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Sex With Aunt Suji – Part II


Hi Friends this Ramesh again with other encounter with my suji aunty. In last story I was told you how I fuck my aunty first time. Our 2 encounter is very next to our first encounter. As I wakeup little late in the morning due to our last night fucking. She came with tea to wake up me when I open my eyes she was standing with her smiling face 7 she already taken bath, she was standing with her open hair in with she was looking very beautiful.

I drunk the tea went to toilet to get ready for office. She served me my breakfast like my wife, after my brake fast I went to my office , full day I was think of last night incident one side I was happy & other side I was scare to be catch by my uncle.

After my office I back to home my Suji aunt was waiting for me. She was wearing the pink color saree with full of flower in her hair in that she was looking like angle. She welcomes me with smiling face like newlywed bride & offer me a cup of tea. In mean time my uncle also come from the office we had little chat about my office after that we went to our room got fresh. We had our dinner & we all watch TV for some time, after 1 hr my uncle & aunt went for sleep in there room with their kid. Me & Suji lonely watching the TV,

I was sitting on & Suji was sitting posit to me, she get up & come beside to me & hold my hand watching the tv. After 10 min she said Ramesh go to bed room I asked you, she said I am coming behind you. Then I went to room, after 5 min she come with a glass of milk in her hand like new bride for first night& given to me to drink it & said the balance milk to her I did as she said. She sits beside me asked how she is look I said you look like new bride. Do you like this new bride I said yes then she said to you can do any thin with your bride.

I jump from bed stand 7 hug her very tight and plat kiss on her jusi lip she respond for the same & we was chewing our each other’s lip & exchanging saliva. She moum hu hu hu huuuuuuuu Its really hot and thirst desire where our tongues were moving from one end to another. we both really enjoyed the event, the same time I am pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples. We broke our kiss I hungrily started removing her saree pallu and blouse in no time tore open her blouse, she is not wearing any bra so her boobs flashed on me and

I started sucking her boobs wildly and she asked me to bite them hard and pull them with my teeth i did so. She was moaning in pleasure and mentioned me to do whatever you want with my body it’s for you only .Then I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and in anticipation she put her head behind with closed eyes and running her fingers on my hair I slowly went down and licked her thighs and leg and licked it she was enjoying it then I went on to her pussy and said to wide her legs for which she obeyed me and opened her legs and

I immediately went in between her legs and started sucking her pussy. She said suck them hard, i started sucking her entire pussy with my lips and inserting my tongue on to her pussy she was wet and her salt juices of her pussy began to flow then i inserted my fingers into her pussy and was licking her pussy simultaneously she was rolling her head left and right in pleasure and she mentioned that she was going to cum. I mentioned i want to taste her honey and i began to finger her pussy and lick and suck her pussy faster she cum in my face and i sucked her wet orgasm from her pussy.

Now it’s my turn so she stared to remove my boxers and put her warm hand on my hard dick, shock waves passed in me and she is moving her hand to and fro..i am in a heaven and she took gulped my whole dick in her mouth and started to suck it like a lollipop. After minutes I was unable to control and i was heaven and felt by balls contracting down there. I told her I am coming so that she could remove it from her mouth but she continued sucking it and at last I could not hold and loaded all my juice in her mouth and to my surprise she drank it till the last drop.

She cleaned my tip of my dick by rolling her tongue over it. Later I went on her star to sucking her boobs she was press my head to her boobs and moaning hooo ha ha ha ha chuppu da nalla erukku nalla chuppu I keep on sucking one by one her both boobs. After 10 min she held my tool & start to move her hand up down in few second my tool got Erick again into 7 inch size. We both are very hot and ready for a real fuck. She came on me and put her legs both sides of my legs and caught my dick with one hand and putting it into her widen pussy,

By spreading her pussy lips with another hand. ….what a scene it is? I cannot explain this, and enjoying the situation. My dick is slowly moving into her hot and wet pussy. She is moving slowly up and down. My erected long cock is completely entered into her pussy. She is giving me good strokes. She is enjoying the fuck by closing her eyes and giving me her fast movements up & down. After that she come down & she separated her legs widely and asked me to come between her legs and putting my dick into her widen pussy.

It went inside of her wet pussy slowly and completely. I am taking right part now and moving in and out of her wet pussy. She is moaning Ramesh nalla erukku da nalla kuttu aaaa oooo .do like that…..your cock is drilling me to the is touching my womb what the strokes you are giving me. pls.. Ramesh ..fuck me vigorously and increase the speed of your strokes…..” I am mad and increased my speed as per her request.

After fucking her for 20 minutes, she told me that she is coming. She came like a flood and her love juice is flowing from her pussy and drenched my dick. I also ejaculated and poured my cock juice into her wet pussy. I saw that the juice is overflowing along with her love juice from her widen pussy. She hugged me tightly and we were in the same position for long time on that night we fuck 3 time. Sexy aunty can mail me in above given address if they want same kind of pleasure.

Posted : 11/06/2011 12:32 pm