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Hi dear O9L readers am back wit another story again. Before that thanks for ur mails. This is not a real story and but i wish its true. Its was during my final year in engg she is my classmate we as in final years are close friends and at first i didnt have any sexual feelings on her she is a one hell of girl with a nice big boobs and she never hesitated to show it curves in her dress without covering it with her duppata. She is always sexy in her looks as always all the tamil girls. She has an nice figure that waters all our mates mouths and am sure all the boys must dreamed of her. We always have some comments about her figure and all the guys are waiting for an opportunity to screw her.

It was in month of july which has some stormy rains. She and me went for a shopping that day after a movie and she is a hosteler so i joined her to give company.when we r returning from there it started raining heavily soon we have to hide in near by busstand and there were thunder storms and there is no way the rain is going to stop so we decided to go ahead and went to my house which i rented and i stay there with my two room mates and to my luck they went to a seminar and will return after a week only and only i left there.

We went there and stil that i didnt observe her closely she worn a little transparent dress that she bought for her previous birthday and as we went in and i looked at her and just got hell shock to see her nipple hard poking out of her kameez oh god she looked more sexier with clothes revealing her figure and flesh more and i got hardon.. I stared at her breast now and she caught that and patted on my shoulder. I cant control it and now is the first time sexual feelings on her and i went in to the bathroom and wanked hard thinking her beauty and hard a huge orgasm and still felt very horny.

I started to think to have real sex with her and still i didnt get any courage to try it because i feared about her response. Then i decided to screw her any how and entered the room where i found her drying her wet hair and her ass from that view made me more wilder and hornier and i just ran and hold her from back pushed her to the bed. She started to show some dissent and she yelled and as a mad man i started to squeeze and bite all the parts of her beautiful body and she with kick pushed me back and she told thats how u behave to a friend, and said y do u force me lets,am always interested in doing with you.I was shocked and is bit angry too because i still felt the pain of her kick and i decided to payback her that.i ran to the bed jumped on her and tore her dress almost and she said to do slow and am in not a mood to do that and almost made her nude in seconds and i too removed my dress and my cock sprang out and her eyes wideopened too and i began to suck her tit hard and bite her nipple and she started scream and yelled to stop it but this time is in my control and wit other hand i fingered her. This made her moan it continued for few minutes and i switched for other breast. She almost let out a loud cry to a orgasm whics made my fingers wet. Soon after i moved to her love hold and put my mouth inside it and she grabbed my hair and started to pull i licked and bited her to an orgasm over her face and she shouted to fuck her thanks to the rain it made the moans and screaming to go with thunders and noise created by the rain. I moved from bed pulled her to side and decided its time to punish her for her kicks. Without any warning i shoved her in with a single stroke it went almost in bringing tears out of her i rammed her mercilessly and she pinched me with her nails and she cummed and i felt i going to i came in with another jerk in and seeded my cum in her love whole. She looked happy and told she liked that style.i removed my prick and shoved it to her mouth.she choked and i pushed her head to take more and she sucked my prick and got life again i pulled out and made her kneel and shoved in her ass it didnt go and she said to stop it and its pains alot but i pulled her hair back and pushed in and she started to cry but i know she will enjoy later and rammed the whole thing in started fucking her stronger i could see she enjoying now she nowcame to another orgasmn and i too came in her ass. The rain is still but its not heavier and i kissed her for the first time she said she should leave to hostel and i dropped her in hostel and she bid me coming tomo we enjoyed the whole week.she is such a nice fuckable beauty..

Posted : 03/07/2011 1:59 pm