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My real experience with my co-worker's wife  


Like our member Yogesh Singh I am also not a good writer but I would
like to tell the group about my real experience with my co-worker's
wife. My name is Gautam Kumar Sen. I am a Bengali, 45, married, IT
engineer from Delhi, currently living in Miami, FL.

It happened 5 years ago when I was 40 and working in Detroit. I was
not even looking for sex but it just happened. I used to car pool
with a co-worker Nirav who was a Gujarati and lived near my house.
Only I used to drive because Nirav had only one car. After some time
Nirav's wife Purvi also wanted to work and got a clerical job in a
different dept. and started coming with me and Nirav to work. Nirav
was 38 and his wife Purvi was 34. Purvi was not very pretty but had
an attractive slim body, with small breasts, and big ass. I never
thought about having sex with Purvi.

Then after few months, Nirav was sent to a job site for 6 months and
he asked me to do him a favor and keep giving ride to his wife Purvi
to work and I agreed. I used to pick her up at 7 AM and drop her off
at 5 PM. In the beginning nothing happened for few days and I just
gave ride to Purvi everyday. Then she started making tea for me in
the morning and bring it to the car in a travel mug. I appreciated it
and started talking to her more in the car, Purvi also liked the same
type of music and we found that we have lot more similar interests.
Then one day when I was dropping her off in the evening she invited
me to come inside her house for a cup of tea. Initially I said no, my
wife would be waiting for me. But Purvi said at least she can do this
much in return of my favor for giving her the ride and offer me a hot
cup of tea after a very tiring long work day. I said ok and stayed
with her for half an hour or so, had tea and some small talks with
her. Soon this became our routine that Purvi will make tea for me in
the morning and I will have tea with her everyday in the evening when
I drop her off. Thus we both became very close friends and talked
about all kind of things with her.

Then on one Friday evening when I was having tea with Purvi, she
asked me whether I was going to a party tonight because most of her
Bengali friends get together for fish, rice, and drinks on Fridays. I
said no I have no such plans and probably will eat at McDonalds
tonight because my wife is going to a ladies sangeet party for a
friend's daughter's marriage. Hearing this Purvi said if I don't mind
she can make dinner for both of us. I said ok but I don't want you to
cook, let's go to a restaurant. Purvi said she does not want to be
seen with another man in a restaurant and create suspicion. I said
ok, how about if I go and get food from outside. Purvi said ok, I
asked her what she likes and Purvi told me she likes Chinese food.
So I called my wife that I am working late tonight and call me at my
cell phone if she needs anything. My wife said ok, she is going to
the ladies sangeet in few minutes with our children and will not be
back before midnight. I went out got Chinese food for us, a chicken
dish for me and a veg chow mein for Purvi.

When I came back I saw that Purvi has changed into a night gown and
was looking very attractive. I have never seen any other lady except
my wife in a night gown lately. It appeared she was not wearing
anything under the night gown and her small boobs and big buttocks
were quite visible under the night gown. We had the dinner with some
more small talk and after that I thanked her for eating with me and
asked her to leave. Purvi said what is the hurry, it is Friday night
and no one is at your home, why don't you stay some more and I will
make Gujarati masala tea for you. I was also getting aroused with her
company and hearing this I decided to stay and see what is in my luck

Purvi went to the kitchen to make tea and I started looking at the
pictures of her family in the family room. In all the pictures Purvi
was wearing saree or other Indian dress, and was looking very pretty
so I made a comment that she really looks very pretty in the Indian
dress. Purvi said thanks from the kitchen. Soon she brought the tea
and asked me if I want to see more of her pictures in the indian
dress. I said sure it is a good idea to pass the time. Purvi went and
brought few albums and sat next to me on the sofa and start showing
the albums. Purvi was looking really pretty in those pictures in the
indian dress. Then she showed me her wedding album. This album was a
knock out and I told Purvi that she is really a very pretty woman,
and I don't know how suddenly I picked up the album and kissed one of
her full size picture taken before the wedding. Purvi blushed on my
comment and such sudden kissing of her picture and said, Gautam, what
took you so long to say this and why are you kissing my picture when
I am sitting next to you.

This was enough for me and I grabbed Purvi and started kissing her
very madly. Purvi did not say anything and soon I took out my clothes
and her night gown and started playing with her slander body, kissing
her small boobs, squeezing her big buttocks, and fingering her wet
pussy. Purvi first stroked my cock and then put it in her mouth and
started sucking it. This was my first blow job because my wife never
sucked my cock. This made me very excited and I put Purvi down on the
sofa opened her thighs, inserted my cock and I fucked Purvi right
there on the sofa non stop for at least 30-35 minutes. After our
first fuck we took some rest and Purvi brought some Gujarati snacks
for us. Purvi also commented on my size being bigger than her husband
and the time I took to fuck her was much more than just the few
minutes her husband takes before he cums. After relaxing, Purvi took
me to her bedroom for another fuck. There I wanted to lick her pussy
for the first time because my wife would never let me touch her pussy
being dirty. Purvi had no objection and I licked her pussy as much I
wanted, then we had sixty nine and Purvi sucked my cock while I kept
licking her pussy. I again fucked Purvi for a long time in her made
room. It was almost 11 PM so I came back to my house. My wife was
still not back and I went to sleep.

After that I started fucking Purvi everyday when I dropped her after
work except when she had her periods. One time I became very horny
for her at night and came to pick her up one hour early about 6 AM. I
told my wife that I have an early morning meeting. Purvi was just
woken up and was surprised to see me so early in the morning, I told
her why I am early and Purvi let me fuck her as much as I wanted
without asking any questions. We took shower together before going to
work. Some how Purvi liked our morning fuck before going to work and
sometimes when she is horny for me at night she will call me in the
morning to ‛remind me of my early morning meeting' and I will come
and fuck Purvi as much as she wanted early in the morning. We really
enjoyed our oral sex together. Her husband used to come back during
the weekends and this made our Monday morning fucking memorable.
Unfortunately it only lasted six months, her husband came back from
his assignment and soon I also got another job and moved to Florida.

In Miami few months back I met a south Indian lady at indian shop.
Her name is Chitra, she is married, 42, dark, slim, sharp features. I
guess we are attracted to each other but we have only progressed from
just hi, hello to small talks. She has at least told me that she
comes to the shop on Friday at about 5 PM, I go there at the same
time after work and we see each other at the Indian shop once a week.
I will let the group know about my progress with Chitra.

Posted : 02/10/2011 8:36 am