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This is something that happened some time back in my office. My colleague, Rajeshwari, is a very decent and beautiful girl . She has sexy curves, but being from an orthodox family, only dresses conservatively.

Initially, in my team, there was hardly any attraction between the two of us, but as time went by, I could catch her staring at me and looking away when I saw her. I didn’t pay any attention to it until one day when we had to work late.

There were 4 of us who were working late on that day. We had taken a break and were having coffee at the canteen. Our other colleagues wanted to go to get some dinner. I asked them to bring me back something, because I wasn’t hungry and thought I would eat later. Rajeshwari also said she had food prepared for her at home. So, the other 2 decided to go get dinner by themselves. Raji walked them to the office entrance, while I was finishing off my coffee.

I heard their voices fading away as they were leaving. Only after that did I realize that the office was extremely quiet. There were a couple of programmers working in some places, but nobody was in the canteen.

Raji came back and asked me if I wanted another coffee. I said one was enough. She said she was going to get another because she felt tired of staring at the screen. As she said this, she lifted her hands high and stretched toward the left. Sitting at my table, I saw her salwar rise and reveal a small triangle of white skin.

I quickly looked at her face to avoid staring, but she must have noticed it, because she had a small smile on her face as she went to get the coffee. I continued sipping my coffee. After some time, she came and sat down. As we were talking, she kept moving her head from side to side to stretch the neck muscles.

I told her that it looked like she had strained herself too much. And she said, “Yes, but it’s also because I exercised yesterday. So my body’s still stiff.” I told her she should stretch before exercising, especially because we sit down for the whole day.

She said “Yes, I know…I should do that…”. We talked about other things. After a while, she got up to throw the coffee cup and suddenly gave a painful cry. I asked her what the matter was, and she said that she could feel pain in her side.

I went to her and she was holding the side of her stomach. I asked her to take her hand away or she’d hurt herself and put my hand against her side. I squeezed it lightly over the cloth and asked her if she felt any pain there.

She said she felt a slight amount. I asked her to lift her hand high, and squeezed again. I asked her if it hurt and she said, slightly, again. I told her I didn’t think I could get any ointment now because the office pharmacy was closed.

She put her hands on the table and was seemingly in a lot of pain. I told her it was probably just a catch, and said I’d rub it. She nodded with an expression of pain.

I started rubbing her side and as I went faster, soon her salwar hem started to rise and fall, and I could see the white curve of her hip again.

After a while, my hand started to rub against the skin as well, and I asked her if she was feeling any better. She said she was feeling a little better. She was breathing a little hard.

I was starting to feel a little turned on, and I asked her if I could take a look to see what the problem was. She was silent for a second, probably thinking that this was going too far, but then she lifted the salwar side up herself.

I looked at her fair hip and stroked it, inching the salwar up higher. I asked her if the pain was still there, and she just moaned slightly, in pain or in pleasure, saying it was getting better.

I could see the side of her belly, and as I started rubbing her warm skin, I asked her why she was exercising so much. She said it was because she was fat. I laughed and said she wasn’t fat at all, that her stomach was very flat, and to emphasize the point, from her side, I rubbed my palm over to the front of her stomach under her salwar and slapped her belly.

I thought she would react strongly, but she closed her eyes, and breathed deep as I squeezed her belly and came back to her side. I said again that she wasn’t fat and that she needed to relax and not worry about it. Her eyes were closed and after a while, she turned around and looked at me. I took my hand off her hip, but she just smiled.

She said, “You don’t think I look fat?” I shook my head and smiled. Then she lifted her salwar from the front with one hand to reveal her sexy belly and navel. She pinched her stomach with the other hand and said, “See? There’s so much fat.”

I didn’t know what to say. I leaned down toward her stomach to see it in greater detail. Her navel was beautiful, deep and round. I said, “No, that’s not fat.” and reached out and patted her. She suddenly realized what she was doing and dropped it with a nervous laugh.

I stood up and said, “No, you’re not fat at all.” She was suddenly very shy and started fidgeting. Again, it seemed like she decided she was going through with it because she suddenly said, “Oh, just because you’re not fat doesn’t mean I am not.” and suddenly came toward me and lifted my shirt. “See?”, she said, feeling my stomach.

She gave a gasp at the hardness of my lower abs and continued caressing it. I was starting to feel more turned on with the feeling of her fingers at my stomach. She smiled at me and said, “Your stomach is so hard…can you tell me how you do it? How do you get these cuts? Do you have more?”

Before I could stop her, she lifted my shirt up to my chest, running her hands over my abs. She bent down and stared at my stomach, saying, “Wow…nice.” I wanted to grab her and fuck her on the table, but managed to restrain myself. I said I can teach you if you want…”

“Where?”, she asked. I told her we could go upstairs to the room at the roof of the building. She hesitated, saying “They will be coming back in 15 minutes.” I convinced her, saying even if they did come, we could still say we went out to eat something as well.

Finally, she agreed. We went upstairs and there was nobody there. I locked the room and suggested that she loosen the tightness of her clothes before attempting anything. She asked me if I could show her how to do crunches the right way. I told her the room was slightly dusty and I didn’t want to get my shirt dirty.

She said, “That’s okay. Take your shirt off. In our culture, that is not a big deal, you know…don’t be shy…”. Saying this, she came toward me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Before I could stop her, she had unbuttoned my whole shirt and pulled it off my shoulders.

She stopped and stared at my chest, saying “Very nice…”. I joked, “Next you’ll want me to show you how to do pushups…” “Why?”, she challenged me while running her fingers over my chest, “Girls are not supposed to do pushups?”

She kept grazing my nipples and eventually, she moaned. I asked her how her hip was doing, and lifted up her salwar. I squeezed her hip and she let out a low groan. I pulled her salwar up even more and said, “Let me show you the ab muscles.”

I stroked her upper belly saying “These are where the upper abs will be separated from the middle abs”. I kept hearing her breathe in my ear, short, sexual gasps. When I came to the lower part of her stomach, I casually stuck a finger in her navel and told her this was the lowest part. Her head arched back and she moaned softly again.

Posted : 03/07/2011 10:20 am

She was obviously enjoying it, so I swirled my finger in her navel for a couple of seconds before removing it. I then said I would show her how to do and dusting the floor the best we could, I lay down and did a couple of crunches. She kneeled down beside me and watched my stomach with her mouth slightly open as it moved up and down. She put her hands to feel the muscles as they contracted and moved her hands up and down.

After a while, I asked her to try. She giggled nervously and said she didn’t want to get her salwar dirty either. I looked at her and told her she could take it off. She continued giggling nervously and said, No…no…, but I saw her look to the door to see if it was locked.

I told her it was okay. Nobody would be coming and we were here anyway. She was quiet for a while, and I said I would show her how to focus on specific muscles because she had a nice ab structure. She looked up and asked, “Really?”

I said, “Of course.” and started to lift her salwar and tracing out the faint outlines on her belly. I raised my fingers higher up saying that her upper abs were the best. Again, I could feel her hot breath in my ear. Pretending to be looking at her upper abs, I lifted the salwar higher until her bra came into view. It was black and it was obvious she had larger than normal breasts.

Carrying on the conversation as if I was just showing her the right way to exercise, I asked her to just take it off, and started helping her along the sides. She closed her eyes and she lifted her hands.

I pulled the salwar off her and she stood, with her arms suddenly shyly across her bra-clad breasts. She had beautiful breasts and although I wanted to rip her bra off and fondle them right then and there, I continued teasing her. I talked as if nothing was the matter and told her to lie down.

She carefully walked and lay down. I asked her to put her hands above her head and for a second, couldn’t take my eyes off how her breasts jiggled when she moved. I lifted her legs to assume the right position and asked her to start the set.

I put my hands on her stomach to show her the right movements and she sighed in pleasure. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine. I rubbed her stomach up and down and barely restrained myself from grabbing her heaving breasts. The harder she breathed, the higher they rose and fell.

After a while, she stopped and I pulled her up. I noticed she had dust on her back and asked her to turn around. I dusted her down and slapped her butt which was soft and round. She had difficulty maintaining conversation for a while, but when I turned around, she said naughtily, “You have dust on your back as well.”

She turned me around and started dusting me off as well, her hands petting my butt. She said, “Wow. You have a very hard butt.” She grabbed and squeezed it and asked, “Can I see it, because that’s where fat accumulates for me? How do you keep it so tight?” Again, I told her her butt was voluptuous but perfect but she was focusing on mine.

I unbuttoned my pants and probably because she was so horny, she slid it off my hips, running her hands over my butt with groans and small sounds of pleasure. “Nice, nice.” she kept repeating and pulled it down to my feet. She then asked me to kick off my shoes, which I did.

Then she peeled off my socks and asked me to lift my legs up one at a time while she removed my pants completely. She stood up and I could hear her swear as she looked at my body.

I had a raging hard-on by now that had crept up over my underwear. I saw her resisting the temptation to stare openly at my crotch. I could see her nipples jutting out against the black material of her bra, but decided to continue playing along with her. I started talking about the exercises we could do for the glutes, but it was obvious she wasn’t listening.

When I started the set, she interrupted me, saying “Wait, let me feel it as you’re doing it.” She came up behind me and felt my butt. After a while, I noticed that her hands were moving up and down in time with the exercise. Soon, she had put her hands inside my underwear and was groping my naked butt.

I pulled her before me and asked her to show me her butt. She was gasping hard and loosening the strings, let the cloth fall, revealing her pale milky thighs and black panties. I grabbed her butt and pulled her close to me.

I could feel my pre-cum smearing across her stomach and hear her take a deep breath. She moved her body up and down, rubbing her stomach all over my dick, while I squeezed her beautiful white buttocks. Soon, her hands grasped my butt and she started sliding my underwear off.

I started sliding her panties down as well. She must have known by now that we were past controlling what we were doing and without me saying anything, she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. Her luscious breasts bounced free, and I started biting her nipples. She was in ecstasy, groaning with pleasure and pulling me up against her, rubbing her body against mine.

Finally, I laid her down. She grabbed my dick and guided me inside her. As I thrust deep within her, she whispered, “i’ve been waiting so long for this…fuck me, fuck me…”, she screamed as I went deeper into her. When I was about to cum, I told her, and she screamed to cum within her. We fucked another time after that, and then she felt that the colleagues would come up, so we went back down.

Posted : 03/07/2011 10:20 am