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Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses

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I am posting these stories without the need of a partner, which is actually not like the format of this section of the forum, but as these sex stories are based on bollywood actresses so I am posting them here :rofl:

Preity zinta cluster fuck

Preity zinta, the bollywood actress was in a 5 star one night for for having sex with one of her clients who had paid her. Preity zinta was a big whore, though an expensive one who let anyone with bucks to enter her choot with her milky legs wrapped around him.

She had put on a office suit ending around her navel, revealing her navel and her back as the skirt was way below. The suit was too tight with lots of cleavage. Half of her boobs popped out of the skimpy dress. She always wore push up bra to tease the men around her and also made her boobs bob when she walked. As she was an actress she knew no one could rape her. These men then masturbated every night on her poster imagining to fuck her.

She had gone there, wearing a very short & tight black skirt, (at least 2 sizes too small for her) just covering her gaand, and showing off her entire shaven milky thighs,with high heeled black sandals, giving preity the complete high-class randi look. Whenever she went for a chudai like this, she never wore panties. The skirt was short enough to reveal her shaven pussy and her ass cheeks if she jst bent a little. High heeled black sandals, well manicured white thighs, black nail polish and a very short black skirt just inches from her gaand, made everyone s crotch tighten up as she walked thru the hotel lobby, bobbing her boobs up and down and shaking her big round ass . She was lookng damn hot! And slutty !

Preity zinta had put on a lot of make up. Red lipstick to highlight her juicy lips and kohl-lined eyes for a horny effect during the blow job, when looking with those lusty eyes into her client's eyes wud drive him sexually mad and he wud give her a good mouth fuck. Preity loved this mouth fuck where the big crotch wud fuck her to her throat as someone caught her hairs and pushed her to suck it off. She normally never wore such revealing and arousing dresses fearing men around her wud go mad with their erect rods and rape her there and then, but this was a big producer and she wanted to fully satisfy him to snatch the role, kareena had taken by taking his lund into her gaand. She noticed a man rubbing his crotch and smiled. Before that too, a man had tried to grab her ass, over her skirt.she was confident she wud blow her client apart tonight. May be he wud recommend her name as a slut to other men who wanted a blow job from her.

So many men had brushed her (no surprise, they wud fuck her given a chance or gang bang her,masturbating on the whore's face!),pressing against her breasts and rubbing their rods against her ass trying to shove their rods into preity's ass crack,feeling her naked thighs that she too was feeling horny now. As she entered the lift, the lift man kept gazing at her bare thighs and her butt for some time. She could see his crotch tighten and making a tent.preity felt horny and gave him a sexy slut like smile, even turning around a bit to show off her butts, teasing the man. He adjusted his pants rubbing his groin area and opening his zip.he could not believe his eyes! Her dream slut thinking of whom he masturbated every night was there. That too in such a short killing dress that he wud rip it off and just bang her gaand.soon the 2 started moving up. Suddenly the lift jerked and stopped. The lights went dim. Preity panicked and started pressing d lift buttons.she was looking even more hot, trying to adjust her thighs in those short skirts , protecting herself from his hungry eyes. To her horror, she felt hands groping her bare thighs from behind and a pole trying as if to push into her gaand forcing over her skirt.her high heeled but bare milky legs were blocked by the attacker.she tried screaming when he gagged her with his palm, pressing his crotch even deeper into her ass .the whore was trapped now !

The man now started feeling her body violently. He was in the heat now and just wanted to fuck preity zinta's holes. She could hardly breathe and the man had started thrusting against her. Soon he pulled her skirt down to her feet with his free hand and took out his instrument. It was erect to its limit and the veins were about to burst it seemed. The man was completely aroused by preity zinta's dress and her body. Clearly preity was in trouble.he took his hand off her mouth and pushed her face against the wall, making sure she could not scream. With one hand he guided his penis into her choot from behind & with the other crushed preity's boobs. The big bollywood actress was gettin bloody raped and she could not do anything. Preity zinta had got raped earlier too by a gang of producers. That time, 6 men had fucked her! The man's thighs blocked her milky white thighs from behind. She had no panty on. He slapped preity's butt cheeks hard on seeing this and became even more excited and violent, like a dog sticking his crotch and grinding it against preity zinta's thighs. He was kneading her breasts so hard, preity felt she wud choke. He was thrusting like a dog, fucking her bitch.suddenly as if a knife penetrated her, the man shoved his hard penis in her choot from behind. She started moaning when he again cupped her lips.he began thrusting in and out, tearing apart her vagina.he was fast and as he struck her preity felt a man's penis so deep inside her that were till now untouched. He had developed a rhythm and was raping and fucking preity zinta, the slut of his dreams! So many times he had masturbated on her face and he was now fucking herself ! Preity's skirt lay around her ankles, meshed with her high heels. Her lower body was totally nude and ideally positioned against the man's body for the standing doggy fuck.

Now the man made her kneel like a dog.he pushed her suit up with his free hand and pulled her hair. He started biting her back.he wanted to fuck her like a true randi. Pulling her hair, he started fucking her, this time in her ass.though it was split apart as preity was often ass fucked, still it pained a lot. Preity was grimacing as the pain was unbearable but she was paying the price of wearing such a horny dress, making so many men wanting to fuck her there and then. He kept thrusting against her, taking revenge for every man priety zinta left with a erect lund and a desire to fuck her.each time his pole searing thru her. Preity zinta was getting raped in that stranded lift.

With her hairs still in his hand, he made her turn around and quickly filled her mouth with his lund. It ws so long it rubbed agianst preity zinta's throat. Her juicy,red lipstick-ed lips were giving this man s a blow job as he mouth fucked her. She looked up and her kohl-lined eyes, drove him crazy and made him fuck her mouth doubly hard. She was totally nude except for the heels. Suddenly she felt his lund throbbing and realised he was about to cum. He gave preity's mouth a last few jerks, took his lund out and started cumming on her face. Hot spurts of his endless cum came on preity zinta's lips, dripping to her breasts and her suit, on her eyes and cheeks. After he cummed for about half a min, he rubbed his dick against her lips, smearing her lip stick and his cum all over the beautiful actress face.preity zinta had just been raped !

Posted : 12/01/2011 4:30 am

Bollywood fetish sex

Here is my fantasy for 2 of bollywoods not very famous females rituparnasen gupta n sonali kulkarni,they have something very sluttish n sexy in their looks esp in desi outfits like saari, salwaar kurtas n all .We have some ancesteral land in a village n an old man takes care of it so i decide to make a visit there, i pack all my stuff along wit my laptop n some porn dvd's , i reach the village in settle down in the small house in the farm , the old man has taken good care of the farm , i asked him who all stay here n he replies tat he n his daughter inlaw as his son is in town working , i ask hi to make food for me too he said things r to be brought from the village which was jus 3 km from the farm n said his daughter inlaw will come n take the money as he is old enough to go any where .I was sitting when i heard someone coming ,it was sonali wearing salwaar kurta ..she looked stunning even though the clothes were cheap n moreover she had some lipstick on "babu ji samaan lana hei bazaar se ,paise de dete to mei le aati" i was hard as i saw her i took out money n gave it to her n did'nt say nything , she smiled n went off ,i was excited as i knew tat in was going to have a good time if i had luck, i decided to take it slow , i thought of taking a look at the farm n went out.The weather was nice n it was a huge farm so i asked the old man where is the tube well he said he'll come wit me ba i told him to rest n i started walking,jus next to the water well there was junglee jhaadi n a small stream of water it was beautiful, i had a good lok n i came back n was sitting in the porch outside the house i saw sonali come wit stuff in her hand , my heart started beating fast , she came to me n handed me back 150 bucks "ye bach gae paise saab aur samaan le aai hun "

I got up n said "ye rakh lo tum paise aur suno ye tumhare liye hei kisis ko dena mat samjhi" she gave a harami look n said "ji saab , khana kitni kab khaenge aap, " jaldi khila do bhook lagi hei aur suno khana tum leke aana ,theek hei " i said smiling .She went off n i went in for a shower , bout 2 hrs later i heard somebody putting plates n all , came out frm the room n saw sonali keeping plate n glass on the table , "ban gaya khana , kya banaya hei"i asked "ji saab sabji hei aur chatni,meine banai hei" i sat down n started having food "kaun kaun rehta hei idhar i asked "ji mei aur babba(old man) , tumhara marad kidhar gaya i aked , ji wo sheher mei rehte hei kaam karte hei 2 saal se nai aae, aur khet kaam kaun karta hei,ye jo samne phool paudhe lage hei ye kaun dekhta hei, "ji mein aur ek gaon se aurat aati hei hum dono dekhte hei, i finished my food n asked her to clean it n make my bed.Next morning i got up at bout 10 n called for sonali n shouted her to make chain i went out to the porch n saw some female working in the garden ahead i went close to have a look n saw rituparna oh my i was har as soon as i saw her she stood up "idhar kaam karti hun saab" theek hei n i came back wit hardon n saw sonali coming wit chai in a glass n thought of having some fun i quickly took off my underwear n put back on my shorts wit a huge tent n sat on the bed , sonali came in n put chai on the table "saab chai le lo " i got up n came out wit a tent in my shorts , i saw her looking down at my tent "ye he hei jo kaam karne aati hei tumhare saath " i asked "ji saab she replied n she went off smiling i was excited .The day passed by n by 3 afternoon i saw both of them working in the garden n would often look towards me n wld giggle, n they got up n went to the water well for cleaning themselves. Next day i made a plan to have some fun as i was hard since 3 days looking at both of them , at bout 2:30 jus before they finished their work i took my laptop n the porn movies n headed towards the water well , there was a small room where the water pump was kept And i could see from the door who is coming i put on the movie n waited for them to come i saw them Coming n positioned my self so tat the think i m not aware to who coming.I pulled the shorts down till knees n started playing wit my cock , my heart was beating fast as their voice was coming close i was sitting wit my back towards the door n anyone at the door cld c the screen i put on the fetish blowjob film where only blowjob n cumshots were there , the voices suddenly went quite "saab" i heard n sonali came in i had my cock in my hand i stood up as pretending i was caught my shorts down n sonali n rituparna standing at the door both looking at my cock , sonali came forward n take my cock in her hand n rituparna knelt n kissed my cock head i cldnt believe my luck n sonali knelt too n both of them started sucking my cock like hungry bitches "chodega dono ko "saying this rituparna stood n pulled her salwaar down n sonali guided my hard cock into her wet pussy n i started fucking her hard like a mad bull sonali also bended"saab chodo mujhe n i pushed my pulsating cock in her wet tight pussy n fucked them both till they came n then i shot my load on their faces ..

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Katrina's Mouth

This is story of hottest ass girl Katrina Kaif …Once they went on tour to US and in the night they went into a pub for playing snooker. As they entered to the game hall they saw three giant black guys were palying.
As they entered in all three guys said wow! What a sexy bitch in their local language and their stick stand at 90 degree fully erected in their pants. Katrina was wearing a single strip sky blue single piece mini skirt showing her complete shoulders upto boobs and sexy thighs. They all discussed in their local language – one said i wan to empty her milk pots and fuck her sexy mouth, the other said I want to open her tight hot & fresh back door and the third one said that I will tear her deep hot cunt. Suddenly salman said shall I join the game they said ok but what is the bet . Salman asked how much amount then they said no amount man we wan your girl and continued if you win we will pay you 1 million US$ and if we win then u should leave ur girl for whole night with us , what u say? Salman got angry but could not do anything as they were like giants and looked Katrina she said move salman. They started moving suddenly voice came u coward u don’t have guts to play a game and win how u will save ur girl if some person try to rape this sexy bitch. Salman turned back while Katrina was saying no and suddenly she saw the three guys pants bulged out like anaconda hiding inside and shouted noooo… but salman ignored her and said OK.
Then they started the game.Everybody was getting points , Katrina was very nervous and frustrated what will happen. She was biting her worlds most beautiful lips. The three blacks were watching her horribly in mind looking at her boobs, bulgy pussy, face expressions, round ass, her thighs etc. All three of the blacks her watching her body cm by cm in sex hunger. Katrina was looking at salman sweating and three blacks enjoying looking her body and their sticks on 90% erection hitting their pants. She was praying god for her and salmans win as she can afford 3 elephant sized cocks. As the game was moving towards the end the blacks were discussing in their own local language who to take which hole of Katrina first. In tension Katrina was sweating and getting wet with all her body sticking tight to her dress was looking ravishing.
The final round came only three balls left to hit to the hole. Just imagine each ball in the hole by the black will be there elephant sized stick in katrina’s heavenly holes. Suddenly confusion only three balls four players have to shoot. Salman says the game cant be proceeded so we take a leave. One black said who liked katrinas round ass very much. He had a hold, looked at katrinas round ass and started you know that different balls has different , the left 3 balls points are Blue (5), Pink (6) & Black (7), So we all give you the first and final chance if u hit black (7) points u can take her with u or else we will make her cry tonight horribly. Hearing this Katrinas tears came out mercily looking at Salman. With full confidence and tension Salman tried to hit the black ball to the hole but… oh my god it just missed and now the real game starts with the intro of black guys. All 3 blacks were now on their high tone saying sorry to Salman and cheers to Katrina. Saying don’t worry babe u will see heaven and hell at the same time today whole night yeah.. Now Katrina was saying please any one of u can take me teach this bastard (Salman) a lesson, but they said no in chorus. Now the person who want to * Katrinas Brown hot round tight fresh asshole, hit the Black Ball saying your “ass is in danger bebe” and it went smashing in the hole right – his name is JACK with solid body 6 ½ feet height with Indian looking face and a huge cock of 15 inch Long and almost 2 inch dia wide. He went near to Katrina with high lust in his eyes and standing behind Her hold her round fleshy butts tightly and feelingoofff…. How hot she is guys and keep on massaging her big butts. Katrina was pleading noooo…. Ush.. Ahah… please….. But he was not listening anything. Salman become hot now and at the moment seeing Katrina he was thinking how she will be *ed and raped by these hard guys and got lust in mind of watching all these live. He was watching her face got red with pain, scare and her sexy face expressions. Then the second guy hit the pink ball for Katrinas pink bulgy hot pussy saying “ here goes mine in your deep cunt bebe ” and it went straight in the hole like flash –his name is WILL with superb strong body 6 feet height and a huge cock of 14 inch long and 2 inch wide. He went jumping near Katrina and kneel down in her front holding her milky white tight fleshy thighs and licking it . Katrina was screaming saying no…. And grabbing Will’s hair and pushing away from her thighs but he was strong enough and was licking her just like and milk ice cream. Then the final guy hit the Blue ball saying “here me too bebe “ and just went straight to Katrina hold her neck with one hand and other hand squeezed her left breast firmly she started crying louder aahh.. No…. Oop her sound was shut as he kissed her lips then only sound came un .. Um… a… un…. This guy is SMITH with slightly fat body and 15 inch long and almost 2 ½ inch wide stick. Now they all got hot and wanted to start suddenly Katrina said Salman please help me out , they got strucked in mind of Salman and Jack said in his harsh voice get the hell out of here and come and collect your girlfriends body tomorrow morning from room no sex (6) as she will not be able to stand on her feet after todays night. Salman lust was on fire and he said please friends I will just sit on a corner and want to watch all you guys are doing.
After thinking for sometime the 3 guys accepted on the conditions that he will not disturb them for anything. Then the Will lifted her on his shoulders and all of them moved to their room. Katrina was keep on pleading all the way but no one not even salman was listening to that. When they opened and entered the room Katrina and Salman got stunned. The room was fully equiped with advance auto cameras on all the sides in different angles. All the walls were full of posters of girls *ed, sucked etc and on the table there were different sized dildos both in black and white, lots of gels and creams, chairs, sofas, tables and bed in the center of the room. Looking all these Katrina was becoming Hot and want to enjoy the black cocks but was afraid of what will happen ? Suddenly the guys talked with each other and then they asked Salman to sit on the chair in one corner then they tied the hands of salman with chair and unzipped his pant and took out his pennies out and started laughing as it was erected in the lust to watch Katrina got *ed but was just 9 inch long and thin.After that they all jumped on Katrina again Smith removed her skirts strip from her shoulder down to her waist and started fondling with his fingers on her erected purple colours big round nipples and pinching it hard Katrina made a sound aaa…… no ..
Jack and Will snatched her skirt down to her legs and Katrina was standing with only printed thin pantie in front of these black giants. Jack started licking, kissing and chewing her fleshy ass cheeks with one finger on her ass crack while Will was hugging on her bulgy haired crotch holding her thighs tightly. She was trying to avoid Jack and Will doing that on her private areas with pleading pleeeease leav ah.. Meee .. Ah .. No…. Uh.. Suddenly Smith hold her both the boobs firmly with his hands and squeezed it she loudly shouted nooooooo ….. Aaaa……. Her voice was so sexy that these guys more hot and Jack removed her pantie too. Jack was stunned to see that hot small round asshole of brown colour and started licking it. Katrina moaned with passion as she is in full control of these hard guys but don’t want To show that. Then after Will started licking the lips of her pussy and now she could not hide her passion and started screaming with passion and enjoyment as all her soft parts were licked and sucked. After some time when Katrina was fully hot all the three stand and started removing their pants. One by one they realeased their anacondas erected and standing like big rods. Katrina saw each and her heart just jumped out of her mouth and she know felt that she was in real danger and started ignoring and pleading again. Now these guys become more hot and act quickly. Jack told to other two that she is fresh ass and will die if I insert mine in that roughly so I want to make gap in her ass first so you cooperate me and they agreed. Then they asked her to lean on the bed with two hands on the corner of the bed making her ass wider and stretched she said no… please.. .they pused her to bed and the two guys Smith and Will quickly get on to the bed knealing and holding their big cocks in their hand and ask Katrina to suck it. She refused but Will hold her neck and Smith took his anaconda in his hand and showed straight to her mouth but she closed her lips thightly. Smith pressed his stick to her lips and felt the softness and hotness of the lips. Will started squeezing her boobs hard and Jack was licking her asshole. Smith groaned suck my tool u bitch but she was not opening her mouth. Then Jack took some cream and inserted his big finger in her ass hole. Katrina with a sound aaaa… opened her mouth and the big monster of smith went inside. He was just pushing the whole thing inside but she holded it with her one hand and just swallowed only half.
Smith was in high passion and started rocking in her mouth moving his hip front and back. Will was helping smith to insert full length in her mouth, he was pressing her neck and Smith was pushing the cock hard into her. Inch by inch the whole monster went inside and touched Katrina’s throat. Now she can only suck it and was doing that and sounds came ich.. Ich…. Ummm… ann….. . Now both Smith and Katrina was nice rythem so Will went down under her pussy and started licking and sucking it. Katrina now was fully in control of everyone and enjoying all with her good support. Then Jack took his finger out and took a black and thin dildo of almost 8 inch , creamed it and started inserting in her ass again. Katrina cried with pain and her was like a whore but he inserted full inside her ass and started *ing with the dildo. Her tight ass started spreading and giving gap. He was seeing her ass making a gap and blood red inside walls and was happy to see it. By the side salman was enjoying all these and his tool was on full erection. He wanted to suck his own tool and trying hard to reach to his tool with his mouth. Then after 5 minutes Jack told to his friends to start their main job and left the dildo fully inserted in her ass. Smith took out his monster from her mouth and she gasped a moment of relax. A hard sound of Jack came don’t push out the dildo in your ass, hold it inside only and suck our tools. She was in full mood but she was not knowing what was going to happed next and obeyed his command immediately. Then started sucking Jacks tool, he pressed inside her mouth fully and was rocking as fast as he can. After five minutes he took it out and then Will inserted his monster fully and rocked hard. After five minutes Will sat on sofa with his stick straight towards sky and said “cmon bitch take this in ur hot pussy”.
She sat on Wills laps facing her and slowly taking inch by inch inside her cunt with aaaa….h’s and oooo…h’s. Then he started jerking slowly in and out. How is this bebe he asked and she just kissed his lips with lust and sucking his mouth and tongue. She has never dreamt of this much big and wide black stick inside her pussy and now at the moment she was enjoying that heaven. Then Jack removed the Dildo in her ass and throwed it away, the real hell was going to happen. He hold her ass cheeks and separated it, Katrina want to see what he is doing but Will not left to turn her as he knows what was going to happen and she can not afford that. Now Jack took his hard monster and put it right on the mouth of the hot ass of Katrina. It was very hot and Katrina liked the hotness and she closed her eyes with pleasure. Slowly Jack started inserting his monster in her ass hole and she got to know of the real danger, she said noooo.. Pleaz……. But no one was listening it he pressed hard and the forehead of his cock slid inside the tightest ass. She started shouting with pain naa…. Aa……aaaa…. Jack was inserting harder and harder , the whole 15 inch went inside Katrina’s Ass and made a louder sound … opening her mouth as wide as she can, her face was red like blood and eyes bulged out with pain she ever felt before in her whole life. At that time Smith slided his monster in her wide opened mouth with hands squeezing her milk bobs very hard and she was made speechless and tears came from her eyes. All the three holes were filled with monster cocks and they all started to rock in it. They all got into rythem , while Will was going in , Jack was taking out and when Jack was going in, Will was puling out. She liked the perfect rythem instead of her pain she was groaning and moaning in pain and joy. At the same time Smith was
*ing her mouth like express going in and out like flash which was very much liked by Katrina and she supported him moving her head to and fro and the same time moving her hip forward and backward supporting Will and Jack. Salman was not able to take his cock in his mouth as it was just 8 inch long but able to lick it with his tongue for few seconds and was doing it continuously looking the live blue film with her sexy girl Katrina.
The speed and groans increased as the time went and the guys were sweating , they were *ing hard and was in their final time. Smith pissed his hot and thick sperms in her mouth and took his stick out and ordered to swallow the whole thing. Katrina liked the taste of the thick and hot sperm and swallowed all, even licked the drops in Smiths Cock. Then Will was ready to shoot , Jack hold Katrinas boobs and make her Stand with his cock still inside her ass and Will took out his cock from her pussy and jerked two times pointing in Katrinas mouth and shooted a big load of cum in her mouth and face, this time she swallowed it full without any command from Wills.Then Will kissed her and licked his cum on her face and swallowed it and said “ fantastic bebe”.
Finally Jack was rocking hard in her ass, she was still paining as it was hitting her inner glands very hard but she was enjoying this more than in mouth and pussy. Now he was ready to shoot he took his one out and sound came from Katrina’s mouth oof….and shooted all the load in her mouth. Jack told swallow as she get it as the load will be two mouth full. His friends also like to watch this and at the same time salman got his cum in his mouth and swallowed all himself. The second load in Katrinas mouth, she was not able to swallow it as it was very thick so jack understood and kissed her took half the load in his mouth and swallowed and then Katrina also swallowed all. Jack said very tasty drink you horny bitch. She gave a sexy smile and laid on sofa with tired. All the three guys sat on bed and was discussing about the scenes. Their cocks were still erected and throbbling. They said to Katrina don’t feel tired bebe the same thing will happen atleast two times. That whole night each guy
*ed atleast once in all her sweet heavenly holes and finally they enjoyed her joining Salman in their Gang bang.

Posted : 12/01/2011 4:34 am

Bollywood orgy

On my last visit to Bombay, a businessman friend of mine took me to an incredible party attended by many Bollywood stars. But it was a party like no other party I have attended in my entire life...just thinking about it makes me horny now, it was so out of this world...the memory will linger in my mind for the rest of my life. It all started out innocently enough, with all the guests arriving in this huge villa in the outskirts of Bombay, one Bollywood star after another. The list included all the top female stars including Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Muckerjee, Kajol, Karishma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Tabu, Twinkle Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, and many other female stars. But it was noticeably lacking any male stars except some younger not so known hunks like Dino Moreas, John Abrahams, and many other younger models.

Right about ten o'clock the host announced all the guests to come inside and led everyone down to a set of stairs leading down to a huge basement. It was poorly lit, a dungeon like place bare of any furniture except a round raised stage in the center and wooden benches lined up around five or six concentric circles around the center stage, a seating arrangement for some one hundred people or so. Everyone taking the seats around the stage, I noticed that all the female stars were not around, but I could see some important faces, businessmen, politicians and other dignitaries, some single but mostly with their wives or perhaps girlfriends. The light was dim and I could make out some activity in a dark corner away from the stage, barely lit. Soon soft music begins playing and everyone sitting quietly waiting in anticipation.

The stage had a strange arrangement with large white dishes placed all around the circular stage near the edge of the stage. Soon the stage began to slowly rotate around, very slowly...the music got little louder, when I saw from the dark corner emerge a it got nearer the stage I was astonished to see it was Rani Mukerjee dressed in a Sari with a very skimpy blouse, approaching the stage slowly dancing to the tunes of the music now playing much louder. Rani Mukerjee got on the stage still dancing, then dancing on the slowly moving stage, she began peeling off her sari sensuously, stripping to her tightly hugged petticoat and the skimpy almost transparent blouse barely covering her boobs. She then slowly unhooked her petticoat and peeled it off her legs, unbuttoned her blouse and taking it off, hurled it to the audience...still dancing to the music. Now she was down to her bra and panties.... Soon unhooked her bra, peeled it off her soft smooth boobs...exposing her dark nipples as she danced her way around the stage. Next she started to push her panty down her soft smooth thighs exposing her soft plump ass cheeks, the crack between her ass cheeks now clearly visible to the audience as she faced away to the center and bending down exposing her bare ass to the full view of the audience wiggling her ass, almost thrusting in the faces of the men and women sitting on the front row around the stage.

What I saw next was just plain simply beyond all of my wildest imagination... yes, right there in front of more than hundred people watching her wiggle her bare ass, she reached back and opened up her ass cheeks with both her hands, exposing her brown puckered ass hole, Rani Muckerjee's asshole was completely exposed to the audience, as she start to push and push hard and a brown turd of shit peeked from her now stretched asshole. Soon a brown log of shit began to come out of Rani Muckerjee's asshole falling into the white plate kept near the edge of the stage...Rani Muckerjee kept on taking shit into the plate filling the plate with her hot brown thick pulpy shit piling up high at the center of the white plate as turds after turds of hot brown shit coming out of Rani Muckerjee's shit covered brown puckered asshole kept on piling up on the plate. Once all done...she turned her face towards the a contended smile on her pretty face, relieved from holding up all that shit in her stomach. She now bent down on the plate, touching the pile of her own brown shit with her hands, started to rub her own shit all over her hands, mixing it well then, started to rub her own shit all over her naked body...all over her naked boobs, her chest, her hairy pussy, all over her thighs...until Rani Muckerjee's entire body was all covered with her own brown smelly shit...

While Rani Muckerjee was busy playing with her own shit, another figure emerged from the dark corner and came on the stage almost unnoticed as everyone had their eyes glued on Rani Muckerjee watching her play in her own shit. Then all of a sudden everyone became aware of another presence on the stage...yes it was no less than beautiful Madhuri Dixit, completely naked, without a shred of clothing on her beautiful naked reaching near shit covered Rani Muckerjee. What we saw next left the entire audience speechless, as beautiful Madhuri Dixit hugged shit covered Rani Muckerjee, with Rani Muckerjee's shit rubbing on all over Madhuri Dixit's body, the two stars started kissing each other passionately, their lips locked into each others mouth...deep wet french kissing as they rubbed shit on each others naked body. As the audience was spell bound, I watched in awe as beautiful naked Madhuri Dixit began licking Rani Muckerjee's shit covered body with her lips, smacking her luscious lips and eating the remains of brown shit covered body of Rani Muckerjee from head to toe...Madhuri Dixit then reached out into the pile full of Rani Muckerjee's hot brown shit and picked up a big load of shit, taking her shit covered hands to her mouth, Madhuri Dixit started eating Rani Muckerjee's shit hungrily, licking and sucking her fingers smacking her lips with her lips and mouth all covered with Rani Muckerjee's brown shit...

While this incredible scene was taking place on the stage, another figure emerged from the dark corner onto the stage, no other than the Royal Highness herself in the flesh, literally that is, the beautiful stark naked Miss Universe Aishwarya Rai! She picked up a plate from the stage and threw it away, the sound of the plate breaking after it hit the floor far away from the stage left the audience watch in hushed silence as beautiful Miss Universe lied down the stage with her beautiful face upturned and placed exactly on the same place where the plate was! What came next will probably be etched in the minds of everyone present there that night...Madhuri Dixit went near where Aishwarya Rai was lying and straddling on her body with her knees on both sides of Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit turned with her ass cheeks towards Aishwarya Rai's face, she placed the cracks of her ass cheeks just above beautiful Aishwarya Rai's face...then as everyone watched in awe, a long brown turd of shit came out of Madhuri Dixit's puckered brown asshole and fell on Aishwarya Rai's face, right on her luscious lips, covering her lips and mouth with Madhuri Dixit's shit...Rani Muckerjee was sitting next to her, she forced Aishwarya Rai to open her mouth by holding her mouth open tightly as Aishwarya Rai's mouth was filled by Madhuri Dixit's hot brown pulpy long turds of shit fell from Madhuri Dixit's asshole onto Aishwarya Rai's face, she hungrily kept on gulping down turds after turds of shit from Madhuri Dixit's asshole...Aishwarya Rai's entire face is now covered with Madhuri Dixit's brown shit...

Not being able to hold so much of Madhuri Dixit's shit in her stomach, Aishwarya Rai was starting to get sick, her beautiful face now contorting and her stomach was heaving as she was ready to she was ready to dump her load all over the stage floor, Madhuri Dixit moved quickly, held Rani Muckerjee's head tightly in her firm grip, she firmly placed Rani Muckerjee's head on the floor with her beautiful face up turned inches below Aishwarya Rai's face who was now ready to throw up with a big heave just inches from Rani Muckerjee's face...with a loud noise her whole body heaved and curved as a big load of her thick brown messy runny vomit came out violently and splashed all over Rani Muckerjee's beautiful face, her eyes and mouth tightly shut trying to move away but Madhuri Dixit was stronger and Rani Muckerjee could not help and took the full load of Aishwarya Rai's puke, her thick warm juicy brown disgusting smelly vomit all over Rani Muckerjee's face, running down her cheeks, filling her eyes, her nostrils, all over her tightly shut mouth...but Madhuri Dixit Forced Rani Muckerjee to open her mouth and take the next load of Aishwarya Rai's vomit directly into her reluctantly open mouth, Rani Muckerjee's mouth now filling with Aishwarya Rai's smelly thick brown vomit, all mixed with her half chewed food particles, Madhuri Dixits's shit and her disgusting brown and green slimy foul smelling stomach acids and bile...all the foul smelly runny messy vomit filling Rani Muckerjee's mouth as she swallows Aishwarya Rai's smelly runny disgusting vomit down her throat almost choking as more and more of Aishwarya Rai's thick brown vomit kept pouring into Rani Muckerjee's open mouth, all over her pretty entirely covered with Aishwarya Rai's vomit...

While this scene was taking place on one side of the stage, there came a trio of beautiful stars all completely naked now emerged on stage, Karishma Kapoor, Kajol and Raveena Tandon. The three beautiful naked stars approached where the action was, circled around where Rani Muckerjee was taking Aishwarya Rai’s Vomit shower. Kajol started to piss all over vomiting Aishwarya Rai’s body, sometimes directing the stream of her warm yellow piss on Aishwarya Rai's face while Karishma Kapoor gathered a big load of her spit, saliva and thick juicy slimy mucus by clearing her throat loud, and spat the thick juicy load of her spit saliva and mucus on Madhuri Dixit's face. Karishma Kapoor kept on spitting all over Madhuri Dixit's beautiful face as Kajol kept on pissing all over Aishwarya Rai's face. Raveena Tandon had red nose from the bad cold she had, and so as not to be left behind from the wild action taking place on the stage, she sneezed loudly, then hacked her throat, took her face near Kajol's face who was pissing all over Aishwarya Rai's face and sticking her nose right into Kajol's mouth she blew her nose loudly and a stream of thick slimy runny snot shot out from Raveena Tandon's nostrils straight into Kajol's open mouth, filling Kajol's mouth with thick juicy slimy snot from Raveena Tandon. Kajol took all of Raveena Tandon's snot into her mouth and swallowed Raveena Tandon's snot down her throat as she kept on pissing on Aishwarya Rai's face. Raveena Tandon kept on blowing her snot into Kajol's mouth feeding her snot and filling Kajol's mouth with her thick slimy runny snot while Kajol swallowed every drop of Raveena Tandon's snot down her throat.

As Aishwarya Rai was vomiting all over Rani Muckerjee's face, Karishma reached down and scooping her hands under Aishwarya Rai's mouth, took a load of her thick brown smelly vomit and rubbed it all over her pretty face, a mixture of Aishwarya Rai's vomit and Madhuri Dixit's shit all over Karishma Kapoor's face. Having fed all her thick slimy snot to Kajol, Raveena Tandon reached behind Madhuri Dixit ass, parted Madhuri Dixit ass cheeks and buried her face between Madhuri Dixit's ass cheeks, licking her shit covered brown puckered asshole with her tongue, sticking her tongue deep inside Madhuri Dixit's brown puckered asshole.

This went on and on until a distant clock hit midnight when the host came on the stage, music stopped and lights came on. There was not a single dry crotch in that audience that night that I can guarantee, including myself of course.'Happy Jerking'!!

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Fucking Deepika And Priyanka

Hi This Is Amit in front of you with another story. First of all, I am sorry to my readers to posting a story after a long gap. But I am sure you all have not forgotten me. So, this story of mine is a fantasy, truly speaking. But I expect good remark when you will completely read it. In this story I am not handicap. This story or fantasy is with me and my favorite actresses Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. I enjoyed them completely in this fantasy. In this story as I will assume it in the entire story, I, Deepika and Priyanka are friends.

So, I should start the story. I live alone in my 2 bed room flat in Mumbai doing some business related to the film industry. One Sunday morning, I was sleeping till late and suddenly the phone rang and I lazily picked it up. There was Priyanka at the other side. She was actually in a hurry. She said “Hello Amit, how are you?” I replied and greeted her “Hi Priyanka, I am fine, good morning.” Then she continued “ok, can we meet today?” I said “Yes why not? Come to my home anytime. It’s Sunday.” Then she said “Ok, I am coming in the evening. I will explain you everything.” I was a bit confused. I was thinking that is there something serious? Anyways it was 7:30 in the evening when the doorbell rang. I thought it must be Priyanka, so I approached the door. I opened it and saw Priyanka and Deepika standing on the door. Priyanka was wearing a white very tight top with a tight butt pressing blue jeans. She was looking like a killer looking to kill anyone with her assets. Then Deepika was wearing a peach colored gown which was too deep. The cleavage and the shape of boobs were visible. But I controlled my emotions and welcomed them in. They took a seat and I offered them coffee. After all these formalities I broke the ice and asked Priyanka “What happened Priyanka, you were looking anxious in the morning?” I only had to say that and Priyanka started as if she was waiting for this “Amit, we want your help. Actually I and Deepika have got an offer from a foreign condom making company for acting in a documentary for their product. They are giving a big amount for this and we don’t want to leave this.” Then I queried “then what’s the problem?” This time Deepika explained “the problem is only here. In that documentary, I have a role of a prostitute and Priyanka is a house wife. But both of us have to do sex with a guy in that documentary.” Then Priyanka continued “We have managed to negotiate that we will choose the hero of this documentary because we can’t be comfortable with anyone fucking us. After all we are not a prostitute.” After hearing my mind was still searching for their problem and then for its solution. But Deepika helped me in this and announced clearly “We want you to be our hero and we will be fucked only by you.” I was shocked by hearing this that two most beautiful, sexy woman on this world as I reckon are begging to be fucked by me. I told them immediately “I am ready to do this.” Then Priyanka explained me the whole concept and asked me to be ready tomorrow morning for rehearsals. The documentary was like this, Deepika is a prostitute and Priyanka is my wife. I go to the brothel regularly to have fun and do sex with my wife only to produce children. I don’t use condom while doing sex. The documentary shows one such night when I don’t used condom with the prostitute and become a victim of AIDS that cost me my wife’s life.

So the next morning, Priyanka and Deepika was knocking the door. I opened the door and saw again those sex goddesses on my doorstep. Deepika was wearing a red too tight shorts and a navel showing top and Priyanka was killing me with her micro mini skirt with a sexy bra type top. They entered without any permission and immediately Priyanka said “Don’t waste anymore time and start rehearsal. Both of us, me and Deepika agreed and started reading the first scene. It was with Deepika where I had to fuck her. The scene was of the brothel. So, we start rehearsals. Priyanka was assuming to be the owner of the brothel. I entered there and asked Priyanka “Kya Munni Bai, kaisi ho?” She replied “Theek hain saahab, apka saaman taiyaar hai apke liye.” Then I moved to a room and there was Deepika waiting for me in shorts and top (because we were doing rehearsal). So, I entered in the room and asked Deepika “Kya haal hai, Jaan?” She replied “Tumhare bin kuchh theek nahi hai.” Then I said “To lo abhi theek kar dete hain.” Then I moved to her. She smiled and invited me to enter her heaven. I sat near her and touched her soft cheeks. She supported me with her action. Then I caressed her lips and moved my mouth to her lips. She was very excited with this. Then I slowly started kissing her. Firstly, I made her lips wet with my tongue. Then slowly I entered my tongue into her mouth. I poured some saliva in her mouth. She swallowed it and gave her saliva in exchange. It was so tasty. I was feeling so happy to kiss Deepika Padukone, the sexiest woman on earth. Then I accelerated the kissing and started chewing her lips, cheeks and then I moved down to her neck. Her neck is so nice and in shape. I licked her neck too. She was just enjoying these gestures made by me. Both of us forget that we are rehearsing and we actually started fucking each other. I was continuing to explore her body so in this process I moved my hands to her butt, the best part of a woman body. I was moving my palm from the top of her shorts on her ass. She was supporting me with giving me space to move my hands. I was squeezing her butts. Then she also made some moves and started moving her hands on my back. She was scratching it. I was also feeling very excited. Then I moved towards her boobs. I was caressing it too from her top. But I think she didn’t like it and in a flash stimulated her top out of her body and said “Now don’t open my bra and panty but tear it off.” I took it as a pleasure and just snatched her bra. Now she was topless in front of me. I started sucking her nipples, brown, rock hard and inviting nipples. She was also moving her hands on my hair to encourage me. Then I took her entire left boob in my mouth and was pressing the other one from one hand. Her boob was not too big so I it was not hard to take her whole boob in my mouth. I was chewing her boobs and she was enjoying this. While doing this I was opening the button of her shorts. I undo it and asked her to lift herself so that I can open her shorts and let her heaven come in open. She obeyed it and lifted her ass to open her shorts. I opened it and as per her request I virtually frayed her black semi transparent panty. Now her pussy was free and was inviting to be fucked. When I saw her virgin, pink pussy in front of me I went mad. I pounced between her legs and my mouth was ready to enter her pussy. Firstly, I checked it. The aroma of her pussy was electrifying. She just gave me a nod to lick each and every part of her pussy. I started licking her pussy. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. She got a 1000 watt current in her body. Then I slowly started licking and eating her pussy. She was enjoying every moment of it. I was also very happy that I am giving a good fuck to a big heroine whom I admired the most. Then I started inserting my tongue into her pink pussy. The taste of her perfume mixed with the aroma of her urine smelled so good. I buried my tongue into her deep pussy. She was caressing my hair to give me signals of her pleasure and was making sounds like “oooooohhhhhh just go deeeeeeeepppp.” Then I continued the tour of her pussy and explored each and every part of her virgin, tight pussy. I virtually ate her pussy lips and have inserted my mouth deep in her pussy. Then I moved my mouth out of it and took my middle finger to finger fuck her. I slowly inserted my finger in her tight pussy because I didn’t want to give pain to a heroine. So, I started giving slow jerks into her pussy. She was making full fun of it. Suddenly I felt that someone is opening the button of my jeans. I moved to see it and to my surprise I saw that Priyanka was unbuttoning me. I said “But this is not in the scene.” Then she said carelessly “Forget it!” I understood that she just couldn’t control herself seeing this steaming scene. I thought that what problem I have in this. I will only enjoy fucking both these goddesses at a time, so I continued. In the meanwhile Priyanka undid my jeans totally and my dick with its full length came out. Priyanka cried “Wow! And you kept it in a cage till now.” With this she took my dick in her palm and then in her mouth. Firstly, she touched her tongue tip then she took my dick’s full length in her mouth. It was too big for her but she took it. She was giving me a good hard blowjob. I was also enjoying fucking Deepika’s pussy. I was moving my mouth in and out of her pussy and she was taking my dick in her mouth. My penis was in Priyanka’s mouth and I was eating Deepika’s cunt. All three of us were lost in each other’s body. After a good 15 minutes session, all of us parted and I said “Now leave the rehearsal, we will do it on the set directly. But today let us enjoy each other and loose our virginity to each other.” Both of them smiled and agreed. Then I said “Now Priyanka, you lick Deepika’s pussy and Deepika you lick Priyanka’s.” they took the position and Priyanka was under Deepika and both of them were in 69 position. They started licking each other’s heaven. Priyanka just buried her tongue in Deepika’s pussy quickly but Deepika was just licking her pussy lips. But both of them were enjoying the lesbian act. When they were doing so, I just went near Priyanka’s ass and started licking her ass cheeks. She was enjoying double bonanza with me and Deepika sucking her holes. Then I moved nearer to her hole. She was feeling too nice to have it. Then I came much closer and started licking her ass hole. It was stingy but I liked it them most in woman’s body. So, I was busy licking her ass hole. We did this for another 15 minutes. Then Deepika said “Let’s have a domination session.” Priyanka and I agreed. But I said “What will we do in it?”

Deepika explained us and we started doing that. I was standing fully nude on the floor. Priyanka just came in my hands. Then positioned her a bit up from my dick and hold her. Then Deepika positioned my dick up to Priyanka’s pussy. Then Deepika started licking her pussy. She made it wet. Then I suddenly left Priyanka and my positioned dick entered her virgin pussy. She just shouted “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyy ggggggooooooddddddd! Justttttttt leave me…. Oucccccchhhhhh” But me and Deepika were enjoying that pain. Then I took her to the bed and then started fucking her already paining pussy. With this Deepika took her 2 fingers and inserted it in Priyanka’s pussy. Those made her cry. Tears just came out of her eyes and she was begging to be left for some relief. But I was in no mood for that. I continued my hard fuck in a virgin pussy. The sound of my dick touching her extreme was very loud. While just fucking Priyanka I snatched Deepika and started slapping her ass. She was feeling pain but I was not feeling anything like that so I continued. I slapped her 4-5 times and her ass cheeks became red and hot. Then I removed my dick from Priyanka’s pussy and I hurriedly buried it in Deepika’s ass. She cried “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…. Whhhhatsssss thiiiiiiisssssss?” I replied “This is real entertainment.” She gave a smile in pain and just moved backward to give me a good access to her ass hole. In the meanwhile, Priyanka came back in her senses and saw me fucking Deepika. She took this opportunity and started slapping my ass. I was feeling that pain but was ok with it. I was continuing the ass fuck of Deepika which was really painful for her. Deepika was giving me good support and I like that in a sexual intercourse. After sometime I felt like I am going to cum. I putted my dick out of her ass and asked both of them to stand on their knees to take cum in their mouth. They obeyed this and stood this. I gave 2-3 strokes and a load of cum came out on the face of Deepika and Priyanka. The licked all of that. After that good long exciting session of sex with 2 sex goddesses, I thanked them to give me such a nice pleasure. They took it and told me that they also enjoyed fucking by me. I told them that the documentary will be too good when we are enjoying each other so well. With this hope they left and explained me when and where I have to come for the shoot.

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Fucking Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta was desperately in need of a hit when I approached her. actually she was in need of a film. She was so engaged in her IPL team that she lost track of her film career. Though the team won some matches it never was a profitable investment for her as majority of the share was with Ness Wadia and now that they have broke up she was finding it hard to cope up with the luxurious life provided by films initially and then by dear Ness himself. They have parted ways due to some misunderstandings. Maybe he was tired of fucking her and wanted a new somebody. But now a comeback to films was almost impossible. She was offered second heroine fiddles. She was desperate when I approached her. I knew that she would immediately accept my offer. But rather than casting her I had other more lucrative intentions.
As I rang the bell of her apartment I never expected her to open the door herself. It clearly made the statement that how desperate she was. I hid my surprise and greeted her. we had a small hug and artificial kisses on the air. She was wearing a white skirt which was not tight and looked more like a tennis frock. And she also had a pink t shirt which gave her a casual look, one which she always liked to carry on as her signature style. We settled on a couch in her living room. It was luxuriously furnished but with a class touch. Not like the way I have seen in most actresses bungalow where there was a lot of money on show but no class. Preity was definitely a class woman.
We started discussing the film. First of all I made it clear to her that I wont be able to pay her a big remuneraton as i was still a budding filmamker. She said she had seen my first film (my only one) and was quite impressed by it and that was the exact kind of treatment she wanted now. She was making it very clear that she was desperate for a role. When I finished discussing about the film she was thrilled. She said she would like to act in the movie and asked me not to worry about the date. I made it clear to her that already some top heroines were willing to act in the movie but I considered her only cos I consider her looks to be apt for the movie. She nodded her head. I also made it clear for her that because she has zero market nowadays there should be some kind of adjustments to be made before releasing the films to publicise her again. She said okay.
As we reached an agreement we both decided to have a drink. We both settled for whiskey. I knew that this is the right instance for me to make a step towards her. I asked her some questions about her current relationship status and all. She replied honestly that she is currently single. During the conversation I told her I had a call from kareena who was looking forward to this role. I also told her that through the call she was offering herself as a bribe. Preity said ' she is a whore. Entire industry know about her. there is no actor director or producer who havent had her during the first 3 years of her career'. I immediately agreed to that and told her am among those lucky bastards. She looked at me in a puzzled look. I reminded her kareena was the heroine in my first film. She was surprised and asked 'so she is still doing the same?'.
I said 'yea, how do u think she manages to be the number one heroine. Also she is the highest paid'. Preity said ' yea she knows how to play her cards'. I said 'that’s true. But that’s exactly the same behaviour am expecting from u'.
She was surprised cos till now she was in the impression that I came to her due to her acting skills and now it was all out in the open that I came to her for her other skills rather than her acting skills. Her face reddened. But she was not in a position to get angry on me and throw me out of her house as she was sure that kareena was well known to keep her word and the next day she will be proclaimed as the lead actress in the film. She kept her cool. She looked me straight in the eye and said ' what do you expect me to do'. I said 'isnt that clear dear. I want to enjoy you. And as you are single now. This will come as a relief to your otherwise non-existent sex life'. She said you don’t have to worry about that. ' I have to sweet heart' I said 'as I will be the one deciding that for the next couple of months if you agree to do the film'. She was thoughtful for a moment. She then said ' I want this part very much. You know that. And am ready to do whatever you say. But I want it to be a secret. I want your word for it. that I can sue you if you ever utter a word to anyone about this.'. I replied ' am not the kind of guy who will go around in a party and tell others that "you know what last night I ate preity zinta's pussy for dinner" am not that sort of guy. You can believe me. My intentions are simple and clear. I want to have a good time with you. Just to put an end to my dick's hunger and I promise you it wont be anything like molesting. But during the course you will have to serve to my fantasy and do whatever you are asked to do. Is that clear?'. She said yes. And took the glass of whiskey and had a sip. It was her third today. My gaze was on her creamy white thighs. 'finish it off dear' I told her. 'we have more important work to do. She finished the glass in a gulp and faced me. Though she wasn’t showing it I could feel the tension building inside her of what will be going to happen. I said ' relax dear. There is nothing to be tensed of.' She replied 'who told you am tensed. Am not.' This was the exact kind of reaction I wanted from her. that turned me on. I decided to enter the play. I asked her to spread her thighs. She did so. Her skirt was lifted high but not till the point that her panty would be exposed. She was showing a very serious face. I asked her to lift her skirt and and show me the sight of her holy hole. She lifted her skirt. The scene was good. She had a white cotton panty with floral printing on the area of her crotch. I had the urge to touche her instantly but I controlled myself as I wanted a better deal than the normal fucking around. I said okay now lower it. she did so and had a smile on her face. 'what happened u already lost your control and had the orgasm' she asked me. It had an edge to it which I definitely liked. I smiled back and said ' you will soon find out bitch. Now remove your panty and give it to me'. She looked at me surprised and asked ' why don’t you do it yourself?'. I said ' cos I don’t want to and this is the way I want it to be. You don’t have the authority to question me. Rather to obey my commands'. She removed her panty and was about to throw it to me. I raised my hand and said no. come over here and hand it over to me. She got up and walked towards me. She extended the panty towards me. I didn’t take it. instead I touched her thighs. I moved my hand slightly through her thighs upwards. When it kept on climbing higher I could see her breaths becoming shallow. I just played around on her thighs but didn’t touch her crotch. I took my hand back. She looked at me surprisingly. I asked ' what u wanted me to handfuck you now and give your pussy some relief?'. She said nothing and stood like that offering her panty. I took it in my hand and smelled it. god it smelled good. It smelled like all the pussies I have smelled but still the feeling that it was the smell of preity zinta's pussy gave me a high. I asked her to go back to her couch. She went back. When she was about to sit down I said no. she turned to face me. I said there is something on the floor and I want you to take it for me. She looked at me again without having any idea what I was talking about. I said 'it doesn’t matter whether there is something there or not but u have to do what I say. Now bend. And be sure not to bend your knees. she turned around and bend as if to take something. She was bending all the way down and her skirt kept climbing higher. It was climbing slowly and then I started seeing her most private area. I asked her to bend more. Now her pussy was staring right at my face. as her legs were a little wide it was open and her cunt was peeking out. I walked over to her. I sat down on my knees. now her pussy was right in front of my face. I could smell it. I put my face as close as to it without touching it. I could see her brown pussy lips and the small pubic hair which was growing maybe after 3 days of shave. I couldn’t control more. I put my hand over it. she shivered and her knees bent at once. I removed my hand and asked her to stand exactly like I said otherwise all these things were over for her. she came back to the initial position. I touched her slit agin. She shivered again but this time didn’t bent her knees. I rubbed her. her cunt was between my fingers. I held it. she was moaning a little. She was having difficluty in that position. But I didn’t care. I raised her skirt completely and her pure white ass was exposed. She didn’t have a mark on her ass. It was so clean. I ran my hand over her ass. I asked her ' tell me sweet heart havent anyone fucked you in your ass?'. She said no. I spanked her teasily not in a hard way and asked her 'now that your entire truth is witnessed by me it wouldn’t be bad to tell me the exact truth'. She said once her bf tried but it was to tight and painful. It was just a one time thing and after that she never allowed anyone to do so. I said ' so that means am not the first and my struggle to enter you is reduced'. She screamed 'no'. I forced her onto the couch. Took out my dick and pushed it inside her ass. She was screaming. There was no lubrication and it felt very hard to get inside her. I kept on pushing and her screams were loud. I kept pressing her boobs hard. I tore her t shirt and bra was released in seconds. I kept pinching her nipples and pressing her boobs hard. after 5 minutes of my labour and her moans I came inside her ass. I turned her around to face her. her face was complete red. I kissed her on her lips. I lowered to her nipples. i made her suck my dick which had lost its shine by the ass fuck. But at the same time I knew this would make her work more on my dick. To get it aroused completely and get another orgasm. Preity zinta was taking in mouth the dick that just entered her ass. But she now had no choice. We were in 69 position and I kept eating her pussy. After 10 minutes or so we both had another orgasm. For the rest few days I fucked her in different styles. I boob fucked her and made her spend entire days without any clothes on her body when there was no shooting. She was also enjoying it and never said no to my fantasies. I poured whiskey on her pussy and drank it from there. She was a complete whore or slave during those days. Whatever u can call it but there is no single part in her body that I havent taken advantage of. Even now she is just a phone call away from me. Just a message and she will come running to me.

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Photographing a Indian celebrity

I am a great fan of Sonali Bendre India’s sexiest actress, I have seen all her movies and feel that she has the sexiest body, here’s one of my Fantasy about Sonali. I am a photographer and photograph Models and Actresses and Sonali is a friend as I have done some of her portfolios, she calls me one day and comes to my studio for some private and sexy photographs. She’s wearing a real micro mini and a short top. She wants some real sexy photographs to be given to some of her new producers & directors, I ask her to pose as it is, then I tell her to pull down the chain of her top, she does it a little and I am not happy I go and pull it down a lot more so that her lace peach bra is quite exposed, I take some more photographs and then I ask her to remove her top completely she removes it and I photograph her in her bra through which her sexy tits are quite exposed.

I then ask her to lower the bra, she does a little then I go to her and lower it further till her nipples are out, she tries to object but I do not listen. I now ask her to remove her bra and again she is reluctant, I go to her and remove her bra completely telling her that what her producers want to see is her flesh, her breasts are now exposed, as I am removing the bra my fingers brush across her nipples and I notice that they have become hard. Her boobs are real sexy, they are not very big but there is absolutely no sag. I am feeling horny and am tempted to hold and finger them as I did while photographing Mallika Sherawat (She was more than willing to have them sucked). Sonali comes to me and asks me to remove my shirt as she is topless and as a rule I should also remove the same amount of clothes she does, I willingly agree and remove my shirt. We continue the shoot with close ups of her boobs, then I ask her to sit on the sofa and pull up her skirt, she does a little but I tell her to lift a little more so that her panties are seen, she is again reluctant.

I then show her some of the photographs of models and actresses I have taken, some of them who are now Miss Worlds and Miss Universe like Susmita Sen., Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley, Lisa Ray etc. They are all seminude & nude shots with their boobs & cunts clearly seen and some sexier even their panties and pussy exposed, some of Mallika Sherawats are even sexier with her masturbating with her fingers (What I did not tell her was that I had fucked all these models while photographing them.) I then show her some recent photos of Bipasa Basu absolutely nude, she is shocked, as Bipasa is a close friend of hers, I tell her that since her directors have seen her in the nude what is the problem. She says that’s ok but this is for new directors and I tell her that if she has to get films she has to show them some real hot photos. She is now bolder and agrees and lifts her skirt I can see her sexy peach lace panties matching her bra, I take some more photos of her with her topless with her panty seen and then go near her and remove her skirt and take shots of her in just her panties, she asks me to remove my trousers and as I am about to remove the door bell rings, I hurriedly give her a gown and send her to my cabin and go to the door.

At the door is Bipasa Basu, I forgot that she had called and wanted to have some more photos taken, She comes in dressed real hot wearing a short skirt and a small semi transparent top with no bra, She kisses me and I start shooting her, she is soon topless and comes to me, I kiss and suck the boobs for a while and take a few photographs and remove her skirt, she has the shortest thong panties, I kneel and kiss her pussy through the thongs. She pulls down my trousers. As I am photographing Bipasa, Sonali walks out of the office she is topless and only in her panties, Bipasa is a little shocked but soon start laughing and then greet each other and greet with a lip-to-lip kiss. Soon they all over each other kissing and sucking boobs. I am shocked, they both release and look at me, Sonali says “ Its ok Sanjay we are both friends and have been have enjoyed each other for some time, we are not lesbians we like guys but once in a way this also happens.” With this Bipasa comes to me and pulls down my underwear, my rock hard cock springs out and she starts sucking it, Sonali comes and joins and they are both sucking me I am so excited having not one but two of my favorite actresses sucking my cock. I just keep moaning ooooohhhhh.

I just cannot control and shoot the first load into Bipasa’s mouth and then the second and third on Sonali’s face and boobs, Bipasa licks my cum of Sonali’s face and boobs and then they kiss to share my juice. We stop for a break, I give them some drinks and light them cigarettes, and we are nude and relax with a drink and a smoke. I am soon on my knees spreading Sonali’s legs and going down on her juicy cunt. Bipasa licks my semi soft cock to make it hard again. I am in heaven as my ultimate fantasy of sucking and soon fucking my favorite actress is coming true. Sonali’s pussy is really hot and full of juice, which I keep slurping and she keeps moaning, in the meantime she calls Bipasa and I am shocked to see Bipasa standing with her cunt to Sonali’s face and Sonali begins to lick. Sonali’s is also so excited and about to come, she pleads me “ Sanjay pleeeeassse fuck me, shove that hard cock of yours in my cunt ” I immediately get up and Bipasa helps me spread her friend’s pussy and holding my cock shoves it into Sonali’s cunt. It feels great; her pussy is full of juice and very tight… I pound her for a long time while she’s shouting “ fuck me Sanjay, fuck me harder than all the directors and heroes have fucked me, your cock feels great”.

We come together and as I remove my limp cock from her cunt, Bipasa goes down on Sonali in a hurry licking and slurping both our juices from her cunt. Sonali gets real horny pushing her friends head into her cunt “ lick me, lick both our juices” Bipasa licks Sonali’s cunt clean, her face is full of cum, she then kisses Sonali making her taste her own cum with mine. This is the sexiest moment of my life not only fucking my favorite actresses satisfying my fantasy of seeing lesbians and threesome. I am myself surprised that my cock is again Hard in just 10 minutes, now Bipasa wants me to fuck her and of course I am more than ready. Sonali now helps her friend by first licking her pussy then licking my cock; she takes hold of my cock with one hand, spreads her friend’s cunt lips with another and shoves it into her cunt. We fuck for a long time with Bipasa shouting and Sonali cheering, I finally come along with Bipasa and needless to say Sonali licks her cunt clean of our sperm. We all kiss together tasting each other’s cum and planning to meet again. My fantasies ends here

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Sex with mallika and riya

Hi friends I am anuj from mumbai.Today I am going to relate my sexperiences with you with two hot babes of the film industry.let me tell you about myself I am anuj , a fashion photographer and I usually photograph models and film let’s get to the story.One day I was in my studio when suddenly the door flew open and in came the sexy actress Riya Sen.She was looking gorgeous in a sleeveless white top and a pink mini skirt.

I asked her whether I could help her.She told me that she wanted to have some photographs of her taken by me. We started talking and after some conversation I came to know that she was depressed for not getting films and wanted to some really hot photographs as she wanted to show her producers how bold she could get. I at once understood that I have a good chance of fucking her . I showed her some nude photos of mallika sherawat , mallaika arora, bipasha basu and payal rohtagi. She was surprised to see these actresses holding didlos , vibrators or fingering themselves.i told her that if she wanted to get roles , she would have to become bolder that them.she told that she was ready to do anything. But she did not know that I had fucked all of them while photographing them. I took her to the studio and told her to change.

She slowly took off her top and then her skirt. She was now in bra and pink panties. I told her to open her bra too. After some hesitation , she pulled the hooks of bra , and now she was topless. She had enormous , round boobs as white as milk and nipples as big as erasers. I told her to hold her boobs and suck them. She followed my instructions and did as i told her. suddenly someone knocked at the door . i told riya to hide in the cupboard and then i opened the door. it was the sexiest mallika at the door. She was wearing a skimpy top with a micro mini skirt. she came in and closed the door. she held me tightly and kissed me . She then told me , " anuj , kitne dino se tumne mujhe choda nahin. meri choot tumhare liye pyasi hai yaar. aaj to do teen ghate chudwaoonge he." i was happy she was doing so . we had been regularly fucking eachother for one year. i at one took off her top and bra and started sucking her boobs. she started moaning loudly . she had really big boobs. you have seen her movies and you can imagine her size.

i then took off her skirt and panties and started sucking and licking her pussy.She wasmoaning with pleasure and pressed my face to her wet cunt. Suddenly we heard sounds of moaning from the cupboard and i understood what was happening. I went and opened the cupboard and found riya all naked , fingering her pussy , mallika was shocked to see her but i told her that she had come for the same purpose. mallika was then relaxed and i told her why she had come. after listening to me she said that one of her producers were working on a movie on lesbians and she wanted a co actress .

Riya was excited and said that ahe wanted to work in that film. but mallika said that first you will have to give audition. she took out a didlo from her purse and told that we are going to make love to each other. "start sucking my boobs and then lick my cunt" riya came forward and tookk one bodd in her hand and started sucking it.i started taking photographs and i also got naked. riya slowly sucked he next boob abd then went to her cunt. She was a expert licker and soon mallika was screaming with pleasure.After some time she came......

As mallika was telling riya to strip down her clothes i started to take pictures of them. She told me "now kiss me hard" , and she brought her lips close to riya's . riya kissed her hard and they french kissed each other for about 5 mins.After that mallika, who was already completely naked, told her to suck her boobs. i took the advantage of this situation and opened my clothes. i started masturbating. it was the best porn movie i was ever wathching.Riya kissed and sucked each of her boobs. I could see their pussies getting redder and wetter.

Mallika then took out a didlo from her purse and told riya to insert one part of it in her pussy. Riya did as she was told and as she inserted the didlo, she moaned with pleasure. her moan was so sexy . you can imagine her moan from the sexy voice in the films. mallika then inserted the other end of the didlo in her pussy and began making short pushes. by this time riya was also completely hot and she alsoo started to make strokes.By this time i had cummed 3 times. The fucking became more and more intense and after 10 minutes they came too and collapsed. Their bodies glistening with sweat was looking just like angel. i had the fantasy to see a lesbian fucking and my wish had come true.

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Hot,Sultry AND Sexy BITCH – Priyanka Chopra fucked

Hi everybody! , I am here with a story, basically a fantasy of myself fucking the damn fucking hot and beautiful Indian actress – miss world 2000, if m not wrong, miss priyanka chopra…her sexy smile makes me hard on my cock.. and I hope the same would be true with all you out there who like her.

Her perfect ass and well-chiseled boobies make me crazy. And her sexy voice… o man.. gonna tell you makes me masturbate everytime I hear it.

Ok, now m going to begin my fantasy. M a 22 years old aspiring fashion photographer living in mumbai. I use to get jobs at modeling agencies to shoot the models for fashion magazines and newspapers. But my fate had something really unexpected for me. It was when one day I got a call from my agency that the director of love story 2050 was impressed by my work in the recent months newspaper editions and wanted me to shoot some stills for promotion of his film. They told me that if my job is good then the director has an offer of making a contract for long term. I said ok. I was excited coz I knew that I wil get a chance to shoot miss piggy chops, but only wen I came to know that all this was going to happen alone at her house coz the rest of the unit had gone abroad for finishing the rest of the work. So the director had called me up and asked me to call up piggy chops and decide with her the dates of the shoot and finish up with the shoot while they were busy abroad and finish up with the rest of the cast wen they r back. So I took her number from him. Man! I was so excited about shooting this sultry, damn fucking hot actress and that too at her house. So I took her number and on one fine day I called her…

I dialed her no.

(phone ringing… she had a caller tune… milo na milo)
(she picked up..)

priyanka: hello..

me: hi maam… how r u?

priyanka: sorry.. may I know whos dis??

Me : oh I forgot to tell u.. sorry. M mr kamal khan. Mr baweja hired me for the photoshoot for ur latest flick. He must have told u..

Priyanka: ya ya.. I got it.. its ok. M fine…

Me:hmm,. I was asked to fix the shooting dates with you. So can u let me know when and where can we have it done..?

Priyanka : ya sure.. hmm.. c I don’t have any dates for dis week so u can make it at dis Sunday.. and as I don’t like getting outta ma house on holidays u can come at ma place.. dat is ma farm house near ghatkopar..

Me: fine then.. wil reach at ur place on Sunday.. u forgot to mention at wat time…

Priyanka: oh ya… hmmm come at 10 am.. k?

Me : fine maam.. have a nice day.. catch u on Sunday..

Priyanka : ya.. bye…

(n she cuts d call..)

after all dis conversation I already had a hard on my cock.. oh man her sexy erotic voice… I just jerked myself the moment she cut d call…

now I was spending sleepless nights thinking of this hot babe…
how wil I carry out my job. Only one day was left for my dream to come true.. it was Friday.. on Saturday.. al day my mind was thinking of naughty n erotic things .. yes I was thinking of pinning dis hot bollywood babe..
but was not sure of my fate.. finally d day arrived.. I woke up early at 5:00am n was feeling very content n confident of fucking this bitch if everything goes rite..

I took ma bath n got ready by 9.. and took ma tool – d camera if u r thinking of anything else.. n left for her place.. I reached her place on time.. n ma jaw fell on d floor wen I saw it from outside,.., it was like a manor.. d one dat u would have seen in lara croft movies.. I rang d bell..


the door opened after a couple of secs..

n d hot babe was on d door..

she was wearin a plain white tshirt n a denim)

priyanka: mr kamal? (with a killing smile..)

me : yes maam.. morning…

priyanka: morning.. pls cum inside..

(I went in without speakin a word.. n I could smell her aroma…

wic was makin ma cock go nuts..)

I wont tell wat m wearin coz here the babe is important…

She told me to make maself comfortable on d sofa…

I sat opposite her…

Priyanka: so wud u lyk something cold or something hot (speadin her legs a bit apart)

Me: some cold water maam.. its hot outside n inside as well..

Priyanka: (laughin..) ok..

(she stood up n went to d kitchen.. givin me a naughty smile..
oh man wen she turned around the view of her tight ass gave me a throb in ma cock).,

her hair was open.. n was lucky enough to get a glimpse of her lacy white panty wic was sneakin out from the sides of her jeans.

She came n gave me d glass of water n sat wer she was sitting previously.

I had d water n went on..

Me: so shall v start d work?

Priyanka : o yes.. I was eagerly waiting 4 dis day…

(o man she gave me a stunner wen she said dat..)

me: so wud u like to change into some creative clothes?

Priyanka: ya… hmmm(thinking…) how bout a bikini..?

I never thot she cud b so erotic…

Me: ok if u wish..

Priyanka : ok den.. wait 4 me.. wil b back in 15 mins..

(she stood up n left to a room… swaying her ass sideways…)

I thot she was getting horny about wic I was rite…

I sat der waiting n rubbing ma groin thinking about how wud she b in a bikini…

After about 10 mins she arrived from d room…

She was wearin a red over gown.. n from d strings of d bra I cud make out dat it was pink inside..

She asked me to move to the backyard wer was her swimming pool..

N o man I was getting fuckin crazy…wen she told me dat…

Priyanka : (dominantly) follow me…

I didn’t utter a word n did wat d babe said..

We reached d pool…

She removed d gown… n man trust me she was looking like a sex bomb…

I was rite she was wearin a pink two piece.. with latex like fish gill material..

Oh man her nipples cud be seen as d bra was clinging her breasts tightly

Me : maam u r lukin so stunningly hot…

Priyanka: thanks.. shall v begin? Wil lyk to give some poses on d wooden pool cot…n den v will proceed into d pool.

Me: ok maam.. make urslf comfortable..

She went n laid herslf on d cot,..

Oh mi god she was truly looking like a sexy goddess…

U all can imagine d plight of ma cock.. it was in a very uncomfortable position.. n on top of it I was sans underwear.. so ma jeans was goin to tear at any moment watchn dis beauty lyin before me..

She started givin poses with erotic expressions.. looking lyk a true randi…

I clicked some snaps on ma digi wic wer burning red hot…

I knew she was enjoyin too… coz now she was posin her ass throwin it before d lens… her ass crack cud be seen easily… n wen she turned around I cud see here fully erect nipples

She then askin me to proceed for d pool session stootd up put on d gown n came near watch how d stills had come out..

Priyanka: pls show me d snaps.. ( standing only an inch next to ma shoulder)
Me: ya maam, der u go..(showing her d pics on lcd)

I was a bit nervous coz I had taken some shots really very close by zoomin
On her most private assets..but once d camera ws in her hands I cudnt stop her from viewing al d snaps..

She was goin thru.. wen suddenly she saw a pic of her breasts in close up..
N her nipps showin…
She just looked at em n gave me a horny smile…

I was like phewww… I was scared of getting thrown outta d job out of her anger but on d contrary she said…

Priyanka: good job.. mr kamal.. v shall now proceed to d pool..(smiling sexily…)

Me: ma pleasure.. maam.. u have really a nice figure.. let me guess d measurements…34-28-36???

Priyanka: oh u naughty… its 36dd-28-36…

Me: hmm… was close.. just missed a couple of inches on d top..

Priyanka:ok.. now lets continue…(with sexy trademark smile…)

I was starting to get d picture dat she was really getting hot coz she revealed her breast size…ma cock was also taking al d heat dis hot bitch was oozing out in d form of her pulchritude n was boiling inside ma pants like an active volcano wic may explode lava any time.

V went on for d pool session.. she took off her gown n landed into d pool.
Next thing I wud undoubtedly say is “GOD TUSSI GREAT HO!!!!” for the embarrassing incident happened to her after a few miutes of her getting into d pool.

Priyanka: hey u… dis time take al d shots in close up…(again a bitchy smile with al d 32 out…)

Me: sure maam.. no need to instruct. M a professional at shooting hot bodies lyk u.

I don’t know wat happened to me I was talking so boldly.

Priyanka: ok. Go on…

She started giving poses.

Now here comes d incident dat happened I mentioned earlier…

Wat happed was dat suddenly her panty came floating from her side over to d edge of d pool outta nowhere.. I cudnt make out whether it was a malfunction or just an act of dis hot randi…

She was embarrassed on wat happened. She asked me to hand her d panty..

Priyanka : wud u pls help me out n hand me dat thing..(barely audible)

Me: o ya.. u must be embarrassed…

I went near d pool took up d small piece n was tryin to hand her but I cudnt reach her n asked her to come a little forward.. n o ma god as she ws nearing me I cud see her milky white legs n d bush she was sportin above her pussy.
She was lukin lyk a pink lotus in d pool.

She noticed me starin at her groin n quickly covered it with her hands. She came near n tuk her panty. N said…

Priyanka : wil u please show some decency n turn around so I can wear ma panty(angrily dis time)

Me : sorry maam..

I turned around.. after sometime I hear her.

Priyanka : wil u please hand me d gown. Der is a prob wit d panty’s elastic. I cant put it on.

Now I knew it was a malfunction.. I handed her d gown..
She wore it n came out without a panty dis time..
Oh man ma volcano was boiling as the hot siren was emerging from d water.

She came out n told me to follow her.i did so witout speakin a word.
But ma heart came up to ma throat n ma jaw dropped on d floor wen I saw her from behind.. wat hapeend is dat d gown had became wet n was creatin folds n was clamped up till her ass clearly displaying her ass n d rear view of her cleanly shaven clit. I was damn motionless..none of ma muscle was movin except ma cock wic was by now eager to tear d jeans n sprang out directly towards her ass.

Me : (cautioning her) maam ur gown… (pointing at her ass)

Priyanka : oh nooooooo….(pullin it down in a hurry)

She was so embarrassed n feelin shy dat I wud have seen her privates.
But was getting horny too.. coz I had seen her pussy dampening wet..
V reached d hall.she asked me to take a seat n told me to wait n went to her room to may b I thot change. But she came out in d gown in about 10 mins.
I noticed dat d gown had shrunken a bit upto he knees.she had deliberately changed a new one.. shorter dis time. I thot she wud have changed into a new panty.

She came n sat down opposite me on d sofa wit right leg crossed on d left one.

Priyanka : so how are d pics(refreshingly)

Me : maam.. just hot luk u..m sure to get d contract from mr. Baweja(the director)

Priyanka : (looking at d pics) hmmm.. must say nice job..u really r a professional. Wil ask ma director to appoint u as a full time photographer.

Me: thank you soooo much maam…

Priyanka : u r welcome.. now dat u have done d job outstandingly well..
Tel me mr kamal wat wud u lyk to have? Something cold or something hotttt..(dis time swapping her left leg n crossin it on d right one)

N wat d fuck… dis bitch hadn’t worn anything inside. She gave me a full view of her shaven pussy..while crossing her legs exactly she did in aitraaz if u all recall. I got d signal dat dis hot randi wants to get more hotter..coz I had seen dat her pussy was dripping with her love juices n was partially open n was looking lyk she wud have inserted a vibrator or some big thing for masturbating wen she had gone inside to change. I was really speechless dis time. But I gathered courage n finally broke out ma feelings..

Me : I wud to have u hot babe..coz u r d hottest thing I have ever seen in on dis whole planet. Ur well-chiseled breasts, ur perfect ass and ur hot pussy on fire dat I just saw really make ma lund to stand n give u respect. N m really crazy about ur ass..n wil worship ur ass daily. Hum aap ki gaand ke deewane hain. Biggest fan of ur ass. N ur sexy smile n erotic voice make my lund throb 4 u baby.

Priyanka : oh… den wat r u watin 4 mr kamal. Cum in to me na..

I just got up n went near her n sat down , I removed her stilettos n started enjoyin d aroma of d sweat of her feet wic didn’t smell less than any popular perfume brand. I started licking her feet n her fingers.sucked her toes..n went suckin al d way up to her calves, knees.. al dis time she was giggling like a bitch.. I got up n started kissing her passionately. Our lips wer stuck lyk dey wud never go apart lyk tucked using fevicol. Our tongue were exploring each others mouths. Den I lifted her in ma arms n took her to d bed room.

V reachd her bed room.. were I found many sex toys lyk dildos,vibrators,gels..etc on the dressing table wic she mite have used recently of wic I was rite. Den I laid her on d bed on her back n went on top of her diggin ma 8 n a half inches of cock in her dripping cunt.

Suddenly it started raining.. n I had n idea in ma dirty mind to give dis bitch a hell of a new pleasure.. as it was raining d flies from d outside d window wic wer sucking on d cloth wires came inside d room. She got up to turn on d fan to avoid d flies but I got hold of her n made her sit back,. N asked her..

Me : I know dat u r seeing Harman. N he must have fucked u a number of times undoubtedly but I want to know wat do u do wen u have sex. Coz I have a plan to give u some new pleasure..

Priyanka : hmm. We just suck, fuck,n eat each different positions..
Sometimes he fingers n licks ma shit hole too..

Me : ok. Do u enjoy more on ur ass or ur pussy?

Priyanka : hmm on ma ass.. but I y r u askin?

I just told her to keep quite n obey me for I was goin to give her d ultimate pleasure in her ass..

I told her to turn upside down n lay on her belly.. n her head resting on her forearms.. she did so. She is still wearin dat red gown dat was shrunken intentionally if u remember. Den I slowly picked up d gown fro her thighs n slid it above her waist to exopose her hot ass wic was on fire by now..
Dn I took ma nose close to d ass crevice n sniffed d aroma dat was coming from her asshole..oh god I swear it cud b d best perfume I wud have ever smelled in d whole world. Dn I parted her ass cheeks n exposed her pink puckered asshole wic was shrinking by now due to d touch..

Priyanka: (moaning) ahhhhhhh… h,mmmmm kamallllll…

Den I started poking ma right hands index finger by keeping it on d asshole..
Her ass hole was damn tight so I took some saliva on ma finger n started poking d finger..

Priyanka : ohhhhhhhhhhh.. ahhhhhhmmmmmmmmm… u r so goooooood…

Me : just wait u hot bitch. I haven’t started yet.. d real pleasure wil now start..

As u al know by now der wer plenty of flies dat had entered d room.. it was stil raining n d fan was I slowly started feeding d flies on ma hand wic had d aroma of priyanka’s asshole.. I had 2 flies by now sucking d germs of priyanka’s ass. Den I slowly tuk d hand dat had d flies over to priyanka’s ass n rested it on her right bum parting d cheeks.

Me : maam now u wil feel d ultimate pleasure…

Priyanka : (quite)

D flies slowly moved towards d asshole from ma hand stroking der tentacles on her bums n finally dey landed on her pink asshole.. n as it happened she jumped with a current…

Priyanka : whoa… (trembling) wat is dat on ma asshole?

Me : don’t worry babe… dey r d flies… how r u feelin…

Priyanka : ahhhhhhhhh… hmmmmmmmm…. So good … feels lyk something tingling inside ma asshole..

Me : hmm.. wait u will reach heaven in a matter of seconds..

Sayin dat I collected some more flies… dis time 5 of em.,

2 wer already fucking her asshole with der sharp tentacles.. n now 5 more were marching towards her hole.but dis time I landed em on her ankles.
So 5 of em traveled from d ankles thru d calves upto d thighs…

Priyanka : (jumping in joy) u r makin me fucking crazy boy…

D flies sucking on d germs of her legs marched towards her ass..
On day way 2 wer trying to enter her pussy but she pulled her legs together to divert der path. So now 5 of dem on her hole.. lurking here n der surrounding her asshole… d sphincter was now der playground n der food..

I asked her to stay lyk dat… slowly a swarm of flies came flyin on her ass hole n started to poke her hole..
Her hole was contracting n expandig due to d action of d flies.n der tentacles r very sharp so she was getting ample pleasure,…

Priyanka was sweatin badly as d fan was off… I could smell her odor coming from her armpits..wic was like damn fucking so gud.. I licked her armpit n sucked d heavenly sweat.

Priyankas asshole was now really beginning to open to d tentacles .. some flies were even getting inside d hole… so she told me to stop it al at once..
I drove d flies away n switched on d fan. Now she was relaxed.
Her asshole was still opening n closing to proportions. About 2 inches in diameter. I dn started finger fuckin her hole with ma index one. She was moaning madly…

Priyanka : oooooooooo..ahhhhhhhhhh..hmmmmm.mmnnnnnnn…

I cud see d inner walls of her hole with red mass n veins. Den I started licking d asshole around d sides in a circular motion.

Priyanka : ahmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..

Dn I poked ma tongue inside it went so deep dat I could touch some of d shit wic was lyin inside. It tasted yummy. Her pussy was dripping nonstop.. so I withdrew her shit hole after intense sucking of 15mins n started drinking d amrit flowing from her pussy.. oh man.. it tasted so sweet like mango juice..

She kept makin al sorts of sounds al d while I was exploiting her privates.

Den I turned her around n continued ma attack on her pussy.. I parted her puffy pussy lips with ma index n d ring finger.. n wow wat a pink flesh she had got inside..dripping like hell.. den I started massagin her gspot on d roof top with ma fingers n started lickin d pink bud of flesh deep inside her clit.

She held me thru ma hair al d while pushing me deeper inside her.
N a loud moan escaped her pink lips..

Priyanka : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

N she came for d 2nd time…

Den I came up n opened her gown.. n saw her huge mammaries filled with milk.her nipples r pinkish brown.. with light brown areolas big enough,,
Nipples like rose buds.. I started suckin her left booba while massagin her right one.. dn left one.. til I was content.. dn I removed her gown.. n asked her to go down d edge of d bed n give me a blowjob.. she obeyed n I became nude too. Ma 8.5 inches of prick was standing out.. she holded it in her right hand n started peelin d foreskin.. n she was a good holder must say. Very tight grip. N started sucking very hard. Ohhhhhhhhh man her tongue was twirling around d head of d cock like a snake… she licked under d ridge for a few minutes n den licked up n down d shaft.. dn took ma balls one at a time n sucked em deeply. N took ma penis deep inside her throat.. ma cock was fully dripped with her saliva..

Me : priyanka m going to cumm …ahhhhhhhhhhh

Priyanka : hmmmm…ahmmmmm…

N I came in her mouth shootings loads n loads of thick cum .. wic she drank greedily like a bee sucking honey..til d last drop of cum.she squeezed ma cock n fully emptied ma balls..

She kept sucking it hard n I was on again…now I asked her to come on top of me as I lay flat n she sat on ma cock.. n started riding it. After 10 minutes of riding n pinching her pussy started suckin ma cock in. her walls started clinging ma cock.. n she was screamin loudly on verge of 3rd orgasm..
She was holding ma palms tightly n she came with her legs n body jolting intensely.. her love water rained on ma limp cock,,…wic came soon.. with a thrust… our juices were mixed… she was exhausted n fell over me.. I kissed her lips while caressing n making her feel comfy.. n told her dat I love u baby… u r so hot… n cant live without u…

She also said I love u too … n said gudbye to Harman. From today..

Den we rested in each others arms n continued our fucking sessions.. till late night to early morning..

In morning wen I woke up I felt something suckin ma cock n it was hard.. n found priyanka suckin ma tool . I fucked her 1ce again n wen I was leavin she hugged me n told me to cum to her place wenever she was alone n have fun.. n bade me gudbye with a passionate kiss…

Hope u all liked ma fantasy…

Posted : 12/01/2011 5:25 am

Slave Bitch bollywood actress

Hi friends, I am guruprasad from chennai. I am going to share my fantasy story about Raveenaa tandon, the erotic bollywood actress.If you all remember, Raveena had done a film named "agnivarsha" in which she was trying to have sex with nagarjuna and her father-in-law came to know about this. A little change in story is there that instead of her devar , I am there as her real brother. Ab story shuru hoto hai. Raveena my sister apne lover (nagarjuna) ke saath aadhi nangi lethi hui sex karne ki koshish kar rahi thi aur itne me main wahan par pahunch gaya. Mujhe dekhte hi woh ghabra gayi aur uska lover bhi wahan se chala gaya. Ab who mere saath apne ghar (saural) aa rahi thi. Saare raste who sharm ke mare kuch nahi bol payi aur mujhe bhi bada ajeeb sa lag raha tha. Baar Baar meri aankhon kea age uski nangi aur chikni peeth aa rahi thi jise uska lover apni jeebh se chat raha tha. Jaise hi hum uske sasural pahunche uske sasur wahan par pehle hi se the. Unhone meri behen (Raveenaa) ko upar se niche tak dekha, uske sare kapde mitti se bhare hue the. Who samjh gaye ki koi gadbad wali baat hai.Unhone mujhse gusse me pucha ki teri behen saali raand kahan se aa rahi hai. Main darr ke mare kuch nahi bola kyunki mujhe laga isse meri behen ka ghar kharab hoga. Unhone phir mujhse gusse me pucha par main chup raha. Ab unhe bahut gussa aaya aur unhone mujhe a jordar chanta maar diya. Ab meri behen (unki bahu) ki baari thi. Unhone use bhi a jordar chanta maara jisse ki who zameen par gir padi. Phir unhone uske baal pakde aur kaha saali raand kutiya kahan se muh kaal kara ke aa rahi hai bata warna tujhe maar maar ke tera muh laal kar doonga. Unhone itni cheap language meri behen ke bare me boli par main kuch na bol saka kyunki risha hi aisa tha.Raveena rone lagi aur boli pitaji mujhe maaf kar do maine aage se kabhi aisa nahi karongi aur unke paron me gir padi. Par unhe to pura gussa tha. Unhone phir se uske baal pakde aur kaha ki saali madarchod raand mera beta yahan nahi hai to tu galiyon me kisi bhi kutte se chudhvati phiregi aur phir se use 3-4 jordar chante maar diye and uski gaand par ek laat bhi mari. Who jor jor se rone lagi aur unke paron me padkar maafi maangne lagi. Mujhse bhi raha nahi gaya aur maine bhi rote hue unke paroon me pad kar kehne laga ki meri behen ko maaf kar do.

Par unhone hum dono ko aur maara aur paron se hata diya.Ab who mujhse bole ki main teri behen ko is ghar main nahi rakh sakta. Main unke paroon main gir pada aur bolne laga ki please aap aisa mat kariye. Ye uski pehli galti hai please maaf kar dijiye. Par who bole ki teri behen ek raand hai aur isse agar aaj chod diya to phir kisi kutte se chudhvane jaayegi. Uski wajah se hamare ghar ki badnami hogi.Unki baat sunkar Raveena aur main phir se unke paron me par gaye aur maafi mangne lage.Ab unhone phir se meri behen ke baal pakde aur bole saali kutiya aaj teri saari garmi nikalonga. Phir who use baalon se hi ghasitte hue aapne kamre me le gaye. Main bhi unke peeche chala gaya. Wahan jaa kar unhone use zameen par patak diya aur uske kapde uttar ki koshish karne lage. Raveenaa apne ko bachane ki koshish kar rahi thi aur baar baar ro kar mafi maang rahi thi. Maine bhi uske sasur ko rokna chaha par who nahi mane aur mujhse bole ki agar to apni behen ka ghar bachana chahta hai to meri saamne use nanga khada karde. Main bola nahi main aisa nahi kar sakta who meri sagi behen hai. Par who nahi mane. Ab main majboor hokar Raveenaa ke pass gaya. Uski aankhon me aansoo the aur zameen par aadhi nangi padi hui sisak rahi thi.Main uske pass gaya aur uske kapde utarne laga to who mujhse boli ki main teri behen hoon please mujhe nangi mat kar. Par main majboor tha. Pehle maine use aaram se khada kiya phir Maine uski bra utari. Phir maine uske petticoat ka naada khincha aur who neeche se bhi nangi ho

Gayi. Ab who sirf ek black color ki kacchi me khadi thi aur usne appne dono haathon se apni choochiyon ko dakha hua tha. Uske aankhon me aansoo abhi bhi the aur who ghabrayi aur sharmayi hui se khadi thi. Main bhi kuch ajeeb sa feel kar rah that apni behen ko nanga dekhkar. Mujhe bhi sharam si aa rahi thi par baar baar meri nazar uske nange gore badan par jaa rahi thi. Uska badan ekdum gadraya hua tha. Choochiyan kafi moto moti thi aur uske haathon se chup nahi pa rahi thi. Uski jaanghe kafi chaudi aur sudol thi aur gaand to ekdum mast. Uski kaali kacchi uske gaand ke cheere me phasi hui thi jisse who aur bhi sexy lag rahi thi. Uske baal khule hue the aur uski gaand ko touch kar rahe the. Ek baar to mera bhi mann ho raha that apni behen ko yahin par chod do.Ab uska sasur mujhse bola ki iski kacchi kyun nahi uteri who kya teri maa aake utaregi. Ispar Raveenaa phir rone lagi aur mujhse request karne lagi ki please ab mujhe aur nangi mat kar. Par main majboor tha. Maine jaise hi uski kacchi utarne chahi who wahan se bhagne ki koshish karne lagi . Par maine use baalon se pakada aur apni taraf kheench liya. Phir maine ek hi jhatke mein uski kacchi utar di. Ab who puri nangi khadi thi. Ab uske sasur Raveena se bole chal ab to kutiya baan ja. Who apne dono haathon aur ghutno par aa gayi. Phir uske sasur ne apni stick nikali. Main darr gaya. Who bole aaj is raand ki gaand mar mar ke lal kar doonga. Aur mujhe bole ki tub hi ab mura nanga ho ja aur apni behen ke haath pakar. Phir who khud bhi pure nange ho gaye.Maine aage jaakar Raveena ke dono haath pakar liye. Main pura nanga apni behen ke saamne khada tha aur mera lund uski muh ke pass tha. Use nangi dekh kar mere lund me tightness si aane lagi thi. Ab uske sasur ne peeche jaa kar uske baalon ko jor se pakda aur stick uski moti aur gori gaand par maari. Uski cheekh nikal gayi “mar gaye”. Phir unhone lagatar 10-12 sticks uski gaand par mari aur uski gori gaand lal ho gayi. Who cheekh padi aur jor jor se rone lagi.

Who jitna roti utni jor se usse stick par rahi thi. Ab who phir se maafi mangne lagi aur girgirane lagi ki please mujhe mat maaro aap jaisa kahange main waisa hi karongi. Phir uske sasur ne use balloon se pakar kar utha diya aur kaha ki saali kutiya aaj se tu meri raand hai aur tera ye bhai tera dalal. Phir unhone Raveena se kaha ki ab to meri gaand chat. Uske sasur ek stool par baith gaye aur who phir se kutiya wale position me baithkar apne sasur ki gaand chate lagi. Yeh sab dekhkar mera lauda bhi khada ho gaya aur maine peeche se jakar uski moti choochiyon ko pakar liya aur unhe jor jor se dabane laga. Choochiyon ke dabne se use dard hua aur uski aah nikal gayi “oooucch uyi maa”. Par maine dono haathon me uski choochiyan le aur uske nipple masal diye. Who tadap uhi. Phir maine dhire dhire use chatna shuru kar diya aur chate chate uski gaand tak pahunch gaya joki puri tarah se lal ho rakhi thi. Maine apni thuk wahan girayi aur use chatne laga. Kya scene that meri behen apne sasur ki gaand chat rahi thi aur main uski. Phir maine apni index finger uske gaand ke ched mein daali aur jor jor se ghuma di.. Who dard se tadap uhi. Raveenaa ko dard se tadapte hue dekh kar bara maza aa raha that aur mera lund pure tarah se tight ho chukka tha.Ab uske sasur se face turn kiya aur Raveena se kaha ki saali kutiya ab tu mera lund choose. Who unka lund choosene lagi. Mujhse ab raha nahi gaya aur maine apna lund uski gaand ke chote se hole me daal diya. Who buri tarah se cheekh pari “uyi maa mar dala”. Uske aansson nikal gaye aur uske muh me se uske sasur ka lund chot gaya. Ispar who gussa ho gaye aur unhone apni stick se phir Raveena ki gaand par maara. Ab meri behen buri tarah se dard ke mare cheekh rahi. Ek to main uski gaand maar raha that aur upar se uske sasur uski gaand par stick maar rahe the.

Phir unhone maarte maarte hi apna lund uske muh me de diya. Mujhe apni behen ki gaand maarte hue bahut maza aa raha tha. Main bus ab chotne hi wala tha. Maine apna saara maal uski gaand mein chod diya. Uske sasur budhe the unka koi maal nahi tha. Isliye unhone uske muh me apna peesaab kar diya aur kaha ki agar who use nahi piyagei to phir stick se mar padegi. Raveenaa ne darr ke mare apne sasur ka saara pesaab pe liya. Mujhe bhi bahut jor se pesaab aa raha tha maine bhi apni behen ko pesaab pila diya.Ab uske sasur ne apne kapde pehne aur nangi tadadpti hui meri behen ke baal pakad kar bole ki saali aaj tujhe accha sabak sikhaya hai. Aagge tu meri raand ban ke rehegi aur agar meri baat nahi mani to abki baar tere saamne teri maa ko chodunga. Phir who chale gaye. Hum dono bhai behen nange us room me reh gaye.Raveena ke aansoon nahi rukh rahe the. Main uske pass gaya aur bola didi mujhe maaf kar do tumhare nange badan ko dekh kar main apne ko ro nahi paya. Usne meri aankhon me dekha aur rote hue mujhse lipat gayi. Who boli ki meri gaand bahut dard kar rahi hai. Maine use zameen par ulta leta diya aur uski gaand ko dhere dhere sehlane laga taki dard hat jaye. Par aisa karte hue mera lund phir tight ho gaya . Maine use uthaya aur phir se kutiya bana diya. Who darr gayi aur phir rone lagi ki please ab apni behen ko mat chodna mujhe bahut dard ho rahi hai par mere andar to jaise ek jaanwar aa gaya tha. Maine use kutiya banaya aur peeche se uske baal pakar ek hi jhatke me pura lauda uski choot me daal diya. Who cheekhti rahi aur main use chodta raha . Uski cheekhon se mera lund aur tight hota raha. Ab main chotne wala tha. Maine lund uski choot me nikala aur use bola ki le saali raand ab mera laura choose . Who mera lund muh me lekar choosne lagi aur phir main uske muh mein hi choot gaya. Phir maine use apna sarra maal pila diya.Ab who ek raand ban chuki hai aur maine use kai baar alag alag jagah par choda hai. Uske sasur to use saara din nanga rakhte hain aur apne doston se usko chudhvate hain.

Posted : 12/01/2011 5:27 am
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