, "I am sorry sir. I didn’t understand ur questions.Sorry… I scolded you"
Its O.K…
Raaj is nowstaring at her boobs. Her saree is so sexily covered her boobs. Raaj is nowstands up and walks near her and looks at her fleshy milky mangoes and says youhave really big round boobs.
Snehasmiles. Her face becomes red.
"Itested you with awkward questions and I am very convinced about yourskills"
"Thankssir" She felt the interview tough.
Raajcontinued. You know Sneha… I am the CEO of this add group. My decision isfinal.
Sneha expandedher eyes and with amazing and immediately stood up. Sir…. You are the CEO…. Ithought of an interviewing officer…. Sorry sir… ayyo without knowing this Ihave scolded you. Please forgive me if I hurt you really…… She excused withnervous.
Its O.Ksneha…. Are you really feel bad about scolded me….
Yes sir…really.
He preparedher appointment letter and showed her. Sneha was in heaven. She thanked him.
Sneha… Youare not comfortable. Because, you scolded me. Do you want to avoid thisdiscomfort?
Yes sir…
It reallycost sneha… If I have to convince….
I will showmy thankful to you sir… tell me….what I have to do…. Can you come for party?
No sneha.. Itold you it costs.
Sneha waslittle nervous and asked him. Cost is not a problem sir. You have offered methis add. I can do anything for you…
Good sneha.I want your bra and panty which you are wearing now.
Sneha wasshocked after hearing this… and she was speechless.
Sir… What…. What you are asking…
Your bra andpanty….
Sneha isstunned and she got angry… Her face became red.
He showedher the appointment letter and told. I am asking just your precious bra andpanty. Hope you will not loose this add because of this. I am going to my roomand I will be back after 15 minutes. If I find your innerwear’s in my table,You can get this letter. If not, you can move. He left.
Sneha wastotally upset because of this. She didn’t expect he will ask her inner wears.She doesn’t want to loose this golden opportunity also. She finally decided togive her inner wears…. She thought it is just inner wears… who knows if I givemy inner wears to him.
She went tothe corner of the room and removed her bra…and finally her panty. She kept allthose in the table.
After sometime, he came inside and saw her inner wears in the table and looked her. Snehawas ground looking. Her face is still red.
Thankssneha…. He smiled. Can you give those to me…
Sneha stoodup and took her panty and gave to him. She felt shy and she felt utter shame ofdoing this.
He smelledher panty and told it is sexy smell. Sneha’s face became further red. She wasexpecting the appointment letter.
But Sneha…How I will know this panty is yours? Can you prove me.
Sneha was inheart breaking shock and screamed. Sir… It is mine…
Sorry sneha…in this fifteen minutes you would have get some other’s panty through yourfather. Please prove me this is your panty.
Sneha was inthe state of cry. Sir… believe me sir… Its mine.
Miss sneha…He shouted. I can’t believe this. Lift your saree and show me you have not wearedany panty inside.
Sir…. Snehawas in utter shame. She was silent…. Standing ideally….. Her head startsscrolling…. She looked at the letter in his hand.
Sneha… fast…If you feel shy.. turn that side… lift your saree and show me your bare ass. Itis enough.
Snehadoesn’t have any other way. She need to obey his order. Because, her preciousfeature is in his hand. And more over he is just asking her to lift her sareeand wants to see she is wearing inner wear or not….. So the thought nothingwrong in doing this for the job.
She turnedtowards the door showing her ass to him. She was crying herself. Tears arerolling down from her eyes. She closed her eyes. This is the first time itshappening in her life. She was cursing the day and bent down and caught theborder of the saree and lifted up to her knees.
He wasthrillingly watching the homely queen sneha. So far she is a perfect actress incine field … she never exposed anything and all the families love sneha becauseof her trademark smile and her homely appearance. But today… the sexy homelygoddess is going to display her mountain asses to him.
Lift thesaree sneha…. He ordered.
Sneha withutter shame… raised her saree inch by inch upwards…. And finally she lifted hersaree above her bare ass. He is breathless now.
Her ass ishuge and milky color and D shaped. Her asses are just hanging from her lean hipdue to its enormous weight. It is great to see sneha’s bare private ass that tovery closely.
Sneha’s eyesare still closed…. Her tears are rolling on her jacket…. She lifted her sareeuntil her jacket…. And kept the saree there for few minutes.
Voww…. It isa fantastic ass. Sneha was looking great in this posture. Her jasmine flowersare trying to touch her ass crack.

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Fantastic sneha. You have nice round asses. He commented. She felt shame about an unknownpersons comment about her bare ass. But unfortunately she doesn’t know He isfilming her.

Show yourface sneha… its missing…he told… after hearing this.. with confusion snehaturned her face and saw him… SHOCKED.

Yes. He wasfilming her dirty acts in a video recorder.

Sir… What…What is this… What are you doing… Sneha…shocked and cried. She put her sareedown and ran fastly towards him and asked him… Sir… please give it to me.

He saw thecrying sneha. How you scolded me sneha… Rascal!. I have to be in jail…mmmm…! Hesmiled naughtily.

Sneha was invery worst situation as she has shown her ass in the video… She begged him. Andshe now understood…. He has all rights to do anything about her ass without herpermission. Her heart stopped breathing.

Sir… pleasefirgive me sir… Don’t take it serious sir… I am really sorry sir… Withoutknowing about you… I shouted at you sir… forgives me sir… please… don’t showthe video to anyone sir…. It is shame for me sir… Please thing about my lifesir…. Everyone will tease me sir…

The smilequeen…. Homely actress…. The sexy shaped lady…… was crying and begging him togive the video.

He gave herthe appointment letter. But he knows now sneha need something else.

Sneha… youshould thing before you scold anyone. You are thinging you don’t need to fearfor anyone as you have police and people your side. As you are a homely andfamous actress…. You should be calm.

Sorry sir…hereafter I will be calm sir. I will not shout to anyone sir..

No sneha….You need to know about me. If you want the video… obey me whatever I say.

I will obeyyou sir… I will obey. Sneha begged.

O.K…. Showme your low hip… and show me your navel.

Sneha showedher navel. He kissed in her navel and licked completely inside her deep roundnavel for 30 minutes.

He asked herto remove her jacket. She removed. He saw her huge melons hanging in front ofhim and became hot. He squeezed her boobs and sucked it for 45 minutes. Snehadoesn’t have other way… she need to obey him.

Finally heasked her to remove her saree. Sneha with tears removed her saree and becamenude. Yes…she was completely nude in front of the interviewer. Her pussy isdisplayed for him.

Vow… Sneha….You have sweet pink pussy. He commented. Sneha was filled with utter shame andshe cursed herself… oh god…..

It was thegolden opportunity for him to see Sneha’s soft hairy, pink pussy. Who will getthis chance to see sneha’s private pussy? He lustfully watches her pussy. Snehatempted to hide her pussy but she could not.

Sneha… tellme frankly. "Are you a virgin?"
Sneha stunned a while and was silent. Sneha… I know everything about you. Youneed to give your frank answers to get your video.

After fewminutes sneha said in low voice, "No, i am not"

He smiled himselfand asked her "tell me Sneha. Who fucked you?"

Snehahesitated a moment and thought is it necessary to tell all about her but thereis no other way… her ass video is with him.

So shelooked the floor and told him with utter shame, “A milk man fucked me”

"Tatswonderful. He is very lucky to have fucked a sexy girl like you"

Sneha wasshy and ground looking.

Miss Sneha…I ask you one thing… Don’t you have time to shave your pussy?

Sneha lookedher hairy pussy and looked him with nervous. Sorry sir…. I … I thought ofshaving… but… She struggled to answer.

Shall I helpyou… He asked.

No sir… Itso.k… She immediately refused.

How you waskeeping your pussy when the milkman fucked you? With hairs or without hairs? Heenquired.

That time Ikept my pussy shaved sir. Sneha replied.

How manytimes he fucked you sneha… He touched her pussy and rubbed.

Sneha felthot when he touched her pussy and she felt current in her body. She moanedaaaah.

6 times…sir!

Vow itswonderful. Any one can fuck 10 times if they get a sexy bitch like you. Hecommented and inserted his middle finger in her pussy.

Sneha.. wasmoaning and screaming with jerk…. Sir… no… aaaaaaaah sir…. Don’t do sir…pleassssssee…

But hedidn’t listen her screams and inserted his finger completely in her pussy andstarted finger fucking. Sneha was moaning… her eyes are filled with fear andlittle lust… her mouth is opened… She spread her legs apart to make easy forhim to finger fuck. He put his finger in and out violently in sneha’s pussy.

Sneha wasdeeply moaning…. She was not able to stand… she kept her hand in his shoulderfor support and started to obey his dirty acts.

After 1 hourof finger fucking her pussy… He became nude. Sneha was shocked seeing his 9”fat cock. She begged him “don’t do anything sir… please… I am a descentactress. If anyone come to know this.. I will loose my market… please sir…

What was thesize of milk man’s cock sneha…?

It washardly 5” sir… Yours is very big… She amazed.

Do you wantto get fucked by this cock?

Sneha wassilent for some time. She was ground looking and saw his huge cock slowly andsaw the door.

Don’t worrysneha… no one will know this. Its between ours….

Sneha sawhim with fear and told, “no sir…. Don’t do anything sir… please…”

He asked herto call her father who is sitting just outside of the room and to bring somecarrots. She called her father in mobile and told him to get some carrots. Thenshe asked him why… this carrots…

He told her…wait for some time sneha….

The door gotknocked. He went and opened the door. Her father was standing with the carrots.Her father shocked seeing him in nude condition and too his 9” cock in erectedstate. Also he saw sneha in nude state… he asked what is happening….

Interviewfor your daughter sir… He told and got the carrots and shut the door.

Sneha was crying. Sir.. what are you going to do. My father saw me in worstcondition. Please leave me sir. She begged.

But hedidn’t responded her. Sneha show your ass.

Sneha showedher asses.

He made herdoggy style. She bent down in a table so that her ass is now exposed to him.

Sneha…. Showyour ass hole.

Sir…. Snehawhispered with frightened eyes.

He went toher and opened her ass cheeks apart and saw her cute shivering ass hole. Yes…the beautiful actress sneha’s private ass hole.

Sir… don’tdo anything in my ass hole sir… Sneha screamed. I will not talk with headweight to anyone. Please forgive me sir…She tried to bring down her ass tofloor. But,

He widely openedsneha’s ass hole and inserted one big carrot in it.
Sneha screamed with pain….. Sir….. no……… aaaaaaaaaaaahhh….

As her asshole was tight… the carrot was not going inside. He pressed the carrot in herass hole and drilled. Now the entire carrot was in her ass hole. Sneha’s asshole was shivering. Sneha moaned with pleasure….. She moaned with pain in herhole.. sir…. Aah…..I can’t sir…. Aaaaaah… I can’t…. please……. She wascontinuously shaking her butt.

Raaj becamehot of hearing the moanings of sneha and made the carrot in and out of her shithole. Sneha screamed when he fastened the strokings. He was just drilling herass hole.

He kept hisone hand on her waist in the navel region and was lifting her asses up. Heloved her mountain asses, the beautiful private ass hole and he loved herpleasurable moaning. He drilled sneha’s ass hole for 1 hour and kept the carrotin her hole itself.

Sneha wasbegging him to leave her. She tried to remove the carrot from her hole. But heholded her hands and kept his fat cock in her wonderful mouth. He made her tosuck his cock. It was the great sight; Sneha is sucking his fat cock with hercarrot bounded ass hole.

It was thegreat sight to see.

Then he laidsneha in floor as her ass was touching the floor; her boobs and pussy isexposed. The half carrot outside of her ass hole hurted her while she laid herasses in the floor. Her pussy was a feast for him. He amazed the beauty of hersexy hairy pussy. He loved to lick and suck her pussy, but he doesn’t have timeto do all this. So he decided to fuck her.

He fuckedsneha.

He fuckedsneha in her wet pink pussy vigorously. Sneha was in heaven because of hiswonderful fuck. She was deeply moaning whenever his cock made thunder strokeinside her pussy. Sneha got a good fuck ever. He fucked her pussy for more than30 minutes.
Afterthis heavy fuck, again he turned her and lifted her ass up and saw the carrotin her ass hole. He removed the carrot from her shit hole; but it is not comingout. The carrot was deeply bounded in her tight hole. It was a nice view of herass and he tried to take out the carrot from her hole. When he try to take thecarrot out,

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sneha moanedwith pain and pleasure. Then he collected all his power and pulled out thecarrot. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Sneha screamed with pain and shook her asses as the carrot came out of herhole.
The emptywidened hole gave her the immense pleasure for her. She enjoyed it and lovedit. Now sneha’s ass hole is looking like a big hole can able to hold an appleinside.
He felt thisthe time to keep his fat dick in her ass holel. He made sneha in doggy style.Now her ass hole in air. She understood what he is going to do. But she was notable to do anything other than giving her secret ass hole to him.
He holdedher hanging big jugs and squeezed them and kept his 9” thick straight iron rodinside her shit hole. He kept his one hand on her oval shaped navel and otherhand on her hot hairy pussy. With this both hands he lifted sneha’s ass bypressing her pussy and navel firmly. He widened sneha’s one leg and kept it onthe table itself. Now Sneha’s boobs, pussy and her right leg on the table andshe was standing with her left leg while her ass hole was widely opened. Heslowly inserted his fat dick in her hole and pumped it inside. As half of hiscock went inside her ass hole…. Sneha felt hot in her hole and felt her hole isgetting filled. Her ass hole was capable of taking only half of his cock. Snehacursed the day as because she is going to get ass fucked today. She murmuredherself by thinking about her destiny as such a loyal homely actress is in theposition of showing her private ass hole to some one who is just aninterviewer. She was able to cry because she know his cock is much bigger thanher ass hole. She was praying to god not to be fucked in ass hole.
She beggedhim to not to fuck in her ass hole. Sir…. Don’t fuck me in my ass hole sir…Please… I will be grate full to you always…..Please sir…I can’t hold it sir…please… it is paining sir…..leave me sir…. Pleaseee…. She begged him with tearsin her eyes. She pleaded him further, Sir…. My father is outside and he iswaiting for me…. Leave me sir…. I am a homely actress for this state….. don’tmake me slut sir… please….Raaj was very happy because the very famousmindflowing actress sneha is showing her navel, boobs, hairy pussy and hersecret ass hole. And the sexy saree lady is begging him to not to fuck in herass hole. By hearing her words, he became more hot and forcefully inserted hisfat cock inside her ass hole until it hide completely inside her ass hole.Sneha screamed loudly…. She shook her hip…. She opened her beautiful mouth andcried. As her ass hole is in a position to tear that time.
It was agreat pleasure for raaj to keep his cock completely inside sneha’s ass hole.Sneha is cryng loudly and tried to remove her right leg from the table… but hecaught her leg and again positioned it on the table. Now all of her assets arein his control…she was not able to shake her legs and her asses. She wascompletely gone. She never imagined this kind of punishment in her life. Shecried with pain. He drilled her ass hole with his huge cock and made it in andout of her hole. Sneha was yet to loose her conscious and her mouth was inopened state.
Raaj wasfucking sneha like a horse. She was not able to withstand his strokes…. She wascrying..crying with pain. When she cry, he slapped her melons heavily. Nowsneha’s boobs are dancing and colliding with each other. He fucked her like awhore.
Hearingsneha’s cry…. Her father came inside and shocked seeing his daughter is gettingass fucked by some one. He ran towards her and asked raaj to leave her. Butraaj became mad and fucking her without any interval. Sneha also not able tosee anything.. as she was in heaven that time… because her ass hole is gettingdrilled like anything.
He was continuously slapping her hanging boobs and kissing her…drilling her.Her father stunned a moment… what is going on here… he tried to save hisdaughter… the precious homely actress…
Sneha wascrying… moaning…. Enjoying…. Screaming with pain… She became whore that day…she completely lost her to him…. She lost her ass hole to him…. She became hisslut for that day.
Raajdelivered his hot thick fluid in her ass hole. It was hot and gave immensepleasure for sneha. Some time raaj was ideal. That time only she saw hishelpless father and shocked.
Go away…Dad… please… sits out side…. Please… I am selected… but.. please sit out side..Daaaaadd…. She moaned.
Before shecomplete her talk with her father, again raaj started fucking her ass holeviolently. He spread her legs wide open and hammered in her hole. Tears rollingon sneha’s cheeks. She never expected such thunder fuck in her shit hole. Shewas in heaven. She became whore. She was out of control now. Her father highlyshocked of seeing her precious daughter sneha… her boobs are hanging andbouncing… her pussy is getting pinched and her tight ass hole is gettingdrilled. He was not able to save her from Raaj.
Whilefucking her ass hole, raaj inserted the carrot in sneha’s pussy and drilled it.Sneha was enjoying by the pleasures she gets from her melons, pussy and her asshole.
He fuckedher until 9 pm in the evening. He fucked her 17 times in the whole day. Aftercompletion of fucking session, he left sneha and sat in the chair. Sneha felldown in the floor. She was not able to get up. For 15 minutes she was lying onfloor only. He gave her appointment letter to her father and asked him to waitoutside. Her father left with tears.
When Sneha stood up, he asked her to wear her saree. Sneha was not able towalk… she slowly collected her saree from the floor and searched her blouse andpanty. Raaj told her to wear only saree…. Without any inner wears. She wore andher mid riff was just above her navel. Raaj asked her to keep the mid riff ofher saree exactly in her pussy hair. Sneha doesn’t like wearing low hip sareesbut today she was forced to wear low pussy saree by a stranger. She doesn’thave any alternative… she kept her hip saree knot on her pussy. Now the homelylady sneha was looking like sex goddess….. She was like a perfect lady to bedrilled.
Raaj toldher. Sneha… this entire fucking session was filmed through that camera. Heshowed the camera which was fixed in the corner of the top floor. Sneha didn’ttell anything and she closed her face with her hands.
Anyway snehayou are not a virgin. Already you got fucked by a ordinary milk man. Then whyare you acting like innocent lady in the cinemas..? he asked. Sneha didn’t replyanything and she was ground looking. You know onething sneha… I am your bigfan. You know in how many films I expected your navel seducing show like honeyin your novel or pamparam in your navel… but you didn’t show anything and youhided everything inside your saree. That is the reason I wanted to see yoursecret parts and taste them. Your secret holes are very tasty and they arelooking so sweet sneha…. I love your holes. I love your ass. I love your boobs.I very much love your sexy navel. He deplored.
Still snehawas ground looking and didn’t tell a single word. She told Please don’t spoilmy life sir…. I am begging you sir… please don’t give the video to anyone… Iwill do whatever you want… I will come wherever you call…. Fuck me wherever youwant…. But don’t tell this to anyone sir… please… she cried.
Good sneha.Now tell me. How many times you got fucked… I mean…. How many cocks you havetaken in your pussy till today….. He asked her.
Sir… that is…. Sneha tried to talk but her throat was plugging… she was breathing heavilybecause of this question and told.. only one time I got fucked sir… one milkman… Sneha whisphered.
Stop sneha.Don’t lie to me. Raaj shouted at her. If you continue your lies… you will seeyour ass fucked video in all the internet centers… He smiled.
Sneha was incomplete fear and her tears are started coming out of her eyes. She was silent.Tell me sneha…. Till now how many people fucked you…. Whether you want yourvideo or…?
Sneha sawhim with frightened eyes and told slowly. I tell you the real thing sir…. I gotfucked by 78 cocks till now….
Oh goddddd….I got shockeddddd by hearing such a word from sneha… frankly speeking I wasjust playing with her… I never imagined 78 people have been fucked sneha sofar. My head was rotating.. It was unbelievable for me the truth that thefamous homely descent actress sneha got fucked by 78 cocks till today. It was ahammering news for me… I was speechless….
Sneha… It isunbelievable… I cried. It is just impossible. You are a typical south Indianhomely actress. How can you be got fucked by 78 cocks. What are you saying….Sneha….. He deplored.
But no onefucked in my ass hole raaj…. Sneha added. You are the only one man inauguratedmy ass hole opening ceremony. I never imagined I will get fucked here… by you….That too in my virgin ass hole…though it is heavily paining in my asshole…Iloved your fuck raaj. You showed me the heaven. No one can fuck me like this.Still I feel your dick in my ass hole raaj. I want to get fucked by you allover the day…. Fuck me some more time raaj…. Tear my ass hole…. I want to benude in front of you always… I want to marry a fuckable guy like you raaj….Treat me like your wife…. Fuck me raaj…… Sneha moaned with pleasure.
Sneha… hopeyou didn’t forget your loud cry when I fucked in your asshole. Still do youwant a fuck in your ass hole? I asked her. Raaj…. I agree with you. My tearsfell down. I accept. But out of this.. how much pleasure I got you know….Iloved your painful fuck raaj….I loved to be treated like this only. Till now noone fucked me until I cry. But you shown me the heaven by your thunder fuck. Myass hole need your fuck raaj… please fuck me secretly. I will come wherever youcall. I am your slave raaj. You know how to fuck my ass. You know how to treatmy ass hole. I love my ass hole getting fucked by you…. Raaj…… the sexy actresssneha deplored.
Now Iunderstood sneha is a true slut. Everyone has teared her pussy till now. Now itis my duty to tear her ass hole. I wanted to teach a lesson for her.
I called herfather inside. He came and saw both of us. I was completely nude and hisdaughter was looking sexy in her low pussy saree. Sneha whispered to me…. Raaj…why did you call my father inside… let him be out side… she closed her pussy.
Look sneha…He already saw your pussy when I fuck in your ass hole. There is nothing tohide hereafter. Let him bring some grapes and ice-cream for our play.
I called herfather separately and asked him… Look mister, now I am going to fuck yourdaughter. I understood you have some attraction on your daughter. Tell mefrankly, if you want to watch your daughter getting fucked. I will not tell toyour daughter as you are watching her glimpses when I fuck her. He was silentfor some time. He didn’t tell anything. Once again I told him… If you want towatch how I am going to tear your sexy daughters pussy and ass hole…. You cango to that glass cabin and stand in that room with fully nude. You can clearlywatch her fucking session. But she cannot view you, because the glass type islike that.
This youwon’t get at any time because your daughter is very shy type and she neverallows you to watch her pussy.
Finally heaccepted to watch his daughter’s pussy and ass hole with lot of lust. Iwondered about his lust at this age. I send him to bring cups of ice-cream andgreen grapes.
Then I cameto sneha and told her; your father accepted to watch your dirty actions andyour dirty holes. She was shocked by hearing this. Raaj… what are you saying…he is my father….. how he will wish to watch me when some other guy hardlyfucks me…? She was surprised.

Sneha…you have the beautiful assets that any man can turn on you. Your father…your brothers… everyone have their own wish to see you in nude condition…. Youwith wide opened pussy and with bare boobs and asses….. they may masturbatemany times a day by thinking about you…. I told her. She was in last stage ofshock… she was speechless.
As herfather brought the things. I took him separately and asked him to be nudeinside the cabin which is covered by glass. I once again told him she can’t seeyou because of that glass type. Now he removed his dresses and was standinginside the glass room.
I came to Sneha and told her to see her nude father without any jerk. She sawher nude father and highly shocked. Raaj…. It is unbelievable… she deploredwith her expanded eyes. Sneha…. You watch your father often when I fuck you….This is the treat I am going to give you…
Show your asshole sneha…. I moaned. She with lot of shy bent and lifted her saree up to herhip and showed her cute ass hole. I turned her ass hole towards her father sothat he can view his daughter’s ass hole clearly. Sneha… moaned raaj… you are aperfect fucker raaj…… She was in shy because… she is showing her ass hole tonot only me…to her father also….
I licked herass hole. Yes… Her sweet shivering ass hole is in my mouth. I took her entireass hole in my mouth and sucked it. Sneha moaned with pleasure…. Aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I put my entire tongue inside her ass hole and licked. She was enjoying thislike anything…. I licked and sucked her ass hole for more than 45 minutes.
Then Iopened her ass hole widely and filled her hole with two cups of ice-creamswhich her father brought. She felt current flow in her ass hole… when the coldice cream touches her extremely hot ass hole. Fumes came out of her hole… shewas loudly moaning.
Then Iinserted 15 no of green grapes one by one in her shivering ass hole. Snehaloved my play and she was e
agerlywaiting for my next move. Now her ass hole is filled with two cups of cold icecream and 15 nos of round grapes. Sneha felt immense pleasure in her ass hole.Now she wanted to look her father and she turned her face slowly… she gotshock.
Yes… sheshocked by seeing her father’s fat cock. Vow… it was 8” cock… almost equallength of raaj’s cock... but very fat than raaj’s… was looks like a mini bat.She opened her mouth unknowingly and said vow…. What a cock…. Her fatherstarted stroking his cock front and back.
By thistime… Raaj entered his 9” fat cock in her anus hole and started fucking her.Raaj became hot of seeing overflowing ice-creams from sneha’s ass hole and hefucked in sneha’s ass hole like a jumping horse. When he hammered his cock inher cute ass hole… Sneha suddenly and loudly moaned. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah………..aaaaaaaah.

She opened her mouth and screamed because of sudden thunder in her dirty hole.Raaj increased his speed of drilling in her ass hole. Sneha lost her balance.She forgets about her father. She lost everything. She was in heaven. Raajdrilled her deep round ass hole vigorously. Sneha cried with pain. Now raajturned sneha in such a way that her hanging boobs can be viewed for her father.Now both of us can see her father. Frankly, we both shocked by seeing herfather’s thick cock. It was not like a old man’s cock… It was like a bat. Hewas continuously stroking his cock by seeing his daughter’s dirty ass hole,hairy

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pussy andher hanging boobs. Without any doubt, sneha had the lust on her father’s fatcock. That I can understand from her staring.
When these all happening in one side, I was mad fully fucking her deep assholewithout any interval…. Sneha was crying… with down falling tears aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaa aaaaaaaaah.

Now thegrapes and ice cream inside her ass hole became a single liquid and it waslubricating my cock to tear her ass hole. Yes… I teared her hole. When her asshole got teared….. She cried loudly with lot of pain and loudly moaned oh…….Fatherr…r…….. aaaaaaaaaaah maa. I fucked her hole in this state for more than 1and half hours. All these time sneha was crying with pleasure and pain. FinallyI unloaded my cum inside her hole. She was enjoying the warmness in her hole.Then I took out my cock and immediately asked her to collect the juice of herass hole in a glass. Sneha also enjoyed this fun and collected her ass holejuice in a glass. It was great sight to see when sneha collecting juices in aglass from her ass hole. I enjoyed this. And I asked her to drink the juice.She happily drank the juice and told it was very very very tastyyyyyy. Now shestopped her cry.

Now her asshole is empty. As it will take some time to my cock to regain the strength, Imade a plan. I told her this plan to sneha and surprisingly she readilyaccepted and eagerly waiting for that. I tied her eyes with a small cloth andkept her ass up and her ass hole open. The I ran to her father and asked him ‘do you want to fuck your daughter?. He was surprised by this question and itwas unbelievable for him. By stroking his fat lund… he told Yes sir…. I want tofuck her…. I want to fuck her holes…. He deplored. This is what I expected.

O.K go and fuck your whore… I told him. But he was afraid and told no… no sir….She is my daughter… I can’t fuck her. She will not allow this…. I can onlywatch her holes…. Only watch her beauty… he deplored.

I smiled athim and told…. For this only I have tied her eyes. Now she can’t identify you…if you fuck her also… so don’t get afraid…. Go and fuck your dream girl……

Afterhearing this… he was excited and saw me with thank full eyes and ran towardsher ass hole by holding his fat dick. Like a horse he ran to her and desperatelylicked her ass hole and sucked it few minutes. Then he took his fat cock andinserted in her dirty hole. In fraction of second…. He started heavily fuckinghis daughter’s ass hole. Sneha was amazed of her father’s speed of fucking andhis cock’s strength. It was like a pouring. By collecting all the day’s lust inhis cock… he fucked his lovely sexy homely daughter like a fuckable whore.Sneha was moaning and after some time started crying with extreme pain in herhole. His bat cock still became thick and he pored her hole forcefully evenharder.

He fuckedhis daughter’s hole for half an hour and in the mean time what sneha thought Idon’t know…. Put your cock in my mouth… please….. aaaaa….. put your cock in mymouth…. sneha screamed with pleasure. Her father stunned of his daughterswish…. And he enjoyed that pleasure… he removed his cock from her dirty hole….By this time sneha turned towards him and was searching his cock because of hereyes are tied with a cloth… Her father holded her jasmine flowered hairs andkept his bat cock inside her mouth. Both were in heaven now. His fat cock wasvery hot inside her mouth. She amazed the size and hotness of her father’s batcock and lustfully she started sucking it.

She rolledher tongue all over his cock and licked it passionately. She sucked his cockfor more than half an hour. Her father was moaning and enjoying his daughterssuck of his cock and finally he unloaded his cum in her mouth… Sneha’s mouthgot filled by his warm liquid and she found it was tastier than raaj’s cum. Shedidn’t waste a single drop and swallowed the cum on his cock also. Now herfather is in a position to fell down due to pleasure.

Then I toldhim to go back to his place without making any sound because she may get doubt.He told me thanks and walked slowly. Sneha was still swallowing his cum. Iasked her…Sneha how it was your father’s fuck? She doesn’t have any word toexpress her feelings. I never expected my father can fuck me this hard raaj…. Inever imagined my father masturbating by seeing my hanging boobs and asses… Henicely fucked raaj….. I loved his cock… it was very fat…and it was very tasty….Raaj… thank you raaj….. I don’t know what I am going to give you… you aregiving un expected pleasures to me… in everywhere of my body….I never expectedyou will send my father to fuck me…. Thanks raaaaaaaaj… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

I removedthe cloth from her eyes and kissed on her forehead. She put her saree down andbecame homely. I made her stand and hugged her. I loved her sexy appearance. Icaressed her navel and pussy hairs and firmly holded her pussy and inserted myfinger in her pussy and finger fucked while I kissed her lips. She was enjoyingher pussy getting finger fucked….with shy….and told me… thanks for theinterview……

By this timeher father dressed up and came to us and asked innocently… shall we move…? Hesaw his daughter’s pussy finger fucked by me. Sneha was in complete shy becauseshe is showing her hairy pussy and I am violently teasing it in front of herfather. She whispered to me.. Raaj… don’t kill me… My father is watching mypussy getting finger fucked….. please…. Take out your finger from my pussy….shewas ground looking now. I removed my finger from her pussy and asked her todress. She went to the dressing room and came out as she came in the morningfor interview. Secretly I told her….

From todayonwards you can see your father’s lustful sight on your assets and whenever youneed your father’s fuck without his knowing… tell me I will arrange for a goodfuck… She said thanks to me… her eyes are filled with tears and satisfaction…as she got fucked from morning 9 am to now 3 am…. With fat cocks in her privatevirgin ass hole…. She ran towards me and hugged me. Sneha asked me to stay inher home itself… but I refused. But she strongly told me… whenever you want tofuck… call me… I will come immediately and open my ass hole to you…….

I sent snehaout of the room in mid morning 3.30 am. She was very happy of ass fucked andshe also got the job and her dirty act video. Happily she left with herinnocent father.

She gave herthe appointment letter to her dad.

Itread-"Dear Miss Sneha, we are glad to have you as our permanent ambassadorconsidering your pussy makeup and asshole depth. We really need plumpy shittysluts capable of getting ****ed in the shit hole with fat cocks".

Hence snehacame in the add of the famous shopping mall and became famous in the world asshe wanted. In other side… I fucked in her ass hole thrice in a day and now adays she can’t live without my fuck in her ass hole. Now her ass hole becamelittle big… but the taste remains same. Meanwhile she offered her nude bodyvery often to her father innocently. He also innocently watches her pussy andthen masturbates. Once sneha has told his father….one ant has gone inside herpussy and it is biting…. That day her father opened her pussy and analysed itfor more than 3 hours and finally he licked and sucked her pussy by using thegreat chance. She also enjoyed this. Many times I gave the opportunity to her fatherto fuck her.

She alsoenjoyed this and every time she licks and sucks his cock. Now a days her asshole was always in open condition…. And waiting for my thunder fuck in herdirty hole. In shooting times also in middle she will call me and I am fuckingher hole in shooting spot itself without anyones knowledge. Whenever she getany awards in award function… immediately I will call her and I will fuck inher ass hole. She loved it. Once she got two awards.

Second awardwas announced when I was ass fucking her. Now she has to ran to the stage. Iinserted her earlier award statue in her ass hole itself and send her. No oneknows sneha is getting the award with her opened and statue filled ass hole. Ienjoyed this. Then I inserted that award also in her ass hole. As the statuesare little big.. her ass hole was already tight of the existing statue… Iforcefully inserted the second one. She was moaning, screaming and crying.

After sometime both the award statues are completely gone inside her ass hole. With thestatue filled ass hole she performed a dance show and she spent time with coactors. I made her ass hole free in the mid night only and that time too Ifucked her hole violently. She never said no to my thunder fuck… She will cryif it is painful… but she won’t say no.

Only thingshe doesn’t know is... Her entire session of fucking with me was going to bescreened on her marriage reception.

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