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Katrina kaif Chudai Fantasy Story  

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One day Katrina and Salman had gone for dinner after a long time because both of them were busy shooting for their respective movies.

Katrina was looking beautiful in the black silk gown while Salman was in white tee and black denims

Salman- What will u have darling

Katrina- Lets have Chinese

So she ordered Manchurian and noodles. They chatted till the food arrived

Katrina- Oh God what an aroma. The food seems delicious.

Katrina started eating as soon as the waiter served her. Salman too was enjoying his meal.

The food is too spicy Katrina said as she gulped down 5th glass of water. Her eyes were draining tears.

Salman- Leave it. Lets order something else

Katrina- No lets have a choco sundae

The ice cream arrived. They shared the same. Salman paid the bill. As Katrina got up to leave she felt stomach ache. She told Salman that she has had such pain earlier also

Salman- Don't worry, it is just because of the spicy food. You will be fine soon.

They left the hotel in Salman's car. Though Katrina was talking but she was uncomfortable, Salman sensed this.

Salman- What happened

Katrina- The pain hasn't got better

Salman- Dont worry. We have reached your home. Just take a glass of milk and you will be fine.

They entered Katrina's house. Salman went to the kitchen while Katrina went to the bedroom.

By the time Salman brought the milk Katrina had already changed into nightie and was lying on the bed. She was looking hot but Salman felt that it was not the right time to say that. Salman gave her the milk. She drank and slept and Salman left.

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Next day when Katrina woke-up, the condition didn't improve. Her legs were paining badly. She had to take the support of the bed to stand up

She somehow dragged to toilet to relieve herself. After peeing when she started doing potty she had to strain alot and felt pain in her hips and between her legs

After she was done with potty, she decided to call Salman

Salman spoke in a drowsy tone

Salman- Hi honey

Katrina- hi darling. I m still not feeling well. My legs are aching badly and alot more is happening

Salman- Dont worry it is only yesterday's fatigue.

Katrina- You behave in a strange manner at times. I am sick. I need help.

Salman- Ok i will be there in 30 mins.

When Salman reached home Katrina was lying on the sofa. Her hair were loosely open and she was looking really sick.

Realising the situation Salman ordered “Get ready lets go to the doctor.”

Katrina went to her room and changed into salwar kurta

After that they left for the doctor.

They reached the clinic. Salman registered Katrina's name. The receptionist then went to Dr. cabin. A moment later she came out and asked both of them to go in.

They entered the cabin. They were welcomed by a 30 year old male. 'Welcome Mam. Welcome Sir', he said offering them seat. Katrina took the patent's seat.

Dr- Yes mam, tell me how can I help you.

Katrina- Dr. I am having pain in the lower abdomen and legs. When I went to toilet in the morning I also experienced pain in my hips and I had to strain alot. (She stopped mid sentence)

Dr- During potty?

Katrina- Yeah (embarrassed)
She then looked towards Salman thinking that what would he be thinking. But he was normal.

Dr- Ok let me see

He pulled her eyelids one by one.

Mam please show your tongue.

Katrina opened her mouth and showed her tongue. The doctor placed a metal strip on her tongue to open it wider.

Then he placed stethoscope to check her heartbeat. When Katrina took a deep breath she felt mild pain in her lower abdomen. The doctor realised the discomfort on her face.

Dr- Whats happening madam

Katrina- Its paining here when I breathe. (pressing her lower abdomen)

Dr- In that case mam I will have to examine your abdomen.

Mam please come to the bed.

Katrina removed her sandals and went to lie on the bed as Salman watched her.

The Dr. straightened her legs. Then he pressed her abdomen from above her kurta.

Dr- Mam where do you feel the pain.

After few trials of doctor’s pressing here and there, Katrina said 'ya here'

Dr- Sir I will have to lift her Kurta to examine the affected area with your permission (looking at Salman)

Salman- Why are you asking for my permission? She is your patient, you are the doctor, she needs to be cured, where do I come into sll this (smiling)

Katrina didn't respond though she felt uncomfortable due to Salman’s behaviour.

Dr lifted her blue kurta till her navel was visible. He felt a hard on in his pant. After all bollywood queen Katrina was lying upshirt in front of him. He then touched her belly again pressing here and there. “Aaah” Katrina said.

Dr- Sorry mam, was just locating the exact site of pain.

Salman too was enjoying the view of Katrina being examined by a man. Dr left Katrina in that condition and went to take something from the drawer.

He came back with a tube. He took some cream from the tube on his finger and started applying it around Katrina’s navel and below with his masculine long fingers. This is a pain killer. It will relieve you soon as it is applied directly at the site. He encircled the navel a few times then went down towards the left and then towards the right of her navel covering the whole “site.”

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He came back with a tube. He took some cream from the tube on his finger and started applying it around Katrina’s navel and below with his masculine long fingers. This is a pain killer. It will relieve you soon as it is applied directly at the site. He encircled the navel a few times then went down towards the left and then towards the right of her navel covering the whole “site.”

As he was applying the cream Katrina squirmed a little but sensing the presence of two males in the room, she straightened herself. The doctor massaged her belly for another five minutes. Katrina was feeling embarrassed and was about to pull her Kurta down, the doctor exclaimed, “Oh Madam let it stay as it is for a few minutes and let the ointment dry otherwise your Kurta will be spoiled.
Katrina- “Oh OK”. She felt embarrassed as she would have to stay upshirt, displaying her sexy navel for some more time. She closed her eyes and started praying in her mind. The doctor then stated pushing the salwar from her left leg. “What are you doing doctor”, Katrina exclaimed. “Now I will apply this ointment to your legs to soothe your leg pain.”, the doctor explained. He pulled the salwar exposing her legs till her knees. Then he straightened her legs. The doctor took the ointment in his fingers and applied it first on her right leg. He was massaging very slowly, feeling the smooth skin of Katrina’s leg. He was covering each and every inch of her leg in slowest possible manner to prolong the enjoyment of this feel. He started from the portion just above her foot and slowly progressed upwards with making long strokes with his fingers. He was pressing her legs with his fingers intermittently. She was feeling good because he was doing it with adequate force and this was relaxing her muscles. “Aaaaaah”, she moaned but when she realised that Salman and Dr were looking at her, she became conscious. The doctor proceeded further, massaging her calf in a similar fashion. “Feeling better madam”, the Dr asked. “Ya” she replied meekly. She was feeling too relaxed to say any word. “Thats good madam. You will soon be absolutely fine.”, the doctor added. By the time the doctor was massaging the underside of her calf. After massaging the right leg, he straightened himself and placed a towel on his lap then he took her right leg and placed it on the towel. Katrina felt that something was touching her ankle . First she could not guess what it could be but then realised it was his manhood. “Oh God he is getting a hard-on, massaging my legs. She really felt embarrassed but the situation was such that she could not say anything. He then massaged her right in similar fashion- Making long strokes using his fingers from her ankle towards her knees. “Its done”, he said after massaging for few minutes. “Thodi der mein theek ho jayega. Aaiye Sir tab tak mein prescription likh deta hoon. “, he added calling Salman towards his table. Salman followed.. Katrina was feeling no improvement. After about 5-10 minutes doctor came and asked Katrina “Kaisa lag raha hai madam.” She made a face showing utter disappointment. The doctor smiled and said “Hoga Hoga theek hoga. “ “Come darling lets go home”, Salman said affectionately. The doctor slowly puled her salwar back, covering her legs, first from the left and then from the right leg. Infact he was so slow that Katrina could feel that he didnt want to actually let her go but was doing it under compulsion. Seeing that the doctor was putting her clothes back in position, she quickly slid her kurta back over her sexy tummy (to the disappointment of the doctor) As Katrina tried to get-up from the bed “Aram se”, he said and brought his hand to give her support from the back. He put his arm brhind her back and on the pretext of giving support he was slowly caressing her back. This incident was mometry and even Salman didnt notice it. Once she sat-up straight the doctor brought her legs down from the bed to the ground on by one. The doctor was deliberately pulling her salwar slowly upwards to touch the bare skin of her smooth hairless legs (the salwar had reached till her lower calf in both her kegs. Since she was still feeling the pain she had to ignore doctor’s doings as after all he was helping her she thought. “Ab aap dheere se khde ho jaiye”, said the doctor. Salman offered her support and she stood slowly. It showed that she was still uncomfortable in standing. Salman held her right hand and asked her to place her left hand on his shoulder. He thanked the doctor and slowly, limpimg Katrina and Salman made way out of the clinic.

They reached Katrina’s home. SK made her lie on the bed and asked her to take rest. He told that he had ti go for an important shoot so he was leaving. Katrina knew that he actually had an important shoot with a very strict director that day and it was really important for him to reach there on time so despite of her discomfort she let him go. After SK left she took the medicine and slept. As the medicine was a pain -killer and had a small amount of sedative in it, Katrina slept through and woke up only next morning.

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It was 10 AM wgen she got up next morning. Though she had some sleep as compared to previous night but she realised that the pain was back and this time she was feeling throbbing pain in her legs, hips and stomach. She tried to sit up straight but she had great difficulty in doing so. She realised she was also feeling throbbing pain in her lower back. She picked up her cellphone and called SK.

SK- Hi honey how are you

Katrina began to sob

SK- Hello hello darling what happened? Everything OK? Hello Hello

Katrina- (Weeping tone) My body is aching worse than yesterday.

SK- OK OK relax. Did you take medicine yesterdya night?

Katrina- (Weeping) Yessss

SK- Listen darling don't worry I am reaching you soon

The phone got disconnected and Katrina laid back on the bed sobbing.
Twenty minutes later SK entered her room. Katrina was still weeping. Her face had a reddish tinge because of this.

SK- Oh God (leaping towards her) Your condition has really deteriorated darling. Lets go to the doctor. Just freshen up and change. (She was still wearing blue salwar Kurta from yesterday) meanwhile I will arrange for the appointment with the doctor.

Katrina- (Yelling) Are you mad, I cant even sit straight and you are asking me to freshen-up and change.

SK (shocked)- Oh God it means you havent done your morninig routine till now.

Katrina- How can I. I am dying of pain.

SK- OK lemme think a way out.

SK- OK you don't brush, just have a glass of water, wash your face and change.

Katrina- But I wanna go (pointing towards the loo)

SK- Ohhkaay (Surprised what to do now)

SK- I will pick you up and put you on the seat and then you can do whatever

Katrina- OK (meekly)

SK carried her in her arms to the loo and put her on the seat.

As SK was about to leave Katrina said “Darling can you pull my salwar. I cant bend.”
Firecrckers burst in SL’s mind. He was looking for this opportunity.. But he had to hide his excitement so he put a straight face and said “OK”. He went to her and bent down in front of her. Then he groped her waist on pretext of locating the thread-string. Once located, he pulled the thread-string, in moments, her baby-pink panty revealed itself. Then SK slowly pulled it further down, revealing her creamy, hairless thighs then her knees and finally revealing her smooth legs and letting the salwar fall on the floor. Katrina was feeling irritated at SK’s slow-motion actions.

SK- Should I pull down your panty also?

Katrina- No need. I will do it myself

SK- No need!! Then how will you..... (He delebrately didnt complete the sentense.) I men you will have to anyway get-up to remove your panty and if you do it alone probably you may end up with a jerk in your back and this will worsen the pain. (SK explained in a convincing tome)

Katrina looked at him blankly. He had a point. “OK” she said. SK pulled up her kurta slightly to locate the panty elastic then with both his hands he pulled it down from the front, revealing her cleanly shaven, pink lipped pussy. Then he supported Katrina with one hand and with other hand groped her bums nad located the elastic from the back. SK- Honey just a minute. Katrina understood his words and got up slightly to facilitate SK to pull back the panty from her bums. “Aaaiiii” she yelled as she got up. “Relax relax “, SK said. Finally SK pulled down her panty completely and let it fal on floor.

Katrina- OK now you go out and close the door.

SK had become excited seeing Katrina in this position and reluctantly left the toilet. After few minutes, when Katrina was done, she called SK. When SK entered the toilet he found Katrina sitting in the same position, he left her. Katrina had already flushed her crap. SK made her stand up taking his shoulders ass support. He quickly pulled up her panty and the salwar and tied the string. Then he said, “Honey I am holding you from the back, you quickly wash your face.”, She did as told and then he lifted her in his lap and brought her out of the toilet.

As decided,he offered her a glass of water as a substitute of brushing and wasting time. She gulped down the water and combed her hair slightly to look presentable. She wore her flat slippers to be comfortable. Then SK carried her in her lap to the car and they were off t othe doctor.

They reached the clinic in an hours time with KK asking SK to drive faster A wheel-chair was called for KK because she was unable to walk.. They were welcomed by the doctor cheerfully. “Hello Sir, and How are you feeling today madam”, asked the doctor. “Doc, today I have a pain in my back also and my legs, abdomen and hips are paining worse than before. “, she said somehow. “Did you have the medicine”, asked the doctor. “Yes I did but the pain has returned since the time I woke up.”, she said, sitting on the stool in front of him. “Open your mouth”, the doctor said. As she opened her mouth the doctor made a disgusting face. She understood that it was her morning breath that had disturbed the doctor. Then SK intervened to ease out the situation for her. “Doctor she didn't have the strength to brush. She was suffering alot in pain, thats why....”, said SK. She felt really embarrassed. “Don't worry”, the doctor said calmly. He pulled out two face-masks from the drawer. He used one. After checking her mouth he gave her the other one. She put it on. Then he examined her using stethoscope. KK was looking very cute with the mask. “I will give you an injection. This will definitely relieve your pain”, said the doctor.
“No no I will not take any injection. I will bear the pain.”, she said. (She was scared of injection.)
“Come on darling don’t be silly. You will not know the pain. You are strong”, SK said, patting her back. “Yes, Sir is right. Besides, This is a sedative. This will put you to sleep for next few hours and when you wake-up the pain will be gone.”, thee doctor jumped in. He went aside and made a call over the intercom. Within moments two assistants entered. SK was shocked. “Madam you just relax”, the doctor reassured her. “Madam we will carry you to the bed. Don't worry. just take off the slippers.”, one of the assistants said. She did that.Then the assistant pulled her slightly to make her stand up. Then the other assistant held her by the legs and the first assistant held her head. They carried her to the bed Then one of them said. “Mam please lie on your abdomen.” The assistants helped her turn. All this happened so quickly that she didn't get time to ask the place of application of the injection. But ultimately she gathered courage and asked the doctor, “Doc will you not inject in the arm”. “No no. This has to be given in the lower back”, said the doctor laughingly. “And what if the pain doesn't go by the evening”, she continued. “Then we will have to consult the specialists and get the required diagnostic tests. I will refer you to my friend who is a radiologist. Get an abdominal ultrasound done.” Before she could react one of the assistants pulled her kurta till her lower back, Thus also showing her salwar covered bums. SK was feeling erotic seeing her in this position. “Now please don't shake or you will hurt yourself”, warned the doctor. He first applied the antiseptic at the site of application then asked “ready madam”. “Yes”, she squeaked with her eyes tightly closed. Then he finally gave her the shot. “AAAAAAAAIIIIIIII”, she yelled. Relax relax” doctor said. She kept sobbing for 10-15 minutes then her sobs stopped because she had drifted off to sleep. “Sir you can take her home”, the doctor said, removing her mask and also his.. The assistant put the slippers in her feet.She was shifted from the doctor’s bed to a wheeled bed and wheeled to the car.

SK made her lie down in the back seat and the drove towards her home. Meanwhile he kept checking her out through the mirror, She was looking beautiful in this senseless state. They reached her home in an hour. He put her in her bed and covered her with a blanket. He sat at her bedside fantasizing about her. He didn't know how five hours passed. He came back to seneses when he found KK moving. She tried to get up but realised that pain had not got better but only worsened. She told the same to SK

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SK- but this time you should brush first.

He carried her in her arms and made her sit on the chair which he had already kept and then went out. Within minutes she brushed her teeth and washed her face. SK carried her back to bedroom. She wore her slippers and they were off to the radiologist that the previous doctor had referred.

It took them around an hour to reach the radiologist. SK showed the reference letter and KK was wheeled to examination room. SK followed.The doctor asked her to sit on the chair while another person brought a glass and a jug full of water. He offered it to KK. "Madam, you are required to drink water before the ultrasound. She obediently gulped down the first two glasses. When the assistant offered the third one. She refused. "Madam you will have to take this glass. Otherwise image will not be clear.", the doctor said. She reluctantly started drinking that water. "Yes Yes Come on madam.", He started thumping her back like it is done for small children. She burped. This eased the situation for her and she instantly gulped the reaming water. Now she was feeling the pressure in the bladder but had to bear it so did not say anythig. "Madam now its the time for the test", the doctor said and pushed her chair next to a bed. The bed had a TV screen nearby alongwith many other instrumnents. "Madam please lie down on the bed, facing the roof.", said the doctor. She did that. The doctor switched on the TV and also the transponder. "Madam I will have to lift your Kurta till here (touching her upper abdomen)", the doctor announced. KK was not in a position to say anything so remained silent. The doctor took it as a green signal. He lifted the Kurta revealing her creamy white abdomen. She felt embarrassed lying like this in front of three males. SK just looked on. "OK madam now I am going to start the exam. So please stay calm and stay straight.", the doctor announced for the one last time. As he touched the trnsponder to the abdomen, she felt a cold metal touch. The doctor slowly mnuvered the transponder from just below the Kurta then down towards her navel, then hr went towards the right then again coming back to the centre he went to the lower left then he moved further down. Just then he stopped and gazed at the screen. After a few anxious moments

KK- What happened doctor.

Dr.- Nothing nothing its done".

SK- Everything OK doc

Dr- Aah Yyeah

SK- You dont seem convinced

KK- Anything serious

Dr- Not to worry. Your Dr. Will guide you.

KK finally got up and adjusted her Kurta. The Dr. Helped her get down and back to thewheel chair. The doctor wrote a report. They collected the report and headed straight to their doctor.

Within twenty minutes they were at the doctor’s clinic. It was his closing time but when he saw them he welcomed them. “Madam how are you feeling”, asked the doctor. “Not OK. The radiologist has detected some problem it seems. No problem. Let me see. He went throught the report and became tensed. “What happened doctor”, SK asked. “Get madam examined by an orthopedoc quickly.”, commanded the doctor. I will refer you to him and give him a call. He will wait for you.”, the doctor added. “Anything serious”, KK asked. “Just do as I say.” KK was quickly wheeled to the car.

It took them half an hour to reach the destination. SK went inside and showed the reference letter at the reception. Immediately a wheel chair was brought fir KK and she was taken directly to the doctor’s room. The doctor was around thew same age as the previous one. “Welcome Mam. Welcome Sir. Sir please have a seat. SK sat opposite to the doctor while KK sat next to the doctor on patient's stool. He then went through the previous doctor’s diagnosis.

Dr.- “Oh God it means nearly your whole body is aching. (Laughs)

KK- “Yeah doctor” (sadly)

Dr.- No Problem. I will examine you.

Then he turned the stool so that her back faces him. “Sit straight mam” he said.
Then he took out a bone hammer from his drawer and hit it lightly through the length of her spine, starting from the point just below her neck till the till bone (over her salwar). Each time he hit her “Aaii” she squeaked. Now I have to examine your legs. You have leg pain also, am I right”, he confirmed. “Yes doctor”, she said. “Don't worry”, he reassured her.
Saying this he pushed the stool to the bed. “Climb on to the bed and sit facing me with your legs down.”, he said. He helped her do so. He lifted her salwar baring her knees. He then hit the hammer slightly on her left knee. Out of reflex she kicked and her foot hit the doctor’s manhood. “Sorry”, she said feeling embarrassed. Then the doctor repeated the exercise with her right knee but this time there was no reflex action. The doctor repeated but still was the same. Then the doctor said. “Mam there is a problem in your back and knee. I would advise you to get an x-ray done.” Saying this he went to his desk and wrote a reference prescription for x-ray. “Get an x-ray done ASAP and get back to me”, he said handing over the list to SK. “Dr. its too late today. The clinic might have already closed by now. Can we get it done by tomorrow? Its too late.’, SK cleared himself.

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“No its better you get it done now only. I have a friends radiology lab in the next block. I will give him a call. Its for Madam’s good. Moreover your doctor is also waiting a response from my side. So better get it done quickly.”, the doctor explained. Without any further discussion SK drove KK to the bext block for the X-ray. As guessed, everything was ready already and KK was wheeled to the exam room for the Xray with SK following her.

“First we will do the Xray of your legs.”, the technician said and KK sat on the bed. It had a scanner overhead. “No No take of your salwar,”, the technician made it clear. “WHAT”, both KK and SK said in chorus. “Yes madam you have to take off your salwar. See full Xray of your legs has to be done.”, he said showing one of the prescriptions. It clearly mentioned.her name and requirement “X-ray- Left and Right- Leg and thigh” with the doctor’s signature at the end. KK was doumbfoumded. She had to strip off her salwar with two males in the room. “Acha theek hai. Gown do.”, she said. “Madam, gown se to fir taang dhak jayegi. Phir kya fayeda.”, he replied. She realised her mistake. Shr found no other option. She sat on the bed with legs dangling. Then she lifted her kurta slightly to reach her thread string and then pulled it.In a flash the blue salwar fell on the floor. Then she lie on the bed facing the ceiling. The technitian could feel a hard-on in hid pant. She noticed it but decided to ignore it. Her kurta was still covering some part of her legs.The technician pulled her Kurta exposing her pink panty and her belly button. She was dead in shame. She wanted all this to end soon. “Madam, I am starting the machine. Dont move. Just one minute.”, he said. The machine was switched on. It made some funny sounds and moved slightly to left and right. This one minute seemed to be the longest in her life. After some time he said, “Ho gaya.” Chalo ab aap ulta let jao. Peeth ka bhi X-ray nikalna hai. Full.”, he made it clear. KK sat up and he showed the other prescription. On it was mentioned. “Full Xray- Back”
She lied on her stomach. Then the technician lifted her Kurta till her neck. Completely exposing her panty covered ass, her complete back only covered by the bra. “Saab yeh pakdo”, he called SK to hold the Kurta in position. Kurta was in such position that her head was completely covered under the Kurta. SK held the Kurta. “Oh ho, ye metal hook wali bra, ye to nikalni padegi nahio to Xray nai aayega.”, he said an unhooked her bra in a moment and pushed it aside. KK was shocked. “Madam bas ek minute lagega. Aap hilna mat.”, he said. Again it seemed to KK that it was taking very long. But finally he said. “Ho gaya”, and put the braback in place. SK left the Kurta and it covered her back. She sat up and SK helped her wear the salwar. Meanwhile the technician had already gone out for the report to be prepared by the doctor. When KK reached with SK to the doctor’s room the report was ready. They took the report and went back to the orthopedic’s clinic.

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There he studied the x-ray report and made his own to be given to their doctor. They took the report and went to their doctor. It was almost 11 PM when they reached his clinic. He studied the report and said. “The problem is serious. Get abdominal examination of madam as soon as posssible.”, the doctor said. Both SK and KK becme tensed but they were too tired. So both SK and K asked together, “Doctor can it be done tomorrow. Its too late we are dead tired. The doctor smiled and said, “Ha Ha. OK. But it should be the first thing done tomorrow. Here’s the reference letter. And madam you will have to go empty stomach for the exam.” “Sure doc”, SK replied.

Then they left for KK’s home. They reached by midnight.

“Darling ,I want to have a bath. I haven't had a proper wash since the last two days.”, KK said.
“Okay I will take you to the bathroom. When you are done, tell me”, he said, and carried her in hid lap to the bathroom and after coming out lied on the bed. It took half an hour for KK to give a call. By that time SK had prepared coffee for both of them. Now KK was looking stunnig in her white bathrobe. They had coffee and went to sleep.

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It was 9 AM when KK woke up. SK was still in deep sleep. “Honey wake up we have to go to the doctor. In 1 hour both of them got ready. KK didn't have breakfast as advised by the doctor. In an hour’s time they were at their destination.

SK showed the letter and went to the doctor’s room with KK in the wheel chair. The doctor welcomed them. He said, “Madam for the abdominal exam you have to strip to your undergarments.” The second part of the doctor’s senternce rendered both KK and SK shell shocked. Both first looked at each other and then blankly looked at the doctor. Then KK somehow uttered “Can there be a lady doctor for the exam.” “Sorry mam, I am the only doctor in the clinic.”, he said. Seeing no other option, KK pulled her white t-shirt over her head to reveal her white lacy bra. Then she pulled down her blue denims and revealed her white lacy floral panty. Now she was only in her white bra and panty. “Madam please stand straight. First I will conduct a visual exam.”, thew doctor said. “Sir can you hold madam for support”, he added further, referrring SK. SK was more thsn happy to do it. He came and stood behind KK, holding her by the shoulders. The doctor scanned every inch of her abdomen by his eyes. “What are you staring at”, KK retorted. “Madam this is the visual exam”, the doctor replied. Then he also pressed above her navel with both his palm. “Aaaaahhhh”, KK uttered. “OK madam, done”, the doctor announced. KK atonce sat on the chair. She was tired.

“Madam please lie facing me on the bed”, he said pushing her chair next to the bed. From the corner of the eye she could seet the hard-on in doctor’s pant. She felt very embarrassed for being in this situation.

She climbed on the bed and lay facing the roof with her arms by her side. The doctor sat on bed in front of her. He first placed his stethoscope on her left next to her navel. As he put the stethoscope she started taking deep breaths automatically. After a few second he placed the stethoscope on the right, this time also next to her navel. Then he went further down and put the stethoscope just above her panty waistband. The panty shook a little due to the force of the stethoscope but, nothing was revealed. Then he said, “Madam please fold your legs with knees pointing upwards.” KK did that. She realised that now the only barrier between her asshole and the doctor was her panty. Had the panty not been there the doctor would have had a clear view of the hole. “Mam, now I will palpate your abdomen”, announced the doctor. She shook her head having no choice. He palpated the area just below her bra for three-four times. Then said, “Madam, please show your tongue.” KK opened her mouth and showed him her tongue. He pulled her lower lip with one hand, to have a better view and with the other hand kept palpating as before. After a few palpitations he started using both his hands for palpating. Each time he pressed the area “Aaaahhhh”, KK used to occur. Each time her boobs used to bounce as a result of the pressing. KK felt very embarrassed. Then he took a marker pen. KK couldnt guess what would happen next. To her utter surprise the doctor unhooked her bra and her bra opened in a flash.

KK- “What the hell you are upto.” (shouted and covered her exposed breasts wrapping her arms around them.)

Dr- “Mam please. I have to measure the area as you have abdominal symptoms. Please this is a part of the exam.

Dr- Sir please (asking SK to handle the sotuation)

SK- Dont worry (coming towards KK)

SK- Darling please understand its the part of the exam and is for your own good (streched her arms sideways and held them, making her breasts obstruction free)

KK- You are also with him

SK- Daling, please it will take just a minute

The doctor ran the pen from the reverse end from her collar bone to the end of her thorax. This gave a ticklish feeling to her. Then he drew a horizontal line with the pen from the left end to to little further down. KK couldn't understand what was the doctor doing. Then he measured the distance between the left and the right end of her thorax. Then he put her bra back in place and SK left her arms. She felt relaxed as atleast some her modesty was restored. Then he asked her to stretch her arms backwards and put his hand towards the lower left hand, between her body and the bed. “What are you doing”, KK asked angrily. “Mam I am conducting the exam”, he said and laughed. Then he repeated the process with lower right end as well. Then he said, “Madam, please sit up. “ KK did as asked. Then he pressed her lower back. “Aaaahhhh”, KK uttered in pain. “Relax madam”, the doctor said in an assuring tone. Then he hit her lower back a couple of times with the back of his hand. “Aaaahhhh Aaaahhhh”, KK uttered.

“OK madam, the exam is complete you can get dressed” , the doctor announced. KK immediately pulled the clothes from the wheel chair kept next to her. It appeared as if she was just waiting for those words. She quickly wore her jeans and then the t-shirt. In a minute she was dressed. Meanwhile SK was sitting with the doctor as he prepared the report. As the report work was done SK came towards KK to get her down from the bed. The doctor also came along. “Nothing much to worry”, these were the last words uttered by the doctor after which they came out of the clinic and drove straight to their own doctor.

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It took them twenty minutes to reach the doctor. By the time they reached the clinic KK was feeling very weak as she had not had proper food since the previous day. When they reached the doctor, he ordered a glass of glucose water to be brought for her. As she gulped the glucose water she felt much better and more fresh. After that the doctor went through the report. Soon he had a serious expression on his face. “Get madam examined by a gynec”, the doctor said in serious tone. “But doctor nobody has told me till now, that what is the problem. You people are just conducting tests. I am not a guinea pig.”, KK retorted angrily. “Madam, I will referr you to the most experienced doctor and the decision of that person would be final. Believe me.”, the doctor said, and began to type a letter. In a few minutes he handed over the reference letter to SK, who folded it and put it in his pocket.

After that they left the doctor’s clinic for the destination. As the doctor had already mentioned the address, SK need not see the letter for the same. In another twenty minutes they were at the gynec’s clinic. SK showed the reference letter and both of them were asked to go inside to the doctor’s room. An assistant helped KK with the wheel chair. As they entered the room , KK’s mouth opened in surprise. The doctor was a male, maybe a couple of years elder to her. “Are you the doctor who will examine me”, KK asked in surprise. “yes madam”, the doctor answered. SK quickly took the letter from his pocket. The letter mentioned the name of the doctor as “Dr. Manish” “Darling I will not have my checkup done by a male.”, KK said angrily and tried to getup from the chair. As she got up she felt a shooting pain in her back and legs and she fell down on the floor “Aaaahhhh” she yelled. Both Manish and SK came to hold her.

Manish- “Mam why did you get up on your own. Your health is at risk. Don't worry. I will not harm you. For your own sake please let me conduct your checkup before the situation gets even more serious. You maybe already feeling that your situation is getting from bad to worse since the past couple of days. Am I right?”

KK- “Yeah” (slowly)

Manish- See I told you. I have already seen your reports.

KK- But...

Manish- What happened Madam

KK- How... How can you examine me, being a male

Manish- Hahaha thats it?

Manish- Mam let me tell you, best Gynces in the world are males. Its a fact. Moreover I am a professional. Trust me no untroward incident will take place. Its my bread and butter. I cna’t be dishonest to my profession.

KK- Dont you have a lady doctor in staff. Or a nurse as a chaperon.

Manish- No please. I am the only doctor. As far as chapron is concerened we allow relatives of the patient in the exam room.

Manish- In your case, sir can be present in the room with you. (Looking at SK)

SK- Oh yes ofcourse. Darling I am there na. Then why do you worry.

SK was already wating for this occassion. He had already seen KK be examined by male doctors in the last 2 days. He was very excited at this moment to decline any such offer. He had alreay picturised KK lying in front of the doctor. Imaginative firecrackers were bursting in his mind.

Seeing no other option KK agreed to be examined by Manish. She was wheeled to the examination room with SK walking behind her. This room had a bed in the centrewith an overhead lamp and a small instrument panel attached to the bed. There was also a cupboard in a corner. In another corner was the doctor’s chair and table. KK was wheeled next to the doctor’s desk while SK sat on the bench near the cupboard.He could have a clear view of the bed.

Manish- “Madam first I will ask you some questions”

KK- OK (hesitantly)

Manish- When was your last menstrual period

KK was silent fir a few minutes. She hadnever answered such intimate questions to anyone, leave alone anwering them to a male that to in front of another male. SK realised KK’s position and said, “Honey do you want me to go out and asnwer the questions in private”

KK- No no its OK, you better stay. I am comfortable in your presence.

SK just wanted to hear that. It was like SK had got whole wealth in the world. Now Manish would examine KK in his presence. “Wow”, SK thought.

Manish- So Mam, tell me, when was your last menstrual period

KK-En..Ended...Ei... Eight.. Days... back

Manish- Do you experience pain during the period

KK- Yyesss

Manish- Pelvic pain?

KK- Yes

Manish- Do you experience odour during discharge?

KK- Yes (KK was very ashamed to answer this question and she bent her head in shame)

Manish noted all the answers. SK was also enjoying the show.

“Madam, now we will start the exam”, announced Manish. He pushed the chair next to the wall and asked her to stand up. An assistant helped her. He held her from behind. “Madam please take off your clothes”, Manish said. It was as if earth shook beneath her feet. A male doctor was asking her to completely undress in front of two other males. “But why, the doctor has only asked for a gynec checkup.”, KK asked. Then Manish showed her a copy of the reference letter he had recieved via email. It clearly mentioned “Detailed Gynecological Evaluation” It was too much for her. First she looked at the doctor and then at SK. SK noded and asked her to go ahead. Feeling some confidence she started.

First she undid her white t-shirt by pulling it over her head. She handed the same to the assistant. Then she unzipped her jeans and then unbuttoned it. With little difficulty she pulled down her jeans. As she was folding them, the assistant took them andput them on a table, with the t-shirt. Now KK was only clad in her undergarments. She was feeling very ashamed for being like this. Then she unhooked her bra. In a flash her melon-like boobs came in full view with a bounce. Finally she took of the last piece of clothing on her body- her lacy white panty. Now she was fully naked in front of three men. She was not able to meet there eyes due to shame. Then the assistant handed over an examination gown. He helped her wear the same.It was more like a shirt. It was button-less and reached slightly below her pussy.

First Manish checked her heartbeat using the stethoscope. KK wanted to know why he was checking her heartbeat when she was here for a gynec checkup, but decided not to asksuch question. Manish said, Madam please place both your hands behind your head. Doing this made KK’s breasts protrude a little. The assistant pulled her shirt a little from the right so that Manish could have full access to her breasts. He first placed the stetho in the centre. By default KK started to breathe deep. He let the stetho remain in that position for the next 20-25 seconds. KK could realise this was definitely more than required but didn’t say anything. Then Manish put the stetho just under her left breast and let it remain there for the next 20 seconds. Then he moved just above her left nipple and then below her right breast. Then he said, “Madam please turn around.” KK did so. The assistant pulled down the shirt from the shoulders from behind to reveal her upper back. Then with the other hand the assistant held the hair on her back and put them to the right. Then Manish placed the stetho in the centre for the next twenty seconds,

Then the assistant asked her to take off her shirt as well. Once again KK was completely nude. Then the assistant brought a measuring tape around her breasts while she stood with the hands behind her head. “34” the assistant announced much to KK’s shame. Then he measured her hips. “34” the assistant announced again. “But why are you taking these measurements”, KK asked annoyed. “As you have gynec symptoms. I have to measure your breasts and...”, Manish said. (he didn't complete the sentence) “to rule out any problems”, he added further.

Then he brought the tape around her waist, placing the tape just to measure the same. He then noted the reading. Then he brought the tape to measure her butt. He placed the tape exactly at her crotch. He was feeling her crotch on the pretext of measurements. Then he brought a steel measuring scale. He placed it on her rosy nipples to measure the distance between the two.He then noted the same. KK was feeling very ashamed as all this while she was standing with her hands behind her head. But she didnt say anything as she realised that Manish was a doctor doing his duty. He then said “Mam for sometime you can wear your panty and the shirt.” The assistant handed over her panty to her. These words were a great relief for her atleast some of her modesty was restored. But the words “Sometime” were still ringing in her mind.

Then he asked KK “Mam kindly lie down on the bed. He helped KK to the bed. The assistant pulled the shirt to side. He again measured her heat rate. First placing the stetho right below her collar bone. Then just at the tip of her left nipple, then near her navel on the right. What he did next made feel KK that she is dead in shame. The assistant pulled her panty slightly while Manish put the stetho directly on her crotch. It was so horrible for her. “What are you doing doc”, she yelled out of irritation. “Relax mam”, was the only answer she got.

Then the doctor said, Mam please lie on your right side. As she did thar her panty clad chubby ass once again came to view. From the corner of her eye she could see doctor wearing gloves. The assistant also squeezed a drop of gel on the doctor's finger. Nothing was left for guessing she thought. It was time for rectal exam. She only prayed that all this ends soon. And she was right, Within the next minute the assistant pulled down her panty to reveal the naked butt to the doctor. The assistant pulled her ass cheeks apart while the doctor inserted his finger. As soon as he did that “Aaaaoooouuuu” KK yelled loudly. “Relax mam it will be over in just a minute”, Manish said. Then he digged his finger deeper. “Aaaaiiii” KK yelled again. He kept his finger in that position for about 2 minutes and KK had gone mad yelling. Finally he took his finger out and releived KK. Sje could see some yellow substance on his finger. She was really ashamed. “Relax mam”, he said. “How can I relax in such a situation”, KK said annoyingly. To this the two men only smiled.

“Mam kindly come to the exam table.” Manish said. The assistant supported her till the table and made her lie down.Then he placed her feet in the stirrups. KK had always been scared of this. She had a couple of such expriences earlier but at that time it was a lady. But today it was different as three males were present. Though the third one was SK but still he was a male. She was very scared. Doctor wore a fresh pair of gloves and sat on a stool to level his face exactly with her pussy. The assitant held the lips apart while Manish inserted his finger. Afain KK yelled “Aaaaiiii” Relax mam, just a bit.” Manish reassured her. He manuvered his finger there for a couple of minutes pulling her pussy lips more and more. Finally he took out his finger and stood up while the assistant wiped of the excess gel. Then came even more dreading part. The assistant inserted the speculum. When he widened it, KK shouted at the top of her voice, “Aaaaaiiii” “Relax mam and just deep breathe”, Manish said. Manish held the torch and took a look inside while the assistant held the speculum in stable position.

What happened next really shocked her. The doctor brought a thermometer. Though she felt that it was very strange position to measure somebody's body temperature but she thought not to say anything because she wanted this to end quickly. Out of habbit she opened her mouth for the thermometer to be inserted. "Hahaha", Manish laughed. "No no it is not an oral thermometer it is..." and hw left the sentence incomplete and inserted the thermometer in her ass. "Aaaaiiii", KK shouted as it was already paining there due to previous exam. "This is anal thermometer" he added. By this time KK was howling as she had never had anything there. "Relax Mam this is the last exam", Manish calmed her down and within few seconds removed the thermometer. He noted the reading and said, "Its over mam. Please wear your clothes and come to my cabin.".

SK got up from his seat and was about to leave the room when KK signalled him to wait while the assistant left the room. She quickly wore her clothes as SK helped her. "Honey I am feeling really scared. I think something 's serious. See how many tests have been done still these people are not able to daiganose the problem", KK was worried. "Relax darling the doctor will tell us everything.", SK reassured her. She hopped on to the wheelchair and went to the cabin. Manish was writing the report and seemed very tensed.

SK: What happeened Manish

Manish: Sir the problem is serious.

KK; What. What has happened to me (KK went pale. It was the first time somebody was telling her about her illness)

SK- Manish be frank. What has happened.

Manish: Sir madam is suffering from ------------- [Readers are free to imagine any illness]
She has to be operated upon immediately. The disease is spreading rapidly.

KK felt numb. Neither KK nor SK had heard about this disease.

KK-What is the procedure.

Manish- Its a complicated procedure so I can't commit on time

KK- What is the success rate

Manish- Don't worry about that

SK- What now

Manish- Few blocks away I have my hospital there we will conduct some small tests and then the surgery

KK- What kind of tests now

Manish- Oh dont worry. Its only BP and blood test

KK- Who will conduct the surgery

Manish- I will. I have already informed your doctor. Please come my assistant will drop you at the hospital.

KK aprehended the surgery by a male but the fear of the disease overpowered her apprehension and she was ready to go to the hospital. By the time they came out of the clinic it was dark outside. In few moments they reached the hospital.

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By the time they mmoved out of clinic it was late midnight. The assistant guided them to Path lab. A nurse took her blood sample. As she pricked the needle in her arm KK shouted loudly "Aaaaiiii" Relax mam." the nurse said. Next she measured her BP and took the reading. Tgen she gave her a small bottle and said "Mam please give your urine sample."

KK was very embarassed on hearing these words in presence of two males. "I cant give the sample right away. I havent had a drop of water since mornig.", KK explained her problem

Nurse- Oh OK. Then I will give you another shot snd you will be able to pass urine within minutes. She then got another injection ready and pushed it in her other arm. "Aaaaiiii", KK shrieked again.

The nurse was right. Within minute she had the urge to pee. "Sister I wanna go",she said.

Nurse- Good (She then wheeled her to the attached bathroom and KK went inside and in few minutes brought the sample. The nurse took it and alongwith the blood sample sent to thr lab. KK was asked to wait for half an hour in the waiting room. The nurse guided them to that place. KK was so tired that within moments of sittong idle in the waiting room she fell asleep. After about 40 minutes the doctor came to the waiting room with the results. SK woke up KK. She was very drowsy. Manish said " We will opereate in 20 minutes. Its urgent. KK's drowsy feeling vanished and tension gripped her mind.

Manish- Mam have you had anything since morning

KK- No Actually I had an abdominal exam today as you know so I didnt have anything.

Manish- Thats great then we start in twenty minutes. Sister get the OT ready (he called from in cell)
Mam you come with me. (He wheeled her to the pre OT room and gave her the gown. A nurse helped her get into it.)

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