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Understanding Mom  


This happned to me around 2 years back when i was 18 and the internet was just introduced in many important cities of India. One day i too joined an interenet cafe and was about to leave for it mi mmom enquired.

Hello meshii where r u going. mom told me as meshi in love.
replied me Internet cafe mom
What is there u daily visit that.....
oh mom u dont is fantastic to visit there
ohhhhhhhhhhh it is interesting one day i will accompany u too
ok mom u can but not today
But why son stay for a moment i will be ready
But mom i said not today
but son why not today..........
Ok come with me but dont disturb me there
ok mi son i wont be asking much about computer and cafe
ok come on mummy

Let me introduce mi mom she was 37 at that time and was beauty in herself and five four 55 kg and round shaped face having nice tits and round and lanky bits. A good lady to knopw mi father expired after mi birth and we took refuse in mi elder mama's house lived alongwith mama and mami for quite longtime while mi mama had a kothi for himself and gifted this house to us and we had good amount of fixed deposit with us for our livelyhood.

We came to cafe and I started opening sites but incidently i opened a site which contained much of sex material and some fucking scenes too mi mom was angry at the site and warned me about not to visit the cafe again.
I obeyed mi moms decision but while we were at home I enquired from mom

Mom why do u eat food
it is bodys requirement replied mom
why we have other things which body require
these are natural.............replied mom.
Mom i am grown up mi body too require certain eyecatching things so i visit cafe can u understand mom.
Mom was stunned to note
.But told me dear son i am a human being too and i have kept mi all hopes on u and i dont want to see u r spoiled.

Ok mom i wont be apoiled but dont get scared i am with u everything u have seen is eye pleasing only. She kept her head on mi shoulders and started weeping remembering mi father i consoled her and she was so how happy with me she become more frank to me and now we were sharing same bed in the nights too. She was coming closer to me and i too was too closer to her that we dont bother if her boobs are touching mi hand and if i am hugging her and kissing her so on.

But one night every thing wrong happened I was hot and was jerking thinking of mi internet friends and mom saw me in this position and i was shocked . Mom said why u r wasting u r valuable thing for nothing she hugged and kissed me and consoled me. I was in shocking position and cud not sleep for entire night. the things made me awake all the night and was restless during the entire night it is only in the morning when mom saw me and said meshi. what happened to u ..........i replied mom am restless and unable to sleep the entire night.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh now i realise what had happened to u ok i will take care of u but please dont disclose to anyone outside home and she took me in mi laps and like a child she tried to get me in the sleep and like the child took out one of her boob and inserted in mi mouth and said drink mi milk and get the sleep. I sucked and sucked but nothing cud be found out in the boob but mother aftersome time changed the boobs and tired me to sleep down By this time mi dick was arousing and mummy was looking at the pant which was becoming tent.

Mummy told me why u r pant is becoming tent I didnot replied but smiled. she too smiled and unjipped me and took out mi dicxk in her hand and took it in her mouth and started making strokes in side and outsdide i was feeling mi six inches dick was touching her throat and we both were enjoying it. By and by i took her clothes off and made her naked like one is shown in Internet what a fine and nice body mi mom had i was surprised how she manages such a beautiful body beneath the clothes. I took off her salwar too and now she was alnaked before me and she made me naked to and put mi dick on her pussy and asked me to make strokes which i did

Now the game was catching rythem and the room was filled with noise the healtyhy and sweet noise of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouch and so on> The music was filling the room the the strokes was making me lighter then me was and i was flying high in the sky. THE moment came when i was about to come i told mom it is enough now mi dick is about to leak she told son to hold on as i want to taste the first seceration in her mouth so i held and came in her mouth. It was nice to play with mom and the practice is still continuing by taking care of her not becoming pregnent.

We mom and son are enjoying and there is no place for someone else to come in between. I have fucked her in every possible way be a doggie style like a horse and like and ordinary man. She is happy with me and her beauty for the last two years is coming up people are jealous of her beauty and offers are coming to me for her .................................................. ................. but what will be next only god knows........

Posted : 28/09/2011 9:24 am