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My name is Sandy, I am 26 and married. I recently started an evening job in a large local 24 hour grocery store. I have blond hair, a slim figure and a firm pair of 36DD's. I am used to men ogling my breasts and often dress to show my assets to their best advantage.

On the second evening I was asked out for a drink by one of the departmental managers, i told him I was married but he said that made no difference to him. Two nights later, I told my husband that I would be working some overtime and went for a "drink" with Andy. It was fairly obvious what he wanted and I must confess that I found him quite attractive. Needless to say I went back to his flat. we were sitting on his sofa and he started kissing me, tongue down my throat and hands all over my tits. He quickly removed my t-shirt and bra and started licking and sucking my breasts.

I managed to get his shirt off and unzipped his trousers, he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles, I kicked them away and he spread my legs wide and pushed one and then two fingers into my cunt. Although I was both eager and willing for this to happen everything was going too quickly for me. I was beginning to get wet when he pushed me back, pulled my legs open and pushed his prick into me. Fortunately he was not very big down there and I fely my cunt open up and with a couple of thrusts he was inside me. He started groaning and within a few seconds I felt the tell-tale signs of his approaching orgasm. He pumped his cum into me and collapsed on top of me. I had a cunt full of cum but was nowhere near orgasm myself.

His prick went limp and he rolled off me. I decide dthat I would have to satisfy myself and started to rub my clit. Andy's cum was leaking out of me and this provided all the lubrication I needed, I closed my eyes and started masturbating myself. I was soon writhing about and moaning as I brought myself off. When I came down from my climax I found that not only was Andy watching me but there were two other men also in the room enjoying my solo performance.

I closed my legs and tried to cover my breasts, the three of them just laughed at me. The two new men took one arm each and pulled me up from the sofa, they led me out of the lounge and into a room containing a large bed. They started to fondle my breasts and fingered me between my legs, it was too late to protest and anyway I was enjoying the attention. I was laid on the bed and watched as the two strangers removed their clothes. I opened my legs and started playing with myself again and they were rubbing their erect pricks in anticipation as they watched me.

I felt the stirrings of an orgasm deep inside me but my fingers were pulled away and replaced by a tongue. The second man sat on my belly and began to tit-fuck me, I looked down to my breasts and saw the largest prick I had ever seen thrusting between my tits. As the knob slid towards my chin , I lowered my head and took the end into my mouth. Not only was it a good ten or eleven inches long but it was incredibly fat. I was actually a little bit scared of the size but also eager to see whether I could take this monster inside me.

Andy had now entered the room and the man tit-fucking me climbed off my chest and the two of them started playing with my breasts and sucking my nipples, I was able to concentrate on the tongue licking my clit and soon reached another orgasm. I looked up at monster prick and said two words, "fuck me". He got between my legs, my cunt was dripping wet and I felt the head of his prick push into me. My cunt seemed to spread and spread until he was inside me, my vaginal muscles were stretched wide and gripping his shaft. It took several gentle thrusts and finally I was impaled on his giant prick. I have never felt so full in my life, he was fucking me slowly and the sensations were out of this world. My cunt was contracting as I moved in time with his thrusts. I wasn't cumming but I was if you know what I mean. I think I was having a multiple orgasm.

Eventually he stopped fucking me and pulled out of my cunt with a squelching plop. The second stranger took his place but I had already been stretched so wide that I couldn't feel very much and I decide that I was going to have to take charge of the situation, I pulled the second man down and kissed him, a deep tongue twirling kiss (or three) and whispered to him that I wanted my arse fucked. Stranger number one was laying on the bed beside me still with a rock hard erection, I pushed number two off me and straddled number one, I guided that enormous prick into my cunt and started sliding up and down on it.

I then lowered myself onto him and kissed him, saying that I wanted him to pull my arse cheeks apart so that his mate could arse fuck me. He duly obliged and I felt number two massaging my juices around my cunt and into my arse, first one and then two fingers probed my arsehole. The fingers were removed and I felt the prick head start to probe my puckered hole.

Yes it hurt as it always does to start with but their was enough lubrication from my cunt to ease the pain and soon I was enjoying it. I had never had sex with more than one man at a time before and this was a fantasy being fulfilled. We soon settled into a rhythm, monster prick in my cunt would slide out as his mate would slide up my arse. Andy came round to the side of the bed by my head and offered me his now erect again prick. I eagerly took it into my mouth and started to suck him.

Number two began to speed up, our rhythm was lost and I could feel the two pricks inside me at the same time, the thin membrane between my vagina and rectum seemed non-existent. Number two began to groan and shot his cum deep into my arsehole. He pulled out from my arse as Andy came as a result of his fucking my mouth which was soon was filled with Andy's second load of hot cum. There was not a lot of it and I was able to swallow most of it despite his orgasmic bucking.

Number one was still fucking away and I turned my attention to him. I was sliding up and down on him, my cunt felt so full I thought I was going to split open, he rolled me over onto my back, took hold of my legs and lifted my bum into the air. I had an awful feeling about what he was going to do. And he did! He lifted my legs high enough to expose my arsehole and he pushed his knob end gently into my arse. I thought my cunt had been filled to bursting but this was a different league. I know number two had stretched my arsehole and his cum was providing a fine lubrication but nothing could have prepared me for this onslaught.

It hurt again, God yes it hurt, but then it didn't hurt quite so much and then I found myself beginning to enjoy it and then I found myself actually thrusting to meet his thrusts.

Number one had been a realy good fuck but not surprisingly he was soon at the point of no return and I felt my back passage being filled with hot cum for the second time that evening. I don't know how long I laid on the bed afterwards but I needed another orgasm myself and started to frig my clit again, there was enough cum running from my cunt and even more from my arse to ensure that I had enough lubrication. My orgasm when it arrived was absolutely superb.

Finally I opened my eyes and found only Andy by the bed watching me, the two strangers had gone and I had not even learned their names! Andy held up a camera and said "If you don't want your husband to see these photos you'd better do as I say...."

Posted : 02/10/2011 8:40 am