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Aishwariya Rai Airport Ordeal - A Sex FANTASY  


Aish had just started her modelling career. She had earned ahandsome amount in the previous contract so she had decided to go for a vacation abroad. She decided to go to New York for a week. The trip was now over and she was returning to India. She was at the airport well in time. She checked in her baggage and after the security formalities she waited for departure. After half an hour the departure was announced. She stood in the line. When she had barely reached half way to the gate a female cop flashed her I-card and intercepted her.

Cop- Mam could you please step aside

AA- What happened? I am AR from India. She quickly showed her boarding card. She fumbled her purse to locate the passport and ticket. She handed over the same.

Cop- Mam don't worry this is a random selection. Just some questioning.

AA was still scared. After all this was her first trip abroad. She put the boarding card passport and ticket in her purse and walked with her.

AA- Mam I have to board that flight.

Cop- Dont worry it will be over before you know it and you will be on board the flight.

Though the lady cop was talking in very nice tone but AA was still scared. When they had walked 100 meters from the crowd she was pushed from behind. Before she could judge what was going on, her face was covered with a blavk cloth and she was dragged to the left. "Leave me Leave me. Who are you Leave me Leave me.", was all AA was uttering. After a couple of minutes she felt her hands being handcuffed. Then her blidfold was removed. "What are you doing. I was told that this is a random selection for questioning", AA shouted.

She saw that now there were only two male cops. One was senior cop the other was a junior officer.

AA: Where's the lady

Senior Cop- Madam we have to ask questions, not you

Cop- Is this bag yours (showing her large suitcase to her)

AA- Yes whats the matter.

Cop- Due you confirm that theree is no prohibited substance inside.

AA- Yeah

Cop- Go ahead

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And the assistant moved towards her. As he was about to touh her she shouted "Stop. Whats the matter"

Cop- mam we have found banned substance in your luggage. We believe that you are a ssuspect and we would like to search you

AA- You are kidding. I dont have anything

Cop- No we are not

AA- Please leave me I have a flight. I am innocent (she pleaded)

The cop didnt say anything

When AA felt that the cops were adamant she tried to play the last card. "OK call a femle cop and do a little search that you want to"

Cop- "No it will be just us"

AA- You cant do this to a lady

Cop- No further arguements. Steve go ahead

And the assistant was ready with notebook

Steve- Do you want to declare anything. This is your last chance

AA- No

Steve- Empty your pockets

AA was wearing a light blue front-buttoned top and blue denims. She turned the pockets of her jeans inside out to show that they were empty.

Steve- Take off your jewellery

AA was wearing a ruby in her left ring finger and a topaz in her right. She took it off and handed it over to steve who put it in a polybag. Next she took off her gold chain and gave the same to Steve. After that she took off her earings. After that she stopped.

Steve- Take off the watch

AA hurriedly did that out of fright.

Steve put all the things in the bag and sealed it.

Now I will conduct a frisk on you. Stand straight.

AA- (Annoyed) You cant touch me. Call a lady if you want to do all this. I also know the rules.

Steve- No further arguments. In eyes if law you are a suspect and I have every right to check you in intrest of my country. Stand staight.

He opened her handcuffs."Raise your hands", he said.

He ran his hands over her her underarms. He also inserted his finger inside each of the sleve of her shirt. She was sweating due to fright. A drop of her sweat also came on Steve's left finger. When he brought it, on seeeing his sweated finger she felt very embarrased. Then he ran his hand on her boobs. She became red in shame. He pressed her boobs then he proceeded down to her stomach and reached her navel. He again pressed at that point direcly on the skin as the T-shirt ended just above her navel. He ran his hand around the waist and also inserted his hand inside the waist- band of her jeans. "Whatare you doing", AA said angrily as she felt Steve's cold fingers on her waist. He didn't bother to answer. Steve was doing all this so slowly that AA was dying in shame. Then he reached her pubic area. He ran his hands over there and pressed her honeypot. It was the first time she felt so humiliated. "Ouch" she squeaked. Then he proceeded further down scanning each centimeter of her legs.

Then he stood up and said said "Turn around". AA readily obeyed.

He lifted her hair with one hand and ran his other hand on her smoth neck. He also inserted his finger inside her shirt. AA was feeling uncomfortable as Steve's cold hands were touching her warm body. Then he ran both his hands all through her back upto her waist. The he slighttly lifted the hem of her top and inserted his finger underneath. This was too much for AA. Then he bent down and ran his hands over her butt, not forgetting to press them and then down her sexy legs.

Then he stood up. Meanwhile his senior had brought her bag and started opening it. He started taking out the items and started making a list. He was saying loud enough for all in the room to hear.

Red T-Shirt XL
Pink Shirt (as he pulled out a Kurta)
Pink Indian Style Pant (as he pulled out a Salwar)
Black T-Shirt XL
Orange Shirt
Orange Pant
Green T-Shirt XL
Yellow Shirt
Yellow Pants
Purple T-Shirt XL
White Shirt
White Pants
Black Jeans
White Jeans

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On the other hand Steve told her " Take off your clothes"

AA was dubstuck. As if earth had disappeared from beneath her feet. She kept staring at Steve and his boss alike. She didnt understand how to react. First time in her life a male was telling her to take off her clothes that too in a public place.

AA- You cant ask a lady to do this.

Steve- No arguments. Proceed yourself or I will have to force upon my authority. He was adamant
If you will not do it I will do it

AA- Do it (trying to act strong. Not knowing that he actually meant it)

When she saw Steve bringing his hands near her, she moved a couple of steps backward.
Not seeing any other option she said" OK OK I will do it myself."

AA- Please dont make me do this. I have never taken off clothes in front of my mother also (she pleaded one last time)

Steve- Do it.

Seeing no other option she slowly unbuttoned the first button with shaky hands and some amount of clevage was visible. Then she undid the second and the black coloured bra came into some view. Then she hasitantly proceeded to the third button and by now her beautiful milk jugs caged under the bra, were in full view. Then she unbuttoned the last button baring her midriff and the navel. She did not remove it from her shoulder and Steve also did not say anything. She felt a littlee relieved.

Steve ran his hands over her breast covered boobs, covering every possible inch. Now she was feeling uncomfortable on having hands of an unknown male running over her precious assets. Though Steve let her have the shirt over her shoulder but he did not spare any nook and corner of her torso. He inserted his full hands inside both her sleves this time (It was easier for him this time as shirt was nearly open). This time he reached her under-arms. She was still sweating out of fear.

"Nothing there" Steve declared

AA felt relieved once again.

Steve- "Drop your jeans now"

AA- Please

Steve- What please. Do it or else I will do it for you

AA- Please I am innocent. You have found nothing till now. Please let me go

Steve- Do it now I say

Realising that the cop was adamant. She unbuttoned her jeans and undid the zipper slowly. Before she knew the jeans were on the floor revealing her silky smooth long legs and black panty. She was in tears now. Steve bent down and asked her to widen her legs. He started runnig his hands on her smooth legs.

On the other hand the senior cop was announcing items loudly

Makeup kit having sun tanoil, 6 lipsticks, 2 nail paints, comb, face powder nnight cream, face cream

Choclates 10 packets


(What he announced next made her die in shame)

1 red bikny panty
1 blue bikny panty
1 green bikny panty
1 white bikny panty
1 red bra 34B (both Steve and his boss stared at her boobs as if judging whether size is correct)
1 blue bra 34B
1 green bra 34B
1 green bra 34B
1 white bra 34B

(The way he was announcing the sizes of her undergarments AA want to vanish from the spot out of shame. It did not end here. He continued further)

6 hankerchiefs

1 packet of sanatry pads large size. (This was too much for her)

Then he pulled out a packet containg a powder.

Cop- Whats this

AA- Sir this is not mine

Cop- But before opening the bag you said that all the contentss were yours. You said or not

AA- Yes sir

Cop- Now you are going back on your statement

AA- But sir this is not mine

Cop- This has come out from your bag. Yes or no

AA- Yes sir. But I have not put it

Cop- You know what it this

AA- No sir

Cop- I will tell you. You see this device. I will run it over the packet. This WILL detectect banned substance. If this makes sound it means that this powder is banned substance. He scanned the packet with the device and to AA's horror "Beeeeeeeep"

AA-Sir Sir please believe me this is not my packet. I have not put it

Cop- Then who did it

AA- Maybe security check staff

Cop- MADAM DON'T BLAME OTHER'S FOR YOUR MISTAKE (Cop was loud enough to scare the guts off AA)

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Before she could do anything Steve came forward buttoned her shirt back and raised her jeans back in position. She was very confused on what was going on. She was really surprised. Suddenly she saw two more cops enter the room. Before she could understand what was going on one cop held her from behind and handcuffed her again. Then he cuffed her feet. The other cop put a mask on her face and then both of them pushed her from her head and said "move" Though she was trying to say something but her words were not clear from beneath the mask. She realised that she had been brought out of the room and now she was being taken somewhere else. After a five minute walk she was told "Sit in the car". She again tried to say something but in vain. She was pushed from her head to make her sit in the car. She was feeling very scared as shw did not know where she was being taken to. It might have taken around an hour before yhe car stopped. She was pulled out of the car and pushed and made to walk. After a couple of minutes they stopped walking. Her blindfold was removed. It took her few seconds to adjust to light in the room. She was very scared. The person in the room said"Madam drugs have been found in your luggage"

AA-Sir but they are not mine. Sir Sir where have I been brought to

Cop- Welcome to the prison lockup

AA- PRISON (She felt she would faint out of fear)

Cop- Yes mam. You are caring huge quantity of banned substance thats why you are here

AA remained sikent. Only wept because she knew that nobody would listen to her.

Cop- OK its time to complete the prison formalities. I have to conduct a strip search as I have enough reason to believe that you are still carrying banned substanse that could not be detected in prelim exam. So please co-operate and undress.

AA- There is no question of search Your officers could not find anything with me.

Cop- So you will not co-operate

AA- No

Cop- And you are sure about that

AA- yes Very much

Cop- OK as you wish

Before she could understand anything the cop brought out the sissiors and in flash cut her top nad in another blink her jeans were cut. In less than a minute she was left with only her black bra nad panty. She was crying by now.

Incharge- "Now will you take off your bra and panty or should I do the honours for them as well"

AA- Please let me go. I am innocent. That packet is not mine (She was crying inconsolably) Sir but such task is done by people of same gender.

Cop- But such rules dont apply in emergency

The cop came forward pointing the sissors at her. She got scared and with reluctance from the core of her heart she unhooked the bra from behid. Within minute her firm boobs were in full view. Then with even more reluctance she pulled off the last clothing covering her modesty and the most beautiful pussy came to be seen.

Cop- Step out of it completely

She obeyed having no other option.

Cop- Take off your shoes as well

And she did the same. Now she was standing stark naked in front of male and only crying. She was feeling scared like hell. Not knowing what was next in store for her. He took the torn jeans and top and the undergrments shoes and socks and threw them to the other corner of the room (AA was very scared thinking that what was the cop actually upto)and began giving her the instructions.

Cop- Untie your hair

She removed the hairband and her tresses fell all over her shoulder covering the same.

Cop- Bend your head down to let your hair fall towards the floor

As she did that she was looking very sexy in that position

Cop- OK be normal

Cop- Now shake youur hair with force.

O god she is looking so cute (he thought)

Then he came to her left and put torch light in her left ear then in her right.

Cop- Pull your head back

She did that and he searched her nose

Cop- Lift your breast, the left one

She lifted and with the torch he searched underneath and then repeated the same with the other side.
A feeling of humiliation was clearly written on her face. Her face had becoe red in shame.

Cop- Ok now raise your hands above your head

She did that and realised how erotic she must be looking. Her armpit was clean shaven but as she was sweating out of fear since so long, beads of sweat could be seen on both her armpits. Besides a musky smell of her aroma could also be felt. This made her very embarrassed. As he shone torch light there the sweat beads began to glister.

Cop- OK bring them down and spread your legs.

She did that and then the cop shone the light direcly at her crotch. This was most embarrrassing for her and she closed her eyes in shame. Then he bent down and his face was directly in front of her pussy. She was ashamed of displaying her pussy to a stranger male.The cop pulled her toes and searched for anything hidden there. Then he stood up.

Cop- Turn around

She obeyed and then he lift her hair and shone torch light all over her back. Then he bent down to check the back side of her legs.

Cop- Lift your left foot.

As she did that he shown the torch on her feet then repeated the same with her right foot.

Cop- Spread your legs wide again.

She did that then realised that he was looking at her butt.With the spread legs he might also be getting the view of her pussy form the back. This was very humiliating for her.

As the cop stood up she thought everything was over and she was clean but she was wrong.

Cop- Turn around again and open your mouth

She obeyed. The cop shone torch light in her mouth

Cop- Show your tongue

When she showed her tongue he put a spatula on her tongue and collected the sample. Thrn he rang a bell and an assistant entered . Now AA was dead in shame being in stark naked position in front of two men now. But that man had no expression. He took the spatuala and her psnty and went out of the room. Now AA was slightly comfortable as old situation was restored.

Cop- Your panty will also be tested for secretions and you will know the results soon, the cop explained as her panty was also taken out

There was no talk for a couple of minutes after that. Just then the attendent entered. AA was shocked. She covered her boobs with her arms out of shame.

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Attendent- Sir Mr Rob is saying that the spatula test is positive. Banned substance has been found on the spatula.

AA was shocked to death on hearing this. Just then two more people dressed in uniform entered the room. They pushed her to the wall rendering her immobile. "Aaaahhhh" she shouted in pain as her boobs pressed against the wall. "I am innocent" , she cried.

Cop- "This will be confirmed when the doctor conducts a verification."

Just then a tall fair well built man entered. "Joe, she is the one", the cop said.

Joe- Mam I have to conduct the exam as per rules so please co-operate.
AA- Sir I have not done anything. I am innocent. Please help me

Joe- But I have the report of the lab which says that banned substance has been found in your body.

AA- Sir but thhe man might have done something to the spatula

Joe- You may land in more trounle for falsely blaming an officer. Now please co-operate

AA- OK but I want a lady doctor

Cop- You must be knowing that you are an emergency case and no lady doctor is available at the moment. Now do as Joe says.

Joe- Drink this glass of water completely (offering a tall glass)

AA- I will not drink. It may contain drug to render me unconcious

Joe- Firstly it is plain water secondly you may invite more trouble by not obeyin orders. So you hav no choice.

Reluctantly she obeyed.

Joe- Make her lie down on the bed (joe ordered the jonior cops)

They held her by the head and pushed her towards the bed. "Aaaaaaaa", AA shouted. Then they forced her to lie down. They tied her hands with the belt and her feet in the stirrupps. She knew what was to happen now.

Joe- I will conduct a vaginal exam to verify that nothing is hidden down the vaginal cannal

As Joe was about to start AA shouted "Wear gloves please"

Joe- Don't worry my hands are sterlised.

He held the vaginal lips and inserted his finger inside. He moved the finger inside for a ninute and then took it out.

Joe- Turn her for the rectal exam

She was horrified. She had never had any foreign object in her ass

AA- Sir please leave me. I am innocnt I have not hidden anything. I have never had anything there. Please it will pain alot. (She cried for mercy)

Joe- It has to be done as a part of procdure

Then one attendent came and unhooked the belts and strirrups and forcefully turned her on her stomach. Then again tied her hands with the belt. An attendent pulled her ass cheeks then the doctor inserted his finger in her ass and she shouted in pain "Aaaahhhh" As he moved his finger inside for a couple of times AA kept shouting "Aaaahhhh Aaaahhhh"

Now I want to do urine test on you. She felt relieved on hearin this because she wanted to pee since long time. An attendent helped her get up from the bed and made her stand. As she was about to move Joe said "No you have to urinate her in front of us." He held a beaker in his hand. "You have to urinate in this", Joe said.

She was dumbstuck on hearing those words.

AA- How can you ask a woman to urinate in front of do many men and that to in the open. This is against modesty

Cop- Remember you are a suspect. All these rules dont apply to you

AA- OK let a lady be here and rest of you leave the room please

Cop- There is no lady. Moreover you can not ask us to move out of our own office

AA- Sir please let me do this alone. I promise not to tamper with the sample (She cried)

"Do it now", one of the cop ordered, as he placed the beaker between her legs.

Reluctantly she squatted, with the beaker direcly in front of her pee hole. Out of fear she could not pass the urine. After a minute she began to cry. "Sir please let me do this alone. I will come in a minute and will not tamper with the sample."

The senior cop was so annoyed that he slapped her. Out of pain she passed urine. Everyone began to laugh. "Good job", Joe told the cop. As she was done Joe pulled her up and made her stand. One attendent collected the bowl containig the sample while Joe wiped her pee hole with the tissue and said "This tissue will also be examined.", and gave the tissue to the attendent.

"One finale check. I want to be sure that there is nothing in your vaginal cannal. I wll use the speculum. The cop pushed her to the bed and once again she was made to lie down with her legs in strirrupps. Then Joe inseted the speculum and she cried in pain "Aaaahhhh" Before he could take a look in her pussy another officer entered. "She is innocent", he said. AA's eyes lit up on hearing those words. "Oh sorry I didnt know...", he said as he saw AA's position. "She is innocent. We have arrested the real culprit.", he told the cop.

Cop- What about her positive sample

Officer- It had been tampered. We are very sorry for the inconvience mam. You are free to go. We will arrange tomorrow morning flight for you. Till then you go to your hotel. We have already instructed the staff there about todays free stay for you. Your luggage will be sent there.

The doctor relieved her and she was given a fresh set of clothes. All the males went out of the room. She quickly changed and left for her hotel with horrible memories.

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In the afternoon she took a nap as she was very tired.

After she woke up she was watching tv. She realised that her luggage had not come till now. Just then the doorbell rang. As she opened the door she was surprised to see five cops.

AA- What happened now sir?

Cop- Dont you want your passport?

She realised that she didnt have her passport as well. "Yes I do she said.

Cop- Then we must first interrogate you one last time for our surety.

AA- Tell me what you want to know?

Cop- Not like this. May we come in.

AA- Yes please (and all the cops entered)
Now ask whatever you want to

Cop- Not like this. We will interrogate you separately. We have five rooms booked. My room is '---' on second floor. Here is a packet for you. Please come in this dress (he handed over the packet)

AA- But But Wait.. (she made a try)

She got an idea of their plans but she had no choice as they had her passport. She changed and went to the room as told.

As she entered. The cop welcomed her.

Cop-take off your shirt

AA- I cant. Its embarrassing

Cop- U dont have an option. I am interrogating you and you should obey me if you want to go home.

Reluctantly she took of her black sleevless t-shirt. She wasnt allowed to wear bra. The cop stood behind her and cupped her boobs.

AA- What are you doing

Cop- Shut up

Then he began msging her boobs. She was feeling very uncomfortable. She had tears in her eyes.

Cop- Good. You passed 1st stage. Now take rest of your clothes off

She blindly obeyed and first pulled down her pink skirt and got rid of it and then did same with her pink floral panty.

Cop- About turn and face the wall

She obeyed. The cop must have had party time as he observed her chubby ass while she stood with arms folded around her breasts. After a couple of minutes the cop asked her to about turn and face him, to which she complied. After few minutes like this he said- Come here. Sit in my lap

As she sat in his lap the cop began to tap the table next to him and asked her to do a lap dance. Reluctantly she began to move on his legs in a rythm. After few minutes of lap dance he asked her to lay accross in his lap with face down. As she laid there he began to slap her butt. SLAP SLAP

Çop- This is not comfortable. Get up

He then made her lean against the table with face away from him. Then he held her by the waist with one hand and with the other, gave her two more spanking- Slap Slap

After that she heard the cop unzip her fly. And in one go pushed his tool in her ass. "Aaaaiiii", AA yelled in pain. "Not there please" she pleaded.
"Shut up" the cop ordered. He did the first few strokes very fast but after some time, slowed down. "Aaaaaaaa" AA kept howling. This went on for a long time. AA was devastated

Cop- Now lay on the floor on your back.

As she laid down he began to run his hands on her boobs and then suddenly showed his tool in her pussy. She shouted her lungs out. Finaly she was no more a virgin. The cop kept on screwing her for next 10-15 min at full speed and she could not stop howling.

Then he put the chloroform dipped cloth on her face. She struggled to fight back but fainted within two minutes.

When she woke up about after half an hour she found herself alone in the room. A packet containing another dress and the room no was kept next to her. She quickly changed and went to that room.

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She entered the room. The cop welcomed her. This time she she was wearing only a Black T-shirt and a pink panty torn from the sides. The cop made her sit next to wall with her legs folded towards her body and her knees pointing upwards. Then he took out a red colour cloth from his pocket and tied it on her mouth. From another pocket he took out a larger piece of cloth and tied her hands at the back.

Cop- Now answer my questions in yes or no by shaking your head accordingly

Cop- Did the previous cops hurt you. Are you injured?

AA felt some ray of hope with this man as he was asking her about her hurt. She shook her head in 'Yes'

Cop- OK let me have a look

She shook her head in no as she was quite embarrassed of being almost naked waist down and sitting in fornt of a complete stranger.

Cop- No I have to take a look. How will I come to know otherwise that how much hurt you are.

The cop was strong in his words so she had to surrender. The cop pulled her knees firs towards the left nd then towards the right and saw her buttocks from the sides.

Cop- Dont worry I am not going to hurt you.

AA was confused with these words. If he was not going to hurt her then why he asked her to wear nothing underneath and also tied her mouth with a cloth. She wanted to ask. But she couldnt as her mouth was tied and moreover he had not done anything else to her till now, so she decided to remain silent. As the cop came to sit next to her he pulled her to his chest from the side. Now AA was feeling uncomfortable. She realised that she was wrong. Nobody here would show mercy.
The cop then pulled her legs slightly apart and pressed her crotch over the panty. AA was in tears once again. "Were they rough with you" the cop asked and she shook her head in 'Yes'

Cop- Were you also hurt on the breasts.

AA shook her head in 'No'

"I should take a look", the cop said and started to lift her t-shirt. She could only ,ake a little voice in protest. The cop had raised the t-shirt to reveal her breasts as she was not wearing a bra as per instructions. The cop then pressed her boobs for a couple of times. Then said" As you are behaving like a good girl I will remove this gag as a reward." AA felt slightly relieved and coughed slightly. Then the cop came forward and tried to smooch her but she turned her head the other side. Now she realised the real reason of the 'Reward' "Relax. I am not going to hurt you if you co-operate.", the cop said. Then he gave a long smooch. It lasted long enough to make both of them breatheless. After that the cop again started playing with her boobs.

AA- Please leave me. I am innocent.

Cop- Not untill the interrogation completes.

AA- Pleae untie me

Cop- See i removed the gag as a reward for your good behaviour. If you stat misbehaving then I will again put the gag.

AA- I know the reason why you removed the gag

Cop- Shut up close your eyes and open the mouth.

When she didnt open her mouth he pinched her nose and out of breathlessness she had to open her mouth. As soon as she opened her mouth he started licking her lips. "Wow what a taste", he said and then pressed his lips on hers,giving her another long smooch. He was playing with her ears as he smooched her. This smooch was longer than the previous one. Discomfort was writ large on AA's face. Then the cop then again lifted her t-shirt and this time began to tickel her areolas with his tongue. AA had began to cry now but hte cop was busy with his job.

AA- Please untie me. Please leave me (in a pleading tone)

Cop- You are being interrogated so I have to decide what to do. I am not going to go as per your wish.

AA- So what do you want now

Cop- I want a BJ

AA- I am not going to do it.

Cop- I have already told you bout my authority or should I remind you about it again.

The cop opened his fly and took out his cock and then pulled her towards himself. His cock was so big that it was almost touching her throat. She wass in deep pain and wanted to puke because of such a big thing in her mouth. "Remember that you have to make me unload and after I unload you have to swallow it all. Understood", the cop said. AA shook her head in 'Yes' as she wasn't able to speak. The BJ process went on for about ten minutes after which the cop unloaded in her mouth. As she swallowed her mouth had yuck taste.

Then he made her stand and pulled down her pink panty, revealing her pussy. Then he took a closer look and said "Oh god you have been screwed badly." AA didnt react to this remark. Then he untied her hands. AA thought it was all over but she was wrong. After untying her hands he pulled her t-shirt off her body from over the head and made her lie down on the floor He laid over her and shoved his tool in her pussy in one go. "Aaaaiiii" she yelled. After that the cop kept screwing her for almost half an hour with she shouting at the top of her voice.

Then after he got tired he put the chloroform dipped cloth on her face. She could not struggle this time as she was standing and fainted within a minute and fell on the floor.

After she fainted the cop again screwed her pussy. He was doing it with so much force that her whole body was shaking with hthe impact
When she woke up about after half an hour she found herself alone in the room. A packet containing another dress and the room no was kept next to her. She quickly changed and went to that room.

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The cop welcomed her.Now AA was wearing a black top and a black mini skirt.

Cop- Take off all your clothes

So AA first took off her top. She was not wearing bra. This revealed her globes to the cop. Next she pulled down the skirt. Lastly she took of her black panty. Now she stood stark naked in front of the cop.

Cop- Lay on the floor

As AA laid down he started massaging her boobs slowly. He did for the next 10-15 minutes. When he stopped AA covered her boobs with her arms. But the cop pulled them apart to her side and started tickeling her nipple with his tounge. She was feeling very uncomfortable. She was slowly crying and shaking her legs.

After licking for sometime he lay beside her and turned her to her side so that her ass faces him. He screwed her ass only for a minute. "This is not a good position", he said and once again straightened her and made her lie on her back.

Then he pushed her legs towards her chest and slowly started screwing her pussy. "Aaaaiiii" she was yelling.

After screwing her pussy for sometime he said" Turn around and prop yourself on your elbows." As she did that her ass protruded out and she was almost looked to be in doggie style position. Then he took out his tool and pushed it in her ass. "Aaaaiiii" she yelled in pain at the top of her voice. After that the cop screwed her ass in this position for sometime. "Aaaaiiii Aaaaiiii" AA kept yelling. The cop was doing with so much force that each time he pushed in his tool,AA also got pushed.

After a long session of ass screwing, the cop got tired and sat down next to the wall. He also called her to sit next to him. As she sat next to him he pulled her to himself and hugged her.

Cop- I did not enjoy. So I might not clear your interogation.

AA- Sir please dont do that. I will do anything to please you.

Cop- Are you sure that you will do anything.

AA- Yes Sir (slowly)

Cop- Ok then you have to give me a BJ and make me cum in a minute. If you are successful I will clear you.

AA- OK Sir

Cop brought his cock in front of her mouth and said "Ready Steady Suck"

AA began sucking wildly as fast as she could. After all she wanted to go home. To much of cop's surprise he came in a minute.

As soon as he downloaded in her mouth he pulled out his cock. AA's mouth remained open and the cop put chloroform dipped cloth on her nose and within seconds she became unconcious and fell on the floor and cum dripped from her mouth

After half an hour when she woke up she found another packet and room number. She dressed as desired and went to that room.

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The cop welcomed her.

Now she was only wearing a white bra and panty.

The cop made her sit on a sofa and took a good look at her for a minute. Then forcibly turned her around and tied her hands at the back using handcuff.

Then he started feeling her butt over the panty.

AA- Please dont do this

Cop- Be quiet. This is a part of interrogation.

Then he pulled her and made her lie on the sofa

Cop- Let me first frisk you. You maybe carrying weapon

AA- WHAT. I am not carrying any weapon

Cop- How can I believe you. You have come from outside. You may have hidden some small object.

Cop- If you say another word I will not clear your interrogation. Now let me check.

The cop then slightly pulled her bra first the left cup and then the right and pressed both her boobs. He kept fondling with her boobs for a couple of minutes. AA began to feel uncomfortable.

Then he ran his hand over the panty. Then he first streched her legs apart and then straightened them to make her lie flat. After that he ran his hands over her thighs and then pulled off her panty.

AA- Everything OK

Cop- Yeah

AA- Can you end it here please

Cop- You please me and I will end it soon

AA- OK do as you wish but please dont hurt me (She was desperate to do anything to end this)

Cop- You will be hurt only if you disobey me

AA- I will not

Cop- Good

He took her to the bathroom and made her sit on the comode said" Pee in front of me"

Though she wanted to protest but didnt and with great difficulty forced some liquid from her peehole

After she was done, the cop cleaned her and brought her back to the room.

The cop stood behind AA and removed her bra. Now she was fully naked. The cop then massaged her boobs from behind for a couple of minutes.

Then he pulled her towards the bed.

Cop- Lie down on the bed on your stomach

She did that

Cop- Spread your legs as far as you can

She did that

Cop- Strech your arms sideways

She did that as well. Now she was lying in the 'X' position.

Then the cop ran his hand from her back down to her butt.

Cop- Now turn around and lay on your back

She complied

Cop- Take your arms above your head and push out your boobs.

She did that

Then the cop pressed her boobs once and gave a peck on both of them

Cop- Lift your right leg slightly

As she did that he pinched her pussy. She squirmed.

Cop- Dont tense down there. I dont like it.

AA- Cant help it.

Cop- You have to help. Just relax

She tried to relax herself.

Then the cop smelt her pussy. She was ashamed. "Wow" the cop said.

Then he made her feet rest on his shoulders and started screwing her pussy. "Aaaahhhh Aaaaiiii Please Leave Me" she was yelling.

This went on for half an hour. Then he lay next to her and started screwing her ass. "No No Please No" she was yelling.

This went on for another twenty minutes or so after which the cop got tired and laid flat on the bed. Then from behind he suddenly placed Chloroform dipped cloth on her face and within seconds she fainted.

.When she woke up after half an hour she found her passport lying next to her alongwith a Air ticket to Bombay. The flght was in two hours. Her joy had no bounds. Her luggage was also in her room. She quickly got ready and left.

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