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Tasting Potty Of My Sister Priya

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Hi everyone this is Rohit it’s my real story about how i fucked my elder sister.This story is very different story than any other story you will never find other story like this in whole world.Let me tell you about myself i am 5’5 inch tall i am 15 years old i am in 10th std My sisters name is Priya she is now in 12th std she is fair beautiful 5’2 inch tall her pussy is not shaved she has hairs on her pussy and her tits are not so big her ass is very beautiful and there is a little hole in her ass,

My mom & dad both are teacher in school so they both always busy in their job one day they went to out of town to attend our relatives marrage and some other work for one week so me and my sis was alone at home i always thought to fuck her but i couldnt tell her but one day i cut my pant down at the zip and sit to the my sisters near so she notice that my pant is cut she could see my cock and hairs around it she told me that my pant is cut and she laugh but i was happy that my first plan was done

That was summer days and there was hot afternoon my sister went to the tuitions and i was at home and sleep naked on bed after few minutes my sister came and she saw me naked but i was acting that i was sleeping but i could see her by my closed eye because my eyes was litle opened and she was shocked she first time saw a naked boy and a cock she came near me and touched my cock and she went to the other room on that moment i knew she is also horny she is also thirsty of cum.

Now i was sure that she also like this i went to near her naked and ask her where was my clothes she was again very horny by seeing me naked she gave me my clothes. Now i went to our room ( we was not so rich so me and my sister share one room ) and sit there and ask what she had ever saw a blue film she said no and after some time she agreed with me because she was also horny.

We both were saw blue film and at that time my cock was so tight and she saw my cock threw my pant and she ask me to fuck her i was so happy, Then she was naked and me too. We went to the our room and closed door then i taste her pussy there were many black hair on her pussy while i was licking her pussy her pussy’s hairs was in my mouth then she turned over her ass.

Now i could see her beautiful hot ass then i insert my index in her ass hole but it wasnt comfortable then i took paracuute hair oil and apply on her ass hole now her ass hole was getting more comfortable and it was now large (Try yourself paracuute hair oil it make your ass hole large and comfortable & also on your cock while you masturbate it will really work ) now i insert my two fingers in her ass hole & now she was moaning loudly then she took my

Cock in her hand and she was playing with my cock she gave me a good blowjob my cock was in her mouth then after blow job i squeezed her tits her nipples was pink and very good i played with her tits 10 minute and she was also enjoying my cock in her mouth. I apply some para cute hair oil on my cock and i began to fuck her by applying para cute hair oil i could fucked her fastly and she was moaning loudly ohhhh…..yaaa….its to hard…… Then i

Was going to cum i cum on her face and she was enjoying my hot cum i also tasted my cum it taste is good….Now it was 8 pm and we were eating our dinner but at that time we both were naked and the dinners menu was pulse , rice & roti so i took a peace of roti and insert that peace in priyas pussy after few minutes i took that piece of roti and eaten it was tasty also insert rice in my cock and gave to priya she also eten it.that was not roti that was “pussyroti”.

Now it was 10 pm my sister went to the toilet in our home there is old type of toilet( on that toilet people use their hands to clean potty ) she sit on her knees and call me and i could see her potty its smell was bad. Then i insert my index finger on my finger was her potty i taste her potty it was very bad its taste very bad i could see potty around her ass hole then

I took a bucket of water and wash her ass by my hands while washing her ass her potty touch my hand and i insert my finger in her ass hole then on my finger was her potty . Then priya going to pee then i opened my mouth and i drunk her yellow color pee it was very tasty after coming out of toilet we both were naked at our home.

Then i took a glas of water and insert my cock in the glass and my sister was moving my cock up & down then after some time i cum in glass and i gave that glass to priya and she drunk the water with cum inside. Then we went to sleep & we both playing eith each others . Priya gave me blowjob i also lick her pussy and fucked her ass while fucking she was moaning ohhhh……yaaa…..oh…no…its ….

Tight….then i licked her ass after few minutes i took a key and insert in priyas ass hole…. She was paining then i took a scissor and cut her pussy hairs and then i fucked priya she was moaning loudly and then i cum in her pussy and we both were sleep naked whole night in one room

At mornig we both were naked and we went to bathroom and wash each others body i soap her body on her hairy pussy , ass ,tits were foamy Whole week we fucked and enjoy and every night we having fun

Posted : 15/07/2020 9:45 am