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Pariwar ka Pyar

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Brief intro of the characters:-

Mohit Mehta Age : 42

Bhavna Mehta, Mohit's wife Age : 40 Stats : 36C - 31- 36

Priya Mehta, Mohit's daughter Age : 20 Stats: 34C - 26- 33

Ravi Mehta Mohit's son Age : 18

Komal Khanna : Ravi's Girlfriend : Age :20 Stats: 34B-28-34

Reema Khanna Komal's mother: Age 39 Stats: 34C-30-35

Radhabai : Mehta's housemaid: Age 37 Stats: 38D-32-38

Monica D'Souza: Manager in Mohit's office: Age 25 Stats: 34A-28-32

Kamini Kumar Mohit's sister: Age 36 Stats: 34C-30-36

Roma Kumar Kaminii's daughter : Age 20 Stats: 32C-26-28

Warning : It contains strong and abusive language , Strictly for adult .....Continue if you like incest ...otherwise read another story

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:22 am

"Ohhhhhhh.....aise hi chodo........fuck meeeeeee harder ..........chod saalleeeeeeee.....ohhh" 40 year old Bhavna Mehta was shouting in her bedroom.

"Saali chod chod ke thak gaya hoon....teri chut hai hai koi sink hole...kitna bhi chodo tu wapas ready ho jati hain... le saali rand...le mera lauda..teri chut aaj main apne paani se bhar doonga...." Mohit Mehta her husband was drilling her pussy with his 6" tool.

"Chod saale bhadwe...meri chut abhi bhi pyasi hai...uski pyas bhuja de...ohh fuck me harder..."

It was early December morning and the bed was shaking vigourously with the fucking sessions of the Mr. and Mrs. Mehta.

"ohh bhavnnaaaaaaaaaaa......i am cummmmmmmmingggggggggggggg........." Mohit's body started to shake, he hugged Bhavna tightly...his cock inside her pussy, began to spurt thick white load of cummmm deep in her pussy...

Bhavna hugged Mohit tightly her body still moving up and down, emulating her fuck session...

"ohhhhh Mohhhhhhhhhiiiiiitttttt.......cummmmmmmmmin meeeeeeeeee.....oh yessss"

After the last drop of cum was over Mohit's cock began to shrink and popped out of Bhavna's dripping pussy...

"Saali tune to mera pura juice nikal diya......fuckkk you bitch..." and he kissed Bhavna on her lips...

"Hmm achha tha lekin abhi to sirf 2 bar huwa hai...abhi teesri baar main tera lauda poora nichodongi aur saara rass pee jaoongi...i love the way u fuck me Mohit...." Bhavna pussy was still itching for some meat...

"hoo hoo...teesri baar no way sweet heart, office bhi jaana hain, main thak gaya hoon......sham tak ruk ja rani teri chut fir se maroonga raat main..." Mohit got up from the bed, his cock back to normal..

"no Mohit...aise mat jaooo...pls...fuck me Mo Darling..." Bhavna spread her legs, put one finger in her cumm filled pussy, her naked body was inviting him...Mohit glanced at her.

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:23 am

"Ohh comeon darling....just one more time ...please chod muzhe ..meri choot ki pyaas buzhaooo" Bhavna was begging Mohit

"Bhavna behave yourself, 2 baar chod chuka hoon , ab main jawan launda nahi raha...aur waise bhi office mein ekmeeting hain..muzhe nahane jaana hai..tumhe pata hain muzhe time lagta hai...."

"Yes I know hell with your work" Bhavna was completely disappointed..

"Sweet heart aaj raat ko pakka ...tumhe lambi sair par lekar jaaonga...promise"

"Ok..." she was dejected.

Mohit Mehta 42, was a big businessman, nice big bunglow with swimming pool, 5-6 luxurious cars, well settled diamond business...everything you wish he had that....Bhavna Mehta aged 40 was his beautiful voluptous wife, she was beautiful and sex starved (what every man wants). She had 38C boobs and nice ass that wiggled when she walked around. She had nice silky black hair, and nice juicy lips ...down and up as well.. She had put some fat on her ass and her belly, but it enhanced her beauty. All in al she was a MILF which would be on the fucklist of evry man... They had 2 children overall 1 girl name Priya Mehta aged 20 she was xerox xopy of her mother, equally sexy and nerdy kinda girl. She had 36c boobs,and a nice maintained booty. Ravi Mehta aged 18 was her brother, handsome and spoiled brat. Everyday was his day to spend his parents money on gals, go to the gym and party late nights. He had fucked so many cunts that even he doesn't remember...this is the power you get when you dad is a rich man...

Mohit went to the bathroom for his daily chores, Bhavna pulled the blanket on her naked body, she was feeling a bit cold

"Oh Mohit...please fuck me....Bhavna so ja ...aaj teri chut pyassi hi rahegi..." Bhavna was still thinking while she closed her eyes....

Suddenly she felt her legs being spread, something was trying to enter her already wet pussy...she could feel it inch by inch something was sliding was a cock...2 hands had grabbed her boobs from behind and now a cock had entered in her pussy...

"Oh mohit...." She heard the tap water running...Mohit was in the bathroom...

The cock was fucking her with slow speed was bit bigger than Mohit....

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:25 am

The cock was fucking her with slow speed was big bigger than Mohit....

"Mohit is that you...ahhhh..ohh fuckk... kaun hai who's this...i will shout" ..Bhavna started to feel the thrusts now ....

A strong hand covered her mouth so that she could not shout.

Bhavna could feel the strong cock thrusts in her pussy, the unexplored area areas of her pussy were being explored by the cock. The cock was big and fat and it was fucking her the way she wanted..

"ohhhh..hmmm..." Bhavna was moaning...her body was now responding to the fuck by the starnger...

"ohh are so tight......" a voice whispered near her ears...

A lightening struck Bhavna, it was Ravi he was fucking her with his big fat cock, her very own son was enjoyingly humping her mature and wanting pussy..

"Ravviiii...stop that..." Bhavna tried to move away from Ravi's strong arms.

Instead of pulling out, Ravi pulled her tighty towards his body, his cock buried deeply inside her pussy in that process..

"Ohhhhhhhhhh..." Bhavna screamed.

"Ravi tu pagal ho gaya hai, tere daddy bathroom mein hain...ohhh...tera lund kat denge papa...ahh"

"Oh comeon unko time lagta hai..bathroom mein I know..are you not enjoying mummy..." Ravi started to fuck her fast.

His cock was sliding in and out of her already wet pussy, due to the fatness of his cock her pussy walls were being rubbed in the process. Her clit was simultaneoulsy getting rubbed, making her enjoy the fuck. Ravi's balls were now slapping her fat ass, Bhavna felt as if Ravi's cock was hitting her stomach.

"Nikal madarchod....tuzhe pata nahi tu kya kar raha hain... ohhhh..ahhh" Bhavna was in dilemma either to enjoy or shout...

"Pata tumhe maza aa raha hain kya bolo " his monsterous cock speed increased his hips moving fast

"ohhhhhhhhh ravvvvviiiiiii" Bhavna's pussy was liking her son's cock. She was in a state of trance

"fuckk me ravviiii...chod muzhe madarchod ....chod meri chut...aisi hi.....chooooddddddd" Bhavna unknowingly was muttering ...her body was now responding to Ravi's shots

"Don't shout...mommm...oh yeahh take it ...." his cock was now drilling her pussy wide .....

Bhavna's pussy was burning with pleasure, "ohhhhhhh going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmm"

"yeah tooo"

"Here I cummmmmmmmmmmmm Ravvvvvvvviiii"

"Me too mommmmmmmmmm"

Bhavna's body started to shiver, her ass started to wiggle and her pussy bursted, lava of love juice started to flow of her vagina.....At the same time Ravi's cock also exploded depositing thich white cummm in Bhavana's pussy..

Their love juices got mixed together, Ravi was still holding his mother tightly, the juices flowing on his balls.
Both of them exhausted and satisfied. The shower stopped in the bathroom bringing Bhavna to her seses.

"Ravi tu tere room mein ja jaldi papa is coming" Bhavna said

Ravi pulled his still semihard cock from her pussy, his cock popped out with a sound followed by stream of their mixed love juices, wetting the bed.

"Kaisi thi chudaai mom?" Ravi asked Bhavna

"Just shut the fucking mouth and get lost...ja jaldi..I will talk to u later...please go" Bhavna pleaded.

"Love you mom" Ravi quickly picked his undies from the bed and ran out of the room to his room next door. Bhavna watched her son semi nude, his beautiful cock hanging between his legs. She was just fucked by her son with her husband in the bathroom on her bed and she had enjoyed it unknowingly.

"What happened honey, you okey? " Mohit's voice brought her back to the senses.

"Nahi...kkkuch nahi..." Bhavna said returning back to the real world, feeling of guilt was slowly filling her mind. Despite of enjoyment, she knew that she was involved in the dark incestous relationship with her son.

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:28 am

"Bye sweet heart...I will be right back in the evening ...and.." Mohit whispered in Bhavna's ears "will fuck the brains out of you"...

Mohit left for his meeting as usual,Bhavna was still in shock, her mind was engulfed in the thoughts of what had happened 15-20 mins back, it was a shocker to her, her pussy was still twitching, she was never fucked so hard recently. Her pussy was getting wet again by the very thought of the big cock which she had taken completely.

Bhavna got up from the bed, wore her robe, one could easily trace her big boobs and the nipples from the satin gown, she had forgot to wear bra and panties. She wanted to confront Ravi about the fucking act. She went to Ravi's room and opened the door. Ravi was completely naked, his big cock was throbbing. Bhavna's eyes could not beleive what she was seeing, it was the most beautiful cock she had seen in years. It was big fat and covered with veins, she already had seen of that monster. The cock was dark compared to his body and big hairy balls supported the cock. The head of the cock was of the size of a small apple. His body was well toned, muscular and he had big hands (You know for what )

Ravi was smart enough to realise the greedy look in Bhavna's eyes, she was till staring at his prick.

"Mom knock kar ke ana tha, this is not the way to enter your son's room" Ravi said with a grin on his face.

Bhavna came near Ravi and angrily slapped him on his right cheek.

"Bastard " and then slapped him again..."What the hell do you think you are? " Bhavna was frowning with anger.


"Shut up son of a dare you do that to me "

"Aaa...Am sorry" Ravi was back to his senses now

"Sorry, bloody you just fucked your mom in her room with dad in bathroom....tuzhe sharam nahi ayi..." Bhavna was really angry

Ravi was speechless now, but even during the conversation his eyes were on Bhavna's boobs which were bouncing. Her nipples were erect and were pointing out from her gown.

Slap ...."Look at me when I talk to you..Ravi what have you done fucked me are my son we can't do this, this is incst.." Bhavna broke into tears as she spoke this..

" so sorry ..i did not mean to hurt you "

"But you hurt me, yeh galat hain...hum aisa nahi kar sakte" she sat on the bed and was sobbing now...

Ravi now sat next to his mom and but a hand on her shoulder ..."Am so sorry...i did not mean to do that...i was just trying to make you happy..."

"Happy what do you mean ...I am happy with your dad"

"Main waisa hapy nahi bol raha know what i mean ..."

"bakwas band kar, I am happy wih Mohit..."

"Oh comeon...dont lie ...muzhe sab pata hain"

"Kya pata hain tuzhe"

"yahi ki dad aaj kal tumhe satisfy nahi karte, 1-2 baar mein thak jate hai...and you want more ..."

"Shut up this is not your business, aur waise tumhe kaise pata chala...Ravi are you spying on us" Bhavna was shocked

"no mom ..."

"What no you bloody are spying on your parents...shit ...whats going on" Bhavna exclaimed

"no was a guess" Ravi tried to cover up

"Don't give that to me are spying on us right"

"Ok ok....I am ...but what I said is true or not tell me ?" Ravi asked

"its not your business...maine pehle hi bola tha tuzhe, tu pura bigad gaya have gone crazy..."

"Oh such bola abhi aap bolo...speak up"

"shut up" Bhavna got up from the bed and started to go

Ravi caught her hand "bolo mom, I know you are not happy with your sex have to answer me"

"Ravi mera hath chod de..."

"Nahi aap muzhe pehle bolo"

"we have given you unnecessary freedom, you have lost your mind..."

"Whatever, bolo warna main hath nahi chodunga" Ravi was not in mood to leave her

"ok..what you want to hear, yes i am not satisfied but it does not mean that I will start fucking around" Bhavna was pissed off now , she saw his cock rising again.. "and please wear your shorts"

"Good, I was only trying to help you ..." Ravi was excited now

"By fucking me ..."

"yes by satisfying your hunger, nothing else, if you did not like then its okey I am sorry I will not do it again" Ravi was starting to get dejected, he said wearing his shorts.

Bhavna did not understand what to say, she wanted his big cock in her pussy but how could she it was incst and she knew the consequences of it. She was in complete dilemma, so she did not say anything just left his room.

Nothing happened for the next week, but the same old problem of fingering the pussy and using dildos continued to haunt Bhavna after Mohit left for work everyday. She was becoming hornier day by day, her pussy and ass wanted something real, big and filling. Her son's cock was the thing which she used to think during masturbating.

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:30 am

Nothing happened for a week, Ravi has leaking buckets of cumm everyday in his bedroom, after fucking Bhavna he was not able to concentrate on anything else, his cock wanted Bhavna's mature wet pussy. He masturbated the whole day in his room.

It was the new year eve, Ravi's phone rang

"Hi Baby, where are you" it was Komal Ravi's girlfriend

"hey r u here only"

"Not picking my fone, did not answer my sms'es, is everything right?" Komal was surprised as Ravi had not called her up for a week. Usually he used to pick her up in the mornings from her house and they used to go for long drives where Ravi would drill her in the backseat of his car. She knew how horny he was. She loved the way he used to fuck her, his stamina, his cock, she loved the taste of his was sweet and she seemed to be addicted to his cum. But this was unusual it had been almost a week now, something was wrong with Ravi, which Komal didn't know.

"Nope its not, you didn't call me for whole week and you know my pinky pinky is missing u and ur biggie, did you get bored with me?"

"No honey never you know how much i love you and your pinky pinky" Ravi was confused what to answer, Bhavna's pussy was no match to the overfucked loose pussy of Komal, but she was his backup, better than to use his hands. But she was a cock sucking bitch and whenever Ravi was hot she alwayz cooled him by opening her legs for him. They fucked like rabbits whenever and wherever they got chance. Very lately in the change room of the shopping mall.

"So then are you picking me up today for Vicky's party" Komal was excited

"Is it today?"

"You forgot? so bad of you "

"No honey, ofcourse am going to pick you up"

It was new year's eve, everyone in the city was in the mood for party. In the evening Ravi got ready, came out of his room, he could not believe his eyes as he descended the stairs. Bhavna was dressed in a red saree, with red sleeveless blouse and red sandals. She had matching red lipstick and also left her hair open. Her boobs were pointing out as was her ass. Red color made he more inviting and Bhavna's fair skin was clearly visible from her strapless back and navel.

Ravi had a immediate hardon,his jaws dropped, he wanted to undress her there and there itself and fuck her doggie till she came and came and came....he started to move in that direction, but before he could take any action he came back to senses by his fathers voice

"Hey sonnie, how are you ?" Mohit asked Ravi

"Good Dad, Mom you looking hot..."

"Thanks beta, You not going for party, where is Ko...sorry Komal" Bhavna knew what Ravi's intentions were so changed the topic

"Am going to pick her up, we are having bash at Vicky's farmhouse"

"Where is my lovely daughter Priya?" MOhit asked "Not seen her from many days"

"You have to come home on time honey, she sleeps early these days she says she has put on some weight these, muzhe nahi lagta ...these modern girls...aur wiase bhi she is off to party with Arjun, left some time ago "

"Arjun..that guy is crap, usko bola tha maine Priya se door rahe..." Ravi knew Arjun very well, heard many stories of him.

"Relax Ravi, Priya knows how to handle him..."

"Mom...tumhe nahi pata..ek no ka flirt hai..bloody..."

"Hold your tongue sonnie boy..." Mohit interrupted.

"Its okey Mohit, relax,let go we are getting late for party, bye beta have fun we are leaving for a party at Sharma's". Bhavna winked at him. She only could imagine what havoc Ravi's cock would spread when invited. She pitied Komal but at the same time envied her pussy.

"Kaash Komal ki jagah main hoti..raat bhar jawan mustanda lund meri chut mein...." Bhavna started to get wet.

"Hello kya huwa mein jaana hain ya ..idhar hi new year karein bedroom mein..." Mohit asked her

"Bedroom mein jana hain..lekin party ke baad, tumhe aise nahi chodne waali aaj...samzhe darling.." BHavna teasingly patted MOhit's ass.

"Ya I know.." Mohit said ..."lekin ab chalo" he put her hand in her waist and pulled her towards him, her boobs crashing on his chest...."hayy...."

"Mohit...chalo ...abhi nahi ke baad...warna agar mera mood ban gaya na fir..."

"Nahi ...I know...teri choot muzhe choos legi " he whispered in her ears. They moved on towards their car and drove away for the party.

Ravi was watching this from the window..."Dad is one lucky bastard ...he has such as hot damsel at is disposal..."

His cock started to get hard, but there was no use. He had taken his chance but nothing happened after that.

"Chalo use .. Komal ki choudi chut tumhara intejaar kar rahi hai.." Ravi was talking to his cock.

Ravi left the house and went to pick Komal from her house. She was waiting for him, Komal was 20 and one of the hottest girl in college. Her boobs and ass used to be a smaller when she has joined college, but now she had much bigger boobs and a fatter ass, Ravi's magic had worked wonders for her in last 6 months. She had a voluptous body and inviting lips. Ravi's cock loved them. She had a fantastic tongue and knew how to use it. Her pussy was trimmed and nipples pierced. Komal was wearing a black mini dress, her white thighs shining as she came out.

She immediately hugged Ravi."Sweety pie where have you been, You know I missed you so much..."

"Me too baby." Ravi kissed her on her cheeks and pulled her tightly towards her, his big hands cupped her ass tightly

"ouch... not now" Komal whispered

"Hi guys where are you going today?" Mrs Reema Khanna, Komal's mother intervened

"Hello aunty, at vicky's farmhouse" Ravi answered

"Good but remember, dont' drink and drive" Reema warned them

"Yes mom don't worry" Komal spoke as she kissed her cheeks.

"Bye sweety, bye handsome have fun" Reema said

"Bye aunty"

Ravi left with Komal in his car. Very soon they reached Vicky's farmhouse, but Ravi's mind was running the slideshow of Bhavna's images in red saree and how she looked without that saree"

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:31 am

Vicky's farmhouse was on the outskirts of the city, huge and lavish.

"Hey Ravi wazzup bro" Vicky greeted Ravi at the entrance

"Hey vicks dude..." Ravi said while hugging Vicky

Vicky Dogra was the son of a NRI banker used to throw his lavish late night parties on his farmhouse. He was famous for his unusual themed parties. Today was no different it was New Year's eve and it was party with masks. All the members had to wear masks to hide their identities. Everyone knew everybody, but still all were strangers under the mask.

"Today is eve of masks and here are you masks people" Vicky handed 2 masks to Ravi and Komal

"Now what the fuck is this Vicks" Ravi was bemused

"Rav bro take a chill pill, this is kinda cool, imagine once you are inside everyone is stranger to you, even the person whom you have come cannot recognise any single person unless you know what they have wore"

Ligtening struck Ravi's mind, he thought "Duh this is golden chance to get rid of this bitchy Komal and get hold of some nice wet pussy in the party"

"Wow makes sense ..awesome man, what say ko?" Ravi chuckled at his thought

"Yeah lets roll in baby..." Komal was unaware of Ravi's plan, innocently agreed to get inside.

Ravi had got a Tiger's mask while Komal got a Tigresses mask. They wore their masks and entered the hall.

The hall was completely in party mood, DJ was playing some hottest numbers and animals where dancing wildly to their tunes. All the people had wore different masks and each one represented different species. Drinks were served in couple of places, and many corners and furniture were already occupied by animals who had already started to cosy and most probably decided to mate after the party or may be in the party itself.

It was jungle out there and the tiger had already started to hunt for prey. But he wanted to get rid of Komal who was accompaning him everywhere.

"Its good na ...Vicky is so very creative...I love this theme,lets hit the floor baby" Komal was excited

Ravi and Komal hit the dancefloor, the Dj started Rock-N-Roll and all the public rushed towards the dancefloor. Ravi and Komal were dancing and shaking their booty song after song.

The party was in full flow, it was already past time and new year had already begun, people were drunk and so were Ravi and Komal. After a while Komal left the dancefloor she had to pee. This was Ravi's chance. He had noticied a beautifull Rabbit around. She was hot, she had wore a voilet backless top and a short jeans skirt and matching strapped skilletous. She had curly hair and 38B boobs. She was a bit plump at the middle and bottom. Her navel was pierced with a ring. She also had a butterfly tatoo on her lower back.

She was dancing wildly and her boobs and ass wiggled voilently as she danced. Boy she was hottttt.. the tiger had found its prey, a Rabbit, a Bunny.

"Saali mast maal, lagta hai she is drunk" Ravi thought

Slowly he approached the bunny, and started to dance with her.

Soon she started responding to his moves, and they started to dance together. DJ played a sensous song and Ravi pulled the bunny towards her and they stared to dance closely. She put her hands around Ravi's waist.

"Baat ban rahi hain..response de rahi hai..." Ravi thought to himself

Ravi also put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him, she had soft skin. Her boobs were big and they were brusing against Ravi's chest. His cock began to rise. Slowly they moved away from the dancefloor and started to dance in a corner it was Ravi's move he wanted to get lost in the jungle to avoid Komal.

It was one of the dark corner, away from the crowd. They both were still dancing together. Sensous songs were being played the DJ was instructed so I guess so that the animals can get more time for you know what...

Ravi's hand started to move slowly a bit lower, he cupped her assand pulled her more closer.

"hmmm nice" girl said

"excuse me" Ravi said

"Nice tool tiger...."

"ahhh...its better somewhere else...hmm nice ass baby..." he cupped the ass tightly now. He lifted the mini skirt and started to search for the glory hole.

"ouchhh.." She was enjoying.

Ravi's hand moved inside the laced panties and touched the pussy lips. His finger easily slipped in the already wet pussy.

"hmmmmmmmmmm...yeahhhhhh " the gal had her head tightly on Ravi's shoulders now, she hugged him more tightly

"Nice wet pussy babyyyy" Ravi whispered in her ears..

He started to finger her pussy, and slowly rubbing her clitoris, he wanted to make her wild and beg him to fuck her.

"ohhhh" gal was moaning now a bit loudly now

Ravi increased his pace, his fingers moving in and out very fast...

"ahhhhhhhhh....oh yeahhhhhhhhh......ohh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh" girl moaned loudly now ......her left thigh lifted now and rested on Ravi's leg.

The girl started to move her hands on the Ravi's cock through his pants...both were excited to the limit.

"Lets the room baby, I know a special place" Ravi said.

Vicky has reserved a special room for his special friends to drill gals after they get drunk. It was called the Banging room and Ravi had banged so many hot gals on the very same bed.

"lets go" the bunny was also excited.

Slowly they sneaked out of the party and headed towards the banging rooom...

Posted : 23/02/2011 8:32 am

Both of them were super excited as they entered the banging room.

The banging room as the name suggests was specially made for some super horny people. It was a small room, dimly lit, with a round bed and small table with drawer. The drawer was full of various flavored condoms and ladies contraceptives. Vicky was a genious, he knew his guests very well so had made all the arrangments. The room was filled with fresh cum smell, sex was in the air. Somebody had just blessed the room with their presence. The room had just witnessed a hot steamy romp session and another one was immenant.

Ravi slammed the door behind him as they entered. He quickly pulled the bunny and pushed her onto the bed. Both of them were under the influence of drinks, excitment, passion, lust may be.

"Comeon baby lets do it" Ravi spoke as he lowered his pants. His beautiful cock sprang out like a snake and started to throb and wiggle.

"Nice cock ....fuck me doggy.." the bunny responded.

"I wanna a gag you first, want to feel those lips on my cock sweety, remove your mask" Ravi said.

"Nope..not a chance, I want to get fucked by a complete stranger, thats one of my fantasy...will not remove my mask, but I can remove this..." She lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and threw them towards Ravi.

She kneeled on the bed with her fat ass pointing towards Ravi.

Ravi took her panties and kept it in his pockets "My new year gift...i love it ", he then positioned his hard cock on her pussy lips.

"Wanna ride a fast train sweety?"

"Train hain dheere dheere speed pakdegi" She said turning back towards him.

Ravi slowly pushed his cock head in her pussy, her pussy spread as the huge cock entered it.

"aaaaaaaooooouchhhhhhhh" Bunny screamed.

He started to push his cock inch by inch, her wet pussy was engulfing the big cock like a anaconda eating its prey.

"ohhhhhhh you are so wetttt ......aaaaaaaaaaa" Ravi started to feel the warmth of her pussy.

"hmmmmmmmm.aaaaaaa" gal said

Ravi grabbed the shoulders of the gal and gave a almighty push his cock went inside like a piston.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.....fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..." gal shouted

"Are you ok?" Ravi's cock was completely inside her pussy, his balls touching her ass.

"You are bigg..ahhhh...." gal said

"I know" he pulled his cock out a bit and and again banged it inside


"You are tight bitchhhhh, tere chut badi geeli hai ......"

"tera lauda bhi mustanda hai...chod muzhe bhadwe...tadpa mat" Gal was super excited.

"Teri maa ki chut ...saali ...main to teri chut ki khair kar raha tha warna..."

"warna kya ...madarchod ...baat mat kar chod jaldi" she moved her ass as she said.

"Thik hai raani yeh le fir" Ravi pulled his cock and started fucking her a bit fast now..

His cock was almost hitting her stomach, his balls started to slap her fat ass with a sound now.

"haaan aisi hi ...fuckkk me bastard....chod muzhe"

"le saali rand teri chut ko aise chodunga ki tu 3 din tak chal nahi payegi..."

Ravi now put both his hands on her hips, held them tightly and started to fuck her voilently. He was fucking her lika a mad bull, everytime his cock entered her pussy he clit was getting rubbed sending the gal to seventh heaven. The butterfly tatoo on her back seem to fly as her hips and back was shaking voilently..

"ahhhhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" the gal was moaning in pleasure

"chod chod ....aise hi .....chod harami....aur jor jor se .....madarchod aur takat laga"

"Saali chudel...chinal...le mera lauda...le" Ravi was panting as he increased his speed.

The bed was shaking voilently, room was full with screams and moans...Ravi pulled her curly hair with one hand and started giving faster shots.

His cock was red with the friction, so was the gals pussy.

"Chodd.............fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee..hardeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr" she was shouting now

"yes ....fuckk you bitchhhhhhh"

The friction and constant simulation of the clit started to show effect, the gals puss started to boil with love juice, the lava of love was about to erupt.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhh.....aisi hi fasterrrrr....fasstttttttttt"

"haann haramjaadiii....teri chut ne muzhe diwana kar diya ....mera lauda aaj se tera haii..."

His balls were also starting to feel the effect of their voilent fuck session. pressure began to build in his balls

"ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss....fuck gonnaa cummmmmmmmmmmm" gal shouted

"Me toooooooo"

"Don't stop fuckk me fasterrrrr" Ravi's cock was at its very speedy best, his legs began to shake, he could feel the pressure building, his face turned red....No pussy had ever tested his fucking abilities to this limit apart from Bhavna, Ravi thought he was losing thi battle. He kept fucking her.

"I ammmmm cummmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddddddd" gal shouted again.

"I am cummming toooo" Ravi announced

Both the volcanoes erupted and the same time. Ravi cock was deeply burried inside the gal's pussy. Their bodies shaking as mixed love juice began to slowly trickle down of the opening from the pussy. Her pussy was hotter now and completely filled with Ravi's big cock. His balls spurting thick white cummm deep inside her pussy.

After some time the snake spitted the final drops of venom and then retreated back out of the hole. Ravi and the gal both of them just crashed on the bed. They were super exhausted after the marathon fuck session.

"You are one fucking hot pussyyyyyy baby....teri chut ne aaj muzhe hara diya tha" Ravi said as he laid with his back down.

"I know ...achhe achho ka tel nikal diya hai maine, your cock is also big and fucking nice" Gal said, she laid there face down her ass, her legs spread and cum oozing out of her pussy and thighs and then on to the bed.

"Attitude haan...but i won, you came before me ...aaj bahut dino baad maja aa gaya, Komal ko chod chod ke bore ho gaya tha...boy i am exhausted"

"ME too boyfriend ka lauda chota hai, tere jitna bada lund aaj maine pehli baar liya, aisa laga stomach mein ghus jayega..."

"You liked it, achha hain, teri chut bhi mere itne jordar shots seh saki...nahi to ladkiyan bich mein hi thak jaati hain....teri chut ne muzhe deewana kar diya swt heart..."

"Thanks...same to you ...tera lund hai ya musal...your gf is lucky to have such a big nice cock at its disposal.."

"hahaha..woh to hai..tera tatooo bada achha hai...butterfly....i liked it"

"thanks aaj hi banvaya hai..."

"Apna naam to bata de, cell number vagaira, chotu ko agar teri chut ki yaad aa gayi toh" Ravi said

"Butterfly, bunny, Rabbit kuch bhi bol de....number main aise hi kisi ko bhi nahi deti" She said and got up, tied her curly hair back, adjusted her dress, started to searh for her panties.

"Ky dhoond rahi hai..yeh.."Ravi pulled her panties from his pockets.

"Haan, give it back"

"Nah yeh to mera new year gift hai...hahaha" he acted to smell the panties, but his face was covered with the mask.

"Rakh lo...meri taraf se..." gal responded

"Hayyyy...rani chehra to dikha do... baki sab to dekh liya"

"hahaha forget it..." She turned back, opened the door and slowly disappeared in the party crowd..

Ravi laid there with his cock in his hand and panties on his face...recalling the amazing fuck session he just was part of, he was disappointed as he knew nothing about the gal, what he had was pink panty and glimpses of the colorful butterfly tatoo on the gals' lower back...

"Kya mast maal tha yaar, happy new year such mein happy ho gaya...maja aa gaya..." Ravi was thinking.

"Excuse me" a voice interrupted Ravi and his thoughts..

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"Excuse me" a voice interrupted Ravi and his thoughts..

Ravi was a bit bemused, he had pulled his pants up when the bunny left and was lying down there thinking about the gal he had fucked just now.

"Excuse me, if you don't mind can we...." the voice said again it was a mail voice

Ravi sat up on the bed and looked at the door. 2 people were waiting at the door, jackal and elephant.

"Nice elephant, let the fuck begin.....dusra session.." Ravi thought for himself

"Can we use the room tiger?" jackal said

"Yes of course am done...Enjoy..." Ravi said as he got up from the bed. The door closed as he left the room.

"Fuck that fat bitch...fuck her hard" He was thinking as he descended the stairs and entered the hall.

It was early hours of the morning, Ravi was tired, the rabbit had sucked all his energy, the effect of drinks was gone. The butterfly was flying everywhere.

"Fuck what is happening to me, woh to gayi...the butterfly is gone, bhenchod ye chutiya Komal kidhar hai.." Ravi realised that he had just bitched Komal for the bunny.

He got his cell from his pocket "23 missed are doomeed Ravi". He immediately dialled Komal's number.

"Ko Baby were are you? where did you go I searched you in the entire party" Ravi said

"I am here only sitting near the sofa, was feeling a bit dizzy, I guess i had 2-3 tequillas extra" Komal said

"I will be right there...stay there" Ravi said

Komal had pulled her mask away and was sitting on the Sofa in a corner, she was completely drunk and was feeling a bit dizzy. Her dress was lifted a bit, passersby was getting a clear view of her black panties. She was exhausted and it was showing.

"Ko baby are you ok what happened" Ravi sat on sofa, he realised that Komal had too much drinks

"Lets go home, my head is banging, fatt jayega plsss take me home" Komal said. Her eyes red now her head was paining like hell.

"Yes of course" Ravi removed his mask,picked up Komal in his arms and headed to the door.

The party was still going on, it was wee hours yet the jungle was chirping with different animal noises.

Ravi put Komal in his CR-V and drove home. Komal was deep asleep as they reached Komal's house.

Ravi parked his car outside took Komal in her arms, their parents car was not there, they had not yet returned. He dropped her in her bedroom. Kissed her on her cheeks and drove to his house.

It was early morning when he reached home. His parents car was parked in the garage.

"Mom Dad are back.." He thought.

He went straight to his bedroom.

"Fuckk what a party...phew...kya ladki thi saali...maja aa gaya"

Ravi removed his pants, his cock was hard again, he fell on his bed, pulled the sovineor the bunny's panties from his pockets and started to smell them..

A strong scent of Woman's cum entered his nose..."ohhhh" Ravi's cock was standing erect, he pulled it out of his undies. He wrapped the panties on his cock, his hand started to move over his cock. His mind lost in the Bunny's thoughts, her pussy, her asshole.....fuckkkkkkkkkkk...she was one of the bestttttt...

"Get up Ravi baba...12 baj gaye ...." Radhabai their maid was trying to bring Ravi back from the Bunny's thoughts.

"ahhh.who's this..Radhabai tang mat karo ..sone do" Ravi said

"Baba, naye saal mein itna late nahi sote...chalo bara baj gaye" Radhabai was insistant.

Radha was 37, she was their domestic help. She was plumper with 38 DD boobs and a fat ass, a bit of fat was accumulated on her belly but rounded her ass which protuded from her saree's. She was fairer, wore a big red bindi on her forehead, the cheap red lipsticks made her look like a cheap whore. Her low cut blouses were just enough to hide her black nipples and aerolas.

"Baba utho na..." Radhabai now put her hand on Ravi's shoulder's and was trying to wake him up.

"Radhabai...go...bore mat karo...main uth jaaonga" Ravi said

"Baba Bhavna memsab ne bola hain ...aapko uthane ke liye...sab log pe ane wale hain" Radhabai said

"Sab log??"

"Haan saab, memsaab, priya didi aur aap, abhi 12 baje hain, 1 baje tak khana ready ho jayega" Radha bai said in her typical tone.

"to tubhi jana..memsab ko help kar.."

"aaj madam khud khana paka rahi hai, mere ko no entry hai..." she was chirping loudly.

Ravi's ears straigtened as he heard this thing. He caught Radhabai's hand and pulled her on the bed.

"Baba..yeh kya kar rahe hon" Radhabai was shocked by Ravi's action.

"Chodo na baba..koi aa jayega" RAdhabai tried to free her arms

"Are radha rani koi nahi ayega ...sab busy hain...aaoo na...tumhe lambi race pe leke jata hooon" He pulled his blanket from his body. His cock jumped and was throbbing, ready for some action.

"ohh baba, tum bhi na...hamesha tayyar hote hon..." Radha bai saw his cock and spoke and turned her head away.

"Chalo bhi radha, aisa kar rahi hon jaise pehli baar dekha hain...kitni baar tohh..." Radha kept her hand on Ravi's mouth

"Hahaha, kya huwa.. hahhaha" Ravi said with a wicked smile

"Baba aap bhi na ...chalo tayar ho jao ..memsab ne dekh liya muzhe aisa to...muzhe kaam se nikal dengi" Radha tried to get up

"Are baitho toh, woh kitchen mein busy hain...koi nahi ayega..chalo bhi..." he started to kiss Radha's cheeks.

She turned away "Nahi baba abhi nahi..."

Ravi's hands were moving on Radha's chest, he started to massage her big boobs, his one hand moved at her waist and started massaging it as well..

"Ravi..Baba...nahi...abhi nahi...maine aapko kabhi mana kiya hai kya...ohhhh" Radhabai's mouth was saying no but her body had already responding to Ravi's touch...

Radhabai was working with the Mehta's from last year, Ravi eyes were full of lust when he first saw Radha. But it was only 6 months before he actually laid her. It took 6 months for him to seduce her and get her to bed. Radha was a gold digger and used to take money, gifts from Ravi as return gift. Radha's mature pussy gave him more pleasure which in turn led to his thoughts about Bhavna. He was in love with mature women, Radha also like Ravi's young fat cock. She was not only being fucked nicely but was also paid for it heftily. She was enjoying it, who wouldn't if you are satisfied physically and financially.

"Ab bass bhi karo Radhabai....muzhe pata hai ..tumhe mera lund pasand hai..." Ravi now whispered in her ears..

She was breathing heavily now... "Bolo bhi" Ravi asked her again, Radhabai just nodded.

"Lekin abhi nahi baba, samzha karo....memsaab upar ayi tohhh..."

Ravi pushed Radhabai away..."Thik hai ja ..."

"Baba gussa mat ho ....maine aapko kabhi mana kiya nahi...sirf aaj keliye..." Radhabai was pleading now

"Lekin fir main iska kya karu.." Ravi pointed at his erect pole. "Iska kuch toh karna hoga na...tumhe pata hain...ek baar mera lund khada ho gaya to fir paani chode bina...wapas baithta nahi..." Ravi replied with a bollywood style dialogue...

"Mere se jyada aur kon janta hoga baba" Radhabai said

"TO fir Radhabai aaoo na ...jaldi jaldi khatam karte hai..." Ravi said as he laid down on his bed.

"Nahi baba..plss..samzha karo...achha thik hain...mere paas ek dusra tarika hain" Radha now sat near Ravi.

Her right hand now caught the wiggling snake...her hand started to move up and down on his big cock.

"Ohh Radha....haan aise hi....ohh yessss" Ravi said

Her hand were moving slowly up and down, the big cock was just fitting in her hands, her palms felt the blood flowing through the fat veins of his cock. She bent down and kissed his cock head.

"Ohh..hmmmm...aisi hi...jor se hilaoooo" Ravi was moaning now..

Radhabai's hand was moving faster now, her other hand was tickling his big hairy balls...

"Baba maja aa raha hai na..." Radha asked

"Ohhh yesss....tere hathon mein jadoo hai rani....aur jor jor se hila...."

Her hands moving faster, precum oozed out of Ravi's cock, which was now acting as a lubricant for Radha's hands.

Radha now put her finger in Ravi's mouth, which he started to suck like a hungry baby.

After 5 minutes of shaking Ravi felt pressure building in his balls..

"Aur jor se...radha...saali chinaal ..hila jaldi jaldi...." RAvi shouted at her

She sensed his need for urgency and acted immediately, hands now moved vigourously up and down....

Ravi caught Radha's head and pulled it over his cock. Radha knew what was cumming and opened her lips...

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...yesssssss" Ravi's cock finally gave up and his cock bursted, thick white cummm jumped out directly in Radha's mouth and face...

"ohhh Goddddddd.....fuckkkkkkkkk" Radha now engulfed her thick lips on his cockhead and started swallowing his cummmm...

"Ohhh Radha...choos le ...pura ras pee jaa...ahhh " She sucked Ravi's cock dry, and drank all his cummm.

Ravi's cock deposited last drop of semen in her mouth. Radha pulled her mouth away.

"Kya baba pura chehra ganda kar diya" Radha's face was drenched in cummm, the fountain had splashed lots of white jinx before she took it in her mouth.

"Hahaha..." Ravi was laughing "Tere hathon mein jadoo hai Radha rani...ab teri chut ki baaari" Ravi said with a sheepish smile on his face...

"Baba abhi to maine aapko .... aur abhi fir se...chalo na ...15 min ho gaye memsaab abhi chid jayegi...Abhi utho..baad mein jo chahe karna..khane ke baad..."


"Haan baba..utho..." Radha said as she wiped her face with her paloo.

"Baba ..aap bhi na pura chehra ganda kar diya ..abhi jaldi se tayyar ho jao...main jaa rahi ho .." Radhabai got up and left the room her ass swaying in style..

"What a year Ravi...Raat ko butterfly girl, abhi radha bai...pata nahi is saal aage aur kya kya hoga..." He was thinking as he entered the bathroom.

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After performing his daily chores when Ravi when got ready it was already 1.15 pm

"Shitt I am late" Ravi thought, he immediately descended the stairs and started moving towards the dining table.

MOhit, Bhavana and Priya had already present on the dining table, waiting for him.

"Hey guys Sorry i am late, Hi mom, dad, dee" Ravi hurrily sat on the table

"Ravi whats this, we get so less time to spend together and us mein bhi late" Mohit was a bit upset.

"New year party after effects, right bhaiyaa" Priya winked at Ravi

Ravi just smiled at her, didn't say anything.

"Maine aaj apne hathon se khana banaya hain, for a change...I had some free time .." Bhavana chukled

Ravi looked at Bhavna, she was looking super hot in the new floral dress. It has short sleaves, floral print and ofcourse a bit deep cut to showcase Bhavna's assets.

"Wow mom thats so nice of you and nice dress by the way" Ravi said

"New year gift" BHavana held Mohit's hand and kissed it.

"Comeon guys lets hungry and later i have a surprise for you guys..." MOhit said

All of them finished lunch and went to the hall. Priya was the last one to join them.

Priya was wearing her Jeans shorts and a loose tees, her milky white thighs were on display. She had grown up to be a pretty sexy gal. Curly hair, juicy lips, 36 C boobs and dark brown eyes. She had put on weight but more on her ass, which made her even more inviting for a steamy fuck. The butterfly flashed before Ravi's eyes.

"Ok attention people, pack your bags we are heading to Phuket for a vacation for next 2 weeks." Mohit announced


"Yipeeee, dad you are the greatest" Priya hugged Mohit, her boobs pressing against MOhit's chest.

"Nice pair" Mohit thought as he got out of her arms

"Darling you did not tell me that yesterday" Bhavna said

"Surprise honey...surprise" Mohit was smiling

"Pack your bags we are leaving tommorrow morning..." Mohit said

"Awesome, you rock dad" Ravi was super excited, beaches babes yohooooo

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