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Satisfying Sumithra Didi

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b4 my friend marriage was held so I went to attend my friend marriage whose name is Sudir, and lot of his friends & my friends also came there,,, when I was in the stage near to bride, my another friend also came for his marriage his name is Ashok, he is from Salem, he came with his family members mom, elder sis she got married & settled in Chennai with his husband & her kid , his family is close to Sudir family, I thought he came alone but later only I came to know that he came with his family, when I was in the stage his sis came to present the gift, I won’t say she is so pretty but woman for me her age will be nearly 33 to 35 ,,, so my crush starts towards to her, her name is Sumithra … so I wanted went to get intro from my friend, I spoke to very little that time, she feel shy to talk with me, once I got a chance to go her home with my friend Sudir when I met her husband too, he looks so plump, so I guess myself he won’t satisfy her very much.

I spoke to her husband very well, & her, I used to crack lot of jokes they had nice time to talking with us, I got her land line num , I used to call her Akka (sister) then we take leave from there after 2 days I rang up her @ 11.30 am so her husband will b not there & I spoke to her simply, hi how r u? Fine, I asked her hubby, she said he has gone to office, then we start chatting lot of things daily but not enter into sex topic when I get free time. I call her she also much interested to talking with me, I didn’t call for two days she called up asked y didn’t call her? So I guess that she also have very much interest to talking to me … Once we was talking about foods, I asked how u I prepare food, she said that I m expert but I can’t any chance to prepare variety of food because her husband is so fat, so he I take vegetable foods & limited,, I asked her I want to taste your food, can I came to your home? She said ok the come on tomorrow for lunch, before that she said her husband is going out of station then I remembered that message. I planned that the day l makes my dream come true. So I was waiting for tomorrow, So I went to her home so earlier @ 11. 30 am I rang the bell she take long time to open the door .

After open it she surprised & said u came so early then , ok fine sit & watch TV , she is busy in preparing lunch for me, her kid also went to school, she is alone in her home…. Then I watch some songs in TV, I was so nervous how to convince her for sex, time was not going my mind is full of there that how to convince, when she was in kitchen, I went there in the name of helping she said your my guest don’t come to here go & watch TV, I said nothing is good in TV so I came her….. When helping my hands was touching her she didn’t mind so I started touch her frequently then I can’t control myself, oh forgot to say her 36d size boobs, in the name of helping I was watching her boobs really that was sexy then I touch her ears her hairs came over her ears I correct her hairs push it back of her ear so she didn’t mind again I did the same she smiled ohhh really she is beautiful, I got courage, I was standing left hand side in her kitchen then I touched her booms with my right hand elbow , jus she avoids that and moved little from me , again & again i done same thing now she didn’t away from me so I thought this is the great chance shouldn’t miss,,, and suddenly I put my left hand to her right side hip then she closed her eyes

With pleasure & I put my both hands on her hip I pushed her to the wall I kissed in her lips softly I put my lips on her neck for soft munching,, She hugged me very tightly, I realized that very long time she has no sex ,, at the, Same time she is telling in my ears Da munna leave me this is not right I don’t want cheat my hus, but she is not leaving me she hugging me very tightly , I guess she likes this very much but she has curiosity in her two don’t want cheat her hus, I said this is not wrong, see your hus cant satisfy u, please allow me I said in her ear while licking , and I planted kiss in her lips softly she didn’t respond then I suck her lower lips softly I eat her saliva then she bite my upper lips I guess she surrender to me , softly I moved my hand from her hip to her breast, I was licking her neck , then I plan to fuck her in kitchen so I make her to lay on the floor then I lay right side of her I put my right leg on her my lips is still sucking her lips, my hand is massaging her left breast, I put my mouth on her breast with her blouse, she sound do it munna I love it please do it, I opened her blouse oohhh really it was so hard again I put my lips on her nipple.

I suck it very softly she sound ohhh yaaa do it please aaah, I suck her breast & nipples nearly 15 minutes , she catch my hand and put it in her cunt on her saree, so I understood she want that now, my aim is to satisfy her I know if v satisfy a gal then automatically v also satisfied my their behavior. So I want to satisfy her, and then raise her petticoat and saree, she wore black color panty I removed that I put my finger on her vagina then she closed her eyes, I was sucking her lips again now my hand was fucking her vagina, she is jumping like fish & I went down put my lips softly I was munching by my lips, & I put my tongue on her cunt I lick it softly & nicely she leaked her juice in my mouth then I went to mouth suck her mouth she responded well & I entered in her cunt my cock size is 7 inch & thick so I entered it softly it was tight but the help of her juice it went easily, I was sucking her lips and nipples while fucking her.

Suddenly she hug me very tightly that time I lick her neck, she says munnaa I love u after some times she l leave then I start to fuck her , this was doing 20 minutes after I cum on her cunt, she hugs me very tightly for 30 minutes, I was lying on her for 30 minutes we both r slept in kitchen, when I start to approach I off the gas , she woke up, & told me wake up , I too woke up then I realized my dream come true, I stared @ her face she too we smiled & kissed passionately very long time, she told me wear my dress, go and sit in hall , so I obeyed her, now I was very much relaxed, after prepared the lunch we both sit in dining table eat it well, we was very much hungry b4 we start our lunch I asked her , after lunch shall v do once again? She said no this is sin, then I convinced her, then she said ok, after lunch we went to bedroom have sex 3 times, but she can’t bear me, after her kid comes to her home I went to my home, then we start to talk thru phone regularly, I use to go her home very often, if she ask me to come to her home I go, I avoid all other work, because she is unsatisfied woman no one is there to satisfy her so I do for her now her husband got transferred to Delhi so she also went with him but sometimes I use to go Delhi.

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