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Wife's pleasure  


Our neighbours were, an elderly couple, Hardayal Singh and his wife, Tejinder Kaur. He was 57 years of age and his wife Teji, was 40. As a mark of respect, we used to call Hardayal Singh, as Hardayalji. They were childless. Unfortunately, tragedy struck them. Teji, was knocked down by a truck and died. Hardayalji was heart-broken. He was inconsolable. He began drinking heavily. As time went, it seemed that Hardayalji was slowly becoming an alcoholic. He lost his job. Every day, he sat alone in his house, drinking all day long. My husband is a very caring person and could not bear to see Hardayalji’s condition detiorate.

One day, my husband told me, ” Simran, we must help Hardayalji. He has no family. There is no one to help him. I think that, it is because he is all alone in his house, that, he drinks so heavily. Why don’t we ask him to lock up his house, and come to stay with us, for a month or two? That will help in discouraging him to drink. Can you handle the extra work of cooking etc for him too? ”

I replied, ” Balwinder, I think that is a wonderful idea. Teji was my friend. We owe it to her, to take care of her husband. Let us invite Hardayalji to stay with us. Don’t worry. I shall manage all the extra cooking and other jobs for him, without any problem ”

My husband and I, convinced Hardayalji, to move in with us. He reluctantly shifted into our house. We accommodated him in our guest room. I began doing all the work for Hardayalji. I cooked for him, washed and ironed his clothes for him etc. My husband usually goes to work by around 7.00 a.m. And returns back by only 9.00 p.m. At night. Being out of work, Hardayalji would sit in our living room all day long and watch cable TV. To keep him company, I would talk to him, whenever I went into our living room. Two months passed. He had dramatically reduced his drinking and was on the way to recovery. So, we asked Hardayalji to continue staying with us. In our house, as a routine, I would first have my bath and then bathe my son to get him ready for school. My husband would bathe later. Hardayalji used to bathe, last. When we went for a bath, each of us, would put our used clothes in a plastic bin. Later during the day, I would remove everyone’s clothes from the bin and wash them.

One day, while washing clothes, I found wet and sticky stains on my unwashed bra and panty. When I touched the spots to examine them, I realised that they were semen patches! I was surprised. My husband had not even touched me, the night before. So, I wondered how and where, my bra and panty, may have got that semen. I presumed that since my husband and I, had not had any sex during the night before, he may have got excited during his bath and had used my undergarments, to masturbate himself! That was alright with me. I was his wife. As my husband, he had every right to masturbate and ejaculate his semen on my under-garments. I decided to give my body to my husband that night, so that, he did not need to behave like a teenager. That evening, after dinner, we wished Hardayalji a good night and retired to our bedroom. I too was feeling the need for intimacy with my husband that night. So, I put on a sexy negligee’ and walked tantalisingly to my husband. He always got excited at seeing my body in that semi-transparent negilgee’! He stared at me with lust.

I playfully teased my husband, ” Balwinder, since when have you become a teenager, once again? And that too, at this age? ”

He seemed surprised and asked, ” What do you mean Simran? What did I do, like a teenager? ”

I laughed and replied, ” If you wanted me so much last night, you could have awoken me and taken your pleasure from my body. I would have been more than happy to take care of your need! Why did you need to play with yourself and spill your semen, in the bathroom? ”

My husband was taken aback. He said, ” What? Spill my semen in the bathroom? Don’t be silly, Simran. I am a 35 year old man. Why would I play with myself, when I could have your lovely body anytime that I wish? And how did you presume that I had masturbated like some immature teenager, in the bathroom? ”

He continued, ” And Simran, now that you are breast feeding our baby, as there is no chance of a pregnancy, you know how I love to fill your cunt up with my semen. Why would I waste it in the bathroom? I would save them in my balls and pour it into your hairy cunt! ”

I shyly smiled. But, now it was my turn to be surprised. As we knew each other since our childhood, my husband was always frank and open with me. He would never lie to me. If he had masturbated, he would have been open and told me. Even joked about it. Not hidden that fact. So, from where had the semen stains come on my bra and panty? Suddenly, the answer hit me. I felt distressed.

I looked at my husband and said, ” Oh Balwinder, I found stains on my bra and panty, when I went to wash our clothes. They were not there, when I removed my clothes before bath. When I examined the stains, they were clearly semen stains! Which means that someone masturbated on my undergarments in the morning, while they were bathing ”

My husband was astonished. He became silent and began thinking. Suddenly he too got the answer. Even my husband concluded, as I had.

He said, ” Simran, I think I know from where they came. They are Hardayalji’s semen stains! He has not had a woman, ever since his wife died and must be desperate. I think he has masturbated using your bra and panty, and ejaculated his semen on them ”

I said, ” Yes, Balwinder. I too think so. Oh God! What should we do now? ”

He replied, ” Simran, listen. We have known Hardayalji since years. He is a good man, but very lonely, since his wife died. He may not have been able to control his sexual desires. Hence, he must have fantasised about your body and masturbated on your undergarments. But, let us keep silent. He has not harmed us. So, we should not be rude to him. Let us pretend as if we do not know about what he has done ”

I said, ” But Balwinder, it is wrong for Hardayalji to fantasise about my body. I am your wife! He is 57 years old and I am 31. Young enough to be his daughter, if he had one. Maybe you should give him a hint about what we know and convince him to get married again ”

He told me, ” Simran, let it go. Let us not embarrass him ”

I nodded and agreed to let the matter go. We went to bed. That night, I found my husband unusually excited, sexually. He seemed to wildly lust for my body. He was vigorous during sex. Surprisingly, the next morning, he would not let me out of the bed. Though I told him that I had to get our son ready for school, he would not leave me. He once again had sex with me, before allowing me to go for my bath. I was surprised at his naughty behaviour.

While putting on my maxi, I asked him mischieviously, ” Balwinder, what has happened to you? You are acting like a newly married husband! Your behaviour seems so different and you seem so excited since the last night! ”

He replied, ” Well Simran, I suppose the thought that Hardayalji must have sniffed at your panty and by now, even knows the smell of your cunt, has made me excited! ”

I laughed and said, ” Shut up, Balwinder. You are really shameless ”

After my husband had left for work, I breast fed my baby and continued with my house-work. While working, I reflected upon what had happened and how it had excited my husband. For some reason, I myself was feeling edgy. I had to purchase groceries, so, I wanted to give Hardayalji his breakfast, before leaving the house. But, his door was still closed. As I was getting late, I decided to knock on his door, to wake him up. I went to his room and knocked lightly. There was no response. I presumed that maybe he was sleeping. So, I silently pushed the door slightly open.

Through the crack of the door, I saw an outrageous sight. Hardayalji, was lying naked on the bed! His legs were spread. He had his penis in one hand and was stroking it. With his other hand, he was fondling his testicles. What shocked me, was the size of his penis! It looked like some heavy log of wood! His testicles looked huge. His whole penis was stretched tight. I got frightened. Though I wanted to quickly leave, my curiosity at the sight of his colossal penis made me continue to silently snoop through the crack of the door. Hardayalji was incoherent. I tried to figure out, what he was murmuring. I listened carefully.

He was mumbling, ” Simran beti, Aaaaah, get ready. I am going to fill your cunt with my seed. I am going to make you the mother of my baby, Aaaaah ”

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I was surprised! Hardayalji was again fantasising about me to masturbate himself. I quickly closed the door and stepped back, before he ejaculated. I had a glass of cold water and sat down in the living room, breathing rapidly. I could not forget the sight in Hardayalji’s bed-room. I could feel my vagina get moist at the thought of Hardayalji’s mighty penis. After ten minutes, suddenly Hardayalji’s door opened and he came out. He wished me. I was too embarrassed to look into his eyes. With my eyes downcast, I wished him back. I told him that his breakfast was served on the dining table and rushed out.

I returned home and continued with my housework. The thought of Hardayalji’s imposing penis, was stuck in my mind. It made my vagina continuously wet and I was feeling sticky in between my thighs, throughout the day. My husband returned in the evening and we had dinner. He seemed to be still excited at the thought of the night before. Immediately after the baby and my son slept, he virtually jumped upon me and thrust his penis into my vagina. He pumped all his semen in me and lay down beside me — tired. As he had ejaculated quickly, I did not get my own orgasm.

After some time, I said to my husband, ” Balwinder, I want to tell you something. In the morning, as Hardayalji, did not come out of his room for a long time, since I wanted to go to the market, I slightly opened his door and peeped in. You will not believe, what I saw! ”

My husband turned me towards him and asked, ” What did you see, Simran? ”

I blushed and said, ” Hardayalji was lying naked on his bed. He was calling out my name and masturbating. Oh Balwinder! His penis was so un-believably huge. I got so frightened! I quickly closed the door and rushed back to our living room ”

My husband stared at me blushing. He thrust his fingers into my vagina. Obviously he could see that though, my vagina was full of his sperms, yet, it was still moist at the thought of Hardayalji’s mammoth penis.

Stroking his fingers in and out of my vagina, he asked me, ” Oh I see! But, Simran, tell me Darling, why are you blushing so much and why is your cunt watering so much, at the thought of Hardayalji’s over-sized cock? ”

I was ashamed by his question and said, ” Don’t be silly, Balwinder. My vagina is wet because of you. You have filled it with your sperms ”

He asked me, ” Simran, was Hardayalji’s cock much larger than mine? ”

I kept silent. He prodded me again, ” Come on Simran, we have always been frank with each other. Be open with me ”

I shyly whispered, ” Yes, Balwinder. It was un-believable in size. Exceptionally long and thick. Absolutely mammoth. Maybe more than thrice, the size of your organ! ”

My husband stared at me for some time and kissed me passionately. He grew silent and went into a deep thought. He stared at me again and smiled mischieviously.

He said, ” So, I see that my loyal and innocent wife, is very excited at the sight of another man’s cock, because of its huge size! ”

I quickly said, ” Balwinder, please don’t talk like that. I am your wife and the mother of our two children ”

My husband kissed me again and said, ” Come on Simran! Don’t get nervous. I am not offended. This is absolutely normal. Though you are the mother of our children, you are also a healthy young lady. As a woman, you have become curious about Hardayalji’s exceptionally huge cock. As his cock is much larger than mine, obviously, you have found it much more exciting. There is nothing wrong in that. So, don’t get embarrassed ”

I was embarrassed. I said, ” Balwinder, I am a married woman. I should not even think of another man. So, please do not talk like this ”

My husband caressed my vagina and said, ” Simran, so what? Why are you getting so embarrassed? It is OK. The way your vagina is watering, at the mere mention of Hardayalji’s cock, it is quite obvious to me, that your cunt wants to experience the pleasure of his cock. And what is so wrong in that? ”

He continued, ” Look Simran, I want to request you something. Can I be frank with you? Promise me, that you will not question me. And promise me, that you will not refuse ”

I answered him, ” Of-course I promise, Darling. I am your wife. We have known each other since childhood. Have I ever refused anything that you wanted, from me? ”

He said, ” Simran, listen to me. We know that Hardayalji has not had a woman, since long. We know that he lusts for your lovely body and masturbates himself thinking of you. And now, after seeing his massive cock, you too, are so excited. Your cunt is watering at the mere thought of his cock. He and you, are both lusting for one another ”

I replied, ” What do you want from me? ”

He said, ” Simran, I want you to come with me ”

I asked him, ” Where? ”

My husband replied, ” Don’t ask questions. Just do as I say ”

I said, ” OK Baba. But, you have made me naked now. Let me dress myself. I shall come ”

He replied, ” No Simran. That is not necessary. Just wrap yourself in a towel ”

I was confused now. I asked him again, ” Where? Where do you want me to come with you? And that too — just wrapped in a towel? ”

He replied, ” Simran, please — just come ”

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I got up from the bed and went to our wash room. My vagina was sticky with my husband’s semen. I washed it with water. I washed my arm-pits and face too. I wrapped myself in a towel and went back to my husband, who was already standing at the door of our bed-room. I was thoroughly confused, as to where he wanted me to come, or what he wanted me to do! When I went up to my husband, he thrust two fingers again into my vagina.

He repeated, ” Simran, look – your cunt is still watering. You have been excited ever since you have seen Hardayalji’s cock ”

It was true. I cast my eyes down with embarrassment. My husband adjusted my dishevelled hair and kissed my cheeks. He opened our bed-room door, clasped my hand and walked me out of the room. He took me straight to Hardayalji’s bed-room door and stopped. I wondered what he was doing. I was not even dressed. Just had a towel wrapped around my body!

My husband said, ” Simran, knock on Hardayalji’s door and go in. I want you to spend the night with him. I want him to fuck you. I want your cunt to have the pleasure of great orgasms from his gigantic cock ”

I was shocked! I said, ” Balwinder, have you gone mad? I am your wife. The mother of your two children. Don’t be stupid. My body is only for your pleasure. This is ridiculous. I will certainly not do this ”

My husband said, ” Simran, I am not being ridiculous. You are refusing only because you are feeling awkward that, we are married. Listen to me. Don’t worry. I will always love you and you will always remain my wife, even if Hardayalji fucks you tonight ”

I simply said, ” No Balwinder ”

My husband told me, ” Look Simran, You know very well, that his cock excites you, a lot. Both of you are longing for each other’s body. Both of you must enjoy one another’s body. Why should I, or our marriage, be an obstruction to your pleasure? ”

I simply said, ” No Balwinder. This is a sin. This is simply not right. How can I face you in the morning, after he has ravished me? ”

My husband pleaded, ” Simran, please Darling. I will be happy knowing that my wife’s cunt is being thoroughly satisfied by another big man, who has a cock, much larger in size than me ”

I again said, ” Oh God, Balwinder. No! ”

My husband said, ” Simran, please. I love you so much. You have promised me to do what I tell you. If you break that promise, I shall get very hurt ”

I said, ” No Balwinder. I do not want to hurt you. But this is so bizarre. And I am frightened. His monstrous organ will surely tear and enlarge my vagina. You may not enjoy it anymore ”

My husband said, ” Simran, ever since you have given birth to our two children, your cunt has become quite large. I am sure that it is flexible enough, to take his large cock and have many orgasms. And Simran Darling, your cunt will always excite and pleasure me. Whether it is big, or small ”

I again said, ” No Balwinder, please do not ask me to do this ”

He replied, ” Why are you feeling so guilty? You have already honoured me, by giving me your virginity, on our wedding night. So, even if your cunt takes Hardayalji’s large cock, there is nothing new for me. So, come on love. It is already 11.30 p.m. Now. So, knock his door and go to him ”

I stood still, not knowing what to do. Yes, even I realised that I was feeling very excited, ever since, I saw Hardayalji’s penis. But, I was nervous. I thought about my husband. My marriage. My children. How could I, a married woman, simply go to another man, just because his penis excited me? What about my loyalty to my husband? What about my own husband’s feelings? ”

My husband prodded me, ” Simran, please don’t break your promise to me. I want his to happen so much. Please don’t break my heart ”

I was trembling with nervousness and did not knock. Suddenly, without any warning, my husband leaned across me and knocked on Hardayalji’s door himself! I was shocked. I felt like running away from there. The passage was dark, with just a night lamp on. My husband and I, stood still, waiting for Hardayalji to open his door. Each second felt like a life time. I was trembling. My knees were wobbling. My throat became dry. After a few moments the door opened slightly. Hardayalji peered through the open door at us. He saw me standing there, with only a towel wrapped around my body. He was quite surprised. He was also surprised to see my husband standing beside me.

He asked my husband, ” Yes, Balwinder Saab, what is it? Any problem? ”

He opened the door fully for us. My husband and I, went and sat on the sofa in his bed-room. Hardayalji sat on the bed.

My husband replied to him, ” Hardayalji, my wife and I know that you have been very lonely since the past few months. We realise that, there has been no woman to take care of your needs, since long. Hence, I have come to gift you my most precious asset, that you have been longing for, since many days! ”

Hardayalji asked, ” Your most precious asset, that I wanted? What is it, Balwinder Saab? I never longed for any of your assets! ”

My husband smiled mischieviously and said, ” Of-course you do. We know that you desperately wish to enjoy my most precious asset. The asset that is only mine! ”

Hardayalji still did not understand. He again asked my husband, ” Pardon me Balwinder Saab. I do not understand. What precious asset of yours, have I wanted? ”

My husband got up from the sofa and helped me to get up. He walked me to Hardayalji’s bed and made me sit close to Hardayalji. I could get a whiff of Hardayalji’s manly scent. As I had only wrapped a towel over myself, and as my husband had me sit very close to Hardayalji, my bare arm came into contact with his arm and I felt a kind of current shoot through me. I could feel a sudden gush of moisture seep through my vagina.

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My husband said, ” This is my most precious asset, Hardayalji. My own wife. Simran and I, know that you have been fantasising about her. As you can see, my lovely wife, is the typical sturdy Punjabi woman. Fleshy and sensuous. She will spend the night now with you, on your bed tonight. You can enjoy my sexy wife’s amazing body ”

Hardayalji was shocked! He exclaimed, ” What??? Balwinder Saab, what are you saying? ”

My husband explained, ” Yes, Hardayalji. You heard me right. You want my wife’s body. My wife too is excited about you and wants to experience your organ. So, both of you can fulfil your desires tonight. But after you finish with her, please send her back to my bed-room. I shall be awake and waiting for her tonight. You can even pump your sperms straight into her cunt ”

Hardayalji was confused. He looked at me and asked, ” Simran beti, is this true. Have you also agreed to this? ”

I was silent. My husband made me get up. He caught my hands and stared into my eyes for a long time. He hugged me. He adjusted my hair and kissed me over my eyes and cheeks. It looked like he did not want to leave me. He kissed me deeply on my lips. He embraced me again.

My husband said, ” Simran, my love. Do not worry. Enjoy yourself fully. But please come to our bed, after Hardayalji has pumped all his semen, fully into your cunt. I shall be thinking of you and waiting for you ”

So saying, my husband walked away from the room, shutting the door behind him. Now Hardayalji and I, were all alone in his bed-room. I sat nervously beside him.

Hardayalji said, ” Simran beti, it is true that I am obsessed by your sensuous body. But is it true, what your husband just said? That you too, want me? That you too, are longing for my cock? ”

I looked down and whispered, ” I don’t know, what to say, Hardayalji ”

Hardayalji said, ” My dear Simran, Your breasts and buttocks are so large and exciting. I had always fantasised about how your cunt would look and feel like. I cant even believe that your own husband has offered your golden body, for my pleasure tonight. Now stand up. I need to look at and admire your lovely Punjabi body. The body that I have been dreaming about, till today ”

I got up from the bed and stood. Hardayalji too stood up. He pulled off the towel from my body. I was totally naked now! I was feeling so shy. He stared at my body for a long time. As I was breast-feeding my baby, my breasts had grown to a very large size. But thankfully, though they were full of my milk, yet, they were reasonably firm. I have large, black nipples. They protrude out from my breasts — especially since my baby and my husband frequently suck upon them, to drink my milk. The sight of my fair naked breasts and black nipples was driving Hardayalji mad! Hardayalji’s eyes went to my crotch. As my husband loves to see me hairy, I had stopped shaving. Hence, I had a thick growth of hair under my arm-pits and an extra-ordinarily dense and bushy growth of pubic hair all over my vagina. Hardayalji stared at my pubic hair. I suppose he saw my husband’s semen leaked over my pubic hair.

He asked me, ” Wow! Simran beti, what a thick hair growth you have under your arms and on your cunt! I simply love them. But Simran, tell me. I see semen on your cunt hair. Did your husband fuck you and ejaculate in that hairy cunt of yours, before bringing you here, to me? ”

I whispered shyly, ” Yes, Hardayalji ”

Hardayalji turned my body, to look at my buttocks. Being a Punjabi woman, I have very large and fleshy buttocks. Hardayalji came close to me, from my behind. He circled me with his arms and cupped my breasts lightly. He kept his palms cupped over my breasts without pumping, or squeezing them. He seemed to be relishing the feel of my heavy breasts! Hardayalji now made me sit on the bed. He lay down on my lap. He began fondling and squeezing my breasts and nipples. Milk started shooting out of my nipples, due to his rough squeezing. Hungrily, he put his mouth on one of my nipples and began sucking out my milk, straight into his mouth. He kept fondling my other breast, with his palm, while drinking my milk. I was getting excited to have Hardayalji’s mouth upon my nipples. My vagina became more wet. In his lust, Hardayalji, began biting my breasts and nipples very roughly. It pained me. Hardayalji sucked off almost all the milk, from both my nipples. He then got up and sat next to me.

Hardayalji got up and removed his Pajama. He had not worn any under-wear. His unusually over-sized penis shot out! I was shocked to see it, from so close! His pubic area was covered with curly grey hair. His penis was even larger than what I had seen earlier. It was jet black and almost the size of an elephant’s organ. It was about eleven inches long and about three and a half inches thick. It stood majestically erect. The head of Hardayalji’s penis was much larger. Like a ripe tomato. It was wildly throbbing. The veins running along his penis, were gorged with blood. Hardayalji’s testicles were enormous. They hung heavily under his penis. As big as coconuts. I could see strands of pubic hair growing even on his testicles. His penis was sweating and emitted a sensuous and manly smell. Looking at his penis, I got very excited and my vagina began oozing out my fluids.

I could not control my excitement and felt like cuddling his penis so much. I timidly extended my hand and touched his incredible penis. Hardayalji gasped with pleasure and spread his legs wide, to give me better access to his penis. I cupped his immense testicles with my other hand and gently fondled them. I pulled the fore-skin of his penis down and examined his penis head. It was so exciting to watch. Without even being told, I took his penis into my mouth. Though his penis was fully in my mouth, I could see that my mouth did not even cover half of his penis, as it was so long. I had to stretch my mouth wide open, to accommodate the massive thickness of his organ. I began running my tongue over the head of his penis and sucking him, all the while fondling his gorgeous testicles. Hardayalji caught my head in his hands and began roughly thrusting his huge penis in and out of my mouth. His penis head, was hitting the back of my throat and I was almost choking! He rubbed his penis all over my face. This went on for a long time, after which he withdrew himself from my mouth.

Hardayalji made me lie down on the bed. He pushed my arms up. I saw that he was excited by my thick arm-pit hair. He ran his hands through my arm-pits and pulled at my hair. Though my arm-pits were sweaty, he thoroughly licked both of them. He then smacked his lips and kissed me, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue. Hardayalji’s lust was growing. He squeezed my breasts roughly. Like a savage, he kept biting my neck, breasts and nipples. As he was biting me in passion, he did not realise that his bites were painful to me. He began kissing my belly and thrust his tongue into my navel. Hardayalji then roughly turned me on to my belly. He began kissing and biting the back of my neck and shoulders. His bites were getting very painful. He then fondled and squeezed my ample buttocks. He began biting my buttocks too, painfully. I struggled with pain. Hardayalji began slapping my buttocks quite hard. Beating them, seemed to give him some un-known pleasure! He rubbed his penis all over my back and buttocks. Hardayalji again turned me over on the bed, to lie on my back, facing him.

Hardayalji pushed my legs up all the way, until my body was curled up and my vagina was thrust up. He knelt in between my thighs and separated them wide apart. He bent down and put his mouth to my hairy vagina. He began running his tongue all over my pubic hair and licking them vigorously. Then his tongue entered my vaginal folds and began moving on my inner vaginal lips. I was getting very excited and my vagina was oozing like some fountain, with the excitement. He began swirling his tongue around my clitoris and flicking over it. Then he began thrusting his tongue, deep into my vagina, in and out for a long time. He kept sucking my vaginal secretions into his mouth and hungrily swallowing them.

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He asked me, ” Simran Beti, Are you ready to receive my cock? ”

I shyly replied, with excitement, ” Yes, Hardayalji. I am ready ”

Hardayalji’s penis was vigorously throbbing, in anticipation of entering my moist vagina. He positioned the thick bulbous head of his penis at the entrance of my vagina. He began rubbing his mammoth penis head, across the folds of my vaginal lips and lightly thumped it across my clitoris. Currents of pleasure, shot up through my body. I waited eagerly in anticipation, to receive his huge penis into my vagina. He pushed the huge bulbous head into my vagina. Anxiously I spread my thighs wider, to be able to accommodate the penis easier. It slowly parted my pink vaginal lips and his bulbous head slowly entered my vagina. My delicate vaginal lips got stretched. I gasped. Hardayalji plunged his organ into me, a little more. My vaginal lips closed around the crown of his organ head. He forced his organ further into me and embedded his fat organ head, in my vagina. With every push, Hardayalji was able to worm his organ into my vagina, a little further.

Hardayalji’s powerful penis, now began rubbing roughly against my vaginal tissues. He had thrust eight inches into me and his organ head slammed up against the back of my vagina, right up against my cervix. Hardayalji now started to forcefully propel his organ in and out of my vagina. My body was being violently tossed, up and down. I arched my back and started to pant and moan. He grabbed my slim shoulders, in his strong hands again and pulled me against himself. I groaned as the head of his massive penis, thudded against my cervix. He pushed deeply into me. Slow and gentle jabs, each forward thrust spreading my narrow cervical sphincter wider and wider. Hardayalji’s thick and swollen bulbous organ head kept drilling into the deepest part my vagina, with no mercy. Sweat was just pouring off me.

Hardayalji’s huge organ head, was piercing through my narrowest of openings and spreading my cervical ring far apart, widening it for the massive length behind it. I gritted my teeth and stared at him with shock, as I felt my cervix surrender to his organ. As Hardayalji’s bulbous organ head forcefully propelled itself through my cervix, there was a sudden, slight rendering sound, as my cervical sphincter was forced apart. Then his organ head was through it! I gave a shrill scream and tossed my head about, flinging my black silken hair across. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets as I stared at him, with my mouth agape. With one powerful and violent thrust, Hardayalji slammed the rest of his eleven-inch penis all the way through my cervix, into my womb, until his testicles slammed up against my moist vaginal lips. I shrieked in shock!

The head of Hardayalji’s penis had connected with the back of my womb. As a woman, I was thrilled at being able accommodate this elderly man’s massively monstrous penis, so deep in my womb. Within a few minutes, pleasurable sensations began developing deep in me, where his penis was embedded into my womb. I stared with a new found passion at my lover. My eyes were now as big as saucers, as I felt the swollen & throbbing head of his enormous organ, tickle the most sensitive lining of the back of my womb. As minutes flew by, I was enveloped by a long-lasting wave of delirious ecstasy. My own lust grew. I was proud to give pleasure to this amazing man. Involuntarily, my feminine charms wanted to excite and pleasure him all the more. My breasts got automatically thrust up, like cones. My nipples became erect and stood straight.

Hardayalji and I, were breathing rapidly and sweating profusely. Our bodies were joined. Crotch to crotch. Pubic hair to pubic hair. Hardayalji and I, were one now. We lay still. I slowly thrust my hips up a bit further onto Hardayalji’s penis — trying to accommodate him better. Hardayalji began thrusting his penis deep in and out of my womb. It was rubbing against my sensitive nerve endings there — which I never even knew existed! I began to meet his thrusts into me, with my own thrusts upwards onto his organ. My eyes closed and my hands digging into his shoulders. Up and down he rode. Sliding half of his rigid penis in and out of my womb. I grunted as the bulbous head of his penis repeatedly thudded through my womb.

Hardayalji rammed into my womb violently like a mad man, jack-hammering through my tight cervical sphincter. I was in ecstasy. I could feel my orgasm building up. I too started shoving my vagina upwards onto his penis, to meet his brutal thrusts into me. My pleasure was mounting rapidly. Sweat was pouring out from both of us. Both of us were panting. He went on shoving his massive organ in and out of my womb — brutally. In my rapidly building ecstasy, I too kept propelling my vagina up onto his cock rapidly and violently. My climax was building up faster and I could not control myself any longer. Finally my orgasm tore through my vagina!

I screamed, ” Aaaaaah. Hardayalji. Faster. Faster Hardayalji. Deeper. More deeper. Aaaaaah. Aaaaaah. Oh God! Aaaaaah. I am cumming. Aaaaah. Aaaaah! ”

I let myself go completely. Hardayalji went on viciously pumping in and out of my vagina, when I was having my orgasm, making it more intense for me. Orgasmic secretions were pouring out of my vagina. I was completely out of breath. I threw my arms around his neck, groaned deeply, then thrust my lips on his, to kiss him. Hardayalji relaxed for a few minutes and stroked my hair. He kissed me lovingly on my lips, cheeks and forehead. Keeping his throbbing organ in my vagina, he allowed me to rest for a while. I recovered my breath slowly. I understood that he was going to now, take his pleasure from my body. I got ready for his brutal thrusts.

Hardayalji lifted himself way up and slammed into me again. He began propelling his penis into me like a machine. I was meeting his thrusts, with equally brutal upward thrusts of my own, onto his powerful penis. I began squeezing my vagina as tight as possible, to give his penis, more friction, as I thrust against him. His speed was increasing. After a few more violent thrusts, I could feel the head of his penis swell, all the more. I moaned deeply and groaned, as it spread me even wider apart. He shut his eyes gasping. He grabbed my waist and heaved into me, with ferocious thrusts. And then the moment came! Hardayalji’s mammoth organ began bucking with incredible force. I knew that he was going to ejaculate into me.

With an animal-like roar from his throat, Hardayalji yelled, ” Simran beti! Aaaaaah. I am cumming. Aaaaaah. Aaaaaah. Aaaaaah. I am pouring my seeds into your young cunt. Aaaaaah. Aaaaaah ”

My womb was whipped violently around, by the first bursts of Hardayalji’s manly seeds. I felt the red-hot pellets, fired directly onto my eggs, deep in my womb. A torrent of his scorching semen fired against the sensitive linings of my womb, each continuous sperm blast, orchestrating an orgasmic shout from him! I could feel spurt after spurt of his sperms, hitting the back wall of my womb. The huge volume and force of his semen hitting my sensitive tissues, triggered another orgasm in my vagina and I screamed in ecstasy. Hardayalji, went on ejaculating into my womb for a very long time. He must have fired-off almost half, of a quarter litre of his boiling semen inside my womb, each sporadic ejaculation bouncing off my womb, like cannon balls. We held each other closely, lips locked and tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, each simply overcome by the force of what we were feeling. After the frenzy, both our orgasms began subsiding gradually. Emptying himself into my womb, he collapsed on top of me.

We regained our breath after a very long time. Hardayalji, with drew his huge penis from my vagina. Though he had ejaculated into my womb, amazingly, it was still semi-erect. As it came out of me, huge volumes of his semen and my own secretions flowed out of my vagina. I was still panting.

I said to him, ” Hardayalji, I need to go back to my husband now. You heard him telling me to come back to his bed, after you had ejaculated into me ”

He asked me, ” Why Simran? He has already fucked you earlier tonight. So why does he want you again? Will he want to fuck you a second time tonight now? ”

I said, ” I don’t know Hardayalji. But, as my husband is waiting for me, I must go to him ”

He said, ” I think that I know why your husband wants you on his bed now. Your cunt is full of my semen. Probably he wants to fuck your cunt and experience the pleasure, when it is carrying my semen ”

I said, ” I don’t know, Hardayalji ”

He asked me, ” Simran, this was an amazing experience for me. I am sure that it was a thoroughly enjoyable fuck for you too, as I observed that your cunt virtually exploded with two fantastic orgasms. As we enjoy one another so much, I want to fuck you regularly, from now on. When can you come to my bed again? ”

I replied, ” Hardayalji, yes, amazingly you made me get two extremely intense orgasms, which were probably the best releases that I have ever had in my life! But I am Balwinder’s wife. The mother of his children. I love my husband a lot and consider my marriage sacred. So how can I sleep with you again? It will not be fair to my husband, or my marriage ”

He said, ” Simran, I understand your loyalty to your husband and do not wish to disturb your marriage. I know that your body is his property for his pleasure and he has a right to fuck you whenever he wishes. All I am asking you to do is, apart from being his wife, please also agree to be my mistress. He can continue to fuck you at nights. Since I will be at home during day time, I can fuck you during the day. Your cunt can have the pleasure of being satisfied by two cocks ”

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I said, ” Hardayalji, I really don’t know what to say ”

Hardayalji said, ” Simran, let me suggest something. Is it OK with you, if I ask your husband’s permission, for you to become my mistress? If he agrees, You will be like a woman with two husbands ”

I hesitated. Then finally said, ” OK. Hardayalji. You ask my husband. If he agrees, then I will be glad to become your mistress and take care of your needs and desires ”

I got up from the bed. Hardayalji too got up. I went to the wash room and looked at myself in the mirror. I reached for a towel to clean myself up.

Hardayalji said, ” No Simran. Don’t clean yourself. Your husband would be more excited to see you like this. Freshly fucked with semen dripping from your cunt and your body in a sweaty mess. Come, let me take you to him ”

So, I simply wrapped myself in the towel once again. Hardayalji put his arm over my shoulders and walked me to my husband’s bed-room. I silently opened the door. The very dim night lamp was on. In the semi-darkness, I could see my husband lying on the bed naked. He was awake. He heard the door open and looked towards me. He got up and sat on the bed. Hardayalji took me to my husband and made me stand next to him. My husband stared at my dishevelled and sweaty state.

Hardayalji said, ” Balwinder Saab, thank you so much, for being kind enough to let me take pleasure from the lovely body of your young wife. I shall always be obliged. I am returning your most precious asset back to you, safe and sound. I just hope that you will be kind enough to send her back to me again at your convenience. I shall talk to you on this later ”

Hardayalji walked away, shutting the door behind him. My husband kissed me on my cheeks and pulled off my towel. He began silently examining me. My body was fully covered with sweat. My hair was completely dishevelled and stuck on my head and face, due to the sweat. There were deep bite marks, on my neck and breasts. My nipples too had a few bite marks. There were tens of deep gashes on my thighs and buttocks, where Hardayalji had bit me very painfully, in his lust. My pubic hair was matted with Hardayalji’s semen, which was still dripping out of my vagina, over my thighs on to the floor. My husband gazed at each of my bite marks and gashes. He looked intently at the semen of Hardayalji, dripping from my vagina. He pushed up my arms and smelled my sweaty and hairy armpits. Suddenly, he kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. He then pulled me down to the bed and made me lie down.My husband told me, ” Simran, I am going to ask you a lot of questions, as I want to know everything that happened between Hardayalji and you on the bed. Every single thing that he did to you. I want to know every single emotion and every single pleasure that you got. And I want you to be very open about all this and frankly tell me. Will you do that? ”

I replied, ” Why Balwinder? Will it not hurt you, to know all that happened between him and me on his bed? ”

He said, ” No Simran. I really want to know each detail. Please tell me frankly ”

I replied, ” OK. Balwinder, ask me ”

My husband asked me, ” Simran, did he force you to suck his cock ”

I replied, ” Not really Balwinder. I took his penis into my mouth, because I felt like it ”

My husband asked me, ” Simran, did it taste good? ”

I replied, ” Yes Balwinder. I loved sucking and tasting his erect penis ”

My husband asked me, ” Simran, were you able to take his gigantic cock fully into your cunt? ”

I replied, ” Yes Balwinder, I did. With a bit of difficulty ”

He said, ” Did it pain you? ”

I replied, ” Yes initially, when he first pushed the mammoth size into me. But later I could bear the discomfort ”

My husband asked me, ” Simran, did he fuck you hard? Did he fuck you for a long time? ”

I replied, ” Yes, Balwinder. He was thrusting his enormous penis so violently and very deep, opening up parts of my vagina, which your penis had never even touched. And in his passion, he was thrusting brutally into me for a very long time. Maybe almost 15 minutes ”

My husband asked me, ” Darling, I have seen that your neck, breasts, nipples, thighs and buttocks are completely covered with his bite marks. It must have pained you so much. Why did you not protest? ”

I replied, ” He was completely lost in his lust Balwinder. He was like a savage in his passion. I could not stop him ”

He asked me, ” Do you mean to say that you liked his savage behaviour? ”

I replied, ” I don’t know what happened to my feelings, Balwinder. I too was extremely excited and wanted to feel his painful bites all over my body. I wanted him to hurt me badly ”

My husband asked me, ” Simran, did you think of me, when he was wildly thrusting his giant cock into your cunt? ”

I replied, ” Yes, Balwinder. I did and I felt guilty ”

My husband asked me, ” How many orgasms did he make your cunt, get from his monster cock? ”

I replied, ” He made me get two orgasms Balwinder ”

My husband asked me, ” Were the orgasms that you got from his huge cock, better than those that you normally get from my cock? ”

I replied, ” Balwinder, please do not ask me this question. My answer may hurt you ”

My husband said, ” No. I want to know. Tell me frankly ”

I shyly replied, ” Balwinder, yes. The orgasms that he made me get, were extremely explosive and very intense for me. The best, that I have ever had. And yes, much more enjoyable and fierce, than I ever got with you ”

My husband asked me, ” Did you love receiving his semen straight into your cunt? ”

I replied, ” Yes Balwinder, because his gigantic penis is so powerful, he ejaculated very deep into me. Almost in my womb. And when he ejaculated, it triggered another orgasm for me ”

My husband said, ” Simran, now let me see you cunt ”

He separated my thighs and pushed my legs up. He began closely examining my messy and sweaty vagina, which was full of Hardayalji’s semen. My husband thrust his fingers into my vagina to feel the semen. He rotated his fingers deep within my vagina.

He commented, ” Simran, your cunt is so raw and sore. You have indeed been violently fucked. He has pumped so much semen! Your cunt is still dripping with it ”

I said, ” Balwinder, don’t you feel hurt to see my vagina full with another man’s semen? ”

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My husband replied, ” No Simran. As a matter of fact, I am very excited to see huge globs of another man’s semen still sloshing around in my own wife’s cunt. I want to my cock to feel your cunt, when it is full of Hardayalji’s semen. Raise your thighs more. I want to push my cock into your cunt and fuck you now ”

I raised my thighs and said to my husband, ” OK Balwinder, come. Push your penis into my messy vagina, full of Hardayalji’s sperms ”

My husband positioned his own penis at the entrance of my vagina and thrust himself into me. For the third time that night, my vagina was receiving a man’s penis. I was shocked to note that I could hardly feel my husband’s penis. That was because, after taking the violent thrusting of Hardayalji’s mammoth penis into me over such a long time, my vagina had probably got a bit enlarged. My husband’s penis was just average in size and hence I could almost not feel anything. It slid into me very easily. My husband began thrusting his penis in and out of me. But within just 3 — 4 thrusts into me, he ejaculated his semen into my vagina. Now the semen of two men, Hardayalji and my husband, got mixed in my vagina and and I felt it so full of semen.

After sometime, my husband asked me, ” Simran, your cunt really seems to have enlarged after getting fucked by Hardayalji. I am sure that it will be difficult for me to satisfy you from now on. Do you wish to continue getting fucked by him? ”

I shyly replied, ” Balwinder, I don’t know what to say. I am your wife. Not his ”

He said, ” Come on Simran, now there is no point of shyness. Your cunt has already taken and enjoyed Hardayalji’s cock. So, tell me frankly ”

I replied, ” Balwinder, Hardayalji wants me to become his mistress. He is going to ask your permission ”

He asked me, ” What do you want, Simran? Do you wish to be his mistress? ”

I did not answer for a long time. So he asked me again, ” Come on Simran. Be frank ”

I replied, ” Balwinder, you are my husband. Our marriage is very sacred to me and I love you so much. I do not wish to hurt you, in any way ”

He asked me, ” No. I wont be hurt by your answer and our marriage will remain strong. Just tell me openly. Do you wish to be his mistress? ”

I shyly replied, ” Yes, Balwinder. I too wish to be Hardayalji’s mistress. But only if you are sure that it wont hurt you and you permit me ”

My husband kissed me deeply and said, ” I want you to have your pleasure. I want your cunt to be fully satisfied. It is perfectly alright with me, Simran. I shall give him permission to make you, his mistress. We can work out some kind of an understanding, as to who can have you on which night of the week. So all of us can be happy ”

I kissed my husband back and said, ” Oh Balwinder. I am so lucky and so proud to have you, as my husband ”

Both of us hugged each other and went to sleep. That is how the night ended. Ever since that night, my life has changed. From being a simple house-wife earlier, I have become the property of two men. I remain Balwinder’s wife, but am also Hardayalji’s mistress. Both the men have come to a mutual arrangement on me. In my husband’s house, they have made me move into one bed-room, which they have allocated to me, for myself. Each night, either my husband, or Hardayalji come to my bed-room to spend the night with me. But, in case both of them want me on the same night, the man who comes to my bed first, leaves after ejaculating into my vagina. The other one comes in after the first man has left and spends the night with me. When my husband is spending the night on my bed, Hardayalji takes care of my children. And When Hardayalji is spending the night on my bed, my husband takes care of my children.

Especially when I have to take both the men during the same night, I get completely tired. As I try hard to take care of all their sexual needs, these two wonderful men take care of me so well. Now I am like a toy to the two of them. They have made rules and regulations for me to obey, for their pleasure. I gladly follow their rules. They take turns to bathe me. They even jointly give me a bath sometimes. Like for example, when my husband is applying soap over my breasts, Hardayalji would be applying soap over my vagina! I would stand there like a doll, while the two men with huge erections would wash the soap off me. After bathing me, they help to dress me up.

They fuss over me, so much. They have instructed me that only they would choose the clothes that I should wear for the day – my bra, panty, petticoat and saree, or Salwar Kameez etc. My lovers even choose how I should wear my hair for the day — whether free flowing, or plaited, or in a bun! They comb and plait my hair. They feed me. They buy me exotic and very expensive under-garments. They buy me very expensive sarees, salwar kameez etc. They surprise me with all kinds of expensive perfumes and gifts. They take me out for dinner and movies etc. In short they keep me like a queen. They insist that before dinner, I should wear only one of those sheer negligee’s that they keep purchasing for me. These negligee’s are the sexy, semi-transparent and sleeveless types, which have a plunging neckline and reach just below the crotch, exposing my thighs and legs fully! So at dinner, I am supposed to serve them food exposing my body in such a negligee’! I feel proud to expose my body sexily to my two lovers.

And the thing that I enjoy most with my men is that, they make me get explosive orgasms almost every single night. As my vagina has now become very large due to constant intercourse with Hardayalji’s gigantic penis, I find it difficult to have an orgasm with my husband, as his penis is comparatively too small. And whenever my husband is not able to make me get an orgasm, he will always go and get Hardayalji to come and thrust his colossal penis into me, to make me get an orgasm! Just imagine! My own husband bringing another man to make me get an orgasm! It is so bizarre!

I know that though I am Balwinder’s wife and the mother of his two children, I am leading a sinful life by social standards of an Indian marriage. But the fact is, during the day, I lead the normal life of a housewife and take care of the needs of my household, husband and children very well, like any other Indian housewife would do. It is only at nights that I share my body with these two men. But I do this willingly and happily. That is because, as a woman, I feel fully used and completely satisfied. My life is heaven now. I just hope that this lasts forever.

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