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My Hot Cousin Amit


Hi everyone, I am Tanya and wanted to share an experience of mine which happened with me some 2 weeks back. I am 19 years old and am doing my graduation from Delhi. My vital stats are somehow like 38-26-37, for which I used to get a lot of compliments from my tailors, which I used to take as a strange remark, but started to learn what she meant to say as I grew with age. I have a fair complexion and as I mentioned before my breasts size up to 38 inches and have a 26 inch waist and hips are somewhat around 37 inches, by the way all this explanation of the vital stats for only those poor guys who don’t know what these numbers stand for.

Anyways, coming back to the experience, it was during day time, and both my parents are working and usually leave along me at 9AM for their work, and I usually return at different times depending on the classes that I attend and they come back somewhere around 6PM or later. So that morning I couldn’t sleep properly coz I was chatting with a friend of mine till late night, so I was a bit less apprehensive towards going to the college, but had to go after a bit of persuasion from my mother. I attended 2 classes only and took off for home.

It was around 12:30 PM as I reached my house gate, our neighbor called for me and she said that a relative of yours had come and since no one was at your home we asked him to wait at our place until someone comes and as soon as she said that a cousin of mine named Amit came out and greeted me. Amit is the son of my Maasi (mother’s sister) he is 5 years elder to me, so he must be 24 at that time and he has a fair complexion, and a medium sized physique, with strong

Arms which used to set my hormones rushing whenever he used to flaunt his arm strength by doing heavy work. He initially wanted to be a model but eventually had to join his father’s business. So I thanked my neighbor and took him home, he asked about the timings when everyone will return, I said they would return at 6PM, I said I am a bit tired and I am going to take a bath so you can watch some television by that time. And I don’t know why but as soon as i undressed myself in the bathroom I had a naughty thought rolling inside my head,

I kept thinking while looking at the mirror that AMIT is at home alone with me and i always wanted to get in bed with him and I started rubbing my nipples with that thought and decided that I should try something to seduce him. So when I finished my bath I dried myself and wore a short nighty under my bathrobe and I didn’t wear a bra under the nighty and just a panty, so as I progressed towards the television room I was feeling my hormones kicking in my vagina to get a cock.

I went inside the room, he was lying on the sofa and watching the television and I started to chat with him and in the mean time I dropped my bathrobe and progressed towards a carpet to dry my feet. Amit gave a horny gaze at my almost nude body as the nipples could be seen from the nighty, but then Amit asked whether he should leave so that I can change, I said it’s your wish I don’t have any problem even if you stay, he instantly got the signal and said then what are you waiting for, don’t just stand there and start changing your clothes.

I gave him a seductive smile and progressed to remove my nighty and as soon as I did that, I felt his hands on my breasts, pressing them hard, he was pinching my nipples and rubbing them, I gave out a loud cry of aahhhhh and then it was becoming all pleasure from that point and he held me by my waist and pulled me towards himself and we started to kiss and were rolling our tongues over each other and we kept on kissing for the next 15 mins and side by side he was rubbing my ass which he suddenly squeezed so hard that I gave a moan of pleasure “aaahh…ami……aaaah” and then he started to lick my boobs and kept gently biting my nipples and all that time i was in his arms as he held me by my waist and then he slid his hand inside my panty.

That panty was very small and that helped him get to my wet vagina and he inserted a fingure inside it and ohhhhhh can I ever tell you that i felt a lot of pleasure and then he inserted his second finger and started to rub my pussy from inside and it was a heavenly pleasure and wished he won’t stop ever ,then he lifted me and didn’t even waited for the bed and laid me on the floor and as i lay on the floor he said “this panty has been with you for too long and as i told you he had strong arms he just ripped my panty and threw it away,

I lay totally naked in front of him and then he unbuttoned his jeans buckle and partially removed his jeans letting his cock come out and I must tell you I never knew that Amit was owner of such a magnificent tool, it must have been somewhere around 8 inches long and it was very tight and standing straight. He then asked me to take it in his hand and I started rubbing and stroking it and he was lying on the floor now ,then I thought sucking it would taste more better and started to suck his cock and the pre cum taste was totally different, the male juices are really tasty,

Then he said “aa gaya Tanya” and then he blasted his cum load inside my mouth and all I remember at that moment was that how much more will he cum right now as my mouth was full of his cum literally, I swallowed it gradually and man it was something that much tasty that if given daily I would not stop. He then started to lick my pussy and said Tanya you are premature for this, so are you ready for the next thing,

I said bring on anything and don’t say such a thing again, he then made me lay on my stomach and started to roll some liquid on my ass, I asked him what’s it, it feels like a hot liquid, he said yes its oil and said he is rubbing it on his dick too, he then rubbed some of it inside my asshole and started sliding his dick inside, I felt as if my asshole is tearing but gradually all that pain was turning into pleasure.

He started to bang my ass really hard with me against the floor and I gave out a loud moaning cry aaahhhhh… oh my go….how long is that ting..aaahhh, he then fucked me from behind in doggy style and kept rolling his hands on my back,ooohhh that was really a state from which I would never wish to return, he kept fucking me harder and harder and then he gave a loud cry, I thought maybe my posture was tilting which made him go in pain, but suddenly I sensed some hot liquid flowing inside my ass and I realized that he had cum inside my ass.

Then he turned around and said that its around 4:45 PM now and we must get a bath before someone comes, so we both bathed together and rubbed each other parts with soap ruggedly. At night after having dinner with us all and before leaving he whispered to me that I have convinced your parents to visit our place next month, so we will have to figure something out more wild for the next time.

Posted : 11/06/2011 12:28 pm