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Deepika Padukone Fucked in Hollywood Style  

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"Give her a towel" said Vin Dieselas he walked off. His cock spent but still semi-hard. His makeup artist ran up to him offering him some water and a robe. Deepika gingerly got up. She lost all sense of her nakedness. The cum all over her covered her. It made her feel clothed somehow. Comforted by cum. That was a first.Deepika was so ashamed but her pussy pulsed and was sopping wet. Her head was racing with thoughts. She was confused, cum drunk and full of lust. She was also angry at how she had been manipulated.

A production assistant walked up to Deepika- a negro guy of about 20. He looked her over lecherously as he passed her a towel. No robe.Deepika somehow accepted that this was her condition. She was just a piece of meat. She cleaned off the cum from her face and chest. Most of the crew was dissembling the equipment but they were all staring at her. This Asian woman, slim and tight. Covered in sweat and cum. Pussy juice dripping down her long legs. She was sexy as fuck to them. Especially so as she tried her best to remove the semen of shame on her body. The towel wasn't big enough to cover her so Deepika tied it around her waist as much as possible. At least she was now only topless.

"Everyone that's a wrap." shouted O. "You two go get showered up. Good scene today!" O laughed as he gestured to Vin Diesel and Deepika. "Yeah good scene!" laughed vin. He looked at the topless Deepika. Even with remnants of cum on her face, hair and chest she still looked somewhat innocent. "Good job babe. Maybe I'll see around" said vin. Before Deepika could even react,Vin Diesel was off. Disappearing off the set with his waiting posse.Deepika looked around and felt all alone. She needed to get out of there. "Than...thank you." she said to no one in particular and Deepika quickly scattered off through a stage door to her room. The alleyway was empty except for a couple of old negro crew members carrying some equipment. They smiled at her and wantonly looked at her perky tits as she struggled to cover them.Deepika was so relieved when she finally reached her room. It wasn't mu ch, a basic bed, shower and makeup chair. But it was enough. She needed to get this filth off her. She needed a hot shower and god, she needed a drink. She just needed to reset her head after this fucked up ordeal.

Deepika threw off her towel and walked into her bathroom. She turned on the shower and waited for the hot water to spray down on her. The water was like a cleansing pleasure. As it hit her face,Deepika took in the warm comfort. God it felt good. She started washing herself down with soap. Scrubbing extra hard to remove the filth off her. She shampooed twice to wash out the cum in her hair. She flinched as she scrubbed the dry cum from her face. She washed all over but her hands somehow found themselves at her cunt. The soap and hot water had washed off the cum and sweat but her pussy was still soaping wet on the inside. She was still wet and horny. She needed to release herself. "Unghhhhh...." she moaned as she slipped in two fingers into her puss y. Then she slipped in three fingers pulling the pink folds of her cunt lips apart and towards her clit. She began rubbing in a circular motion, pulling gently and rubbing softly. The motion alternated between quick and slow. Her head felt heavy but she knew the release would clear her mind.

Her thumb pressed and rubbed on her clit. She was close and her moaning became louder. Her breathing quicker. The water spraying down on her would hit her vagina here and there, increasing the pleasure and pressure. She arched her back as she squatted. Her rubbing and puling became more intense. She was close. Her body then tensed up and her pussy squeezed on her fingers. She came. "Ohhhhh.......fuccccck." moaned Deepika. "God fuck..." she whispered. She slumped down on the floor as the water washed her. She was spent. After a few minutes, her legs got their feeling again and she got up slowly. She turned her shower off. A fresh towel was in her bedroom so she stole a glance at herself in the full mirror in the bathroom. She was clean. Her hair wet and slicked back and with no makeup and stains of sex on her, she was nubile and fresh. The water had cleansed her and the powerful orgasm she just had, cleared her head and all she wanted to do now was rest.

She walked into her bedroom looking for her towel and that's when she saw him. O was standing there with her towel. He was completely nude. O was overweight. A potbelly and he had man tits. But he was a big man. About 6 foot 2 or 3. Once upon a time he was probably very muscular but he was in his late 50s now. Remnants of the muscles meant he was still a big guy. His hair was thinning too and he had stubble all over his face mixed in white hairs. But his groin was what Deepika was arrowed in too. His cock was huge. It was thicker than vin's if not as long. It was uncircumcised and he wasn't fully hard but the bulbous purple red cock head was peaking from its hood. Pre-cum making it glisten. His pubic hair was unshaven and growing wildly, peppered with white hairs as well. But his cock still stood proudly. O's balls were heavy and dropped low behind his fat cock.

"Looking for this?" O asked, raising the towel to Deepika. Deepika immediately came to her senses. "" she said. O smiled sinisterly as he walked over toDeepika dropping the towel. Completely naked with his cock swinging from side to side…………………and deepikas pussy adventure continued…….

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