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Ayesha Takia Fuck Interview  


For Ayesha, the day started like any other. And for her, every day started the same way, with a nagging worry about where the next meal would come from. She had been in this tinsel town, the so-called city of dreams for over a year now and still she could not see her way to anything remotely resembling a break. The dream to become a movie star seems all very well when you are living in a small town where the release of a new movie generally after 2 months of its premier and still celebrated like Diwali, but once you get to that heartless city of Bombay where dreams are trodden under the feet of the rich and the powerful every single day, you come face to face with the reality and learn that if you want to keep soul with body you better use that body to protect the soul.

No, she had not resorted to prostitution, not at all. She was proud to think, that she had never traded sexual favours for money or any other kind of favor. Though she had done almost everything else, from waitressing to working as spot boy.

But recently she was having doubts. Serious doubts. She knew more than one girl who had moved from extras to heroines, within a very short span of time and she knew that they, unlike her, had used their body other than a coat-rack to land the jobs.

She was not a virgin, not by a long shot, even in the small, unknown city she was well-admired by guys. But the boyfriend she had chosen about 15 years older than her, he had taught her a lot in sex, and surprisingly, for her, he had satisfied her in ways she was sure those younger guys could not imagine. Soon after she came to Bombay, she had met a nice young guy, this time she had taught him some things. They were still going out, though most of Ayesha's time was spent in earning a livelihood, and Rajat was no better off than she was. In fact, she had had to lend him money a couple of times.

Today was a little different. Today she woke up with her landlady's shrill warning ringing in her ears still fresh from last night. "The rent by this Friday or all your stuff will be out on the road." She couldn't blame her, rent was due from last 3 months. She had to find a job, she had to. And in two days!

She picked up yesterday's newspaper borrowed from the landlady and started looking for a job. Not a film heroine, just any job. Extra, spot boy, typist, secretary, anything; "Movie director needs secretary", the headline hit her right between the eyes, a chill ran down her spine as she thought how perfect it would be, the whole journey of secretary-to-movie-heroine ran before her eyes in the blink of any eye. She read the ad, "active, obedient, quick, agile...blah, blah" the usual stuff.

She took care in getting ready. The money she brought from home, she had wisely invested that in good clothes, and no matter how little she earned, she always maintained a small but sufficient supply of cosmetics. If you want to get a break in a movie you can't walk in looking like a tramp off the road, no matter how hard up you are.

Fortunately, she was only 21, her body was young and supple, perfect curves, with a bust measurement of 36C and an ass that the supermodels could envy, with a slim waist that looked like it was shaped by a master sculptor with a slow and careful chisel. She kept her hair in a careful, modern cut with most of her hair reaching the middle of her back but enough of them to play around her cheek from both sides, short and sexy. Sure it made waitressing tough, but lured men like bees to honey. She had them died reddish brown and they contrasted perfectly with her fair skin, cupping her small oval face from both sides.

She didn't need to but still worked out regularly, at home, to keep her long legs, slim and shapely. There was not a muscle in her thighs that was not well-toned.

Similarly, she always kept her pussy completely hairless, not just for sex, it really made her feel good. Today she covered it with a sheer white lacy thong that just covered the mound of her tight pussy and no more.

She put on a short white denim skirt, about 10 inches, just covering her tight butt and nothing more, the edges rough as the fashion was, and she didn't use a belt. She matched it with a plain black top, sleeveless, actually the sleeves were cut away so deeply that it was more like a tank top. It was tight enough that it grasped her big boobs quite nicely and she had no use for a bra when she wore this. It left her flat tummy fully bare and she was really proud of her tummy, just like the rest of her body.

She pushed her feet into her 3" high black heels, tied up the straps that came halfway up to her knees, and she was ready. She looked in the mirror, satisfied with the overall effect, sprayed perfume in all the right places and she was ready to go.


Even before she reached the address, she knew where she was going. She had not been able to recognize it from the address because the name of the building was missing in the ad, otherwise movie directors and producers were constantly the topic of her conversations, chats and research. And now she was a little scared, nervous, terrified would be a better word. This director was known in the industry by the stranger nickname of "Romeo" and he supposedly lived up to his nickname. He had given a break to countless girls in his movies. He was credited with so many "discoveries", that would fill a book. But he was known for exploiting girls. However, he had never been legally charged with rape or sexual harassment. May be it was rumour, media hype that Bollywood folks always used for their advantage.

She entered the mansion-type house and immediately got awed. The place was so big, even from her limited point of view.

Just then she saw a girl come towards her, and stopped her, "Er..excuse me, I am here for the secretary position..."

"The interviews were yesterday", the girl interrupted. Damn, not having a current newspaper sucked.

"Yes, but is the position still open?"

"Umm...I really don't know. Come with me, I'll find out. By the way, I am Mahima."

"I am Ayesha!" She tried to smile.


On the way she saw Kareena walking towards her with Amisha Petal by her side.

"---I don't know how to remove the cum-stains, this is such a nice dress too--", she heard Kareena say, she was holding a sequin dress in her hands.

"Then don't wear it when you know he's going to fuck you, hun!" Amisha replied coolly.

"Oh, but he likes me in this dress, if I don't wear it my chances of getting any action would be so much reduced." Kareena said with a sly smile.

"Come", Mahima said as she turned right into a small room. There was another girl behind a small desk, very obviously a receptionist. But this receptionist was part of more than half a dozen ad campaigns on TV, Ayesha could recognize Preity Zinta anywhere by now. Reception was just one of her duties she was sure now.

Mahima asked, "Preity, did Sir appoint someone for the second secretary position?"

Ayesha prayed, "Oh, please say no, oh God, please let her say no".

"No", Preity replied, "He told me 3 girls to hold for call back but not final yet."

"Will he see another candidate?" Mahima pointed towards Ayesha.

"Erm...I can ask him, he's in the office now."

"You are such a sweetheart", Mahima bent over and kissed Preity right on the mouth and Preity too responded warmly kissing her back. Oh, how Ayesha stared.

"What's your name?" Preity asked Ayesha as Mahima left.

"Aa..Ayesha, Ayesha Takia!", suddenly she was very nervous.

"Take a seat! I'll talk to Sir!" She pointed to a couch by the wall.

Ayesha sank into the comfortable couch, keeping her legs together nervously as her knees were now higher than her butt.

She was fascinated by what Preity was wearing, just a little pink tank top that showed her tits and a little plaid skirt that wouldn't cover her butt if she stood up, sitting down it was covering nothing. As Ayesha sat opposite her she could see her pussy clearly, as Preity was sitting with her legs wide open.

Preity looked up from the phone and said, "Ayesha, it's your lucky day, Sir will see you. Come here."

Aayesha felt good for the first time this morning. She approached Preity's desk.

"Are you wearing panties?" Preity asked her in a low-voice.

Ayesha was taken aback by the question, but she responded, "Y..yes, I am!"

"Then it's no use going in."

"But how does that matter? This is a secretary position." She protested. That's what had enabled her to come in after she recognized the place.

"If I have to explain that to you, you won't get the job anyway."

"But...please?" She pleaded.

Preity looked her in the eye, "Look, if I send you in like that, you won't get the job, and I have a 50% chance of losing mine. And I don't want to lose my job. So make up your mind."

It is surprising how many thoughts can go through a person's mind in a second. Ayesha made her decision, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, she had to take support on Preity's desk to pull them off past the high heels, but she did it.

"Now?" She asked doubtfully with her flimsy little thong dangling on her finger.

Preity took it, "You can leave them with me, if you don't get the job you can pick it up on your way out."

"And if I get the job?"

Preity smiled, her cheeks dimpled, "Then you won't need them anyway!"

Now Ayesha was really nervous, as she knocked on the inner office door, her heart was pounding, her legs weak.

"Come in", she heard a male voice, she opened the door and stepped in.

The first thing that struck her was that unlike some other celebrities she had met, Romeo was in fact as handsome in person as on the screen, and the second thing she noticed was the girl in his lap whom she recognized as Riya Sen the upcoming actress. He was sitting in a big executive chair signing papers and the girl in his lap was turning pages for him.

While Romeo was dressed in a silk dressing gown, the girl was wearing just a sheer babydoll, which covered her breasts and her pussy only with a sheer black fabric, meaning hiding nothing. Ayesha stood spellbound for a minute until Romeo said, "Come in Ayesha, come, come!"

She felt reassured by the comforting tone he used, comforting and soothing, like he knew she was a stranger in this environment and wanted to set her mind at rest. In a few short steps, she stood near his desk, waiting to be told to sit.

Romeo finished signing the papers, pushed the girl off his lap and looked at Ayesha, "Would you like something Ayesha, tea, coffee, cold drink?

", thank you, sir!", right now she could not drink anything even if someone paid her, but again the offer soothed her stressed nerves, her heart calmed down a little.

Romeo got up out of his chair and came around the desk towards her, "Where are you from Ayesha?"

She named her small town.

"Er...where is that?" He perched himself on a corner of his desk close to where she was standing and took her portfolio from her and put it on his desk behind him and took her hand, as she told him the name of the nearest big city.

"Oh! I had a assistant director from near there in one of my movies, good chap."

He held her small, soft hand in his big hand and caressed the back of her soft hand with his thumb as he talked, "But there are a lot of companies there, in Lucknow, why did you come to Bombay to become a secretary?" he asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

She found his light caress very soothing and comforting, she liked this guy. She couldn't understand her own nervousness and fear of a few minutes ago. She opened up with him, "No sir, actually I did not come here to be a secretary. I came to Bombay to be a heroine, just like so many others." She smiled ruefully.

He smiled with her, not jeering or mocking like so many others but like he understood, like he could sympathize with her.

"But Sir, you know how it is in this business, one must survive.."

He patted her hand, "Yes honey, I know. It's a not an easy world to live in!" he sighed.

He seemed to hesitate, before he went on, "Listen, all I have to offer you is the secretary position. It is true that the girls who stick with me, no matter in what capacity, get their break. Even my receptionist Preity is on her way to be a top model. And Riya's first movie is launching next month." He extended his right hand and Riya came dancing into his embrace standing so close to him, Ayesha could see her breast pressing into his side. She kissed Romeo's cheek as she snuggled up to him, without caring that Ayesha, a stranger was watching. Ayesha tried not to look at her shaved pussy that was so clearly visible through the sheer fabric of the black babydoll.

Romeo caressed Riya's bare back and squeezed her ass lightly, "Doll, I need some coffee!" he said.

"Yes Sir!", Riya went out.

Romeo pulled Ayesha's hand to bring her closer a little, looking into her eyes as he said sinerely, "Look honey, I am not promising you anything, nothing at all, but if you stay here there is a chance your dream may come true. I like to make dreams come true." He smiled at her.

She liked his smile, so sincere, so warm. She smiled back.

He stood up at cupped her soft cheek in his big hand, "I didn't notice before but you do have a very cute face, kind of a sweet virgin."

She blushed at the word but felt so good inside. Romeo thinks I am cute, fresh sweet virgin, wow!

He walked around her and stopped behind her. She held her breath as she felt his hands on her bare sides.

"Not a bad figure either", he commented, as his hands moves softly up and around her small, bare waist.

"Open your legs a little wider, will you?" He said casually. She opened her leg more than shoulder width. Her heart was pounding again, this time with excitement. Romeo was looking her over as an actress.

"Do you work out Ayesha?"

"Yes, Sir, very regularly!" She was proud of her body and her self-discipline in eating and exercise.

Romeo's hands moved to her firm ass and he caressed her tight ass cheeks before taking them in his hands and squeezing softly, "It shows! It's not easy maintaining a butt like this.", His hands moved around on her sexy, tight ass and kneaded, "You must be very proud of your ass, aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I do work hard to maintain it." She was no longer nervous, in fact she was feeling like she felt after a few pegs of vodka. Romeo was complimenting her butt, how many girls could say that in the Tinsel Town.

His hands move to her back, touching and caressing her skin over the thin top, then caressing her bare shoulders.

"Ayesha, I am really in need of a second secretary right now. To jot down my ideas and my plans at any time of day or night. I need a girl who can be obedient, efficient and available."

His hands moved slowly around her slim body to caress her flat stomach.

"Yes, sir!" She said with some difficulty. She was no longer nervous but her heart was beating faster.

"But..", she stopped thinking as he continued, "I don't want a goody-goody girl, they are all hypocrites. I like to have fun and I like girls around me who know how to have fun. Now I interviewed so many girls yesterday, most of them were just whores. For money and to grab a chance they will do anything!", she could hear the contempt in his voice.

He turned her around to face him, "But you look like a nice girl, a genuine girl, not a whore and not a goody-goody! Right?"

"Yes, sir!" She smiled. He liked her.

"Can you be the girl I need?"

"Yes, Sir!" She said in a convincing tone.

"You will be on my beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can you handle that? Of course the salary will be triple too, plus the perks."

Ayesha could see all her problems going away at once. Big salary and if it's 24X7 she'd probably be living here, so no rent.

"I can handle it, Sir!", She said with conviction.

"Can you be 100% obedient?"

"Yes, Sir. Anything"

"Alright then! Hands behind your back, legs wide open, head up, look at me!" He fired the instructions at her quickly.

She complied as he was talking, opening her legs very wide, she held her hands behind her back, and lifting her chin to look at him squarely.

"Very good!", He kept making minor adjustments to her pose, his fingers brushing lightly on her bare arms. A chill went up her spine as he touched her.

She had played the domination/submission game with her first, older lover so many times. But this was for real, this was a 1000 times more exciting. Her whole body was responding to his light caresses. Every word from his mouth was making her tingle in that private place.

"Are you a good girl, Ayesha?" She didn't even have to think about that one, her head shook in negation almost before the question reached her mind, like a reflex. An old, well-learned reflex.

"Your legs say you are a good girl, spread them!".

She spread them wide, almost 3 feet. Her skirt hiked up so high on her thighs, it was barely hiding her pussy, or may be not. She was afraid to look until told to look down.

He started caressing her cheek, "You are a nice girl. With a cute face and a nice figure.", his hand strayed down, on her chest, slowly caressing and fondling her soft, breast. "Mmm, not bad, what size are you, doll?"

"36C Sir." She replied without hesitation and with some pride.

"Hmmm", his eyebrows lifted, "Perfect 36C, that's really amazing! I want to see them. Will you take your top off for me?"

Her arms were above her head taking the top off before her mind intercepted with, "What the hell am I doing?", and then she felt his hand caressing her bare breast, fondling it gently in his, big, strong hand. Her hands fell to her sides the little top dangling from her right hand carelessly as a powerful current ran up and down her body. She had never felt like this before. Both his hands were now fondling her tits, squeezing them softly, his thumbs touching and playing with her nipples.

"mmmmm", she whimpered like a kitten, needing more now. Her tits were very sensitive, especially the nipples, one touch and she melted. She could feel her pussy flood with juices. Her eyes were closed, enjoying his soft caresses on her young, sensuous body.

"Is your ass as sexy as your tits, doll?"

She just nodded, waiting for the next instruction.

It came, "Show me."

She turned around and put her hands on his desk, spreading her legs wide as she bent over nicely, a perfect submissive pose. Her skirt rode up her ass, more than half of her pert ass now displayed to her new master.

He hiked it up even further and started caressing her ass cheeks, slowly squeezing them, kneading them lightly in his big strong hands. As he pulled them apart she could feel her pussy ooze more juices.

When he put his hand between her legs and started caressing her soft, shaven pussy lips, her pussy started leaking immediately. Here she was, a good girl for all intents and purposes, and here she was bent over the desk of a perfect stranger, her most private parts on display so shamelessly. And now he was rubbing her pussy and she was excited about it, excited, turned on, her whole body on fire.

"Not a virgin, are you, doll?" He asked.

"No, Sir!", she replied quickly and proudly, surprising herself.

Then she felt this finger entering her soft, hot pussy hole. A moan escaped her lips.

He pulled out and pushed it in again, "Oh God yes!"

He continued fingerfucking her tight little cunt as he instructed, "Put your elbows on the table, spread your legs wide, and push your ass back, get in the fucking position".

That word, the f-word, made her tingle again, her body feeling like she had just touched a live wire.

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She was obeying him even as he spoke. As she spread her legs even wider, her mind was telling her she was humiliating herself, exposing herself like a cheap slut to this stranger but her body was telling her not to stop, not to do anything that'd stop him playing with her.

She pushed her ass back, wanting to be played with, eager to be fucked. At the same time her mind screaming, "You are becoming a whore!! Get out of here!!"

But her body didn't obey. Her body obeyed every command from his lips, ignoring her mind completely.

Then she heard the rustle of fabric behind her, she didn't dare look back but she could guess he was discarding his dressing gown. Her guess proved correct as she felt her hot pussy being prodded by a big throbbing stick the next second. He started rubbing it up and down her slit, and then on her pussy hole, just above it, pressing it in, he parted her soft, drenched pussy lips and his hard, swollen cockhead touched her cunt hole.

She almost came there and then. She felt it go deeper, spreading her small cunt hole, she could feel the pulsating beast penetrate her most private part, her pussy.

"Unghh!" She grunted, trying to get used to this thick beast entering tight cunt forcing her small hole open so wide.

And then, he pulled out just as slowly, she felt a relief but immediately her pussy started to miss it.

"Please?", she begged.

He caressed her bare back softly up and down, his hand moving on her body, on her sides, as her cockhead was still lodged in her cunt.

His hands fondled her breasts, touching her nipples, and a strong current shot through her body, "Please...", she whimpered.

"Please what, doll?"

"Please fuck me, Sir." She said it and blushed, her ears turned red with shame.

But he seemed to like it for he immediately rammed the big, hard cock up into her tight cunt with a force that made her body jerk forward. Her pussy clutched onto his big rod, she could feel the big, thick cock buried so deep in her wet cunt she could feel it throbbing all over her body.

"You want to be fucked, Ayesha?", he asked her nicely.

"Oh yes, please, yes Sir!", She was ready to beg or do anything.

"How do you want to be fucked? Nicely? Slowly?", he demonstrated what he meant by slowly pulling out his cock and pushing it into her in a nice soft stroke, but her pussy was aching, begging to be rammed and slammed, hard.

"No. Please fuck me hard. Fuck me hard like a slut, your slut!"

This did the trick. His hands moved up on her bare back, softly caressing her smooth, soft, warm body and then taking a firm grip on her shoulders he started really tearing into her.

With every stroke his big beast of a cock jammed hard into her tight cunt, forcing her body forward, she hardly had any time to take half a breath as he pulled out, before he was ramming it back into her cunt, deeper with every stroke, it seemed.

Older or younger, none of Ayesha's boyfriends had fucked her so hard and so mercilessly and her body was feeling things she had never felt before.

As he kept banging her harder and harder, her body moved forward with his forceful thrusts, had she not been on her elbows she would have fallen off the desk.

This time as he rammed his cock upward into her dripping cunt, her whole body froze and then jerked hard, violently, as she gushed over his cock.

"Oh God! I am cumming! I am cumming!!!". She had never felt an orgasm that hard before and tears started streaking down her cheeks as he keep pumping her with his hard cock. He kept on fucking her, taking her roughly as her pussy spurted freely on his impaling cock. Her orgasm seemed to last for ages, she felt like she was in a dream-like state, everything standing still.

Finally it subsided but he was not done yet, she stayed bent over, surrendering like a loyal slut to the assaults from his rough, powerful cock that was tearing into her soft, soaking wet cunt hard and deep.

Her whole body was covered in sweat, she could hardly breathe with his cock ramming her so hard and fast, she could sense that he was getting ready for his own orgasm and she pushed back, trying to help him fuck her. But his strokes were too hard, every thrust jerked her small body forward, knocking her breath out. And then suddenly her body jerked again, her second orgasm hit her a bolt of lightning, out of nowhere. Her body was in spasms, her cum flowing out of her small cunt on to his long stick.

She could not talk, she could not move her body, apart from the involuntary spasms. So she just surrendered to the wonderful sensation, letting her whole consciousness be swept away by wave after wave of this pleasurable, never-before kind of orgasm!

"Ow!", her pussy hurt as he drove in much rougher than before, and then she felt like a bomb had been set off deep in her pussy. She could feel a big wave of his burning hot cum hit her pussy walls. Strangely, she felt grateful to him, for pumping her cunt with his precious sperm, willing to take him all in. But he was pulling her off the table, pushing her into one of the chairs.

She just realized she had closed her eyes, when she opened them now. A big load of his hot cum hit her face, she could feel it on her cheeks, her lips and her forehead. He kept her in position by a grip on her hair. His cock was still hard, looking like a big stick, and it jerked again, spraying her breasts with his cum, then her belly, her thighs. He was claiming her as his, to be his property, and she was only too glad to submit to him, to surrender completely.

He rubbed his cum-soaked cock on her lips and she opened her mouth immediately. She wanted to be a good slut for him. She wanted this everyday, she would stay her slut just for the sex.

She licked her own and his mixed cum from his cock, doing it thoroughly, like a good slut.

"Riya!!", he called. She had forgotten all about the girl who had gone to bring coffee.

Now Riya entered the room, obviously waiting outside for his command. She saw the picture and immediately went to her knees between his legs pushing her mouth between Ayesha's legs.

Romeo was fucking Ayesha's mouth slowly in and out with his cum-soaked cock. But even if he weren't she couldn't speak. She would not make him angry, even if she had never touched a girl like that before.

But when Riya's tongue touched her pussy, she almost passed out from the pleasure. She didn't know a girl could make her feel like that. As Riya continued to clean her cum-soaked pussy, Ayesha tried to focus on sucking Romeo's wet cock nicely, but found it hard to concentrate with all these wonderful sensations shooting all over her body like fireworks.

She knew she had closed her eyes again, when she heard him say, "Open your eyes!"

She opened her eyes and looked up to him, still sucking his cock, or rather letting him fuck her mouth.

"You are selected!", Romeo said with a smile and she felt like smiling back with his big cock in her mouth.

Just then his cock exploded in her mouth and shot a big load of cum down her throat. She swallowed like a obedient slut. Exactly on cue, her body was hit by the third orgasm. She didn't see it coming. But Riya did and she lapped up her cum with an expert tongue.

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