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My friend’s wife  


This incident happened around 1 yr back. I have a friend who stays near my house, this is all about his wife and my relation with her. She’s around 28 yrs old and has a 6 yr old kid too. This all started when I used go to their house to see my friend. My friend is a corex (cough syrup) addict for this he could go to any extent to do things which would provide him with a bottle of corex syrup. As I would go to their house she would tell me her problems regarding her husband not working and the difficulties to run the house. But she would never ask me for any favors or any cash to tide things over. She was a designer. So from that she would earn and make her ends meet. Whenever I went to her house the husband would always be there. He would most often go and get things to eat. Gradually I got very intimate to her and she use to discuss all sorts of problems with me. She was not very beautiful but was very attractive with right things at the right place. Good boobs and good figure, good bums too, she was not very short but just barely making it to not being called short.

As I knew a bit of palmistry she would always tell me to look at her hand and tell her what was wrong with her life and when would she see better days. One day when her husband had gone out and as usual I was seeing her hand, and telling her what was wrong and when it would be alright and other things, I noticed she was not paying attention to what I was saying and was staring at me. I asked her what the matter she just kept shut was. Seeing her that way my heart started to beat fast, I told her my hearts beating very fast just put your hand there and see. She said why should your heart beat faster, this is not the first time your looking at my hand, I further told her see my hands cold too, then she said my hearts also beating faster and my hands not cold but warm, I asked her permission to feel her hand which she allowed, then I got bolder and told her to feel my heart beats, she took her hand and put it on my chest my heart was really beating very fast, she asked me why is your heart beating so fast, I said I do not know, may be you should know, saying this I asked her is your heart beating fast too and saying so I just placed my hand on her bosom, she did not mind at all for my hand to be on her, she just said is it beating fast I said it sure is, then I slowly slide my hand as if to free my hand from her and purposely touched her tits and made it sure that she could feel my hand on her tits, the feeling of my hand sliding over her tits was really great the feeling to touch her was something out of this world. Her face was twitching maybe out of excitement or may be out of curiosity as I was the only person other than her husband to touch her tits.

I asked her what’s wrong why is your face twitching she said I have never felt like this may be that is the reason. I said it could be because you have never allowed somebody to touch you other than your husband and I have touched you. She just smiled and kept quite. As the time had come for the husband to come back I went back to where I was sitting and told her not tell all this to her husband. Her husband come very soon we chatted for a while and I took my leave. After few days I went to her place again as I had thought that if a women can allow feeling her hands and touching even barely her tits she could do more. So thinking to gain some luck from the last time I went to their place, as I entered their house the husband asked for money to buy a bottle of corex I did not expect this from him but I reluctantly gave him the money and he went out I wanted to be alone with her so I told her husband why do you not take the kid with you too as he would buy chips and chocolate. As the house got empty of these guys I set in to see how much further I could go today with her. I just could not think of how to start afresh. I asked her did you feel bad of what happened the other day to my surprise she said what happened did anything happen what are you talking about. From this I got an idea she just wanted more of it. With much courage I simply holded her hand and squeezed it she just kept mum. As their house was very small and it just had a single room with a kitchen and toilet she said why do you not bolt the door I did as I was said and came and sat beside her.

Again I started my tricks and started to see her hands while doing so I placed a small kiss on her cheeks and said you look very pretty. She said is it so I said yes she said you too looking good. I asked her better than her husband she said I do not like my husband as he does not do any work and did not give me a straight answer I still kept wondering about it. I wanted to kiss her very badly on her lips she had again started to twitch her lips now her lips were shivering and I so much wanted to kiss her. I though of taking her permission for kissing her than I though otherwise and simply just kissed her on her lips and small kiss just to make her know that our lips touched each other. She did not object and did not say anything at all just a soft voice came out ‘oye’ I said did you mind she said no but my husband will be back. And I am a married women you should not do this please. I had made up my mind that I need to go further today as the husband would be away for a long time the corex is not available at his locality so he need to go and catch a bus or something and it will take some time.

I told her see I do not want to force you to do something which you do not like if you say I will not continue to do anything I knew that if a women does not say no in the beginning then she will just say do not do and actually would like you to do all of it. With this experience in my mind I told nothing will happen and nobody will come to know about it either, I pressed my lips on her lips and started to kiss her. She was enjoying the kisses. I let out my tongue and licked her lips I moisten them she really liked it I think her husband did not go for foreplay. She caught my face with both her hands and tried to smooch me with her French kiss she put her tongue inside my mouth I darted my tongue into her and pulled her tongue inside my mouth I could feel her salvia inside me oh what a feeling, typing this gives me a turn on, I wanted to hold her tits but just could not get finished with the smooching yet after a while I felt her hands on my dick, under my jeans it had already grown a lot her hand on it made it grow to its fullest. Slowly I slid my hand inside her blouse she was wearing a saree that day I could feel her bra straps on my hand. We were still smooching and our hands were at our organs hers at my dick and mine at her tits. I started to unhook the bra with one hand and with the other I was holding her at the back of her neck. I told her why you not free yourself from this saree. Telling her this she told why you not open your shirt and your jeans, we both started to undress each other.

I opened her saree and now she was in her petticoat and her blouse and she unbuttoned my shirt I was half nude in front of her I said that’s not fair you should to be half nude smiling she opened her blouse, as I had previously unhooked her bra straps the bra fell in front I could see her naked tits then she had this marvelous tits round and with the right amount of meat in them I wanted to disparately hold them and kiss them I took a step forward towards and again kissed her on her lips she moaned and moaned then guided me to her tits towards the nipple, her nipple were one of its kind round and pointed and stiff like an eraser I licked on them just the tip of the nipple and around the areole too just licked and licked on them making her more and more hornier. She started moaning more and more and with much vigor and wanting maybe she was wet down under and I too had my pre cum on my dick I asked her was she wet down she did not respond and just kept on moaning I tried to slid my hand down to her pussy but she just did not allow me to do so and said lets enjoy these first that would be for later fun. She sure knew how to enjoy sex and enjoy each and every foreplay done on her. I took my mouth towards her neck and licked that part while my hands were slowly and sweetly squeezing her wonderful tits. I started pressing her nipples down on her tits I put my index finger on her nipple tip and pushed her nipple inside her tits she enjoyed this feeling like hell and asked where did you learn all this I said I just know this.

Now I opened her nada and she opened my jeans to my shock she was not wearing any panty I was in my underwear she pulled my underwear to my ankle I could see my dick with pre cum and her pussy with all the wetness her pussy was clean shaved with the clit dangling on her pussy tip she just holded my dick and I was just touching her vagina. All of a sudden she just sat down I did not understand what was she up to I asked her what’s the matter she said would you mind if I take your dick in my mouth oh! My God! I was to be in heaven I never thought this could be with me too as I have never received a blow job my dick was vibrating it was not stable just going up and down in very slow motion she holded my dick and put it in to her mouth with her tongue she parted the slit on my dick and was trying to feel the skin inside there its was really great this women knew very well how to enjoy sex and to let her partner enjoy too. She started licking my dick I made her head go towards my dick made her push her head and then let her head out too she said my cunts itching for your dick why do we not start now I said wait I will let you enjoy more. I made her stand up and parted her legs I could feel her love juices dripping out of her pussy. I sat down on the floor and started licking her juices she started to moan and even louder I got scared maybe neighbors could hear her as there were two flats just adjacent to hers but she did not care. I shoved my tongue inside her I looked for her clit and started licking it maybe it was growing or was it my imagination I did not understand but surely her moans had increased and she was pushing my head towards herself more and more. I got hold of her clit and got the clit in between my tongue and my upper lip I started sucking at it she started shouting with enjoyment and again asked where I learned all this I kept quite and was concentrating on giving her the enjoyment of foreplay.

Now I made her lie down and I myself lied down beside her she wanted to give me more blow jobs and wanted me to suck her clit more and more. We went into the 69 position she on top of me and me below her I caught her buttock s pressed them hard she made a few voices but it got muffed as her mouth was filled with my dick. She wanted to cum and cum now and fast I said could we not wait for a while she said no and told me you can do more if you want but I want to cum now and fast. As I was making my mind now to screw her she started screaming and stopped sucking my dick started to push her cunt more and more into my mouth. She did this for not more than a minute and said oh I am cummmming oh I am cummming. I kept on licking her and sucking her clit now my mouth was full of her cums I was still licking her and sucking her she told me to stop but I did not and was giving her the utmost enjoyment she had ever received. She thanked me a lot and said your enjoyable more than my husband I said thanks but I did not cum yet you know I need to cum otherwise I will get sick she said give me a few minutes I will be prepared to take you in as I want to enjoy your fucking too. The thing you did was like masturbation with the help of not my fingers or toys but your tongue you were great.

She wanted some more minutes to get aroused once again. So I started to tell her a story of a blue film which I had seen recently I told her in the movie I saw one girl getting screwed by a tiger it was a film about bestiality this really got her on the wrong foot and told me your lying cos how can a women be fucked by a tiger. I told her as I will get the CD she could see for herself. I started telling her the details slowly she started to get aroused I was already in full bloom my dick was to its optimum height she said what would you like to do I said first let me do it in between your beautiful tits she said ok she pressed both her tits together between the space I rode my dick in between them as my dick made a upward thrust she would open her mouth and let the dick go in. This I did for a few minutes and though of cumming there itself then I thought other wise and wanted to screw her sweet cunt. I started to finger her cunt while pushing my dick in between her tits. This must have aroused her she started to tell me please fuck me down in my cunt. I want you inside me cum in there now. I too wanted to fuck her down slowly I took my cock down to her pussy it was very wet down there I wanted to wipe her moist cunt which I did I pushed my dick in her as it was made dry by me she made a shrill noise as if someone had forced himself on her .

I pushed in harder just 1 inch had gone in I pulled it back and again pushed my dick in her now with a little force now 2 inched had gone in I took my dick out and again pushed it 3 inches this thrusting my cock in and out made her cunt a bit wet and lubricate. I again pushed it in now it was going in smoothly she said push it harder and harder more and more as I was pushing I was licking and sucking her nipples it had become sore too must be paining too but the pleasure I was giving her was very much more then the pain on her sore nipples. I started to thrust more and more on her she was wanting it more and more inside her my balls were banging her vagina wall the dick fully submerged into her the whole of my 6 in dick had gone into her she was dripping wet now I was still pumping on her and she , she was enjoying it like hell. She was telling me faster harder fuck me fuck me oh fuck me hard let me cum all over again oh fuck me fuck me. This went on for more than 20 minutes I was on the brink of cumming and she too wanted to cum I told her I may cum any moment she cum inside I would not matter to me as I am married. She then started to scream out of ecstasy and was cumming like hell as if some pool of water had been there I wanted to cum too so as she was cumming I too put my pressure on it and cummed. We two lied on the cot and were nude for a long time in one another’s arm. We got up got dressed and were ready for the husband to come. Hope u all enjoyed my experience.

Posted : 03/07/2011 9:14 am