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Rocky Horror  


She joined the cast of a small local production of "Rocky Horror," just to get a steady performance schedule for a few months. A few years before she had played Janet, a natural match for Aarti "good girl" personality. Now she just wanted to be one of the Transylvanians, dancing and fooling around in the background while someone else carried the show.

That someone was Melissa, and she was NOTHING like Janet. Short, dark hair and a mouth that would shame a prison guard, Melissa came across like Magenta on acid. Somehow she was cast as sweet, virginal Janet, and with a director that crazy, Aarti decided to get a little wild and take a shot. She approached the director, an old school friend of hers, and as she rested her chin on his shoulder, she asked, "Can I play Magenta?"

Mick turned and laughed at Aarti. "I don't think so. She's a cosmic vamp, Aarti. Not the virgin girl next door."

Aarti laughed even as she blushed. "I'm not a virgin, Mick. I was married, remember."

"Yes, but have you ever fucked anyone besides your ex-husband?"

Aarti blush burned even hotter, giving Mick more ammunition.

"Tell you what, Aarti," said Mick. "When you can stare me in the face, wearing nothing but a bikini, while I say 'Fuck me, fuck you, fuck fuck fuck,' then I will let you play Magenta."

Aarti knew when to cut her losses. "Who will be in the bikini, me or you?"

"You, sweetie. Unless you just want me that way."

That night, Aarti let herself into her apartment and juggled two bags of groceries into the kitchen. Two bottles of wine, a bunch of frozen dinners, and dishwashing liquid. What a life, she thought. Miss Domesticity.

She pressed PLAY on the answering machine, sat down and kicked her shoes off while the machine reset. After a long "beep!" a woman's voice spoke.

"Hi, Aarti, this is Melissa," said this slightly gravelly, slightly velvety voice. Aarti caught herself thinking of this voice in those terms. "I don't know if you remember me yet, but I'm playing Janet. The show, right? So, well, Mick said you might be able to give me some pointers on the whole 'virginal' thing. Been there, done that! Ha! But he said you had played the role, so, maybe we could hang out and go over lines. 555-0294, okay?"

There were no other messages, but Aarti wouldn't have noticed anyway. She was blushing, fuming inside at the thought of Mick telling this stranger that she could give tips on being virginal! THAT ASSHOLE!

The phone rang, startling Aarti for a moment. She answered, "Hello?"

"Oh! Hi, yeah, hey!" It was Melissa, sounding startled as well. "I didn't expect you to pick up, I just left a message a few minutes ago."

"I just heard it. I just got back from the store--"

"Sorry to bug you--"

"No, you're not bugging."

A long silence, uncomfortable and weird.

Melissa said, "I called back to leave my area code. Back home, we didn't have so many codes so close together like this. It's packed here."

"Where's home?"


Aarti smiled. "I love Arizona. It's been years, and I only saw it on vacation, but it was so beautiful."

"So, how about it?"


"Running scenes. I need a little help to bring out the virgin side of my soul, you know?" She laughed, a throaty sound of relaxed joy.

Aarti suddenly wanted to meet her. "I just bought some wine and frozen food. Why don't you come over, we'll eat and drink, and I'll make you uptight." Aarti frowned to herself. That sounded so strange.

Melissa didn't seem to notice. "Mind if I bring something harder than wine? Or I'll really be uptight, and then I'll be worse than you can imagine."

"Sure. Just nothing that gets snorted or shot into a vein."

"Liquor, just something harder than wine. No offense."

"Sure. But remember, virginal girls probably wouldn't even drink wine."

"Damn! That's too much method acting for me. Where do you live?"

Ten minutes later they were off the phone, Aarti to get ready for company and Melissa to make the 30-minute drive into town from her place.

Aarti took a shower, changed into jeans and a loose tee-shirt, and started a stick of incense in the bedroom. She was always self-conscious, worried about smells and sounds and anything about the body. Her body awareness was always her worst trait, because it kept her from having more fun.

Now she sniffed the incense smoke, relaxing and smiling. Melissa sounded like a fun person to hang out with. Aarti went into the kitchen, popped two "Lean Cuisine's" in the microwave, and then poured two glasses of wine.

The doorbell rang.

Aarti opened the door. The screen door was still closed, and Melissa stood on the step outside. "Hi, it's me! Melissa!" She raised a plastic grocery bag in her hands. "With a supporting cast of several ounces."

"Come in!" Aarti opened the screen and pushed it aside. The other woman entered, walked straight into the kitchen and started unloading her grocery bag. Aarti closed and locked the doors, watching her new friend the entire time.

Melissa's hair was dyed black and trimmed to a near crew cut. Her face was smooth and clear without makeup, no lipstick or anything, and suddenly Aarti was embarrassed about the lip liner she had put on after the shower. Where Aarti was a tall, slender brunette with a "girlish" figure, Melissa was a little shorter, with strong curves and tight clothes. Her shorts were too tight for panties or a thong, and her shirt stopped just below her breasts. As for those, Aarti didn't feel too bad about herself--they both were about the same, and no one would ever complain about either of them. Melissa's little purple bra peeked out over her shoulders.

Aarti blushed again, hating her tendency to get embarrassed so easily.

"Hey, did you move out or something?" said Melissa. She turned around and handed a shot glass to Aarti. "Tequila. Petron silver. Smooth."

Aarti looked at the almost clear shot of liquor, and then she matched Melissa's "salute" and downed the shot. She almost didn't make a face.

"So? How can I be more innocent?" Melissa grinned as she poured two more shots, and Aarti almost resisted taking hers. But she did, and she grinned at Melissa with the sudden warmth racing to her abdomen.

"Well, first--"

Hours passed. Aarti dressed Melissa is nice girl clothes, taught her to sit with dignity and tight legs, and then coached her on how to sound like a sweet little girl when she talked. Still a little miffed at being labeled "virginal," she took the teaching a little too far.

Melissa read a line, then tried it in her new "innocent" voice. "But I'd never, never." Her gravelly voice turned the words into a temptation, not a protest. Aarti didn't want to keep repeating the words in hopes of making this work, so she decided to try it differently.

"Melissa, your voice is sexy. It's throaty, a little rough, but so feminine and warm that men probably just melt."

Melissa gave her a crooked smile. "I bet you say that to all the girls."

Aarti ignored the warmth in her cheeks. She cleared her throat, then in a sultry voice she said, "But I'd never, never."

Melissa applauded and grabbed Aarti in her arms. "I see what you mean, that's damned sexy! Never, never, huh?" She made as if to kiss Aarti, then pulled away and laughed. "So how come you can sound like me, but I can't sound like you?"

"I don't know." Aarti looked at Melissa carefully. "Did that really sound sexy?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"I mean it. Mick doesn't think I can be anything but Little Miss Priss."

"How many people have you fucked?"

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Aarti felt herself starting to blush, but she didn't care. She was going to answer, and she was going to ask Melissa for advice. "I've only slept with one man. My ex-husband."

"Any women?"

Now Aarti lost to the blush that burned her entire face and neck. "No," she said in a soft, small voice.

"Any animals?"

For a moment Aarti was stunned, until Melissa laughed and ran into the kitchen. "I'm just kidding on that one," she shouted. A moment later she returned with the bottle of tequila, two shot glasses, salt and limes, and her bag of groceries. "But you've got to admit, Mick might be right. That's not a lot of experience to draw from."

"That's why they call it acting."

Melissa straddled the coffee table and arranged her drinking gear in front of her. Aarti sat nearby in a papasan chair, lotus-style with bare feet.

"We see Magenta getting frisky with her bald brother, with the red-headed groupie, and with the feathered duster. She's not too picky about her partners, obviously. She enjoys her body, and she enjoys anything that makes her body feel good."

"I can play that," said Aarti. "I like anything that makes my body feel good. That's typical."

Melissa smiled wickedly as she poured the shots. "Anything?" she asked. She licked her wrist and sprinkled salt, then she put the salt shaker against the inside of her left thigh. She put a lime slice on her right knee and a shot glass against the crotch of her short-shorts, then she picked up the other shot glass. "Take a shot with me."

Aarti looked at the arrangement and knew she couldn't do this. Melissa was after something, wanting more than just acting-- Already a little light from the tequila earlier in the evening, Aarti wasn't sure she should drink anything else. But Melissa appealed to her on so many levels.

Melissa licked a little of the salt from her hand. "Come on, Aarti. Let loose a little. We're just a pair of actresses helping each other prepare for our characters. You've taught me a lot about being innocent, even if I suck at it!" She laughed and almost spilled her shot. "So let me help you. Maybe you can play Magenta after all."

Aarti climbed out of the papasan and knelt at the end of the coffee table. Her hands trembled as she reached for the salt shaker. She looked at the smooth skin of Melissa's thigh, vanishing into her skintight shorts. The fabric was so tight that Aarti could see the shape of Melissa's mound against the shorts.

Melissa pouted, making the "little girl lost" face Aarti had taught her. "I won't bite you, I promise." The lost girl became a naughty girl. "But you can nibble on me if you want to."

Aarti stared at the lime and the shot, and she couldn't remember the right order. Lick-drink-suck? Suck-lick-drink? She didn't care; she just licked the salt and grabbed the shot glass from Melissa's crotch. Her fingers brushed the shorts, making Melissa jerk slightly and smile deeper. Aarti downed the shot, then she reached for the lime.

Melissa grabbed her hands and held them away. "With your lips only, Magenta." Another pout. "Please?"

Aarti took the plunge. She dropped her head toward Melissa's leg, her lips puckered out as if to kiss the smooth skin. The lime slipped into her mouth, then she placed a small kiss on Melissa's leg before she straightened up and chewed the tart fruit.

She tried to pull her hands away from Melissa, but the dark-haired woman wouldn't budge. "Just spit that out. We're friends." Aarti watched as the other woman put their hands on her legs, Aarti hands pressed between Melissa's firm fingers and smooth thighs. "Could you massage my legs a little? I'm so sore from the drive over."

Aarti started to knead the flesh of Melissa's upper thighs, one hand on each leg, and Melissa released her hands and reached for the tequila. "Fuck the shots!" Melissa chugged at the bottle, then she handed it to Aarti.

A long thought was cut short by Aarti realization about what could happen. Somehow she hadn't wanted this, but she had to admit that she had always been a little curious. In fact, one old school friend had explored that curiosity a little--but that was nothing, just a little playing. Once.

Now, something more might happen. If she could just let go.

Aarti grabbed the bottle and downed a huge mouthful; two or three shots at least. She gulped and swallowed, gasped, and then she splashed some on her face and neck. "Melissa," said Aarti, her voice dropping to a husky, seductive tone, "I spilled some of your tequila."

"That's okay, sweetie." Melissa was playing "nice" again, but Aarti would have none of it.

"Why don't you try to save some of it?" Aarti ran her finger through the sheen of tequila that clung to her skin and soaked her shirt. Then she rubbed that on the inside of Melissa's thigh.

Then she leaned over and sucked it off, slowly, gently, completely.

Melissa moaned and stood up, pushing Aarti backwards onto her ass, flat on the floor. Melissa pulled her shirt off with one hand, then she dropped to the floor on top of Aarti. One leg slid between her legs, the other knelt outside her right thigh, as Melissa leaned down and licked at Aarti neck. She flicked her tongue at the wet spots, capturing little tastes of tequila, sweat, perfume, powder, skin, excitement.

Aarti eyes closed and she breathed deeply as the dark-haired goddess licked and kissed her neck. For a moment she imagined it as her ex-husband, but she felt guilty and opened her eyes to watch Melissa.

As her eyes opened, Melissa lifted her head to kiss Aarti chin. They looked into each other's eyes and froze, and Melissa slowly leaned in to kiss the liquor from Aarti chin. Then she suckled her chin, nibbling, licking, sucking, kissing her way up to Aarti cheek, her ear, her neck, her throat.

"I'll stop this if you want me to--" Melissa started, but was cut off by Aarti sudden movement, her lips grabbing Melissa's mouth, her tongue, and suddenly the two women were kissing, exploring, trying and tasting each other's mouths.

They pulled away, but not far. "I don't know if I can play the innocent like this," said Melissa. She rubbed her bra-covered breasts.

"I don't know if I can be naughty for you," said Aarti.

"It's okay if you are just yourself." Melissa kissed her again. "I like you."

"I like you, too. Like you are. Not so--innocent."

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A long moment stretched into an uncomfortable silence. Aarti was suddenly very self-conscious--oh God! I just kissed another woman! I'm not that way, I'm straight, I'm a Christian! I'm not a lesbian!

Melissa stood up and broke the silence. "I'm going to the bathroom, then I'm having another shot, then I'm going to practice being innocent in your bedroom. I smelled your incense earlier, it's too good to waste." With that, Melissa walked across the room, entered the bathroom, and closed the door.

Leaving Aarti damp with tequila and excitement, lost in thoughts and alcohol. She wanted to have fun, and she didn't really think there was anything wrong with two women being together--that way. "Sex," she whispered. "Women having sex." It seemed naughty to say it aloud, so she said it again.

Then the bathroom door opened and Melissa went into the bedroom. Instead of turning on a light, she lighted candles from Aarti bathroom set and placed them around the bedroom.

Aarti got up off the floor and pulled her wet shirt off. Her white lace bra seemed so dull compared to Melissa's purple one, but she shut the thought off as fast as it arose. She picked up the tequila and the limes.

In the bedroom, she found Melissa sitting lotus-style on the bed, facing the head of the bed and waiting for something. Aarti crossed to the bed and climbed onto the bedspread, balancing the limes and liquor in her hands. Melissa took the bottle and downed a swig, then she sucked a lime out of Aarti outstretched palm. Aarti thought she felt Melissa's tongue flick at her skin, but--

Melissa sat up and blinked her big, green eyes. "I feel like I'm your sister, waiting to be taught something sexy to do to boys." She grinned, making a point. She was giving Aarti a role to play to make this easier. "Aren't you warm in those jeans?"

Aarti stood up and unbuttoned her jeans. She knew she always hid her body too much, but not tonight. If Melissa could sit there looking so sweet and innocent, like a teenage girl at a sleepover--that thought make Aarti nipples itch, flashing her back to nights of talking about boys and sex with her girlfriends in high school. But she had never, never--

She laughed aloud. "I never, never," she growled at Melissa.

"What do you mean?"

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"I never did anything with a girl, even when I was supposed to. Teenagers are supposed to play around, mess with things, find it all out. I was right there, my friends were cool with it, I know they were. Some of them told me about things they did together--" Aarti stopped suddenly and dropped her jeans. She wiggled her legs to clear them, and then she tucked her legs beneath her and sat facing Melissa.

"Better. Now, what?"

They stared at each other in silence, then suddenly giggled. "Um," said Aarti. She tried again. "Let's play around or something."

Melissa made a 'T' with her hands. "Timeout, Gidget. You're the trampy one, remember? Only virgins 'play' around. The rest of us fuck."

Aarti felt her cheeks burning, embarrassed that she couldn't even sound sexy to another girl! The thought angered her, and she suddenly reached out and grabbed a handful of Melissa's short, black hair. Melissa gasped in surprise, but Aarti didn't yank her hair.

Aarti pulled Melissa's mouth to hers and kissed her deeply.

The kiss was brief, but intense, and Aarti was shaken as she released Melissa's hair. They sat back, looking away from each other while recovering from that moment. For a moment, they were mirror images of the same shocked young woman. Then Melissa laughed and cheered for herself.

"Shit, I'm good! Look at you! I was acting just like you!" Melissa suddenly stared into space, shocked at what she had done--then she giggled again.

Aarti nodded, ignoring her blushing and trying to ignore the pounding in her head. That kiss had numbed her lips, and she wasn't sure what else she was feeling right now. But she wasn't going to give up, so she faced Melissa and asked, point blank, "How would YOU be acting right now?"

Melissa said, "Lean back on your arms." Aarti leaned back, and Melissa knelt in front of her. "Something like this."

Melissa's hands reached out and stroked Aarti soft, fair-skinned abdomen. Her left hand slid upward to cup Aarti right breast, squeezing the lacy bra and kneading at the firm skin. Her right hand slid down, fingers-first, into Aarti gray cotton panties. Aarti stiffened and started to rise up, but Melissa's hands pressed her back onto her hands. "Lean back and let me be myself." Aarti trembled as she tried to relax, a million thoughts stormed through her mind like war drums along the Mohawk River.

With her left hand Melissa slid the bra straps off, then she pulled the bra around Aarti body until the clasp was in front. With her hand and her teeth she unhooked the bra and dropped it on the bed. She started to kiss and lick Aarti chest and collarbone, her neck, her chin--

Melissa's right hand cupped Aarti bush, parting the bristly hairs with spreading fingers, then sliding down onto Aarti wet, swollen vulva.

Aarti whimpered and closed her eyes. She imagined her ex-husband doing this, letting herself enjoy the feeling of HIS hands and mouth on her, but she knew who was really doing it. The thoughts of a man just helped her to relax enough to--to--to feel this. Melissa's fingers lightly squeezed Aarti labia, tugging the puffy lips and rolling them between knuckles. Her middle fingertip teased the opening of Aarti hot vagina, the first knuckle flexing and flicking the entrance, making Aarti twitch and moan.

"I'll stop if you want me to. I'd rather make you cum."

Aarti grinned and nodded her head vigorously. "I don't want to feel guilty for no reason."

"Guilty? Girl, you're just method acting." Melissa is suddenly innocent. "But, I'm not sure about what I'm doing. Is this okay? I mean, is this right? Does it feel good?"

"You're fucking joking!" Aarti mouth stayed open, amazed at her own words. Melissa leaned in and kissed her, slipping her tongue into Aarti waiting mouth, and they kissed as if the world had vanished.

Then Melissa pulled away and said, "Please guide me. I'm a virgin, you know. Aren't you--experienced?" She pouted, and Aarti found herself reacting to the little girl act. Meanwhile, Melissa's hands continued their wondrous work on her body, one squeezing and stroking her tits, the other fingering her wet pussy lips, but not penetrating. Not quite.

"That's so hot. It's like we're in school--" Aarti bit her lip as her body spasmed. Not quite an orgasm--but so fucking close!

"You like virgin girls?" Aarti nodded, so Melissa looked shocked. Melissa pulled her hands away, and she stuck a finger in her mouth in an innocent, "Who, me?" expression. It was one of the fingers from Aarti panties, and Melissa started licking the finger. "What's that taste?"

Aarti suddenly gave in and felt dirty. She looked at Melissa sucking her own finger, tasting Aarti private juices-- So sweet, so innocent, in such a tight little sexy body. "What do you like to do with virgin girls, Jan?"

"I like to make them cum." Suddenly Aarti stood up and pulled Melissa to her feet. "Like this." She slipped her hands into her panties and slipped them off, then she handed them to Melissa. "Keep these." She stepped forward and ran her hands over Melissa's hips, then along the edges of her skintight shorts. "I can feel every contour of your skin."

"Are they too tight?" Again, so innocent.

"Yes. Boys can see everything you have." She lightly touched Melissa's crotch, feeling the warm outline of her lips through the fabric. "Take them off." Aarti stepped back and watched, suddenly too shy to do it herself.

Melissa made a great act of shyness, slipping the shorts down little by little and exposing more and more until Aarti could feel herself dripping down the insides of her thighs. Melissa stood up in only a purple bra.

Aarti had to this, she knew. She stepped forward and hugged Melissa, a friendly hug between sisters. Melissa hugged her back awkwardly, not sure what was happening. Then Aarti slowly pulled away, still hugging but separating their torsos. She kept one hand on Melissa's hip, moving the other onto her stomach and sliding it upward. She cupped Melissa's left breast, warm even through the fabric.

Then Aarti pulled back and started shivering. "I can't do this." Melissa watched her for a minute, then she pulled her over to sit on the bed.

"What do you want?"

Aarti almost wailed. "I don't want to be uptight! I want to be fun! I want guys to like being around me because I can hang out, do things, enjoy sex and stuff--not just sit around being sweet." She looked at Melissa. "I want to enjoy this right now."

Melissa stood up and pointed at the bed. "Get comfortable. I'm going to show you how good your body can feel."

Aarti nodded and stretched out on the bed. Melissa laid down next to her, touching full-length, and she ran her hand down onto Aarti light bush.

"May I touch you?"



Aarti thought about it, nodded.

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Melissa shoved her hand down into Aarti crotch, parting her lips in a single move and shoving two fingers into Aarti slick pussy, deep, her whole hand shoving inward to push deep, deeper, deeper--then out and flicking across Aarti clitoris, her lips, teasing the entrance.

"You can't just ease into it. Wild isn't something you ease into. It is, or it isn't." She laughed. "It's like being spontaneous. You can't say, 'I'll be spontaneous this weekend,' can you?" Aarti shook her head. "And you can't sky-dive a little at a time. You can't lose your virginity a little. It happens or it doesn't."

"I want it to happen."


Aarti smiled, embarrassed but too turned on and relaxed to care. "What you were just starting to do to me."

Melissa grinned and leaned in to kiss Aarti. Then she rested her head on Aarti shoulder, facing her breasts, and she dropped her hand back into Aarti genitals. She pulled her open and entered her with two stiff fingers, twisted them, flicked them in opposite directions. Aarti thrust her hips at Melissa's hand, and her hands grabbed Melissa's and helped it find a pace. She wanted it hard, it seemed, so Melissa was careful while she slipped a third finger inside and pounded them into Aarti pussy like a three-sided dick.

Aarti melted, squeezing her pussy around the other woman's fingers, wanting to cry and squeal, instead just gasping for breath and saying, "Yes!" at odd times. Her hands moved with Melissa's, and together they fucked her, fingerfucked her in the right way, hard, slamming into her, so good--

Aarti imagined what might happen-- Then it really happened, as Melissa's fingers struck her G-spot, and her palm vibrated on her clit, and suddenly she cried out and flexed, little crunches that brought her torso and her legs up, and her skin crawled with tingles as she came, and came--

Melissa licked her fingers clean while Aarti caught her breath. Aarti slowly slid three of her own fingers into her pussy, then she looked at Melissa with a burning stare. "How does it feel to do that to another woman's pussy?"

For answer, Melissa laid down and parted her legs slightly. "It's fun. I mean," she said, switching to her innocent voice. "You tell me. I've never done anything like that."

"Let me catch my breath."

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