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Worth All The Hardwork On My Indian Gal.


Indian women are hard to get in into bed, but once you do, its worth all the hard work.

I had been going around this wonderful gal, Rajani, for almost 3 years and then we split as she moved out of town, and later got married there.

We had been in touch, once in a way by phone, but my happy day came when I received a call from her that she was visiting my city and would be staying at a hotel in the proximity.

When we met, I realised that she had become more beautiful and desirable than when I last saw her. But I also knew that sex was not on a mind, as most women in India forget their ex-lovers once they married. So i knew I had a tough job at hand if I had to get her in bed. She was simply dressed in a skirt and a blowse.

We decided to watch a movie at her hotel room and were seated on the carpet. After a while I started holding her hand, and she was quite comfortable with it. Slow and steadily we started talking about our lives and I told her how unhappy I was without a Girlfriend at present and had a pathetic sex life (which was actually the contrary !). She too said that thinks were ok, but not great either.

I asked if I could kiss her, and she din reply so i moved ahead, to do so. I moved from her cheek to her lips and she did show some resistance in letting my tongue into her mouth, but soon I broke her resistance and we enjoyed some good smooching.

I knew now I had to move ahead, but very slowly. I started inching my hands up her blowse and she instantly moved my had away, saying it wasn’t the same as before as she was married now. So i decided to slow down and got back to smooching.

I moved her had onto my crotch and told her that I was really hot and atleat needed her to massage me down, which also she reluctantly agreed. I lay down while she pulled up my jeans and then started feeling me thru my undies ( I had my real sexy undies for the ocassion, and it was playing its magic) She was rubbing her hands on my crotch, and I was growing in strength. I nkew it was time for the next step and sked her to shag me off. This time she quietly co-operated and took my undies off.

Yet she kept telling me that she was only doing this as we were old friends and she felt guilty about what she was doing. I was determined to make love to this beautiful woman. She was now stroking my penis and her hands were nice and wet with my pre-cum. I would have normally cum, but i had to save myself for the good times.

I knew that she was now enjoying it, rathar than obliging. I started putting my hands on her thighs, and I din’t notice as much resistance this time. I moved up her bosom and started feeling it thru her clothes. mmmm that was wonderful.

I din say a word but moved her face close to my dick and she knew what i meant, I wanted a good lick. Once again she hesitated but I din give her much time and got my thing close to her face and she just closed her eyes and took the rod up her mouth. It felt like heaven, cause I never ever had anyone give me such a good lick. While she did her job I started un-buttening her top and got it off with ease. She was wearing a wonderful black bra. I felt her tits thru it and then undid the bra from behind and out came her wonderful boobs.

I was all wet with her saliva all over my crotch. I asked her to lick my balls, and she took them in her mouth. I slowly pushed her lower, telling her about my intentions. Yes, i wanted my ass to be licked and she did follow. She made a few up and down movements over my anus and then slowly and firmly tried to enter her tongue in it. I was almost dying to cum.

By now I was feeling her thighs and got her skirt off. She was wearing cute matching black panties, simple but sexy. Just as I felt the waste band, trying to take it off, she blew the whistle saying that that was the limit. I tried again, but she said I must behave. Alas ! I thought the good work was all spoilt, but i was not one to give up easy.

I started enjoying the blow job again, and was feeling her boobs and pointed nipples. I took my dick out of her mouth, put her down on the carpet and started kissing her and slowly started moving down.

I pressed her wonderful boobs and started licking her nipples and she was surely responding, they were getting harder. I moved my tongue all over her stomach and navel and slowly started moving down.

I spread her legs and could feel her panties a bit wet, so she was geeting horny. I dint show any haste in tring to get her panties off, any more but decided to work on her thru it, until she would really want to let go of them herself.

I started licking her all over below and along her panty line. I started focussing on her pussey now, kissing it and generating huge loads of saliva to wet her all over. It was working magic on her, I could see her shut her eyes and enjoy the fun. I got her so wet, that it was virtually like licking her without her panties and i ocassionally did give her a lil bite with my teeth. Her crack was nicily evident thru her panties and i was pressing my tongue into it. I knew she would crack, and Bingo ! she lifted the crotch of her panties giving my tongue direct access to her pussey now. I licked her vulva and slowly moved to her clit. I knew she was at a point of no return and very gently slid her panties off. She was just too much into it and lited her romp to let go off her undies.

That was a mile stone I moved down her ass and got down to licking her anal area, and she loved it, cause she lifted her ass in the air to give me access.

Mission impossible started looking possible !

We got down to the 69 position and started pleasuring each other. This time she was doing an even better job.

Now the critial part, of getting into her, but I had to be careful again. I now got her on top of me, with my dick almost touching her pussey. I knew If I would try to enter her she would again retract. So i just asked her to rub her pussey on my dick and make me cum. She got into a horse position, and while I held my hard dick against my stomach, she got up and started rubbing her pussey on it. Within a few strokes, she closed her eyes, and started focussing on her orgasm. It was awsome to have a well oiled pussey rubbing on your dick head.

In a while what I wanted happened. She couldn’t bear it any more and took hold of dick and inserted it into herself. When I looked at her face, i saw her eyes closed and she was just into enjoyig it. I pulled her onto me and started thrusting while holding her ass cheeks. Oh, I loved it. Sadly though I couldn;t hold much longer and pulled out, and came all over on her ass and back. It felt like heaven.

We were just too exhausted and actually slept for over an hour with all the cum over us.

We showered and went down for lunch at the restaurant. When we returned to her room, I told her I was to leave and we could meet the next day.

She asked me to stay a while and then go, but I din know what she had in mind. She told me that she had had sex just to please me, as I was unhappy. fat chance gal, thats the problem with Indian women, they love it but hate to confess.

She asked if i wanted to do it again. Who was I to say no. I asked if I should get a condom, cause she could get pregnant, but she said that she already had protection and I need not worry. Infact it was ok if I came inside her. That was a very temting offer. I actually did cum iside her, without a condom, which I never had done with any gal. it felt so wonderful to just cum and stay inside till u shrink.

Our sessions went on till she stayed over at Bombay, and we still meet whenever she visits.

This is a true story of my life.

Posted : 24/06/2011 6:23 pm