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Real life incident-one day trip to Talakadu  


Hi This is Discretemale99 again back with my second story. This again is one of the seven incidents that has happened in my life till date. This incident happened during my engineering days.

I studied in one of the reputed engineering colleges in Karnataka and as expected I secured very good marks in my PUCII( 12th std) and got a merit seat through CET. Once in Engineering I got complete freedom( the kind of restrictions in school was not there)- We guys started to smoke, watch girls and women with a different view, look for sexyness in lecturers, haunt night clubs, hit up pubs till he wee hours. Still there was not much of a boy-girl relationships and whatever little interaction that we had was in class just with our class mates

Ours being a semester system, we had to study a lot compared to our Bangalore university counterparts and we had exams every six months which meant that we did not have absolutely no breathing space. The first year was quite studious with college ragging, hostel ragging being the highlight of the year. The second year was our chance to return the raggings that we had received to our junirs and this too was not a eventful year.

When we entered our third year, i happened to fall in love with a girl from one of the Arts colleges in the university and i actually had a good time with her for the next two years. This actualy is the third story that i will write after I complete this one. This incident is a real life incident and a one day/night affair with my classmate which started and ended the same day and next day we were complete strangers!!!!!

Third year- I was noted as a ruffian( i dunno might be my grades fell in second year and i managed to barely scrape through to the next year) in the class. Most of the females of our class did not like me. With my girlfriend in one of the colleges in the city, i mostly spent time with her bunking my classes often. This did not give me good visibility in my class. In ngineering whnever someone fails his class he loses a year and again joins back with his junior class.

In my fourth year with my girlfriend refining me into being a gentlemen I started behaving quite decentely in class and wanted to clear all my subjects and get a distinction in class. I also was seen most of the time in my class with almost nil bunking of classes. There were a coupleo f my seniors who had flunked their prefinal year and took a year to clear out back logs and joined with us. All these people were a year older to us. This story is about me and one such girl- Suzanne – yep she is a christian- she had flunked her exams and got detailed and she joined my class in the final year.

The final year was actually a full class- with over 75 students of which 26 were females- of these 26- 8 were seniors( females who rejoined our class in the final year) one such girl was suzzanne.
She aint a ooh aaah ouch kind but was well behaved, well structured and quite decently dressed for a christian – no skirts only chudis and occassional jeans but with a long tees – u know the style that was prevailing way back in 1990′s

She also was my laboratory batchmate and occassionally i got a chance to complete 1-2 experiments with her. Mid year- our class decided to get to a nearby location Talakadu for a one day trip( those days trips were not permitted by colleges ) – we somehow got our junior lectureres to join us and purposely booked a khatara bus( i still laugh at the way the guys shook the top of the bus 🙂 . This trip was something that was memorable and is still remembered by all my class mates.

This was also one of the most memorable event in my college life- a one day stance which gave everything that a man expects in his sexual world.

We left our college early at 7AM with each and every student arriving at the venue way before time. The bus arrived on dot and we left our college on time – after a 30 min drive through teh city we left the city and got into the villages and this is where we stopped for breakfast. During this time as it happens all these good guys and smart guys started playing some brain storming stuff in which i was damn bad and i went way up to the front and sat in the first seat. As I was alone and was getting bored- during break fast I had a quick break fast and got into the bus and slept off. By 10ish the bus reached Talakadu. Yes we had a one day trip here. I was shook when the bus hit a ditch while entering talakadu and i was in the first seat and right next to me this suzzanne was seated. I woke up and she smiled at me and said i was sleeping like a log. I said i had a bad and a late night last night hence am tired and lot of noise in the back. We got down in talakadu all the guys ran over to the water and dived in I too took the plunge. After 3-4 hrs we sneaked out of the team during the lunch preparation and got hold of someone who could get us some beers. After gulping a couple of bottles we returned just in time when the lunch was served( 3.30PM) Like the jails we too stood in line and got our stuff- the sambar rice and curd rice was tasting like biryanis as were totally famished and we did not have any money left with us to spend on hotel food. After lunch we again went into the water and spent the evening there.
We wrapped up at 6 ish when it was getting dusky. Each one was told that the return journey will be quite noisy and no one shud sleep off- with 5 bottles of beer inside and lots of water sport- i was damn tired. I got out of the water early- took a nice bath changed my clothes – deo’s have been my weak point and i had my poison onto me( presented by my big brother) and was the first of the lot to board the bus – i took the same seat that i was on and rested myself- slowly everyone started bording and every one commented that i am sitting in the first row and wanted to drag me out. I somehow convinced them that i was unwell and wanted to rest. Every one got on board and suzzanne sat in the same seat next to me.

Journey from talkad to Bangalore is around 2 hours now but those days it used to take 3.5 hrs from mys to bangalore and talakad was a 4 hr drive. As the bus turned out of talakad- i smiled at suzzanne and we got introduced!!!!- We knew each other as class mates only till this time.

Actually suzzanne was from mangalore and she was a christian and her family was devasted due to her flunking in exams and i also got to know the reaon of her flunking – her boyfriend ditched her just before the exams started and she dropped most of her exams and hence she flunked( i did nto cross check but i believed her) she talked talked and braged about her boyfriend – someone who was in the same college but had passed out as he passed his exams and he ditched her for his bihari bride. She had tears in her eyes when she narrated this.

The first row in the bus ( luxyry bus) wa quite a decent one- with high seats which covers your head too- fortunately there was no passage between the two seats- a single seat to accomodate two people- screens towards the window and a screen in the front to block the upcomming lights from teh drivers wind shield- left side there was a pole and fortunately for us we had placed utensils – some big ones which blocked the view from the left-

Soe during the conversation i got her hand and convinced her with a pat. She was still sobbing. She rested her head on my shoulders and we did not speak to each other. This was common for her i feel as in her christianity kissing and pecking the cheeks is quite common but not me. I did nto knwo what to do and i rested my left hand on hwer shoulders and the right one was holding her hand. I let go her hand and rested my hand on her thighs- suzzanne was wearing a jeans and a tee- the decent kind. She kept her hand on mine as it rested on her thighs and pulled the hand towards her inside thighs saying she was too bored in this year a she is completely devasted due to the break up and dunno what to do as she is not interested in exams this time too. I convinced her and said she needs to clear her subjects – pass the exams and then think of something . She agreed. My hand was resting on her inner thigh. We did not speak after this – i took my left hand and let it fall over her shoulders- it touched her boobs- she straightened up a little giving me ample clearence of her entire left boob. With a tshirt it was tough for me to enter her tees- but i could manage to enter her tees later on. I slowly felt the out lining of her left boobs and i could clearly feel that the boob was hardening and by the time in touched her nipple over the tee the nips were hardened. She was pulling my right hand right to her pussy and pressed it hard against her pussy. I immediatley let go my left hand and inserted it through her sleeve and got to feel her bra and nipples through it after some pumping she was totally in ecstacy- with a guy next to her who is pumping her boobs and fingering her over her pants- she wanted to have more but it was too risky to do anything at all. I asked her to sleep on my lap if she wanted- she immediately saw to her left and when no one was watching her she slept on my lap- I already had a hard on and her head rested on my hard dick. She took her left hand and pushed the dick down and rested her face on it. Well i had worn a short on the way back and it was easier to feel the hardon. She brushed my hard on twice or thrice turned to me smiled and rested her cheek on my dick- i grabbed this opportunity and inserted my hand through her neck and started pumping her boobs- this time her nips were hard i could feel the smoothness of her boobs – the slight sweat drips in her bra below the boobs. I could reach down to her stomach and caressed it for a while. After a while i could feel her finger exploring on my thighs and inside my shorts and she could reach my underwear – she touched my dick and found it hard- she pressed it so very hard that i had to let go a slight awwwww. She turned face towards me smiled and pulled my dick out of the wear and tok the rock solid outside the wear and the shorts and am not sure what she was seeing in that dard- after a while her tongue started clurping on the dick head. I could not resist this and slid my hand in her jeans- with a damn tight jean i could not get evena finger inside- she immediately pulled her stomach inside and opened her jeans button and zipped it down. I could now clearly get to her panties ( well they were damp as if she had pissed in it. I smelled it and found it to be her juices). I started to slowly tease her pussy from outside- a cleanly shaven pussy that it was and the pussy was slightly bigger – i came to know she wasnt a virgin as i could slide in three fingers inside with one tickling her piss part and the two tickling the sides of her pussy. She started discharging and was pumping on my dick with her mouth. Up and down up and down she went on my hard on. I felt like cumming but resisted- I think of rambo firing endless bullets and slowly my urge came down – i knew we had two more hours drive and wanted to somehow complete this cum inside her. After a while the driver switched on the lights without any notice- i was with my dick outside my shorts with a big hardon . More than me it was a tough thing for her- first she was resting herself on my laps slurping my dick, her pants were zipped ut and unbuttoned and my hand was inside her tees- i dunno hwo we did it but in the next few seconds we managed to ready outself – she covered her pants with her shawl and buttoned her pants inside. All the guyss wondered why the bus stopped- i pretended to be asleep with my legs on the utensils spread in front of me. The driver said that there was some drag in the engine and he wanted to see what was wrong.

After 10-15 mins he came back and told the tour organizer that the engine had lost a engine oil and lots of oil had been spilt due to the lid being loosened during travel. He wanted someone to get back to bangalore and get the oil and the lid and the distance was around 1 hr drive away- we were near ramanagaram. Just past ghousia engineering college. The bus stopped- the guys and girls got down- most of them tired had slept in the back and some were still doing some antakshari and stuff. I too got down and joined a couple of guys for a pee. Once back suzzanne loudly asked me where can the women go in- i said we will check and return- we walked a while and found a dhabha and checked with the toilets there. As the halt will be more than two hours it was better that we had our dinner too – it was 8-8.30 already. All the guys got down the cleaner and one more guy said they will manage the bus and our things. We did not have any money but our lecturer said we will pool in and try to manage. We could manage not more than 3500 rupees from 80 os us!!!!! If i think of this now i feel how much of inflation has hit us… We walked for 10 mins and came over to the dhabha and all the women lined up for the loo- suzanne was staring at me now and then and was smiling at me- i noticed that i had leaked now and then and my shorts had cum stains. She was clean from outside.
We ordered for some rotis and gravy and some rice stuff – the women finished their toilets and came and sat on the dhabha chairs/ suzzanne then went to the loo before she entered she looked at me and nodded and locked herself in. The toilet was behind the dhabha and me and one more person was sitting in the chair from where we could see the toilets. I too excused myself went over to the cigarret walla bought 2 cigrettes and lit one as the food twill take time. I then wandered away – walked with immense speed from the otehr side of the dhabha and reached the toilet. I could clearly see the guys making merry . I knowcked the toilet door and said it is me. Immediately suzzanne opened the door- it was quite smelly. She let me in and kissed me like never before- feeling her tongue right inside my mouth . I could now catch her full fledged. Feeling her boobs, and butts and puss and what not. I reminded that we were in the toiled ant if someone comes by then we are stuck- i took leave and said i will wait for her behind the dhabha- she came in after a min and walked the other side. No one noticed us out of the group . She reached the back side of the dhabha which was pitch darlk- there could have been snakes but my snake was striving for something. I caught her walked a little further away towards the big rocks and in open farm hugged her tightly. She kneeled and immediately took my dick and started giving a blow job. Once i was high – i undressed her- saw the real beauty in part moon light and felt each part of her body. Smooched her pussy. Licked it clean, pinched her nipples and this was on for close to 20 mins. I did not want to wait further but to lay her on the ground and spread her leg and smooched her pussy and lubricated it and pushed my hard on inside- she let out a grunt it must be the pain- my dick thought not a 10 inch is not more than 6-6.5 when erect but it is really fat- with a 4 inch diameter or more. She actually enjoyed the thrust that i hit her in – we had sex for almost 20-25 mins with me cumming at the last moment – i had to pull out my dick as there was no condom . She immediately picked my dick and pushed it inside her mouth and started slurping my cum , she was still unsatisfied- i had to finger fuck her for over 10 mins before she let out her juices. I then realized how much she would have had with her boyfriend. We got up and got dressed and walked back towards the dhabha- i told her to get toe toilet again and i walk to the otehr side- she went to the toilet and i went over toe th ciggrette wala and acted as if I had spent my time there – told the guys that the bar is behind and we can try have more beers if someone has hidden cash- suzzanne walked out of the toilet and joined the other girls stating she had a loose motion .

The next day most of them did not come to college. A day after suzzanne was acting as if nothing happened and we slowly lost touch – but i got a chance to complement her for the great time she gave me and she too complimented me for the great finger fucking she actually told me that i am very romantic and dont look at sex too early in the session. It is actually great and any girl will have a good time with me for sure. I asked her if this can happen- she said she will concentrate on her studies- finish college and get back to mangalore and see what her parents have in store for her. She knew about my girlfriend and wished me all the best.

Even now when i think of this incident i get aroused and look towards many such incidents happening.

Posted : 03/07/2011 9:20 am