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My true story  


This is my true story and it was not happened a month ago or a year ago it happened yesterday and today I am posting this on this website. First of all I want to describe my self I am 18 years old nice slim girl but have bulky hips and figure. Only one week before I never had sex in my life but this week changed my life completely as I am happy what happened with me not blaming to any one. So here we go it started on last Friday night, I am living with my mom and dad included one 28 year old elder brother married living in UK with his wife. Week before last week he joined us after eight year and has plan to live with us as want to settle in India now. On last week my mom, dad bahbi and kids decided to attend a function in another city my elder brother did not go with them as he need to met with some person for making business plan here in India and I also decided to leave here due to study and I also did not like those relatives where my parents were going.

Just after their departure on Friday night my brother looks for me was completely changed as I can see that he just concentrating my sexual bodies part and try touch me by making different accuse. Finally he just bring his hand to my necklace and asked me it is good necklace from where I did purchased his arm also touch my boobs my breath changed and I said to him that it is gift which you send me last year on my birthday. He said oh may be yours bahbi purchased it for you I do not know. After this I turned on and start walking to my room just one step to room I feel his hand press my hip I was totally confused what to do I did not react and go straight into my room. After one hour he called me asked for the dinner I said we have nothing and you bring some thing from outside and we will eat together. He said you come with me and both of us can eat outside of home I agreed to the idea but he said to me you go and changed your dress I did the same when I appear in front of him he dislike my dress and said to me it is very old fashion go and put something sexy on you are not a child any moor. I was surprised and said I did not have any thing like that and you know our parents dislike this. He said they are not at home come on I have some thing in my luggage and he bring one deep neck shirt and silky trouser for me and insist me to put on. I did the same and we go out and reached in a five star hotel during dinner I can listen comments of different people about us and especially about me. One person said that my brother is very lucky that he has pretty girl like. After listening these type of comments it’s seemed that I am his girl friend as I did not look like married girl. Once we reached home

I go straight into the changing room and start changing my dress as I was in rush so did not lock the door. I was in the middle of changing my dress the door knock I cried its me please stay outside but then door open I tried to hide myself but this time my brother rushed towards me in complete force and said you become a sexy bomb in 8 years time and it is not fair for me that some one else take your body I have first right on you as I send you money and feed you. Saying this he just grab me and start kissing. I said it is not good you are my brother he said if I am your elder brother then do what I am saying to you. And he is kissing me forcefully. I just left my self on his wish. He quickly removed my clothes and start licking my boobs I really disliking his act but once he kissed on my vagina things completely changed I do not know how this liquid is coming out from my vagina. He said to me tum tu bohat hot hoo. Aur tum ko bee maza a rah hay is liya tu tumhara panni nikal rah hay. Ma chup rahee. Us ka baad us na apnay kapray uttaray aur muj say sucking ka kahnay lagga I did not accept his request for that after. Us na kaha ka tuharee hip bohat naram aur gool hay muj ko bohat achee lagtee hay aur aur muj ko us na ulta ka diya bathroom say wo oil la kar aiya aur meree hips par achay tara lagga kar aur tura sa apnay penis par laga kar apna penis meree hips par ragarnay lagga.

Mujay is cheese ka mazza nahee arah tha lakin wo kar rah that ka bohat mazza arah hay tum bohat mazay ki chees hoo meree kawasih thee ka wo seraf muj ko suck hi karta rahay kiyon ka ab tak seraf muj us ka suck karna hii acha lagga. Issee duran I feel ka muj ko kuch pain hooii hay. Ma cheekkeee us na apnay penis ki toppii meray ass hole ma kar dee I was really in pain and screemed ma na zoor say apnii hips ko dabayia aur wo farig ho giya. Farig hottay hii muj say kahnay lagga I am sorry for what I did ma next time nahee karroo ga ma na last six month say apnii wife ka sath sex nahee kiya kiyon ka doctor na manna kiya hay meree wife ko vaginal infaction hay. Tum kisse ko nahee battanaa aur muj ko naggii choor kar chalay giya. Ma uttee kamray wash room say ho kar kamray pahnay aur kuch daar ronay ka baad apnay app ko sambala. Lakin 10 or 15 minutes ka baad muj ko us ka har step jo us na kiya tha acha lagnay lagga aur meree vagina pannii say bar gaiyeee. Meray haat kud ba kud hii vagina ki taraf barra aur ma na fingre karna surah kar dee. Muj ko acha lagga lakin ma abb sex addict ho chookee thee. Muj ko penis chayia tha. Apnay bahii sa ma is ka kah nahee saktee. Lakin ma na apnay figure aur hips next days us ka dika kar ud ks dil jeetnay kii koosish kii lakin wo apnii galtii ka baad bilkul changed ho chuka tha aur meree taraf nazzar bee utta kar nahee dek rah tha.

Sunday ko ma sunday market akeely gaiyee gar kii kuch cheesay lanna thee aur gar ma kuch tha bee nahee. Friday night say la kar ab tak meray neechay panii anna band nahee howa tha. Rastay ma kuch daar ka liya baris hoee pher rook gaiee bariss kii waja say toray say meray kamray gilay bee gay thay. Ab muj ko har larka sexy lag rah tha. Bus ma bee I tried ka koi meree taraf tawajja karay lakin koii kamiyabii nahee hoii. Even purchasing ka dorran I try to touch the hands of shopkeeper but they are interested in selling goods only. Lastly I reached in a shop. Tub tak mera deep galla aur mereee hips walla poorchion bilkul wazzay ho rah tha. Itnay ma muj ko awaz aii . Battii tumharay kapray geellay ho gay hay. Ya acha nahee lagta opper aooo ma tum ko dosaray kamray datta hoo aur is ko changed kar loo. Samnay dekah tu aik 40 year ka mazboot insaan karrah tha muj ko us kii baat borree nahee lagii aur I changed my mind ka ma sex ki taraf kiyon ja rahee hooo and start climbing stairs wo meray peecha a rah tha jasay hii ma opper poonchii he closed the door aur boolla ka chup chap ma jo kahta ho woo karro warna ma tum ko badnam kar doo ga. Aur ma na eyes closed kar liii.

Wo meray kareeb ayii aur meree kameez uttar dee muj say lipat kar kissing kii aur pher maray trouser ko uttar meray nipples ko suck kiya aur us na bee juban meree vagina par rakh dee us kii jaban challii aur meree ooooohhhhh haaaa ma is daffa apnii awaz par control nahee kar sakeee toree dar baad us na bee muj ko ulta kar diya aur pher apnay kamray uttarnay lagga. Ma na apnay bahii ka penis bee dekah tha lakin is ka tu us say double tha aur motta bee. Ma seeda hoii aur wo bolla muj ko tumhare gand lanna hay bohat naram hay ajj tak ma na assee ass nahee nahee dekeee. Ma na kah nahee meray sath seeday tareekay say karrooo ma ass ma nahee karwaoo gee. Wo gussay ma a giya aur boollaa achaa mera penis suck karrooo. Ma na kaha muj ko is kiii smell achee nahee lagtee ma nahee karroo geee bus tum karroo. Us na muj kooo force naheee kiya aur muj ko garam karnay ka liya dobara say meray say lipat giya mujay acha lag rah tha taak gaii hoo liktay liktay aggleee daffa battoo gee ka us na meray saath kiya kiya meree serf gand lee ka muj ko fuck bee kiya muj ko comments send karna I will give you answer mereee email id hay seraf true baat karna I hate lier.

Posted : 04/07/2011 5:01 pm