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Bollywood Actress madhuri Dixit Lesbian Sex Story  

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Madhuri did as she was told and blushed furiously as Tabu curled her fingers into the wiry bush of her pussy. She pulled the hair up painfully and snipped it close to the skin. She cut the hairs from her mound quickly and efficiently, then trimmed the lips of her pussy too. She even made the blushing Madhuri hold her legs up to her chest so she could cut the small dark hairs that stretched down to surround her ringpiece. When Madhuri brought her legs back down, the ends of the short hairs in the crack of her ass prickled against her skin and itching terribly, causing her to squirm.

Tabu took an old-fashioned cutthroat razor from her bag along with a small can of shaving cream. She set the razor down beside her and squirted the white foam onto Madhuri's shorn crotch. She spread her fingers through the slimy cream and began to massage it into Madhuri's skin.

The touch of Tabu's expert fingers reawakened the embers of Madhuri's arousal and it was with embarrassment that she realized that her pussy was moistening once more. When the slimy caresses reached her lips, Madhuri felt her vaginal muscles contract involuntarily in response, her juices flowed freely. Once Madhuri had been lathered to Tabu's satisfaction, the amazon picked up the razor and brought it down against the trimmed pubic hair.

"Now stay perfectly still. I wouldn't want to remove anything vital!" Tabu joked to the frightened Madhuri as she started to scrape the short hairs away.

Madhuri gave a cry of pain as the razor tugged on the hairs as it carved away the stubble of her bush. Her legs jerked and her to wriggled, clenching and twitching as Tabu proceeded with deft expertise to remove her dark delta. Tabu knew every trick that there was to shaving a woman and it took only a few minutes to leave her mound completely smooth. Then she ordered Madhuri to hold her legs up high while she shaved her cunt and crack. Without being able to use her arms to help support her legs, they began to ache in moments, but she had to keep them in place as the Tabu completed her shaving.

Maduri tried to ignore the feelings she experienced throughout the ordeal. Even though the process hurt a little when hairs were tugged, Madhuri was guiltily aware that the fact Tabu was seeing every detail of her sex being revealed, that she was truly being rendered naked, was very thrilling to the so recently virginal and innocent girl.

Madhuri tried to look away, to deny her arousal, but if she looked to her left she saw the naked girlish body of Rupa which had an effect upon her that she would have never have believed that another woman could create. Against her will, she was drawn to the mirror, looking into her own eyes. The confused emotions that she was feeling were clear on her tear-streaked face. She could see her own humiliation, the fear and shame in her eyes, but she could also see the desire that she felt as Tabu finished shaving her pussy. Tabu rubbed her hand over Madhuri's smooth, soft skin and causing the rich girl to gasp in shock. Her pussy was so sensitive! Every touch seemed to be ten times more intense than before as the big woman stroked her pale and exposed skin.

"Now that looks much nicer," Tabu said, "Feels nice too, doesn't it?"

It did, but Madhuri wasn't going to admit it as Tabu shoved a finger into Madhuri's cunt and twisted it inside her, pressing against one side, then the other before withdrawing it to slide it up her hairless groove and back again. Madhuri was well on the way to another orgasm when Tabu pulled out and rubbed the juices from her finger over the freshly shaved skin above her clit. Tabu stood up then and began to remove her own clothes while the pussy-juice dried, cooling on Madhuri's sensitized skin.

Madhuri looked up at the statuesque rival as her perfectly developed body was revealed. Tabu's was voluptous, the abdominal muscles rippling beneath her skin as she reached around behind herself to unfasten her leather brassiere. The dominatrix' breasts were large and round, standing proudly on her broad, muscular chest with the large nipples standing stiffly on her globes. Madhuri realized why she had to leave Bollywood once Tabu became the queen; she couldn’t compete with her rival.

As the Tabu unbuckled her crotchless shorts, Madhuri realized that she was attracted to Tabu in a way that she had never felt before. She had an intense desire to satisfy her rival who intended to rape her, who had already humiliated her, molesting and shaving her most intimate places. She was bound and helpless, subject to the whims of a woman that had expressed, and demonstrated, her willingness to cause pain to Madhuri, regardless of her victim's wishes, and Madhuri found that she yearned for the total domination that Tabu promised.

While she experienced this revelation, Tabu had removed her thong and taken a long and narrow box from the bottom of the bag. The box was about two feet long by one wide, it was made of a glossy black wood and inlaid with bronze, with a red ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow.

"I had this specially made for Rupa and I," Tabu said as she untied the ribbon. "But I guess Madhuri will be first to enjoy the experience."

Tabu opened the wooden box, and raised the object inside with both hands. Rupa looked up from where she had just brought Maduri's husband to his second orgasm. His spunk dripped from her face as she gasped. Madhuri looked at the implement in puzzlement.

It was a dildo. Or two dildos. Or one dildo with two ends. Madhuri didn't know. It was made of flesh colored rubber and painted to be as lifelike as possible, except that no real penis ever looked like either of these.

The first was 18 inches long and 2 inches wide, with thick, rope-like veins running up the length of its shaft. The second was over a foot long, slightly thinner than the first, and was attached to the base of the longer one at a ninety-degree angle, with large false testicles marking the division. It was unlike any human cock Madhuri had ever heard of, it was as realistically colored as the first but the head flared out significantly and less than half an inch along the shaft from the base, there was a large bulge or knot that was at least 4 inches wide!

"Isn't it wonderful?" Tabu asked as she reached up to caress the longer of the two cocks.

She stroked her hand back and forth over the cockhead, which was made of a softer rubber than the shaft, then brought the head to her mouth and licked the tip.

"You had that made for me?" Rupa asked breathlessly.

"Oh yes. It's a masterpiece. A work of genius," Tabu said, her hand sliding down the long shaft to fondle the two false testicles.

The balls were actually two large spheroids held in a gel that was contained in the rubber ball sack. Tabu squeezed them firmly and a thick white goo spurted from the longer of the two phalluses, eliciting another gasp of wonder from her diminutive lover.

"That's not all, it even has a heating element to take it up to body temperature."

The dominatrix looked at the recumbent husband and his now flaccid, but twitching, cock and added with a smile, "You could say, it's even better than the real thing!"

Rupa looked from the massive double dong to his foot-long cock and back again, and then she chuckled.

"I'm afraid that you're going to have to wait your turn though, Rupa. I promised Madhuri the fucking of her life."

Madhuri had been trying to figure out what the second half of the dildo was for when Tabu's words brought her out of her detached contemplation of the device.

"No! It's too big! Tabu, you can't! It'll ruin me!"

"Nonsense, it's just what a hot little slut like you needs!" Tabu answered with a wicked grin.

"No! Please, Tabu, no!"

"Oh yes!"

Tabu stood above the frightened defeated actress and spread her muscular legs wide, allowing Madhuri an unrivaled view of her smooth and wet cunt. She took the massive two-headed dildo and lined the shorter, strangely shaped phallus with her hot slit. She ran the oversized head up and down the groove, teasing herself before pushing it into her cunt.

She gasped as the large cockhead stretched her vaginal walls. Slowly, she pushed the rubber cock into herself until she felt the sharp pain as the head hit her cervix, just as the knot touched her pussy-lips. She had had this half of the dildo made-to-measure so that the length from the tip to the beginning of the bulge was exactly the same as the depth of her cunt. As she forced the huge cockhead through her cervix and into her womb, the rubber cock-knot stretched her pussy to the limits. Tabu cried out loud as the flared cockhead and the knot both popped through the resistance of her pussy and cervix at the same time, leaving the double-dong tied within her, imbedded in her cunt twice over. Firstly by the cock-knot just inside her vagina, and then by the hugely flared head in her womb! With that double lock secure, the dildo could not be removed without a massive effort. An effort that would undoubtedly be painful, but Tabu quite enjoyed a little pain.

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From her vantage point on the floor, Madhuri could see that the double-dildo was pulled right up into her cunt, so far that her pussy-lips were actually wrapped part of the way around the longer of the two phalluses. With the shorter dildo concealed inside her, the longer one jutted out before her like a real cock, dipping slightly toward the tip under its own weight. That same weight was pulling at Tabu's insides and created an exquisite tension in her sex. Tabu dropped down to her knees between Madhuri's legs and the huge dildo slapped the young woman's belly. The raven-haired amazon moved forward on her knees, the head of her false cock slid up Madhuri's defenseless body until it nestled between her breasts and then she grabbed the two soft globes in her hands and crushed them together, the warm dildo trapped in their embrace.

Tabu tit-fucked Madhuri with her impossibly long phallus while she remained positioned at Madhuri's crotch. The dildo was so long that the rubber cockhead was poking through the top of Madhuri's cleavage as it fucked her breasts, and Madhuri was terrified of the prospect of being forced to take it all in her pussy. There was no way it would fit. It would kill her if she tried!

After a couple of moments of tittie-fucking Madhuri, and enjoying the pain/pleasure that she was feeling in her cunt as the tied dildo was pulled, Tabu took her cock in her hand and ran the large head down the prone body and rubbed it against the sensitive skin of the heiress's newly shaven cunt.

She pressed the knob into her quivering pussy-lips and slid it up and down her wet gash, forcing Madhuri to lubricate even more.

"Please, Tabu, please don't do this!"

"Shut up and enjoy it bitch!" Tabu said with a smile.

Then she started. She pushed her cock into Madhuri's hole and brought her superior strength to bear. Madhuri tried to resist the violation but nothing could have stopped Tabu's slow, relentless thrust. Madhuri was sobbing with pain as eventually the muscles of her entrance were forced to yield and Tabu's cock was inside her!

It wasn't like an ordinary dildo, because the heating element and the skillful sculpting of the rubber cock made it feel almost identical to the real thing as it pushed its way into Madhuri's wet cunt. Madhuri's whimpers were like music to the ears of Tabu, and they helped to heighten her own pleasure to the degree that she had to willfully suppress her own orgasm. To ignore the wonderful pain and pleasure from the dildos cervical and vaginal knots was one of the most difficult things that she had ever done, and she was penetrating Madhuri gradually to reduce her own pleasure, not to make it any easier for the spoilt brat.

Eventually, she felt her cock bottom out as it hit Madhuri's cervix. Looking down through eyes misted by her own pent-up need for release, she saw that barely ten inches of rubber dick were inside Madhuri. Tabu looked down again at the huge dildo that projected from her slit and into her victim and it seemed that it really was her cock. Apart from a thin line that marked were her shaven lips met the smooth, hot rubber, it really did look as though it was a part of her, as indeed it was.

She could feel every movement and twitch of Madhuri's cunt through the second dildo that impaled her own pussy, and through her clitoris which was crushed against the heavy shaft of the device. It wasn't just a tool, just another dildo. It was her cock; Tabu's own cock!

With that thought in mind, Tabu slammed her hips forward, causing Madhuri to scream as Tabu's massive cock hammered at her cervix. Tabu reared back and slammed her cock into Madhuri again. And again. Madhuri's screams were earsplitting when on the fourth brutal thrust, Tabu ripped through her cervix and began to rape her womb. The dominatrix rested for a moment and leant forward to wrap her arms around Madhuri's sobbing body so that their breasts were firmly pressed together. She bowed her head and kissed Madhuri's neck and then her cheek where she tasted Madhuri's salty tears, before kissing her full on the lips. In spite of the pain, Madhuri found herself responding to Tabu's kiss, pushing her tongue forward to wrestle with Tabu's as it invaded her mouth.

Then, Tabu began to fuck The Slut Madhuri!

Slow, even strokes that gradually forced more and more of her cock into Madhuri's cunt. The gentleness of Tabu's thrusts did much to reduce the pain, although it remained considerable, and Madhuri found that her body was beginning to respond once more.

Tabu increased the tempo of her thrusts, making Madhuri grunt with the shock every time the large cockhead hit the roof of her womb, driving her insides deeper into her own body. The muscular amazon started to rub her huge breasts against Madhuri's soft tits, and she kissed her again, passionately and aggressively.

And, to Madhuri's horrified surprise, she felt herself orgasm again. Her vision blurred but she didn't faint again, the pain was too great, and so instead she was forced to endure the merciless rape that Tabu was perpetrating upon her. Tabu had pushed Madhuri's hand up into own pussy! She had a firm grip on her wrist and she was pushing it in and out of her dripping cunt!

Rupa pulled herself up and watched as Tabu forced Madhuri to fist-fuck herself with the whole of her hand. At the widest point it was not much thicker than Tabu's dildo, but her small hand's irregular shape was rubbing the sensitive membranes in a way that was entirely alien to her limited experiences.

The Bollywood diva reached down to grab Madhuri's head by her permed hair and yanked her upright so that she could kiss her on the lips. Then Tabu gripped her upper arm in one hand, the arm whose hand was wedged in her cunt, and pulled sharply, forcing Madhuri to twist her shoulder so that her back was bent in a bow. Tabu then gripped the arm by the elbow and halfway up the forearm and positioned it so that it was in line with her pussy.

Madhuri realized too late what Tabu meant to do and she screamed as Tabu punched half of Madhuri's arm into the wet hole. She pulled it back and thrust it again, working it deeper into Madhuri's sex in the same way that she would a dildo until the spoilt brat was bent all the way over with her arm buried in her own pussy up to the elbow!

She could feel the heat and wetness of her own vagina on her arm, and her fingertips were pressed painfully against her cervix. Then Tabu began fisting her, using her prodigious strength she gripped Madhuri's elbow and rammed the entire forearm in and out of her cunt.

"Now don't you think you should thank Rupa for letting you have the first turn with her present?"

Tabu said, then rammed Madhuri face first into Rupa's sloppy cunt! Madhuri's cries were muffled by the wet flesh against her face, cries that became screams as she felt Tabu kneel down behind her and press the slimy tip of her unnatural cock between her buttocks.

"Madhuri, I'm going to fuck you up the ass and you are going to make Miss Rupa cum with your mouth. I'm going to work it into you slowly, so the quicker you get Rupa off, the less you'll suffer!"

Tabu thrust her hips forward and Madhuri screamed as her asshole was ripped open. She was almost hyperventilating as Tabu began thrusting little more than three inches of hard rubber cock into her rectum, but within a minute she had regained some control of her breathing and she set frantically to work, licking and sucking at Rupa's pussy vigorously.

Madhuri was desperately trying to remember the things Rupa had done with Tabu, and that Tabu had done to her with her mouth and tongue, but mostly she was simply licking at everything she could. Along the length of the girl's slit from her clit to her vaginal opening, where her chin Rupa's luscious ass and yelping every few moments as Tabu forced another inch of the massive dildo-cock into her ass.

Eventually Madhuri was rewarded with a flood of Rupa's orgasmic juice as she came and Madhuri began to relax. But Tabu didn't stop. She continued to push more of the dildo up the Indian slut's ass, 9-inches, 10-inches, 11, 12, 13 inches!

There was sharp pain as Tabu hit the limits of Madhuri's bowel, then she squeezed the balls again to shoot a large load of lubricant into Madhuri's ass.

Madhuri was left totally humiliated and broken. She was turned into a Sex Slave for Rupa. That was not restricted to Rupa as Tabu gained control and that saw a slide of Madhuri in the movie business with lt of producers taking her to bed but no one offering her any roles which went to Sri or the actresses from her harem. While Madhuri was forced to please Rupa and her other rivals including Manisha and Tabu.
Madhuri had since overcome that setback and had ruled Bollywood since then. Here sexy body, amazing dances and willingness to reveal on screen as well as alloing anyone and everyone free access to her assets saw her reach the pinnacle once again. That was until Kajol found out bout this little secret ofher rival. She was going to do what Sri and Rupa did to Madhuri on a much bigger scale.

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Madhuri arrived at the Devgun residence as Sri instructed her too. She was wearing a cleavage revealing backless blouse. Kajol’s sister Tansiha opened the door for her and after giving her a through look over called for her sister, “Kads, your whore is here”. That was humiliating for Madhuri to have such a junior actress refer to her like that. Kajol came down to see her rival . Both of them knew the reason for the meeting and the power game going on. Here was the current Bollywood Queen at the mercy of her challenger.
Madhuri was about to take a sit when Kajol roared

“Uh uh Madhuri…my rules now,” Kajol grinned. She was going to have some fun with this bitch for sure. “Now why don’t we get up to my bedroom? I think there’s something you promised Sri that you’d do.”

Kajol then lead Madhuri upstairs to her bedroom. Madhuri seemed a little nervous, but not too frazzled. No one had been fucked in the history of the industry as much as Madhuri. But she had never felt this humiliated at the mercy of another woman.

“Ok Madhuri,” Kajol said as she sat herself down on the bed. “Strip for me.”

“What?” Madhuri asked, a little surprised.

“You heard me,” Kajol smirked. “Strip for me. I don’t think you want me ruining all those nice clothes of yours with my girl cum, do you? Besides, I want to see your hot body Madhuri. Mmmm I want you to get my pussy nice and wet.”

Madhuri didn’t seem sure of what to do, so she just stood there for a moment. Kajol decided to give her a little help by putting on some music so she clicked on her radio. In a great gift from fate, the first song she found was one of the all time greatest stripping songs. Kajol grinned as the sounds of Madhuri’s Dhak Dhak Karne Laga filled the bedroom.

“Perfect,” Kajol said as the music played. “Now get to it Madhuri. Strip.”

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but Madhuri knew she had to get this role. She’d sucked a lot of cocks in her day to get a break, so why not eat a pussy too? She was already humiliated by Sri and this was just something more. If she could just get through this and get what she wanted then it would all be worth it.

Madhuri began to move to the music and she started by getting out of her heels. She had done a few stripteases for lucky producers and she’d seen more than her share from her time, so she sort of knew what she was doing. She began to run her hands over her body, rubbing her breasts through her white blouse and down her short black skirt. Her legs were nicely shown off in the skirt and she made sure to extend them as much as possible. These were the tricks she knew worked on guys. She just hoped they worked on Kajol too.

Kajol actually was enjoying the show. Having some fun had been the last thing on her mind this night, but since the opportunity was being offered to her, why not take it? She watched with great interest as Madhuri did her little grind to the music, moving her body slowly. She wasn’t overly smooth, but pretty damn sexy for an amateur. Madhuri began to move her hands up to her blouse and, as she started unbuttoning it, Kajol voiced her approval.

“That’s it Madhuri…make it slow and sexy,” Kajol laughed. “Mmmm I can’t wait to see what’s underneath those clothes. You’re all mine now Madhuri.”

Madhuri’ face burned with a little embarrassment at Kajol’s catcalls, but she couldn’t pretend she didn’t also like it. She had never had to go to this extreme before to get a role, fucking the producers and then submitting to her rival but this was that important and it felt good to be doing this for someone like Kajol. It was making her hot to know she was turning on someone as hot as Kajol. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Madhuri just felt the superiority of the other woman over her; whether it was her acting or the bulging boobs that were on display; Madhuri knew she was submitting to someone superior.

As Madhuri’ hands fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, Kajol decided to start relieving herself of her clothing too. Just as soon as her sneakers and socks hit the floor, Kajol got to work on her jeans. She undid her button fly and began pushing them down just as Madhuri was peeling her blouse over her shoulder, revealing a lovely white lace bra that hugged her tits and gave Kajol a lovely view of some serious cleavage.

“Mmmm those tits of yours look beautiful,” Kajol said as she pulled off her jeans and made sure Madhuri saw her rubbing herself through her dampening red panties. “Get that bra off. I want to see those babies all nice and bare. Get to it Madhuri! Show me your fucking tits!”

Kajol’s words made her face turn red again, but it also got her pussy wet. Madhuri supposed she was a bit of a stereotype. She was a woman who gave orders all day and then went home and loved giving up control in the bedroom. But she didn’t care if she was something out of a Cinemax late night movie. She knew what made her feel good and it felt good to be stripping for Kajol. Madhuri reached around back to undo her bra, and as it fell to the ground, she earned more raves from her audience.

“I always knew you had great tits,” Kajol grinned. “Shake them for me. Shake those titties of yours.”

Madhuri did as she was told, moving her body so she could give her breasts a sexy shake for Kajol’s appreciative eyes. Kajol responded by slipping her hand into her panties and caressing herself. She looked at Madhuri with a steely gaze that compelled her to go on.

“That’s it…keep stripping for me Madhuri,” Kajol ordered. “Get naked. If you want this role from me you better get bare assed and get there fast. I’m getting fucking impatient over here.”

Taking that as a cue to speed things up Madhuri began to dance some more as she reached down to unzip her skirt. She let the black skirt slowly fall off her legs and puddle around her feet. She stepped away from them and then turned around so Kajol could see her white lace thong and how it showed off her ass.

“Very nice,” Kajol praised. “Good girl, you showed me your ass without me even asking. You’re getting into this aren’t you?”

“Yes Kajol,” Madhuri moaned. She knew she was starting to get wet enough to notice and she didn’t care. She hoped Kajol would notice. “Is that what you want to hear? I am getting into it.”

“Fuck yeah that’s what I want to hear,” Kajol said as she pulled her shirt over her head. She hadn’t worn a bra so she was now naked except for the red panties that were getting wetter with every twist and turn of Madhuri’ body. It did occur to Kajol that she was pretty much handing Madhuri an exclusive about her sexuality, but she shrugged it off. Madhuri was part of this too now and that made her secret safe.

Meanwhile Dhak Dhak had finished up and the unmistakable song of Kaante Nahi Kat te of Sri began. Soon, Kajol’s Hoton pey bas was filling the room and Kajol had to wonder what kind of station she had found. What was this? Horny Bollywood? Whatever it was, it was good music to get naked and fuck to and Kajol was ready for that.

“Get those fucking panties off,” Kajol barked at her stripper. “I want to see your pussy. It better be all nice and wet for me too.”

It will be, Madhuri promised with her eyes as she reached down and slowly pushed her panties down, the white lace wet with her juices. She suddenly improvised a move and tossed her panties to Kajol. The hostess was happy to receive this gift and held them up to her face.

“Mmm you are getting wet for me you naughty little bitch,” Kajol said as her pussy got just that much more aroused. “Get your ass over here now. You’ve got work to do.”

By the time Madhuri got over to the bed, Kajol had lay herself back and spread her legs so the panties tightly stuck to her mound. She kept rubbing herself through her underwear, making sure the smell of her aroused pussy was clear to Madhuri and so the nosy contestant could see how hot she was. Madhuri stood over the bed, looking down at the topless hostess splayed out for her on the bed, rubbing herself with one hand while she teased her nipples with the other.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” Kajol snapped while ( ) never losing her evil smile. “An engraved invitation? Get to it!”

Madhuri still couldn’t believe she was doing this, but this was too important for her to suddenly develop a case of the nerves. Besides Kajol certainly had a killer body. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to eat her pussy. The situation could be a whole lot worse when you thought about it.

Kajol’s panties clung tightly to her skin and Madhuri reached for them. She began to pull them off the hostess, Kajol helpfully closing her legs a little so that it was easier to get them off. When Madhuri accomplished this task and threw the panties off of the bed, Kajol spread her legs again making sure Madhuri saw the juice that was covering her slit. Kajol loved to be aggressive in the bedroom and she was going to make sure she got everything she wanted from Madhuri.

“I said get to it!” Kajol repeated as she grabbed Madhuri’ hair and pushed her down. “Get your face in there! You want your fucking story Madhuri? Then let’s see how good you are at licking my cunt!”

Madhuri loved how nasty Kajol was acting and she responded by beginning to lick off her drooling slit. She tasted Kajol’s pussy and after her tastebuds gave her their seal of approval she really began to work her with her tongue. She began licking Kajol’s slit up and down with vigor and enthusiasm, eliciting an immediate reaction from her lover.

“Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhh yeahhhhhh Madhuri…” Kajol moaned as she played with her own tits, fondling them and teasing her nipples. “Fuck you know what to do with a pussy baby! Mmm you’ve done this before haven’t you, my horny slut.”

Madhuri loved how a woman tasted and how you could get her pussy to just open up for you if you licked at her labia just right. Now it was Kajol’s pink petals that were blooming for her and Madhuri just buried her face in the hot pussy spread open before her.

“Fuck yes!” Kajol swore. “Mmmm you fucking bitch! Eat that pussy! Ohhh yessss you love this don’t you? I’ll bet you were hoping I really would take you up on your offer! I’ll bet you wanted my sweet little cunt when you saw me in Baazigar. Didn’t you bitch?”

“Yessssss…yes I did,” Madhuri groaned as Kajol tugged her hair again and pulled her from her pussy only to push her back when she heard the answer she was looking for. She had wanted Kajol. Madhuri had to admit to a lot of lustful feelings for her rivals and she had definitely felt a lot more than usual when she saw Kajol. Not even Tabu had gotten her as hot as Kajol had and after the movie Madhuri had to excuse herself for a little finger play.

“I guess I had you pegged all wrong, you’re not a bitch…just a fucking slut…” Kajol groaned as Madhuri’ tongue burrowed itself deep in her pinkness and licked her so good. Madhuri hadn’t even really gotten to her clit yet and she was already squirming on the bed. Christ, this chick was good.

“Eat me slut,” Kajol urged. “Lick that wet pussy of mine just like that! Make me come you nasty whore! I want my pussy creaming your pretty face or no role for you!”

Madhuri was so lost in her desire for Kajol that the story was secondary to her now. She loved how Kajol’s heat felt against her tongue and face. Kajol’s bush tickled her nose and it all just made her wetter. Kajol knew just how to fuck her face and just what to say to her. Someone had given Kajol a lot of good lessons on how to be with a woman and Madhuri knew who that would be.

Kajol thought there was just so nasty about taking the face of the reigning Bollywood Queen like this and jamming it into your pussy. She gasped as Madhuri’ tongue hit one sensitive spot after another. One of her hands was holding Madhuri’ head down by her hair and the other was up on her chest so Kajol could maul her own breasts. After everything that had happened in the last 24 hours, this was exactly what Kajol needed. Madhuri was a hot little slut and Kajol was already thinking there was something else she could do to see how far she was willing to go to get the role. But first she needed to come.

“Fuck me Madhuri!” Kajol grunted as she felt her climax get closer. She had been getting worked up ever since Madhuri had responded to Sri’s demands and this was shaping up to be plenty hot and nasty. She could have a long drawn out orgasm the next time she was with Karishma or Kareena. Right now she just wanted to come.

“Fuck me with your pretty tongue Madhuri!” Kajol continued. “Ohhhh you’re so fucking hot, bitch! You get all your roles like this don’t you? I’ll bet there isn’t a cock you haven’t sucked or a twat you haven’t licked in Bollywood, is there Miss Dikshit?”

That wasn’t far from true, but it didn’t mean Madhuri didn’t like hearing it. She was having such a good time between Kajol’s legs that she had to wonder if being her slut could be a full time position. Madhuri could feel her pussy juice dripping down her leg. She so badly wanted to reach down and touch herself but she didn’t dare. Kajol was making the rules here and until she heard her tell her it was ok to give herself a finger fuck, her hands were staying right where they were on Kajol’s legs.

The heat of Kajol’s pussy told Madhuri that she was getting close. She hadn’t forgotten how good a woman tasted when she came all over her tongue and Madhuri was happily anticipating tasting the Kajol’s orgasm. She wasn’t going to get it just by tongue fucking her pussy though. After all, women went down on women because they knew they were the only ones who really knew what they needed and what kind of woman would she be if she blatantly ignored Kajol’s clitoris.

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Madhuri ran her fingers through Kajol’s snatch and quickly found exactly what she was looking for. With positive identification of the location of Kajol’s clit, Madhuri zeroed in with her tongue. She hit the spot almost immediately and got right to work lashing at Kajol’s clit with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh fucking yesssssss…” Kajol hissed. “Yeahhh Madhuri fuck that hard clit! Mmmm what a nasty little pussy licker you turned out to be. So fucking good. Mmmmm slap that clit with your tongue! Make me fucking come you slut! Work your whore tongue magic on me!

Madhuri was now concentrating solely on Kajol’s clit. She pushed her face down further into her sex and used her tongue and lips in alternating attacks on her pleasure center. As she did this her ass rose up in the air behind her, the contestant hoping the site of her bare backside was enough to give Kajol a little extra jolt of pleasure as she drew closer to coming. Kajol’s juices were getting nice and tangy and Madhuri felt the walls of her pussy begin to tighten. She was almost there.

With Kajol’s hard, throbbing clit under her tongue, Madhuri held the key to Kajol’s orgasm close to her. She let Kajol stew in her own arousal for a few moments as a small dose of payback before she went right for the gold. She made sure Kajol’s legs were spread wide for her and she went to Kajol’s clit with her lips, striving to suck the orgasm right out of her.

“OHHHH HOLY SHIT!!!” Kajol wailed, her insides tensing up and her body rising up from the bed in anticipation until her tits and stomach were jutting out in the air. It was like she was being slowly pulled up and up and when she couldn’t take any more the rope snapped and she plunged downward in an intense orgasm.

“WHOAAAA!!!” Kajol gasped as one last suck on her clit got her coming and creaming all over Madhuri’ tongue. She shook violently but never lost the rapturous smile on her face as Madhuri licked her clean. Her pussy rubbed all over Madhuri chin and nose, covering her face in her juices. When Kajol fell back on the bed, catching her breath from her orgasm she quickly noticed that Madhuri’ face was delightfully sticky with girl cum. She was about to lick her clean when she suddenly had a better idea. It was time to make sure Madhuri learned her lesson about nosing around, and what better way to do it than with a tribute to Madhuri.

“Ooooh you eat pussy pretty damn well my horny slut,” Kajol cooed as she reached over and began to rub Madhuri backside, which she had indeed seen and appreciated while being eaten out. “You did your job and now it’s time to do mine. But first you get a little bonus. Turn around. Let me see this hot fucking ass of yours.”

Kajol then hopped off the bed as Madhuri did as she was told and let the hostess study her backside. She remained bent over and cleaning her lips off with her tongue. God, it had been too long since she had fucked a woman. Kajol was so hot that Madhuri was now back in the bisexual groove again.

“Stay like that,” Kajol instructed as Madhuri was bent over, her head pointed toward the bedroom window and away from Kajol’s closet. “I’ll be right back.”

Madhuri could hear Kajol rummaging through her closet for something. She was tempted to turn around to see what was going on, but she thought better of it. Kajol wasn’t going to like it if she did that. Besides it was hotter to be kept in suspense. Madhuri was shocked all of this had happened, but she wasn’t one bit sorry. She had come for a story and now she had a faceful of girl cream and one wet pussy that needed attention. Who cared about a stupid news show when you had that?

“Are you ready for me Dikshit?” Madhuri heard Kajol ask from behind her.

“Oh yes Kajol,” Madhuri answered, her eyes closed as she wondered what she was going to get. “Give it to me Kajol. Do what you want with me!”

“Ohhh your pussy is so wet for me Madhuri,” Kajol admired as she petted the wet lips and soft fur between Madhuri’ legs. “Did you get this wet stripping for me or was it from eating my hot pussy?”

“Both,” Madhuri replied.

“Good answer,” Kajol laughed as she continued to touch Madhuri’s snatch. “I just love a wet pussy like this. But you’re not wet enough for what I want to do with you. What can we do about that?”

Madhuri then shivered in desire as she heard Kajol gather up her saliva and spit right into her pussy. The feeling of Kajol spitting into her like that was a turn on and it became even more of one when Kajol began rubbing her spit all over her pussy. She then spit into her again and gave her the same treatment with her fingers.

“It’s time now bitch,” Kajol said and before Madhuri could respond she felt a huge rush of pleasure straight to her brain. The walls of her pink pussy were being stretched and filled as Kajol guided her strap-on right inside her and began to fuck her hard.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!!!” Madhuri screamed in pleasure as the toy penetrated her. She had never been taken with a strap-on before, but she sure knew what a toy felt like in her pussy and this was fucking awesome. She had thought only a real cock could make you feel this filled. She was wrong.

“That’s it…take it slut,” Kajol groaned as she fucked Madhuri and worked out her remaining anger against the contestant. “Take my cock deep in your wet slutty cunt! Feels good doesn’t it? Sluts like you love getting fucked! Never been fucked by anyone hot like me though! Take it all you nasty casting couch bitch!”

It was hard for Madhuri to tell what she liked more. The sensation of having that toy deep in her pussy or hearing Kajol talk to her like that. It was all hot and it was all stimulating. She was already dripping onto Kajol’s toy and Madhuri began to really howl out her passion when Kajol began spanking her ass while she fucked her.

“Nasty…fucking…bitch…” Kajol swore as she spanked Madhuri between every word. “You get what you came for, huh slut? You get the dirt you wanted? Now you’re getting what sluts like you deserve. You’re getting your whore ass spanked! And you’re loving it, aren’t you? Tell me you’re fucking loving it!”

“Yessss…I’m loving it!” Madhuri exclaimed. “I’M FUCKING LOVING IT!!!”

Kajol continued to fuck Madhuri hard, making the contestant cry out and shake on her bed. She hadn’t used this thing on many girls. In fact it had only been used on Holly and Madhuri. She could still shut her eyes and remember how she had taken Madhuri with it on her first visit to the house. Kajol hadn’t expected to be challenged sexually, but Madhuri had come looking for control and the two of them had ended up in plenty of sticky messes trying to settle their struggle for dominance. Madhuri was certainly a hot fuck, but she was no Madhuri and Kajol hoped that it wouldn’t be long before her friend was at the receiving end of this toy again. Maybe she’d also be able to finally meet this Mr. Snappy she had heard so much about.

“Fuck me Kajol!” Madhuri begged. “Fuck me hard! I deserve it! I so fucking deserve this! Punish my cunt with your cock! Give me the fucking I need! Fill me up!”

“That’s it,” Kajol groaned. “That’s what I want to hear. Tell me you’re my slut!”

“Yesssssss I am…I’m your little fucking slut,” Madhuri wailed, her hair flying in all directions as she rocked back and forth on the bed to meet the hard thrusts of Kajol’s toy. “Fuck your slut! I’m a horny actress who sleeps around for parts and I need to be fucked like a whore!”

“Ooooh you are a nasty bitch,” Kajol laughed. “I want you to come for me you so called Bollywood Queen slut. Come all over my cock! Coat it with your cream or I’ll throw you out of this house without your fucking clothes and with your face covered in cum. We’ll see who the fucking top diva is then!”

“Yessssss I’ll come…I’ll come for you!” Madhuri panted. “I’ll fucking come all over your cock! Just don’t stop fucking me! Take my slut pussy and make it yours! I’m all yours Kajol! All yours!”

Saying that earned Madhuri an extra hard thrust from Kajol. She was so fucking close and the toy made her pussy feel so nice and stretched. She hadn’t been fucked like this in a long time and she was ready to commit herself to being Kajol’s slave if that was what it took for her to get her off. The real reason for her visit to Kajol’s house had been all but forgotten as Madhuri felt that toy push into her pussy time and time again until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m gonna…gonna….gonna come…” Madhuri gasped.

“Yessssss come for me,” Kajol said before once again smacking Madhuri’ pink ass hard. “Come for Kajol you hot bitch!”

Feeling those slaps on her ass was what did it for Madhuri and if Kajol said anything more, it was drowned out by the sounds of Madhuri' orgasmic cries.


Madhuri could feel her pussy creaming the strap on as the most pleasant fog she’d ever experienced rolled through her head and her body shook in rapture. She clawed at Kajol’s sheets and tossed her hair asunder. She wanted this. She needed this. She was a news slut and she was getting off so hard on being one. It was so fucking good she never wanted the orgasm that was rattling her body to stop.

It was like there was a volcano going off inside her body, with hot pleasure coursing through every inch of her. Madhuri had never felt anything so intense in her life. Even as she began the inevitable cycle down, her body was still caught up in a rush. It had been so long since she had felt the touch of another woman and no woman had ever taken her like Kajol had. She just kept pushing herself back onto Kajol’s strap on, each push progressively slower, as her head swam in sensations.

When her orgasm did stop Madhuri collapsed on the bed. She groaned in exhausted desire, not able to do much more than just lie there and try to get a handle on what had just happened here.

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