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My Lil Innocent Teen Sister

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Hi my name is Nichu (18yrs). I’m from Cochin (Kerala). Well I’m from a middle class family. I have a typical South Indian family. To be frank I don’t know much about sex. Just I have seen a couple of blue films that too I saw in my friend’s mobile phones. I’m a college boy 1st yr mechanical engineering in a college which is about 48 km from my house. So I had nearly one and a half hour of journey from my house. It was tuff task for me to be a day scholar. But still as my parents told I would change to college hostel in my 2nd yr as there was a bit of ragging going on in the 1st yr college hostel. Ours is a happy family with my mom and dad working, and my sis whom this story is all about studying in her 11th student (16yrs). Recently I got an internet connection and came to read across some of the incest sex stories. Which actually turned me? This incident took a month ago the day when my aunt passed away. That day I took a half day leave from college and went to my sis school to collect her. And we went straight to my aunt’s house. Our parents were there.

It was late night, since we didn’t eat anything till then; we both were hungry and exhausted though. Our parents told us to go back to home and come early in the morning. They had to stay there as there were a lot of “karmas” (spiritual things during the funeral) to be done. So we went home and on the way I bought a pack of bread. As we reached home sis went to take a bath. And I went into the kitchen and made bread toasts. And I took a quick bath too. Till then everything was normal but while ma sis came for the dinner I felt as though she was looking so cute than ever before. While having the dinner I could make out from my sis face that she was feeling sleepy out of starving for so long. As I told before I don’t know much about sex. Still to tell more about my sis she not slim, always wore some kind of night t-shirts and full squirts while at home. She had a very good ass which I always saw on her dress while she was on bed. And about her breast it was not too big but typical teen tits. She went to bed as usual while were not at home we used to sleep together in our mom and dad’s room which had 2 beds. While she was asleep I was came to the room and saw her on different pose in the bed with no blanket over her and stretching out on the whole 2 beds . Which was truly not intentional but out of her tiredness. But I some sort of bad thoughts came to mind.

As if I wanted to have something different to be tried with her. But I didn’t have enough courage. Then I got an idea and I made a glass of orange juice and put a sleeping pill inside it and woke her up and asked her to drink , and gave her the explanation that she was tired. She slept and after half an hour I turned on the lights. My body was shivering but still took some courage. I was sweating like anything. I took the move. I touched her boobs over her t-shirt. Then I lifted it up saw her stomach for the first time kissed it .I could feel some sort of vibration in her body. But didn’t mind to bother .then I removed it fully and for the first time I saw the heaven her sweet soft chubby boobs. I touched it gently and viewed it closer and rested my head over the other I started liking it. It tasted little salty of her young sweat. Then took it in my mouth suckled a lot meanwhile she was turning round in the deep sleep. This went to about half an hour. Then I made myself naked and my cock was 90 degree up and he got his freedom. Then I positioned near her with she lying with a side on the bed and her back facing my front portion. I took my left hand and put it inside her squirt and rubbed her thighs and over her panties. Then I took my right

Hand round through her body and pulled her towards me as close as I could. Know there was not even an inch gap between me and her. With the help of my legs I managed to remove her squirt. By now about 2 hrs passed since I have begun. She was recovering from the effect of the pills. Then I removed her panties as well. Man what to saw it was more than heaven, 4 the 1st time I saw her pink littlie pussy with a bush of hair. , may be she never had a shave till then. I was fully aroused to see her like this which I never expected. I placed my cock between her legs it was really warm there. And slowly rub her pussy with her left hand and boobs with my right hand. By now it was 3:00 am in morning. Then what to do? Should I fuck her? I know it would be the greatest sin I could do in my life .but was carried away by my sexual feelings. I slowly lifted her but and tried to put my cock inside. But friends to be frank it were really so tight that I couldn’t even insert my cock head inside it. Then I went to kitchen and searched for some oil… but it was nowhere to be seen. Then I went to the bathroom and took the oil kept to be applied before having a bath.

When I reached the door I saw my sis awake and was grabbing a blanket over her body and was about to cry .l seeing me naked she started crying. I went near her and told everything that happened, and what made me do all that. I was totally tensed and don’t know what to do. As I was 101% sure that she would complaint this to the parents. Then I talked to her mean while put on my cloths I told her there is nothing wrong in doing it ,as long as it would be a secret between us. But she was not at all willing. I didn’t know what to do. But 1 thing came to mind. Anyway she is going to say all this to the parents so before that I could at least finish my passion to have sex with her. I slowly went near her and caught her mouth with my right hand and removed the blanket over her with the other. And din’t bothers to apply oil and all. Got myself naked fast and tried to insert my cock inside her pussy. I knew she was dying out of pain. o told her anyway I want to fuck you . Then why can’t we both enjoy it. But she didn’t mind those entire she was pushing me away harder. But my pre cum and her pussy juice made the job a bit easier, I made the way in and move it slowly with the brotherly affection.

Her body was vibrating I knew she was about to squirt but did not expect that the liquid would come out. It came and was splashed to my thighs and on the cock. By now she stopped resisting mean I took the hands from her mouth and placed it over her boobs. To my surprise she was not shouting. And I continued to fuck her and when I was about to cum I took my cook out of her pussy and ejaculated all over her thighs. Then I took my blanket and wiped all of them .Then I moved away and asked her put on her dress while I put mine. She didn’t even utter a word and did what I said. I felt really sorry and turned off the lights and went to sleep. I was sure that she was not going to sleep that night. I went near her kept my hand over her belly. Softly I told her that I won’t let anyone else come to know about this. And there is nothing to worry as I didn’t cum inside her. She didn’t utter even a word. I then I asked the same again, she gave a small voice of her acceptance. I was happy and moved my hand down and rubbed her pussy lot. This time she was helplessly enjoying it. And I lifted her squirt slowly and removed my zip and

Put my hard cock once again inside her pussy once again. This time we both enjoyed it. And she was feeling a bit shy but co-operated with me. We did it till morning. Slept for an hour and got up as we had to go for the funeral. Then while she was about go for taking the bath I also went inside with her. She just looked with a small smile which had everything that she wanted to convey to me. I washed her body for her and she did mine and for the first time touched my cock in her And It felt so good. She started jerking it then I gave her a sweet hug. And turned her around and inserted my cock inside her once again , but this time with her help.

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