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Rishi Violates Cousin Swati  

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She started making violent physical efforts to get up, so I let her go. She ran out, still naked, towards her bedroom. I got up slowly, dried myself, didn't dress up, my condom was still on me, and slowly went behind her. She was lying on bed, face down, wrapped in bed covers. Even her face was not visible. She was making sounds like "EEE", shaking her head vigorously, punching her pillow. This was a great opportunity to make her truly mine, embarass her very soul.

I climbed the bed, took off the condom and put it on a side of the bed, lay over her, with my face on her upper back. Very gently, I said

"Swati! What happened?"

"Please leave me alone for some time. I beseech you."

"No need to beseech me, sweetie. You know I love you! But this is your moment of trouble and I cannot leave you alone now. You don't realize it, but you need company." Her body was shaking at times, and I was afraid she was crying more than ever. Though I was also proud to have brought her to this state. I continued

"Tell me all. Lighten your heart. OK? Take your time."

Slowly, she opened up. She told me everything, in a surprisingly frank language. I was occasionally interjecting with a word or two - of apology or of sympathy.

"You just need sex! You don't care for my feelings. You took my virginity, forcibly, without my permission! I will never forgive you! You keep saying "love you", "love you". Fucking is all you are interested in, got it? You did everything. Even my boyfriend never did all that."

"But Kunal ... the photos .."

"You shut up about all of it. The photos can have nothing compared to what you did to me. Nothing."


"You are not sorry! You will take me to Delhi and fuck me there too. I know ..."

"You don't have to come if you don't want to!"

"You know that I have to. I am trapped. My life is fucked." "And today you got me to do everything. You must have enjoyed it, didn't you? You can't even dream of talking to a girl like me! You fat, ugly bastard. And today you ... you ... fucked me. Just fucked me. You even tried to sodomize me." At this point, I uncovered her face, kissed her left cheek and started speaking, but she shouted, drowning my voice, as if in she was in agony

"YAAAIII!. Go away. Don't touch my bed covers."

"I am really sorry dear! Pour your heart out. You need to speak. Scold me, ok? I am listening."

"Like you care about my "scolding". You just want more sex!" At this point, excited by her statements, my penis suddenly got activated and gave a pat to her thigh. She continued, vindicated

"See? See? You are a bastard. I hate you." She stopped speaking. Maybe she realized that her statemnts were only making life more difficult for her. But she was still angry. I was seeing her face, from behind. Her eyes were closed and she was anguished. I kept my right cheek on her left cheek and lay down still. She made a feeble and unsuccessful attempt to get rid of me.

Having got her to speak her mind, I got up, and went away without a word. She remained in the room for a long time. I went to the hall and started watching TV.

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I went to the hall and started watching TV.After few hours I switched off the TV and went into the kitchen , made two cups coffee and darted towards swati's room.She was still laying on the bed with a tearful expression but now clothes replaced the bedcovers on her body.She was in her yellow salwar suit.The beauty of womanhood comes out very well in salwar kameez without in any way compromising on her modesty.Her cadmium yellow coloured suit with intricate work of thread and beaded work on the neckline and shoulders was astonishing.She had her head on a pillow which was drenched with her tears.I put the coffee on the table and sat beside her to console her as I knew hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.When she saw me next to her, she started bristling with anger. I don't know what set her off.I know I did things which hurted her a lot but I can't help it.From very childhood,I had an urge to see swati nude , she was the lone reason for the numerous nightfalls I had all my life.

I put my hands on her shoulder to soothe her but she thrusted my hand away.She sat up immediately with her head facing opposite to me.
"Look Swati, I m" I tried to start a conversation but she interrupted in between cutting my sentence.
"Dont you dare talk to me.Never ever."She wiped a fresh tears from her cheeks.
"What?Why?"I knew that question sounded very inane but I was serious as hell.She gave me a dirty look.Humiliation is enjoyable till the girl is resisting.Her protestation acted like a tonic for my 5.5 .I hold her to kiss but she jerked me off.She raised her voice to scream level " Get away from me you bastard". She was shivering in anger but tried to conceal her agony and promised herself not to shed a tear.I felt disrespected and insulted when my lips were deluded from reaching its destination.My mind was furiously reiterating 'PUNISH HER'...'PUNISH HER'...'PUNISH HER'...but somehow controlled myself.
She then continued " I am exasperated with your pervertedness.Do whatever you want with the photos.Throw them,sell them,keep them.Your wish."some sort of tension evinced on her face as she was trying to predict my reaction.That was an unexpected setback in my plan.damn her.I don't give a tinker's cuss what she thinks, I'll do what I want!I stood up and left the bedroom with nimble feets.She slammed the doors on my back.She spoiled my last chance to love her.How could she?I felt a sudden feeling of heat in my skin.Laying on my bed I was thinking how the game suddenly backfired.I could certainly post the photos on net.I dont had any harm.Why is she now protesting?Was I very bad in bed?Whatever.She is going to pay for this.With these thoughts I closed my eyes.

Morning 7.30
Swati came into hall after hearing the loud sound of TV.The moment she glanced at the TV her horrid eyes glued to it.It brought up cold sweat on her forehead.She was in shock , struggling to breathe.She looked at me in despair.
"What is this?when?When?...what...why?."She was babbling.
"You are on TV congrats."I winked to her."Isnt it all the material to make it a sizzling hit overnight.I made this cd yesterday night when you thrown me out of your room.I was very displeased the way you disdained me.So I thought I should also find a way to pay you back with the same courtesy.You remember this video.The girl over there is you.This was the bathroom session we made yesterday when you took the charge and made me felt like a master.You might be unable to recognize my face because I blurred that area."I smiled.
Swati was stunned in disbelief.She hasn't thought I would record our intimate moments and blackmail her to have some more.

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"Right now you are watching this on DVD player,tomorrow may be on Aaj Tak.So never say never to me." I lay on the sofa and closed my eyes.She pounced on the CD player and took out the CD .She nervously attempted to break the disc.
"Its okay.Take your time.No hurry". I flashed a smile at her . "But I have more copies."
Swati threw the CD on me abruptly."What do you want?" She bleated.
"Nothing new.I want my old swati back who had mesmerized me with her performance in the bathroom." I told in a sophisticated tone.
"Nooo" She screamed like a wounded tigress.
"Alright.I could only advise you." I stood up and walked towards the door with heavy feet and heart waiting for swati to stop me.
"Wait.I want to finish it once and for all.What will you take to leave me forever.I couldn't bear to your everyday increasing demands". Po-faced swati demanded.
"Swati." I smiled. "You think you could bargain with me."
"I'm not ..."She protested.
"Okay.So my offer is.....Do what I say without opening your mouth.I'll penetrate your hole as much time as I want.Did you like this offer.Do you have anything else to proffer."I declared.

She struggled to speak something but finally gave up.She perceived the futility of her protest.
"You will not get anywhere with it, so don't waste time trying."A smile flitted across my face as I stood up to embrace her.I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom.I somehow managed to carry her to the bed before we both fell down.She wasn't heavy, just 40-45 kgs.My muscles embarrassed me in the eyes of swati.She freed herself from my hands.She tried to look away from me.She was wearing a knee length loose pink coloured skirt with horizontal laces.Her legs was bare after knees.Small hairs were regrown on the legs.
"When did you last waxed your hairs,swati?" I asked perplexedly rubbing my hand against her calf muscles.
"Before your time." She looked to the ceilings.
"that's funny...bring all the stuffs , today I'll wax your hairs." I said pushing her out of the bed.
She stared at me for sometime then grizzlingly said " My cosmetics run out of stock."
"Okay show me your wardrobe.If you're lying then you'll have to perform an erotic nude dance for me.What's say?"I knew she was deliberate liar.
"Mom and Dad are coming today.Please stop all these things." She reluctantly tried to change the topic.
"I know that swati.Now show me your wardrobe." I stood up and pulled swati by her arms.
We opened her wardrobe and I investigated her stuffs like a detective.
Her attires were definitely very trendy.I was impressed by her taste.
"Don't you have any bustier dresses.You would look stunning in them." I mischievously felt her bust.
"No." She tried to close her wardrobe.
"I m not finished yet.Do you know about bustier?" I took a desperate look into her wardrobe .
"No.I don't.Now close it.I already told you , I'm running out its stock."
There was a drawer in lower side.I pulled it at once.
"No.please.dont." She grabbed my hand at once pleadingly.
" here it is."
"No.its not here.I have my personal belongings here."
"Personal.Then I must look at them."
"No please.Wax is in the study room.please close the drawer.I beseech you."She cried in despair.
"Okay.But at least tell me about it"
"No.I cant."
"Why not.You are making me curious."I again tried to pull the drawer but she shoved me abruptly and closed the wardrobe in hurriedly.

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She stood straight with clenched fist and gritted teeth to fight off.
"Okay.Just relax.I m not doing anything." I called off my further investigation into her wardrobe temporarily.My statement soothed her a little but she was still alarmed and looking at my gesture anxiously.
"So..Wax is in study room.Okay.Then let's go there. " I replied withdrawing my gaze from her wardrobe.
" You go. I'll be in few minutes." She untied her ponytail to make a new one.
I descended from her room towards the study.I knew she wants to move her stuffs to a more secretive place but at that moment my priority was to gain pleasure from her attractive slender velvety body nothing else.I unlocked the study and put on the lights and AC.I explored the room .Found nothing.
"Where the hell are you?"I shouted in frustration.
She didn't replied.I was about to yell again when she appeared at the door.
"Don't yell.I m here." She snarled.
"So..Are you ready."
"You know,I m not"
"Why?Girls love waxing.Isn't it"
She didn't look interested in telling me about girls attribute.
"Where's the wax.Give it to me fast.I m feeling very exalted."
"Over there" She pointed towards the table.
"Okay.Please bring it here."
She went at the table , picked up the wax and returned and handed me the stuff.
"Okay.How do you use it?I mean , I know this stuff is applied on the area of hair removal but what next?"I sounded perplexed to her.
She sighed and left the room with the wax.I thought my ignorance about using the wax offended her.I followed her.She went into the kitchen and put a utensil with some water on the gas stove and then put the wax into the utensil.
"Why are you heating it?"
She frowned at me.I decided to keep my lips tight.
After few minutes when wax melted , she put out the gas stove and took out the wax with the help of a cloth.She then darted towards study room.I followed her as usual.She put the wax on the floor ,turned off the AC and brought some cloth strips and a wooden spatula.She sat on the floor

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She sat on the floor with both her legs straight perpendicular to the chest.I looked everything curiously sitting beside her.She applied some wax using spatula on her right leg evenly in the direction of the hair.She then applied the strip in the direction of the hair growth.She then pressed the cloth strip firmly and waited for few minutes then removed the strip in opposite direction of hair growth in one quick pull.
"Oouch..that must have hurt you" I made an apologetic face.
"Would my yes/no going to make any difference?"
"Of course.It'll."
"Okay.It hurts a lot."
"Allow me.I'll do it better." I told while taking the cloth strip from her.
"No gattu,its no funny game.It hurts a lot.You know nothing about this.It is very dangerous if done in a wrong way."
"Let me do it.You know I m quick learner.Anyways we had planned earlier that I'll wax your legs.Just tranquilize yourself and close your eyes."
"Gattu why are you humiliating me."
"No swati , I love you so very much why would I humiliate you."I applied fresh wax on her calf muscles."Close your eyes darling." I applied the strip and pressed it firmly.Then I reiterated again ,"Close your eyes".
"No.Let me pull it.You don't know the trick."
"I know everything.Let me try it once".I hold the corner of the strip and prepared myself to give a quick pull.
"OOOOOoooouch " .She screamed aloud. " I told you , its not that simple " She cried in agony.
"You are over reacting.I have done exactly in the same way as you did it.Now keep quiet and let me polish your silky body." I pulled her skirt to the maximum exposing her full thighs and started applying wax there.
After 30 minutes of hard labour , I successfully waxed her both legs , her back and her abdomen.
She tried to stood up but I withheld her by holding her arms.
"We're not completed yet."
"Yes we are.Now let me go."
"Your pubic region is still dense and hairy.Isn't it.Let me wax that also." I winked at her. She looked with horrid eyes and mouth agaped. "Are you out of your mind."
She could not say anything more than that.However she wants to say much more.
"Come on swati.Dont be shy now.Just drop your skirt and panty." I tried to be as polite as I could.
"Listen gattu , You are crossing your limits.....You cannot do this...Please don't do this....I beg you...Please." She cried helplessly.
"Swati.Why are you scared.You would't feel a thing.I promise.Trust me." I slowly unhooked her skirt and pulled it down.She protested feebly.
"Just close your eyes and relax." I gripped the belt of her panty and pulled it drastically to her knees.She gave me a weak push.
"Please stop gattu.Don't do this " .She hid her pubic region with her hands.
"Stop crying swati.Let me do it otherwise .........those videos....remember.Lie down with your legs straight." I applied more wax on her dense pubic hairs than other areas.She looked extremely frightened when I put the strip at her pubic region.
"What happened?Just relax.Nothing will happen."
But she continued screaming the place down in further wax pulls.
"Wow...What a beauty" . I whistled.
It took almost an hour to wax her.She was still lying on the floor covering her face with her hands.I worked very hard on her and as it is said 'Fruits of hard labour and patience are mostly sweet ' .I could not move my gaze from her vagina.
She stood up weepingly "Gattu ,Its burning like hell.Please do something."

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I brought some ice and rubbed it at her genital organs.
"It will relieve your pain".It was an astounding experience to rub the ice on her loins and get a clear view of her vagina.
Ice made her feel better.She stood to dress up.
"Not so soon.We haven't made love since yesterday eventide.Let me adore your beauty." I pressed her bosom with my left hand and placed my right hands around her pubes.She felt very discomfortable and tried hard to go away from my grip.
"Please gattu,My loins are still hurting.Please leave me , at least give me some time."
"Hmmm...You are so hot.I love you so much.Let me love you first."
"Oouch...aah...No...wait..."She moaned intermittently.
I separated clothes from her silky satin body and lay her on the floor.I undressed myself and came onto her,placed my lips on her cheeks.Her cheeks tasted salty because of her tears.I made her lips open and then I entered mine into her mouth.We exchanged lot of saliva for many minutes.My full-fledged penis was exaltedly searching the hole around the new deforested loin area.
She was trying to push me out and say something but the more she tried to push me out the more I came in.At a point I thought my tongue reached her throat and lungs.Her mad lunge proved baleful for her as it helped my penis to meet his love.My 5.5 penetrated her wet torrid flesh at once.She tried to shout but my tongue had gripped her tongue and she could only swallow some more saliva.I stroked my penis quicker and harder back and forth.I ejaculated within early seconds of the second minute.I don't think she was even near to the orgasm.I didn't care at that time.She could barely talk even after removal of my tongue from her mouth.She was inaudible.I knew she was unhappy but first I thought it is because of unachieved orgasm.Later when her tongue gained consciousness she started cussing me.
"You filthy bastard.Can't you even use a condom.You ejaculated your dirty,stinking sperm inside me.I might get pregnant." She slapped on my right cheek then left then right.Before I could hold her hands she made my cheeks red.
"Hey.Wait.I m sorry.We'll do something about it.I'll buy you a contraceptive pills" .I regretted about forgetting the condom.
My eyes went on the clock which indicated me the time for arrival of swati's parents.It was 9:15 a.m. and we're expecting them any moment after 9:30.
I imparted the knowledge of arrival of her parents to swati.
She stood up at once , wiped her tears and darted to the bathroom.I cleaned the stuff on the floor and moved towards my bathroom.I was satisfied by the way I tormented swati today.I took a shower and dressed myself.I stayed in my bedroom until the door bell rang.
I came out of the bedroom to welcome my uncle and aunt.Swati hurriedly reached to the door and unlocked the door.I was standing right behind swati.So I couldn't glance at the guests.I saw their jolly faces when sawti bent to touch their feet.Arrival of her parents made swati extremely exhilarated.I was happy too.I saw her smiling after four days.I thought she forgot to smile but she didn't.What lovely smile she has.I love her so much.Her smiling ,cute face again proded me to penetrate her.

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Sometimes one wrong Decision Can Ruin A Perfectly Good Life ,Exactly the same happened to me.Taking swati to delhi was a blunder.Where did I gone wrong?Everything was so good.Last week was the most memorable time of my life but life changes instantly.Right now,My eyelids were heavy desperately needed some sleep but my blank eyes were scared to dream.It was obvious that swati would come into my dreams and her sad,innocent face will again make me ill at ease.My heart bemoaned because he knows I could never see swati again.
It all started yesterday night,a strong gust sabotaged my life.But eventually I was responsible for all this.Swati's words were still echoing in my ears.The only prayer I was mumbling every second was
"God.If you think I have done even one good deed in my life , please fulfill my one wish.One last wish.Give me death.I don't want to live.I couldn't live."

I read somewhere that “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”.

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I tried really hard to console myself ' It's no use crying over spilled milk' but still couldn't establish connection between my mind and heart.My heart kept weeping until I could no longer resist to separate my eyelids.

Four Days ago

"Hey swati.I am returning to delhi tomorrow.Would you like to come." I whispered in her ears.
Swati's mom was in kitchen and dad went to office.She was sitting on the sofa in drawing room flipping the remote of TV.
"No.Thankyou." She spurned my advances at once.
After the arrival of her parents,she remained aloof from me.She always try to be around her mom or dad ,so that I couldn't get a chance to talk about delhi.
She was wearing a black top on which julia robert was emblazoned and light blue super soft jeans.I sat beside her and pulled her top to show off the navel.
She quickly pulled it back and darted towards the kitchen.She treated me with haughty contempt.I returned to my room with unsatiated penis.I booked my tickets.I despair of taking her to delhi.
In the evening around 8 ,she was studying in her room alone.I didn't saw aunty anywhere ,so I thought I should take a chance.I went inside her room and locked the door.

"Gattu.what are you doing?Mom will be here any moment."She ran to open the door but I embraced her into my arms."Are you insane?She..."Before she describe about my insanity I put my mouth on hers and wetted her dry mouth.She tried to shove me but couldn't succeed.We kissed for 2 minutes before getting apart.
"Gattu.Please go."She looked into my eyes with fear.
I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and slid it to her knees.She revolted inaudibly,only with gesture.
She was wearing black colour cotton panty.I bent my knees to lick her thigh.I pulled the belt of her panty with my teeth to the thighs.After pulling her panty ,I was mesmerised by an erotic smell.I found something unusual in her panty.It was a white coloured sanitary pad.
"Are you having menstruation?"
"Yes.Please stop it." She dodged from my arms and ran towards the door with her jeans and panty still below her knees.She had barely moved a foot away when I clasped her in my arms from back and started kissing her nape.
"Just help me in having my orgasm and I'll leave you."
"I can't."
"Yes , you can.Don't underestimate your potential." I ripped her top few inches from her neckline.
"What are you doing?Are you mad?" She threw her hands in frustration.
I made her stand in hands up position , then I removed her black top over her head and threw it on the floor.She was wearing a black coloured front closure bra.I struggled to find the hook of the bra as it was on the front.I kept kissing her bare shoulders and back while ran my left hand across her warm soft skin from buttocks to shoulder.
"Gattu.Do it quickly and leave the room." She quivered from the arousal.
"Okay.Then strip completely and lay on the bed" I slipped out of my clothes.
She removed her jeans which was stuck betwixt her thighs and knees.She gently slid her bra and and parted from her skin.She put her jeans and bra on the bed.Then she looked for her ripped T-shirt.It was beneath my clothes.She lied on the bed and I pounced on her.I caressed her breast with my lips and hand.
"Have you wore a condom?" She hesitated when I rubbed my penis around her loin. she must have felt some wetness around her loin area.
"Nope.It's in my room.Forget it.I'll have to dress up again for that." I tried to suck her tight pink nipples.
"You penetrated me yesterday also without a condom.This is very dangerous." She gave me a shove."Why don't you understand?I might get pregnant."
"I am not going outside.I don't want to miss this chance."I sucked her bust more.

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"okay then wait here and let me bring it." She shoved me and stood up on her feet pulled her panty to the hip ,which was stuck around her thighs.
"Why is it so important?Why can't you take pills?" I concealed my agitation.
"Because pills are not very safe and I m scared you might be contaminated with STD" She quickly adjusted her top without bra.
"Oh..Do you really think...I am...HIV+...."I stood up in disbelief ,"For your kind information , I never had sex before with any girl."
"That's obvious.You don't possess any quality to qualify for a girlfriend.Neither you look good nor you are intelligent.Neither you are stout nor a eloquent."
"What do you mean?"
"Nothing more than what you heard."
"Shut up and get the condom otherwise you were responsible of your pregnancy risks."
"Will you stop insulting me like this.I am two years elder than you.Give some respect"
"Well I can't give respect,I can only give you love."
"What else could I expect from a person like you.But it's not your fault.Faulty are your parents who never taught you any manners."
"Oh..and what your parents taught your boyfriend when they are not at home and ...and....give your body to time pass boyfriends...seduce them by wearing satin panties and just don't talk about etiquette in front of me."
" are....impossible."
"Just don't waste my precious time.Go and get the condom."
"Where Is it ?"
"Find it.I think somewhere around my bed."
"From now on,hide it in your bag.Mom or dad might....."
"Alright.Be quick.Its oozing."I pointed towards my penis. "Don't take much time.If I lost my erection I would penetrate without that stuff."
"Okay.Go and hide in the bathroom and don't forget to take your clothes."
I waited for more than half an hour in the damp attached bathroom with her bedroom but she didn't showed up.She deluded me to get out of my reach.My mind went berserk by the deception.
After an hour I came out of bathroom fully dressed.I threw her bra which was beneath my clothings into bathroom.I was about exit her room when suddenly my gaze stopped at the wardrobe.Swati was hiding something from me that day.She must have any skeletons in the closet.

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After an hour I came out of bathroom fully dressed.I threw her bra which was beneath my clothings into bathroom.
I was about exit her room when suddenly my gaze stopped at the wardrobe.Swati was hiding something from me that day.
She must have any skeletons in the closet.
I walked close to the door to check if somebody is coming but found nobody.I cursed swati once more.I then quickly darted towards the wardrobe.
I timidly opened the wardrobe.I chuckled, situations like these call for bold, not timid, responses.
When you search something secretly in other's room even pin drop sound sounds like a bomb.I remember the drawer in the wardrobe.I scanned the
wardrobe for the drawer and found it quickly.I pulled the drawer at once.
It was Locked.
Damn shit.
Now what...
I abused swati to the contentment of my heart.
Where could be the keys.And the answer was anywhere.I couldn't even think where she used to keep the secret keys.Well just for the formality ,I searched under the mattress, on the table,in her bag.The keys were nowhere.
Okay,The detective inside me told that she must have left some clue somewhere.
I again came to her wardrobe and started looking at every items keenly but
end up in appreciating her concealing ability.Just when I was closing the wardrobe,a deodorant got displaced with my hand and fall on the floor.The
deodorant cap got aparted from the can.When I was replacing the cap to the deo I got stunned.She had concealed the keys in her deo cap.I believed the keys
belonged to the drawer.I tried immediately.
I successfully opened the drawer then pulled it out at once.
I got some medicines,a letter and few prescriptions.

The next Day........3.30 A.M.

Swati's mom and dad were asleep.I went to her room and found the door was unlocked.I came inside and locked the room.A white night bulb was switched on
which provided ample light to identify swati, who was sleeping in a loose T-shirt and pyjama.I stripped my shirt and half pant and helped myself beside swati.
I adjusted the temp. of A.C. so that her skin would not feel cold when I would undress her.I decided to play a game,Undressing her without waking her up.

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