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Sweet Aunty ki Chudai

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HI All TitBut readers, I’m Raja years 23 old originally from India currently living in Dubai and working for consulting firm in Colombo. This story happen just few days back and never knows will happen again.

As our company into consulting varies people coming to get the work done so as days passed one lady around 38 starts to visit our office to get some business from us, as I’m the business deployment manager I use to handle her more often when ever I m free, this went for some days and we came close to each other, so once during our discussion about business matters I was looking at her eyes, and told her that she looks so nice and I’m admiring you, she just send a smile and keep on talking about our business deal. Since our s is a bit rush office I didn’t get much time to talk to her, but I had all the freedom since I’m sating inside my cabin. So when ever I got opportunity to talk I talk so freely. As I always tell everything to face i told her that I truly admired her beauty. But she was not interested @ all. Then time passed like this and I kept on messaging during office hours since she is married and I’m unable to contact after she goes home.

When this goes like this with my lonely I felt in love with her without knowing. so once she was @ office I told her about it, but she was not interested and told me that she like me. And after few weeks there was some get together for staff as we attend that my self and boss came back to office to complete sum urgent work to finish before 3.00 pm. any how we completed it before time and boss took it and went. and I thought of joining the staff again @ get together ,I heard some one enter inside, since there is no one @ office I went to check I Found its Poo (That Lady)so I ask her to go to my cabin. I sit on my Chair and we start to talk about more over our personal life than business I got bold by our conversation.

and I got up and slowly went to her and hold her hand she got shock and got up from the chair, when she got up her lips brush my hand and I felt it so soft and I was running high I instantly hug her tightly and she was forcing to leave her without doing anything i kept hugging her and told her that I love her, then she said I’m looking to get her on bed coz of that I told her like that so. but @ that time I want only to hug her, but with her force she try to get away her nipple brush my chest, I was then got hard in my pants and slowly start to kiss her neck, towards lips when I try to get close to lips she turn to the other side and I got caught her ears and kept kissing, sucking and playing with her year, with this she was little free and looked in to my eye’s and went silent and i slowly kissed her lips and for more than five minutes it went and she starts to hug me so freely slowly start to smooch her all over and went close to the wall and start to feel her body, still she never talk any word .

and I slowly put my hands in to her top and try to remove her bra hook from behind, once I remove her hook I can feel her boobs out freely, then I slowly remove her top with the bra and now she was with a black pant and heel shoe, while I was starting to play with her boobs she have closed her eyes and enjoy the moment I slowly by smooching all over went to a navel and kiss there and slowly kept my hands on her pant button to remove she said Shahi please don’t. but I know she never mean it. then I removed her pant up to her nee and I saw her panty and it was wet there, I slowly kiss those wet spot with her panty on and removed it fully from her body and carry her and kept on my table. and spared her legs and suck her pussy from my lips and I start to insert my to tongue full then it went almost half and over she was about to her orgasm and said shahiiiiiiiiiii, I speed it up little and kept on sucking her but she ask me to stop I suck her more than another 15 minutes and then let her free with that instant she came up and hug me tightly. and I was so hard inside she ask me is that all what I need and slowly she start to remove my dress and ask me to sit on my chair, as I did she kneel down and put my penis in her mouth and dint suck but gave me a real pleasure of my life, once she make my penis very wet ask me to put inside her but again I went to suck her and slowly spread her legs and rest her two legs on chair and insert in to her as It was so hard it took more strength and time to go full. Then slowly I start to go in and out but due to my suck she was again close to orgasm. with that I felt my penis get crushed in side her and took her close to me and put both her boobs in my mouth and suck while pumping her pussy. finally I came inside her and hugged her tightly but after that she quietly dressed up and went to the door while I dress and I saw a tear drop in her face.

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