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Anushka Sharma and Ranvir Singh Sex Story  

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Now most purple have followed the news about the ill fated and short lived marriage of Anushka Sharma and Ranvir Singh, but very few actually know what happened behind the scenes that led to the breakup and eventually their divorce. We'll cover this sensational story today in our coverage!

As must people know Anushka and Ranvir came close to each other during the shoot pf the YRF movie "Band Baaja Baarat". This salsa styled fast paced romance culminated in marriage. The whole event unfurled so fast that even their close friends didn't have much clue.

Actually, to say the truth, even Ranvir didn't realize how spoilt, foul mouthed and most of all egoistic Anushka is. He failed to notice these ugly truths lurking behind that pretty face before the nuptial bells rang.

And when he did discover it, it was too late. One day, during Ranvir's shooting, Anushka came on. naturally since she wasn't a part of the shoot nobody was paying her much attention. Her ego was totally hurt. "Ranvir is just a smallish star and I'm a celebrity. But look at these idiots, they are just running after him!"

Just then a spot boy brought her some tea "Chai lengi madam?" Now she was already boiling in rage just like a kettle on fire, and this somehow infuriated her even more. She grabbed the glass and threw the hot tea on the unfortunate spot boy. It fell on his hands and feet and he scream in pain. Every body rushed there to see what had happened. Even Ranvir came down to enquire and was talking when he got a call but before he could pick it, anushka who was standing beside him snatched it. The screen said "Sonam calling" with a picture of Sonam Kapoor.

"Ah that's a nice pretext to blame Ranvir and get some attention to myself." Thought anushka and she pushed Ranvir before the while crew "I knew you had been cheating on me!" She screamed. Now if a woman wants to quarrel she'd always find a ground. She quarrelled with him reminding him that he's a much smaller artiste compared to her, and he looks ugly. She even said she'd made his career. To save his dignity Ranvir didn't say much. The affair was hushed up soon, but at least Ranvir had learnt how bitchy she was and decided to teach her a lesson.

They didn't talk for two days after the incident and then Anushka called him "I'm really really sorry janu. I just couldn't contain myself." A calm Ranvir replied "That's okay honey, I understand. Well by the day since you dont have any shoots and I'm free too why don't we go out?" "Really!" She asked excitedly." "Yeah, a friend of mine has a bungalow on the beach of Goa. He's invited me, why don't we go together."

"So when shall I pack for?" Asked Anushka. "Today evening, if you please." "Alright."

So that evening Anushka flew with Ranvir to Goa where he had already arranged for a patent medicine for bitches of her grade. They reached Goa airport at 9:30 where Ranvir's friend was already waiting. "Kaisa haal hai bhavi ji?" "with a killer smile she said "mast hai." "Ye maine kya suna bhavi ji ki aapki is se ladai ho gayi aur aap ki tabiyat sudharne hi Ranvir aap ko yaha laya hai? Ye kya bhaviji, shadi ke pehle hi mahine me ladai shuru?" Anushka didn't answer but just smiled at the thought how caring her devoted husband is. "He's so simple he'd never know I've relations with so many people." She thought to herself.

After twenty minute's drive they reached a large bungalow standing very close a beach. This was not really a tourist beach and there never was much crowd here. As Anushka was led in by another of Ranvir's friend, Ranvir unloaded the baggages and asked "Sab ready to hai na?" "Bilkul boss, bas bhavi ka treatment baki hai." And busy out laughing.

"To bakra kaun ban raha hai?"asked Ranvir "Suresh." Came the reply. After that they went in. in that house, besides Ranvir and Anushka there were three other guys, Raj, the guy who picked them from airport, Suresh who led Anushka in and was now flirting with her in the balcony and Rohit. All three of Ranvir's friends were muscled men, in their mid 30s with stereotypical macho look and who knew well how to pls play boys.

After showing Anushka around and of course after flirting e with her as planned, both Anushka and Suresh came down where Ranvir, Raj and Rohit were waiting for them with dinner spread out. After the food was finished, Ranvir feigned a headache and went to bed. Rohit and Raj were also off leaving Anushka and Suresh together.

The two chatted frankly until the night was very deep. They then went to bed. Next day Ranvir complained of stomach ache, since Rohit hadn't shown up, Raj took him to the doctor's leaving Anushka together with Suresh again.

He asked if she wanted to go the beach. When she nodded he took her to the wardrobe filled with bikinis and designer swimsuits. He picked one for her and asked her to try it. Anushka blushingly nodded. When she came out she was indeed looking sexier than anything. Suresh just kept looking at her "Are zara ye to batao mai kaisi lag rahi hu?" Asked she. Coming back to reality he said "Ek dum jhakas. Aap to ek dam hoor pari dikh rahi ho. Kash meri vi aap ke jaise biwi hoti."

Anushka smiled "tum vi kyu nahi change kar lete." "ya ya." He stammered out and went in to change. When he came out in just an underwear his muscular manly body was oozing tremendous sex appeal. Anushka was stunned.

She winked at him "bade sexy dikh rahe ho." "Bhaviji ab ap sharminda mat,kijiye." "oh nahi nahi mai kasam se kehti hu." She said and put her hand successively over her breasts. "Accha! Agar aap ek pappi de to janu." He just ( ) had to say that and Anushka walked up to him and put her lips on his cheeks. Those lips quickly made their way to another set of lips. Suresh quickly grabbed Anushka's head with both hands, their bare bodies touched each other while the duo engaged in a passionate kiss.The lip lock lasted until Anushka pushed him apart.

"Aap to bahut accha kiss deti hai bhavi ji. Aap aur kya kya kar sakti hain?" She gave a curvy smile and asked "Wanna know what Anushka can do?" "Oh bhavi ji seduce kar rahi ho kya?" "Yahi samajh lo mister." She said and walked backwards facing him and sat on the sofa. She then reckoned her index finger in a seductive "come hither" gesture.

What more could a man want when a sexy woman like Anushka Sharma is sitting before him half naked calling him suggestively! He walked towards the sofa half in dreams, half awake; even though it was all pre planned and he knew he'd have to do this.

When he did reach the edge of sofa, anushka dug one hand into his underwear and dragged him. She was smiling all the while. once at all without wasting any more words, she pushed another hand in his underwear and dragged it low, revealing his half erect manhood. She eyed the black pulsatile pole with eagerness. She then grabbed it with her right hand while with the other she cupped his balls. She even looked up smiling "Abhi bi shocked ho kya Suresh?" "ohhh anushka. Jitna filmo me dekha tha ya Ranvir se suna tha tum to us se bhi hot nikli."

"Oh to bhavi ji se sidhe Anushka pe aa gaye. Aur aage aage fir kya bulaoge?" she giggled and without waiting for an answer she started massaging his rod. It was getting engorged and harder each moment, and she apparently loved it. It could be seen from her face and her increasing pace. "Arre anushka aram se, ukhad dalogi kya mere lund ko?"

She stopped massaging and with an angry face looked up. "pasand nahi aaya mera handjob? To nahi chahiye na?" "Arre nahi nahi mera ye matlab nahi tha." Suresh was worried lest she'd actually stop. But she was just teasing him. After a second she immediately put his fully erect 9" long lauda into her mouth that was already watering at the thought of this hot cock. He gave out a sharp sound when he felt his cock being pressed from all sides by a pair of soft lips. He was in heaven.

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Anushka was a really experienced sucker, as soon as her mouth closed, Suresh's moans of pleasures started. Her head bobbed forward and backwards swinging on his pole. Her cheeks were puckered too as she was sucking with all her might. After some sucking, she stopped and took his cock out of her mouth. She started licking the head with her tongue greedily as if it were a tasty ice cream cone. Now Suresh looked down at her expectantly "Kya hua, bahar kyu nikala. Tease mat karo na bhavi ji." She looked up at him with a sly smile and put his pole back in her mouth. She was sucking it while her tongue wrapped around it exciting it even more. Now what man can withstand so much! Within a matter of minutes he was discharging loads of cum in her mouth. She quickly took it out of her mouth and let the rest of the cum drop on her body.

After this session, Suresh laid himself back in the sofa to rest a while "Wow bhavi! Tussi to great ho. Ranvir kitna lucky hai ki roj chuswata hoga aapse." She made a wry face "Wo sala hai jaisa patla dubla, uska lund bhi waise hi hai. Uske 6" ke lund se maza nahi ata." Suresh now looked surprisingly at her "Kya bol rahi ho bhavi ji!" But instead od replying she shot back "Oh ye bekar ki baate chodo. Bas itne me hi past ho gaye kya?"

He felt like she was challenging his manhood and he stood up "Kya bolti ho bhavi ji, abhi to aapki choot puja baki hai." She smiled and was trying to wrap her hands around his neck, but he stopped her and stooped down to remove her panty. "Zara darshan to kar loon." When he had removed the panty, he again stood up, one hand rubbing her clean shaven pinkish pussy lips.They kissed for a while and then he caught her by her waist and lifted her upto his shoulders. With a pleasant surprise to her, he made her cross her legs across his shoulder so that her bare crotch was facing his face. She held onto his head while he supported her with one hand on her hips.

He first took a deep breath with the intention of smelling it well. It was a pleasant smile that struck his olfactory senses. He stated lapping his tongue over the pussy folds exciting her. Soon he was digging ito her vagina with his tongue. He bit her clit softly with his teeth which made her make a loud moan. His tongue was now inside the pussy tasting her flowing juices. He drank of it happily. When he had enough he caught her again and almost threw her down on the sofa.

"Ouch." she said as her neck got wrung a little. But without paying attention he was already at work. He was rubbing and massaging her thighs and her crotch area. He then slowly started to part her legs apart. Slowly slowly massaging and pulling apart he had stretched her legs enough that he lifted her legs, pulled her towards himself by them and one leg in each hand, he slung them over his shoulders. Their crotches were in close proximity, his erect cock rubbed agaist her anal area, hips and cunt flaps. He now started pulling out. He stopped short halfway and pushed it back again. He was also pulling Anushka's legs towards his body for some momentum. They soon got into a rhythm. He would repeatedly dig it down her hole and as his balls hit her body she would give out a soft sexy moan.

After some fucking in missionary pose, he rolled onto one side, his cock still inside her pussy. She tried to turn around to look at him but before she could, he pushed her so that she was lying sidewise infront of him on the sofa. He put one arm around her left leg and lifted it high while his right hand slid under her body to grab one of her boobs. He started moving his hips to hit her pussy with gentle strokes. The getle strokes soon turned into long, deep thrusts and then indiscriminate pumping. This position was especially stimulating to her as his cock's head would be coming out partially as he withdrew for a stroke and rub against her clit. Hence by the time he was on the verge of finishing she had cummed thrice already.

Just before climaxing, Suresh tried to sit up and pulled Anushka along "Utho Anushka, mere god me baith kar chudwa lo." He now sat reclined on the sofa while his cock pointed upwards. Anushka got up and sat on his lap. Without any effort from either of them, the throbbing cock itself found its way and slid into Anushka's badly dripping and wet pussy which had already wetted a large portion of the sofa cover. He made her jump up and down on his lap, supporting her hips with both of his hands, providing her motion. Anushka was jumping so fast that Suresh cummed before he knew it. The thick wad of cum slowly dripped out of Anushka's pussy as she stood up to get his cock out of her choot. She sat on the sofa besides him. He put his arm around her back and gave her a peck on her cheek. He then swooped up some of his own cum mixed with hers from her wet pussy with two fingers and put them in her mouth which she gladly sucked onto.

After some resting they got up "Aur kya ( ) beach jayenge bhavi ji, chalo naha lo. Sham ko chalenge." "Ok, thik hai." She said and rushed upstairs for her bathroom while he walked off to another room to get dressed up.

After one or two hours Raj and Rohit both returned with Ranvir. Anushka and Suresh were waiting for them while chatting in the dining room. They had had a nice dinner together and for the noon they had a great game of cards. When afternoon came, all of them except Raj decided to go to the beach. Raj supposedly had some work to do on his laptop. So they went out leaving. They bathed, played and had lots of fun on the secluded beach. There were a few people though, but they didn't pay them any attention. They returned in late evening. Raj had finished his work and was enjoying the evening breeze in the balcony. So they had some snacks of biscuits and pancakes. There was also a special juice. Since she had never drunk anything like this she asked "Ye kya juice hai?" Raj replied "Ye yaha ke local fruit ka juice hai. Ye sex ke power ko badha deta hai. Pi lo bhavi, zarurat padegi iski." he looked at Ranvir and winked. She blushed and could only stammer out "Oh you naughty." while Ranvir thought to himself "Saali raand iski bas chale to in teeno ke lund yahi chusna shuru kar de aur blush to aise kar rahi hai jaise sati savitri ho. Aaj to ise aisa sabak sikhaunga..."

After the snacks, Ranvir said "Tumhe pata hai Anushka yaha pe ek projector aur hall bhi hai. Film dekhna chahogi?" "Sach me! Kaunsi film." All four of the guys looked at each other and hesitated a bit. Finally Ranvir said "We were planning about watching an adult themed film but...since you might object to that we....." and anushka butted in "Hey thats ok. I'm not a kid. I can watch it with you guys." They all screamed 'Hurrah' and lifted up Anushka taking her upstairs to the private cinema hall.

The movie started, it looked a bit amateurish from the opening scene which just consisted of obscene and nude slides. Then the name of the movie flashed "Ek raandi ki saaza". Anushka whispered to Ranvir who was next to her "What a weird title." "Oh no Anushka darling, just hold on. You'd witness even weirder things." Anushka shook her head and looked up. The story began and the narrator said "Meri biwi puri raand hai. Saali hazaron mardo se rishte rakhti hai aur sabke saamne mujhpe cheating ka iljam lagati hai. Badi proudy bhi hai. To uske in aadaton ko sudharne ke liye maine use ek sabak sikhane ki thani. Use mai behla phusla ke ghumane le aya. Uski randigiri expose karne ki puri planning thi to ye dekhiye kya karti hai woh..."

Now the actual movie started but the first scene that flashed, made Anushka scream and jump out of her seat. But the rest four just sat coolly. Ranvir said "Kya baat hai Anushka, is film ki actress to puri tum jaisi dikh rahi hai. Kahin tumne adult film me acting to shuru nahi kardi?" The scene that was being shown was actually what trespassed in the morning while Anushka was seducing Suresh in that bikini. She had never for once imagined she was being filmed. And this was no spy cam! This was high quality video shot by professional cameras. She shouted "Ye sab kya ho raha hai." and tried to run out of the movie hall but she was caught by Ranvir and forced to watch the whole movie until it ended with Anushka taking a bath in the bathroom. "The fuckers have a camera in the bathroom too!!! in what a mess I've gotten myself into." she thought.

When the movie ended Raj asked "Kaisi thi movie Bhavi ji? Mujhe to wo actress badi pasand aayi. Kash uski chut mujhe bhi milti..." and he smirked "Shut up!!!" she screamed and she felt a hard slap against her cheek by Ranvir. "Ab pak damn ban ne ki natak band kar randi." Anushka was now frightened, she'd never imagined Ranvir would use physical force against her. She started srying and between the sobs said "I'm sorry Ranvir. Mujhse galti ho gayi. Ab mai tum par faithful rahungi. Please please bhagwan ke liye mujhe maaf kardo." Ranvir laughed "Dekh dekho randi maafi bhi maangti hai. Wo yaha akeli hai na isliye. Abhi agar mumbai me hoti na to attitude dikha kar mujhe hi thappad rasid kar deti. to bolo kya kare is hot hot prostitute ka?" "Are karna kya hai director saab, "Ek raandi ki saaza part 2" ki filming pe chalte hai." So all the guys laughed and lifted up Anushka by her limbs while she cried and pleaded and tried to extract sympathy with her acting skills and girly charms.

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