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Uncle and Me  


I lived in a small rural community. My mother had passed away when I
was 6 year old while delivering my brother. So we grew up in my grand
parents' house. Once in 6 months my father used to come and give us
some gifts and clothes. We never used to go to his place. When I was
17, he fell sick and was bedridden. We just went to see him with
granny, and saw my step mother and her children for first time. We
saw him only twice till now in his house.

Here my grand father died, while I was in 10th standard and we were
being looked after by my 2 uncles and were under the care of grand
mother. Now elder uncle and his family moved away to new house far
into the village and we now were with uncle, aunty and granny in the
house. Uncle used to bear all our schooling and other expenses. I was
now in 11th standard and had a good figure. In college also I was
appreciated for my form and shape.

At this time my aunty who was working in a co-operative bank got a
transfer to the town which was 100 kilometers for our village. Now I
and granny were to look after everything in the house. So I had to
regularly go into the room of my uncle and serve him food and help
him. I knew that he would try see me against light, touch me and I
did could not raise any voice on him. This emboldened him and once he
did put his hands on my breast and I was upset on this issue. I also
knew my granny knew what was happening and she kept quiet. He would
keep me at distance whenever aunty was in the house.

I took up this matter with my well wisher and neighboring aunty and
she said it better to keep quiet and accept anything he does as he
was feeding us. If he stopped assisting us and said to go, we were to
be in streets, so she advised me to keep quiet. She also said these
things in life was common and to be ignored. She also told me that if
he advanced to next level, I was supposed to resist his moves and but
not create a situation where I and my brother would be thrown out of
the house. She also told me to manage and provide enjoyment to him
and collect some money so that I could get married and move out by
the time I completed graduation. She said this was a practical
suggestion and not a correct suggestion.

Every day evening I was giving him tea, as granny would be out for
walk and my brother was out for tuitions. One day evening when granny
was out for her regular long evening walk, He once had brought a thin
nightie for aunty and he asked me to wear to check whether it would
fit aunty, as we were of similar built. If not he wanted to return it
on the same day. I wore the nighty and I realised he was looking at
my panty I noticed that he had bulge in his pants and was trying to
arrange his cock, and then I left the room. My nipples were hard and
were showing from the thin nightie. Later I went to his room with his
regular evening cup of tea and I saw uncle beating the hell out of
his cock. He also saw me but did not stop pumping his long 8 inch
cock; I kept the tea in front of him and just walked away.

Next day when I told him that I was selected for the college dance
program, he hugged and said "Good." When I told him that I needed to
buy some new clothes, he said yes by kissing me on my forehead. We
went out and bought all the essentials for the dance and in the night
he took me to restaurant and offered me a big dinner. During the
dinner we sat together and he put his hands on my thigh and I was
also excited and reciprocated by a simple smile. Later I reached down
and started to stroke his cock through my pants. Later near the door
of our house, he gave a light kiss and went inside. I thought granny
saw us.

Next day I was getting ready in the evening and I noticed myself in
the mirror: I was about 5 ft 5inch, fair with jet-black hair; wearing
a loose sweater and @jeans. Even through the sweater I noticed that I
had ample tits, which were lusciously curved. My butts were large but
very well proportioned. I was beginning to be set on low flame for
the evening.

Uncle came home and had his regular bath, and when I went to give his
cup of tea, I could smell her musky perfume. He put his hand on my
shoulder and moved in close and looked into my eyes. I noticed he had
attractive light brown eyes. He slowly and deeply took my lips and
kissed it hard. It was my first kiss in the life. In fact, I liked it
and could not say no. He then slowly pulled off my sweater and also
the T shirt. Now I pushed him away and went out.

I did not know what to do. After almost 30 minutes, when I went to
his room, I saw him pouring a drink and he was browsing a porn site.
I moved close to him to see the image on the screen. He drove one of
her hands into my hair and pulled my lips to his own. We were locked
in a wild kiss and I held him tight in my arms, His chest was
crushing my tits. He pushed me back a bit and ripped my T shirt off
my body. He was now crushing his mouth into my lips and took my lower
lip between his teeth and gently bit me. I gave a moan and I returned
to probing his mouth, playing with his tongue and tasting the
sweetness of his drink in his mouth. He removed my bra and put his
mouth on my firm nipples. He bit me hard on my shoulder, slid he
tongue all over my chest licking my nipples and biting me all over.
Uncle was in heat and made no bones about it. I now unbuttoned his
Cargoes and pulled down the fly and let it drop down to his feet. He
was now in briefs and he went for a deep kiss squeezing my tit with
his hands and I dug my well-painted nails into him. He pushed me away
took off my pants. He now had real look of anticipation. Now I asked
to remove his shirt and pant. He asked my help and in a fraction of
minute he was in only sneakers.

He always had his hands capping my beautiful nipples. I was also
excited and he slowly again lowered his mouth to suck my mounds of
pleasure. He was also enjoying the firm soft skin of mine. I was
getting tense and was enjoying the tension, now I pulled his sneaker
and reached for his cock. He wanted to say something, but nothing
came out more than a gasp. He pulled my new underpants and I was
naked now. He with that sank to his knees and with one hand grabbed
my butt and looking intently my virgin cunt. In another hand he was
pumping my hand, which had his cock firmly. He said "You have lot of
curly hair and they are lovely…He also said .."cunt lips were puffy
and good." Before I could say a word, he put finger to my mouth and
said "Shhhhhhh." Then like an out of body experience he jumped on to
the bed, stood over me and in a hushed low voice she said, "don't say
a word." I looked in disbelief as I watched his still very hard cock
disappear into my mouth!! I gently was massaging his balls and he was
gently massaged my pussy. He was moving himself in a rhythm. He now
started moving his hips faster and I did not know what to do next. I
could realise his balls were tightening and his cock getting harder.
I then realised that he had cummed and he had shot lot of it into my
mouth. I continued to milk his cock into my mouth, not a drop was
lost. He asked to gulp and it and he put his mouth into mine to take
it back and taste it.

Now he made to sleep and put his fingers into my pussy and spread it.
And now he gently kissed my soaked pussy. I was moaning and had threw
my head back as uncle started to lick me from back to front like a
lollypop, stopping at clit to give it special attention. His other
hand was on my tits caressing them and pinching them lightly. His
breathing was more rapid and his cock was getting hard again. I was
also excited and was holding uncle hard. Now I was about to burst,
then he moved the now pussy juice covered finger deep into the cunt.
I realised that Climax was getting ever closer. As he moved the tip
of his finger I asked him "what do you want me to do." He shove his
index and middle finger up in my hole and gave a couple of last
thrusts. I screamed and grabbed his head and he finished off licking
his inserted fingers and I shuddered several times before I regained
my bearings.

He walked to the library of his room and he returned with a pack of
condoms. I saw him opening one of them put on his already hard cock.
He pushed me on the bed and slowly guided his cock into my virgin
pussy in one fluid motion.

Then suddenly the phone rang and he answered the call on speaker
phone. It was aunty on the line from 80 kms away. He pulled out and
She asked what he was doing, he said that "I am hot and cock is
hard….." continuing he said "I am working on it..if you were here now…
I would have squeezed your breasts, sucked the nipples hard and
fucked hard…" He was now massaging my breasts and gasping for breath.
I was kissing him and it was tough for him to talk…He told her that
he would call her up again and he moved on to me.

He held my knees and smoothly spread the legs wide. I kept my eyes
closed and moaned softly anticipating the onslaught. I moved my face
in close and smelt the whiff of his body spay. He kissed my cunt lips
and he said "I love your juices dripping." He rolled his tongue over
cunt lips and clit. I was tense and I now propped up on my elbows and
was watching his mouth make love to my cunt. He winked at me and gave
a light suck to clit. I was now breathing heavily and whispering to
him to suck her harder. He shouted .."What is it you want? Speak up
louder; I like my partner to be very vocal while I fuck them." He now
sat on knees and took his hard cock in hand and started to rub my
clit. . I was still staring back and biting lips and moaning lustily.
His dick was now throbbing hard and I slowly parted my lips and he
pushed his dick into my love hole slowly again. The thickness of his
dick spread my legs wide.

He was really hard and it entered very smoothly and he gave a grunt
and pushed it deep. His cock had now gone in completely. He lay down
on top of me and started pumping slowly. I reached his lips to my
mouth and started to deep kiss him. "You make me feel like a great,
this is the most exotic fuck I have ever had" he said and
continued "promise me that you will be my lover for ever." We kept
kissing and I kept moving my hips gently, sliding his prick slowly
back and forward in my pussy. I was hugging him tight. With this he
increased the thrusts and started to pound away at my sexy love hole.
I was screaming and it started to crescendo. We must have gone on for
at least ten minutes and he whispered "I am coming." At last I could
feel his balls pulse and he came. Spurt after spurt of my juices shot
and I screamed into a climax once again. I kept moaning lustily as I
kept moving my hips gently till he had subsided. He lay spent on top
of me crushing my milky boobs against his chest and he kissed me
gently on my lips.

I got up, dressed and came out of uncle's room. I saw granny in the
kitchen and I was shocked and worried. She coolly said "One problem
is over…. Supper is ready and you may come with your uncle for

Now it is 3 months over and I am writing this on my uncle's computer.
We both are naked and he wants me complete this and put it on web for
every body. I do not want to waste too much of time.

Posted : 07/10/2011 10:33 am