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Nangi Mummy ki Chudai

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I am a 18-year old guy. I am a fan of TitBut site. I live with my dad and mom. My dad is a wealthy business man. He is often abroad for his business. My mom, Madhuri, who is 34 years old is a successful actress. She is a real sex bomb with a lovely figure and attractive boob size. She is very bold and exposes a lot. Mummy filmo me khul ke angpradarshan karti hai.

One night, when dad was away, she c

She had a naughty smile on her face. Then she said, Abhay ab tum saare kapde utaar kar nange ho jaao. Sex devi se kucch bhi nahin chhupana chahiye. As I removed all my clothes, she smiled again and asked me--Abhay kya tum muth maarte ho. Do you masturbate?

Yes mom--I said nervously. Mom replied with a sexy smile on her face, "There is no need for you to be ashamed of masturbating; it is perfectly natural for a boy of 18 years to masturbate. Abhay tumhe jab bhi man kare mast hokar muth marni chaahiye--you should masturbate without feeling guilty and enjoy masturbating everyday."

Then she asked me, kya tumhare dost mere angpradarshan ke baare me gandi baatein karte hain, Yes mom, woh bahut gandi gandi batein karte hain. Itni gandi ke main bata bhi nahin sakta, I replied. Mummy ne kaha--dekho sex devi ke saamne kucch bhi nahin chhappate-tum sach sach bolo. Mom, mere dost kahte hain yaar teri mummy to sex bomb hai, maal hai, aur mummy mere dost kahte hain ki yaar teri mummy ki naam ki muth maarne me bahut mazaa aata hai.

Abhay tum unko rokte nahin, Mom said. I replied, mummy main kis kis ko rokoon, sari duniya aapke naam ki muth maarti hai, ab to main bhi ……

Tum bhi kya…Abhay khul ke sach sach kaho, yes Abhay say it for mummy, Mom said with a sexy smile. kya tum bhi mere naam ki muth maarte ho, mom asked me and passed a sexy smile.

Hai Mummy, ye apne kya poochh liya, I said. Mom passed another seductive smile and said, bolo na—yahan kucch bhi nahin chhupate, she said., Haan mummy, main bhi aapke naam ki muth maarta hoon. Mummy jab aapne film me bra-panty pehan kar nahane ke scene kiye thei to mera lund khada ho gaya tha film dekh kar, Mummy maine bahut koshish ki rokne ki par main nahin rok paya aur maine aapke naam ki muth maar li. Tab se har roz aapke naam ki muth maarta hoon. Kyon mummy aapko bura laga.

Nahin, mom said with a smile, main expose hi itna karti hoon, agar tum mere naam ki muth maarte ho to isme tumhari koi galti nahin hai, yeh to bahut natural aur healthy baat hai.

Mom said, you should not feel guilty that you think of me when you masturbate. If you enjoy masturbating thinking of me, then go ahead and do it as many times as you want, it is perfectly normal and healthy sexual behaviour, in fact I am happy that you have been thinking of me when masturbating and having some real nice fun, it only shows what a sexy entertainer I am. In fact, I would strongly suggest that you if feel like masturbating seeing me in sexy dresses, there is no need for you to rush to the bathroom to masturbate, you should masturbate right there in front of me so that you can have a look at my curves and enjoy masturbating. Jab bhi tumhara muth maarne ka man kare mujhe bata dena, maen tumhare saaamne khul kar ang pradarshan karoongi jisse tumhe muth maarne me mazaa aaye. And you must also tell me what all you think about me when you masturbate. This will be enjoyable for both of us. Please tell me something that will make me go wet, kuchch aisa batao jisse sunke maen geeli ho jaoon, Mom said with a smile.

I was really getting excited. Mom, I liked your bath scenes in the last movie you did where you had only the bra-panty on. Those are the scenes that give me erection and I have to masturbate thinking about you mom, I said. Aur mummy mere dost ajay aur bunty aapke baare me jo gandi gandi baatein karte hain--woh sab sunke bhi muth maarne me bahut mazaa aata hai.

Really, Mom said and smiled and brought down the pallu of her saree. She unwrapped herself out of her saree now. Her saree was now lying on the floor. She was not wearing any petticoat under her saree--only a miniskirt. She lifted her leg and exposed her sexy black panty. Mom smiled again and took her skirt in her hand and lifted her skirt. Abhay, batao kaun se rang ki hai meri panty, she said with a seductive smile.

Then she removed her skirt and threw it away. Mom looked stunningly sexy in her sexy black panty and black sleeveless blouse. Then she removed her blouse and threw it away sexily. She had only her bra and panty on now. Wow, mom you look like a sex goddess, I said.

Mom smiled again and said tell me more of your masturbation fantasies. Mom asked me again, tell me all that your friends Ajay and Bunty talk about me. Tell me all the dirty and sexy stuff. Dekho Abhay sex devi se kucch nahin chhupate, sab kucch besharam hoke batao.

I said,mummy, Ajay ne kaha tha teri mummy teri mummy bra panty me itni sexy lagti hai to nangi kitni sexy lagegi. Man to karta hai ke teri mummy ko bra-panty utaar ke nangi tasveerein loon-jaisi playboy me hoti hain. Mummy us din Ajay ki baatein sun ke to mera lund ekdum khada ho gaya tha aur maine aapke nam ki muth raat bhar maari thi.

Mummy, maen ek baat poochoon, I asked mom. Mummy sach sach batana--sex devi se kucch bhi nahin chhapate. Haan Abhay poochho. Mummy, kya aap ko blue film me kaam karne ka man karta hai ya nahin.

Hai, abhay ye tumne kya poochh liya, mom smiled and said. Abhi meri picchli film ko hi lo, jab maine bra panty ke scene diye the to hero ne mujhe baaahon me bhar liya tha--maen ekdum garam ho gayi thee--man to kar raha tha ke set pe sab ke saamne bra panty utaar ke bilkul nangi ho jaoon.

Par abhay, tum ye sab kyon poochh rahe ho-kya bahut man karta hai mujhe nangi dekhne ka, mom asked with a sexy smile. I said, mummy mere saare dost aapko nangi dekhna chaahte hain. What about you Abhay, kya tum bhi mujhe nangi dekhna chaahte ho, mom asked me with a naughty smile.

Haan mummy, main bhi aapko nangi dekha chaahta hoon. Mummy please nangi ho jaao na--Mummy please nangi ho jaao--Mummy main aapko bilkul nangi dekhna chaahta hoon.

Mom said, Abhay, last year tumhare papa ne meri nangi tasveerein lee thee, agar tum chaaho to muth maarne ke liye le sakte ho, sari tasveerein muth maarne layak hain, mom said with a sexy smile. Really mom, I could not believe it. But Abhay agar tum meri nangi tasveerein dekhna chaahte to mujhe ye batao ke bunty mere baare me kya kya dirty baatein karta hai.

Mummy, bunty kahta yaar teri mummy ko to nangi kar ke chodne me mazzaa ayega, man to karta hai teri mummy ko randi bana doon aur nangi kar ke raat bhar chodoon. Aur phir bunty ne kaha, agar main film director hota to teri mummy ko nangi karke blue film banata.

Hai, aisa kaha usne, mom said with a sexy smile. Haan mummy, aur uski baatein sunke to mera lund khada ho gaya tha--aur phir maine raat bhar aapke naam ki muth maari thi.

Mummy, ek baat sach sach kahoon, aap naraaz to nahin hogi, I asked mom. Mom said, nahin Abhay jo man me hai sab saaf saaf kah do--sharmao nahin, besharam hokar kaho, vaise bhi sex devi se kucch nahin chhuppate.

Mummy, sach to ye hai ki mera bhi man karta hai ki aapko apni randi bana doon aur nangi karke raat bhar chodoon. Mummy, aapko nangi karke blue film to main bhi banana chaahta hooon. Mummy aapko blue film me nangi dekhne be bahut mazzaa aayega.

Madarchod, mom said with a sexy smile, Abhay man to mera bhi karta hai ke tumhare saamne bilkul nangi ho jaoon aur tumhari randi banke raat bhaar tumse chudwaoon. I could not believe it.

Mom unhooked her bra and threw her bra on my face with a sexy smile. Mummy ke sexy thunthune bra ke bahar aa gaye. Mom had such big and sexy boobs. Mummy ke sexy thuntnune dekh ke mazaa aa gaya. She brought her thighs to touch my thighs. I got a sexy current. I ran my hand over her tits and began to feel her them. I began to kiss her nipples and suck her lovely tits. Her nipples got big with lust. Then I turned my hand inside her panty and began to feel her butts. She was wild with passion now.

She whispered into my ears--Meri panty bhi utaro naa--Apni mummy ko nangi kardo Abhay please, Abhay Mujhe nangi kar do , abhay Mujhe nangi kar do. Apni maa ko nangi karde madarchod. Mom was moaning passionately.

I pulled her panty down to her knees and then to her feet. She stepped out of her panty and threw it away.

Mom was completely naked now. Meri mummy ab mere saamne bilkul nangi thi. Every inch of her body oozed sex. I had never seen such lovely butts. Mummy ko bilkul nangi dekh kar mera lund rock jaisa hard ho gaya.

I smiled at her and said--mummy--aapko nangi dekh kar mazza aa gaya. Mummy aap to ekdum randi lagti ho--aapke nange thunthune, nangi gaand aur nangi choot, sab kucch bahut sexy hai. Mom smiled and took my lund in her hands and let her soft fingers run over it. I took her naked breasts in my mouth and began to swallow them. She was hot now.

She whispered to me--ab jaldi chod daal mujhe madarchod. I kissed her all over her belly and laid her on the bed. Maine apna khada lund apni maa ki choot me daal diya. She was shouting now--yes abhay fuck your mom abhay, fuck your slut mom hard. I kept on pumping and began to say loudly—nangi ..nangi...nangi--meri maa nangi randi--meri maa nangi randi. I could not believe it--main apni sexy maa ko nangi karke chod raha tha. Haan madarchod, teri maa nangi randi, mom said, Abhay my baby, cum inside mummy, fill me with your cum Abhay, put your sperm inside mummy’s pussy, fuck me madarchod, she said and passed her trademark sexy smile. I ejaculated my semen inside mom after 15 minutes and our naked bodies exploded in orgasms.

The whole night, we were completely naked and had sex in every position including the bathtub. We even masturbated each other. Hum dono--maa aur bete ne raat bhar nange hokar pyar kiya aur jum ke ek doosre ko choda. She stood completely naked in front of me and masturbated her pussy for me to watch. I also masturbated while I watched her masturbate. Mom muth maarti hui ek bahut hi sexy randi lagti hai. She let me masturbate by rubbing my cock on her buttocks, thighs, back and even her boobs. I masturbated all over her soft naked body.

When I got up at 6 in the morning, I was in for a surprise, I heard some noise in the bathroom. When I went there, maine dekha ke meri mummy bilkul nangi naha rahi thi, bilkul nangi. This is a sexy scene I will never forget. Mummy bheegi bheegi aur nangi bahut hi sexy lag rahi thee. Mom looked at me and smiled. Ab to main bhi nanga ho gaya aur phir shower ke neeche maine apni nangi maa ko jum kar choda.

My mom confessed to me that her dream was to act in a blue film. Main camera ke saamne bilkul nangi nahana chaahti hoon. I would love to get offers to pose naked for magazines--she told me.

I confessed my desire for Aishwarya Rai.. Main Aishwarya Rai ko bilkul nangi karke chodna chaahta hoon. I also admitted my lust for my chemistry teacher at school. I told my mom would love to see my chemistry madam naked and have sex with her. I masturbate a lot thinking about her." Main apni chemistry madam ko bilkul nangi karke chodna chaahta hoon.” And don't you enjoy fucking me, mom asked me with a naughty smile. My affair with my mom continues.

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