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The Village Adventure  


While Prashant and Jigna were moving close to the end, the road
became very secluded. Prashant was observing Jigna from the side for
so long. The 15 year old was cute looking. She had rather short
height but well developped breast. They were pointing out from her
choli. And her ghaghra (Skirt type lower part of the dress) was
enclosing a petite ass. Prashant was desperate to get her ghaghra up
and start humping. The surrounding was now completely like a forest.
There were trees along both the sides and the muddy road was
narrowing. Jigna said, "Okay Prashantji, You have to go down this
lane and take the second left and walk for about hour and you would
reach Mavli Village." Prashant silently added,
"Oh! Is there any short cut to the village from this jungle ?" Jigna
nodded, "There is one but I am not sure" Prashant saw the opportunity
and said, "Why not you come with me for a few minutes on the short
cut maybe you could remember?" Jigna agreed. Prashant moved into the
grassy outgrowth and started to move into the forest type area. He
shifted some of the hanging vines and then let Jigna lead his way. As
Jigna kept on moving further, Prashant keenly observed and soft
swinging of her hips. Soon they had moved about three four minutes to
the inside when Jigna said, "No Prashantji, I can't remember
anything. I suggest that we go back to the old road."
Prashant stood very close to Jigna facing her and gently lay his
hands on her shoulder. Jigna tried to step away from the stranger's
touch. Prashant said,
"Oh! I just want to thank you for all the help."
Prashant suddenly held her head and placed his lips at her quivering
rosy lips. Then he held his breath and kissed Jigna very hard. Jigna
resisted but Prashant was too strong for her. Prashant pushed his
in her mouth & started moving his hands on her tits. Jigna moved her
head away. She took a deep breath and screamed. Prashant just
inserted his two fingers in her mouth to quiten her and said, "Don't
scream or else I will kill you" Jigna got scared and said,
"Oh ! Please don't kill me. Stop it please" Jigna started to move
behind resisting Prashant hands with her own.
Prashant gave a jerk on her tits and Jigna fell on the grass. Due
to this fall, her ghaghra rode upto her thighs. The smooth white
thighs excited Prashant more. He jumped on Jigna and held her hands
aside. Then in one stroke, he pushed his hands in the choli and tore
it away from Jigna's body. Jigna again screamed and tears started
dripping from her eyes. Prashant exposed her balls completely. They
were small but round and soft looking. He held both the tits in his
hands and said, "Now if you scream, I will press this breast of yours
so hard that there would be no air left in you." Jigna struggled
keeping one hand on her mouth and stopping Prashant with the other.
Her hand was in vain hitting Prashant on his face. Prashant was
enjoying the sight of her jiggling breast. Then he pressed them
delicately. Jigna moaned and said,
"Prashantji, Please leave me. I beg of you. You will ruin my whole
Prashant added to it, "No my dear, I will just ruin your hole not
your life. Instead I am going to show you the pleasures of life."
Prashant moved his legs in between Jigna's legs and slept on her
kissing her. Still pressing her breast, Prashant found his Lund had
got in the pants just with the anticipation of fucking this 15 year
old babe. The erection was pressed between his pants and Jigna's
belly. Prashant
raised himself and pushed her ghaghra all the way up. This exposed
Jigna's thighs completely. Also her white panty was too inviting for
Prashant to wait. As soon as Prashant gripped her panty, Jigna moved
to stand up. Instead of running away, she was indeed helping Rakesh
to get her panty removed. As the panty slipped down, Prashant saw the
just started patch of pubic hair. They were almost negligent but
there was a distinct shape forming. Down under it, Prashant clearly
saw the pinkish cunt lips. Jigna somehow got on her feet and started
running still inside the forest. Prashant was quick on his feet. He
saw her swaying her buttocks very hard in order to run fast. This
just added fuel to the sex fire which was burning in Prashant's sexy
lauwda. I caught her in no time and had her laid again on her back.
He moved in between her legs, spreading them wide. Jigna was now
screaming and crying very loudly. Prashant did not care anymore. All
he wanted to do was to place
his prick in this girl and have a nice fuck. Prashant undid his pant
buttons and zip. He pushed down his pants to his knees and also
pulled down his underwear. Jigna was now looking at the devil who was
going to ruin her modesty. The 6.5 inch lund was all wet with the
precum. Prashant placed his lund at the vaginal opening. Jigna in her
final attempt to save herself said, "Prashantji, please don't do
this. If you do God will never forgive you".

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Jigna closed her eyes. Prashant pushed in an inch and was obstructed
with Jigna's virginity. Prashant waited and enjoyed the warm tight
sensation of the pussy over his prick head. Jigna was crying
ncontrollably. Prashant then moved back and gave a mighty push to the
inside. Prashant felt the hymen give away as he lipped in about 5
inches. Jigna screamed at the top of her voice till no sound came
from her mouth. She was experiencing a pain which was like a hot stick
being pushed and pierced in her delicate choot. Prashant kept on
pushing in till he was comfortably about eight inch in and then he
rested. He again held Jigna's breast and started pressing them.
Prashant was enjoying the tight hold of Jigna's virgin cunt on his
hard lund. Jigna was pushing Prashant away by beating at his belly
with both hands. Prashant then jerked his sexy lund in and out slowly
and Jigna started
screaming again. Now Jigna was moving her hand on his lund trying to
ease the pain. When she felt her hands had been wetted, she moved
them aside to find them red with blood. Jigna said, "Ahhh !!!! You
uuu are aaaaa killing me AAAhhhhhha aaahhahahaha aaaaaaa hhaahaaaaaah
Prashantjust remained mute and continued pushing his lund in her
Soon Prashant was lost in the heavenly pleasure of fucking motion.
Jigna had calmed down a bit but she was still crying with pain. The
big prick was really stretching the cunt walls. Prashant wanted to
but could not hold any further. He stuck to her and started spraying
the jets of hot jism up Jigna's cunt. Jigna felt hot in her cunt.
Prashant collapsed
on Jigna. Slowly he withdrew from her cunt and let it dangle over
Jigna's belly. It was red with blood of virginity. Prashant removed
his handkerchief and cleaned his lund. Jigna touched her sore cunt
crying more of shame now than pain. The cunt was still bleeding.
Prashant doused the blood from her choot and lay besides Jigna. Jigna
tried to get up but she felt very uneasy and weak. Prashant said,
"Tell me did you not enjoy this bout?" Jigna cryed and said, "You are
a dirty minded and sadistic man. For your ten minutes pleasure you
ruined me!!"
Prashant was feeling sorry for Jigna. It was not her fault that
she was good looking. But then he wanted to relieve himself so...
Jigna became abusive saying, "You are a rapist who does not have a
heart. God would never spare you!"
Prashant was enjoying this. He was still pressing her delicate
balls. He again tried to kiss her, but this time Jigna moved her head
side ways and avoided contact. This infuriated Prashant. He pressed
her tits hard. Jigna screamed and said, "Oh!! Don't !!!"
As soon as she turned, Prashant kissed her lips again. Prashant was
sweating and his shirt was fully soaked. It had also become muddy.
Jigna's choli had torn beyond ( ) recognition, her ghaghra still intact
and her panty lying just some feet ahead. Jigna stood up adjusting
her ghaghra which was still on. This sheilded her just fucked cunt
and covered her upto the knees. She was shaking from head to toe. She
walked towards where her panty was fallen. She bent down to pick it
up. At that moment, Prashant observed the two roung globes of her ass
in her ghaghra and he felt his penis hardening again. Even Prashant
was amazed that his sexy lund was reponding so early even after a big
bout and fully unloading of his juices.
Prashant got up and stood behind Jigna. As Jigna stooped down to
up on her panty, Prashant raised her ghaghra to her waist and started
kissing her white buttocks. jigna let go of her panty and started to
straighten. Prashant pushed her at the back of her knees and soon she
was on her hands and knees. Prashant's nose was close to her small
puckered anus as he was kissing and sucking Jigna's ass. Jigna on the
other hand was fully depressed and did not want any more pain so did
not say anything.
Prashant pressed his tongue in her asshole and started circling his
tongue on her anus. Jigna was enjoyin this sensation. Prashant's
prick stood to attention. Now Rakesh was sure what he wanted to do to
He stood on his knees behind Jigna and gently spread her buttocks. He
slowly placed his hard wet prick at her small asshole. Then he
started pushing hard as he knew that if Jigna started moving her
buttocks it
would be very difficult to mount her in her anus. The head of the
penis popped in, but Jigna lost her control and started screaming
again. Prashant mercilessly kept pressurising her asshole. He was
successful in getting in about six inches, but it was very tight and
dry and so he could move in no further. Jigna's knees collapsed in
pain. Prashant still held her buttock and started humping her rump
Jigna fell unconscious. Prashant felt her body go limp but he
continued pumping his lund in and out of her asshole enjoying the
friction to the ultimate. His precum lubricated the anal passage and
he achieved greater depths and then finally the storm welled up
again. He jerked a few times and then he came again but very little
sperms oozed out and into Jigna's ass. He withdrew and cleaned
himself. Jigna lay porne on her breast and ghaghra coiled at her
waist. Prashant zipped up his pants and got ready to go. Then he
looked at Jigna for the last time. She was really a good piece. Not
only her cunt was amazing her ass was out of this world. Prashant did
not want her to die and so he lifted her and took her closer to the
road. Then he left her by the side of the road. Jigna was on her
tits, her back fully exposed and her ghaghra covering her no more
virgianl cunt and asshole. Prashant moved on the road ahead and then
took a different short cut to reach his own Jhambusar Village.

Posted : 02/10/2011 8:36 am