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Anushka Shetty fucked by Swami  


Anushka is one of famous actress of the time being. She acted wit all the major heroes of both the industry(telugu and tamil). Now let us go to begining of the story.

Anushka was on cloud nine and at her high pride and so started to ignore many movies but as the time went by she didn't get any offers of any new movie or even the movie she signed went well as all flopped. And she wasn't an kind of actress who would sleep wit her director earn roles. Even nagarjuna whom she liked a lot had left her. So she was very depressed.

So one day she went to an pub wit her friend. And while on drinks she said to her friend all about the problems she was facing in her life. Her friend after listening to all her problems thought for some time and came up wit an idea.

Her friend advised her to go to chennai and go meet an swamiji. Who could help her wit her problems. First Anushka didn't believe it as she didn't like those concepts of swamiji and more over she was an christian so it didn't seemed right. But wit insistance from her friend and hearing more success stories about the swami she accepted to go der.

Anushka as per the advice of her friend made all arrangements to go chennai and booked her flight tickets and went to chennai and spent her night in hotel wit an satisfying session wit her dildo and took an nap.

The next day she took her car and started to the swamiji's ashram located in an lonely location wit out any presence of humans and entered the ashram.

The ashram was filled with swarms of men and so anushka became little concious. Anushka was wearing an beautiful Blue designer saree and matching sleeve less blouse as her friends asked her to. But due to blouse being sleeve less and her bra being an designer one most of her cleavage was one feast for all those man and all their eyes fixed on her. So anushka was becoming horny.

Now anushka started to enter the swamiji's room. The swamiji was a guy wit an average age of 55 to 60. The swamiji as soon as seeing Anushka and saree became awestruck as though she was the most beautiful lady in the world but controlled and called her near him and tell problems. So anushka came near him and touched his feet and during tat time the swami got to look her breast and even nipples and even his old partner gained a growth and the swamiji was now with all LUST.

Now anushka started to tell her problems to him but the swami gave little concentration to her but more to her body and anushka looked it but ignored it. Soon after hearing her story the swami started to devise her prob and use her. So he said her tat her position is not go and the swami had to do some precaution to control and more over she had to stay in ashram for an month for this purpose. After thinking she too accepted.

Soon the swami smiled and thought if gonna enjoy her raw beauty .So now Anushka returned back to her feeling very horny due to those looks of men in ashram and so Anushka took her dildo and started to masterbute and got ready to leave for ashram and during tat time only she remembered about the speech of swamiji saying her not to bring anY dress along wit her as he would provide her wit everything she needs. So left all belongings der and started to ashram and reached wit 40 mins and the time was 6 in evening and Anushka directly went to swamiji room wit the same dress and seeing her again the swamiji lust increased and wanted to fuck her in any cost but he controlled himself and asked Anushka to go cottage allotted for her were she have been provided wit dresses and asked her get up early in morning and get bath and bring water from riverside and wear the dress which was provided to her.

So Anushka took the blessing of him showing him her cleavage and returned to room.As soon as she entered the room she liked the room it had all basic amenities and also air conditioner but no bed. Which Anushka understood she had to adjust. Now she turned her attention to the wardrobe. And there was the first shock available for her. The wardrobe consisted of all saffron silk saree which were all very transparant and more over there was no blouse petticoats or even any panties. Seeing this Anushka ran back to the Swamiji as asked. For it he answered tat her is time is really her astrology predicts severe danger and i order to solve it she has become an nomadic woman and satisfy the god wit her body. Anushka was shocked but she wanted to come out of this problem and wanted to become and good actress and so accepted it. So she returned back to her cottage and took and nap.

Next morning:
So next morning Anushka woke us early in the morning and removed all cloths and went to riverside to take bath as the swamiji ordered. Though it was early in the morning the riverside was filled wit men and anushka was full nude first Anushka tried to close her parts wit silk cloths but den remembered tat swamiji said to bath naked so she didn't do it. So Anushka had to continue naked. But the guyz had hit an bumper prize seeing Anushka naked wit all asset and they all gazed at her and seeing all this Anushka became horny again but control her and took bath wit all eyes fixed on her.

After finishing bath Anushka started to wear tat silk cloth only fully wearing the cloth Anushka understood all difficulties firstly it didn't have measurement to cover all parts and also the cloth was very transparant showing everything clearing and her beautiful navel was fully naked. Thinking tat swamiji had got an treat within herself. She took the water and went to the ashram.
Anushka now started to reach the swamiji room wit tat dress which was very transparant wit all looks to her breasts. As soon as she reached the room the swamiji looks falled on Anushka and her body. The silk cloth given by swami didn't cover her whole body and her breasts were on full view to her and even well shaved pussy was on full view. Now swami started to think his naughty ways.

So now swami asked Anushka to sit in front of him. And asked her to fall down to his feet and while doing so he got all view of her body. And den asked her to tell many god slogans and to get herself purified. Next the swamiji took the water of the bucket and poured them on Anushka. Now Anushka got dumb struck now tat silk cloth got full clung on to her body. And next the swami took another bowl which consisted of sandal mix and he poured it on her and next poured honey in her body and at last he took an bowl of saffron and kum kum mix on her body. Now anushka had mix of all fragarance.

Now the swamiji said to Anushka tat now god has came inside her and now he must purify and clean the god in order to purify u. Anushka couldn't come out wit an word. But Anushka keeping the belief of her friends and keeping her situation in mind accepted to it.

Now the swami asked her to renoun her cloths and Anushka did it. So now the swami went near Anushka body and started to lick her body in order to remove the mix of the bodY and started put his hand inside her breast. ANUSHKA got rejected by tat touch but the swamiji quickly said tat its necessary for him to give massage to her in order to happy the god and make him cleanse her bad ora. And keeping her position in mind she accepted and swamiji started to massage her body and breast and continue to do still it became rock heart and started to lick and kiss breasts and Anushka due to these actions became more horny and responded to the swamiji actions and also put the swamiji face in to her breasts. Now the swamiji got more action and more active and sucked her breasts more hard which made Anushka pussy to flow. After licking her breasts the swamiji came to her stomach and started to kiss her stomach.

He licked her stomach clean and then started to insert his fingers into her navel and licked it and Anushka was now out of control and so the lips of the old swamiji and kissed him hard in his hard lips and played wit his tongue and continued for ten minutes.

Now the swamiji broke the kiss and took his attention to the flowing pussy and licked them hard. Now Anushka's pace increased and buried the swamiji face in to deep pussy. And now swami took his tongue and went deep to her pussy and licked them hard. Anushka started to shout Fuck me! Fuck me nu but the swamiji didn't care because his penis were not on a position to fuck. So he the left the pussy went to her beautiful ass. As he started to again lick her ass crack and went deep into her ass and he even tasted some of her pee too.

Now after doing all this he lifted Anushka in his hands and took her to an posh bathroom and started to clean her body with his own hands and touched all her private parts giving more attention to her breasts by giving more pressure to it. Anushka now went uncontrollable and took the swamiji's feeble penis in her mouth and sucked them hard and licking them and giving massage to his balls till he leaked some cum. Now all got over and anushka got back to her senses wore back her silk cloth and started go back feeling shy about the thing as she tried to get out. The swamiji called her back saying tat one part of her pooja and asked her to come back in night. Anushka got shy but even now feeling horny so have her an naughty smile and sexy look went to her cottage.

Now Anushka went to her room thinking about the things happened and felt very bad about it but at same time she was very aroused by actions of the swamiji and started to wait for night and took an quick nap.

And soon night arrived and asked by swamiji she went to his room at around eleven in night and tat to naked.

The swamiji was ready for the next level pooja. He asked Anushka to lay down on the bed made on grass. And this made Anushka more naughty as the grass gave her tickling feelings. So now the swamiji came near her straightly went to breasts now Anushka tried to stop him but the swamiji said tat he was not planning any naughty and just to milk her as to pour tat milk on god. So, now the swamiji started to put his mouth in he breast and started to lick them and suck it. And as the pressure increased the swamiji started to press her boobs real hard and massaged them and within some mins the milk started to flow out of her breasts and the swamiji collected that milk in a bowl and drank it as though he was the god but he could not control himself and so asked Anushka whether he could fuck her ah nu. Anushka being totally being enjoyed by him she said no worries and more the penis of him was very small.

So the swamiji fucked her wit his small penis to his heart content but Anushka couldn't enjoy it and to convince herself she gave them an blow job and then went back to her room.
And for the next month she was enjoyed by most of all persons in der even the small swamiji enjoyed to his heart content. She actually became an whore.

Whether the real power of the swamiji or luck. But Anushka was back to her form and again got many movies. And to thank this swamiji she started to visit him often and gave him wat he needed

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