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Padosan aur uski behan  


Hello Everybody, I am back, married and 30 years of age. I have always been fascinated at the sight of beautiful Indian women’s in saris showing there beautiful boobs, soft long waist and deep holed navels as shown in Hindi films. I would just love to feel them and kiss them only, for hours and hours. This particular fantasy is about a beautiful auntie I always wanted in my neighborhood. I got number of response from my earlier experiences here is a fantasy. I was over whelmed by the response of Class Prefect ki Chudai, Class mate ki chudai saloon baad and my business love and School Girl ko choda. This is my 6th story. Plz mail me your response which will encourage me to write many more stories

I imagine being a young boy going to college I was 18 years old. As I am growing up, I begin to get attracted towards beautiful women’s around me on roads, gardens or any other public place where I see them. One day as I returned from college I find that one new neighbor has shifted to our adjoining flat which was vacant for quiet sometime. For few days I do not pay any attention towards our new neighbor. One afternoon I am busy doing my studies and the doorbell rings. My mother opens the door and I see for the first time the lady staying next to us. She had come to make friendship with my mother.

My mouth is left wide open as I see her. I had never seen such a beautiful lady ever before. I really felt very lucky now that she had come to stay next to our flat. To describe her, she is of around 5ft 7” height, well built, very fair with big beautiful eyes, slim nose, puffy cheeks, red lips, long black hairs, she was 24 years old then and perfect tight figure her name was KASHISH. She is wearing a dark colored sari with a matching blouse. The Pallu of her sari is folded into thin layers, which are passing through her belly, and from in between her two breasts. Her long and slim belly is wide open and I could see that it is very soft, white, voluptuous, smooth and slippery. She has a round and deep holed navel exactly in the center of her belly. Her pallu covered the right breast and was revealing the whole of her left breast. The breasts are big, firm, round, tight and standing just erect facing in front. The breasts are big enough that they would not fit in one hand and so succulent to satisfy ones desire. I could make out that her nipples were pointed and were exactly in the center of her breasts. In totality she was extraordinarily beautiful with all the features of a beautiful women. From that day onwards I could not stop thinking about her and just imagined to kiss her on the belly and navel and suck her enormous breasts. I was always looking for a chance to have a glimpse of her and her beautiful assets. Sometime I would go to her house to play with her child and watch her doing her household work. I loved watching her hips from her sari swaying up and down to her beautiful catwalk. Her belly, navel and breasts would shake and bulge in such a rhythmic motion that they were a good feast to my eyes and desires.

One day my parents had to go out of Mumbai urgently for few days, and I am all alone in my home. My mother requests the neighborhood auntie to take good care of me. The whole day auntie takes good care of me and I enjoy her company. At night I tell her that I am afraid sleeping alone in my house and it would be better if she slept with me in my house. She informs her husband and comes along with me to my house. I really feel on top of the world. After completing her household work in my house she puts off the lights and lies down on the bed next to me. I am aroused just at the thought that my dream lady is sleeping next to me. Some light is coming from outside the house, which is enough to watch her beauty. I stare at her pretending to be asleep for a long time. After sometime I feel asleep. I am wakening again at the noise of the utensils and see that my auntie has woken up to drink water. Still I am pretending that I am asleep. It is a summer night and she is feeling very hot. She comes on the bed and removes the pallu of her sari from her shoulders and puts it aside and lies down again on her back next to me. This sends an electric shock into my body. Pretending to be asleep I see for the first time so close, her belly and the deep holed navel. Her breasts are standing firm and erect facing the ceiling. I could clearly see the soft white cleavage formed for the first time. It is very huge and deep valleyed. While sleeping as she is breathing I could see the slow movements of her belly and breast moving up and down. I just cannot control myself now, and feel like kissing and licking her navel. My hands begin to tremble for squeezing both her succulent breasts. After sometime my auntie is in a deep sleep. But my sleep is stolen away. I gather some courage within me because I think this is the only lifetime chance for me to touch and feel her. Pretending to be asleep I turn towards her, and put my hand on her stomach and begin to feel the creamy softness of her belly. I put one of my fingers into her voluptuous navel and lie there for sometime in such a position. Her navel is about an inch deep, feathery and very creamy. As my hand gets numb after sometime, I remove it from her navel and put it on the belly below her navel to feel it. She is still in her deep sleep. I am greatly enjoying and feel very lucky of myself.

Little later she shrugs and turns her back towards me and goes to sleep again. Her tight hips are facing me. I feel like touching my full sized erection to her hips, but I control myself, as I do not want to loose the chance of enjoyment I am getting by touching her. Her soft shining back is towards me. I move a little towards her so that my lips touch her naked back and pretend myself to be asleep. I still do not remove my hand from her stomach but slowly and steadily move my hands upwards feeling the juicy belly. My hands reach at the end of her blouse and, I find that, with pressure of both the boobs falling downwards, her blouse and bra is open from below. As a result some part of her boobs have come out from below. The gap is enough for me to insert my fingers and feel her heavenly boobs. Slowly I insert my fingers and begin to touch her creamy and milky breasts. At that time I am getting beyond control and want to squeeze both her breasts very hard. But I have to control myself. For quiet sometime I lay there in such a position enjoying myself. I am in no mood to sleep in that night.

After sometime she shrugs again. I remove my hands suddenly from her body so that she does not wake up and lie down on my back. Now her face is towards me. She is ignorant about the fact that the pallu of her sari is not on her body and I am sleeping besides her. Maybe she thinks of me to be a child. Now for the first time I could see her full sized, white, deep cut lining of cleavage between her two breasts, which are shining like two bulbs in the dark. Her belly and navel were falling downwards and forming provoking breathing movements. The breasts are of perfect size and really very heavy, juicy and well formed. I wait for sometime so that she is in a deep sleep again I turn towards her again and move a little closer to her. I put my hand on her hips now and begin to feel the size of her hips. It was really beautiful and sexy. I get a strong feeling, to rub my hand on her hips but I controlled myself. She moves a little and puts one of her hand around me. As a result of which, my cheeks and lips are pressed in between her cleavage. I do not make any attempt to move, but instead slowly press my head further into her enormous breasts. Though I get a very strong desire to remove her breasts from its prison and suck those two melons, at that moment, I am satisfied with whatever I am enjoying. I lay there until morning pretending to be asleep enjoying my full erection whole night with my fantasy lady.

Then next day when she came to sleep in my house I was dreaming about her only after completing the work she lied down beside me her face towards me. She then asked slowly to me about my sleep last night. I was a bit tensed as she asked as I thought she understood what I did last night but said I slept well. Then she switched off the lights only a dim light was lit.

She was sleeping on her back I was pretending to sleep but was looking at her sexy breast after a short while when she was sound sleeping I slowly put my hand on her breast she didn’t made a move I was getting a hard on I slowly pressed her boobs and she moaned. I was afraid but still kept my hand still. A minute passed and I pressed again she also moaned again. I think she was getting pleasure then I noticed her hand moved between her legs and she was rubbing her pussy I was aroused by the thought that she liked it I started pressing her boobs a bit hard and then I slowly start opening her blouse button she was still rubbing. In a minute I opened all the buttons and removed the clothes from her boobs she was wearing a bra but the sight was very much exiting.

She was fast asleep and was having one of her wettest dream as she inserted her hand in her sari and I can make out that she was fingering her cunt. I was knock out horny I never felt my dick so hard in my life. I gathered all my courage and inserted my hand in her bra I was getting mad by feeling her very tight boobs and her nipples were also very hard and erect. Then she turned now her back was towards me and my hand still in her bra I thought she has given me the opportunity to open her bra hook I slowly took out my hand from her bra and opened the hook of her bra. Then slowly I removed the strap of the bra from her shoulders.

I slowly pulled her towards me and with a slightest pull she turned with her eyes wide open looking straight in my eyes. I instantly closed my eyes and was trembling with fear I felt as if my blood has frozen and I am close to my death. I was guessing what if she tells all this to my parents and they will surely kill me. And what she is thinking about me I was feeling very much ashamed. This all happened in a split of a second. My eyes were still closed with fear. I opened my eyes a little to see what she is doing. I saw her staring at my face and a wicked smile on her face. She moved her hand and I thought she would slap me so I closed my eyes with fear.

To my utmost surprise she instead of slapping me pulled my body towards her. And I heard her voice she asked me softly “do you like playing with my boobs?” My eyes were still closed and I was still shivering with fear. She softly touched my cheeks and asked again. She told me to open my eyes by this time my fear was reduced. She got up now she was sitting next to me. She pulled me up and I was also sitting now. My head was still down and my eyes closed. Then she ordered in a loud voice to open my eyes. I opened my eyes but was still looking down. She pulled my head up and asked me to look in her eye I looked in her eye she was smiling and was still rubbing her pussy. “Do you like playing with my boobs?”

I said “yes but I am sorry I wont do such thing ever again”. She asked “what if I tell all this to your mother?” I was horrified on hearing this. I started crying with fear and pleaded her not to tell my mother anything and I wont do such thing again. She said, “I have to do all she says” and wiped my tears with her soft hands. I told her I would do whatever she demands. Then whatever she told was the best thing I would have heard in my whole life. She told, “Ab se tum ko daily mere boobs ko choosna pade ga?” I was over joyed on hearing this I stopped crying and was looking at her face with surprise. She was smiling then she removed the bra, which I had already opened and grabbed my dick, which has jumped again by seeing her totally naked boobs. I instantly put my hands on her big boobs and said “jaror choosunga”. And started sucking her boobs again. She pushed me away and said “thoda ruko to sahi ab itne betaab kyu ho rahe ho”. And she lie down and ask me to open my shirt and come on top of her. I hurriedly opened my shirt and jumped on her and said “aunty appki choochi bahut acchi hai ab inko to rooj choosunga” then she said “sirf choosoge ki aur bhi kuch karoge” I said “jaise app khogi waise hi krunga”. I was pressing one of her big boobs and the others nipple was in my mouth I was sucking hard very hard and she was pressing her nail in my back and was moaning loudly and saying “aur jor se chooso bahut acha lag rah hai Jai aaaaeeeeoooooo Haiiiiiiiii aur jor se”. My dick was rock hard and was getting wet as it was pressed between her gorgeous thighs I was rubbing my dick on her cunt slowly.

She asked me to get up and open her sari and petticoat as she wanted to feel my dick which I was rubbing on her pussy from above the cloths I got up and pulled her sari from her body and pulled her petticoat down she was completely naked, as she was not wearing panty. Meanwhile she pulled my pajamas down now I was also totally naked, as I was also not wearing any under pants. We both were totally naked and I was constantly staring her clean and clear pussy their were no hairs on her pussy I said “aunty app ki bur pe to ek bhi baal nahi hai aur appka badan to bahut he sundar aur sexy hai”. She said “maine aaj hi bur ke baal saaf kaien hain aur tumhara lund to bahut bada aur mota hai”. She started playing with my dick and I started fondling her massive boobs.
We both laid side by side and I started sucking her choochis again and she was moaning again and saying “Jai joor se chooso aaj meri choochion ko kaa jao mere pure badan me aag lagi hai use sant karo uuuuuuuufff bahut accha lag raha haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jaiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeee ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bahut maja aa raha hai”. Then she started Cumming her pussy juice started flowing she was fingering her cunt and was screaming “main aayee”. She pushed me and said “ab tum meri bur ko chooso aur apna lund muje choosne do”. I immediately agreed and turned towards her pussy the smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I slowly touched her pussy with my finger and inserted my tongue in it meanwhile I got a shock as she took my penis in her mouth and was sucking it as a lollipop. Now I was moaning and my tongue was busy in love hole I said “aunty jara joor se uuuufff bahut accha lag raha hai” she said “aab to rooj accha lagega tum meri bur ko pura kha jao”. I was about to cum as she was sucking my dick very hard and within no time I unloaded a jet of cum I her mouth, which she drank up lavishly.

Now she said “Jai come here” and I turned around she said “ab tum apne lund ko meri choot mai dal kar chodo” I said “aunty thoda aur maja lene do na” and started pressing her boobs. She said “ab to ye maja roj hi lena hai par meri choot ki aag ko pehle tanda karo ab aur bardast nahi hota”. She caught my dick which was tight as an iron rod and put it on the love hole which was burning hot and said “ab aur der mat karo aur andar dal do” I said “aunty app ki choot to bahut garam hai aur aunty kya appko uncle ke sath maaj nahi ata” she said “ab tumhare uncle ko sex me interest he nahi raha har waqt bus kaam aur kuch bhi nahi karte 6 mahine se unhone muje chooa bhi nahi ab tum baat kum aur kaam jayeda karo”. Then I pushed my dick slowly in her cunt with a little puss my dick entered the love hole and I was on top of the world with the feeling I was getting. She started moving her ass and I was pumping my dick very hard and she was moaning “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhh aur joor se aaj to meri choot ki aag ko thanda kar do uuuuuuufffffff bahut maja aa raha hai” I said “sirf aaj kyun abb to rooj aapke badan ki aag ko tandha karunga”. We continued for about fifteen minute and then we both unloaded the cum and relaxed there for half an hour which I spend laying on her body sucking and playing with her boobs.

After we both relaxed we again repeated and enjoyed with each other till morning we had sex five times that night and in the morning I was feeling so tired that I couldn’t go to college and I slept till noon. When I got up I was feeling much relaxed and the thought of last night I got an instant hard on. But I was feeling very hungry I came out of my room to see whether there is anything in fridge. But the fridge was empty. I thought of going to aunt’s flat to ask her for something to eat but was feeling shy thinking off the last night’s incident. I knew she will be alone at this time of the day as her husband has gone to office and kid to school and she must be relaxing after a long tired full fuck in the night. I thought of going to some hotel and have something to eat.

As I was thinking the doorbell rang I was wondering who might have came and I looked from the eyehole. I was amazed to see KASHISH aunty standing she was looking more prettier then last night and was wearing light makeup. I opened the door as she stepped in I saw she was wearing a sexy dress through which her figure can be seen clearly she was looking like a Greek goddess. She was also carrying a packet.

She came inside and said “uth gaye maine sooch rahi thi ki tumko bahut bhook lagi hogi ise liye tumhare liye khaana layi hoon”. I asked “kya aapne kha liyea?” She said no. So I said “tab to hum sang me khaana khaenge, par pehele me naha loon”. She caught me and gave a long deep kiss on my lips our tongue met and I got an instant hard on. She said “aab tum naha lo” I went inside the bathroom and stripped my cloths and started taking bath my dick was still hard in the middle of the bath the door opened as I haven’t locked the door and saw aunty standing on the door staring at me. She said “tum nahate waqt bahut sexy lag rahe ho” then I said “aunty kaas mai bhi aapko nahate huai dek sakta” she said “kyun abhi bhi dek sakte ho agar tumko iteraaz na ho to kya mai bhi naha sakti hun?” my heart jumped on hearing this. I immediately came out of shower and caught her and started stripping her. In no time she was naked I caught her and took her in the shower. Now we both were rubbing each other’s body and I was fondling her chochis. She started moaning aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuffffff ooooohhhhhhaaannnnmmm and was playing with my dick meanwhile the bathtub was filled I sat in the bathtub and started licking her pussy now she was pressing her tits she cummed on my face in no time I licked her clean and she laid down in the bathtub I mounted her and inserted my dick in her pussy and with every splash of water she moaned “uuuuuuffffff Jai joor joor se chodo itna maaja pehele kabhi nahi aaya” after twenty stroke I began to cum. After this splendid bath we dried each other with towels and came out of the bathroom.

We sat naked on the floor side by side and had the lunch she bought with her during lunch we sometime fondled each other’s organs. After competing the lunch she cleaned the floor as I watched her doing so. After cleaning I asked her about her child who were suppose to come any moment from the school. She said today my sister will take them home and she will drop them in the evening. I was overjoyed to hear this and the thought that she will be with me for full day and again at night. After lunch we had 2 fucking sessions and it was 1.30pm she said she is very tired and want to sleep so we both slept cuddling each other fully naked till 5pm. At 5pm she got up gave a big wakeup kiss and then dressed up and went to her flat. Before going she said “tum aaram karo main raat ko aaungi tumhare liye khaana lekar” and she went away. I got up and did all my pending work.

It was 9pm I was waiting for her and the door bell rang I thought she came and I opened the door I was amazed to see a sexy young girl of my age standing at the door. Before I could ask her she said she is the sister of Kashish aunty. She was also as sexier as her sister and she was unmarried. I let her in and asked about aunty she said didi will be coming in a short time and has send dinner for you. Let me describe her she was 5ft 6inch, slim figure with big boobs and tight ass, she was even more fair then her sister and was wearing a tight t-shirt with a mini skirt through which her well shaped legs were visible. I asked her name and she said SNEHA I said pretty name.

We both sat for dinner and TV was on a English movie was running and then a sex scene came remote was in her hand but she didn’t changed the channel and kept on watching the movie. I was looking at her face and asked “kya tumko ye sab scene accha lagta hai” she said nothing meanwhile aunty came. And she changed the channel. Aunty said “Jai khana kha liya abb jake so jao aaj SNEHA yehi mere pass soegi” I was shocked as I thought we wont be enjoying tonight. So I went to sleep in my room.

After half an hour both entered the room and aunty said “us room me ac nahi chaal raha isliye hum bhi yahan soyenge”. Aunty leid in between SNEHA and me. The lights were off and I slowly moved my hand towards aunty boobs and pressed them aunty said softly abhi nahi. So I removed my hands. After another half an hour later aunty turned towards me and gave me a long wet kiss on my lips. I was asleep but got up and kissed aunty back and aunty said “SNEHA so gayi aab apne maja le sakte hain” and we went in another room and started our love games. We only were kissing each other and we were half naked as I had opened the blouse and pressing her boobs and my dick was in aunts hand and I was sucking her gorgeous boobs and she was moaning and we were shocked to see SNEHA standing on the door awake and staring at us. She said “aap log yeh kya kar rehain hain didi aap itena ganda kaam kar sakte hain main soocha bhi na tha”. Aunty was also shocked and we got up aunty was closing her blouse. I got embarrassed and withdrew my cock from aunt’s hands.

As it slid out, I could see her sister, SNEHA’s eyes follow the length of it. Her eyes widened at the size of it. But she did not react. She walked over and said, “I’ll tell your parents and to jijaji what you were doing?” I could see that she was a bit excited at what she had seen. So I took a chance and said, “NO, you will not”. She was taken aback at this and tried to say something else, but I went up to her and began kissing her. I said “SNEHA hum log koi ganda kaam nahi kar rehe sirf paayar kar rehen hain tumko bhi payar karna hai to bolo” and without waiting for her reply went near her and caught her boobs and pressed them hard and kissed her lips. She tried to push me off but I continued pressing her boobs and kissing her lips. She resisted at first, but then began to kiss back equally fiercely. My erect cock was by now poking her. Aunty was still in a shock and was watching us quietly. I said “SNEHA tumko bhi yea karne ka man hai tum bhi to sex scene TV par dek rahi thi aab itna natak kyu kar rahi ho”. I kept on pressing her boobs and kissing her and then rubbed her love triangle with other hand she kept on resisting me but I pushed her to wall and kept on doing my work slowly SNEHA also became horny and started responding. She grasped my dick and began stroking and pulling it.

Then I slowly inserted my hand in her t-shirt and pressed her boobs and she moaned sssssssshhhhhhhh I opened her t-shirt and opened her bra and was amazed to see such a sexy boobs she had. Now aunty was relaxed and she again caught my dick and gave a big kiss to her sister and I was pressing SNEHAS boobs. She started moaning, “aaaaaaahhhhh ooooofffff Jai joor se dabao jese didi ko maja diya waise hi mujhe bhi maja do” she started kissing my lips infect she was sucking my lips. She was gorges sucker and my dick was rock hard. We all got up and undressed each other now three naked bodies were playing with each other.

I was lying in the middle and both the sisters were on either side and I began to fondle their breast and aunty was kissing me and SNEHA was playing with my dick. I said “SNEHA aab tum mere lund ko chooso” sneha started sucking my dick and I was sucking aunties breast. Aunty started moaning and I was in heaven as sneha was a good sucker. I was pressing snehas head and my dick was fully inside her mouth on hearing our moans sneha lift her head to see us and said “tum sara maja sirf didi ko hi do mujhe maja mat dena” I said “janeman naaraz kyu hoti ho aao pehele tume maja dun” I caught her and pushed her on the bed and jumped over her and started sucking her boobs aunty was now sucking SNEHAS pussy and sneha started moaning “aaaaaahhhhh Jai bahut aaccha lag raha hai meri sari garmi nikal do didi aur joor se chaato uuuuuuuuufffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee mai mar gayi re itna maja pehele kabhi nahi aaya aab se to rroj yeh maja lungi re aaaaaaaoooooo mere sare sareri me current dhod raha hai Jai aab mat tadpao abb muje chood do na please meri choot ko pele ke phad do didi tume muje pehele ye maja kyu nahi diya”. “Mai bhi to kalse hi yeh maja le rahiho aab se aapne yeh maja har bar lenge” aunty said. I also agreed to them and said “haan aab to yeh maja hardam lena hai Sneha aab mai tumko chodunga”.

And I spread Sneha’s legs making her hole clearly visible and sat between her legs on my knees and put my rod on her hole and she moaned and said “jaldi dalo na”. I immediately put my rod on her vagina and pressed very hard my half dick was inside her and she screamed with pain and blood came out Sneha was screaming with pain and saying “Jai aapna lund nikalo nahi to mai mar jaungi uuuuuuuuufffff bahut dard ho raha hai plz nikal lo”. I said “janeman pehle bar he to dard hota hai phir to sirf maja he maja hai”. And I started squeezing her boobs and asked Kashish aunty to suck her boobs. Aunty immediately started sucking her boobs and I started pumping her cunt slowly. Within minutes Sneha started moaning with pleasure and started moving her hips, as she wanted to accommodate whole of my dick in her hot choot. Now I was banging her cunt very fast and Sneha was moaning continuously “aaaaaahhhhh Jai bahut aaccha lag raha hai meri sari garmi nikal do avii aur joor se dakhe lagoo uuuuuuuuufffffffff aaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee mai mar gayi re itna maja pehele kabhi nahi aaya aab se to rroj yeh maja lungi re aaaaaaaooooo haiiii didi meri choochion ko kha jao uuuuuuuffff maira paani nikalene wala hai”. Sneha was cumming and I was enjoying the fuck and I increased the speed and after five minutes Sneha was cummimg again and I unloaded a jet of my cream inside her vagina.

This love game continued till Kashish aunty become pregnant she was carrying my child. Still I make love to both the sisters in their home whenever we get a chance.

I would really love to enjoy the company of a woman who could be my fantasy lady. Any healthy and hygienic women, girl, bhabhi or aunty in and around Calcutta who wants to be loved, embraced and kissed on their belly, navels and want their breasts to be sucked can e-mail me

Mail me you are most welcome in my following e-mail address groups of girls are also welcome to approach me. I will keep our relationship secret. Again it should be a secret relationship, nobody other than you and me should know about us.

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