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Surat bus fun  


I am 22 year very sexy man SINGLE with average body and 5’8” height and 8″ hard and fair cock(lund) From surat .Because this is a real one.I always go by bus for my job. I always go form choke to station by bus number 72,13/1,71/1 etc.I was returning form my job by bus.Next to my sit one girl of age 23 came.She was wearing a nice pink dress and was fair in color. Her body measurement is 32-24-34……. When i was not in a mood i was talking with myself she smile at me and my mood got good.When the bus was moving i was touching her arms and she was smiling more and more after some min. I touched her hands than she took her hand on my leg.I was crazy to touch her it was very mind blowing experince.While i was trying to touch her love hole she was trying to hide my hands with her cloth.she was going mad and i was enjoying to touch her.But after some time she told my stop has come. She gave me her name and phone number in a paper.I called her next day. She told to call me later. Than i called her after 12:30p.m. After taking my lunch.She asked me to meet her at m’c donnal. I took a bike of my friend and meet her and had a good time chatting with her and after one hour i had to go back to my job.One sunday i received a call from her at 11:00 am. I said with shy I was excited like anything. Then I asked her that how can i make a lady excited. She said very casually little bit excited. Then I asked her “What I have to do to make the lady full excitement”. She said the lip kissing is only the starting. After that you have do some other things like squeezing the boobs, sucking the boobs, sucking the pussy& ash hole. Then I kept quite. She asked would you like to do it with me. I am slowly said Yes . She shown the green signal for me to do whatever i wanted.
I asked her when can i do it. She told me as soon as u want. I rushed to rich at her home. She opened her door and was wearing a black sari. She offer me a cup of tea. She told me that she is married and her husband is not in town.Then she told me about her marriage. She told me that she is very fond of sex. Her husband loved her very much. But he never use to suck or make her suck the way SHE wanted. In fact she was controlling her sexual desire all these years for fear of the society & her family. She started jumped on me & started kissing me hard on my lips. She was biting my lips & while kissing she was kissing her pussy to my tool. My tool got erected & was becoming horny. I hugged her & started sucking her tongue in my mouth. WOW! That tastes good. I then took of her sari & she too took off my dress. Now I was on my underwear & she was on her bra & Panty. I then took off her bra & started sucking her big boobs. They were really of good taste & while sucking I could smell the soap that made me more horny. She was biting my neck. Both of us were of same color. After that i took off her panty & she took off my underwear. Both of us were hairy. She has got razor with her. She cleaned the grass around my tool & I cleaned her pussy. Now my tool & her pussy were clean. They r pink in color & were really hot. Then I started sucking her pussy. It was really cool & with in few minutes sperm came out of her pussy & I drank that with great happiness. Then she took my tool in her mouth & sucked it really hard. In very few time I cum in her mouth & she drank with great excitement. After some time we were in reverse position to each other. Now I was licking her pussy & she was sucking my tool at a time. Then I went to her Navel. OH! It was really great & very sexy. Then we came to the real work. I made her sleep her on bed. I slept on her & slowly entered my tool in her pussy. As it was first time to both of us it was very tight & was paining us a She was moaning out of pain “aaaaaahhhh…yesss.., ummm…, it’s paining a lot”. I asked her “Shall I stop?” She did not agree & forced me to continue. ..I took my tool in & out of her pussy. Gradually I increased my speed. It was paining us a lot as it was first time & she was moaning really hard of pain “aahh…oohh… uuumm, ggllllppppp, ooofffff”.At last after one hour of working hard I Cum in her pussy & we both got big releaf. Then she made me fuck her again in other position. She made me lie on bed. Sat on me entering her pussy very exactly on my tool & started moving up & down. It was paining a very much than the previous once. She was moaning hard uuumm, aaaaahhhh, ooffff & I cummed again in her pussy. We fucked each other all the day. From that time I fucked her when ever she asked me & when ever I was in fucking mood. Then I squeezed her boobs very hard. And I have come to the front side and kept my lips on her boo sucked. But that is not enough for me. Now my loving boob is in front of me to such. I just forced her towards bed and started sucking her boob directly and my one hand is squeezing the other boob. I have become mad of sucking the boobs. I fucked her for about 15 times.But now she when to rajkot with her husband. Comments are welcome at the link below, any girl/ Any unstasified women, auntys and house wifes in and around AHMEDABAD want some sincere friend,AND TRUSTED FRIEND then contact me on my email mail. I like to make SEXCY friends.

Posted : 21/06/2011 8:36 pm