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Woh Lamhe  


Mandira and I had been seeing each other for several weeks and although we had kissed a lot she had not let me see her naked yet. She was 23 years old and still a virgin. But me being an extremely horny guy and being close to this gorgeous woman all the time was wreaking havoc on my nerves. I was trying to be patient and go slow but my cock was doing all the thinking for me, and he wanted her pussy badly. Mandira came over to my place for dinner and then we planned on watching a movie. At least that’s what she had planned, I was hoping for something more of a sexual nature. I made dinner and as we ate, I made it a point to caress her hand, leg, back and shoulder as much as possible. When we sat on the couch to watch the movie, I sat right next to her and caressed the back of her neck. I heard the little moan she made and that was all the encouragement I needed to pull her head toward mine. I gently held her head where I wanted, my fingers threaded in her hair, as her lips met mine. I kissed her softly at first, knowing she would moan for me, giving me the opening I needed to slip my tongue in her wet inviting mouth. My fingers threaded more tightly in her hair as our kiss grew more intense. I ravished her mouth, biting her bottom lip gently, sliding my tongue along her upper lip. I almost lost control as I heard her deep throaty moan. She tried to pull back, but my hand was still holding her head. As I pulled her back to me, I saw the look of surprise on her face right before I took her mouth hard, nipping and biting at her lips, sucking on her tongue and pulling her hair to tilt her head back so I would have a clear path to her delicious long neck. Mandira looked a little surprised at my change in personality but she didn’t seem to mind. “What’s gotten into you tonight, Abhi?” She laughed as I nibbled the side of her neck. “I just couldn’t hold back how much I want to ravish you any longer. I want to run my hands all over your beautiful body. I want to make you scream my name when you come.” I breathlessly told her.
To show her what I meant, I slowly ran my free hand down her neck, to her chest, stopping at the tip of her breast, right before touching her erect nipple. She started to move, but my other hand was still in her hair holding her head and I stopped her. “Don’t move.” I told her as my hand squeezed the sensitive nipple that protruded through her blouse. “Ahhhhh.” Her eyes closed. That was all the confirmation I needed. She was more than ready for what I had in mind. My mouth blazed a path down her neck and back up again until I was breathing in her ear. “I want to see your beautiful naked body, laid out on my bed.” I whispered in her ear. I stood up and held out my hand to her. If she really didn’t want to, this was her last chance to get out of my apartment with her cherry still intact. If she came in my bedroom with me, I was going to have her, all of her and she knew it. I saw several emotions run across her face as she sat there making up her mind, first and foremost was fear, but I also saw curiosity, love and lust. I knew as soon as she smiled and took my hand she was going to be mine that night. We walked back to my room, sat on the bed and kissed for a while. My hands creeping up under her blouse as she moaned into my mouth. I opened her blouse and let her D- cup tits out of their confinement. I sat up, looking down at her naked tits for the first time. She was breathing heavily as I watched her chest rapidly rise and fall. I reached out to graze a nail across one of her erect nipples, she bit back a moan, but I could tell the way her eyes dilated that she was enjoying what I was doing. My hand trailed down her breasts to the edge of her jeans and back up again. By the third time she was writhing on my bed, but I wanted her begging me before I gave her what she wanted. I stood up, my hands going to the button and zipper on my jeans. Slowly I undid the button and pulled the zipper down. My hands grabbing the edge of my underwear and jeans at the same time. All at once they were on the floor by the bed. My shirt was next. I stood at the edge of the bed, letting her look her fill. I knew I was the first naked male she had seen. My blood engorged seven inch cock jutting out from my body, throbbing in anticipation. But I saw the look of apprehension on her face. I laid down next to Mandira on the bed, my hands soothing away her fears, my mouth kissing away the doubts she may have had. “We’ll go slow. Trust me……it’ll only hurt for a moment.” I whispered in her ear as I nibbled on her neck, her body quivering at my words. Still aroused from the petting we had been doing, it was easy enough to convince her to let me get my hand on the edge of her jeans, just as easy to coax them down her sexy legs as I kissed and licked her nipples. I took her in my arms, never letting on what I was doing and laid her down in the middle of the bed, I positioned myself between her legs. As soon as I had her in place I stopped kissing her and made my way down to her downy-covered pussy. My fingers touched the place no man had ever touched before and she let out a small squeal. “Abhi, what are you…” She had started to ask. “Sweetheart let me pleasure you. I need to taste you.” I told her as I licked the entire length of her wet slit. Making her moan in pleasure, her head thrown back on the bed, her hands buried in the comforter. I knew she was totally mine now. Her pussy was totally exposed, and oh so wet. My tongue slid deep into her soft nether lips, parting them licking her entire slit from ass crack to clit. As I stopped at her clit I felt her jolt upright and smiled. “Yes, that’s right baby, feel what I’m doing to you. Come for me, Mandira. Let yourself go and come for me.” I told her before I went back to work licking and sucking on her delicious pussy. My hand snaked down to her asshole, I gather a little of her own juices on my finger and slowly rubbed it around her hole in preparation to slide it in at the right moment, which I knew by the sounds she was making would be soon. Mandira’s whole body tensed as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm, but the newness of the situation made her uneasy and she fought it. Redoubling my efforts to bring her over the edge, I started sucking on her clit, that did it. She started bucking trying to get to that point that she had never been. My tongue swirled around and around her clit, and as soon as I thought there was no turning back, that she was going to come, I slide my finger into her ass. She screamed, writhing on the bed, bucking wildly, my face getting covered in her juices. I kept licking her clit as the spasms receded, her body going limp on the bed. But I was far from done with her.
I positioned myself between her legs, my hard throbbing cock just at the entrance of her wet pussy. I saw her look straight into my eyes as she realized what I was about to do. I knew it would be easy for her as wet and aroused as she was at the moment. “Just relax sweetheart.” I kissed her and slowly entered her wet steamy pussy, inch by agonizing inch. I stopped when I felt her cherry. I looked down into her eyes, she nodded her head slightly and smiled up at me. I pushed inside her and felt her cherry give way to my throbbing cock. I stopped to let her get used to the invasion and realized she had clutched my arms so hard she had drawn blood. I smiled, thinking, “Blood for blood.” Sounded fair to me. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” I asked concerned. I knew she was okay as soon as I saw her smile at me. I gently began rocking, pulling out a little, then pushing back in. Mandira began to tremble, thrusting upwards with her hips, meeting my thrusts with one of her own. A deep red blush rose on her chest. A slick sheen of sweat broke out all over her body. My eyes followed a bead of sweat as it made its way down between her tit’s as they bounced slightly with every thrust of my body into hers. I leaned down and began to lick and suckle at her perky nipples as her moans got louder, her breathing shallower and the bucking beneath me more wild. I knew she was almost there. I latched onto her nipple, biting slightly, sucking with increased pressure, her moans making my hard cock throb even more as I drove wildly into her wet tight pussy, driving her up and over the edge of sanity as the orgasm washed over Her. Her orgasm must have been very intense from the series of little gasps and moans she made. I was glad that my little idea had driven her so crazy. We lay there like that for a while as I listened to her breathing get back to normal. My soft cock still inside her glistening depths as we lay there. I began to feel the stirring in my cock once again, just thinking about what we had done was making me insanely horny and aroused. I flipped her over onto her belly, slipping in from behind her, hearing her gasp and seeing her clutch the pillow for support, I knew she was ready for me. I slapped her ass as my thrusts sped up, feeling her tight pussy clench down on my hard cock drove me crazy. She didn’t seem to mind the light spanking and I sure as hell didn’t mind the effect it was having on me, so I slapped her ass a few more times. She seemed to really like it as she wiggled her ass in front of me, almost inviting me to spank her more, which I did. I heard her gasps become moans of pleasure as I drove into her from behind. Her pussy clenching and unclenching on my cock was going to send me over the edge soon, I wanted to make sure she reached her peak before I did. I reached down between us, lightly squeezing her clit between my thumb and forefinger. I began a rhythmic squeezing as I slow fucked her, feeling her juices coating her entire pussy as played with her clit. Her moaning got louder and she started thrusting backwards onto my cock right as her orgasm overtook her. Oh yes, Oh shit yes. Oh don’t stop. Ah ah ah ah ah.” She was moaning and cumming, her pussy throbbing on my cock. I could feel my balls tighten my cock get bigger and then I let loose with my own orgasm shooting deep inside her tight pussy, coating her insides with my seed. I collapsed on top of her as we tried to catch our breath. I held her after that and we both fell asleep.

Posted : 21/06/2011 11:28 pm