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Babita from Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma  


Everyone knows babita from tarak mehta ka ulta chashma....if not then open up SUB TV watch tarak mehta and shag on!!!!....

So here babita was siting inside her bedroom while ayer was out on a business trip somewhere....babita was getting bored and as we all know that she is unsatisfied whore she wanted to do something for her desire for now she slowly sat down on her bed...dimming the lights a little bit and lying on the bed she slowly stated to massage her soft and firm boobs and as she did so she inserted her one finger in between her deep valley and assumed it as a hard dick she was taking it inside outside a few times...then she felf a little bit more horny and then she slowly removed her pants and pnty and slowly stated caressing her pussy from outside....and her moaning stated to grow louder and louder and then she stated to insert her fingers one by one and the moaning grew bigger and bigger as her fingers went deep she was too horny she had forgotten to close the door and because of her loud moaning sounds which could be heard outside daya and anjali were passing by and heard this voice....they thought at first that something was wrong so they entered quietly inside and they came near to the door of the bedroom from where this noise was coming from....and what they saw inside was a mere shock to them but daya nd anjali looked at each other and they both had a huge grin on their face as they both had this kinky fantasy of fucking this bitch here inside babita was out of this world and as she had also increased the speed of the fingers wich were going inside and outside her pussy and daya and anjali could see her pussy juice dripping outside....

Posted : 20/06/2011 5:26 am
Guest these two who had their fantasy to fuck this bitch i.e anjali and anjali quickly told daya to wait there and she went to get a big black dildo for this as intructed daya waited their and she was very much turned on by the site inside...cum juice dripping from babita'bitches now anjali came running back and brought the black she first told daya to go inside and gave her a rope to tie her around the bed for a good fucking taking the rope daya went inside and as babita hosh mein nai thi she slowly raised babita's to hands and tied it on each side of the bed....and now as she was about to spread babita's legs....babita ko thoda hosh aa gaya and she realized that daya had entedred and that her hands are she tried to free herself but seeing this anjali entered and said....kyu bitch tujhe chudwana hi tha to hamein bula leti hamari to ye fantasy thi...hamein bulati to dono ka fayda tha teri sex ka bhoot nikal jata aur hamari fantasy bhi puri ho jati....anjali showing her the black dekh rahi ho na...pleasure isse milta hai ungli se nai samjhi whore....chal daya iski tange fayla to mein bi dekhu iski pussy k andar ye jata hai ki daya spread babitas legs and anjali started inserting the dildo this daya said....are anjali jor se anjali ne dildo nikala aur phir jor se ek jhatke mein andar dal diya aur jhatka dete hue andar bhar andar bhar karti rahi....babita wa out of this world she was feeling so horny that more and more juice was pouring out of her pussy than ever before and wo behoshi ki halat mein khud bol rahi thi...are tum log bus karo mein aur nai le sakti itna bara dick to iyer ka bi nai hai...please nikalo....anjali said...are abi to shuru hua hai daya jara tu bi ghusale mein tange pakarti now it was daya's turn she also fucked her very nicely and now babit's bed was full of white was all over the place.... aaahhhh aaaahuuuuu aaaaaahhhhh....mmmmmmmm aaaahhhhhhaaaaa nikaloooooo aaaahhhhh babita was going....anjali said....chal daya abi nika de aur ek kam kar tere aur mere pati ko bula bol aaj dawat hai jaldi se aa jaye....hearing this babita said...are nai please mujhe chod do abi to itna choda mujhe ab kya sachi mein whore banwawogi....anjali said....are whore bananeka sawal hi nai uthta whore to tu pehle se hai hi....mein to unlogo ko isliye bula rahi hu kyu k wo teri barabar se gaand marenge unlogo ka dick is dildo se bi bada hai to gaand barabar marigi ye dildo se maza nai ayega....itni der mein daya jetha aur tarak ko lekar aa gaye....dono nai jaise hi enter kia dono k lund ikdum se tan ho gaye....are daya anjali tum log ne to hamein bohut achi dawat pe bulaya hai....chalo iski gaand marte hai tarak and jetha both agreed and became nude....anjali and daya went inside to a corner became nude and started masturbating to this first tarak decided to fuck her pussy and jetha will do the gand and then vice versa so tarak took position and with a bang inserted his whole lenght inside her pussy...kyu be babita maza aa raha hai na....tu which babita replied...aaaaahhhhhhhaaaaahhh....mmmmmmm.....bus karoohhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhh....are ab to mera ghusega tarak said and pounced on her and inserted his whole lenght inside babita's gaand....aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...meri gaand fat jayegi...please bachao bachao...aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhh...ooooohohohohhohohhhhhhhhhh....but these two were not listing to anything babita was saying and they just looked at their wives in the corner which gave them a hardon and that made their fucking speeds even faster and faster and babita's voice was dimineshed as she was having a intense orgasm....and first jetha cummed inside babit's gaand and took out his dick and went near babita's mouth and inserted in her mouth.....then tarak with a few strokes also cummed inside babita's pussy and he took out his dick and now he was tit fucking her.....seeing this the two wives masturbating in the corner also cummed intensly and now all came near babit and all were caressing her boobs, thighs, wet cumm dripping pussy and gaand.....after that they called the whole society for a fuck with babita and all enjoyed the treat.....babita was left in a very dreadful condition but uske sar par jo sex ka bhoot sawar tha shayad abi kabhi nai ayega........

Posted : 20/06/2011 5:27 am