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She was too nice to be True  


She continues to be one of the employees in a concern for which I am a consultant. I have been observing her for the past more than 12 years. She is a very poor girl . She has studied just upto +2 level. While I took computer classes for herself and her colleagues, I took it that she was a doubtful runner. She might not match the requirements to learn, practise, develop and maintain. But it is amazing that she is today the sheet anchor for the seat occupied by her and a matchless worker for perfection and performance.

She is very very honest in her conduct. She is ruthlessly loyal to her employer. I used to help her without any expectation now and again, so that she could tide over expenses like the school fees for her children, their uniform, books etc.

Once on a rainy day when I had been there to her office on a maintenance call on the program written by me, I had opportunity to keep her close to me for telling me about where the program failed or needed amendment. For all her qualification, she is astoundingly clear by a studious habit and having learnt computer working impeccably.

So I developed a strong liking for her – character, conduct, intelligence and hard work. Her employer also is now seriously dependant on her. All other girls who were all qualified – at least a graduate each – have left the company and it is is this young lady – now about 36 years with two children – who has stayed back, since sh3e cannot go elsewhere.

While she was so explaining her difficulties, I slowly expressed my request to her asking her to meet me somewhere outside in a lonely place which I can arrange easily. I did not stop with those words, I started stroking her bare hip exposed after the jacket end, do a touch-and-go play with her left boob – taking care that nobody saw me – and even I kissed her on a most suitable opportunity.

She said that I was a little too hot on that day. She agreed to meet me at a particular point on an important main road.

We met and I took her to a conveniently very good place. Other things , as known, I asked her to lie down on a comfortable cot and asked her to open out her thighs. I started licking her vagina. She started crying, ‘appppaaa… Apppa. . Enna sugama . . Irukku’ and requested me not to lift my head. But after all I had to trake my breath and when I lifted my head, she shivered with the idea that I might not put my head down again.

I reassured her by putting down my head, and licked fully inside, without fail the G spot . She started raising her hip now and then rhythmically so that my tongue reached the spot she desired.

I felt terribly happy – the kind of happiness you get while you give the satisfaction to the female lying before you and also as it satisfies your male ego.

She wanted me to come into her vagina shortly awhile which I obliged. Being aged, I was a bit slow, my dick but strong and my ultimate pushes were absolutely strong and took her to heights.

It was she who fixed the next date of our meeting.

More than sex, some of the rich ladies in our locality – I live in a posh area in Chennai – very discreetly made enquiries to me on sensuous matters. Smilingly I gave them clarifications. What I detest is the hypocritical cloak of these so called elitist class, every one of whom is going through a highly deficient period lacking enjoyment. When compared to them, I love the way that poor lady yielded, got the enjoyment and continues relation with me. My helping her, I have made it clear, is totally a different matter. This has reassured that her prestige does not suffer.

Posted : 03/07/2011 9:22 am