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Noida Ki Ek Raat.  


Hello Girls. Hope you enjoyed my sex experience, my sex encounter with two girls both are real sisters. My name is Praveen Singh. I am young & handsome boy. I have an attractive personality. Recently I have completed M.B.A. If any girl or group of girls or ladies (near Noida or Agra) wants to meet me, they can contact me through my e-mail id xxxxxxxx. Our relationship will be fully confidential. I am living in Noida. I have a story with Sweta and her sister Mita.

Sweta is horny girl with huge boobs and tight pussy. She is bit short for me since I am 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Mita (sister of sweta) have tall and slim figure. Her tits will be around 34 with a slim and cute pussy. I m residing nearby her house. I often went to her home as her father (my uncle) is a close friend to my father. Suddenly one day uncle suffered a heart attack and was admitted to a hospital. I on knowing this visited the hospital with my father and family and came back to my uncle’s house, as I told to stay there because nobody other than both sisters are in the home.

One night when I was staying with them in their house I went to the top floor of their house for a walk. After a few seconds I heard Mita calling me. I kept quiet. Very soon they had come to a conclusion that I have gone some where out and they locked the gate which I could guess by the door noise. After ten minutes, I slowly came down to the ground floor and to my surprise I could see the two girls licking each others pussy with loud moans. They were lying on the floor and the computer in front of them was on, playing a hot group sex xxx movie. My cock started throbbing inside my shorts and I slowly came near them very carefully and sat near them and started watching them.

Sweta was the first person to see me. She become terribly afraid and started shivering. But Mita was so cool. She asked me to join them. Sweta was still shivering but Mita convinced her saying that I will be better option for them to giving pleasure of sex. Mita started removing my t-shirt and asked Sweta to remove my shorts. By this time Sweta adjusted with the situation and started smiling at me. I went near her and catch her lips with my teeth and started giving her a deep kiss. She become hornier and sucked my mouth wildly. Meanwhile Mita removed my Shorts and under wear and caught hold of my prick and started shaking it vigorously. Sweta removed her nighty and her bra. Mita started chewing my cock and played with my balls. I started sucking Sweta’s boobs and she caught hold of Mita’s boobs and started squeezing it. Mita, with my cock in her mouth finger fucked Sweta’s hairy cunt. Her cunt juice started oozing by this time. I started fingering into Mita’s huge cunt hardly. She started shouting slowly! Slowly!

Sweta climbed on me with her two legs parted wide open and lowered her juice dropping cunt on my face. It smelt too good and I inserted my tongue deep into it and sucked it vigorously. Very soon my mouth filled with her juice which I drunk without wasting a drop. Her tight ass was visible to me and I licked it wet. My fingers went deep into her asshole and she enjoyed it very much. Mita by this time made me cum and I delivered my semen into her mouth. She called sweta to share it with her. Sweta sucked Mita’s mouth to get her share of my viscous cum.

On seeing this my cock slightly stood up. I made both of them lie down with their legs wide open and started licking Mita’s cunt while fingering the other. In a few seconds Mita’s fluid started sliding through the crevices of her lovely dark ass which I licked without wasting. Her ass smell gave me a great erection and I inserted my dick into Mita’s fleshy cunt and jerked vigorously. For every jerk her belly rolled widely and she shouted aah aah aah aaah! Sweta could not control her self and climbed on Mita rubbing her pussy on her mouth. Sweta’s smooth and fair ass was straight in front of me and I throbbed my tongue into her shit hole. She rotated her ass stylishly and sexily which made me hornier and started banging Mita more hardly. Both of us were slowly attaining the climax.

My second round of climax took more time and Mita started shouting to spit my semen quickly. She was in the peak of her climax and out of control she bit Sweta’s cunt which was above her mouth. Sweta shouted in pain. I was squeezing swetas tits from behind. Suddenly I speeded up my jerk and my penis spitted gulps of hot semen into Mita’s dark hairy cunt. I was tired and lied down on Mita’s fleshy body. Now this is Sweta’s turn. She caught hold of my prick and started licking it. Her fingers were squeezing my balls softly. Mita was very much satisfied on my banging and asked me to get down from her. Then she joined with Sweta to lick my balls. Her mouth was very big to house my two balls at a time. My balls drowned in her wet mouth and she fondled them with her tongue.

Within ten minutes my dick was ready for ride. Sweta got ready with her legs spreaded like a butterfly spreading its wings. She caught hold of my prick and guided it into her cunt. I started dashing her slowly and steadily. Now Mita climbed on sweta to show her cunt. Sweta started licking and sucking Mita’s cunt filled with her juice and my semen. My bang increased its rhythm slowly and Sweta lifted her cunt for me for every stroke. She locked her legs around me and pulled me to bang. My hands were fondling Mita’s big boobs and she turned to my side to suck my mouth. Both of our tongues started rolling in each others mouth. I turned Sweta to doggy style and banged her hardly with my rock hard prick. Mita came down in between my legs and licked my balls. She inserted her finger into my asshole and started finger fucking me. Sweta’s virgin cunt becomes sore with my bang and she cried in pain. I kissed her and fondled her nipples to calm her. My balls pained a lot because of Mita’s chewing it was indeed a pleasure also!

I poured my semen into her hot and sore pussy with a loud moan. Mita licked the juice sliding form Sweta’s cunt. We three were totally weary and lied down for a while. After Mita called me to the bathroom after half an hour. The shower wetted our body completely. Then we three took bath together in the shower. After finishing our bath we took food and started our second round of fucking and it also gave us full satisfaction.

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Posted : 02/07/2011 8:21 pm