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Seducing Own Sisters  

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Hi,i’m Vivek staying in Banglore. I’ve 2 elder sisters(Arpana studin in 12th & vanita studyin in 11th) who r good looking and sexy.This is a true story.originally i’m Bengali.i live with my mom and my sisters and a dog.i started watching porn since my day as my mom had gone out of station for a week.i was watching porn in my pc.i started to watch by being naked without closing the door as i thought every1 were

Sleeping.unfortunately arpana woke up and came into the room as there was only 1 fan working properly in the house.she saw me in naked state and stared at me for few mins and scolded me.then she told me that i’ve to be punished by her orelse she would tell it to my mom.getting scared i accepted the she told me that i’m filled with lust and deserved a severe punishment.she watched here and there & brought 1 large empty glass &

Told me to fill it with my sperm in front of her and keeping the door opened.i got shocked and asked what if vanita comes in room so she replied that let her see the punishment too.she will too enjoy it.i was astonished to hear that and tried to oppose her but she came near me and grabbed my testicles and told me that if i don’t do that then she would squeeze my testicles . on hearing this I started filling the glass.after ejection for first time in the glass my cock didn’t get erect. on seeing this my sister kicked on my was deadly pain i couldn’t tolerate .

I begged & screamed at her & told her that i won’t watch porn again.on hearing loud noise vanita came into the room and started to laugh.i was embarrassed.later my sisters feeling pity on me told me that i will be allowed to watch porn and i both of them sat on the chair and started watching me masturbating.i told them to go out of the room as porn movie would be running on.they refused and told me that it was common to them.on hearing this

I murmured prostitutes.accidentally they heard it and kicked me again.i couldn’t tolerate the pain and fell down.looking at me arpana took my penis in her hand and caressing it lifted me up and told to continue the last i didn’t talk anything and filled the glass. Looking At my tired condition they planned to do a party at night.i was happy to hear it but was too they told me to sleep.later i got up at 12am midnight and saw that 2 of my sisters friend (rashmi and rachana) carresing my cock.

I got shocked and told them to get sisters just then entered into the room and comforted me telling that its common & also told me come out of the room in naked condition.i was feeling shy and refused.but they black mailed me that they would tell about the porn movie to my mom.on hearing this i agreed to their invitation.after few mins they entered to my room.i was completely shocked to see that both of my sisters were not wearing any thing and their huge breasts were tied with a rope.i asked what happened.

So they told me not to ask any ques and follow their orders and gave me 2 dog leash and told to tie it to their neck and take them to the living room where the party was held.i agreed and took them there.on entering i was astonished to see my friend arvind and another boy whom my sister had called.on asking, my sisters replied that they were our masters and they both were their prostitutes. again i asked about another 2 friends of them who were caressing my cock.

So they replied that they came to see us getting fucked hard like bitches till morning.if we fail then they will not pay us rs 5000 as per i understood everything.then both the boys told not to waste time and told me to take a stick and hit their pussy as hard i could till they told me to stop.before that i had to tie them upside down to a window was my chance and i did as they addition to that they pissed on their underwear and told to insert it into those whores i inserted arvind gave me a bamboo stick smeared with chilly powder.i was happy to the revenge.

And hit as hard as a could till 15 mins they started to cry but couldn’t do my sisters friends brought some ice cubes and inserted into those whores whore sisters couldn’t tolerate it and nodded their another friend bought hot boiled banana and inserted saying that it would make them hot.on inserting those bananas the whores shook their body as hard as possible.looking at this arvind told to cane their pussy till they stopped i started hitting again.them arvind and another guy told me to remove them.i did so.on removing them they slapped arvind and another guy.

So both of them got angry and slapped so hard that they fell on the ground in doggy both the guys removed the banana and smeared some liquid from a jar.on asking they told that it was sperm mixed with shit and piss of horse and after making those whores to eat it they started to fuck each 1 of them.first they fucked arpana on her both the holes then they fucked b/w rashmi and rachana(2 friends who had challenged) wanted to piss so they told both the wores to drink the piss and they did so.on fucking till 4 am all were tired but rashmi and rachana warned the whores that they may loose the money.

On hearing this they told that the boys were also tired and couldn’t do rashmi and rachana told that it was their problem.suddenly I remembered a porn in which a girl was fucked by a horse and I brought my dog and told those whores to get fucked by a dog.they didn’t hesitate and started to lick the cock of the dog.later the dog started to fuck in an extreme speed .they were moaning a lot.after 1 hr the dog too became tired.

But rashmi told that she wanted to see more till 9 no matter even if the bitches die or get insulted.fortunately a cow and an ox were passing near our we remembered that a stable was nearby and went to the owner of the stable in a car as we were in naked condition.rachana ordered vanita to go and talk to the owner in naked state.but she rashmi became violent and pinched her nipples till she vanita went there and requested the owner.looking at her the owner told that he would give in only condition.

On asking the condition the owner said that she has to be his and his 5 other brothers whore every night till his wife returns home and he would like to fuck them on the street.on accepting.he told that there should be trade mark on her body and he told that he wanted to touch the pussy so he closed both the whores eyes with a cloth and with out their knowledge one of his brother came with a hot rod and told me to insert it into their pussy.i was shocked and refused but they told me that now those whores belong to them and they can do whatever they wanted.

So I inserted those rod in their pussy and another brother wanted to drink their milk so they tied a rope to their boobs and brought an syringe filled with milk.they injected around 1 lt of milk in each boobs which made those boobs larger and after doing so they took them to the stable and told them to get fucked by the beast there rashmi and rachana started enjoy their show.after the show was over the milk in their boobs made them to look more sexy that the milk man told to keep their boobs on the table.when they did that,the owner stood on the table and thn stood on their boobs.

I went and hold those whores from behind and shut their mouth with the lungi of the owner.they couldn’t tolerate the pain and fainted. But the milkman didn’t stop.he fucked them with his brothers and filed a jar full of sperms. rashmi and rachana enjoyed the show.then when the whores regained conscious they were made to drink with out spilling it. Later rashmi and rachana told that they wanted watch them fucking with the ox and cow. So the milkman took them near the cattle and inserted its cock into their ass. It was so large.

They shouted in pain as the cock was ripping their ass apart .later their ass was filled with the fluid. Rashmi and Rachana came near them and inserted their finger into their ass and made those whores to lick it. Later as the fucking session was over, both the whores were tired and were get the money. I enjoyed that day. After 2 days those whores started visiting the house of the milkman. They r made to be naked and treated as bitches. All the 6 brothers fucked them whole night till the wife of the milkman came.

But they couldn’t hide their secret. So milkmaid became angry and came to our house. By then our mom had also come and came to know all this.even she got angry and ordered those whores to stay with the milkmaid as servants as punishment. Those whores no other they went with the milkmaid.

Now the milkmaid sells them for a night. She also uses them with her brother in laws and husband.they r treated as bitches. The whores r tied inside their house with a dildo having a ponytail inserted in their ass. Everyone in their home uses them including the cattles. I receive the money monthly as the monthly income of the bitches.sometimes their classmates and lecturers uses them. Totally they became a complete whore and they were happy with this.

Posted : 27/07/2020 1:36 am