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Ramu ka Pyaar  

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My first sexual experience took place with our housemaid.

I lived with my parents and my younger sister Meena in a two-bedroom apartment. There was also Shanti, the maid who did general work and also acted as Meena's ayah. Shanti was about 35 years old and very ordinary looking. She was a widow. My parents slept in one room and my sister, the ayah and me in the other. While Meena and I slept on beds Shanti slept on the floor.

By nature I was very horny. I started to masturbate at the age of twelve and since then masturbated nearly daily. One night, thinking that every one is asleep I started to masturbate. My eyes were closed and my hand was moving fast on my cock. As I was about to come someone grabbed my hand.
Surprised I said, "What? Who? "Shh dheere bolo koyi sunn lega (Shh speak softly someone might hear)" I heard Shanti whisper. Maybe the shaking and creaking of the bed woke her. I was already imagining as to what was going to happen to me when Shanti tells mummy, mummy in turn will tell daddy and I will be severely taken to task.

I started to beg Shanti to let me go but she cut me off and said, "Ramu agar tujhe masti chardi hai tau aa main usse uttar deti hoon (Ramu if you are feeling horny come I will look after it)" and pulled me down from the bed. I lay on top of her ample tits. She pulled up her sari exposing her hairy choot (cunt) and pulled off my pajamas and said, "Ab karo (Do it now)".

I had never fucked before but knew that there was a hole down there and the cock is supposed to go in it. So I started to push blindly in the hope of finding the right path. Shanti caught hold of me and said, "Thehro! (Wait!)". Then putting her hand below she took hold of my rigid cock and with a deft movement of her hips and her hand inserted my cock in her choot (cunt) and said "Ramu ab chodo (Ramu now fuck)". This was my first fuck.

We then fucked every night and also in the day if we got a chance. Shanti taught me every thing about cunt, tits and what women liked etc. She even sucked my cock. One night she wanted me to fuck her in her ass hole. I refused. No way was I going to put my cock in her shit. She was very persuasive and promised extreme pleasure. I succumbed to her desire and fucked her in her butt. She was right her tight gaand (ass hole) gave me real, real pleasure.

That day I found out why men loved to fuck young girls and deflower virgins. Yes, for their tight cunts. Tighter the cunt more enjoyable it is.
For six months or so every thing was fine till one day that stupid Shanti got herself fired for stealing a small trinket of my mother. Mother got her trinket back but I lost a choot forever. I was back to square one that is masturbating.

Next opportunity arose when I was in college.

My father was transferred out of town and I had to stay in the hostel. My chacha (uncle), a very distant cousin of my father, also lived in town. Our families were quite close to one and another. He was appointed my local guardian.

The household of my uncle comprised of my aunt and their two daughters Madhu and Sudha. Madhu was pretty, slim, with long hair and nice big black eyes. She was serious and a quiet type. Looks wise Sudha was just like her sister but more lively and a chatterbox. The girls liked me. I liked the girls. We were good friends and had some good times together. I never looked at them as sex objects. I spent many weekends at his house but nothing of consequence happened.

After my first years exams I decided to spend my summer vacation at my uncle's house (the hostel being closed for the holidays). I had not done too well in couple of subjects and wanted to take tuition from the professors. As it was summers my uncle and aunt slept on the roof. Only one room had a dessert cooler therefore we three slept in that room. As the room was small and could not accommodate three beds we slept on mattresses on the floor. In the afternoons my chachi (aunt) also rested in the room with us.

One evening we decided to go to see a movie. When we reached the hall all the tickets were sold out. Not wanting to go home without seeing a movie we went to a nearby hall. We did not realize that the picture being shown was an English 'adult' movie. The picture contained lots of kissing and many sex scenes etc. making me horny.

After the movie I felt quite embarrassed so did Madhu but Sudha was busy chattering as usual. Sudha said, "Ramu how do these people kiss doesn't the nose come in between?" I told her no. "I don't believe you. You must show it to me" said Sudha. "You stupid girl you want me to show you how to kiss here on the street and make a spectacle of ourselves" I scolded her. "No not here but when we get home. Just before going to bed" was her reply. During all this conversation Madhu did not say a word. She was lost in her thoughts.

When we were preparing to go to bed Sudha said, "Now Ramu show me how the kiss is done". I took Sudha in my arms and tenderly kissed her on the lips and then with more passion. I was by nature horny and the movie tonight had made me hornier. My cock was erect and I started to kiss her with real passion and pressed her small but very hard tits. Sudha started making small animal sounds. When we separated we were both panting.

Sudha said, "Ramu that was great. Now show didi (elder sister) how to kiss". Madhu would have no part in it but Sudha kept insisting. In order to shut her up Madhu agreed. I kissed Madhu and squeezed her tits. My erect cock was pushing between her legs. She was moaning with pleasure. Suddenly she blushed and pushed me away from her and said, "This is enough for tonight lets go to bed". After switching off the lights we all lay down.

After seeing the sexy movie and kissing my cousins I was feeling very horny. I could not sleep and kept tossing and turning. I could hear the rhythmic breathing of Sudha who was fast asleep. I looked towards Madhu. I could see the whites of her eyes in the moonlight filtering through the window. She was looking at me. I motioned her to come near me. She smiled and shook her head.

After few minutes I decided to take a chance. I reached out and caught her hand and pulled her towards me. At first she resisted but soon slid and lay next to me. I started to kiss her and kneading her bosom. She started to moan softly. I pushed her kameez over her breasts. She was not wearing a bra. I kissed her firm boobs and sucked their nipples. Madhu was getting hotter and hotter. Soon her hips started to jerk up and down in passion. I tried to take off her salwar. She caught my hand and shook her head.

I whispered, "Madhu please don't say no now, it would kill me" and continued to kiss her and rub her choot from outside her salwar. Soon her grip relaxed. I pulled her salwar off and placed it under her bottoms to avoid staining the bed sheet. She was also not wearing a panty either. I quickly took off my pajamas and got on top of her and rubbed my hard on between the lips of her now very wet cunt. Madhu sighed loudly and said, "Yeh bahut achcha lag raha hai (Ramu this feels very nice)".

I placed my cock on the entrance of her choot and said, "It will pain a little now". She nodded her head and braced her self for the pain. In a swift firm stroke I broke through her hymen and was fully buried in her cunt. She gasped "OOHHH heavens it really hurts". I said, "It will soon abate" and started to fuck her. It was not long before Mahdu came with a loud AAHhhh. I was no where near coming and continued the in and out movement. She said, "Ramu please be careful. Don't make me pregnant". "Don't worry I know what to do when the time comes" I told her. She relaxed. Another five minutes of in and out motion Madhu came with loud sign 'AAAHHHhh' I was also about to come. When my seed rose I spilled it on her stomach. She wiped it with her kameez and rubbed it on her body.

We lay still in each other's arms for many minutes enjoying the sensations of our first union. In fifteen minutes or so my cock was rigid again. We fucked again. Madhu said, "Ramu it was heavenly. I have never felt such intense sensations before". After our second fuck she slid back to her side.
I still could not sleep in about half an hour I saw that Madhu was still awake. I beckoned her to me. She quickly came and we had another glorious fuck. When we had finished I said, "Madhu be careful your clothes must have got soiled". She said, "I know I will take care of them in the morning". Then we slept.

It was late when I got up in the next morning. When I entered the dining room I saw Madhu sitting alone and cutting vegetables. In a whisper I asked, "Is everything all right". She whispered, "Yes. I got up early and had a bath and washed my clothes. Then I asked loudly, "Where is Sudha". Madhu replied that she was having her bath and as soon she has finished I should bathe. It is already late for breakfast. I then whispered, "Madhu it was lovely last night. We will do it again tonight". Madhu blushed and nodded.

Thereafter every night when Sudha was asleep we both fucked.

Madhu had a friend Lata. She was as old as Madhu but darker. She had nice features, flashing black eyes and real big boobs. Madhu and Lata were class fellows and best of friends. Lata used to visit our house nearly every day. She was like a family member. I started fantasizing about fucking her and playing with her ample bust. We used to play many games together and some times the games got rough. I managed to feel her tits on several occasions but she did not react. She must have thought it was by accident.

One day Lady Fortune did smile on me but in quite an unsuspected way.

After a fortnight or so of fucking Madhu my uncle and aunt had to go to a wedding. When they were leaving my uncle said, "We will get late and you children should not wait up for us". After the usual lecture about 'opening the door to strangers' etc. they left.

As soon as they had gone I took Sudha on my lap and started to kiss her. Sudha said, "Ramu why don't you do what you do with didi". "I am doing that" I replied. "No not this. Lie on top of me and move" she said. "I don't do that with Madhu" I said trying to evade the matter. "Don't lie to me. I have been watching you both for last four nights. When you think I am sleeping you lie on top of her and move and didi sighs and says Ramu this is really heavenly I have not felt so much pleasure before and things like that. I also want to feel this heavenly pleasure" she said. I thought, "We were lucky, as the moon was on the wane she could not see all that was really going on.

I wanted to fuck her choot also. Her cunt would be real tight I thought. I remembered that tighter the hole more enjoyable it is. Sudha repeated, "Ramu please do it. Please". How lucky can one get here I thought Sudha is begging me to take her virginity. I did not want to lose the favours of Madhu's choot. I looked at Madhu and enquiringly raised my eyebrow. Madhu smiled and nodded. The road to Sudha's virgin choot was now clear.
I took her in my arms and said, "I will do what you want but on three conditions. Firstly you will tell no one, I repeat no one at all about what we do here. Secondly you will not stop me doing anything I want and thirdly you will do everything I ask you to do without asking questions. Agreed?" "Yes. I promise Ramu, I promise" she panted eagerly.

After switching off all the unnecessary lights to avoid attracting attention I took a towel and spread it on the bed sheet. Then I lay down on it with Sudha in my arms. I kissed her and fondled her small but rock hard tits. When I tried to raise her kameez above her tits she caught hold of hand. I said, "Remember your promise". Slowly her grip slackened and I pulled off her kameez. God what lovely breasts? I kissed them at first then sucked their pink nipples. Sudha was moaning with pleasure, "Ramu this feels really nice. It is lovely etc." I placed my hand on her choot and started to rub it from outside her salwar. She moaned louder.

When I opened her salwar string she caught hold of my hand again and said, "Ramu tum kya pagal ho gaye ho? Mujhe nanga kyon kar rahe ho? (Ramu have you gone mad? Why are you undressing me?)" I again reminded her of her promise but her grip did not loosen. I insisted on taking her salwar off. She looked at Madhu for help. Madhu smiled and nodded. For a few minutes she did not know what to do. I kept on sucking her tits and rubbing her slit. Then hesitatingly she removed her hand and let me do what I wanted. I took off her salwar and she lay absolutely naked in front of my eyes.

I had never seen Madhu naked but the sight of Sudha lying naked was like seeing a houri from heaven. Her small hard tits pointing towards the ceiling, her choot with slight growth of hair on it, the virgin lips of her cunt pressed together and the small clit peeping through them. As I did not want her to change her mind, I did not dally long at this heavenly vision but immediately put my lips on her choot and started to lick it and I suck on her clit. With a sharp intake of breath she said, "Oh it is really heavenly. I never thought one could feel so much pleasure". Madhu said, "Wait sister dear it gets better and better". I looked at Madhu and saw her hand moving inside her salwar masturbating.

I quickly took off my pajamas and lay on top of Sudha. I took my hard lund (cock) and rubbed it up and down between the lips of her cunt. Sudha went wild. Her hips were moving, she was moaning loudly and her breath was coming in gasps. I then placed my cock on the entrance of her tight virgin hole and slowly pushed the head of my cock inside till her hymen stopped further progress. I whispered, "Sudha now it is going to hurt you". "Does not matter let it hurt. It feels lovely please don't stop" she pleaded. I think she did not believe me that it would hurt. Gathering her firmly in my arms I pushed hard. The hymen tore and I was fully buried in her tight choot. "OOOWWWWOOO didi it hurting me like hell. Ramu kya kar rahe ho? Mere uper se uttero. Bahut hee dard ho raha hai (OOOWWWWOOO didi it is hurting me like hell. Ramu what are you doing? Get off me. It is really hurting me)" she yelled and tried to dislodge me. Keeping a tight hold of her I kept pumping her choot and said, "I am only doing what you wanted".

Soon her struggles became feebler and feebler and then stopped. She lay there enjoying the new sensation in her cunt. Her eyes shut saying 'OHHh' 'AAHHh' 'it is very nice' etc. As I had thought her choot was very tight. It held my cock like a vice. It was not long before I got to the short strokes. My speed got faster, the strokes shorter and harder. Seeing this Madhu realized that I was about to come. She said, "Ramu come in her choot there is no danger. Her periods finished only yesterday". Giving her a grateful smile and with a loud AAHHHhh I shot my load into Sudha's cunt and lay panting on her breasts.

Sudha opened her eyes and said, "Ramu ruk kyon gaye aur karo na? (Ramu why have you stopped please continue?)". I just lay there enjoying the sensation. Sudha turned to Madhu and asked, "Didi Ramu ruk kyon gaya? (Didi why has Ramu stopped?)" "Give him a few minutes he will start again". Few minutes later I started to fuck her again. Soon Sudha was about to reach her climax. Her hips started to move her moaning became louder and louder then with a shudder and a loud sigh she came. I continued to fuck. After ten minutes or so the juices in both of us started to rise again and we both came together. We just lay there panting and savoring the lovely sensations we had just experienced. We even dozed off.

It was Madhu's voice that brought us back to our senses. She was saying, "Ramu get off her and Sudha you go to the bathroom and wash the tell tale sighs off your first fuck properly with soap. "Must I? It feels so nice?" Sudha said. "Yes, young lady go wash yourself. Mummy and daddy will be here soon". This galvanized us into action. Soon every thing was in tiptop condition. We decided to go to sleep and not undertake any more risks. We were fast asleep when my aunt and uncle came home.

Next day began as usual with fight over the bathroom, then breakfast etc. On reflection of last night's events I was amazed that girl as old as Sudha did not know what fucking was. I decided Sudha was play-acting with us. I talked to Madhu about it. She agreed with me but on asking Sudha we did not get a straight answer.

Next night I wanted to see Madhu naked but she said, "No I feel embarrassed". Sudha was furious, "You saw me naked last night and now you are playing coy". After lots of persuasion we managed to make her naked. Her body was just like Sudha's except for her lovely tits. They were larger than Shudha's and she had more hair on her choot. The girls also inspected my cock and the balls from every angle.

I asked Sudha to kiss it and take it in her mouth and suck on it. At first she refused saying it was dirty. When I reminded her that I had licked her cunt last night she agreed and sucked my cock. It was not long before I came in her mouth. She tried to free herself but I held her tightly. She had to swallow my-cum. "Not bad. Salty but not at all bad" she said. Soon we had Madhu sucking my cock and drink my-cum. Thereafter we fucked, sucked and licked every night.

Only one thing was unanswered. Did Sudha know what fucking was? We asked her again. She tried to be evasive but we would not take an evasive answer. She said, "Okay I will tell you. You guys think I am stupid. Of course I knew what you both were unto. You see that night after the sexy movie I was feeling very horny. That is the reason I started with the kiss business as a hint to Ramu. I wanted Ramu to fuck me but he did not take my hint and I was too embarrassed to ask him directly. As it turned out instead of me my dear sister got fucked.

No I did not know you two were fucking till one night I woke up to piss and heard Madhu moaning. I just lay there and watched. It was a dark night I could not see much but knew you two were fucking. Thank god you finished soon and went to sleep otherwise I would have pissed in bed. Since then I watched you fuck every night and felt hotter than the kitchen stove. I knew now how to broach the subject but was waiting for an opportunity. The opportunity came and you know what happened. I got myself a nice cock. I am a good actress. I think I will join the films. What do you guys say? "You are a very naughty girl" we said and laughed.

Well I fucked both of them every night for a fortnight or so before another piece of luck happened to me.

Lata was Madhu's bosom friend. She came daily and was like a member of the family. I had always wanted to fuck her but was in a fix. If I tried directly and she repulsed me, she was bound to tell Madhu. Madhu might not like it and I could end up losing her choot also. If I asked Madhu to help me get her then the same result could follow. So I waited maybe luck will help me in the same manner it helped me to pluck Sudha's cherry.

One morning when we all four were playing monopoly I found that Lata was behaving very strangely. Whenever I talked to her she would go red in the face and then lower her eyes before replying. I also caught her staring at my crotch.

At that moment I said nothing but when I was alone with Madhu and Sudha at night I commented, "What is wrong with Lata she was behaving very strangely today?" Sudha said, "You are right I also noticed it". Madhu said, "May be because of what I told her". "What did you tell her?" I asked. "I... I... t t old her... everything" she stammered. "What? You stupid girl you mean you have told her about us fucking?" I said angrily. "Only about you and me and not about Sudha" she said. "But why did you do that. Now she can blow the whistle whenever she pleases and we all three, mind you we all three will be in deep trouble". Sudha said, "Tut, tut how could you do this didi?"

Madhu started to cry and said, "I did not mean to tell her but it slipped out. She was bugging me with her story of her last summer vacations and all the fun she had at the hill station. This must have been the hundredth time she was telling me. I got so annoyed that I said your fun can't be better than the fun Ramu and I are having together". Later I realized what I had said and tried to get out of it but Lata did not let go. Slowly, slowly she extracted the whole story from me from the first kiss to the last fuck of last night". "Don't worry she is my best friend and she would never, never tell on us" she continued. "Yes she is your best friend today. What happens if you both quarrel? Well what is done is done let us forget it and have fun. Madhu I will fuck you first today". Then we fucked and forgot the matter. So I thought.

Five days later Madhu said, "Ramu jab Lata kal aayegi tau ussko bhi chodena (Ramu when Lata comes tomorrow please fuck her also)". Surprised I asked her what has happened? She said, "I thought about what you both had said and decided the best course would be for her also to join us. I therefore started telling her that as to how lovely it was last night and all we did etc. Each day she was getting hotter and hotter.

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Today she said to me, "Madhu Ramu se keh kar mujhe bhi chudwao (Madhu ask Ramu to fuck me also)". I told her, "Agar tujhe chudwana hai tau tu khud hee poonchena (If you want to be fucked then you ask him yourself). Another thing you don't have to worry about consequences. Her periods are due in four/five days". Although my dream was coming true I said, "I would do what you both decide remember you will the have one-third cock instead of half now". Sudha was not in favor but in the end we all agreed that this is the best course. "What about Sudha she can't be present when you fuck her" I said.

Madhu said, "Sudha you go to the market with mummy. I remember you wanted to buy some cloth material for your salwar kameez. Sudha protested, "I want to watch too". "Well dear if you are present then there will be nothing to watch" was Madhu's simple reply. So it was decided that Sudha would go to the market with aunt.

Next day when Lata came she looked nervous. I behaved as if I knew nothing about their plan but kept an eye on her. When Lata saw Sudha she looked at Madhu and made a face in Sudha's direction. Madhu just smiled and shrugged. Sudha also showed no signs of going anywhere. As usual we started discussing what game we should play. Then my aunt came in and said, "Children I am going to the market and would be back as usual". Sudha said "Mummy I will come with you. I have to buy some material for my salwar kameez. You start I will join you in two minutes". With the corner of my eye I saw Lata's face light up and a big smile came on her lips.

Sudha took me outside and whispered, "Ramu isse intna zor se chodena ki woh kayi dinau tak chal na paaye (Ramu fuck her so hard that she can't walk for days)" and left. When I came back Madhu said, "Ramu Lata also wants you to show her how they kiss in English movies". I looked at Lata. She was blushing and nodded. I took her in my arms and kissed her at first tenderly then with mounting passion. At the same time I kneaded her big boobs. Lata was already hot and started to moan. We lay down together and I slowly undressed her. I kissed and sucked her nipples. Lata was moaning loudly with pleasure. I then sucked and kissed her slit. Then getting on top of her started to rub my cock between her cunt lips. She said, "Oh Ramu mujhse ab bardaashj nahin hota. Please mujhe itna mat satao. Apna laurda meri choot main gusserd do aur mujhe chodo. Zoron se chodo (Oh Ramu I can't bear it any longer. Please don't tease me so much. Put your cock inside my cunt and fuck me. Please fuck me hard)".

Well who was I to argue with her, I placed my cock on the entrance of her choot and pushed? My cock entered destroying her virginity forever. "OOOHHHH it hurts. Madhu it is hurting me a lot" she shouted. I kept fucking her till she forgot her pain and again started to moan with pleasure. Soon her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes and her breath was getting shorter and shorter. I was also about to come. My strokes were getting faster and shorter. With a loud AAAAHHHhh of satisfaction we both came together. We just lay there enjoying the sensation. I fucked her three times that day.

By the time my aunt returned we were dressed and playing cards making more noise than usual. Sudha looked at me and I nodded. She grinned and went to help aunt. After Lata had left Madhu asked Sudha, "Don't you want to know Lata's opinion?" "I don't have to ask I saw her leave with a big smile on her face. Which left me in doubt that her bleeding cunt was full of Ramu's cum" she said and laughed.

Next day when Lata came she looked around and asked, "Where is Sudha?" I just shrugged but Madhu said, "I think I saw her going out". Lata said, "What are we then waiting for? Ramu go ahead I am ready" and started to undress. I did not have to be asked twice. I then fucked her two times. As we lay resting Lata said, "Ramu make your cock hard again but this time you must fuck Madhu". I said why don't you make my cock erect again. She asked "Me how?

As if on cue Sudha walked in and said, "I will show you how? Seeing Sudha Lata turned pale and made a grab for her clothes to cover herself. Madhu laughed and "Don't worry Sudha is one of us". Sudha took my cock and started to suck it. Lata said, "Sudha you are very dirty". Madhu said, "Lata you are stupid the cock is nice wherever it is mouth or cunt. Why don't you try it".

Reluctantly Lata took my cock in her hands and at first gave it a couple of kisses. Then licked it tentatively. The girls kept telling her to take it her mouth and suck it. At last she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I held her head firmly and encouraged her to continue. "Go on suck more. It is feeling very nice. Oh Lata don't stop I am about to come".

Lata tried free her self but I held her head in place. "Oh Lata I am commmmiing" and shot my load in her mouth. "Swallow it; swallow it" the girls shouted. Lata was reluctant. I pinched her nose and she was compelled to swallow my-cum. "How was it?" the sisters asked. "Quite salty but all right" was her reply. "Don't worry you will soon enjoy it like we do" they told her. My cock was flabby again. I told Madhu, "Now it is your turn to suck my cock" she immediately got down on her knees and started to suck it. Soon I was hard again. Lata said, "Ramu now fuck Madhu or Sudha" I said no I can fuck them at night also. Daytime it is yours and fucked her once again.

This went on for few days. One morning Lata came as usual but had a glum look on her face. "Why so gloomy today" Sudha asked. "Damn, my periods have started" she replied. "Stupid girl you should be happy that nothing untoward has happened" Madhu told her. "Oh I am happy about that but today I will not be able to enjoy Ramu's cock. This is the cause of my sadness" Lata said. You know folks I had been trying to persuade Madhu and Sudha to let me fuck them in the ass but they always refused. Sudha always said, "First didi and then me". Madhu would say that it was unnatural. That was the end of the matter. No amount of persuasion would move them.

Now I saw an opportunity to fuck Lata in her butt and maybe fuck the sisters later in their ass holes. I told Lata, "You can still enjoy my cock in you if you like". Surprised she said, "You mean..." I cut her short and said "No not that way. Today I will fuck you in your ass hole". She looked a little uncertain. I quickly told Sudha to get some Vaseline. Lata was still not sure "Don't worry you will enjoy it. All the girls I have fucked in the ass hole have enjoyed it why not you". This gave her the impression that I had already fucked the sisters this way.

The sisters however kept quiet.

When Sudha came with the Vaseline I hassled Lata into getting on her fours and spreading her ass cheeks. I applied Vaseline on her butt hole then inserting first one then two fingers in it and slowly finger fucked her rear entrance. Lata said, "Ramu your finger feels very nice". I said, "Wait till I have my cock inside it". After greasing my hard on I placed it on the hole and applied pressure. Her sphincter was very tight and did not give way. I kept the pressure on. Soon it opened a little "Ramu it is hurting" wailed Lata. "Wait it will soon be over" I said and increased my efforts. My cock was entering. Lata shouted "Ramu stop I am dying. It hurts too much". Just as she said that the head of my tool gained entry. "I am now in. From now on you will experience only pleasure" I told her. In three pushes I was completely engulfed in her backside. I started to fuck her ass hole and rubbing her choot. At first Lata groaned with pain then the groan changed into a soft moan. "Ramu it is nice just like you said" Lata said. That day I screwed Lata's backside three times. When it was over she thanked me for the pleasure I had given her.

While going she said to Madhu, "Remember a cock is nice wherever it is in the cunt, the mouth or in the gaand" and left. That night I told the girls that today there would be ass fucking only. Sudha said, "I am ready but as I said earlier didi first". Madhu was reluctant at first but we, Sudha and me, were able to persuade her. Then I fucked both the sisters in their ass holes. "It is the same old story. Every girl first says no to ass fuck but when she experiences it once she likes it" I remarked. Sudha asked, "Tell me how many girls have fucked in their butt". "You are the fourth" I replied grinning broadly. After that night I fucked them many a times at their request in their rear hole.

Only one thing remains to be told. I had never had all three of them together. What I mean is one after the other. This desire was also fulfilled. On one Diwali night Lata was there as usual. We lighted fireworks till after dinner. It got late at night and she stayed over. That night I fucked all three of them together in their cunts and their ass holes till I nearly dropped dead. Although all three of them were very passionate and hot cunted, Lata had the least inhibitions. She was ready to try anything anytime, followed by Sudha. Madhu was the most conservative of them. Friends I enjoyed the three beauties throughout the holidays and also on every weekend that I spent at my uncle's house thereafter. On completion of my studies I returned home. I lost touch with them and their beautiful sexy bodies. We did keep in touch with each other by letters etc.

This however does not mean that I never got to fuck them again. I did get another opportunity but several years later.

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In these years many things had happened. My father had built a house. My parents with my sister Meena lived on the ground floor. I lived on the first floor with my family. Yes folks I had married and was a father of a four-year boy Sachin and a sweet daughter Madhuri, just two weeks old. On the second floor there was a barsati (a small room) in which excess furniture and other stuff was stored. The girls i.e. Madhu, Sudha and Lata were also married. My sister Meena was getting married.

You know how much work and arrangements are required in a girl's marriage in our society. As my wife had just had a delivery she was in no shape to do much work. Her hands were full with looking after Madhuri. So it was decided to call Madhu and Sudha to help. Lata, who was also a good friend of my sister, also volunteered to come. All three arrived on the same day, about ten days before the wedding date, though by different trains and directions. They chose to stay with my sister in her room.

Seeing all my three beauties of yesteryears together a desire to fuck them again arose in my mind. My cock was with me on this. I had not fucked for a long time due to my wife's delivery and chances were that I would not do so for at least another four weeks or so. My balls were full and urged me to think of a way to unload them. As first step I decided to try and get at them one by one.

Next morning when I caught Madhu alone I told her to come to the roof, as I had something to show her. "What?" she asked. I told her I would tell you when we meet. I went to the roof and unlocked the barsati. I must mention here that as many guests were expected to stay with us I had rented a number of mattresses and other stuff like utensils etc. required for the wedding. These things were all stored in the barsati and I was in-charge. Being summers the weather was hot and the roof was deserted during the daytime.

After ten minutes or so when Madhu came I took her inside the barsati. "What do you want to show me?" she wanted to know. I opened my zipper and said this, producing my cock in full erection. "Now Ramu none of this you know that I am married now" she said. Forcing her hand on my erection I said, "Yes I know but I am longing to fuck you again". I could see lust rising in her eyes and with a little more persuasion she agreed. I laid her on the piled up mattresses and we had a glorious fuck. I must have come in litres. Madhu commented on it and I told her that I had not fucked in months and then seeing you three here together reminded me of our old days. I wanted to fuck her again. She said, "Not now dear Ramu may be later. I must go now. I don't want to be missed". I made her promise to come on the roof again the next day at three in the afternoon. Everyone will be resting and we won't be missed. After promising she left.

I thought one down two more to go. Later in the morning I cornered Sudha and asked to meet me on the roof. When she came I made the same request. With only slight hesitation she agreed and we fucked. I made her also promise to meet me again the next day at three in the afternoon. She said, "Yes" and left. After lunch I asked Lata to come to the roof. She came and I repeated my request. She said, "Why not it would fun doing it again with you". We had a satisfying fuck. After promising to meet me again the next day at three like the others she left.

Next afternoon I was waiting for them. Lata came first. I sent her inside the barsati and told her I will join her soon. Sudha followed her. I dealt with her in the same way. As I waited for Madhu I could hear Lata and Sudha speculating about what was going to happen. After ten minutes or so Madhu arrived. I entered the barsati with Madhu. Seeing her both Lata and Sudha said, "It seems that all the actors are here now". I said, "Yes". I told them that after seeing them together again I had the desire to repeat what we did when we were last together that Diwali night. I also told them that I had fucked them individually yesterday and today we will do it together. Sudha and Lata were game but Madhu demurred. Sudha and Lata soon dealt with her objections.

Lata said, "Ramu whom will you fuck first? Please fuck me first". Sudha said, "No. Me". Madhu kept silent. As this question would be raised I had already given thought to it. I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings by choosing one and not the other. I said to be fair I will fuck you in the same order as I had taken your virginity but in the manner you would like. Lata looked a little disgruntled and said, "This means my turn comes last". "This is how the cookie crumbles, my dear. But you will agree it is fair" I told them.

Madhu said, "All this would take time. What if some body comes?" "Don't worry, firstly no one will come and even if somebody does come, seeing all four of us together will not suspect anything, as long as we are not caught with our hand in the cookie jar. You understand what I mean don't you? So those of you awaiting your turn should keep a sharp lookout". I said. Seeing the situation it was not prudent for us to undress completely and it was therefore decided to proceed with minimum of undressing. The girls were wearing saris but I had to take my pants off in order to give full freedom to my cock.

I asked Madhu as to how would she like me to fuck her. She raised her sari and pulled off her panty. After tucking it under the mattress she lay down on it pulled up her sari. Spreading her legs to display her cunt said, "Ramu fuck me like this but fuck me hard". "This way I won't last too long" I told her. "Does not matter that is the way I like it but make me come". "No problem" I said and started to her bidding. In few minutes we were both about to come. "Ramu I am about to COM mfh mfg". "Not so loud didi" Sudha said placing her hand on her mouth. "I am commmminnngggg" Madhu whispered and came. I also came at the same moment. "Ramu it was very good" Madhu said.

It was Sudha's turn now. "Ramu fuck me from the rear" was her preference. "You mean..." I started to say. "No stupid, not in the ass hole. Enter my choot from the rear" Sudha interrupted. I entered her as directed placing one hand on her clit and with the other I pressed her tits. As it was my second time it took much longer before my seed rose and I unloaded my-cum in her choot. In the mean while Sudha had come three times. "Oh Ramu I say you are very good" she said.

Lata said, "Now it is my turn. Ramu you lie down and I will ride you". "Yes but give me some time to recover" I said. "I will suck your cock and make it ready" Lata said. "No sucking today we keep it for some other day" I replied. Turn by turn they took my cock in their hands and tried to revive it. As soon as I was ready again I lay down and Lata mounted me and with a smooth stroke took my cock inside her cunt and started to move up and down. After about three minutes she came with a loud sigh and lay on my chest. After a minute or two she started again. As soon as she came for the second time she lay down on my chest again. Again and again she did the same.

Sudha said, "Lata you crafty bitch you are very clever. Ramu if you let her go on like this then she will fuck you all night and morning and we won't get another chance". I also saw through her ruse and said "Lata one more time then I will fuck you". She laughed and agreed. When Lata came the next time I turned her over and fucked hard and fast till we both came together. Lata said, "Ramu you are the very best man I know". Her manner was such that it gave all of us the feeling that she was also fucking other men than her husband. Madhu and Sudha simultaneously asked " Whom all have you been giving the taste of your choot" Lata tried to deny it but it was quite obvious that she was fucking every cock in sight in her in-laws house. Then I fucked all the three girls by turns. It was getting late and we called it a day. After agreeing to meet again the next day at the same time we dispersed.

Next day when we all were present I said, "Today I will fuck your ass holes in the same order as I took their cherry". Lata said, "This is not fair. My turn will again come last". "Don't fret my dear you are wrong. Today you come first" I told her. "What? I thought you had already fucked their ass holes before mine otherwise I would never have let you near it" she said. "No my dear your ass hole was the first and because of you they agreed to let me take their ass hole cherry" I said. "But I thought you had already fucked their ass holes" she said. "Well you were wrong. First you, then Madhu and then Sudha. Now let us have less talk and more action. "Jaldi se apni gaand pesh karo (Quickly present your ass hole) " I commanded.

Lata got on to the mattress and offered her ass hole. When I got behind her she asked meekly " Kya meri gaand sukhi hee maroge? (You will fuck my ass hole without any lubrication)". Madhu said " If you had already decided to fuck us in the ass hole then why did you not bring some cream or vaseline with you? I grinned and said "Sorry I forgot". "No you have a choice. Either I wet your ass hole with my spit but the cock is dry or I wet my cock in your cunt and your ass hole is dry. Which way do want it? I asked. "In my cunt first" she replied. I entered her cunt from the rear and after a few strokes I placed my cock on her ass hole and pushed. "Oh my God it is hurting like the devil" she complained. "It will soon ease" I said and started to fuck her ass hole.

After having fucked her it was Madhu's turn. She wanted me to use spit. She also experienced considerable pain as I entered. After I asked Sudha to get ready. Seeing the pain the others had felt Sudha was not keen. But Lata and Madhu said "Hamane apni gaand marwayi hai, tujhe bhi marwani pardegi (We have had our ass hole fucked and you will also have to do the same)" and soon got her in the right position. I used both my spit and wetted my cock in her cunt. Despite this she said, "Ramu your cock is killing me". I fucked their backside once again and promising to meet the next day, we left.

After that day we met regularly and enjoyed ourselves in all sorts of manner. I started spending most of my time on the roof. Even if any one or two of them could not come to the roof at the appointed time they came up before or after for a quickie. As the marriage date of Meena came nearer more guests arrived and our meetings became more and more difficult. Their husbands also arrived. We did however manage to fuck but not so regularly as earlier. After the wedding they all left for their homes. We agreed that we should try to do this again sometime.

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I am nearly six-foot tall, slim, muscular. By profession I am a teacher. I got some lucky breaks and I am at present the principal of a government school. I am married and my wife is also a teacher, employed in a prestigious private school. We have two children Sachin a five years old boy and Madhuri, a girl just about a year old. We live in the house built by my father. My parents live on the ground floor and my family and I on the first floor.

We have a cook cum maid Maya. Maya is in her late twenties, married but separated from her husband. She is not very tall, slim, dark with real big boobs which swing when she walks. Their movement alone is sufficient to give anyone a hard on. We also have Kanchi, a young girl from Nepal to look after Madhuri. Kanchi was short, fair and very pretty. She has beautifully shaped small boobs. She looks so pretty and fresh that I want to pull her to me and shove my cock up her virgin cunt. Both the maids live on the second floor in the barsati (a small room on the roof).

During the summer vacations my wife along with the children and Kanchi went to spend a month or so with her parents. Maya and I were left alone in the flat. My parents wanted me to stay with them during this period. I told them that as I had very irregular timings etc. I would not like to disturb them and would prefer to stay in my own flat.

The real reason was that I wanted to enjoy Maya's choot (cunt). Though she had been married and probably well fucked by her husband my readers would agree with me that a new choot is a new choot. From the very first day, I started to plan as to how to get her in my bed.

Few days later one night while eating dinner I asked her, 'Maya where is your husband and why did you leave him?' My wife had told me all about her marital history. My purpose was to remind her of her husband and make her think about the nights she was spending alone without the benefit of his cock to pacify her young choot, in other words to make her wet and horny.

She said, 'I did not leave my husband but he threw me out. I asked, 'But why you are young, sexy, pretty and a good cook?' She said, 'I got married when I was only eighteen. Even after five years of marriage I did not have children. My husband took me to different doctors and to hospitals for check ups me. After a year or so they established that due to some internal deformities I could never become a mother. My in-laws then pressed my husband to marry again'.

'At first he resisted but in the end gave in to them and married again. My husband was a fair man and after the initial few months, in which I let him enjoy his new and young bride without complaining, he distributed his favours evenly between us both. The new wife treated me like her elder sister. Every thing was going well till the new wife got pregnant and her brother came to visit us'.

'After he left the attitude of the new wife changed completely. She started instigating my husband against me by telling him small lies about me. There were fights and quarrels nearly every day. One day she told our husband that he had to choose between the two of us'.

'As she was giving him the long desired child he kept her and threw me out. Since then I have worked as cook and maid in different households and since three months I am working for you sir'.

After dinner I went for my daily walk. On my return I did not see Maya anywhere. It was the month of June. The day had been a scorcher. The night was also very hot. There was no relief under the fan so I decided to go to my bedroom straight away. An air conditioner was working in the room and the temperature was very pleasant.

I was reading in bed when Maya knocked and came in with my nightly glass of milk. 'Yahan kitna achha hai. Bahar tua bhatti ki terah garam hai. Pata nahin mujhe iss garmi main neend aayegi ya nahin? (It is so nice in here. Outside it is hot like a furnace. I don't know whether I will be able to sleep in this heat?)'.

I told her, 'Tu chahati hai tau yahan so ja (If you want you can sleep here)'. She blushed and said, "Sachhi? Main abhi aayi (Really? I will just come)" and disappeared. I knew that tonight I was going to fuck Maya.

After ten minutes or so she was back with a pillow and a sheet and started to spread it on the floor. 'Kya kar rahi hai? (What are you doing?)' I asked. 'Apna bistar bana rahi hoon (I am making my bed)' she replied. I told her that there is no need for her to sleep on the floor and she could sleep on the bed it was broad enough. She blushed again and lay down on the far end of the bed. I continued to read.

I thought she apparently wants fucking and she will surely make the next move. If not the night was still young and I could make my move later. Sure enough after half an hour or so she said, 'Mujhe thand lag rahi hai (I am feeling cold)'. I said, 'Paas aaja main tujhe garam rakhoonga (Come nearer I will keep you warm)'. After initial hesitation and blushing she slid over to me.

I laid down my book and started to press her ample boobs. She said, 'Saabji kya kar rahe ho? (Saabji what are you doing?)'. 'Tujhe garami de raha hoon (I am warming you)' I said. There after she said nothing and let me do what I pleased. I opened her blouse and slid her bra up releasing her large tits. I kissed them and sucked the nipples. She was moaning loudly. I raised her sari and rubbed my finger in her slit and then finger fucked her.

She was panting and said, 'Saabji aur mat tardpao. Jaldi se mujhe chodo (Saabji don't tease me any more. Fuck me quickly)". I told her to undress completely and started too undress myself. She had her clothes off in a trice and lay down for me to 'mount' the nights show. Her cunt had no hair on it. I quickly inserted my cock in her waiting cunt. 'AAAHHhh how lovely it is to feel a man inside me again. I had nearly forgotten the pleasure it gives' she murmured.

After every few strokes she came. Due to lack of fucking her choot was quite tight and in ten minutes or so I was ready to shoot my-cum in her. My strokes became faster and harder. Her bottoms were moving in rhythm of my hips and she was moaning loudly and shouted, 'Faster harder y... hes more Y... HEEEES' then with a loud sigh I shot my-cum into her and at the same moment she also came with a loud 'AAAHHHhh'.

After the fuck she snuggled up to me. She lay with her head on my chest playing with my balls and my limp cock. I asked her if she removed the hair on her cunt every day and smelled so nice too.

She said, 'Actually no. Today all the talk of my husband had made me lewd. I wanted you to fuck me. So after dinner when you went out for a walk I dumped all the dishes in the sink and went up to my room. I removed the hair from my choot and had a bath with the aromatic soap given to me by madam. I thought may be I will get lucky tonight and wanted to be ready. When you asked me to sleep in the room I knew you also wanted to fuck me. I lay waiting for you to make a move but you didn't. So I told you I was feeling cold. Well I did get lucky didn't I?'

Then she said, 'Saabji mujhe ek baar aur chodo (Saabji fuck me one more time)'. I told her sure but first suck my cock and make it hard again. Without any hesitation ( indian sex stories mobile ) she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. She was an accomplished cocksucker. Soon my cock was hard again. I fucked her two more times that night. Thereafter we went to sleep naked in each other's arms.

Next morning when I got up Maya was no where insight. A few minutes later she came in with a steaming cup of tea. She was still naked. I asked her sit next to me on the bed. She sat down and started to handle my cock. In no time it was erect again. 'What are you going to do about this?' she asked with a big smile pointing to my hard on. 'I am going to do nothing about it, but you are going to suck it and drink my-cum' I replied. 'Drink your cum? I have never done it before' she said.

'You have to start some day' I said and pressed her mouth on my cock. After initial hesitation she started to suck my cock. As I had said before she was good. What a blowjob she gave me? I quickly finished my tea and held her head, lest she decides to cheat at the last moment. I told her to get ready, as I was about to shoot my load. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all that I had to offer.

'How was it?' I asked. 'Little salty but nice' was her reply. That night after fucking her once I told her to turn over on her stomach. 'Why? What are you going to do?' she asked. 'Main ab teri gaand marunga' I said. She questioned, 'Larkiyon ki bhi koyi gaand marta hai? (Does one fuck girls also in the ass hole?)'. 'Haan. Tunne pahele nahin marwayi tau theek hai. Main teri kori gaand ko phardoonga (Yes. It is okay if you have not done it before. I will take the cherry of your virgin ass hole)' I said.

I turned her over and after greasing her butt hole and my cock I pressed my cock on it. 'It is paining very much' she said. 'Don't worry it will soon be all right' I replied and increased the pressure. Her ass hole opened and I was in. She screamed, 'Saabji bahut dard horagi hai AAAYYYIIIEEE (Saabji it is hurting me a lot AAAYYYIIIEEE)'. Then I fucked her rear entrance while continuing to rib her choot. Afterwards I asked her as to how it was. "It was much better than I thought. I really enjoyed it," she said.

After that day we fucked every night. We fucked on every piece of furniture and in many positions. We fucked during the day also. In other words we fucked as and when we wanted till my wife returned. After her return it was difficult to fuck safely but we did manage to fuck at least two times a week.

All was well. I was happy.

One evening I sat reading the morning papers and Kanchi was sitting on the floor playing with the kids. After some time I started watching the pretty, fresh and youthful face of Kanchi, though pretending to read. My cock came to attention and I started to press it with my hands thinking how lovely it would be to fuck this fresh piece of virgin flesh.

These thoughts were going through my mind when Maya brought the evening tea. She saw me with an erection, watching Kanchi sitting on the floor. 'Saabji bilkul taaza aur kora maal hai (Saabji she is absolutely fresh and a virgin)' she said. 'So tau hai (That is so)' I sighed.

'Isse aap chod kyon nahin dete? (Why don't you fuck her?)' she asked. 'Ek din isse chodunga tau zaroor. Bas mauke ka intezaar hai (I will surely fuck her one day. I am just waiting for an opportunity)' I said. 'Dhyan rakna kahin yeh maa na ban jaye (Just be careful that she doesn't become pregnant)' she warned. "Fikar ki koyi baat nahin hai. Maine nasbandi kara rakkhi hai (There is nothing to worry about. I have under gone vasectomy) I told her. 'Phir der kayeki chod do haraamzadi ko aur mazaa lo (What is then the delay fuck the bitch and enjoy yourself)' she said and left.

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About a week later, as I had some family matters to attend to, I came home around noon. As I entered I looked around and did not see Maya. Placing my briefcase on my study desk I entered my room. As per my habit went in the bathroom to wash my face. I was very pleasantly surprised to see Kanchi, absolutely naked sitting on a low stool having a bath. Seeing me she got up and placed one arm across her small bosom and the other hand in front of her hairless choot (cunt) in an endeavor to hide them from my gaze and cried, 'SHAABJI AAP? (SHAABJI YOU?)'.

In one glance I had seen all. The sunlight was reflecting from her wet body. The water drops twinkled like stars on her body. Her well formed small tits. The light brown nipples erect and pointing towards me. The lips of her hairless choot pressed against each other. The little clit barely peeping out of them. It was a beautiful sight to watch. My cock responded by getting hard.

'Kanchi tu tau bahut khoobsoorat hai (Kanchi you are very pretty)' I said. She was not listening to me. Her eyes were darting here and there trying to locate something with which she could cover her nakedness. Her eyes rested on the towel. I knew she will go for it and she did. As she grabbed the towel I grabbed her round the waist and pulled her to me.

She started to struggle. I lifted her face and kissed it tenderly. She said loudly, 'SHAABJI MUJHE CHORD DO (SHAABJI LEAVE ME)'. Without replying I placed my hand on her tits and pressed them and tweaked her nipples between my fingers. A soft moan escaped her. I said, 'Kanchi tu tau ab bardi hogayi hai aur chodene ke liye tayyar hai (Kanchi you are grown up now and ready to be fucked)' she again started to struggle again and shouted, 'NAHIN, NAHIN (NO, NO)' but I held her tightly.

I moved my hand from her tits to her choot and started to move my fingers between its lips. After some time her cunt became wet. 'Kanchi dekh teri choot kitni geeli ho gayi hai. Ab teri choot bhi chudayi mangati hai (Kanchi see how wet your cunt has become. Your cunt also wants fucking)' and started to half pull and half push her towards the bedroom. 'NAHIN, NAHIN SHAABJI MUJHE CHORDO (NO, NO SHAABJI LEAVE ME)' she shouted.

In the bedroom I pushed her on the bed. She tried to get up but I held her down with my hands. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck it. She was no longer struggling to get free but moaning with the pleasure created by the new sensation she was feeling for the first time. Realizing her vulnerable situation she again made a desperate attempt to get free and shouted, 'SHAABJI MUJHE CHORD DO (SHAABJI LET ME GO)'. I stopped sucking her tits and looking straight in her agitated eyes I said, 'Chordoonga tau sahi per pahele tujhe chod tau loon (I will let you go but after I have fucked you first)'. Her agitation and struggles increased and she again shouted, 'SHAABJI MUJHE NAHIN CHUDWANA (SHAABJI I DON'T WANT TO GET FUCKED)'.

Ignoring her protest I attacked her cunt with my mouth. I licked her cunt and took her erect clit in mouth and sucked on it. Slowly her protests ceased and a loud "OOOHH" escaped her. Her struggles became feebler and feebler. Then they stopped. She placed her hand on back of my head and presses it to her cunt. Her small bum was raised pressing her cunt to my mouth. After ten minutes of cunt licking I saw her body was getting tense. She was about to come. Then with a loud "AAAAHHHHHhhhh" she came.

I got up and placed the towel under her bum and undressed releasing my hard on from it's confinement. My cock was wet with pre-cum. Kanchi just lay there with her eyes shut savoring the pleasure she had just felt. I lay down top of her and started to rub my cock between her cunt lips. She started to moan again.

I asked, 'Kanchi tu ab chudwayegi na? (Kanchi you want to get fucked?)'. 'Haan, haan (Yes, yes)' she moaned softly. I said, 'Kanchi apni tangain chowrdi kar. (Kanchi spread your legs)'. She spread her legs as wide as she could. I placed my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole and pressed in. The head entered. Kanchi groaned, 'OOWW'. I then held her firmly and gave mighty push. My cock tore through her virginity and was half buried in her virgin hole. With the next push I was fully engulfed in her cunt.

Kanchi screamed, 'AAAAIIIIEEEE SHAABJI BAHUT LUG RAHA HAI. NIKALO, NIKALO (SHAABJI IT IS HURTING A LOT. TAKE IT OUT)'. 'Dheere bol Maya sunn legi (Speak softly. Maya will hear you)' I said and ignoring her pleas started to fuck her. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes. She held me tightly to her with her arms. Her cunt was real tight. It was one of the tightest cunt I ever fucked. I felt as if my cock was gripped in a vice. I knew I could not last long. I fucked hard and fast. Soon she was also ready. With a loud sigh of satisfaction 'AAAHHHhh' we both came.

I lay on her for a minute or so enjoying the sensation. Then I withdrew my rod. Kanchi lay still with her legs apart. Her cunt oozing my-cum streaked with the blood of her shattered virginity. I took her hand and placed it on my now flabby cock. At first she pulled it back but I forced her to hold it. She started to move the foreskin up and down.

Friends, a girl doesn't require to be told what to do with a 'cock in hand' nature teaches her.

After ten minutes or so she asked, 'Ab main nahane jaoon (Can I go and bathe now)'. I told her, 'Abhi nahin hum ek baar aur chodenge (Not yet my dear we will fuck again)'. When I was hard again I asked, 'Kanchi main tujhe dobaara chodoon? (Shall I fuck you again?)'. Kanchi did not say anything but only smiled and spread her legs wide.

We fucked two more times. I said, 'Kanchi you can finish your bath now. Then make the bed and remember to wash the towel properly to remove any signs of blood on it'. She nodded. I then had a quick wash. As I was ready to leave I told her that tomorrow morning after madam has gone to the school, she should come to my room and we will fuck again. Kanchi blushed and said, 'Aaungi (I will come)'. Then I left.

I met Maya standing near the gate and told her to tell madam that I will be back by evening.

In the next days I enjoyed fucking Kanchi's tight cunt. I also introduced her to cock sucking and cum drinking which she relished.

One afternoon Maya said, 'Saabji now that you have deflowered Kanchi it is not nice to forget your old friends'. I kept quiet. 'Don't play innocent I know everything. It was only because of me that you could enjoy the virgin choot of Kanchi'. I still didn't say a word.

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'You don't believe me. Then listen. On the 16th after dinner I overheard you telling madam that the next day you will come home by noon, as you had to attend to some family matters. Kanchi did not know about this. Next morning I kept Kanchi busy in the kitchen doing meaningless chores. When I saw your car enter the gate I told Kanchi that it was getting late and she should quickly go and have her bath. I knew she would go to your bathroom to bathe. She did this daily despite my telling her that it was wrong. I also knew that as per your habit you would go straight to the bathroom to wash and find a naked Kanchi. You are much too experienced to let such a golden opportunity to fuck a virgin choot go by'.

'When you came up I hid. You went straight into your room and then into the bathroom. I ran to your bedroom door and listened. I heard Kanchi say, 'Shaabji aap? (Shaabji you?)' I could not hear what you said as you spoke softly. Next I heard was, 'Shaabji mujhe chord do (Shaabji leave me)' then silence and then Kanchi said 'Nahin, nahin (No, no)' again silence then an agitated Kanchi said 'Nahin, nahin Shaabji mujhe chordo (No, no Shaabji leave me)' her voice was getting nearer you both were now in the bedroom. Then I heard the sound of somebody on your bed then she again pleaded 'Shaabji mujhe chord do (Shaabji let me go)' I still could not make out what you were saying. Then she shouted in an agitated voice 'Shaabji maine nahin chudwana (Shaabji I don't want to fuck)'

Then she said, "OOOHhh" followed by a long sigh 'Aaaahhhhhhhhh'. I could guess as to what was going on. The life span of Kanchi's virginity had come to an end. It won't be long before your lund shatters it. I was just thinking this when I heard Kanchi shout "Ooww' followed by 'Aaaaiiiiieeee Shaabji bahut lug raha hai. nikalo, nikalo (Aaaaiiiieeee Shaabji it is hurting a lot. Take it out. Take it out)'. I knew the deed is done. Kanchi was no longer an innocent girl but a woman. I then left you to your pleasures and went down stairs to ward of any disturbances. You will remember when you left after an hour or so I was standing at the gate and you gave me a message for madam'.

'Why did you not say something before' I asked. 'Well I thought let Saabji enjoy the new tight cunt for some time in peace. I also know all about your morning games. When will you fuck me?' she replied. I told her that tomorrow when Kanchi is with me in the morning then you come in and 'discover' us. I also explained to her what to say and how to act. She asked if this is all necessary. Yes it is. She is still too new to fucking to know the meaning of sharing.

Next morning as I was fucking Kanchi Maya came in and said, 'Kanchi yeh kya ho raha hai? Madam ko pata chalega tau woh tera keema bana dengi (Kanchi what is this going on? When madam finds out she will make mince meat out of you)'. I withdrew and said, 'Kanchi quickly catch her'.

Kanchi without thinking obeyed. Together we both pushed Maya on the bed. I raised her sari and I entered her already dripping choot and fucked her. Kanchi was watching us with astonishment. After we had finished she complained, 'Shaabji aapne Maya ko kyon choda? (Shaabji why did you fuck Maya?)' I explained to her that it was necessary otherwise she would have told madam and we both would have been in trouble. This way she will keep her mouth shut. Maya said, 'I will keep quiet only if I can join you in your daily games'. After some persuasion Kanchi reluctantly agreed. Thereafter we all three fucked every morning.

One morning as I was on the bed with Maya Kanchi had to go out to attend to Madhuri. I quickly explained to Maya my plan to fuck Kanchi's ass hole. When she came back she found me fucking Maya in her ass hole.

'Shaabji yeh kya kar rahain hain? (Shaabji what are you doing?)' She asked. 'Saabji meri gaand mar rahe hain (Sir is fucking my ass hole)' Maya replied. 'Maya tu bahut ganndi hai (Maya you are very dirty)' Kanchi said. 'Pagli gaand marwane main bahut mazaa aata hai. Tu bhi marwa ke dekh (Stupid fucking in the ass hole is very nice. You should also try it)' advised Maya between moans of pleasure.

'Main nahin marwauingi (I will not do it)' Kanchi replied. 'Mat marwa main hee akele gaand ka mazaa lootungi (Don't do it I alone will enjoy it)' Maya told her and started to moan loudly with pleasure. Kanchi watched as Maya enjoyed herself. This set Kanchi thinking.

After we had finished I asked Kanchi to come on the bed. Hesitatingly Kanchi asked me, 'Shaabji would like to fuck me in the ass hole also? Will it pain a lot?' 'Sure I would love to fuck your ass hole. Initially it will hurt but thereafter you will enjoy it, but if you think you can't bear the pain then don't do it' I told her.

Kanchi was not to be outdone by Maya. She said, 'If Maya can bear the pain, then so can I'. I then put her on the bed doggy fashion and pressed her head down on the pillow. I asked her spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands. At my instructions Maya applied oil on her butt hole and on my cock. Then placing my cock on her ass hole entrance I applied pressure. The ass hole started to expand making way for my prodder. It started to hurt and Kanchi shouted, 'Shaabji bahut dard horagi hai. Main mar jaoongi (Shaabji it hurting a lot. I will die)'. I told her that until now no girl had died while getting her ass hole plugged and gave big push.

My cock was now inside her bum hole. Kanchi was screaming and crying loudly to release her. I did not relent but started the in and out movement. After some time she calmed down and started to enjoy it. When we had finished she said, 'Shaabji pahele tau bahut dard huyi lakin baad main mazaa bhi bahut aaya (At first it hurt a lot but later on it was very, very nice)'. I told her would she like me to fuck her in the butt again. She said, 'Aaj nahin abhi bhi dard horaha hai. Kal phir maar lena (Not today it is still hurting. You can fuck it tomorrow).

From that day onwards I fucked both of them in their cunts and their ass holes, as I wanted. Things now settled down in a routine.

One evening when I was reading the morning paper Maya came and said, 'Today I overheard a lady asking a shopkeeper about a teacher for giving tuition to her daughter. I told her that you were a teacher and she could talk to you and gave her our address. Her name is Mrs. Pooja and lives not far from here. I hope I did right?' Then in a confidential tone she added, 'Mrs. Pooja is around thirty-five and very beautiful. From her clothes I think she is a widow. Maybe you can enjoy her and the daughter too. You must be getting a little tired of Kanchi and me'.

I assured her that it was not so but a new choot is always welcome. Anyway she had done the right thing and in case I don't want to teach her daughter then I can always refuse. Three days later when my wife and I were drinking our evening tea Maya announced that a Mrs. Pooja had come to see me. My wife asked her to escort Mrs. Pooja in.

Mrs. Pooja came in and introduced herself. Pooja was about 35-odd years old. She was pretty, fair, tall and slim with a lovely figure. Her tits were large and nicely shaped. She wore a white sari draped tightly round her body showing her ass and her big tits to their best advantage. She did not have 'sindoor' (red coloured powder) in her hair parting. Maya was right she was apparently a widow.

Seeing her my cock started to rise to greet her. If the daughter was anything like the mother then I was on to a good thing. I thought I must remember to reward Maya with an extra fuck or two for the good sense she had shown. She explained the purpose of her visit. She wanted me to give tuition to her daughter, Sarita.

'Sarita' she said, 'is an intelligent girl and had always done well in the class but since six months or so her grades are falling and if this continues then she might be detained in her class'. She was very worried and wanted me to help. I told her not to worry I will see to it that Sarita will pass her exams with good marks and is not detained.

Then she said, 'Mr. Kumar I am a widow, though financially comfortably placed, I am not rich but am ready to pay whatever tuition fees you want on hourly or monthly basis to see that my daughter's school year is not wasted'. I told her that the matter of tuition fees is a small matter we can settle it after I have to meet Sarita and gauged the amount of effort I would have to make.

Mrs. Pooja however wanted to settle my fees in advance. My wife said, 'Mrs. Pooja my husband will definitely settle this matter after he has had a chance to gauge the work involved'. It was then agreed that I would visit her house two days later after I come home from my work. She spent another hour with us drinking tea and chatting with my wife.

Two days later as agreed I was at Pooja's house and met her daughter Sarita.

Sarita was slightly shorter and darker than Pooja. Otherwise they were like two peas in a pod. After talking to Sarita and going through her books and her work I said, 'Mrs. Pooja initially I will teach Sarita on weekdays for an hour in the afternoon and after seeing her progress the frequency of the tuition can be reduced'. Pooja asked, 'What about your fees?' I laughed, 'Don't worry Poojaji. I won't teach her for free. Give me time and I will tell you on my own'.

I started to teach her from the next day.

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During the lesson Pooja kept going in and out of the room at some pretext or the other and why not? She was guarding the virginity of her daughter from a stranger. During the tuition I found Sarita to be quite intelligent but her mind kept wandering and seemed always preoccupied. This was the main reason for her not being able to concentrate.

After three weeks or so on a Friday evening I received a call from Pooja, 'Mr. Kumar you have not yet told me your fees. Why don't you come and meet me on Sunday morning if it is convenient to you. We can discuss Sarita's progress and also settle the matter of your fees'. I told her that I would be with her between 10.00 and 10.30 a.m.

On Sunday morning as I had also some other matters to attend I reached Pooja's house earlier than the appointed time. When I rang the bell I heard Pooja shout, 'Please come in the door is open'. On entering I saw that Pooja was standing on a shaky stool trying to drive a nail in the wall. She was dressed in a near transparent housecoat and her black bra and panties were clearly visible. Seeing her attired this way I got an immediate hard on. 'Oh it is you Mr. Kumar. I did not expect you till later' she said.

I apologized for coming early. She said, 'Doesn't matter I will be soon with you' and raised the hammer to hit the nail. Somehow she lost her balance and fell. I tried to catch her but only succeeded in breaking her fall and we both went crashing to the floor. We fell in such a manner that she was on the floor and I on top. Lying like this did my cock no good. It became harder and pressed into the divide of her legs against her choot. I moved slightly to arouse passion in her.

For a few minutes she lay under me with her eyes closed moaning. Then she opened her eyes and looked me straight in the eye and said, 'Ramesh ji I think I have hurt my shoulder and knee. Could you please help me to my room?' I said, 'Sure' and half carried and half walked her to her room. She kept groaning at every step she took.

I sat her down on her bed and propped up her back with pillows against the headrest of the bed to make her comfortable and said, 'Can I get you something or call a doctor? Where is Sarita?' 'No, a doctor is not required. Sarita has gone to attend her computer class and will only be back by noon. You can, if you don't mind, rub some deep heat on my shoulder' she said handing a tube to me. 'Sure with pleasure' I told her and sat down next to her on her right side.

'It is my left shoulder that hurts' she said pulling back her housecoat and lowering her bra strap. 'Don't worry I can reach it from here' I told her and started rubbing the soothing salve. 'Yes that is the place but a little gently it hurts' she said and closed her eyes. 'A little lower. That is right little more' she said guiding me. While I was rubbing the deep heat she laid her head back and started to moan.

Initially I thought she was groaning with pain but she was actually moaning with pleasure. 'Please Ramesh ji a little lower' she moaned. I moved yet lower and when I felt the fleshy part of her breast I stopped and shifted higher. She caught my hand and placing it squarely on her left boob and looking me straight in the eye said, 'Ramesh ji the real pain is here. Please press it'.

I pressed her boob and putting my hand inside her bra pulled it out. I bent forward and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She reciprocated my kiss with the same tenderness. She then in a quick movement pulled down my head and gave me a passionate kiss. I kissed her tit and started to suck its nipple. With a deft movement she unclasped her bra and threw it off and said, 'Ramesh ji don't forget this one'.

I said, 'Pooja please don't call me Ramesh ji. Call me Ramu every one else does'. She took off her housecoat and slid lower in the bed lying flat on her back. She looked very pretty lying there with nothing on but her flimsy black underwear. Her boobs, big as they were, were still very hard and without any sag. Her nipples were light brown in colour, hard and erect with sexual excitement. While I was to kissing her and suckling her tits she placed her hand on my crotch and started fumbling with my zipper. I pulled down my zipper and freed my hard on.

She quickly took it in her hand started to move the foreskin up and down. She was moaning loudly all the time. I moved downwards. While kissing and licking her belly I put my hand in the elastic band of her panties. Her panties were soaked with her cunt juice. I pulled it off with her help. I looked at her choot for the first time. It had no hair on it. I found the smell of her womanly aroma mixed with some lovely fragrance rising from her choot very invigorating. 'You have a very pretty cunt' I told her. 'You like it? I am happy. I shaved and scented it this morning especially for you' she said.

I heard her remark but let it ride for the present there will be lots of time afterwards to find out what she meant. I bent down and kissed her cunt. Then started to lick it and suck her swollen clit. All this time she kept squeezing my cock hard and harder till it hurt. 'Please Ramu don't delay now. Put your cock inside my choot and fuck me. Yes fuck me hard' she said relinquishing her hold on my cock to my utter relief. I got between her legs and pushed my rigid lund (cock) inside her dripping choot (cunt).

'Aahhh it is so nice to feel a lund in my cunt again. Ramu you can't imagine how much I missed it'. 'My husband died two years back since then you are my first man. Oh, now fuck me hard' she said. I started to move my member in and out of her fuck hole. Within minutes she came with a loud sigh. 'This was lovely Ramu make me come again and again' she said. I kept fucking and she came again.

This went on till she came four more times. I was now moving faster and slamming into her harder. She also was moaning louder. Her hips were moving in rhythm with my strokes. She was shouting, 'Yes Ramu faster, harder yes ram it into me. Meri choot ko phard do chahain tanke lagwane pardain (Tear my cunt even I have to get it stitched). I was also panting and was about to come.

I said, 'Pooja dear I am coming and started to shoot my spunk into her fuck canal but kept moving in and out of her choot'. 'Come darling come I am also reaching my climax again. This time it is going to be a big one. Go on harder h... yes h... yes I am there I am COOMMMIINGGggg' and fell back exhausted on the bed. As I had come inside her and thought she might feel a bit apprehensive. I told her that there was nothing to worry about and she won't get pregnant, as I can't make babies. She didn't say anything but only smiled sweetly.

When we lay resting I lit a cigarette and asked her what she had meant by 'have especially prepared for you'. She said, 'Okay I will tell you everything. I am a very horny woman. My poor husband, may God rest his Soul, was equally horny. We used to fuck a lot. Much more often than normal married couple'.

'In the first year of our marriage itself Sarita was born. During her birth something went wrong, I don't remember the medical terms but that is not important now, and I could not bear any more children. That is the reason Sarita is my only child. We had wanted at least four children. You remember the day I came to see you about Sarita's tuition? I nodded. That day as soon as I saw you my choot got wet. I have not had this type of reaction towards any man since my husband passed away'.

'On my way home my choot kept itching for your cock and my juice kept flowing. When I got home I was so wet that I found it difficult to remove my panties. I could not resist myself and I fingered myself for so long and came so often that I was nearly half-dead with exhaustion. I was not sure how you felt but I was determined to try to fuck you. Whenever you came it made me feel worse'.

'Then I hit upon this idea of calling you to discuss Sarita's progress. This was just a ploy. I had actually no hard and fast plan. I had thought I will try to seduce you and if nothing worked then I would simply ask you to fuck me and in anticipation of your agreeing I removed all the hair from my choot and applied the best and the sexiest fragrance I own. But God is great I toppled down from the stool (no, no this was not planned. It was a genuine accident) and you fell on top of me. I could feel your hard cock pressing against my cunt. When you moved I knew you would also like to fuck me. Well rest you know. I just helped a bit in case you still felt hesitant to take the initiative'.

Her story gave me an erection and we had another very satisfying fuck. We rested for a while then I asked her to suck my cock. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. She was good. She knew exactly when to do what. In no time I was ready to come. I told her that I was about to come. She just looked up to me and without releasing my cock from her mouth nodded and increased her effort. With a loud sigh I shot my load into her mouth. She continued to suck till she had swallowed the very last drop. 'Pooja dear you are good. Where did you learn to suck cock like this? She laughed, 'Remember I was married for several years. I had lots of practice'.

'After some time she said, 'Ramu will you do me a favour?' 'Sure ask away' I told her. 'If you don't mind then please fuck me in the ass hole. Haan meri gaand maro (yes fuck me in the ass hole). I love a cock in my butt. 'I would love to but we will have to wait for sometime' I said pointing to my limp cock. 'We don't have so much time. Sarita will be back soon. I will help you' she said and took my cock in he mouth and brought it to attention in minutes. Pleased with her work she got on all fours and said, 'As it has been a long time please for the first time wet your cock in my choot before entering'.

I did as directed and pushed my cock in her butt hole. 'Oh it hurts but go on don't stop' she said. While I was fucking she kept saying, 'It is lovely Ramu, yes that is the way, yes harder, now faster and harder, I haven't enjoyed myself like this in years etc.' till I came in her butt hole. She looked at the clock and said, 'Ramu dear now you must go. I must also get dressed. Sarita will soon be back and she knows you were coming'. 'When will you come again' she asked. 'When ever you want' I told her. 'Weekdays in the morning you work in the afternoon Sarita is here. On Saturday also Sarita is here nearly the whole day. Yes Sunday mornings are the best. Sarita goes to her computer class at 9 a.m. and is back only by noon. During this period I am alone. You will come next Sunday?'

'Sure don't worry I will be here' I said and left.

Just outside the house I met Sarita returning from her class. She stopped and wished me and asked, 'How did the meeting with mommy go? I hope you did not run me down too much'. I laughed and told her not to worry and that everything was okay. As it was too late to do any other work I headed for home.

On the way I thought back on the pleasant morning I had spent. I could not help wondering that though Sarita had inherited her looks and figure from her whether she had also inherited her hot and sexy nature? When will I get a chance to fuck her virgin cunt? I did not know then that it wouldn't be long before I got the answers to my questions.

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In the following week one afternoon I reached Pooja's house earlier than usual. I found Pooja out side tending to her potted plants. She said, 'Ramu go in, the door is open. Sarita is in her room doing some work on her computer. I won't be long and join you soon'. I went in and after knocking entered. Sarita was sitting in front of her computer. She turned and said, 'Oh, it is you sir? So early?' and quickly switched off the computer and ran into the bathroom saying, 'Please sit down I will be back in a few minutes'.

She looked a little hassled and confused I thought. Then I recalled the fading image of a naked man and a woman in the act of fucking on the computer screen. The reason for her confusion was now obvious to me. I see our young lady is fond of pornography. I was now confident that it will not be long before I have her in bed and my cock in her kori choot (virgin cunt)'. This thought alone gave me a terrific hard on.

After ten minutes or so Sarita came back. She was slightly out of breath and her face was flushed. She has been fingering her self I thought. 'Don't worry my boy soon you will satisfy the needs of her body' with these words I pacified my erect cock for the time being. We then completed the tuition.

After that day I was more alert to any opportunity to fuck her that may come my way.

The day I got lucky, I met Pooja at the door as she was leaving the house. She said, 'I have to go out for a couple of hours and will be back as soon as possible. Sarita is waiting for you in her room busy on her computer'. My chance had come. I was certain that Sarita was surfing pornographic sites. I therefore tip toed to the door and noiselessly opened the door. I was right.

She was watching a couple fuck and her left hand was caressing and pressing her boobs while the right hand was moving between her legs. Her breasts were heaving up and down at a quick pace. Without making any sound I stood behind her watching. When I thought she was about to come I placed my palm on her boob and pressing it tenderly said, 'Your finger is a poor substitute for the real thing. Come let me show you how a real lund feels'.

Sarita was too far-gone to be able to say anything or resist. I helped her on to the bed and laid her down. She lay with her eyes closed and her breasts heaving waiting for the anticipated pleasure. I did not think it prudent to undress her and quickly took off my pants and drawers freeing my steed, which was in full force. I lifted her skirt. She was wearing a very flimsy yet a sexy panty, which was wet to the core. Spreading her legs I got between them and pushing the panty aside placed my cock on the gate on her love tunnel and pushed in slowly.

She was so wet that I easily entered her till her hymen stopped me. Then holding her firmly in my arms I gave a hard shove. My lund tore through the flimsy membrane and was buried to the hilt in her. 'AAYYYIIIEEE oh my god sir you are killing me. It is hurting me' she screamed. I kissed her and told her that it will soon be all right and started the in and out motion. She lay there groaning.

After a few minutes her groans of pain became moans of pleasure and said, 'Oh sir it feels soooo good'. I kept fucking her first slowly then faster and harder. This made her moan louder and louder. Suddenly she opened her eyes and held me tight stopping my motion and said in a scared voice, 'Sir, please don't make me pregnant. I will die'. 'Don't fret I am safe and cannot make you pregnant'. She relaxed visibly and closed her eyes again. I continued with my in and out movement. 'Please, don't stop. I am about to come' she shouted and came with a loud sigh.

I kept fucking her till she came three more times. My strokes were now much faster, harder and shorter. I was also not far from coming. Sarita was also heaving her bottoms in rhythm of my strokes. 'Oh I am going to come again. Just go on like this. I am nearly there. Y... hes I am COMMIIINNGGG' she screamed loudly. At this very moment I shot my-cum in her hitherto virgin choot.

That afternoon I licked and sucked her cunt and fucked her two more times. She said that fucking was even better than what she had heard or imagined. I said, 'Sarita it will get better and better but I think for the first day so much is enough. 'Oh sir this was wonderful. Can't you do it just once more? Please' she begged. "I would also like to fuck you again. We will do it again some other day. Now get up your mother will be here soon. It is also getting late and I must also go' I told her.

Reluctantly she got up and in a worried voice asked, 'What will happen if mommy finds out?' 'Does your mother check your choot?' 'No! Definitely not' she replied indignantly. 'Then how will she find out? You won't tell her, I will also not tell her and your choot can't speak'. After advising her to smoothen out the bed, to act normal and not to do anything abnormal or unusual I kissed her and left.

Next time when I visited her I inquired if everything was all right. She laughed and said, 'Mommy came right after you left. She noticed nothing though I had forgotten to make the bed'. 'Don't underestimate your mother she is no fool. I only hope that she did not notice it' I said. 'Well if she had noticed she would have definitely said something. Actually I would be dead by now. Come sir let us fuck you remember you promised?' she replied. 'I made no such promise. Be sensible Sarita. Let us give it break for a few days and if anything is to happen it would happen. You don't want your mother to catch us red-handed do you?'

The next few days we were at our best behavior and did nothing except an occasional kiss or squeezing of her tits. One thing I noticed that Pooja who normally hung around during the tuition hour, did not show her face since the day Sarita had lost her cherry. Thereafter every afternoon we either had a quick fuck or Sarita sucked me off (she relished drinking my juice, as she called my-cum).

I was in the seventh heaven. I had Maya and Kanchi to fuck in the mornings. The youthful, exhilarating choot of Sarita in the afternoon on weekdays and the mature and experienced Pooja on Sunday mornings. On Saturday nights I performed my marital duties. I could not have asked for more. When things are going well then if anything that can go wrong goes wrong.

It happened to me but the result was totally unexpected.

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One Sunday morning when Pooja and I were resting after a very arduous fuck Sarita walked into the room. Understandably she was shocked and giving me a nasty look exclaimed, 'Oh mommy what are you doing naked in bed with sir'. For a moment I thought there would be an unpleasant scene but Pooja was quite composed and after thinking for a minute replied, 'Darling Sarita I am doing the same what you and Ramu do every afternoon, fucking him'. I was not too surprised. I had already suspected that she knew but Sarita was aghast and said, 'Oh mommy you know'.

'First you tell me what you are doing here. Why are you not in your computer class?' 'The teacher had some important work to do so he let us go early. He said he would make up the lost time some other day. How could you know?' Sarita asked. 'Of course I know. You think I am stupid. I know you both were fucking from the very day you surrendered your virginity to Ramu' she replied calmly. 'Oh mommy, but how? Sarita asked. 'Listen. When I came home on the day you lost your virginity, I saw you sitting in your room lost in your dreams, your face was flushed and your eyes had a sparkle I had never seen before. I thought my little daughter has had a very emotional experience. Then my eyes fell on the rumpled bed'.

'God I thought she has been on the bed with Ramu. I hoped against hope that you both had done some heavy petting only and not gone all the way. I wanted to be sure of my facts before I said anything. So the next day when you had gone to school I inspected your clothes very closely. I must say you did a good job of washing off the telltale signs but your effort was not good enough to fool your mommy. I was able to make out faint streaks of blood on them especially on your panty. I knew you were not having your periods so the conclusion was that Ramu here had fucked you good and proper' and when she paused to catch her breath.

Sarita interjected, 'Oh mommy why did you not say anything and I thought... ' 'Yes you thought you had fooled me. I was livid with Ramu to have taken advantage of my innocent little daughter specially when he was already fucking me. Then I thought, if this were the case then Sarita would surely have told me. This means Sarita had willingly offered her cherry to Ramu. Ramu being a man did what any man would have done. He fucked you. I was then angry and disappointed in you'.

'Then I thought you had grown up and your body also requires relief and if you did not get it here you would go out side to get it. It was much better for you to be screwed by an experienced and safe person like Ramu than some horny boy in the school. Young boys are stupid. They tend to crow about their conquest and in no time your reputation, my name would be mud. Maybe you would end up getting pregnant and I had no desire to become a grandmother at my young age'.

'Having worked this out I decided to let you fuck Ramu and I stopped coming to your room during the tuition hour. Best of the lot is that of Ramu, he was fucking both mother and daughter. Now that you know that Ramu is also fucking me, we would have to work out some rational solution. Remember the main reason for Ramu to be here is not to screw either of us but to teach you. So I propose that you both promise not to indulge in any sexual activity during the tuition hour and concentrate on studies only'.

'In return I would have no objection if you joins us on Sundays in our frolics and Ramu can fuck both mother and daughter together. 'Oh mommy but what about my computer class?' Sarita asked. 'Don't worry I will talk to your teacher and have you shifted to the afternoon session even if I have to fuck him to get what I want'. 'Oh mommy' Sarita exclaimed.

In an annoyed tone Pooja said, 'Stop repeating 'oh mommy' like a parrot. If you are agreeable to what I have proposed then take off your clothes and jump into bed. Let me also see how much you have learnt in this subject'. Sarita was overwhelmed with relief and said, 'Oh mommy you are so sweet' and undressing got into bed.

As Sarita lay naked on the bed I looked admiringly at her body. 'Isn't she very pretty?' Pooja asked proudly. 'Yes she is very pretty. She looks exactly like you except for that growth between her legs'. 'That is easily rectified. Later I will explain to her what to do about that. Fuck her today as she is and next time she won't have any hair on her choot'.

Dear readers In all these days I had fucked Sarita's choot umpteen times but had never seen her naked. I looked kissed and licked every nook and cranny of her body driving her mad with lust and then fucked her. 'Mommy it is so nice to feel sir's naked body on my naked body. All our limbs touching each other' she said placing her legs on my back and pressing me to her. After I had fucked Sarita I fucked Pooja. Before leaving I said, 'It would be difficult to do justice to you both together. Don't you think?'

'Now that we are not required to keep our affair secret from Sarita we could fuck on Saturday mornings also if you are free' Pooja suggested. This was okay with me so we all three agreed. Pooja came to see me off and said, 'Ramu please don't mention ass fucking in Sarita's presence. No I love it too much to give it up. We will do it some time when we are alone. I don't want her to know anything about ass hole fucking and you too please leave her ass hole alone'.

The next day while I was teaching Sarita, Pooja came in and announced proudly that the matter of the computer class has been settled'. 'Did you have to... ' asked Sarita. 'Of course not silly I was just joking' Pooja said interrupting her the added, 'Your computer teacher is very sweet old thing a smile did the trick'.

There after I fucked both mother and daughter every Saturday and Sunday morning. Occasionally in the afternoons when Sarita was busy with her home assignment I sat with Pooja and invariably ended up fucking her in the butt. On one such afternoon Pooja said, 'Ramu do you know that since you have been fucking Sarita her grades have improved'. I laughed and replied, 'Yes I know. Don't give my cock the credit for this it has been purely Sarita's effort. Earlier her mind was preoccupied with sexual thoughts and was tense but now that she is having sex on a regular basis her mind and body are relaxed and she is able to concentrate on her studies'.

All was well for several months. One Saturday morning when I reached Pooja's house I found that she was alone in the house. I asked, 'Where is Sarita? 'She has gone to meet her best friend Najma and would be back soon. Don't worry she knows that you will be coming today and won't be long' Pooja said and with a laugh added, 'She is too fond of your cock to miss out on it. Let us not wait and start. She can join us later. Come quickly fuck me in the ass before she is back' and got into 'gaand fuck' position. While I was fucking Pooja in her ass hole Sarita arrived...

All was well for several months. One Saturday morning when I reached Pooja's house I found that she was alone. I asked her as to where Sarita was. She told me she had gone to meet her best friend Najma and would be back soon. She further added that she was aware that you would be coming today so she won't be long. Then she laughed and said 'She is too fond of your cock to miss out on it. Let us not wait and start. She can join us later. Come, quickly fuck me in the ass before she returns and got into 'gaand fuck' position.

While I was fucking Pooja in her ass hole Sarita arrived. 'Oh you guys have already started. How mean' she said pouting her lips. 'We did not know how long you would be so instead of wasting Ramu's time I thought it was best to start. Sarita your turn comes next' Pooja replied. 'Don't worry mommy I was just joking' said Sarita and after undressing got into bed.

She sat watching us and kept fingering her cunt. As she did not find anything unusual about what we were doing I assumed that she must be under the impression that I had had entered her mother's choot from the rear. After five minutes of the fuck movement Pooja started groaning and moaning with pleasure.

'It is wonderful. Yes Ramu go on but harder and faster' she begged and added, 'Haan Ramu apna laurda meri gaand main zor zor se pelo (Yes Ramu shove your cock as hard as you can in my ass hole)'. I looked at Sarita. As soon as she heard these words her ears perked up and with a shocked and surprised expression on her face got up from the bed and bent down to see where my cock was.

Dear readers you know that I love fucking in the ass hole. I had always wanted to fuck Sarita's butt hole also and would have done so but for what Pooja had said. So I slowed down my strokes and pulled my cock out nearly to it's tip before pushing it in again so that she could have a clear view of my cock going in and out of her mother's butt. Fascinated Sarita watched us and heard all what Pooja was saying in her ecstasy.

After we had finished Sarita wanted to be fucked in the ass hole also but Pooja put her foot down saying 'No, never. I wanted you to be a virgin when you married but you gave your cherry to Ramu. I could not do anything about it. I want you to at least take a virgin ass hole to your husband's bed. This means no ass hole fucking for you young lady, understand?'

'Aw mommy you are mean. You sounded as if it was great fun' lamented Sarita.

'Of course it is very enjoyable but as I said no butt fucking for you' replied Pooja.

'Mommy this is not fair' complained Sarita.

Pooja was now annoyed and said threateningly, 'Don't tell me what is fair and what is not. Was it fair to me or your future husband that you gift your cherry to Ramu? You will do as I say or... ' seeing her mother angry and thinking that she might get deprived of fucking all together she said, 'Okay mommy whatever you say'. Pooja smiled and said, 'That's my little girl and kissed her' and turning to me said, 'As for you mister don't you dare take her butt hole cherry without my consent which you will never get'. 'You don't have to worry about me' I replied.

The matter was closed at least for Pooja and me. However, Sarita had other plans.

For two days nothing unusual happened but on the third day she said, 'Sir please fuck me in the ass hole'. I reminded her of what her mother had said and said no. She kept repeating her request every day and I kept declining. One day when I entered her room I found her lying on the bed on her stomach with her skirt turned up and her pretty ass exposed. I said, 'Sarita get up'. She immediately spread her ass cheeks with her hands and said, 'Look Masterji (a form of addressing a teacher like 'sir' in English) look at my small ass hole isn't it tempting? Don't you want to make it larger with your cock?'

She was a tempting sight. I did want to fuck her ass but did not want to displease her mother and lose her's as well as Sarita's cunt. I said, 'Stop playing games and get up we have some important lessons to cover today'. She got up and made a face and with a pout said, 'Masterji you are very cruel'. She was not giving up so easily.

One after noon when I reached her place I found another girl of her age with her. Sarita said, 'Sir this is my best friend Najma. We are in the same class. She has been sick and missed a lot of classes. She is experiencing some difficulties so I invited her to have them clarified by you. I hope you don't mind'. 'No not at all. I would be glad to help her' I replied.

I then looked at Najma more carefully. God! Najma was beautiful. She looked like a European. She was very fair, with green eyes and long golden brown hair. She was slim with a perfect figure. Her boobs, they were just the right size for her body and perfectly shaped. I had seldom seen such well-shaped tits. I could see her nipples through the thin material of her kameez. I guess she knew that her boobs were extraordinary. The cut of her clothes was such that it displayed them to their best advantage.

While I clarified her difficulties I had a perpetual hard on and found it difficult to keep my eyes away from her shapely breasts. Before leaving Najma thanked me and asked, 'Sir can I come again if I want some more clarifications. I did miss a lot in school'. 'Come any time you are always welcome' I told her. I watched her while she walked away. Her ass was tight and moved in a sensuous manner which did my hard on no good.

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'How did you like my friend Najma?' Sarita asked. 'I liked her very much. She is very beautiful' I replied. 'That you like her I can see' Sarita laughed pressing my hard dick. After that day Najma came quite regularly approximately at least thrice a week. I did not mind it at all as I got a chance to see her shapely tits and her tight bum. Another advantage was that Sarita did not pester me so much with her usual 'fuck me in the ass routine'.

One Saturday morning after fucking mother and daughter once each we lay resting. Both the girls lay on either side of me with their heads resting on my chest. 'Ramu may I ask you a personal question but you must be truthful?' Pooja said. 'Sure, go ahead I will answer as best as I can' I replied. 'Why do men like to fuck virgins when an experienced woman can give them more pleasure? Do you also like to deflower virgins and why?' she asked.

'That was not one question they are three' I laughed. 'Don't try to change the subject. Answer my question you promised' Pooja said. 'I don't know about other men but I love to deflower virgin cunts. As to why frankly I have never given it much thought but will try to answer your question as best as I can. Maybe it is the challenge of persuading and convincing a virgin to have sex for the first time in her life. Maybe it is the satisfaction of making her experience her first orgasm with a cock inside her and opening for her the venue of the most superior pleasure in this universe. Another thing I love fucking a tight pussy and a virgin cunt is the tightest. The way it grips the cock during the in and out movement making it difficult to push in and equally difficult to pull out. Then there is the excitement of 'going where no man has ever been before' to borrow the opening line of a well known television serial' I said and laughed. 'Another thing if virgins didn't get fucked then where would 'more experienced women' come from' I added.

Pooja said, 'You are right. I suppose these things do excite a man'. Sarita had not uttered a single word during this exchange but listened to everything I said with rapt attention. The thought of virgins had given me an erection and the girls transferred their attention to it.

Everything was under control and fell into a routine. On weekends I fucked both mother and daughter together. During the week I taught Sarita. Sarita kept singing her song about 'fucking me in the ass hole' and I refusing. Najma came thrice a week and I watched her boobs while nursing a hard on. During this period Pooja told me that one of her friends is opening a boutique and she would be helping her. This meant that she would be away from home during the day. She also asked me to spend a little more time with Sarita as she did not want her to go to anyone else.

Surprised I asked her, 'Do you think there is danger of this happening?' 'Maybe not but she is young and her body demands more than just a couple of fucks on weekends. She has yet to learn the meaning of the word restraint' she replied. 'I can't spend too much time here. What do you suggest' I queried. 'Maybe a fuck once in a while during the week will keep her choot happy and satisfied but ensure her studies don't suffer' she suggested and added, 'Please don't tell her that I told you to do it. Fuck her only when you feel it is necessary'.

One afternoon when Najma came, I taught her as usual. I was unable take my eyes away from her beautifully formed tits. Naturally I had a hard on the whole time. When she left I started to teach Sarita. Suddenly she surprised me by asking, 'Masterji tell me something'. By experience I knew that whenever she addressed me as 'masterji' she was up to some mischief but what she said took me completely by surprise.

She said, 'You said you liked Najma'. I nodded. 'You also told mommy you loved deflowering young virgins'. I nodded again. 'Najma is young and a virgin would you like to fuck her?' After I had recovered my composure I, instead of answering her question directly, asked her whether Najma would agree. 'Of course she will agree if I ask her. She is my best friend. She is a very horny bitch and would never pass up a chance like this'.

'How do you know?' I asked. 'We both surf pornographic sites on the net together and when we get hot we play with our choots to get relief'. 'You mean you do each other... ' I started but she interrupted me. 'Don't be offensive masterji. We are horny but we are not lesbians. We satisfy ourselves not each other'. Then after a few seconds she added, 'I forgot to tell you there is another plus point. She has no hair on her choot'.

'Now how would you know that?' I asked. 'Well when we are fingering ourselves we naturally see each other naked'. Suddenly a thought struck me 'What was her reaction when one day she saw your cunt devoid of hair' I asked her. 'Oh that. That was no problem. You see Najma always wanted me to shave my pubic hair. She said they make it difficult to keep the cunt clean and thus were unhygienic. So when she asked me as to what happened to them I told her that I felt an irritation in my cunt and on my mothers advise I removed them. She bought my explanation without any further question. You know Najma is not very clever actually a little dumb I would say. What I did not tell her the irritation was not because of the hair but for your lovely cock' and grabbed my hard on and laughed merrily.

Suddenly she said, 'Hey, you have not answered my earlier question. Tell me do you want to pop her cherry. I can arrange that and in exchange for it you will only have to fuck my pretty ass hole'. Now the cat was out of the bag. I should have known that it was too good to be true and there had to be a catch to it. 'No' I said. 'Why? But why tell me?' she asked in a desperate tone. 'The price you are asking is too high. Okay now let us get back to our lesson' I told her.

'Lessons, studies is that all you think about?' she shouted at me and then started to mutter under her breath. I could distinctly hear what she was saying. I think I was meant to hear it. 'Some men are dumb, real dumb. Here I offer him a virgin choot, the hairless virgin choot of a beautiful girl who happens to have the shapeliest pair of tits in the world. He could deflower her, fondle, squeeze and suck those heavenly boobs but he says the price is too high, too high my foot. What is the price I ask? All he has to do is to fuck my virgin ass hole' and started to sob softly.

I took her in my arms and kissed her tears away and said, 'Don't cry sweetheart this is not the end of the world'. With a resolute look in her eyes she said, 'Don't you ever think that I am going to give up. I will make you fuck me in my ass hole. You will see that I will win in the end' and started to cry again. 'God willing' I said softly and I kissed her and led her to the bed and fucked her two times without withdrawing before she was her usual cheerful and carefree self again.

In the next days she did not speak of the events of that afternoon. She also did not renew her request to 'fuck me in the ass hole'. I was happy as well as sad that probably Sarita has come to terms with the fact that I was not going to pop her ass hole cherry. If I could only have read her mind, I would have known how far my assumption was from the truth.

One day after Najma had left Sarita started to giggle uncontrollably. 'What is so funny? Do you mind sharing the joke with me' I asked her with my tone dripping with sarcasm. Still giggling she said, 'Did you see Najma's face? Frankly I had not paid much attention to her face as I was too busy eyeing her tits and trying to keep my hard on under control and told her so.

'It was very funny she would look at you and lower her eyes and blush and then sigh. I think she must have come at least three times. I bet when she left her panty must be dripping wet' she said still laughing. Hearing this the vision of Lata floated before my eyes, who had behaved in similar fashion in a similar situation and catching her by the ear I asked, 'What have you been telling her you naughty girl?'

'OWW it hurts. I will tell you but first let go' she begged. This is what she told me. 'Few days back when we were fingering our cunts after surfing the net I asked her whether she had ever thought of sleeping with a man. She said that she is always dreaming about it but who will fuck her? I suggested why not my masterji? She then asked that would you agree? Of course he would agree he is a man isn't he. I know all men love deflowering virgins and you are a very pretty virgin. Then in a confidential tone she asked me if I had done it with you. I laughed and I told her the truth that you were fucking me since several months. Then she wanted to know how it was? How does it feel? Does it hurt a lot? I told her that it does hurt a little at first but the pleasure afterwards is worth it. The pleasure is hundred or more times greater than our finger gives us. It is very difficult to describe it. It must be experienced. Then she wanted to know whether I was not scared of getting pregnant? Then I told her what you had told me. She was on fire and still is. She has asked me three times in the last two days to ask you to stick your cock into her'.

'Did you tell her about your mother also?' I asked. 'Of course not. Do you think I am stupid?'. 'I don't know sometimes you do behave very foolishly' I replied. 'Don't be rude. Masterji I tell you her cunt is hot, wet and ready. Don't you want to open her love passage?' 'No. You don't give up do you?' I replied. 'I will never give up. I told you that' she affirmed. 'Yes that you did' I confirmed.

That Sunday when I visited Pooja I found Sarita absent. Pooja told me that she had gone to spend the night at her mama's (uncle- mother's brother) house and would be back in the evening. She has left a message for you I quote "Masterji save some cum for me I will collect it on Monday afternoon with accrued interest". I laughed and said, 'Why not, it is her due'. After fucking Pooja twice in the cunt and twice in the ass hole I left. However I did miss Sarita's tight choot.

On Monday afternoon after Sarita had collected her due as well as interest she said, 'Masterji listen and listen carefully. I am tired of asking you actually begging you to fuck me in the ass hole but you remain adamant. Earlier I had offered one virgin cunt to you and you refused. Today I am offering you two virgin choots in exchange of your fucking my gaand. Frankly this is best I can do'.

I was about to refuse when she interrupted me and said, 'I am not yet finished. This is my last and best offer and if you refuse then I will be compelled to get someone else to do it. There is this boy in my class. His name is Ashish, I don't like him but he will have to do. He looks at me with lust dripping from his eyes and gets a hard on each time he speaks to me. I only have to give him a hint and he will be happy do the job and be grateful also. If he fucks me in the ass then I will not be able to refuse him my choot. Should mommy become a grandmother then it will be you and her to blame and not me. This is not a threat but a promise'.

I looked at her and saw that she was dead serious. This was no idle threat. I was sure that she would do exactly what she had said. Therefore to gain time I told her that I require some time to think matters over. 'Go ahead think as much as you like and if you want to consult mommy be my guest but I want your final reply on next Monday. Remember no extensions'.

During the week I thought over the matter. Sarita is adamant to get her ass plugged and if I don't do it then this boy Ashish will do it may be with disastrous consequences. All this while my cock was urging me to agree. I decided to go along with my cock but also decided to get some more pleasure for it or put an end to this daily 'fuck me in the ass routine'.

On Monday she asked, 'Okay masterji what is your decision?' I told her, 'I will do what you want'. Hearing me she squealed with delight and made for the bed. 'Hold on let me finish first. I will fuck your ass hole but on three conditions.

Firstly both the girls must agree to let me fuck their ass holes also. Secondly they will also suck my cock and swallow my-cum. Thirdly I will fuck your ass hole within four weeks of collecting full payment and in the mean while you will study hard and not pester me every day. 'Sir you do drive a hard bargain. Okay I agree to my part but for the other I have to consult the girls. I asked, 'Sarita tell me about the second girl. Who is she?' She said, 'Don't be so impatient. You will meet her when the time comes but this much I can promise her choot is going to be the tightest of all'. Two days later she confirmed that both the girls had agreed to my conditions.

'Now masterji it is time to celebrate. On Monday you will have Najma's cherry' she laughed

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