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Ultimate Tease


One night my lover and I were sitting around having a drink. We decided to play a couple of games of cribbage(best out of 3) for a bet, anything goes.

My mind started racing at what I was going to do to her. I knew I was better than her at cards. I won the 1st game and started teasing her. She looked nervous. My cock got a twitch in it thinking of what I would do to her.

She won the second game by alittle, and smiled and said,”It’s not over yet”.

The third game was close all the way, but I felt I would win. The last hand she got 22 and won the game. A big smile came across her face. I felt a little nervous because of all the teasing I did after the 1st game.

She looked at me and said,” You’re going to like this as much as me.”

She then told me to go take a shower while she prepared everything. In the shower I got a hard on just imagining what she had planned

When I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me she came up and pulled the towel off and said “You won’t be needing this”. She pulled me by the arm and led me to the bedroom. In there she had candles lit in the four corners of the room. It looked nice. I didn’t notice at 1st while my eyes adjusted that she had 4 pieces of rope tied to each bed post.

She had me lie on the bed on my back and tied my two arms to the headboard and 2 feet to the foot board. She then blindfolded me. “I’ll be back in a minute” she said. I could hear her leave the room. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

I could here the shower start. I could not see anything and was a bit nervous. The shower stopped and I got another Hard-on. I thought she was coming in the room right away but she went down stairs and turned on the TV. I layed there in anticipation for a long time. My hard-on went away. About 15 minutes later Ithought I felt something touch my leg but I wasn’t sure.Then nothing. Acouple of minutes later I felt a feather touch my inner thigh, and rubb gently. Up and down both leggs. I moaned and my cock flew to attention. She then rubbed my stomach and arms ever so gently, and down my stomach to my graon area but not touching my stiff cock. I was struggling against my ropes and bucking my hips to have my cock come into contact with something, anything.If my hands were free I would of been rubbing myself to excitement.

She whispers in my ear, “Do You like this” I moaned “Yes , don’t stop” She spoke more strongly now and said “I will make you beg for it before the night is out”

With that she rubbed the dustting feather over my cock ever so lightly which made me jump.I bucked to feel it stronger, and she pulled it away.

She moved around on the bed abit, and I wondered what she was doing. All of a sudden I felt a pair of lips kissing my nipples. I moaned loud. She bit them alittle and pulled away.She then kissed my neck gently and licked my ears. My cock was as hard as a rock.She kissed her way back to my nipples and sucked again. I could only feel her lips touching me and nothing else. She kissed down my stomach to my pubic hair and then to my thighs avoiding my penis.I was bucking again and pleded with her to tough me there. She laughed and said” You are going to beg for it”

I said “Please tough me” she laughed again and kissed her way down my leggs.

By now pre-come was ouzzing out of my cock and dripping on my stomach.I have never been so hornny.She licked her was back up my thighs and licked my balls.I moaned loadly and she laughed, and moved away.She looked at my cock and said,”MY aren’t we big and Hard tonight” She traced her finger around my pubic hair and had me bucking again to come into contact with her fingers.”You want me to tough you ,Don’t YOU” . “YES,Please”, I begged.

With that she traced her finger up my shaft, and rubbed the pre-cum over the head os my cock.I was breathing very hard and thought I would cum right then. “My your leaking big dropps”

she said as she captured one on the end of her finger. I moaned again.

She then brought her fingure to my lips and rubbed the pre-cum all over my lips.It tasted salty. She laughed.

She then got off the bed and untied my feet. I thought she was going to free me and make wild passionate love to me.Was I wrong. She then pulled my leggs up over my chest and tied my feet to the head board again.

She then moved down the bed and started kissing my ass. I moaned again. She kept kissing and licking my ass until her kisses made the way to my anal opening. She stuck out her tongue and licked my anas. I thought I would come with out anything touching my cock. I was moaning and breathing harder by the second.”OH YES, Don’t stopp” I said and with that she pulled away and laughed and said, “I told you I would make You beg” she went back to work on my anas. All of a sudden I felt something else touch me back there and I jumped. She was rubbing me with her vibrator. She turned it on and the vibrations had me going wild. She then started to penitrate my anus with the vibrator and it felt very nice. I was begging her to push it in deeper.But she pulled it out and laughed.My cock was hard and dripping but she made no effort to touch me there. I begged but to no avail.

She started with the vibrator again, and I was pushing back against it. It felt wonderful.

She withdrew it again. “Please don’t stop” I begged. She then placed something alittle bigger at my entrance, I could feel it was lubbed. It was her dildo. She had one end in her pussy and was pushing the other end into my anus.

It wouldn’t go at 1st but she was gentle and it was well lubbed.Once she got the head of it into me she ask”Do You like this”. “Oh Yes ” was my reply . Short and sweet as I was having trouble breathing.

She then pushed the dildo in further, and I moaned. She then pulled almost aLL the way out and back in again. She was moaning as loud as I was. This was turning her on. “Don’t cum” she ordered.

A couple of minutes of this and I thought I would lose my mind if I didn’t come. She had an orgasm., and pulled out . “Please don’t stop, until I cum too ” I begged. She laughed and said “You are going to have the best cum of your life”.

She started licking my anus again and I was moaning and dripping pre-cum by the buckets. She then pushed a pillow under my ass to raise it allitle as to not hurt her back as she was lickin. She then started to lick and suck my balls.It felt wonderful.

She moved around on the bed for a second and all of a sudden she had my cock in her mouth and down her throat. I moaned loadly.

She kepted this up and down motion for a couple of minutes and had me bucking with each downstroke of her mouth . Just as I was about to cum, she pulled away but kepted her hand on my shaft. “Please don’t stop ” I begged.

She then kissed my lips. I was forcing my tongue into her mouth and she was doing the same to me. While kissing she pulled away alittle so our tongues were only touching.

She had me sticking my tongue out as far as I could to touch hers. She then moved her hand up and down my cock and moved it , all of a sudden my tongue came into contact with the head of my penis. What a shock. It felt great to have her tongue and mine licking the head. I thought I would blow my load right there.

She pulled her tongue away and said “This turns me on” How do you like it”

I didn’t say a word as I was too busy licking my head.

She sat there and watched. “Try to suck it for me ” she begged. I opened my mouth and could only get part of the head in contact with my lipps. It felt good., But I wanted to get more into my mouth. “Try harder ” she said . I tried but couldn’t get anymore into my mouth so I just licked and sucked the tip.

She moved on the bed again and I could hear her moaning very load and hard.

“How does it taste ” she asked. “MMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned.

She then started to rubb my ass again while i was licking and sucking the tip. I didn’t relize it but while she was rubbing she was pushing my ass further ahead over my face which caused more of my cock to enter my mouth. I was so hot I didn’t even notice that I had the full head in my mouth and was sucking. It felt great. Lots of pre-cum ozzed out into my mouth.

“Suck it, Suck It!! This is really turning me on ” she said.

I could hear her playing with herself as she was watching.

She pushed harder and I felt my cock touch the back of my throat. Wow what a feeling.I was sucking my own cock.I thought I would come right there.

“See if you can take it all” she asked and pushed my ass further over my body. With that I felt my cock enter my throat.”MMMMMMMMMM” I moaned. She pushed and let go a bit and my cock was entering my throat and out again. It felt great. My cock was moving in and out of my mouth and throat.Licking and sucking it .

“Make yourself cum” she said.With that she pushed quicker.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and felt the cum gush into my mouth and tried to pull away but she kepted the preasure on my ass and forced my cock to stay in my mouth.

“Swallow it” she ordered. I did and it didn’t taste bad at all.

She kept pressure on my ass so I could lick myself clean.

Afterwords she told me it was the biggest turn on of her life and asked what I thought. “It felt wonderful, I have never cum so strong in my life.”


Posted : 24/06/2011 6:19 pm