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Puja gupta ki Nanhi Gulabi Gaand - FALTU Movie Actress  


She was around 32-35 but she was very sexy.She has maintained her very well. She had large boobs, big round ass and a fair complexion. I always use to fantasize her and masturbate. I used to get a hard on as soon as she enters the class and always used to look at her lovely chest whenever she used to teach us maths.

One day as I was watching her she saw me staring at her but she didn't said anything. Later that day she asked me to come to the staff room.I was scared because I Knew that she will be very angry. I went to the staff room and she asked me what I was watching in the class room.

I was speechless but to my surprise she gave me a nice smile and said that don’t do it again this gave me more courage to do the same that day again I masturbated thinking of the sight in the classroom, I was very weak in maths so I decided to take tuition's and asked my teacher to give me tuition.

First she was a bit hesitant but later she agreed which made me very happy as I can now spend more time with her and see her lovely boobs. We decided the time from 5 to 7 after school. I reached her home at the exact time as I didn't wanted to miss the chance of spending time with her.

She had 2 daughters and both were in some primary school. They were young and very much into extra curricular activities. So after school they would go to dance and music classes thus leaving me and my teacher at home with other students. Her husband was a manager in an export company and would usually come in late.

Slowly as the days went by we became frank with each other as I used to spend a lot of time with her. But I could not strike at any opportunity as there were other 2 students as well. But on that fateful day, the other students did not come and no matter what, I did not wish to lose private lessons and I was there at her place bang on time.

It so happened that she lives in an old bungalow and many of her doors had cracks. This I used to my advantage. I was looking at all opportunities to look at her. While teaching me, she got up and went into her bedroom. I tip toed behind her and saw her entering her wash room. I turned into a peeping tom and peeped into the bathroom from one of the cracks.

I told you it’s an old bungalow and hence the toilet was also not western, but an Indian one. I saw her sitting and peeing in the basin and her saree and petticoat was lifted up. The toilet was faced towards the door and I could see her peeing very clearly as the bathroom tube gave enough light to see her cracks covered in hairy jungle.

What I did not know was, she saw me peeping, but kept quiet. After about an half an hour or so, she got up again and walked towards her washroom which is inside her bedroom. I wanted to seize the opportunity once again and went to the crack of the door again to peep inside. To my horrow, she was not there in the wash room.

When I turned back she was standing behind me with a stern face. I said that I am sorry but couldn't help it because she was very beautiful. She said that she will complain to my parents and took her mobile. I started pleading and begging and fell at her feet. She was enjoying this and started black mailing me. I said maam im ready to do any work or anything, pls. Just don’t complain.

Tell me, what did you see ? nothing I said, as it was dark. But she did not believe me and gave me a stern look. I said I could see her place down there pointing at her vagina, and to my surprise, she asked, did you like what you saw ? I got bold enough now and said that it was amazing and see her totally will be my dream come true.

She smiled and asked me to shut up. She was surprised to learn that I used to fantasize about her. She told me, since I have seen her in the nude, it is fair enough for her to see me. She asked me to get out of my jeans and started stroking my member. She loved my circumsized member a lot and started sucking it vigourously as though she is a tiger let loose on a prowl.

This being my first time, I came into her mouth and didn’t know what to do or say. I just blurted sorry maam, sorry maam. She went into bathroom and came back. I held her and started kissing on her lips. She was surprised at my boldness and soon we started exploring each other with our tongue. Slowly I moved my hands on her boobs and started pressing it...they were really soft.

I tired entering her blouse but the blouse was too tight to put my hands under it. she understood what I wanted and slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and removed the blouse. Now she was in the bra in front of me and her huge boobs were coming out of her bra.

I pressed her left boob very hard and that made her moan a bit..I asked her to remove her bra also so that I can see her boobs completely. She asked me to be patient and asked me to come to the bedroom and I happily followed her.she threw me on the bed, removed my t-shirt and started kissing me all over my body. My dick got really hard because of all this and starting paining.

My dick was completely erect.She took it in her hands and gave it a few gentle strokes. I asked her to remove her remaining clothes and she did. Now both of us were completely naked in front of each other. Her big boobs,round ass and wet pussy was making me wild. I asked her to lie down on the bed and then I reached her pussy.

The smell of pussy with the fluid flowing out of it was making me crazy.I kept my mouth near her pussy for few seconds and then started licking it. She moaned heavily in the process,she was making sounds like oohhh...mmn....uu..she pressed my head tightly near her pussy and I kept licking her she started moaning even more heavily.

She was getting aroused by all this and making sounds like aaaahhh......mmnn...uuuu.....then I moved one of my hands to her breast and started pressing them very hard. She said, please be soft. I was completely aroused and didn’t listen to her and pressed them really hard.

I licked her pussy for 15 mins Her pussy was feeling so warm. Then I again started playing with her boobs and stared sucking them one by one.I took the right boob in my mouth and started sucking them and with my left hand started pressing her left boob.

Slowly I moved down and started kissing all over her body,naval,and thighs.Soon my penis got the erection again and now it was my turn to get into her hot pussy. She laid down with her legs wide opened and I came over her...then I pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight. As I pushed the head of my dick went inside her.

She gave away a little moan aahhh....then I pushed again and this time my whole dick went inside her then I laid down there for a few mins and then started the strokes. she was enjoying my gentle strokes and then I slowly increased my speed and she started moaning heavily her moans were making me more horny and I increased my speed....

meri spped badte hi usko aur maza aane laga and she pulled me towards her and tightened her grip around my waist. And then we climaxed with me shedding the load completely in her. I was scared what if she becomes pregnant. She laughed and said, this is the advantage of making love to a married lady, either she is on pills,

or her husband will be proud thinking that he is still strong enough to make his wife pregnant. After this sexperience, she told me that I should concentrate on studies and not on sex, but she would give me sex whenever there is a possibility.

She warned me not to behave differently as there are other children. I used to get sex once in a week or so, and after that gradually it reduced and we stopped seeing each other as I had to move on to another city for my engineering. But this one experience, the first and last of my life, I shall never ever forget.


Posted : 20/06/2011 5:26 am