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A hot day with samantha  

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Samantha the rising star in south film industry has already charmed the hearts of many.Her fans clubs in southern parts of India started to rise steeply.Even some have been in northern sides too.
Her lusty face and astonishing body would drive everyone crazy.One fine day samantha was invited to her fansclub meeting where several fansclub leaders nearly ten were organised to the development of the fansclub.
It was a hot day in the summer where the sun scrotches everyone out there.There were no a.c or even fans are available in order to show the pathetic condition of the fansclub,so that samantha would donate some money.Everything was arranged and the clock strucks 11 in the morning,there comes samantha teasing everyone with a warm smile.
She wore a blue saree and a matching blouse which already showing a hint of cleavage.Samantha was seated and as the welcome speech follows.She looks around the place which was damp and hot.She noticed even there were no fans too.As the speech progress everyone around there
started sweating including samantha.
She constantly wiping her sweat from her forehead and neck with her hand kercheif.After some time she throws it away as it was drenched.Her thin transparent saree sticked to her sweaty body which reveals her navel and blouse clearly.Samantha watches her fans now as they staring at her body widly regreting the speech.She wanted to keep her fans alive and never leave her fansbase drop out.So she stood up and went near the microphone and said "excuse me sir,just a minute" to the one who is speaking.
Samantha explored to everyone"hello everyone,its really hot here and i am sweating like if you all agree means i would like to remove my saree and kept it aside for a while".Are us in heaven thought everyone there and said "we are your fans,we will agree whatever you do" one of them.Samantha throws a smile and undressed her saree before everyone and revealed her hot and sweaty cleavage.
The blouse which is stiff holding two full tankers.Her navel was shapy with sweat droplets all over.Samantha knows that was a move that really a chance to increase her fan base.She went to her seating back.Now everyone stared like a hungry dogs.A sense of bulge aroused in everyone`s pant.Samantha wants to tease everyone badly.She too had a thought of tasting their sweaty bodies madly.
Samantha slowly adjusts her blouse as that it shows bra strap.One man sitting beneath in the second row unzipped his pants and took his cock out.He holds that of his hands and started shagging seeing samantha sweaty looks and body.He kept murmurring "wanna taste you slut,....mmmm like to fuck you hard chick".
But suddenly he couldn`t control it so he rosed from his place and samantha and others was shocked to see his cock.He quickly ran and climbed the stage and caught samantha`s hair.Samantha rosed up due to his action of pulling her hair.
He lifts her skirt and dropped her wet panties in a hurry and struked his cock straight to her itching cunt.Samantha doesnt know what to do.She doesn`t seems to be opposing him.She is watching his eyes as he thrusts his cock in.Suddenly her breasts seemed to be felt free,the speaker was unhooking the blouse from behind.Samantha thought want would be the guys seated below would think her and turned her face.
Oh my god,they are all already stripped.As she watches everyone`s cock,her blouse was flowing in the air,the same time the one who is fucking her pussy placed a kiss into her mouth.Now samantha was being fucked which is under her skirt and one is fondling her boobs and started to unhook her bra.While others started climbing the stage.
Samantha was undressed completely including her bra and skirt.
Samantha now only wores a dress of sweat all over her body.Hands gets started massaging over the bitch.The man fucking her pussy increased his pace, as samantha moans out and leans back on the other.
One man sucks all her sweat from her neck,one playing with her left boob and right to the other.The man who undid her bra is positioning himself to her asshole.As far now five men enjoying her seductive body.
There has been a place of sweat and moans.Samantha was now taking two cocks and moans"hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmnnnn fuck fuck.....sss ssss fuck".The other five was masturbating hardly waiting for the next round.The two men was going in equal pace and Samantha breasts was fondled badly.One smooching a hard kiss to her lips.Samantha doesn`t know which one to react.But surely in deep sense of pleasure "mmmmmmnnnn....ssss fuckkkkkk me bad...ahhhhhh".
After some time her pussy created croaking sound as lots of cum being revolved,the cock which is in her asshole is going free by now.Both her sweaty boobs has turned red due to their mischevious actions.Her forehead and neck showed an oiled look due to extra sweat,her lips was lost several times to the other and lots of saliva has been exchanged.The men who is fucking her holes seems to be slowing down.They shotted in her and took their cocks out.
Samantha knelt down by that time but not free.Its time for the other three.One lied down and asked her to sit on hiscock,she did.While holded her sweaty and fleshy hips from behind and rammed his 9" incher into her asshole.Samantha"urrrgh...mmmmmmnnnnn".
Then the one dropped his cock into her mouth during her moaning.All holes fixed up.The man in the back waste no time and went fast as his cock easily enters asshole."Thug thug his balls hits her ass".
The man lying down squeesing her body and kept his cock partially in her pussy had slowly fucking her.The other man holded her head strong and moved it to and fro as his cock hits her throat."tup,tup,tup several slaps on her ass to move fast".

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They throw her body in heavy sweat. The one in the back got his cock now fully in. Samantha mouth is secreting her own saliva and cum due to the cock in her mouth. She loved them so much,getting fucked by their sweaty and physique body is her dream come true.
Samantha now configured herself to do anything for them. But the steamy sex isnt over still long way to go. Samantha's butt hole was taking severe punishment. Samantha' back glistens in sweat and there receives a whip shot from the rest to move with some urgency.
The man in her mouth took his cock out and throws a cum shot on her face. Samantha was having a mixed emotions "yeah fuckkkkk meeeeeeeee bad,and you little bastard clean my sweaty face with your cum urggghh ahhhhh". Samantha was leaking sweat and cum juices all over from her face.
Samantha gave a slap to the one who is working on her pussy to move in fast. He replied "made a mistake bitch" as said he thrust in fully as samantha opens her jaw out screaming "oh no its hugeeeeeeeee,no no pls". By the time the pace at her back too going up as she started to beg them to leave her.
Then its time for nomercy.they got their cocks fully in.Samantha couldnt gasp anymore.She opened her mouth wide open where one started to piss on her face.She never thought she could handle this much pain.Her eyes were now filled with tears.
Samantha`s face has now got everything oil,sweat,tears,piss,cum...Samantha now start thinking "when they would leave her" by the time a huge load of cum was loaded at her ass.Samantha had crossed one now,but the man in her pussy kept keeping her in heavy pain.He slapped her now and said "want more inside bitch..."..Samantha "nooooo plssss...its paining..ahhhhhhahahhhhhh".The man at her ass took his cock out and went near her face "want another ride bitch".Samantha "oh no...plss..".He then ordered "suck my cock u little sweaty slut".Samantha "yeahhhhh sureeee...slurp slurp...".
Samantha knows now they are not going to leave her until she is fucked by all.She already finished 4 still 6 to go.She now thought of finishing it fast,she holds her pain and started responding fastly to her pussy and gave a quick blowjob which leaked all on her neck.The man got tired and sat down.Now samantha was now concentrating on the man who is ramming her pussy for long time "yeahhh fucccccccckkkkkkkk thisssssss bitccccchh fuccccck kk ahhhh no fuckk"..but still the next gang waiting for their turn to come.Samantha thought they are already jerked and would take less time to finish them.
Cock got loosened up in her pussy and samantha showed a wicked smile that she still holds him.Man felt humiliated and had his shot and stood up.Samantha was now on her knees and watching the five men who had taken her,they all laid tired on each corners.Samantha was breathing heavily and looked sweaty,oily,cum all over and a sense of pride over her that she crossed half way and she asked"hey bastards what are you waiting for...dont have energy to ram this bitch ahhh" on the other five with a wicked smile.One said"no bitch we are planning different"..Samantha teased "what to ran away bastards?accepting your defeat"....
One said "no way bitch...we going to fuck you different from them...".
Samantha "oh fantastic boys..whats the idea".The man said"its time saving bitch.."Samantha interupted"lemme guess you all chickens gonna get a simple blowjob from me and ran away with your tired cocks right...its worth time saving.."with pride smile..Those men laughed and answered unanimously "going to insert two cocks in each of your dirty holes bitch".Samantha was stunned and said"WTF,,are you will pain to the core and i wont allow it at any case.."One answered "we are not asking you permission bitch...we telling your painful destiny"..As they approached her further and further..Samantha"keptthem telling pls ...i beg you..dont do"..Replies to see what samantha takes on her holes..

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One day Kajal was returning from a shooting. It was very late, about 11 pm and the roads were almost deserted. She was driving and was alone. Suddenly, she felt that the front tire of her car had a puncture. She, therefore, stopped the car and checked the tire. It had indeed gone flat. kajal stood the watching the flat tire and scolding her luck. A famous celebrity like her definitely didn’t know how to change tire and she was helpless in totally lonely highway. The place was totally dark and the few street lights couldn’t give much light.

But there was bright moon light and the beautiful kajal was looking even more beautiful in the moon light. She was wearing a sky blue chiffon sari and a matching sleeveless blouse with matching make-up. She had tied her sari below the navel exposing her a little plump belly. She was wearing a high heel sandal that made her big round butt look even bigger. She was looking really quite sexy.

Within couple of minutes, she felt a truck passing her in full speed. She raised her hand and the truck stopped with screeching sound of tires. The truck came back in reverse and stopped near her. One guy dressed in a dirty dhoti and kurta stepped out and was very excited to see kajal, “Hello Ma’am! WOW! I never thought of meeting you in such a place. Has your car developed some problem?" "Yeah, I have a flat tire.", she said. "Do you need our help?", the man asked. In the meantime, two more vicious looking guys stepped out of car. They were all ferocious and hungry looking. She said, "Please do, I am in so much trouble." One of the men replaced the tire. Meanwhile, his other friends were busy in making kajal understand how happy they were to meet her and how big fans of hers were they. kajal was hesitating, but as a duty towards her fans, she tried to make them happy by talking to them.

Once the job of replacing the tire was over, kajal thanked them for their timely help and expressed her gratitude. They said, "We are more than happy to get the chance to help the actress of our dream" and there came a knife in a man’s hand, whose blade was shining in the moonlight. kajal was terrified. "Madam, We won't harm you, if you follow our instructions", one said. Before she could say anything, one hand grabbed her from behind and shut her mouth. Two guys carried her to a nearby bush and made her sit on the ground. kajal, terrified, asked one of the men standing nearby, "What do you want? Why you have brought me here? If you want ornaments or money, please take them and leave me." "Madam, don't worry. We don't want your ornaments or money. We want you. We masturbate seeing your photo and now that we have found you, we want to enjoy your sexy body. If you oblige us, we'll not harm you otherwise we don't mind killing you." "No… You can't do that.", kajal said in a trembling voice.

One of them slapped her really hard. She was sitting there, not believing what he had done. There was a red hand print on the soft creamy white cheek which is made to be kissed passionately. kajal kept silent. After couple of minutes one of the guys brought a bottle of Desi Sharab from the truck and they started drinking in turns. When they offered the bottle to kajal, she refused. "Then, we will force you to have it.", said one of the guy in harsh voice and moved and sat next to her. He took the bottle and holding her with his left hand, tried forcing her to drink. kajal initially resisted but seeing the situation started having the drink. The dirty smell and taste of the drink made her almost faint. "That's nice", said one guy and others laughed.

While all were having drinks, the guy sitting next to kajal put his hands across her shoulders and started caressing her bare arms. Others were watching his acts. He then started moving his hands on her boobs from outside the blouse. He also started kissing her cheeks and neck. kajal though was showing some signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless, she started allowing the guy to fondle with her.

The guy suddenly held her sari and pulled it. The sari came out of the pin, fixed to kajal's blouse. kajal tried covering her breast with her hands. Looking at her big bust, one guy said, "Wow, she has lovely bust yaar. They look bigger than they look in the movies. Remove her blouse also." The guy put his hand on the front of her blouse and pulled it. The blouse got torn and her white colored bra was exposed. The other guys enjoyed the sight and laughed. The guy pulled out kajal's blouse. kajal was sitting with her bra and sari on her lower portion of her body.

kajal got up and wanted to move out of the hands of the guy sitting next to her. The guy however held the sari. That made kajal to lose her balance and fell to the ground. The guy pulled out her sari forcibly. kajal was intoxicated by now and was not able to stand properly. The other guy who was watching the action so far moved to kajal and fell on her body and started kissing her. Others started enjoying with laugh. The guy held her tightly and started kissing her passionately and started caressing her thighs. While doing so, kajal's petticoat moved up, exposing her legs.

The other man watching the scene said, "How creamy legs she has yaar. Ask her to show her body to us." "Yeah, that's right.", said the guy lying on kajal and got up and made gnelia to get up from the ground. kajal was not able to stand properly. Since, kajal did not undress, one of the guys came and took out a knife and threatened, "Whether you will undress yourself or should I undress you?" "No, I won't put my clothes off.", kajal said with resistance.

The guy holding knife put the sharp edge of the knife below kajal’s white bra and snapped it between her two boobs. The bra got cut between her both the boobs and the bra got slipped from her shoulders. kajal held both her voluptuous boobs with her cupped hands. All the guys liked it and laughed. "Wow, what fantastic tits she has yaar !", said one of the guys. "Show me her pussy also yaar !", said another guy. The guy holding knife put the blade below her petticoat thread and snapped it. kajal's petticoat slid to the ground, exposing her lovely creamy thighs and legs. As she was wearing a fancy panty inside, she looked quite sexy in that posture. Her hairs which were let loose were flowing across her shoulders.

kajal still stood holding her boobs with the cupped hands. One of the guys watching all this got up and grabbed kajal from the back and started kissing her neck and cheeks. Suddenly, the guy holding knife put his knife and snapped the both sides of her panty. The panty fell to the ground. That exposed her pubic which was clean without any hairs. It seemed that she had shaved her pubic the same day. The guys had the pleasure of seeing her neat and clean pussy. The guys loved to watch her clean pussy.

kajal removed one of her hands from the boobs and tried covering her pussy. That exposed her one of the tits. kajal was looking quite sexy in that posture. Her exposed breast looked quite big and lovely shaped. The guy behind, grabbing kajal, put his hand and squeezed her exposed breast. kajal screamed, “NO!” "Don't make sounds, otherwise we will have to close your mouth and still enjoy you", said the guy holding knife.

kajal became quiet. She removed her other hand also and put it on her pussy. Now, both of her boobs were fully exposed. The guy holding her put his hand on her both the boobs and started kneading them. He also caressed her waist and sides of her thigh. While doing so, he was kissing her neck and cheeks intermittently. "Now, come on, suck my cock.", said the guy holding knife and unwrapped her dhoti. "Come on kajal !!!", he said in a harsh voice and stood infront of her. kajal, with fear in her eyes, kneeled before him. The guy had a strong and muscular body. His dick was quite long and had become erect. It was black in color and looked very dirty. He held kajal's hairs and pulled her mouth to his cock. A strong smell hit kajal’s nose. But she had to take the guy’s cock inside her mouth. Then she started sucking the dirty smelly cock. Now, she liked the cock size. She sucked his cock forgetting her class and everybody around. All of them were watching her sucking scene with apt attention.

kajal continued sucking his cock. She started biting his cock. The guy was enjoying her suck. He kept moaning, "She is a fantastic sucker yaar!! She is too good. I always knew she is a great whore. That’s why I masturbated with her face in my mind." While she was sucking him the other guys also removed their dresses and stood stark naked. All of them had strong bodies and had stout cocks. kajal looked at their cocks and smiled. One of the guys standing next to her said, "What madam, do you like our dicks or not?" kajal looked at the guy and smiled. The guy also smiled and said, "Yaar let us not handle her roughly. She seems liking our company" "Is it?", said one who had shoved his cock inside kajal's mouth. kajal looked at him and smiled. "Then c'mon let's make her enjoy", said the guy and made kajal to lie on the ground.

Once kajal lay on the ground, he came in between her thighs and guided the 'head' of his long penis inside her pussy. Feeling her wet but tight pussy, he yelled, "Wow, she has really become hot yaar ! She has lovely cunt. I am going to love fucking her." and continued shoving his tool inside her box. While he was shoving his dick, the other guy got near her head and pushed his dirty black cock inside her mouth. kajal took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. This guy had a thick and stout but small cock. His cock hardly fit in her wide mouth. Still, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She moved her tongue on his balls and made him excited. The dirt and smell on the cock made her more excited. The guy loved her suck. "You are right yaar, she is fantastic.", he smiled at his other friend. Within minutes the guy who was fucking kajal, started giving quick thrusts inside her box. Whenever, he thrust his dick inside, kajal made moaning sounds. The sight was quite exciting and erotic. Within a few minutes, the guys changed their position. The guy with thick and stout cock lay back on the ground and asked kajal to come on him and take his shaft.

Since, kajal had become fully 'hot'. She was excited thinking of getting fucked in the bush by these low class people, what she didn’t even think. Without showing any resistance, climbed on him and held his cock in her hand and guided inside her 'honey pot'. She had to press hard to take his cock inside her hot and wet pussy. From her facial expression, all could make out that she was deriving immense pleasure while taking his thick rod. Once she could put his cock inside, she started moving her pelvis and enjoying his fuck. She was really deriving full pleasure from the act. The guys laughed.

One guy gave his cock in her mouth. He shoved his cock, sitting at her head and started caressing her tits. kajal took the cock and started sucking it with great pleasure. The three guys were changing one after the other and fucking kajal with immense pleasure. The beautiful kajal made all the guys very excited with her creamy soft body and by giving her best performance.

Though it was supposed to be a rape, but still kajal started enjoying it. All the guys fucked kajal one after another. Kajal seemed having multiple orgasms which was quite evident whenever she moaned with great pleasure. During the process of 'rape', all tried almost all the postures. Suddenly one guy made kajal to kneel before him and holding the head of his cock, pushed it inside her ass. kajal felt his push inside her butt, a little painful. But, soon she started enjoying it.

The guy pushed his long cock inside and started moving it back and forth. Whenever the guy pushed his hard cock after retrieving outside, kajal moaned with great pleasure and said, "Fuck me hard. I love it... fuck me!" The sight of the guy fucking her ass was terribly exciting. Another guy made kajal lay down slowly on her side, retaining the guy's cock inside her arse. He made kajal to fold her left leg across the legs of the guy that exposed her pussy which was very eager to receive a cock.

He stimulated her pussy, particularly her clitoris with his fingers. kajal enjoyed the stimulation. In a sexy voice, she said, "Put your dick inside my box. I am dying to have it in my hole." Lying next to kajal, he put his erect cock inside her wet cunt and started stroking. The two guys alternatively shoved their dicks inside her both the holes. The alternative rhythm made kajal mad with excitement. She started yelling, "Fuck me hard. Both of you.. fuck me hard..." The other guy couldn’t hold himself back. He put his dick inside kajal’s mouth. The guys fucked her mouth, ass and cunt simultaneously for about five minutes.

Suddenly, one of the guys expressed that he was about to come out. kajal also said, "Yeah, I am also about to come, all of you fuck me hard and all of us will have simultaneous release..." All guys were now fucking her hard. Suddenly, kajal screamed with pleasure, "Yeah...Yeah...I'm cumming.. I'm cumming.. fuck me hard.. harder...", and soon all three released their cum simultaneously. kajal screamed in sexy voice "Oh...God.. that was fantastic... I love it... that's too good.." Her pubis, butt and face were filled with sticky cum.

One guy said, "You are really sexy and fantastic lay, Madam." "Oh thank you very much. But, you have torn my bra and blouse. What should I wear now?", kajal asked. All the three guys kissed and thanked her for giving her beautiful body to them kajal said that she enjoyed their fuck. Later, kajal bade good bye to them and left the place. kajal did not forget to collect her torn clothes as 'souvenir' of her 'rape'.

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