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My Hot Afternoon With My Aunty


First to tell you I am from Hyderabad and I am 22 yrs old. My Fantasies always rolls around middle aged ladies who are fat and fair. My child hood dream was my Sushma. (Wife of my Uncle her name is Sushma. She was 5 ft 6’ fair and fleshy). I know her since I was a child. She was a young and beautiful girl at that time, and she was very fair. Later she was married to my uncle.

As I attained my sexual maturity she was about 35 yrs age and was settled at her husband’s house which was some 5 km away from my home. I used to masturbate thinking of her twice to thrice at that time. My parents were very strict and I never get any chance to approach her. They allowed me once in a while to go her home but I have to come back by evening so I never get a chance to approach her. I was also afraid that if I approach her she will tell my parents and I will get humiliated in front of all.

Since she knows me as a small child I was not sure of her thoughts for me. After marriage she was staying with her husband for some years, but later he dropped her back at home. I was not sure about why he dropped her, but when there was a quarrel between she and her sister her sister disclosed that she had developed some relation with one person in the camp and that’s y she was dropped back. Then I came to know that she was not that happy with her sexual life.

This further encouraged my feelings for her. She used to come to my home during afternoon hrs and will go back by the evening bus. During her visits she when goes to urinate behind the bathroom in open I use to peep from the terrace and I always get a fair view of her large fair buttocks. When she goes after passing urine I use to go there and smell the urine spot where she urinated and masturbate thinking of her. I got my chance when my Parents went to attended marriage in my home town for 3 days she asked me to go to Sushma aunties home and stay there for three days.

I was quiet happy as at least I can see her and masturbate. I reached their on one Sunday and she was waiting for me. She started to prepare fish for me and for that she has to sit in the kitchen her buttocks in the nighty it was provoking me and to control myself I masturbated immediately. During night I was sleeping in the visiting room and her mother in law was sleeping in the first bed room she with her child of 3 yrs was sleeping in the biggest bed room in the home. I had many plans in my mind but I was afraid of executing it.

At around 1o clock I started masturbating and I was not able ejaculate so easily as I had done twice during day. I was about finish when suddenly the lights in the room was put on, I was quiet astonished and could not cover my penis. Aunty had a look at me and suddenly she switched off the light, she said sorry I came to take water, I thought you might have slept by this time. She didn’t mention any thing about my act. I was in doubt that whether she had seen me masturbating or not.

Next day grandmother want to go out for her sister home in next town. She asked me to escort her and I was also not able to face aunty after yesterday’s incident, so I decided to go with her. But aunty from kitchen asked me to stay back and purchase vegetables and fish for her from market. After grand moms departure she told me to go to market and she was behaving quiet normally. I thought that she might not have seen me masturbating last night and I was quiet relieved.

When I came back from market she called me to her room and asked me to sit near the child so that he doesn’t fall from the bed. I sat there on the bed, after some time she came inside the room wearing a lungi and a blouse. She sat on a chair and started chit chatting about my studies. Then suddenly she asked me what I was doing yesterday night, I was quiet shocked and was un able to look at her. She then told me it was quiet normal and nothing to be ashamed. Then she came near me and

I was standing near the bed she put her hand over my groin area and touched my penis from outside suddenly it started grow. To be frank my pennies was not much big it was six inch in size only. She then put her hand inside my underwear and caught hold of my penis and smiled at me. I was getting out of control with enthusiasm and I started to press her boobs and kiss her face violently. She started masturbating me saying that otherwise I will not last for long. I ejaculated within two minutes.

Then she told me to sit on the ground and she removed her lungi and asked me to lick her pussy. I did it with pleasure and she started morning. Then she asked me to lay on the ground and sit over my face like sitting in toilet. I licked her ass hole and then her vagina. It continued for 15 mins. Then she sucked my cock for some five minutes and asked her to fuck from behind, I was unable to fuck her initially due to her large buttocks and my lack of experience. She helped me to fuck her then and I did it for some ten minutes and I ejaculated the full load in to her.

We had once again on that afternoon and thrice next day and my pennies got even swelling. After that I visited her many times while coming back from my school and if a full sex is not possible she will masturbate for me and I use to lick her ass hole and pussy. That continued till I joined in….. At 18 yrs of age my other experiences I will tell you later. Hope this story was good if its good please responded to my e mail any aged ladies above 25 yrs from Hyderabad please mail me.. So that we can enjoy each other. Rachan

Posted : 11/06/2011 12:27 pm